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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.3.5, Package name: wyrmgus-5.3.5, Maintainer: charlotte

In the Wyrmsun universe a myriad of inhabited planets exist. Humans dwell on
Earth, while dwarves inhabit Nidavellir and elves nourish the world of
Alfheim. These peoples struggle to carve a place for themselves with their
tools of stone, bronze and iron. And perhaps one day they will meet one
another, beyond the stars...

- Retro-style graphics
- 3 playable civilizations, and a number of non-playable ones
- Scenarios playable on a huge map
- Dozens of units, buildings and technologies
- Personal names and traits for units
- Units can earn experience, being able to upgrade to new unit types or
acquire new abilities upon level-up
- Persistent heroes, who carry over their level and abilities throughout
- Possibility to create your own custom persistent heroes
- Normal, magic-enchanted and unique items drop from enemies
- Very moddable game, with a built-in mod editor and Steam Workshop
- In-game encyclopedia, allowing players to learn more about the units,
buildings and other elements of the game, as well as their historical and
mythological sources of inspiration

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