./wip/xpopple, Display tool for PDF files (based on Motif and Poppler)

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.04.0nb20230213, Package name: xpopple-3.04.0nb20230213, Maintainer: micha

xpopple is the xpdf version 3 program - a Motif-based PDF viewer for X11

Modified to use the Poppler library. This gives you the classic xpdf
interface, with Poppler's updated rendering facilities.

Why would you want to use xpopple rather than something like Evince?
One advantage is the flexible resource-based customisability of the
Motif interface and xpdf's commands system.
Another advantage is the much better performance with DISPLAY redirected
via network (compared to the Qt-based xdpf version 4, that is very slow
in this case).

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