./wip/xtraceroute, Graphical version of traceroute, tracing the route IP packets go

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.9.2, Package name: xtraceroute-0.9.2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Xtraceroute is a graphical version of the traceroute program, which
traces the route your IP packets travel to their destination.
This version shows that on a rotating globe, as a series of yellow
lines between 'sites', shown as small balls of different colors.

Required to run:
[graphics/tiff] [x11/gtk2] [x11/gtkglarea2]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

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SHA1: 2f114d51441fc679bc390d73250b4f601771fc3b
RMD160: 03e69262effa4673d68a4b42901ee3c060f7c398
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   2012-10-07 22:11:06 by Aleksej Saushev | Files touched by this commit (137)
Log message:
Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.
Mark packages that don't or might probably not have staged installation.
   2011-02-19 16:59:17 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (5) | Imported package
Log message:
Initial import of xtraceroute-0.9.2, the GTK2 version of net/xtraceroute.