./wm/fvwm-themes, Configuration framework for fvwm2 with samples

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.7.0nb2, Package name: fvwm-themes-0.7.0nb2, Maintainer: gendalia

fvwm2-themes gives to a novice fvwm2 user a complete fvwm2 configuration with
precreated themes. The user doesn't need to know any fvwm2 syntax to start
using a reasonably powerful and themeable fvwm2 setup. All he needs is to
install the latest fvwm2, the latest fvwm2-themes and start fvwm-themes-start.
On the other hand, fvwm2-themes gives to a more experience user an ability to
create his own personal parts (so called personal theme) to use with other
theme components or even to create a completely new theme.

Required to run:
[graphics/ImageMagick] [lang/perl5] [wm/fvwm]

Required to build:

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   2024-01-14 23:10:09 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
wm/fvwm-themes: remove references to destdir, bump revision
   2023-09-01 08:03:29 by Paolo Vincenzo Olivo | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
fvwm-themes: requires fvwm-2.5.8
   2023-09-01 07:57:22 by Paolo Vincenzo Olivo | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
wm/fvwm-themes: fix PKGREVISION + minor changes

* Clean old PKGREVISION left from last update.
* Add missing dependency on libXpm.
* Add missing used tools in USE_TOOLS.
* Replace perl path in additional script.
* Address final pkglint warning.
* Bump revision to 1.
   2023-08-31 23:18:10 by Paolo Vincenzo Olivo | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
wm/fvwm-themes update to fvwm-themes 0.7.0

# ChangeLog (since version 0.6.2)

2003-10-31  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/redmondxp/images/module/panel-start.png:
	* themes/redmondxp/images/module/panel-start.xcf:
	make start buttom more 3d-ish (nice)

	* Makefile.am:
	* debian/Makefile.am:
	some improvements

	* themes/default/settings/iconstyles/style-icon-miniicon:
	workaround for annoying "XTerm icon is empty" bug

	* themes/olicha/modules/FvwmTaskBar:
	better position for window operation menu

	* themes/default/functions:
	if xmessage is not found invoke other dialog tools using FvwmPerl

	* NEWS:
	* configure.in:
	* doc/README.1st:
	prepared for 0.7.0

2003-10-27  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/osx/**:
	numerous improvements in modules@ and colors@

	* TODO:
	* themes/*/modules/main:
	use "Style * !NoIcon" instead of rereading style-icon-miniicon!

	* themes/redmondxp/modules/FvwmThemesPanelManager:
	work around FvwmAnimate deadlock freeze

2003-10-25  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/redmondxp/README:
	* themes/redmondxp/colors:
	* themes/redmondxp/images/module/panel-*:
	* themes/redmondxp/modules/*:
	new themeable panel implementation

2003-10-24  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* Makefile.am:
	* debian/Makefile.am:
	improved deb procedure

	* Makefile.am:
	* rpm/Makefile.am:
	* Makefile.am:
	* debian/Makefile.am:
	synchronized deb and rpm naming

	* themes/default/bindings:
	make Shift-borders do ResizeMaximize as intended

	* themes/sa/colors:
	fixed colorsets 18 and 19

	* themes/default/theme.cfg:
	fixed a typo caused event-handler to be loaded after menus

	* themes/migo/modules/main:
	minor clean up

2003-10-20  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/*/colors*:
	all colors components revisited: clean up in decors and small fixes

	* themes/underground/menustyle:
	* themes/underground/README:
	added menu look that I like (for large resolutions)

	* themes/sa/modules/main:
	make IconBox work better for 64x64 icons

	* bin/fvwm-themes-config.in:

2003-10-20  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/awol/colors:
	new colors

	* themes/migo/colors:
	* themes/migo/windowlook:
	make it look more like intended, the TitleStyle config is a bit unusual

2003-10-18  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/redmondxp/modules/FvwmThemesPanelManager:
	more clock formats

	* themes/*/modules/main:
	* themes/*/modules/styles:
	use !Title syntax not NoTitle, some cleanup in Style/DestroyStyle

2003-10-16  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* NEWS:
	* doc/ANNOUNCE:
	* updated

	* debian/Makefile.am:
	* debian/copyright:
	* debian/base-control.in:
	* debian/extra-control.in:
	* debian/full-control.in:

	* bin/fvwm-themes-config.in:
	replaced $v with $[version.line]

	* themes/default/bindings:
	replaced Shift-Ctrl-F12 binding

	* themes/default/menus:
	added FvwmDebug, replaced $w with $[w.id], s/gif/png/

	* themes/olicha/modules/FvwmTaskBar:
	the start menu now has correct position

	* themes/redmondxp/modules/FvwmButtons-Panel:
	replaced Cond with TestRc

2003-10-12  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/awol/modules/main:
	* themes/migo/colors:
	* themes/awol/modules/styles:
	minor improvements

	* themes/awol/images/module/isn_prev.png:
	* themes/awol/images/module/isn_next.png:
	* themes/awol/modules/FvwmButtons-Default:
	* themes/awol/modules/FvwmButtons-XtMix:
	replaced arrow images with the ones that look better with other colors

2003-10-11  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/awol/sound.cfg:
	* themes/awol/sound.d/*:
	replaced sound component with the one with variants
	(computer3 was equivalent to computer2, so I changed it to my wishes)
	* themes/awol/sounds/*/*:
	added themed sound sets

	* themes/awol/menustyle:
	* themes/awol/menustyle.cfg:
	* themes/awol/menustyle.size.large:
	* themes/awol/menustyle.size.medium:
	* themes/awol/menustyle.size.small:
	added 3 size options

	* themes/awol/background:
	* themes/awol/images/background/bckgnd[2456].xpm:
	added some new page backgrounds

	* themes/awol/README:
	* themes/awol/colors:
	replaced lightgreen (rgb:90/ee/90) with more pleasing rgb:50/a0/50

	* themes/awol/modules*:
	* themes/awol/images/module/*:
	multiple updates to modules

	* bin/fvwm-themes-config.in:
	* debian/Makefile.am:
	* themes/migo/background.cfg:
	* themes/migo/colors:
	* themes/multichoice/theme.cfg:
	minor improvements

	* themes/default/globalfeel:
	* themes/migo/globalfeel:
	use OpaqueMoveSize unlimited

2003-10-01  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* NEWS:
	mention graphical colorset viewer

	* bin/fvwm-themes-start.in:
	create directory for personal theme

	* debian/Makefile.am:
	removed redundant lines

	* themes/redmondxp/modules/FvwmButtons-Panel:
	add some minor fail safe default

2003-09-26  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/default/bindings:
	fixed maximize full screen

	* themes/default/functions:
	fixed WindowListFunc and FuncFvwmShowColorset

2003-09-17  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* debian/*-control:
	* debian/files:
	removed autogenerated files

	* bin/fvwm-themes-root.in:
	a bit improved

	* themes/redmondxp/background:
	* themes/redmondxp/images/background/lightsky.png:
	* themes/redmondxp/images/background/x-xp-sky.jpg:
	replaced lightsky.png with a new background from xpde,
	it was not the best idea to use FvwmBacker with colorset
	(and it seems to be buggy now, loaded on every page switch?)

2003-09-07  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* configure.in:
	* rpm/fvwm-themes-base.spec.in:
	* rpm/fvwm-themes.spec.in:

2003-09-04  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* debian/*:
	corrected several errors

2003-08-19  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* configure.in:
	* locale/Makefile.am:
	* locale/pl/*:
	added Polish translations as found in http://free.polbox.pl/p/pkarwow/
	strange that the author did not submit them to us

2003-08-03  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* debian/.cvsignore:
	ignore autogenerated makefiles and debian/changelog, debian/control

	* locale/de/Makefile.am:

2003-08-01  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* NEWS:
	mention Debian packages

	* configure.in:
	require fvwm-2.5.8

	* bin/fvwm-themes-images.in:
	use "fvwm-root -r"

	* bin/fvwm-themes-root.in:
	support xsetbg and image extention aliases (jpg -> jpeg)

	* themes/default/background:
	use fvwm-themes-root to set solid bg, not xsetroot

	* themes/default/settings/automenus/headlines/enabled:
	update bbc headlines

2003-07-20  olicha  <olivier.chapuis@free.fr>

	* themes/default/settings/session-manager/none:
	* themes/default/settings/session-manager/ksmserver:
	* themes/default/settings/session-manager/xsm:
	* themes/default/settings/session-manager/gnome:
	* themes/default/settings/session-manager/generic:
	Be more generic

	* themes/default/settings.cfg (variant.unhide-if):
	Use generic for GNOME2

	* themes/default/settings/session-manager/generic:
	Fixed Save Session Only

2003-07-16  olicha  <olivier.chapuis@free.fr>

	* themes/default/bindings:
	* themes/default/bindings.switch-mouse-2-3.yes:
	* themes/default/bindings.switch-mouse-2-3.no:
	* themes/default/menus:
	* themes/default/theme.cfg:
	* themes/default/settings.cfg:
	Remove old ewmh support support

	* themes/default/menus:
	* themes/default/theme.cfg:
	* themes/default/settings/events-handlers/disabled (new file):
	* themes/default/settings/events-handlers/enabled (new file):
	* themes/default/settings.cfg:
	Added a general propose FvwmEvent events handler FvwmEvent-Events.
	For each FvwmEvent events a function is defined
	which do nothing. These functions are called by FvwmEvent-Events when
	the corresponding event is received by FvwmEvent-Events. These functions
	should be defined in user space in events-handlers-extra.

	* themes/default/settings.cfg:
	* themes/default/settings/autoraise/modules:
	Use -menterleave option of FvwmAuto and remove the MouseFocus Styles
	and the dependencies that these styles needed

	* themes/default/menus:
	* themes/default/bindings:
	Replace Style $n by WindowStyle

2003-07-13 migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* debian/README.Debian:
	* debian/changelog:
	* debian/compat:
	* debian/control:
	* debian/copyright:
	* debian/dirs:
	* debian/docs:
	* debian/files:
	* debian/fvwm-themes.substvars:
	* debian/postinst:
	* debian/rules:
	initially added files to create deb packages, anything may be changed

2003-06-11 migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* forms/FvwmButtons-Colorsets:
	* forms/Makefile.am:
	* themes/default/functions:
	* themes/default/menus:
	* themes/default/bindings:
	add "Show All Colorsets" tool

	* themes/default/settings/banner/enabled:
	increase FvwmBanner timeout to 5 seconds, I am biased :)

2003-06-06  olicha  <olivier.chapuis@free.fr>

	* themes/default/settings/stroke/enabled:
	* themes/default/bindings:
	Added Mouse bindings on a desktop window

2003-06-06 migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* bin/fvwm-themes-*.in:
	small experimentation with ROOT_PREFIX and DESTDIR

	* menu-system/fvwm_themes.in:
	s/lang()/$lang/ for Debian, untested on Mandrake...

	* themes/default/background:
	* themes/default/background.cfg:
	* themes/default/images/background/fvwm-wallpaper-tigerskin.jpg:
	include the new default background, it is jpg, but fvwm-themes-root
	should fall back to stone.xpm if no root setter found

	* themes/default/settings/banner/enabled:
	* themes/default/images/banner/fvwm-logo-clearglass.png:
	use new nicer logo image, with it I may start to use FvwmBanner :)
	* themes/default/images/banner/fvwm-logo-clearglass-alpha.png:
	* themes/default/images/banner/fvwm-logo-clearglass.xpm:
	temporarily include 2 more versions for testing

	* themes/default/functions-appbind:
	fix hang with Solaris /bin/sh
	* themes/default/menus:
	minor rewording

	attribute Anna MacLachlan and Phil Harper artists

2003-04-30 migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/default/menus:
	added FvwmGtkDebug

	* themes/migo/images/decor/text-{under,left,right}.png:
	* themes/migo/colors:
	some experimentations with colorsets

2003-04-12 migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* locale/de/*.msg:
	* configure.in:
	* NEWS:
	added German translations by Smiler

2003-03-27  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/*/modules/FvwmIconMan:
	use 'A'ny modifier instead of 'N'one

	* themes/default/bindings:
	* themes/osx/buttons:
	* themes/default/settings/iconstyles/style-icon-miniicon:
	minor updates

	* themes/migo/colors:
	continue to change colors from beige to bluish

	* themes/sa/buttons:
	* themes/sa/colors:
	* themes/sa/windowlook:
	fixed to work better with other themes

2003-03-15  sa  <sa@xmission.com>

	* themes/sa/images/button/maxxed.png:
	* themes/sa/images/decor/stripe.png:
	* themes/sa/buttons:
	* themes/sa/colors:
	* themes/sa/windowlook:
	Added maximize toggle graphics
	Removed font shadow options
	Some color / graphics fixes

2003-03-14  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* NEWS:
	updated for new themes

2003-03-11  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/migo/colors:
	* themes/migo/menustyle:
	changed menu colors and font

	* configure.in:
	* bin/Makefile.am:
	* bin/fvwm-themes-root.in:
	* themes/default/menus:
	added new utility to set root

2003-03-10  Kathryn Andersen  <kat@katspace.com>

	* themes/plainbow/**:
	* themes/celticbow/**:
	added PlainBow and CelticBow themes

2003-01-25  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* doc/FAQ:
	"I installed more applications, how can I rebuild application menus?"

	* bin/fvwm-themes-menuapp.in:
	* themes/migo/modules.cfg:
	* themes/migo/modules/buttonbar/xloadtime:
	* themes/redmondxp/modules/FvwmButtons-Panel:
	* themes/redmondxp/modules/main:
	small fixes/improvements

2003-01-11  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* configure.in:
	require at least fvwm-2.5.6 and autoconf-2.50

	* acinclude.m4:
	converted from autoconf-2.13 only to autoconf-2.50+ only

	* themes/cde/buttons:
	* themes/default/buttons:
	* themes/luthien/buttons:
	* themes/migo/buttons:
	* themes/spruce/buttons:
	use TitleStyle MinHeight for vector buttons

	* themes/multichoice/buttons.cfg:
	* themes/multichoice/buttons/main:
	added an option for titlebar height: exact, minimal or user defined

2003-01-09  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/migo/colors:
	* themes/migo/images/decor/rose.xpm:
	* themes/migo/images/modcolor/plast-blue.png:
	* themes/migo/images/modcolor/plast-brown.png:
	* themes/migo/images/modcolor/plast-inverted-green.png:
	replaced decorations and module colors

	* themes/migo/modules/FvwmButtons-Compact:
	* themes/migo/modules/FvwmPager-Compact:
	* themes/migo/modules/FvwmPager-Desker:
	* themes/migo/modules/FvwmPager-Single:
	* themes/migo/modules/fonts:
	* themes/migo/modules/main:
	* themes/migo/images/module/plast-green.png:
	* themes/migo/images/module/plast-magenta.png:
	some experimental changes

	* themes/migo/windowlook:
	updated fonts

	* themes/luthien/colors.cfg:
	* themes/luthien/colors/palettes/OldMigo.dp:
	a try to preserve colors@migo (pretty unsuccesful) before replacing it

	* themes/sa/colors:
	several small fixes

2003-01-02  sa  <sa@xmission.com>

	* themes/sa/images/decor/*.png:
	added missing images.

2002-12-31  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/sa/fonts/main:
	clean up comments to match other fonts components

	* themes/sa/colors:
	* themes/sa/buttons:
	make decorations follow the common division

	* themes/*/colors*:
	* themes/*/buttons*:
	optimize TitleStyle using new state aliases like AllActive

	* configure.in:
	require 2.5.4 for now, probably will be 2.5.6

2002-12-28  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* devel/bin/gtk-colorize-background:
	added a Gtk-Perl tool for colorizing

2002-12-27  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	add Jeremy Nickurak

	* themes/default/background.cfg:
	add 3+3 more color choices

	* themes/default/bindings:
	use improved MaximizeFullScreen, start to use 2.5.x features

	* themes/default/settings/iconstyles/disabled:
	* themes/default/settings/iconstyles/style-icon-miniicon:
	use EWMH*Donate*Icon, not sure about this

	* themes/migo/colors:
	use fgsh so menus look not such bad with black text shadow,
	would be better to just disable shadow for dark text colors

	* themes/*/fonts*:
	cleaned up comments

2002-12-24  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/*/modules/FvwmPager*:
	* themes/*/modules/main:
	moved from *FvwmPager: Label to DesktopName command

2002-12-22  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/migo/background:
	* themes/migo/background.cfg:
	* themes/migo/images/background/trefoil.xpm:
	* devel/bin/random-migo-background:
	replaced the background tile and its colored choices

2002-12-21  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/underground/background/README:
	* themes/underground/background/images/*.jpg (11 large tiles):
	Added a new theme Underground that is supposed to provide nice
	backgrounds, and 11 large nice tiles. Feel free to add more images.
	But they should be very nice, qualitative, smooth and free, of course.
	Most of our backgrounds are horrible, @awol - too simple, @migo -
	too bright (will be replaced), @olivier - way too contrast and so on.

	* NEWS:
	* themes/sa/README:
	* themes/sa/menustyle:
	* themes/sa/windowlook:
	* themes/sa/buttons:
	* themes/sa/images/button/*.png:
	new theme from S. Anderson

	* themes/blackbox/README:
	* themes/redmondxp/modules/styles:
	minor changes

	* themes/underground/background.cfg:
	* themes/underground/background/main:
	make background@underground work

2002-12-20  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* images.tar.gz:
	* themes/default/background.cfg:
	new default background and its colored variants;
	I tried many tiles and different intensities and can't find anything
	perfect to be the default background, this one is at least much more
	usable and nicer than the previous one, although it uses 63 colors

2002-12-19  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* themes/redmondxp/images/module/panel-start.png:
	replaced floating windows in Start button

	* themes/ice/windowlook:
	use nicer font tahoma if available

2002-12-19  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* configure.in:
	set 0.7.0 version after tagging version-0_6_2 and creating branch-0_6

2002-12-06  migo  <migo@homemail.com>

	* acinclude.m4:
	documented that developers need autoconf-2.13 currently

	* themes/default/settings/iconstyles/wm-icons-menu:
	show upcoming wm-icons-0.4.0 icon sets

	* themes/default/settings/automenus/headlines/enabled:
	enable new site headlines (requires 2.4.9+)

	* themes/default/menus:
	added man pages for some new 2.5.x things

	* bin/fvwm-themes-config.in:
	added one check to avoid incorrect theme installation
   2022-06-28 13:38:00 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3952)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.36
   2021-10-26 13:25:22 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (106)
Log message:
wm: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-07 17:05:15 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (106)
Log message:
wm: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-05-24 21:56:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3575)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.34