./www/gnurl, Client that groks URLs (micro fork of curl)

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.72.0nb2, Package name: gnurl-7.72.0nb2, Maintainer: nikita

libgnurl is a fork of libcurl. The goal for libgnurl is to support
only HTTP and HTTPS (and only HTTP 1.x) with a single crypto backend
(GnuTLS) to ensure a small footprint and uniform experience for
developers regardless of how libcurl was compiled.
This software is mainly used by GNUnet. The modifications to curl
are kept to the bare minimum, intended to track upstream closely.
gnurl is not a replacement for curl, so different paths are used.

Required to run:
[security/gnutls] [devel/libidn2]

Required to build:

Package options: inet6

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SHA1: 358e7b950f8c407c7f621b82359966ec1bdd5ac2
RMD160: 340adb9bdf8e80c24c511ef7a5241f70e382da62
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   2021-05-24 21:56:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3575)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.34
   2021-04-21 15:25:34 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (864)
Log message:
revbump for boost-libs
   2020-09-16 23:07:24 by Nikita | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
forgotten file distinfo
   2020-09-16 23:00:20 by Nikita | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
www/gnurl: Update to Version 7.72.0

CHANGELOG for gnurl-7.72.0 released 2020-09-16 (curl 7.72.0)

	No significant changes

Fixed in 7.72.0 - August 19 2020


    content_encoding: add zstd decoding support
    CURL_PUSH_ERROROUT: allow the push callback to fail the parent stream


    CVE-2020-8231: libcurl: wrong connect-only connection
    appveyor: collect libcurl.dll variants with prefix or suffix
    asyn-ares: correct some bad comments
    bearssl: fix build with disabled proxy support
    buildconf: avoid array concatenation in die()
    buildconf: retire ares buildconf invocation
    checksrc: ban gmtime/localtime
    checksrc: invoke script with -D to find .checksrc proper
    CI/azure: install libssh2 for use with msys2-based builds
    CI/azure: unconditionally enable warnings-as-errors with autotools
    CI/macos: enable warnings as errors for CMake builds
    CI/macos: set minimum macOS version
    CI/macos: unconditionally enable warnings-as-errors with autotools
    CI: Add muse CI analyzer
    cirrus-ci: upgrade 11-STABLE to 11.4
    CMake: don't complain about missing nroff
    CMake: fix test for warning suppressions
    cmake: fix windows xp build
    configure.ac: Sort features name in summary
    configure: allow disabling warnings
    configure: cleanup wolfssl + pkg-config conflicts when cross compiling.
    configure: show zstd "no" in summary when built without it
    connect: remove redundant message about connect failure
    curl-config: ignore REQUIRE_LIB_DEPS in --libs output
    curl.1: add a few missing valid exit codes
    curl: add %{method} to the -w variables
    curl: improve the existing file check with -J
    curl_multi_setopt: fix compiler warning "result is always false"
    curl_version_info.3: CURL_VERSION_KERBEROS4 is deprecated
    CURLINFO_CERTINFO.3: fix typo
    CURLOPT_NOBODY.3: clarify what setting to 0 means
    docs: add date of 7.20 to CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM mentions
    docs: Add video link to docs/CONTRIBUTE.md
    docs: change "web site" to "website"
    docs: clarify MAX_SEND/RECV_SPEED functionality
    docs: Update a few leftover mentions of DarwinSSL
    doh: remove redundant cast
    file2memory: use a define instead of -1 unsigned value
    ftp: don't do ssl_shutdown instead of ssl_close
    ftpserver: don't verify SMTP MAIL FROM names
    getinfo: reset retry-after value in initinfo
    gnutls: repair the build with `CURL_DISABLE_PROXY`
    gtls: survive not being able to get name/issuer
    h2: repair trailer handling
    http2: close the http2 connection when no more requests may be sent
    http2: fix nghttp2_strerror -> nghttp2_http2_strerror in debug messages
    libssh2: s/ssherr/sftperr/
    libtest/Makefile.am: add -no-undefined for libstubgss for Cygwin
    md(4|5): don't use deprecated macOS functions
    mprintf: Fix dollar string handling
    mprintf: Fix stack overflows
    multi: Condition 'extrawait' is always true
    multi: Remove 10-year old out-commented code
    multi: remove two checks always true
    multi: update comment to say easyp list is linear
    multi_remove_handle: close unused connect-only connections
    ngtcp2: adapt to error code rename
    ngtcp2: adjust to recent sockaddr updates
    ngtcp2: update to modified qlog callback prototype
    nss: fix build with disabled proxy support
    ntlm: free target_info before (re-)malloc
    openssl: fix build with LibreSSL < 2.9.1
    page-header: provide protocol details in the curl.1 man page
    quiche: handle calling disconnect twice
    runtests.pl: treat LibreSSL and BoringSSL as OpenSSL
    runtests: move the gnutls-serv tests to a dynamic port
    runtests: move the smbserver to use a dynamic port number
    runtests: move the TELNET server to a dynamic port
    runtests: run the DICT server on a random port number
    runtests: run the http2 tests on a random port number
    runtests: support dynamicly base64 encoded sections in tests
    setopt: unset NOBODY switches to GET if still HEAD
    smtp_parse_address: handle blank input string properly
    socks: use size_t for size variable
    strdup: remove the odd strlen check
    test1119: verify stdout in the test
    test1139: make it display the difference on test failures
    test1140: compare stdout
    test1908: treat file as text
    tests/FILEFORMAT.md: mention %HTTP2PORT
    tests/sshserver.pl: fix compatibility with OpenSSH for Windows
    TLS naming: fix more Winssl and Darwinssl leftovers
    tls-max.d: this option is only for TLS-using connections
    tlsv1.3.d. only for TLS-using connections
    tool_doswin: Simplify Windows version detection
    tool_getparam: make --krb option work again
    TrackMemory tests: ignore realloc and free in getenv.c
    transfer: fix data_pending for builds with both h2 and h3 enabled
    transfer: fix memory-leak with CURLOPT_CURLU in a duped handle
    transfer: move retrycount from connect struct to easy handle
    travis/script.sh: fix use of `-n' with unquoted envvar
    travis: add ppc64le and s390x builds
    travis: update quiche builds for new boringssl layout
    url: fix CURLU and location following
    url: silence MSVC warning
    util: silence conversion warnings
    win32: Add Curl_verify_windows_version() to curlx
    WIN32: stop forcing narrow-character API
    windows: add unicode to feature list
    windows: disable Unix Sockets for old mingw

Fixed in 7.71.1 - July 1 2020


    cirrus-ci: disable FreeBSD 13 (again)
    Curl_inet_ntop: always check the return code
    CURLOPT_READFUNCTION.3: provide the upload data size up front
    DYNBUF.md: fix a typo: trail => tail
    escape: make the URL decode able to reject only %00-bytes
    escape: zero length input should return a zero length output
    examples/multithread.c: call curl_global_cleanup()
    http2: set the correct URL in pushed transfers
    http: fix proxy auth with blank password
    mbedtls: fix build with disabled proxy support
    ngtcp2: sync with current master
    openssl: Fix compilation on Windows when ngtcp2 is enabled
    Revert "multi: implement wait using winsock events"
    sendf: improve the message on client write errors
    terminology: call them null-terminated strings
    tool_cb_hdr: Fix etag warning output and return code
    url: allow user + password to contain "control codes" for HTTP(S)
    vtls: compare cert blob when finding a connection to reuse

Fixed in 7.71.0 - June 24 2020


    CURLOPT_SSL_OPTIONS: optional use of Windows' CA store (with openssl)
    setopt: add CURLOPT_PROXY_ISSUERCERT(_BLOB) for coherency
    setopt: support certificate options in memory with struct curl_blob
    tool: Add option --retry-all-errors to retry on any error


    *_sspi: fix bad uses of CURLE_NOT_BUILT_IN
    all: fix codespell errors
    altsvc: bump to h3-29
    altsvc: fix 'dsthost' may be used uninitialized in this function
    altsvc: fix parser for lines ending with CRLF
    altsvc: remove the num field from the altsvc struct
    appveyor: add non-debug plain autotools-based build
    appveyor: disable flaky test 1501 and ignore broken 1056
    appveyor: disable test 1139 instead of ignoring it
    asyn-*: remove support for never-used NULL entry pointers
    azure: use matrix strategy to avoid configuration redundancy
    build: disable more code/data when built without proxy support
    buildconf: remove -print from the find command that removes files
    checksrc: enhance the ASTERISKSPACE and update code accordingly
    CI/macos: fix 'is already installed' errors by using bundle
    cirrus: disable SFTP and SCP tests
    CMake: add ENABLE_ALT_SVC option
    CMake: add HTTP/3 support (ngtcp2+nghttp3, quiche)
    CMake: add libssh build support
    CMake: do not build test programs by default
    CMake: fix runtests.pl with CMake, add new test targets
    CMake: ignore INTERFACE_LIBRARY targets for pkg-config file
    CMake: rebuild Makefile.inc.cmake when Makefile.inc changes
    CODE_REVIEW.md: how to do code reviews in curl
    configure: fix pthread check with static boringssl
    configure: for wolfSSL, check for the DES func needed for NTLM
    configure: only strip first -L from LDFLAGS
    configure: repair the check if argv can be written to
    configure: the wolfssh backend does not provide SCP
    connect: improve happy eyeballs handling
    connect: make happy eyeballs work for QUIC (again)
    curl.1: Quote globbed URLs
    curl: remove -J "informational" written on stdout
    Curl_addrinfo: use one malloc instead of three
    CURLINFO_ACTIVESOCKET.3: clarify the description
    doc: add missing closing parenthesis in CURLINFO_SSL_VERIFYRESULT.3
    doc: Rename VERSIONS to VERSIONS.md as it already has Markdown syntax
    docs/HTTP3: add qlog to the quiche build instruction
    docs/options-in-versions: which version added each cmdline option
    docs: unify protocol lists
    dynbuf: introduce internal generic dynamic buffer functions
    easy: fix dangling pointer on easy_perform fail
    examples/ephiperfifo: turn off interval when setting timerfd
    examples/http2-down/upload: add error checks
    examples: remove asiohiper.cpp
    FILEFORMAT: add more features that tests can depend on
    FILEFORMAT: describe verify/stderr
    ftp: make domore_getsock() return the secondary socket properly
    ftp: mark return-ignoring calls to Curl_GetFTPResponse with (void)
    ftp: shut down the secondary connection properly when SSL is used
    GnuTLS: Backend support for CURLINFO_SSL_VERIFYRESULT
    hostip: make Curl_printable_address not return anything
    hostip: on macOS avoid DoH when given a numerical IP address
    http2: keep trying to send pending frames after req.upload_done
    http2: simplify and clean up trailer handling
    HTTP3.md: clarify cargo build directory
    http: move header storage to Curl_easy from connectdata
    libcurl.pc: Merge Libs.private into Libs for static-only builds
    libssh2: improved error output for wrong quote syntax
    libssh2: keep sftp errors as 'unsigned long'
    libssh2: set the expected total size in SCP upload init
    libtest/cmake: Remove commented code
    list-only.d: this option existed already in 4.0
    manpage: add three missing environment variables
    multi: add defensive check on data->multi->num_alive
    multi: implement wait using winsock events
    ngtcp2: cleanup memory when failing to connect
    ngtcp2: fix build with current ngtcp2 master implementing draft 28
    ngtcp2: fix happy eyeballs quic connect crash
    ngtcp2: introduce qlog support
    ngtcp2: never call fprintf() in lib code in release version
    ngtcp2: update with recent API changes
    ntlm: enable NTLM support with wolfSSL
    openssl: set FLAG_TRUSTED_FIRST unconditionally
    projects: Add crypt32.lib to dependencies for all OpenSSL configs
    quiche: clean up memory properly when failing to connect
    quiche: enable qlog output
    quiche: update SSLKEYLOGFILE support
    Revert "buildconf: use find -execdir"
    Revert "ssh: ignore timeouts during disconnect"
    runtests: remove sleep calls
    runtests: show elapsed test time with higher precision (ms)
    select: always use Sleep in Curl_wait_ms on Win32
    select: fix overflow protection in Curl_socket_check
    sendf: make failf() use the mvsnprintf() return code
    server/sws: fix asan warning on use of uninitialized variable
    server/util: fix logmsg format using curl_off_t argument
    sha256: fixed potentially uninitialized variable
    share: don not set the share flag it something fails
    sockfilt: make select_ws stop waiting on exit signal event
    socks: detect connection close during handshake
    socks: fix expected length of SOCKS5 reply
    socks: remove unreachable breaks in socks.c and mime.c
    source cleanup: remove all custom typedef structs
    test1167: fixes in badsymbols.pl
    test1177: look for curl.h in source directory
    test1238: avoid tftpd being busy for tests shortly following
    test613.pl: make tests 613 and 614 work with OpenSSH for Windows
    test75: Remove precheck test
    tests: add https-proxy support to the test suite
    tests: add support for SSH server variant specific transfer paths
    tests: add two simple tests for --login-options
    tests: make test 1248 + 1249 use %NOLISTENPORT
    tests: pick a random port number for SSH
    tests: run stunnel for HTTPS and FTPS on dynamic ports
    timeouts: change millisecond timeouts to timediff_t from time_t
    timeouts: move ms timeouts to timediff_t from int and long
    tool: fixup a few --help descriptions
    tool: support UTF-16 command line on Windows
    tool_cfgable: free login_options at exit
    tool_getparam: -i is not OK if -J is used
    tool_getparam: fix memory leak in parse_args
    tool_operate: fixed potentially uninitialized variables
    tool_paramhlp: fixed potentially uninitialized strtol() variable
    transfer: close connection after excess data has been read
    travis: add "qlog" as feature in the quiche build
    travis: Add ngtcp2 and quiche tests for CMake
    travis: upgrade to bionic, clang-9, improve readability
    typecheck-gcc.h: CURLINFO_PRIVATE does not need a 'char *'
    unit1604.c: fix implicit conv from 'SANITIZEcode' to 'CURLcode'
    url: accept "any length" credentials for proxy auth
    url: alloc the download buffer at transfer start
    url: make the updated credentials URL-encoded in the URL
    url: reject too long input when parsing credentials
    url: sort the protocol schemes in rough popularity order
    urlapi: accept :: as a valid IPv6 address
    urldata: leave the HTTP method untouched in the set.* struct
    urlglob: treat literal IPv6 addresses with zone IDs as a host name
    user-agent.d: spell out what happens given a blank argument
    vauth/cleartext: fix theoretical integer overflow
    version.d: expanded and alpha-sorted
    vtls: Extract and simplify key log file handling from OpenSSL
    wolfssl: add SSLKEYLOGFILE support
    wording: avoid blacklist/whitelist stereotypes
    write-out.d: added "response_code"
   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631) | Package updated
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.
   2020-05-23 15:10:58 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
www/gnurl: remove unknown configure options
   2020-05-22 12:56:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (624)
Log message:
revbump after updating security/nettle
   2020-04-30 22:31:28 by Nikita | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
www/gnurl: Update to Version 7.70.0


CHANGELOG for gnurl-7.70.0 released 2020-04-30 (curl 7.70.0)

    no significant changes for distributors. configure-gnurl is now
    included in the dist tarball.
    The one change you will notice if you check signatures is a change
    of the pgp key used (check the gnurl website for details).

Fixed in 7.70.0 - April 29 2020


    curl: add --ssl-revoke-best-effort to allow a "best effort"
    revocation check
    mqtt: add new experimental protocol
    schannel: add "best effort" revocation check option:
    writeout: support to generate JSON output with '%{json}'


    appveyor: add Unicode winbuild jobs
    appveyor: completely disable tests that fail to timeout early
    appveyor: show failed tests in log even if test is ignored
    appveyor: sort builds by type and add two new variants
    appveyor: turn disabled tests into ignored result tests
    appveyor: use random test server ports based upon APPVEYOR_API_URL
    build: fixed build for systems with select() in unistd.h
    buildconf: avoid using tempfile when removing files
    checksrc: warn on obvious conditional blocks on the same line as
    CI-fuzz: increase fuzz time to 40 minutes
    ci/tests: fix Azure Pipelines not running Windows containers
    CI: add build with ngtcp2 + gnutls on Travis CI
    CI: bring GitHub Actions fuzzing job in line with macOS jobs
    CI: migrate macOS jobs from Azure and Travis CI to GitHub Actions
    CI: remove default Ubuntu build from GitHub Actions
    cirrus: no longer ignore test 504 which is working again
    cirrus: re-enable the FreeBSD 13 CI builds
    cleanup: insert newline after if() conditions
    cmake: add aliases so exported target names are available in tree
    cmake: add support for building with wolfSSL
    cmake: Avoid MSVC C4273 warnings in send/recv checks
    cmdline: fix handling of OperationConfig linked list (--next)
    compressed.d: stress that the headers are not modified
    config: remove all defines of HAVE_DES_H
    configure: convert -I to -isystem as a last step
    configure: document 'compiler_num' for gcc
    configure: don't check for Security.framework when cross-compiling
    configure: fix -pedantic-errors for GCC 5 and later
    configure: remove use of -vec-report0 from CFLAGS with icc
    connect: happy eyeballs cleanup
    connect: store connection info for QUIC connections
    copyright: fix out-of-date copyright ranges and missing headers
    curl-functions.m4: remove inappropriate AC_REQUIRE
    curl.h: remnove CURL_VERSION_ESNI. Never supported nor documented
    curl.h: update comment typo
    curl: allow both --etag-compare and --etag-save with same file name
    curl_setup: define _WIN32_WINNT_[OS] symbols
    CURLINFO_CONDITION_UNMET: return true for 304 http status code
    CURLINFO_NUM_CONNECTS: improve accuracy
    CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION.3: add inline example and new see-also
    dist: add mail-rcpt-allowfails.d to the tarball
    docs/make: generate curl.1 from listed files only
    docs: add warnings about FILE: URLs on Windows
    easy: fix curl_easy_duphandle for builds missing IPv6 that use
    examples/sessioninfo.c: add include to fix compiler warning
    github actions: run when pushed to master or */ci + PRs
    gnutls: bump lowest supported version to 3.1.10
    gnutls: Don't skip really long certificate fields
    gnutls: ensure TLS 1.3 when SRP isn't requested
    gopher: check remaining time left during write busy loop
    gskit: use our internal select wrapper for portability
    http2: Fix erroneous debug message that h2 connection closed
    http: don't consider upload done if the request isn't completely
    sent off
    http: free memory when Alt-Used header creation fails due to OOM
    lib/mk-ca-bundle: skip empty certs
    lib670: use the same Win32 API check as all other lib tests
    lib: fix typos in comments and errormessages
    lib: never define CURL_CA_BUNDLE with a getenv
    libcurl-multi.3: added missing full stop
    libssh: avoid options override by configuration files
    libssh: Use new ECDSA key types to check known hosts
    mailmap: fixup a few author names/fields
    Makefile.m32: Improve windres parameter compatibility
    Makefile: run the cd commands in a subshell
    memdebug: don't log free(NULL)
    mime: properly check Content-Type even if it has parameters
    multi-ssl: reset the SSL backend on `Curl_global_cleanup()`
    multi: improve parameter check for curl_multi_remove_handle
    nghttp2: 1.12.0 required
    ngtcp2: update to git master for the key installation API change
    nss: check for PK11_CreateDigestContext() returning NULL
    openssl: adapt to functions marked as deprecated since version 3
    OS400: update strings for ccsid-ifier (fixes the build)
    output.d: quote the URL when globbing
    packages: add OS400/chkstrings.c to the dist
    RELEASE-PROCEDURE.md: run the copyright.pl script!
    Revert "file: on Windows, refuse paths that start with \\"
    runtests: always put test number in servercmd file
    runtests: provide nicer errormsg when protocol "dump" file is empty
    schannel: Fix blocking timeout logic
    schannel: support .P12 or .PFX client certificates
    scripts/release-notes.pl: add helper script for RELEASE-NOTES
    select: make Curl_socket_check take timediff_t timeout
    select: move duplicate select preparation code into Curl_select
    select: remove typecast from SOCKET_WRITABLE/READABLE macros
    server/getpart: make the "XML-parser" stricter
    server/resolve: remove AI_CANONNAME to make macos tell the truth
    smtp: set auth correctly
    sockfilt: add logmsg output to select_ws_wait_thread on Windows
    sockfilt: fix broken pipe on Windows to be ready in select_ws
    sockfilt: fix handling of ready closed sockets on Windows
    sockfilt: fix race-condition of waiting threads and event handling
    socks: Fix blocking timeout logic
    src: Remove C99 constructs to ensure C89 compliance
    SSLCERTS.md: Fix example code for setting CA cert file
    test1148: tolerate progress updates better (again)
    test1154: set a proper name
    test1177: verify that all the CURL_VERSION_ bits are documented
    test1566: verify --etag-compare that gets a 304 back
    test1908: avoid using fixed port number in test data
    test2043: use revoked.badssl.com instead of revoked.grc.com
    test2100: fix static port instead of dynamic value being used
    tests/data: fix some XML formatting issues in test cases
    tests/FILEFORMAT: converted to markdown and extended
    tests/server/util.c: use curl_off_t instead of long for pid
    tests: add %NOLISTENPORT and use it
    tests: add Windows compatible pidwait like pidkill and pidterm
    tests: fix conflict between Cygwin/msys and Windows PIDs
    tests: introduce preprocessed test cases
    tests: make Python-based servers compatible with Python 2 and 3
    tests: make runtests check that disabled tests exists
    tests: move pingpong server to dynamic listening port
    tests: remove python_dependencies for smbserver from our tree
    tests: run the RTSP test server on a dynamic port number
    tests: run the SOCKS test server on a dynamic port number
    tests: run the sws server on "any port"
    tests: run the TFTP test server on a dynamic port number
    tests: use Cygwin/msys PIDs for stunnel and sshd on Windows
    tls: remove the BACKEND define kludge from most backends
    tool: do not declare functions with Curl_ prefix
    tool_operate: fix add_parallel_transfers when more are in queue
    transfer: cap retries of "dead connections" to 5
    transfer: Switch PUT to GET/HEAD on 303 redirect
    travis: bump the wolfssl CI build to use 4.4.0
    travis: update the ngtcp2 build to use the latest OpenSSL patch
    url: allow non-HTTPS altsvc-matching for debug builds
    version: add 'cainfo' and 'capath' to version info struct
    version: increase buffer space for ssl version output
    version: skip idn2_check_version() check and add precaution
    vquic: add support for GnuTLS backend of ngtcp2
    vtls: fix ssl_config memory-leak on out-of-memory
    warnless: remove code block for icc that didn't work
    windows: enable UnixSockets with all build toolchains
    windows: suppress UI in all CryptAcquireContext() calls