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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.4.2nb3, Package name: libwww-5.4.2nb3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The W3C Reference Library is a general code base that can be used to
build clients and servers. It contains code for accessing HTTP, FTP,
Gopher, News, WAIS, Telnet servers, and the local file system.
Furthermore it provides modules for parsing, managing and presenting
hypertext objects to the user and a wide spectra of generic programming
utilities. The Library is the basis for many World-Wide Web
applications and all the W3C software is build on top of it. The
Library is a required part of all other W3C applications in this

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SHA1: 6bc3c0de4cd2e0d51b17789c9a86b5296ce44b2f
RMD160: 7b6ecfbd84ca8b2ce3b19d3b60e9f6a75ea914f5
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   2020-01-26 18:32:28 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (981)
Log message:
all: migrate homepages from http to https

pkglint -r --network --only "migrate"

As a side-effect of migrating the homepages, pkglint also fixed a few
indentations in unrelated lines. These and the new homepages have been
checked manually.
   2020-01-18 22:51:16 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1836)
Log message:
*: Recursive revision bump for openssl 1.1.1.
   2019-08-11 15:25:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3557) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISIONs for perl 5.30.0
   2018-09-13 14:33:29 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
libwww: unbreak on linux.

GNU coreutils errors out if you have install(1) the same file twice in
the same command.
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-06-28 17:45:46 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
libwww: Unbreak OpenSSL 1.1 patch.  Fix SunOS MD5 section.
   2018-06-24 19:01:58 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
libwww: removed automake14 from USE_TOOLS
   2018-06-24 18:54:59 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (28) | Package removed
Log message:
libwww: updated to 5.4.2

Unknown changes.

Changes with libwww 5.4.1
* Removed the expat source code in favor of linking against
the global system expat library to avoid having to track
security advisories in that library
* Updated expat to 2.2.0
* Updated autotools to the current versions
* Library/src/HTSQL.c: add missing mysql_init to HTSQL_connect reported by \ 
Xavier Torne
* configure.ac, Library/src/Makefile.am, Library/cvs2sql/Makefile.am,
  modify configure scripts for mysql_config based autoconf processing
* Library/src/HTSQL.c, Library/src/HTSQL.html, Library/src/HTSQLLog.c: remove
  mysql directory from include directiv
* Robot/src/RobotMain.c: added flag MR_KEEP_META for -lm last modified option
  detected by Jan Hutaø
* Robot/src/RobotMain.c: added flag MR_KEEP_META for -title option
  detected by Jan Hutaø
* close leak in HTBound process_boundary() detected by Sam Varshavchik
  using valgrind; excised old #if 0 snippets from HTMIME.c
* Library/src/HTCookie.c: add private function HTCookie_splitPair to
  split a KEY=VALUE pair, from Jesse Morgan
* configure.ac: remove unecessary check for appkit.h as
  suggested by Roger Persson
* Library/src/wwwsys.html: change genuine angle bracket characters
  into the angle bracket entities, thanks to Bobby Jack
* Library/src/HT*.html, Library/src/SSL/HT*.html: wrap
  all header files with extern "C"
* Library/src/HTFile, configure.ac: add a basis for
  addressing Ben's security concerns
* Library/src/HTBound.c: libwww security advisory fix from
  Sam Varshavchik, fix double-counting of processed bytes,
  rewrote HTBoundary_put_block, to fix problematic HTTP 1.1
  byte range requests
* Library/src/: HTAlert.c, HTHeader.c, HTInit.c, HTNet.c,
  HTProfil.c, HTProt.c, HTTrans.c: Patch to greatly speed up
  repeated requests, from Arthur Smith
* Library/src/HTSQL.c: modifications to compile without using
  deprecated mysql functions
* config/: config.sub, ltmain.sh: updates for recent version of
* INSTALL.html, Library/src/HTEvtLst.c: cleaning
* libwww-config.in: include -lwwwssl, thanks to mgoddard at
* Library/src/SSL/HTSSLWriter.c: avoids an eternal loop in libwww
* Library/src/SSL/HTSSL.html, Robot/src/RobotMain.c: fix for webbot
  -v option check and documentation addition
* configure.ac, Library/src/SSL/HTSSL.c,
  Library/src/SSL/windows/wwwssl.def, Robot/src/HTRobMan.html,
  Robot/src/Makefile.am, Robot/src/RobotMain.c: basic support for
  client side certificates using PEM format
* Library/src/SSL/: HTSSL.c, HTSSLReader.c, HTSSLWriter.c: add
  openssl to include for ssl.h and rand.h
* config/: config.guess, config.sub, ltmain.sh: update after
  running libtoolize
* Robot/src/Makefile.am: use SSL directory for libwwwssl.la
* Robot/src/RobotMain.c: include HTSSL.h
* configure.ac: fix aclocal underquoting warnings
* Robot/src/: RobotMain.c, Makefile.am: update to enable https
* Library/src/HTTPReq.c: fixed , to _ in HTTRACE call
* Library/src/HTTPReq.c: removed LIBWWW_USEIDN, because unnecessary
* modules/idn/unicode_template.c: forgot one file
* Library/src/HTDNS.html: moved IDN to main branch
* Library/src/HTDNS.c: moved IDN to main branch
* Library/src/HTTPReq.c: added "LIBWWW_USEIDN" conditional
* Library/src/HTTPReq.c: moved IDN to main branch
* Library/Overview.html: JK: Added the libwww survey results