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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 6.0.1, Package name: py311-wagtail-6.0.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Wagtail is Content Management System built on Django.

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   2024-02-16 23:17:07 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-wagtail: updated to 6.0.1

6.0.1 (15.02.2024)

* Fix: Ensure `BooleanRadioSelect` uses the same styles as `RadioSelect` \ 
(Thibaud Colas)
* Fix: Prevent failure on `collectstatic` when `ManifestStaticFilesStorage` is \ 
in use (Matt Westcott)
* Fix: Prevent error on submitting an empty search in the admin under \ 
Elasticsearch (Maikel Martens)
   2024-02-15 23:20:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
py-wagtail: add missing tools
   2024-02-09 14:43:34 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
py-wagtail: updated to 6.0

6.0 (07.02.2024)

 * Added support for Django 5.0
 * Implemented universal listings – a unified listing and filtering interface \ 
for Pages, Snippets, Forms (Ben Enright, Matt Westcott, Thibaud Colas, Sage \ 
 * Add the accessibility checker within the page and snippets editor (Thibaud Colas)
 * Added `search_index` option to StreamField blocks to control whether the \ 
block is indexed for searching (Vedant Pandey)
 * Remember previous location on returning from page add/edit actions (Robert \ 
 * Update settings file in project settings to address Django 4.2 deprecations \ 
(Sage Abdullah)
 * Improve layout and accessibility of the image URL generator page, reduce \ 
reliance on JavaScript (Temidayo Azeez)
 * Allow `UniqueConstraint` in place of `unique_together` for \ 
`TranslatableMixin`'s system check (Temidayo Azeez, Sage Abdullah)
 * Make use of `IndexView.get_add_url()` in snippets index view template \ 
(Christer Jensen, Sage Abdullah)
 * Allow `Page.permissions_for_user()` to be overridden by specific page types \ 
(Sébastien Corbin)
 * Improve visual alignment of explore icon in Page listings for longer content \ 
(Krzysztof Jeziorny)
 * Add `extra_actions` blocks to Snippets and generic index templates (Bhuvnesh \ 
 * Added page types usage report (Jhonatan Lopes)
 * Add support for defining `panels` / `edit_handler` on `ModelViewSet` (Sage \ 
 * Use a single instance of `PagePermissionPolicy` in `wagtail.permissions` \ 
module (Sage Abdullah)
 * Add max tag length validation for multiple uploads (documents/images) \ 
(Temidayo Azeez)
 * Ensure expanded side panel does not overlap form content for most viewports \ 
(Chiemezuo Akujobi)
 * Add ability to modify the default ordering for the page explorer view (Shlomo \ 
 * Remove overly verbose image captions in image listings for screen readers \ 
(Sage Abdullah)
 * Ensure screen readers and dictation tools can more easily navigate bulk \ 
actions in images, documents and page listings by streamlining labels and \ 
descriptions (Sage Abdullah)
 * Remove support for Safari 14 (Thibaud Colas)
 * Add ability to click to copy the URL in the image URL generator page (Sai \ 
Srikar Dumpeti)
 * Add ability to filter by page type and date updated in the page listing view \ 
(Matt Westcott)
 * Add ability to filter by owner and site in the page listing view (Matt Westcott)
 * Improve right-to-left support by using flow-relative float styles (Thibaud Colas)
 * Improve right-to-left support by mirroring Wagtail icons as needed (Sage Abdullah)
 * Add support for mirroring third-party icons added in Wagtail (Sage Abdullah)
 * Show edit as a main action in generic history and usage views (Sage Abdullah)
 * Make styles for header buttons consistent (Sage Abdullah)
 * Improve styles of slim header's search and filters (Sage Abdullah)
 * Change page listing's add button to icon-only (Sage Abdullah)
 * Add sublabel to breadcrumbs, including history, usage, and inspect views \ 
(Sage Abdullah)
 * Standardise search form placeholder to 'Search…' (Sage Abdullah)
 * Use SlugInput on all SlugFields by default (LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Show character counts on RichTextBlock with `max_length` (Elhussein Almasri)
 * Move locale selector in generic IndexView to a filter (Sage Abdullah)
 * Add ability to customise a page's copy form (Neeraj Yetheendran)
 * Add optional caption field to `TypedTableBlock` (Tommaso Amici, Cynthia Kiser)
 * Switch the `TableBlock` header controls to a field that requires user input \ 
(Bhuvnesh Sharma, Aman Pandey, Cynthia Kiser)
 * Add `WAGTAILADMIN_LOGIN_URL` setting to allow customising the login URL \ 
(Neeraj Yetheendran)
 * Replace legacy dropdown component with new Tippy dropdown-button (Thibaud Colas)
 * Add ability to filter by existence of child pages in the page listing view \ 
(Matt Westcott)
 * Polish dark theme styles and update color tokens (Thibaud Colas, Rohit Sharma)
 * Keep database state of pages and snippets updated while in draft state \ 
(Stefan Hammer)
 * Add `DrilldownController` and `w-drilldown` component to support drilldown \ 
menus (Thibaud Colas)
 * Add support for `caption` on admin UI Table component (Aman Pandey)
 * Add API support for a redirects (contrib) endpoint (Rohit Sharma, Jaap Roes, \ 
Andreas Donig)
 * Add the default ability for all `SnippetViewSet` & `ModelViewSet` to \ 
support being copied (Shlomo Markowitz)
 * Support dynamic Wagtail guide links in the admin that are based on the \ 
running version of Wagtail (Tidiane Dia)
 * Fix: Update system check for overwriting storage backends to recognise the \ 
`STORAGES` setting introduced in Django 4.2 (phijma-leukeleu)
 * Fix: Prevent password change form from raising a validation error when \ 
browser autocomplete fills in the "Old password" field (Chiemezuo \ 
 * Fix: Ensure that the legacy dropdown options, when closed, do not get \ 
accidentally clicked by other interactions on wide viewports (CheesyPhoenix, \ 
Christer Jensen)
 * Fix: Add a fallback background for the editing preview iframe for sites \ 
without a background (Ian Price)
 * Fix: Preserve whitespace in rendered comments (Elhussein Almasri)
 * Fix: Remove search logging from project template so that new projects without \ 
the search promotions module will not error (Matt Westcott)
 * Fix: Ensure text only email notifications for updated comments do not escape \ 
HTML characters (Rohit Sharma)
 * Fix: Use the latest draft when copying an unpublished page for translation \ 
(Andrey Nehaychik)
 * Fix: Make Workflow and Aging Pages reports only available to users with \ 
page-related permissions (Rohit Sharma)
 * Fix: Make searching on specific fields work correctly on Elasticsearch when \ 
boost is in use (Matt Westcott)
 * Fix: Use a visible border and background color to highlight active formatting \ 
in the rich text toolbar (Cassidy Pittman)
 * Fix: Ensure image focal point box can be removed (Gunnar Scherf)
 * Fix: Ensure that Snippets search results correctly use the \ 
`index_results.html` or `index_results_template_name` override on initial load \ 
(Stefan Hammer)
 * Fix: Avoid error when attempting to moderate a page drafted by a now deleted \ 
user (Dan Braghis)
 * Fix: Do not show multiple error messages when editing a Site to use existing \ 
hostname and port (Rohit Sharma)
 * Fix: Avoid error when exporting Aging Pages report where a page has an empty \ 
`last_published_by_user` (Chiemezuo Akujobi)
 * Fix: Ensure Page querysets support using `alias` and `specific` (Tomasz Knapik)
 * Fix: Ensure workflow dashboard panels work when the page/snippet is missing \ 
(Sage Abdullah)
 * Fix: Ensure `ActionController` explicitly checks for elements that allow \ 
select functionality (Nandini Arora)
 * Fix: Prevent a ValueError with `FormSubmissionsPanel` on Django 5.0 when \ 
creating a new form page (Matt Westcott)
 * Fix: Avoid duplicate entries in "Recent edits" panel when copying \ 
pages (Matt Westcott)
 * Fix: Prevent TitleFieldPanel from raising an error when the slug field is \ 
missing or read-only (Rohit Sharma)
 * Fix: Ensure that the close button on the new dialog designs is visible in the \ 
non-message variant (Nandini Arora)
 * Fix: Ensure the sidebar account toggle has no duplicate accessible labels \ 
(Nandini Arora)
 * Fix: Avoid text overflow issues in comment replies and scroll position issues \ 
for long comments (Rohit Sharma)
 * Fix: Ensure that page listing re-ordering messages and accessible labels can \ 
be translated (Aman Pandey, LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Fix: Resolve multiple issues with page listing re-ordering using keyboard and \ 
screen readers (Aman Pandey)
 * Fix: Remove 'Page' from page types filter on aging pages report (Matt Westcott)
 * Fix: Prevent page types filter from showing other non-Page models that match \ 
by name (Matt Westcott)
 * Fix: Ensure `MultipleChooserPanel` modal works correctly when \ 
`USE_THOUSAND_SEPARATOR` is `True` for pages with ids over 1,000 (Sankalp, Rohit \ 
 * Fix: When using an empty table header (`th`) for visual spacing, ensure this \ 
is ignored by accessibility tooling (V Rohitansh)
 * Fix: Ensure the panel anchor button sizes meet accessibility guidelines for \ 
minimum dimensions (Nandini Arora)
 * Fix: Raise a 404 for bulk actions for models which don't exist instead of \ 
throwing a 500 error (Alex Tomkins)
 * Fix: Raise a `SiteSetting.DoesNotExist` error when retrieving settings for an \ 
unrecognised site (Nick Smith)
 * Fix: Ensure that defaulted or unique values declared in \ 
`exclude_fields_in_copy` are correctly excluded in new copies, resolving to the \ 
default value (Elhussein Almasri)
 * Fix: Ensure that `default_ordering` set on IndexView is preserved if \ 
ModelViewSet does not specify an explicit ordering (Cynthia Kiser)
 * Fix: Ensure that TableBlock cells are accessible when using keyboard control \ 
only (Elhussein Almasri)
 * Fix: Resolve issue where clicking Publish for a Page that was in workflow in \ 
Safari would block publishing and not trigger the workflow confirmation modal \ 
(Alex Morega)
 * Fix: Fix pagination links on model history and usage views (Matt Westcott)
 * Fix: Fix crash when accessing workflow reports with a deleted snippet (Sage \ 
 * Docs: New developer tutorial (Damilola Oladele, Meagen Voss, Thibaud Colas)
 * Docs: Document, for contributors, the use of translate string literals passed \ 
as arguments to tags and filters using `_()` within templates (Chiemezuo \ 
 * Docs: Document all features for the Documents app in one location (Neeraj \ 
 * Docs: Add section to testing docs about creating pages and working with page \ 
content (Mariana Bedran Lesche)
 * Docs: Add more nuance to the database recommendations in performance page \ 
(Jadesola Kareem)
 * Docs: Add clarity that MultipleChooserPanel may require a chooser viewset and \ 
how the functionality is expected to work (Andy Chosak)
 * Docs: Clarify where documentation build commands should be run (Nikhil S Kalburgi)
 * Docs: Add missing import to tutorial BlogPage example (Salvo Polizzi)
 * Docs: Update contributing guide documentation and GitHub templates to better \ 
support new contributors (Thibaud Colas)
 * Docs: Add more CSS authoring guidelines (Thibaud Colas)
 * Docs: Update MyST documentation parser library to 2.0.0 (Neeraj Yetheendran)
 * Docs: Add documentation writing guidelines for intersphinx / external links \ 
(LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Docs: Add `Page` model reference `get_children` documentation (Salvo Polizzi)
 * Docs: Enforce CI build checks for documentation so that malformed links or \ 
missing images will not be allowed (Neeraj Yetheendran)
 * Docs: Update spelling on customizing admin template and page model section \ 
from British to American English (Victoria Poromon)
 * Docs: Add documentation for how to override the file locations for custom \ 
image models via `get_upload_to` methods (Osaf AliSayed, Dharmik Gangani)
 * Docs: Update documentation theme (Sphinx Wagtail Theme) to 6.2.0, fixing the \ 
incorrect favicon (LB (Ben) Johnston, Sahil Jangra)
 * Docs: Refactor promotion banner without jQuery and use sameSite cookies when \ 
storing if cleared (LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Docs: Use cross-reference for compatible Python versions in tutorial instead \ 
of the out of date listing (mirusu400)
 * Maintenance: Update BeautifulSoup upper bound to 4.12.x (scott-8)
 * Maintenance: Migrate initialization of classes (such as `body.ready`) from \ 
multiple JavaScript implementations to one Stimulus controller `w-init` \ 
(Chiemezuo Akujobi)
 * Maintenance: Adopt the usage of translate string literals using \ 
`arg=_('...')` in all `wagtailadmin` module templates (Chiemezuo Akujobi)
 * Maintenance: Migrate the contrib styleguide index view to a class-based view \ 
(Chiemezuo Akujobi)
 * Maintenance: Update djhtml to 3.0.6 (Matt Westcott)
 * Maintenance: Migrate the contrib settings edit view to a class-based view \ 
(Chiemezuo Akujobi, Sage Abdullah)
 * Maintenance: Remove django-pattern-library upper bound in testing \ 
dependencies (Sage Abdullah)
 * Maintenance: Split up functions in Elasticsearch backend for easier \ 
extensibility (Marcel Kornblum, Cameron Lamb, Sam Dudley)
 * Maintenance: Relax draftjs_exporter dependency to allow using version 5.x \ 
(Sylvain Fankhauser)
 * Maintenance: Refine styling of listings, account settings panels and the \ 
block chooser (Meli Imelda)
 * Maintenance: Remove icon font support (Matt Westcott)
 * Maintenance: Remove deprecated SVG icons (Matt Westcott)
 * Maintenance: Remove icon font styles (Thibaud Colas)
 * Maintenance: Migrate account editing view to a class-based view (Kehinde Bobade)
 * Maintenance: Upgrade frontend tooling to use Node 20 (LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Upgrade `ruff` and replace `black` with `ruff format` \ 
(John-Scott Atlakson)
 * Maintenance: Update Willow upper bound to 2.x (Dan Braghis)
 * Maintenance: Removed support for Django < 4.2 (Dan Braghis)
 * Maintenance: Refactor page explorer index template to extend generic index \ 
template (Sage Abdullah)
 * Maintenance: Replace template components implementation with standalone \ 
`laces` library (Tibor Leupold)
 * Maintenance: Refactor snippets index view and template to make better use of \ 
generic IndexView (Sage Abdullah)
 * Maintenance: Introduce an internal `{% formattedfield %}` tag to replace \ 
direct use of `wagtailadmin/shared/field.html` (Matt Westcott)
 * Maintenance: Update Telepath dependency to 0.3.1 (Matt Westcott)
 * Maintenance: Allow `ActionController` to have a `noop` method to more easily \ 
leverage standalone Stimulus action options (Nandini Arora)
 * Maintenance: Upgrade to latest TypeScript and Storybook (Thibaud Colas, Sage \ 
 * Maintenance: Turn on `skipLibCheck` for TypeScript (LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Refactor documents listing view to use generic IndexView (Sage \ 
 * Maintenance: Support for the Stimulus `CloneController` to auto clear the \ 
added content after a set duration (LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Refactor images listing view to use generic IndexView (Sage Abdullah)
 * Maintenance: Refactor form pages listing view to use generic IndexView (Sage \ 
 * Maintenance: Update Stylelint, our linting configuration, Sass, and related \ 
code changes (LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Simplify browserslist and browser support documentation (Thibaud \ 
 * Maintenance: Relax django-taggit dependency to allow 5.0 (Sylvain Fankhauser)
 * Maintenance: Fix various warnings when building docs (Cynthia Kiser)
 * Maintenance: Upgrade sphinxcontrib-spelling to 7.x for Python 3.12 \ 
compatibility (Matt Westcott)
 * Maintenance: Move logic for django-filters filtering into `BaseListingView` \ 
(Matt Westcott)
 * Maintenance: Remove or replace legacy CSS classes: visuallyhidden, \ 
visuallyvisible, divider-after, divider-before, inline, inline-block, block, \ 
u-hidden, clearfix, reordering, overflow (Thibaud Colas)
 * Maintenance: Prevent future issues with icon.html end-of-file newlines \ 
(Thibaud Colas)
 * Maintenance: Rewrite styles using legacy `c-`, `o-`, `u-`, `t-`, `is-` \ 
prefixes (Thibaud Colas)
 * Maintenance: Remove invalid CSS styles / Sass selector concatenation (Thibaud \ 
 * Maintenance: Refactor listing views to share more queryset ordering logic \ 
(Matt Westcott)
 * Maintenance: Remove `initTooltips` in favour of Stimulus controller (LB (Ben) \ 
 * Maintenance: Enhance the Stimulus `InitController` to allow for custom event \ 
dispatching when ready (Aditya, LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Remove inline script usage for comment initialization and adopt \ 
an event listener/dispatch approach for better CSP compliance (Aditya, LB (Ben) \ 
 * Maintenance: Migrate styleguide ad-hoc JavaScript to use styles only to avoid \ 
CSP issues (LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Update Jest version - frontend tooling (Nandini Arora)
 * Maintenance: Remove non-functional and inaccessible auto-focus on first field \ 
in page create forms (LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Migrate the unsaved form checks & confirmation trigger to \ 
Stimulus `UnsavedController` (Sai Srikar Dumpeti, LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Reduce gap between snippets and generic views/templates (Sage \ 
 * Maintenance: Migrate page listing menu re-ordering (drag & drop) from \ 
jQuery inline scripts to `OrderableController` with a more accessible solution \ 
(Aman Pandey, LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Clean up scss variable usage, remove unused variables and \ 
mixins, adopt more core token variables (Jai Vignesh J, Nandini Arora, LB (Ben) \ 
 * Maintenance: Migrate Image URL generator views to class-based views (Rohit Sharma)
 * Maintenance: Use Django's `FileResponse` when serving files such as Images or \ 
Documents (Jake Howard)
 * Maintenance: Deprecated `WidgetWithScript` base widget class (LB (Ben) Johnston)
 * Maintenance: Remove support for Django 4.1 and below (Sage Abdullah)
   2023-09-29 00:26:33 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
Extract using bsdtar, nbpax is broken
   2023-09-01 09:20:53 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
py-wagtail: Bump to current version of py-Willow.
   2023-08-02 01:20:57 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (158)
Log message:
*: remove more references to Python 3.7
   2023-07-06 10:34:50 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
py-wagtail: relax requirements on py-Pillow
   2023-07-01 10:37:47 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (105) | Package updated
Log message:
*: restrict py-numpy users to 3.9+ in preparation for update