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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.16.1, Package name: zola-0.16.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Zola is a static website generator in a single binary with
everything built-in.

Required to run:

Required to build:
[pkgtools/cwrappers] [lang/rust-bin]

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   2022-10-04 12:53:05 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
zola: update to 0.16.1.

With help from pin@


    195b6bd Fix outdated release windows image
    53ce6db Update MSRV
    3d45cff Last cargo update
    b9501de Strip binary artifact when building for release (#1949)
    584de3a Remove logging
    3fde41b The Glob library does not work correctly on windows. This changes \ 
the approach to use the normal WalkDir crate, and the Globset crate instead to \ 
find the filter. This new code correctly compiles sass files across platforms \ 
now. (#1950)
    2a445fa Update deps
    f61e1ba parse also *.yml file suffix as YAML; closes #1958 (#1959)
    abafe66 Fix overriding built-in shortcodes [ #1947 ]
    fd56524 Next version will be 0.16.1



    c599f21 Set changelog date
    39bfbcd Merge pull request #1741 from getzola/next
    e62164e Update deps
    3fa8552 Ensure homepages get their translations filled
    39cf436 Update changelog
    0d4c2e8 Fix some bugs + cargo fmt
    bf7dbfe Update pinned rustc version
    342569a Update deps
    7208b86 Insert anchor as full heading (#1916)
    065e8e6 Apply orientation transformation based on EXIF data (#1912)
   2022-09-11 14:52:13 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (670)
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for flac shlib bump
   2022-08-11 07:09:36 by David H. Gutteridge | Files touched by this commit (999)
Log message:
Bump all dependent packages of wayland (belatedly)

The package changed with the addition of its libepoll-shim dependency.
Otherwise, we can get:
ERROR: libepoll-shim>=0.0.20210418 is not installed; can't buildlink files.
   2022-03-31 17:29:29 by Nikita | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
zola: Fix build in sandbox.
   2022-03-28 14:58:27 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
zola: rename file to standard name.
   2022-03-28 13:30:51 by Nikita | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
www/zola: Update to 0.15.3

Changelog taken from https://github.com/getzola/zola/releases

    96db523 Bump MSRV
    c9bc0a2 Ready for release
    a61fa3f That's going to be 0.15.3
    1b20aca config: Don't skip extra syntax loading if highlight_theme = css \ 
(#1732) [ #1723 ]
    684bc2d Fix shortcode handling in code-fences (#1720)
    ef3a16f make asset colocation find assets which have no extension (as \ 
opposed to ignoring them) (#1734)
    37b31cb templates/load_data: add an optional parameter headers (#1710)
    78132a8 add theme's robots.txt to tera with name "robots.txt" (#1722)
    faec345 remove compiler warning (#1698)
    5190b5e Add heuristic checking for HTML anchors (#1716)
    0b7e3cb Various comment cleanups (#1726)
    13e3596 Fix option in syntax highlighting docs (#1712)
    4d14c46 Reduce code repetition in CodeBlock::highlight (#1697)
    c5aa1a2 docs: Add missing punctuation
    4cef97a Next version
    14ccd89 Update themes gallery (#1737)
    baae4d7 Fix typo in docs (#1739)
    47773c2 Update themes gallery (#1728)
    2aac163 Improved Cloudflare Pages deployment guide (#1733)
    f4d312b simplify Layer0 deployment guide (#1727)
    25ab1bc docs: fix missing doublequote (#1719)
    ef26db8 docs: filter to main for example GH Pages config (#1715)
    fac80b7 fix thumbnails sqaushing/stretching (#1711)
    359de43 Fix typo (#1709)
    dbdacfa Remove marketing content
    9a5f520 Guide: Deploy Zola with Layer0 (#1704)
    bc51b5d Fix typo (#1706)
    75d9991 Update source-tag to v0.15.2 (#1703)
    3a71c8c Add films.mlcdf.fr to example sites (#1702)

    546623a Next version
    1ed1fdb Ready for 0.15.2
    501cf95 Merge pull request #1691 from getzola/next
    3155662 Fix HTML shortcodes [ #1689 ]
    5b0e1ed Next version
    927a840 Update macos ci image for release as well
    3625391 Set 0.15.1 date
    2ded7f5 dockerhub -> ghcr

    24007b2 Merge pull request #1682 from getzola/next
    d305c6c Merge pull request #1681 from thomasetter/ghcr-action
    3e8eb18 disable latest tag
    46027ec Update version
    22dcfb9 Test config.title in integration tests
    7ce4f75 Fix config data not getting to the templates [ #1687 ]
    9191a27 Fix markdown shortcodes
    3dbf811 Update macos ci image
    a996799 Update snapcraft.yaml
    720658c add GitHub action to deploy to the GitHub Container Registry (GHCR)

    a8a236f Merge pull request #1597 from getzola/next
    9fc60e1 Update pinned ci version
    445a95f Update deps
    b3139b7 Only find assets recursively for pages (#1677)
    51784aa Handle naked anchor link for internal links [ #1676 ]
    d8aebbd Update themes gallery (#1674)
    769264e Fix docs for get_url [ #1667 ]
    10a39e5 Mention config.mode
    35359fb Add generic template fallbacks to taxonomies (#1651)
    976ff6f Merge branch 'master' into next
    862149e Update pinned ci version
    ea3e782 Remove comparisons in README
    091995b Update deps
    c33b67c Ensure zola serve only reads from the public dir
    19125e8 Back to pest (#1665)
    662c2d3 Add 146parks.blog to example sites. (#1664)
    48e4fa0 fix typo (#1663)
    637b005 Shortcodes (#1640) [ #1475, #1355, #1655, #1601, #1600, #1500, #1320 ]
    ddb9b4e Update EXAMPLES.md (#1659)
    1434eeb Add check for export highlight theme CSS in Config (#1650)
    1bbca5c Use distroless instead of dockerize (#1643) [ #1642 ]
    e186f08 Fix page.updated's document. #1641 (#1644)
    19673f2 Update deps
    f8020a3 Show usage of latest github action version (#1638)
    7135a4f Add corona-effekt.orgatalk.de to list of example sites (#1636)
    7fa58ef Fix get_url resolving asset path to invalid url on Windows (#1632)
    aaa25ce Fix clippy warnings (#1618)
    dd0ce5c Make whitespace separation consistent/explicit (#1628)
    7a0cf26 Update changelog
    2e884e0 Remove duplicate call to load syntax/themes
    23064f5 Support custom syntax highlighting themes (#1499) [ #419 ]
    9946506 Update themes gallery (#1614)
    f0b1318 fix: crash on config change (#1616)
    8258305 Some more improvements to documentation (#1508)
    9f88d75 fix typo (#1613)
    9516328 Fix outdated i18n setup config
    b503d5c feat: add required argument to taxonomy functions (#1598)
    4086b07 Support colocating subfolders (#1582)
    4c4fad2 Adjust whitespace in expression delimiters (#1610)
    7af662c Add OrgaTalk wiki to list of example sites (#1611)
    84b75f9 [feature] Shortcodes and anchor-link.html can access lang context (#1609)
    eceb1bd Added prompt for when zola build output-dir mentions an existing \ 
directory. (#1558) [ #1378 ]
    5c428cc Merge pull request #1608 from southerntofu/bugfix-default-language
    2be1b41 config.default_language is exposed to templates
    2764031 Merge pull request #1606 from marier-nico/patch-1
    5a418e1 docs(configuration): move extra syntaxes to markdown
    c1267e8 Remove number of processed images from logs [ #1504 ]
    8e40720 Next

    3dcc080 Merge pull request #1553 from getzola/next
    1249d4d Prepare for 0.14.1
    f866e0b Update docker documentation usage with Zola 0.14.0 (#1594)
    f7a4ef2 Add draft to section variable in templates [ #1592 ]
    5ca2b29 Fix cachebust for files in the output path (#1586)
    8802e77 Update themes gallery (#1589)
    c658d17 cargo/manifests: allow user to use native-tls if ring is unsupported \ 
    56dcfec make clippy a bit happier (#1588)
    8b43667 Ensure code block contents are always escaped [ #1581 ]
    6a39253 Unravel errors on full site rebuild in serve [ #1398 ]
    88e5c6e Update deps
    85f68f8 Update minify and respect HTML spec
    17f3fe2 HTTP 404 instead of empty response if not found (#1580) [ #1578 ]
    28c3dac use provided config file path instead of name
    9275d93 Next version
    3bedb42 Fix languages docs [ #1567 ]
    e2f2f4f Briefly explain TOML tables (#1576)
    c06ef10 Merge pull request #1575 from \ 
    8c98d11 Update themes gallery
    6a3f886 Merge pull request #1561 from mscherer/patch-1
    f38fd70 Fix uggla blog git repo location
    0f96381 Merge pull request #1557 from coastalwhite/local-devices-sidenote
    9d596c3 Merge pull request #1554 from herbygillot/patch-1
    365b15c Added sidenote on serving to local devices [ #1556 ]
    f8d3dab README: add MacPorts info
    fa00914 Mention paginator.current_index is 1-indexed [ #835 ]
    baba690 Update version of zola for docs + version of ubuntu for release

    b2354c6 Merge pull request #1293 from getzola/next
    ece6cb9 Update release date
    a5cc4dc Update processed images
    c0895b6 Update deps
    b89fc2c Merge branch 'master' into next
    8c3ce7d Update changelog
    4a87689 Add class based syntax higlighting + line numbers (#1531)
    57705aa Add permalink to Taxonomy (#1516)
    98b110b Add support for Norwegian search (#1547)
    6f22132 imgproc: Don't upscale images in the Fit op, fix a bug in comment in \ 
#1542 (#1545)
    96e28dd Docs: Fix resize_image and gallery shortcodes (#1543)
    ee85300 Mention load_data only works with utf-8 [ #1539 ]
    3e1a934 Fix tests and add note about translations
    06bee57 Revert "Exclude self from translation list for page/section"
    93900fb Add num_format filter (#1460)
    0a7692a Exclude self from translation list for page/section [ #1410 ]
    545e766 Allow functions to look into current theme static folder [ #1416 ]
    0cd1ea9 Avoid panic on invalid addr
    e62664b Unify {page,section}.assets [ #1510 ]
    8e9b779 Mention lang for get_taxonomy [ #1517 ]
    c49d62c Update deps
    1e6768b Remove search index for themes
    a8acf2c Cache get_image_metadata result
    312ffcb chore: update Vercel documentation (#1527)
    c0a0df4 Update resize_image docs
    1bf5cd7 Update docs + sandbox files
    0975b67 Hash imageproc on unified path
    38ddb1c cargo fmt
    9145af6 imageproc things for paths refactor (#1484)
    009d105 Automatically trim / on Tera fn calls dealing with files
    ae916eb Some more tweaks
    a736d33 Fix tests on Windows
    9e0cac6 Cleanup of get_url and get_file_hash
    7154e90 Update load_data
    7fb99ea Revamp the images template functions
    b0937fa Some more cleanup
    a977795 Split Tera functions in several files
    c728a86 Clear SITE_CONTENT on full reload
    6351591 hide search-results on blur (#1488)
    2289b2f Fix config loading [ #1512 ]
    16c123a Include path in the search index with include_path (#1509)
    7fab9b4 Improve docs (#1506)
    4c22996 Fix typos (#1505)
    b292f45 Fix|Docs: paginate_reversed is missing from example _index.md (#1501)
    1cecf60 Update Travis CI link to point to updated website (#1498)
    ff8805e Docs: Don't suggest/use a CSS framework (#1495)
    0ca311f Docs: Document variables with default values (#1493)
    6a84f1b Docs: weight ties sort sections in random order (#1492)
    4f023d8 Docs: Resize feeds image (#1485)
    14b1a35 Docs: Add highlight theme green to docs (#1486)
    e0498f2 CONTRIBUTING.md: Fix sublime syntaxes and themes directory names (#1483)
    aaa4f4e Fix highlighting
    c38d9e5 Do not clone ancestors when serializing
    fe79798 Remove unused code + rustfmt
    6038629 Docs: Move build_search_index to root level in config.toml (#1479)
    c393ded Better description for output-dir of zola serve
    ca4b5d5 Remove unused option [ #1477 ]
    70675ff Make sure that -i, -p and -u options take mandatory arguments (#1474)
    8ee6df0 Docs: Mention that the output directory will be deleted before build \ 
    22fcae4 Docs: Add second.md filename to directory structure overview (#1469)
    0596b99 Docs: Remove --watch-only flag (#1468)
    4140ab7 Specify default output directory (#1464)
    22c29fe Fix race condition in generating next/previous page references when \ 
using transparent mode. (#1456)
    f8c6ea2 Add new sorting: UpdateDate that sorts by meta.updated. (#1452)
    b244bcd Hide lines in code block (#1453)
    5365efe Add protobuf syntax highlighting
    dec5a85 Fix language in rss.xml [ #1442 ]
    5df6e03 Update MSRV
    1fab9c6 Update slotmap + handle in memory XML content type in zola serve [ \ 
#1308 ]
    fecc3cf Strip footnotes link from summaries [ #1282 ]
    998f700 Update themes gallery (#1449)
    3a5ae0f Update configuration.md (#1450)
    b2adfae Add Zig highlighting [ #1370 ]
    10c1739 Update pinned MSRV
    dc0c7df Update themes gallery (#1443)
    84fb2f3 Mention WSL2 filesystem [ #1440 ]
    dedd869 revise documentation for gh-pages (#1441)
    a0b92be doc(installation): add Debian package (#1432)
    80843cd u16 for anchor levels [ #1436 ]
    4f6528c Allow whitespace on the same line as closing front-matter chars
    e92e4f1 Tweaks to load_data + update deps
    1bd777f Add HTTP POST capability to load_data() (#1400)
    47b9207 link_checking: prevent rate-limiting (#1421)
    3346439 rendering: keep track of all internal links (#1424)
    4f7b960 Fix can not build with indexing-zh (#1433)
    421a251 Hash collision using the same quality level and incorrect quality \ 
for WebP (#1431)
    fc808f2 Some clippy fixes
    0afd31d cargo fmt
    d3caa56 Nest translations in languages options
    32433e7 Lang aware search indices settings
    187bc30 Serializing lang aware configs
    0812b60 Remove deprecated config options
    86b42fc Move taxonomies to language options dict
    7484138 Add a LanguageOption for the default language if there is none
    975800e Enforce unic valid language codes
    ba8939b If it's a directory, serve index.html instead (#1426)
    6e2595a doc(syntax-highlighting): fix available values (#1427)
    a9afb07 doc(content/page): fix typo (#1419)
    341ac3b Southerntofu bugfix index translations (#1417) [ #1332 ]
    5bf9ebc Feature: allow spaces between dashes in filename for page (#1323)
    1f75738 Add Cloudflare Pages support to README (#1396)
    226ff37 add Cloudflare Pages to docs (#1414)
    958ec2a Add CORS header (#1382)
    5b005b4 Allow frontmatter to have optional newline if no content (#1408)
    534174a feat: add base16-atelierdune-light highlight theme (#1406)
    940e479 Fix typo + do not include themes section in search index
    5964fc1 fixes #1401 (#1404)
    12c46a9 Add note on the requirement of paginate_by (#1403)
    25ef603 Error on invalid file/section
    67f9b94 Fix language specific non-internal urls for get_url. (#1381)
    ba0c384 Clarify where to define the theme in the .toml file (#1390)
    9487b6f Fix serve command when used with config option (#1385)
    51644a7 Handle random jetbrains temp files
    2a46e07 Add path to TaxonomyTerm [ #1336 ]
    d296930 Document conditional TOC rendering (#1376)
    7fc7ef4 Add tests for slug strategy in filenames with dates
    8630c79 Update outdated link (#1375)
    2bbd3bd Fix compute_hash
    0b94e09 Update changelog
    c26b94a Remove stray word (#1368)
    5ce082d Add Sourcehut Pages as deployment platform (#1365)
    3262f69 Single compute_hash fn + cargo fmt
    d3ab393 [WIP] Add support for base64-encoded hash values to 'get_file_hash' \ 
(#1339) [ #519 ]
    6d6df45 Make shortcodes work in markdown filter (#1358) [ #1350 ]
    3ba2d33 Copyright date always ending on current year (#1366)
    5d1d5d6 Update themes gallery (#1364)
    8eac5a5 WebP support in resize_image (#1360)
    d4db249 add force arg long switch to CLI (#1362)
    bf05a54 Add live reload tip for serving site with docker (#1352)
    d734b17 Fix "serve" subcommand for URL encoded static files (#1351)
    def9588 Add final directory structure to overview (#1348)
    3cb61c3 Support embed YouTube playlist (#1342)
    a65a2d5 Update minify-html dependency to version 0.4.2 (#1340)
    53456bd Don't panic for missing highlight theme (close #1299) (#1307)
    49b6087 Document Docker Hub (#1337)
    afd5da4 Improve documentation (#1335) [ #1295 ]
    aa57541 Force newline after front-matter [ #1287 ]
    cf86e93 Fix dir renaming not picked up by zola serve [ #1324 ]
    3b210d6 Use zola 0.13 for docs
    024144b cargo fmt
    34989a8 Fix panic in loading Page [ #1327 ]
    8e6c3f4 Update changelog + deps
    15e0ae6 load_data() template function takes a required boolean flag (closes \ 
#1209) (#1306)
    c531f8c Document how to get translation for active language (#1329)
    0298f81 Update to 2021 (#1321)
    92b5b4b Add sort_by title (#1315)
    6950759 Internal links are supported in markdown filter (#1318) [ #1296, #1316 ]
    14366da Fix fallback to syntax highlighting theme (closes #1309) (#1312)
    96fb798 Update test-case
    6330184 Merge pull request #1311 from southerntofu/bugfix-mimetype [ #1308 ]
    347208f serve command respects mime types (closes #1308)
    ca1a6dd Merge pull request #1305 from idolactivities/fix/1304-utf8-minification
    108986b Next version
    0a5181d Ensure minified HTML is truncated before converting to String [ #1304 ]
    9444b92 Merge pull request #1294 from \ 
    8fe5fc9 Update themes gallery

    1ef8c85 Merge pull request #1189 from getzola/next
    b26a306 Update snapcraft
    63e1759 Add pagination example to docs [ #1237 ]
    779a15a Pass lang to 404 [ #1281 ]
    819cfc8 Cargo update
    ccad454 Percent decode paths on zola serve
    1a36c20 Fix html minification [ #1292 ]
    aa03a7f Fix highlighting [ #1291 ]
    3b074c1 Include "markdown" in list of config.toml sections (#1290)
    74bf676 Update MSRV
    877f441 Update reqwest
    c4260e0 Update hyper
    fc79225 Revert "update to tokio 1.0 (#1246)"
    741b6bf update to tokio 1.0 (#1246)
    6622078 DRY things a bit
    369fb40 move translation population and path collision checking to insert \ 
stage (#1272)
    b9b4ef9 Add data-lang on code blocks
    7540ecd Prefer custom syntax before built-in ones
    2362cf2 Move syntaxes around to make packing a two step process [ #1268 ]
    35e9f2b Remove blog page content enclosing paragraph tags in Overview (#1267)
    358446a Escape path for live reload. Fix #1247. (#1266)
    657905e Remove watch-only
    39870d8 Move extra_syntax to markup.rs
    96439df Add some debug log time
    fc8b406 Update syntaxes + replace js lang in rendering [ #1241, #1211 ]
    68cdfcb Fix panic with misnamed index section [ #1244 ]
    26b8ec6 Only watch sass if folder exists [ #1249 ]
    2d71a79 Fix site
    e984d6d Merge branch 'create-pull-request/patch-1607975269' into next
    e1af2c9 Merge branch 'next' into create-pull-request/patch-1607975269
    d620f93 Update themes gallery
    cc3e4f9 Update changelog + deps
    a210abc Add shortcode 'invocation' variable to allow a shortcode to track \ 
how… (#1236)
    a93063b search: Update elasticlunr.min.js to 0.9.6 (#1260) (#1261)
    679af5b add Allow: / to default robots.txt template (#1258)
    4754cb5 Yaml frontmatter (#990)
    f20c52b Re-use markdown parser for markdown filter
    59d3d8a Enable smart punctuation [ #740 ]
    5d2c25b Little docs tweak
    e58c2d6 More details on fs errors
    2c681f3 Add some external link markdown tweaking options [ #681, #695 ]
    047ce32 Clippy
    94634fe Move markdown config to its own section in config.toml
    2673466 Add bibtex support to load_data() (#1190)
    9228260 Update changelog
    361d4d6 Run cargo update (#1235) [ #1234 ]
    944cba0 Allow to specify default language in filenames (#1233)
    cb75334 fix typo (#1229)
    2154201 Expand taxonomy documentation with movie example (#1219)
    b1091bb Implemented emoji aliases support in markdown files (#1194)
    a26422d Update changelog
    c40fb91 Make sections draftable (#1218)
    da37db1 Enable YouTube privacy mode (#1201)
    6a31ccf Enable html minification (#1208)
    6ef8194 Add language class to code tag
    bc3a41f Update changelog
    575c38f Support output_dir in config.toml
    4f5d9bd Fixed site benches compilation
    5233cc9 Next version
    fce3e4b Update themes gallery (#1255)
    37e24c2 Get zola from alpine community repository (#1251)
    ec3669d Add NorthCon e.V. to list of example sites (#1248)
    f5a200e Fix RSS block example in documentation (#1210)
    29b0736 Merge pull request #1192 from \ 
    531b48f Update themes gallery

    84ecd2a Merge pull request #1185 from getzola/next
    94c0165 Fix zola serve
    0230e32 Next version


    4bbf7a6 Merge pull request #1158 from getzola/next
    2fa83af Set release date
    7910363 Next version is 0.12.1
    ada6710 Fixed serve command failure caused by tokio-related issue (#1183)
    664cb14 Add test for continue reading after shortcode
    59d9d26 Fix shortcodes issues with newlines [ #1172 ]
    366e5c4 Avoid panics when binding addresses
    41e436f serve command exiting when web socket port is already in use (#1179)
    b313c97 Fix slugified taxonomies rendering [ #1177 ]
    f9ae897 Use platform-neutral path comparison for in-memory serving (fixes \ 
#1169) (#1175)
    c27f749 Fix #1165, improve situation for compile_sass errors (#1166)
    f7cd28c Fix a crash when --output_dir is used with serve (#1164)
    d939621 Allow site path to contain underscores (#1162)
    5a61139 Add better errors for minifying and upgrade crate
    826e701 Add line highlighting to code blocks (#1131)
    bff0193 Next version
    d04a52d Make gitlab CI example script faster (#1171)
    9f367ae Added description for github actions (#1163)
    9aa3515 Merge pull request #1159 from sburris0/master
    924100f Add Void Linux installation instructions

    2d1c954 Merge pull request #1038 from getzola/next
    935c4a5 Update changelog
    428b594 Fix documentation typos (#1157)
    b854cca Prepare for release
    ba240cd Change min Rust version in docs
    f786783 Update pulldown_cmark
    5bf1687 Use trim_start_matches instead of strip_prefix (#1156)
    d1ca1e3 Update themes gallery (#1153)
    2ac1d79 fix get_taxonomy_url to handle merged taxonomies properly (#1155)
    cc647f8 Make anchors always visible in docs
    e0068ef Remove mention from changelog
    6c2300f Disable minify_html for now
    c143d95 Reverse pagination (#1147) [ #1082, #1122, #1123, #1126, #1056, \ 
#1135, #1136 ]
    5ec3a9c Strip unc if it exists, fix #1110 #1129 (#1151)
    4f5fd63 Update deps + pinned
    0df3631 Add minify support (#1146) [ #1139, #766 ]
    d571dea Per section/subsection feeds (#1128)
    6e16dfd A Fix for the permalinks in #1136 (#1142) [ #1135 ]
    af0dd5e Fixed unsound errors (#1143)
    51a2213 Replaced all impl Default with derive(Default), where possible (#1141)
    159ce0f Fix toml parse error line number (kind of) (#1138)
    d198ad6 Doc add a missing arg to get_taxonomy_url (#1139) [ #766 ]
    05646ab add fix for (#1135) Taxonomies with identical slugs now get merged \ 
    7666043 Merge branch 'master' into next
    ffaf5e0 Do not unwrap on invalid utf8 in link checker [ #1134 ]
    278cc82 Change zola serve to load HTML from memory instead of disk (#1114)
    261a2ee Docs/configuration update (#1126) [ #1056 ]
    6379723 fix link (#1127)
    274a5be Fix title level of check command (#1125)
    282a755 Add feed autodiscovery documentation (#1123)
    c0e6c7e Adding my blog to the example list (#1124)
    6238171 Updating filetime to v0.2.12 for OpenBSD support (#1120)
    00eca98 Update themes gallery (#1122)
    6af7959 Making Chinese and Japanese search indexing optional... (#1115)
    4a3c156 Support anchors without quotes in link checker (#1118)
    b04be90 Fix benchmarks (#1113)
    39eed4f add OneHalf Light/Dark theme (#1116)
    b359cca adding OpenBSD installation instructions (#1109)
    b4c5e9a Update changelog
    b9296f7 Make current_path always start with a slash (#1101)
    28523ac Allow emitting newlines and whitespace in shortcodes and introduce \ 
markdown shortcodes (#1085)
    b003a47 Support relative links for root directory (fix #1028) (#1106)
    7e7bf2b Tables in config.extra can be merged with those in theme.extra (#1100)
    66aaf4e Use mod paths
    d7b5368 Extract some feed logic out of site/lib.rs
    5fe1036 Extract some Tera logic out of site/lib.rs
    d9123a8 Extract link_checking outside of site/lib.rs
    9be7bc0 Extract sass code out of site/lib.rs
    d7a557f Update livereload.js
    c3f59bc Fix pagination section memory issue (#1097)
    9f20af1 Update deps
    24d4784 Ignore sass directories starting with _ (#1084)
    97e7728 Merge branch 'hmble-patch-1'
    d242b6b Change wording a bit
    d21ac14 make text visible on markdown renderers (#1096)
    2514ad9 Add warning to not put taxonomies key in [extra] (#1095)
    ffd87dc Update syntect syntaxes
    b3d9fd9 Deployment guide for Vercel
    26a5a36 Zola is now available in the official Arch repos (#1089)
    50d092f Update themes gallery (#1082)
    fb994c7 Make search index configurable [ #961 ]
    c6a1c8b Clearer page sorting comment
    7cea0bb Clean up config a bit
    cb198ab Document get_taxonomy_url [ #956 ]
    b30394f Tweak a bit the test_site test
    e47decc Make themes more flexible (#1004)
    2230968 Update changelog
    530f918 Add --force/-f flag to init, for creation in non-empty dir (#1065)
    ade442a clippy + fmt + fix toml dates in extra arrays [ #1048 ]
    5e31a32 Add support for SVG files to get_image_metadata (Fixes #769) (#1063)
    47bd7c9 fix material-light theme link (#1066)
    752716f Not sure it changes anything but...
    351c9b7 Remove ja/zh in search index
    8d4056a Add GLSL and GDScrip syntax highlighting (#1060)
    2e9b7ba Enable task lists
    f41fab8 Start changelog
    c4154bb Don't panic on bad date strings (#1051) [ #993 ]
    6708f76 Implement get_file_hash (#1044)
    690dded Update snap
    f107d43 Update snap
    a27380e Merge pull request #1055 from apiraino/add-new-sublime-themes-2
    779c4dc Merge pull request #1057 from thomasetter/dockerignore
    a3b65b2 add .dockerignore file to reduce intermediate docker image size and \ 
build time
    bdeb2bd Add themes and syntect file
    ed0ae43 Clarify docs about adding a Sublime theme
    f138875 Merge pull request #1049 from bdjnk/patch-1
    1200cfc mention code block output change
    a9a3a2e Mention 0.11 breaking change [ #1047 ]
    b87f175 Remove unneeded build_timestamp on config
    b935dc6 Fix tests
    eb9e22c Update Changelog to mention taxonomy rss
    ee594cf Make alias template pass HTML validation
    d1f7434 Merge pull request #1039 from styfle/patch-1
    c7c4605 ZEIT Now => Vercel
    0d817ee Next version
   2021-10-26 13:31:15 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1030)
Log message:
www: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes

Not committed (merge conflicts):

Unfetchable distfiles (almost certainly fetched conditionally...):
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo array-var-nginx-module-0.05.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo echo-nginx-module-0.62.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo encrypted-session-nginx-module-0.08.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo form-input-nginx-module-0.12.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo headers-more-nginx-module-0.33.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo lua-nginx-module-0.10.19.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo naxsi-1.3.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo nginx-dav-ext-module-3.0.0.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo nginx-rtmp-module-1.2.2.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo nginx_http_push_module-1.2.10.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo ngx_cache_purge-2.5.1.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo ngx_devel_kit-0.3.1.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo ngx_http_geoip2_module-3.3.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo njs-0.5.0.tar.gz
./www/nginx-devel/distinfo set-misc-nginx-module-0.32.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo array-var-nginx-module-0.05.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo echo-nginx-module-0.62.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo encrypted-session-nginx-module-0.08.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo form-input-nginx-module-0.12.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo headers-more-nginx-module-0.33.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo lua-nginx-module-0.10.19.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo naxsi-1.3.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo nginx-dav-ext-module-3.0.0.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo nginx-rtmp-module-1.2.2.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo nginx_http_push_module-1.2.10.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo ngx_cache_purge-2.5.1.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo ngx_devel_kit-0.3.1.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo ngx_http_geoip2_module-3.3.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo njs-0.5.0.tar.gz
./www/nginx/distinfo set-misc-nginx-module-0.32.tar.gz
   2021-10-07 17:09:00 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1033)
Log message:
www: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles