./x11/qt5, meta-package for version 5 of the QT GUI C++ toolkit

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.15.4, Package name: qt5-5.15.4, Maintainer: ryoon

Qt(TM) is a GUI software toolkit. Qt simplifies the task of writing and
maintaining GUI (graphical user interface) applications.

This package does not contain anything by itself -- it is a
"meta-package" that depends on other QT packages. Its sole purpose is
to require dependencies so users can install this package only and
have all the QT stuff pulled in by the port/package dependency

This package tracks Qt5 branch.

Required to run:
[x11/qt5-qtquickcontrols] [x11/qt5-qttranslations] [x11/qt5-qtsvg] [x11/qt5-qtserialport] [x11/qt5-qtx11extras] [x11/qt5-qttools] [x11/qt5-qtgraphicaleffects] [x11/qt5-qtdeclarative] [x11/qt5-qtdoc] [x11/qt5-qtimageformats] [x11/qt5-qtlocation] [x11/qt5-qtscript] [x11/qt5-qtsensors] [x11/qt5-qtxmlpatterns] [x11/qt5-qtbase] [x11/qt5-qtmultimedia] [x11/qt5-qtwebchannel] [x11/qt5-qtwebsockets] [x11/qt5-qtquickcontrols2] [x11/qt5-qtcharts] [x11/qt5-qtnetworkauth] [x11/qt5-qtconnectivity] [x11/qt5-qtspeech] [x11/qt5-qtwayland] [x11/qt5-qtscxml] [x11/qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard]

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   2022-06-04 08:07:29 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (36) | Package updated
Log message:
qt5: updated to 5.15.4

Bug fixes
   2022-03-26 21:37:09 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
qt5: omit wayland dependency in meta package if not supported
   2020-11-21 12:22:35 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (64) | Package updated
Log message:
qt5: updated to 5.15.2

Bug fix release.
   2020-09-14 22:08:30 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (66) | Package updated
Log message:
qt5: updated to 5.15.1

Qt 5.15.1 Released

We have released Qt 5.15.1, the first patch release of Qt 5.15 LTS. As a patch \ 
release, Qt 5.15.1 does not add any new functionality but provides many bug \ 
fixes and other improvements.

Compared to Qt 5.15.0, the new Qt 5.15.1 contains more than 400 bug fixes.  For \ 
details of the most important changes, please check the Change files of Qt \ 
   2020-06-02 08:41:03 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (114) | Package updated
Log message:
qt5: updated to 5.15.0

New Features in Qt 5.15

Qt 3D Module

Improved profiling and troubleshooting support.
QSortPolicy: introduced a uniform mode to control whether uniform minification \ 
needs to be performed or not.
QMouseDevice: introduced a updateAxesContinuously property.
Isolated the OpenGL renderer as a plugin.

Qt Core Module

Introduced QFile::moveToTrash() to provide a cross-platform API for moving files \ 
to the trash/recycling bin on Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops. This \ 
implements the freedesktop.org specification.
Introduced QFileInfo::isJunction() to detect whether a file system entry is a \ 
Windows NTFS junction.
QRunnable instances can now be created from std::function without having to \ 
subclass QRunnable.
QThreadPool::start() and tryStart() can now take std::function and thereby also \ 
anonymous lambda functions as arguments.
Added static template QDebug::toString() function, which streams the given \ 
object into a QDebug instance that operates on a string, and then returns that \ 
string. This is useful for cases where you need the textual representation of an \ 
object for debugging, but cannot use operator<<, such as when passing a \ 
failure message to QVERIFY2().

Qt GUI Module

QColorSpace setters can now operate on invalid color spaces, making it possible \ 
to set primaries and transfer function independently.
Implemented multi-threading support for many QImage scaling and conversion methods.

Qt Multimedia Module

Deprecated all plugin APIs.
Deprecated QMediaService and QMediaControl.
Introduced reverse playback for GStreamer.
Introduced rendering to multiple surfaces.
Introduced QVideoWidget::videoSurface(), QGraphicsVideoItem::videoSurface(), and \ 
MediaPlayer QML type: Introduced a videoOutput property.
Introduced QVideoFrame::image().
GStreamer camerabin: React to changes in notify::zoom and notify::max-zoom \ 

Qt Network Module

OpenSSL backend: Added support for a new session ticket mechanism introduced by \ 
the TLS 1.3 protocol.
Implemented timeouts for downloads and uploads with QNetworkRequest and \ 
Increased the minimum supported version of OpenSSL to 1.1.

Qt QML Module

Introduced inline components; multiple QML components can be declared in the \ 
same file.
Introduced required properties.
Added a declarative way of registering types to QML.
qmllint now has a better understanding of the code and warns about deprecated \ 
QML features.
Added the qmlformat tool to automatically format any QML file according to the \ 
QML Coding Conventions.
Added support for the Nullish Coalescing Operator.
Added a colorspace property on image nodes, making it possible to read color \ 
spaces and transform images into a specific color space.

Qt Quick Module

Added a PathText type which can be used together with Qt Quick Shapes to render \ 
text as geometry, without relying on distance fields or pre-rendered textures. \ 
This is useful for rendering large font sizes which would otherwise consume a \ 
lot of texture memory.
Added a Image.sourceClipRect property to request the image plugin to render a \ 
portion of an image source.
Added a cursorShape property to pointer handlers. Most pointer handlers (for \ 
example DragHandler) will change the cursor when in active state. HoverHandler \ 
will change the cursor when the mouse is hovering over the Item that contains \ 
the handler.
Added support for Metal on iOS for the opt-in preview of the Graphics API \ 
Independent Rendering Architecture.

Qt Quick Controls Module

Added HorizontalHeaderView and VerticalHeaderView to display header data in a \ 
TableView, with support for flicking synchronization and multiple styles: \ 
default, fusion, imagine, material, and universal.
Added a selectTextByMouse property to ComboBox.

Qt WebEngine Module

Updated to Chromium 80.
Switched to use a sandboxed network service.
Introduced a new API for reading the subprocess ID of a page or a view.
Introduced a WebEngineHistory.clear() method.


QDoc can now generate DocBook.
QDoc now generates output for C++ class and function template parameters.
QDoc now generates correct output for scoped enums (enum classes).
   2020-04-03 00:06:00 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (89) | Package updated
Log message:
qt5: updated to 5.14.2

Qt 5.14.2:
As usual this second patch release to Qt 5.14 series doesn't bring any new \ 
features but provide several bug fixes and other improvements. Compared to Qt \ 
5.14.1 there are more than 200 bug fixes included in this release. For details \ 
of the most important changes please check the Changes files for Qt 5.14.2.
   2020-01-27 19:36:35 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (36) | Package updated
Log message:
qt5: updated to 5.14.1

Compared to Qt 5.14.0, the new Qt 5.14.1 contains around 220 bug fixes including \ 
security issue fixes for both Qt (CVE-2020-0570) and 3rd party components \ 
(CVE-2019-19244, CVE-2019-19603, CVE-2019-19242, CVE-2019-19645, CVE-2019-19646 \ 
& CVE-2019-19880). Also in QtWebEngine there are many CVE fixes from \ 
Chromium. For details of the most important changes, please check the Change \ 
files of Qt 5.14.1.
   2020-01-21 21:25:40 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (124) | Package updated
Log message:
qt5: updated to 5.14.0

New Features in Qt 5.14

Qt 3D Module
Overhauled the threading architecture. This includes the removal of the aspect \ 
Overhauled the frontend/backend node sync.
Enabled QTransform to have access to the world matrix.
Introduced Scene3DView.
Scene3D is now in sync with QtQuick, and can render as an underlay without an FBO.

Qt Bluetooth Module
Introduced a new, optional Win32 backend with support for Windows 7 and 8. This \ 
backend is not built by default, nor is it part of the pre-built packages.
QLowEnergyController: Introduced AuthorizationError.
Added the ability to include multiple manufacturer data entries per manufacturer ID.

Qt Core Module
Added support in QCalendar for calendars other than Gregorian, by implementation \ 
of suitable backends.
Added backends to implement the Gregorian, Jalali (Persian), Islamic Civil, \ 
Milankovic, and Julian calendars. We look forward to other contributions.
Added QColorConstants, a namespace providing constexpr QColor instances that \ 
don't cost any runtime overhead.

Qt GUI Module
Updated High-DPI support:
Introduced non-integer scale factors (for example, a scale factor of 150%) that \ 
applications can opt-in to use. Use \ 
QGuiApplication::highDpiScaleFactorRoundingPolicy or \ 
QT_SCALE_FACTOR_ROUNDING_POLICY to set the rounding policy.
Added the QT_ENABLE_HIGHDPI_SCALING environment variable, enabling high-DPI \ 
scaling based on display DPI. This replaces QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR (now \ 
deprecated), and corresponds to the Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling application \ 
Added cross-platform support for the QT_FONT_DPI environment variable, for the \ 
purpose of developing and testing with specific DPI values.
Added color-space support for images; reading and writing color-spaces from \ 
JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images, and performing color-space transformation on \ 
Improvements to QTextDocument and QTextTable styling:
Added per-edge border styling via QTextTableCellFormat.
Added border-collapse mode.
Added support for (partial) HTML table style import and export.
Added support for reading and writing Markdown format to QTextDocument, as an \ 
alternative to HTML.

Qt Multimedia Module
Added QVideoFrame::Format_YUV422P.
Introduced support for the GStreamer OpenGL plugin.

Qt Network Module
Introduced the HTTP/2 Configuration API.
Introduced network connectivity monitoring.
Added support for Kerberos proxy authentication.

Qt QML Module
Added qmlRegisterSingletonInstance() function. This allows to expose a QObject \ 
as a singleton to QML, without having to create a factory function as required \ 
by qmlRegisterSingletonType(). It is meant as a type safe replacement of \ 
setContextProperty() in common usages.
Added qmlRegisterAnonymousType() as a replacement for qmlRegisterType(). It \ 
allows to specify the URI and major version, which enables better tooling \ 
Added an experimental -U option to qmllint. When set, access to unqualified \ 
identifiers generates warnings.

Qt Quick Module
Added a preview of the graphics API independent scenegraph renderer as an opt-in \ 
feature. This allows running qualifying Qt Quick applications on top of Vulkan, \ 
Metal, or Direct3D 11, instead of OpenGL. Currently supported platforms:
Windows 10 (Direct3D)
Linux with X11/xcb (Vulkan)
macOS (Metal or Vulkan with MoltenVK)
Android 7.0+ (Vulkan)
Added support for the Markdown format (including CommonMark and GitHub dialects) \ 
to Text and TextEdit as an alternative to HTML. This includes the GitHub \ 
checklist extension, allowing to toggle checkboxes in a TextEdit.
Switched TextEdit to use an I-beam cursor by default, and a pointing-hand cursor \ 
when hovering over a checkbox or a link. Default cursors can be overridden.
Added WheelHandler, an event handler for the mouse wheel, and optionally for \ 
emulated mouse wheel events coming from a trackpad.
Added BoundaryRule in Qt.labs.animation: a PropertyValueInterceptor that \ 
restricts the range of values a numeric property can have, applies \ 
"resistance" when overshooting a value, and provides the ability to \ 
animate it back to its normal range. It's particularly useful in combination \ 
with WheelHandler, providing physics similar to Flickable.
Added currentFrame and frameCount properties to Image and BorderImage, just as \ 
AnimatedImage has; for example, this allows choosing an individual icon from an \ 
.ICO file that contains multiple icons.
Added PathPolyline and PathMultiline as additional ways of drawing and/or \ 
filling arbitrary polygons and sets of polygons with Qt Quick Shapes.

Qt Serial Bus Module
Added operators to compare QCanBusDevice::Filter for equality or inequality.
Added the QCanBusDevice::OperationError and QCanBusDevice::TimeoutError codes to \ 
signal operation and timeout errors.
Added the QCanBusDevice::busStatus() function to query the bus status from the \ 
CAN bus device.
Added the QCanBusDevice::resetController() function to release the CAN \ 
controller from bus off state.
SocketCAN: Added the configuration parameter QCanBusDevice::ProtocolKey to use \ 
another protocol inside the protocol family PF_CAN.
SocketCAN: If libsocketcan is available, the CAN bus bitrate can be retrieved \ 
and set at runtime.
PeakCAN: Added support for PCAN-USB devices on macOS by using the MacCAN library.
Exposed the underlying QIODevice used for Modbus communication. This enables, \ 
for example, setting the serial port hardware flow control (RTS/CTS).

Qt Test Module
Introduced initMain() function to perform any initialization that must happen \ 
before QApplication exists.

Qt WebEngine Module
Updated to Chromium 77.
Added a new API to control the life-cycle of QWebEnginePage.

Qt Widgets Module
Added support for the Markdown format (including CommonMark and GitHub dialects) \ 
to QTextEdit and QTextBrowser as an alternative to HTML. This includes the \ 
GitHub checklist extension, allowing to toggle checkboxes if the widget is \ 
editable. QTextBrowser::setSource() detects Markdown based on the file \