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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 43.0.1, Package name: din-43.0.1, Maintainer: fox

DIN Is Noise is an open source, cross-platform sound synthesizer.

DIN Is Noise is a musical instrument for Windows, Mac OS X and
GNU/Linux, Use your mouse & keyboard to make high quality music.

It can accept input from your MIDI keyboard, Notes, control change,
pitch bend and clock sync.

Required to run:
[graphics/MesaLib] [graphics/hicolor-icon-theme] [audio/jack] [lang/tcl] [devel/boost-libs] [devel/SDL]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [devel/boost-headers] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

Package options: jack

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SHA1: f1d26aea04574976d6e0bd183eb808492db420bd
RMD160: 1d84b46563541966649261fdcf04393a57da2295
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   2019-11-06 12:23:25 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
audio/din: Updates to 43.0.1

Changes since 43:

DIN Is Noise 43.0.1 @ Chennai, India
	! fixed bug: builds to evaluation instead of licensed version !
   2019-09-14 18:08:32 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
din: Updates to 43

Changes since 42:

DIN Is Noise 43 @ Chennai, India
	+ move groups of harmonics on sine mixer
		+ shift + click harmonic on sine mixer to select / deselect
		+ moving one of the selected harmonics moves all the selected harmonics
			'But then one lizard (or iguana) moved, and all moved'
				- VS Naipaul, Among the Believers
			+ but shift when moving moves just the selected harmonic
		+ all, none, invert buttons for gross selection
	+ resize phrase position slider
		+ DIN saves/reloads slider
	+ change both notes of selected range using mouse slider
		+ Use Menu > Ranges > Change note? > Both
	- removed Change Left note, Change Right note menu items in Menu > Ranges
		+ replaced with Change note? Left Right Both menu items
	+ scrub / scratch point modulations
		+ click on Scrub and move up or down
	+ Sync on Point Modulator
		+ workflow is
			+ select modulations
				+ pause
				+ sync
				+ play
	+ voice volume minimum can be < 0 [voice waveform flips]
	+ spinner to set absolute drone master volume
		+ drone master volume can be < 0 [drone waveform flips]
	- removed mute drones button
			* just spin drone master volume to 0
	+ save/load auto apply state on sine mixer
	+ save/load drone selection state
	+ save/load drone frozen state
	+ save/load plugins fold state for each curve editor
	+ save/load auto select launched drones flag
	+ turn on/off UI in all screens, not just in instruments
		* optimised
	+ click repeat of Apply button and key repeat of shortcut r for continous apply
		of plugin output to curve
		+ useful/interesting when point modulating custom sin/cos/radius curves etc
	+ drones per minute is floating point instead of integer
	* improved phrase handling for voice on microtonal keyboard
	* improved plugin browser on curve editors
	* changed default drone handle size to 3
	! fixed bug: turning on/off ui on point modulator may crash DIN42 !
	! fixed bug: pressing shift/ctrl effected selection box when not previewing mesh !
	! fixed bug: changing parameters on Number plugin didnt update preview !
	! fixed bug: frozen drones saved to disk thawed on reload !
	! fixed bug: didnt save/load turns on spiraler !
	! fixed bug: rotate/scale of drones happened in UI loop, now moved to audio loop !
	! fixed bug: stopped gravity editing when menu displayed !
   2019-08-22 14:23:56 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (678)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from boost-1.71.0
   2019-08-08 01:49:02 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
din: Fixes builds in Linux.

1. Should fix builds in Ubuntu, LIBS are appended correctly during link.

   2019-07-28 19:12:46 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
din: Fixes the build failures in Darwin.

1. Adds the SDLmain linker flag for Darwin to prevent link time failures.

Reviewed by: nia@
   2019-07-01 06:08:55 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (669)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from boost-1.70.0
   2019-05-11 15:18:49 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
din: Update to 42

Changes since 41:

DIN Is Noise 42 @ Chennai, India
	Dedicated to Dad, Mr Narasimhan Sampath [06-10-1943 >> 16-04-2019]
	+++ Point Modulator on all curve editors, new for DIN42 +++
		+ modulate any point on any bezier curve along horizontal (ie X) and
			vertical (ie Y) axis over BPM
			+ eg., when done on a waveform, leads to timbral modulation, look @ the FFT :)
					+ try on shapeforms too!
					+ try on decays, delay feedback and volumes, pitch and range modulation
						curves etc etc!
		+ to modulate, click on the + button on the Point Modulator panel
			+ now pick a point on curve (any vertex or tangent) to modulate
				+ DIN draws a dotted line joining a state button to the point on curve
					+ nothing is modulating yet
				+ change X depth to modulate the point along horizontal axis over BPM
					+ the point should start moving along the horizontal
				+ change Y depth to modulate the point along vertical axis over BPM
				+ change X BPM and Y BPM to change the rate ie speed of modulation of the point
				+ when more than one point is modulating,
					+ click on None to deselect all modulating points
					+ click on a point's state button to change modulation params for just that \ 
						+ use the X depth/BPM, Y depth/BPM spinners to change the params
					+ use All, None and Invert to select more than one state button and thus \ 
more than
						one point.
						+ use the X depth/BPM, Y depth/BPM spinners to change params for selected \ 
		+ press play button to toggle point modulation of selected points
		+ press kill button to kill point modulations of selected points
		+ point modulations are saved [and loaded] to [from] disk :)

	+++ Captures - mouse capture panel on all curve editors, new for DIN42 +++
		+ play, pause and kill captures
		+ To record a mouse capture, position mouse on the curve item
			that you want to assign the mouse capture, choose Menu > Mouse capture \ 
> Start,
			move mouse as you please and click or ESC to finish.
		+ To assign the mouse capture, choose Menu > Mouse capture > Assign and pick
			the curve item to assign the mouse capture.  You can assign the same mouse
			capture to other items by repeating the same.
		+ mouse capture is *not* saved to disk [maybe in a future release]

	+ Overlay pitch and volume distrubution on microtonal-keyboard:
		+ Menu > Misc > Overlay pitch distribution
		+ Menu > Misc > Overlay volume distribution
		+ Pixels Per Level
			+ more pixels, less acurate rendering of distribution but faster
			+ less pixels, more accurate rendering of distribution but slower
			+ Default is 5 pixels
	+ Mirror whole curve or curve vertex/tangent about Horizontal and Vertical axis
	+ Swap 2 curves [experimental, only works on editors with 2 curves]
	- removed Close button from Menu
   2019-04-13 15:56:43 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
din: Update to 41

Changes since 39.0.1:

DIN Is Noise 41 @ Chennai, India
	+++ non-linear pitch and volume distributon on all microtonal-keybard ranges +++
		! until DIN 40, pitch increased steadily from left note to right note on all
			microtonal ranges !
		! until DIN 40, volume increased steadily from the bottom to the top on all
			microtonal ranges !
		+ in DIN 41, edit the pitch distribution curve to non-linearly change the pitch
			when going left to right in a microtonal range.
				+ Menu > Editors > Range Pitch & Volume
		+ in DIN 41, edit the volume distribution curve to non-linearly change the volume
			when going from bottom to top of a microtonal range.
				+ Menu > Editors > Range Pitch & Volume
		+ Voice and Drones all pick up changes to range width+height, range \ 
pitch+volume curves
		+ Press INSERT on microtonal-keyboard to toggle overlay of volume distribution
		+ Press END on microtonal-keyboard to toggle overlay of pitch distribution

	+++ drone pendulum +++
		+ inspired by wave pendulum toy/experiment from physics
		+ Menu > Drone Tools > Create drone pendulum
			+ click and drag a box to create drone pendulum
			+ spacing determines the number of drones made along orientation
				+ low spacing = large number of drones
					high spacing = small number of drones
			+ orientation
				+ vertical
					+ frequency changes more than volume
						+ change FM depth, bpm for interest
				+ horizontal
					+ volume changes more than frequency
						+ change AM depth, bpm for interest

	+ press SHIFT or CTRL to square the selection box
		+ SHIFT chooses lesser of width or height
		+ CTRL chooses greater of width or height to square mesh
		+ squaring useful when creating mesh and drone pendulums

	+ ESC or Right click from Settings screen to come back to previuos screen

	- removed F8 = mouse capture assign and F9 = mouse capture delete
		- Please use Menu > Tools > Mouse capture > Assign or Delete

	! FIXED: curve picker display !
	! FIXED: menu items on curve editor !

DIN Is Noise 40 @ Chennai, India.
	+ Wrap checkbutton on Sine Mixer to toggle wrapping of harmonics when sliding them
			- always wrapped harmonics until DIN 39

	+ defered creation of drones of the drone mesh
		- all drones were created at the same time until DIN 39
		+ affects their phase so affects their visual modulation
			+ visible and audible when you do FM / AM
		+ different creation schemes:
			+ ascending/descending rows and columns, random, nearest/farthest from various
				end points, random and custom point

	+ set width and height of all microtonal ranges by sculpting curves range-width
		and range-height in the new Range Width & Height editor
		+ invoke editor with Menu > Editors > Range Width & Height
			+ useful to overlay the microtonal keyboard when on the editor
				+ press o or Menu > Tools > Overlay Instrument
		+ sculpting the curves is another way to do mircotonal range modulation :)
			! automate by assigning mouse capture to points !

	+ randomize increment on a value spinner:
		+ click on right arrow beside the value field to reveal ~ checkbutton
			+ turn increment randomization on/off by clicking on the ~ checkbutton
				+ default randomisation of increment is -100% to 100% ie no
					increment at all to twice the increment
						+ change this value in the field to change the randomisation
							eg., 0 100 means increment to twice the increment

	+ direction indicators on mouse slider
		+ move along indicated directions to change parameter

	+ new checkbox Overlay Instrument on all curve editors
		+ overlays the current instrument on the curve editor

	* changed widgets on the keyboard-keyboard:
		* voices attack time, decay time

	* can now constrain drone scaling (Menu > Drone Tools > Scale) to \ 
horizontal or vertical axis.
		* default is uniform scaling along both horizontal and vertical axes
		* press SHIFT to scale selected drones along horizontal only
		* press CTRL to scale selected drones along vertical only

	! FIXED set drone master volume increment to 0.1 !
	! FIXED countries plugin preview !
	! FIXED drone mesh preview display !
	! FIXED fold arrow button color on oscilloscope !
	! FIXED no pitch/volume display when cursor on widgets on microtonal keyboard !