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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 50.1, Package name: din-50.1, Maintainer: fox

DIN Is Noise is a program for making sound, music and noise. Use
bezier curves to edit waveforms, envelopes, modulators and FX
components; use the keyboard (computer and MIDI) to trigger notes (or
noise), use the mouse to sound like the theremin, create drones on
microtones, launch, orbit and drag them around; bounce balls on walls
to trigger notes in a mondrian inspired drawing and also make binaural
beats. Supports MIDI input and scripting through TCL.

Required to run:
[graphics/MesaLib] [graphics/hicolor-icon-theme] [audio/jack] [lang/tcl] [devel/boost-libs] [devel/SDL]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [devel/boost-headers] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

Package options: jack

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RMD160: b14684ed5038176714737d260f263973adf2e027
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   2021-03-30 02:15:42 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
audio/din: Updates to 50.1

Changes since 50:

DIN Is Noise 50.1 :

  :( fixed wrong Velocity and Acceleration directions on Auto Rotate :)
  * improved item list handling
   2021-03-12 22:45:13 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
audio/din: Updates to 50

Changes since 49.1:

DIN Is Noise 50:

  /* Wand drones into existense using Drone Tools > Wand

    /* tool toggles between Add and Wand modes

    /* In Add mode (the only mode until DIN49.1), you add a new drone by
       left clicking on the microtonal keyboard. You click and drag to
       'spray' new drones.

    /* In Wand mode (new in DIN 50), you simply wave the mouse to add drones on
       the microtonal keyboard. Use the Wand distance (Drone Params > Defaults)
       to control how close or spaced out the drones are to each other.

  /* new Drone Params > Defaults tab to set defaults for some drone parameters:

    /* wand distance - distance to move the mouse before DIN adds a drone in \ 
Wand mode.

      ! smaller distance means drones are created close together
      ! larger distance means drones are more spaced out

    /* type of drones wanded/added:

      1. immortal - drone forever until deleted << default and the only \ 
type until DIN49.1
      2. mortal - die after their lifetime << drones launched from another \ 
drone are this type
      3. reincarnate - die after their lifetime only to be (re)born immediately! \ 
<< new to DIN 50!

    -> type of sound made by drones:

      -> moved from Drone > Tools in DIN 49.1
      -> drones a pitch/volume
      -> noise @ pitch/volume

    -> Drone rise (min, max), fall (min, max), lifetime and handle size.
      -> rise, fall times moved here from Settings screen

  /* Drone Tools > Immortalize to make drones immortal
  /* Drone Tools > Mortalize to kill drones after their lifetime
  /* Drone Tools > Reincarnate - drones rebirth after their death, immediately!

  /* Auto rotate Velocity or Acceleration or Both of selected drones from
     Drone Params > Motion tab
     /* @ RPM
     /* Clockwise or Anti-clockwise
     /* Start, Stop or Toggle

  /* Set AM and FM directions to
    /* Vertical, Horizontal, Velocity or Acceleration
    /* Until DIN 49.1:
      /* AM direction = Vertical
      /* FM direction = Horizontal

      interesting fx possible via auto rotating velocity +/ acceleration and \ 
using them
      as modulation directions. also interesting to launch drones from auto rotating

    DIN 50 introduces a virtual geometric chuck inspired by the geometric chuck,
    a drawing machine from the 19th century! DIN's chuck, made with a bunch
    of drones, not only draws (via drone trails) but also sounds notes
    (via snapping), drones or noises!

    To begin, select a bunch of drones and
      choose Drone Tools > Chuck
        DIN creates a geometric chuck with these drones
          Minimum 2 drones
          Good start = 3 drones
          Each drone rotates about the other
          1st drone is central, rotates about nothing, so stays still
            You can move this drone around and move the whole chuck
              The 2nd drone rotates about the 1st,
                The 3rd drone rotates about the 2nd,
                  and so on

          Browse the selected drones of the chuck with Drone Tools > Browse drone
          or press <- and -> to select a drone in the chuck and

          Adjust the speed at which this drone rotates about the other
          (Drone Params > Chuck > Speed), the distance at which it rotates
          (Drone Params > Chuck > Length), flip the direction of rotation
          (anti-clockwise < > clockwise) (Drone Params > Flip), pause/go
          (Drone Params > Chuck > Toggle) the rotation and draw a trail
          (Drone Params > Chuck > Trail length). Recommend trail on the last
          drone of a chuck to make drawing like the real geometric chuck

          Set Angle per frame to speed up (large angle) or slow down (small \ 
angle) the rotation
          of all the drones of (all) chuck(s).

          The drones of the chuck sound the pitch/volume they are on the \ 
microtonal keyboard.
          You can mute/unmute any / all of the drones of the chuck.
            Drone Tools > Mute, Drone Tools > Unmute
          You can convert any / all of the chuck's drones to noise (Drone Tools \ 
> Drone > Noise) or
            Drone Tools > Drone 2 Noise, Drone Tools > Noise 2 Drone
          You can snap drones of the chuck to sound notes
            Drone Params > Motion > Snap drones to notes > Set


  + stop drone decay (and death) if frozen
  + retime decay time of deleted drone(s) if you select drone(s) and delete again

  * change FM depth (like AM depth) by moving along vertical on mouse slider
    * moved along horizontal until DIN 49.1
  * change FM bpm (like AM bpm) by moving along vertical on mouse slider
    * moved along horizontal until DIN 49.1
  * helps with moving drones along circular paths at different speeds
  * improved value spinner UI
  * improved find_nearest_note (..) performance
  * improved drone trail performance
  * improved console text & value display
   2021-01-01 09:24:59 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (266)
Log message:
*: Recursive revbump from boost-1.75.0
   2020-11-16 00:42:34 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
audio/din: Updates to 49.1

Changes since 49:

DIN Is Noise 49.1:

  ! fixed : crash from 'delays' editor when menu toggled and plugin browser fold \ 
toggled !
  /* multiple channel MIDI support
   2020-11-12 13:24:23 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
audio/din: Updates to 49

Changes since 48:

DIN Is Noise 49:

  /* position (instead of modulation until DIN48) affects velocity vector of drones

  /* Set center for rotation and scaling of drones:

    Menu > Drone Tools > Auto Center uses average center of selected drones
    Choose Menu > Drone Tools > Set to mouse and Click on it to set center to
    point under mouse cursor. Click to stop.
      You can also click and just move the magenta cross that marks the center

  on mouse slider:

  /* warp mouse position when rolling wheel
  /* press / to toggle warp mouse at boundary

  * improved the drone selector / drone mesh/pendulum preview on microtonal keyboard

  * show hz/vol for selected drones only (instead of all drones until DIN48)

  ! fixed: flip (using ` key shortcut) between instruments loads the correct \ 
editors !


  /*  when scaling or rotating drones, change scale or angle increments using \ 
mouse slider (see
      DIN 48 CHANGELOG below for how to do this) to change scaling +/ rotation \ 
   2020-09-04 15:02:58 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
audio/din: Updates to 48

Changes since 47.1:

DIN Is Noise 48:

  /*  create drone pendulum based on number of drones instead of spacing

  /* convert selected pitched drones to noising drones and vice-versa.
    + CTRL + . to convert selected pitched drones to noising drones
      or Menu >> Drone Tools >> Drone > Noise
    + CTRL + , to convert selected noising drones to pitched drones
      or Menu >> Drone Tools >> Noise > Drone

  /* mute and unmute selected drones
    + SHIFT + , to mute selected drones or Menu > Drone tools > Mute
    + SHIFT + . to unmute selected drones or Menu > Drone tools > Unmute

  /* Zero and Reset gravity from Gravity widget

  /* Zero velocity of drones

  /* Start and End angles for geometry > sound plugins on curve editor
    + ie., Circler, Rose_Milker and Lissajous
      + you can now turn a part - an arc - of rose and lissajous curves into \ 
    + Phase for Spiraler
      + End angle found from Turns

  /* Start, End points in Countries plugin on curve editors

    + turn 'arc' of a 'country polygon' into waveform/envelope/modulator

  /* set Phase of each harmonic in Sine_Mixer

    + press g to toggle between harmonics and phase 'levels'
    + Phase levels is blue
      + goes from 0 deg (bottom) to 360 deg (top)

  /* press f to toggle paint harmonics (or phase) in Sine_Mixer

  /* overlay last screen (instrument or editor) on curve editor

  /* !EXPERIMENTAL! mouse slider increment scaling

    When using mouse slider:

      press , to set increment to 1/N of original increment
      press . to set increment to Nx of original increment
      press 1,2,3...9 sets N = 1,2,3...9
      press 0 to set N = 10
      default N = 10

  /* if selected drones exist, set initial menu tab to Drone Params on \ 
microtonal keyboard

  * ` to flip to last screen
      * flip between editors
      * flip between instruments

  * improved curve editor
    * curve samples display, curve component picker, cursor display

  * improved auto splitting 'box that has a ball' in Mondrian
    * results in better trapping of ball(s) in box(es) :)

  ! fixed dont warp mouse when mouse slider activation aborted !
  ! fixed add/remove gravity widget on menu toggle !
  ! fixed load/save of launched drones !
  ! fixed reset velocity & gravity !
  ! fixed crash when clearing all harmonic bookmarks and moving sine mixer !
  ! fixed name of radius curve in spiraler plugin !
  ! fixed drones per minute as float instead of int !
  ! removed release location from the title bar as COVID-19 has grounded me in \ 
Chennai, India :( !
   2020-08-18 19:58:18 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (549)
Log message:
*: revbump for libsndfile
   2020-06-09 17:33:52 by Santhosh Raju | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
audio/din: Updates to 47.1

Changes since 47:

DIN Is Noise 47.1 @ Chennai, India
  * improved Spinner UI control
  ! removed 2 sets of log messages that may affect performance !