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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.1.0, Package name: py27-Pillow-5.1.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Pillow is the "friendly" PIL fork.
The Python Imaging Library (PIL) adds image processing capabilities to your
Python environment. This library provides extensive file format support, an
efficient internal representation, and powerful image processing capabilities.

Required to run:
[graphics/tiff] [graphics/freetype2] [devel/py-setuptools] [graphics/openjpeg] [lang/python27] [graphics/lcms2] [graphics/libwebp] [graphics/libimagequant] [devel/py-olefile]

Required to build:

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SHA1: aaa04f180d05a4b5d8e4eda234d75ae904bab46f
RMD160: 300e2626b33b803b7bb6a553a15c5beab82922ea
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   2018-04-03 11:24:20 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
py-Pillow: updated to 5.1.0

Close fp before return in ImagingSavePPM
Added documentation for ICNS append_images
Docs: Move intro text below its header
CI: Rename appveyor.yml as .appveyor.yml
Fix TypeError for JPEG2000 parser feed
Certain corrupted jpegs can result in no data read
Add support for BLP file format
Simplify version checks
Fix "invalid escape sequence" warning on Python 3.6+
Allow append_images to set .icns scaled images
Support appending to existing PDFs
Fix and improve efficient saving of ICNS on macOS
Build: Enable pip cache in AppVeyor build
Trim trailing whitespace
Docs: Correct reference to Image.new method
Rearrange ImageFilter classes into alphabetical order
Test: Remove duplicate line
Build: Update AppVeyor PyPy version
Tiff: Open 8 bit Tiffs with 5 or 6 channels, discarding extra channels
Readme: Added Twitter badge
Removed __main__ code from ImageCms
Test: Changed assert statements to unittest calls
Depends: Update libimagequant to 2.11.10, raqm to 0.5.0, freetype to 2.9
Remove _imaging.crc32 in favor of builtin Python crc32 implementation
Move Tk directory to src directory
Enable pip cache in Travis CI
Remove unused and duplicate imports
Docs: Changed documentation references to 2.x to 2.7
Fix memory leak when opening webp files
Setup: Fix "TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable" for PPC and CRUX
Setup: Add libdirs for ppc64le and armv7l
   2018-03-31 18:22:11 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
py-Pillow: disabled mp_compile hack; it has problems with native parallel building
   2018-01-12 20:50:52 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
py-Pillow: disable wrong hack for GCC <4.9
   2018-01-04 21:59:50 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
py-Pillow: updated to 5.0.0

Docs: Added docstrings from documentation
Test: Switch from nose to pytest
Rework Source directory layout, preventing accidental import of PIL.
Dynamically link libraqm
Removed scripts directory
TIFF: Run all compressed tiffs through libtiff decoder
GIF: Add disposal option when saving GIFs [linnil1, wiredfool]
EPS: Allow for an empty line in EPS header data
PNG: Add support for sRGB and cHRM chunks, permit sRGB when no iCCP chunk present
Dependencies: Update Tk Tcl to 8.6.8
Decompression bomb error now raised for images 2x larger than a decompression \ 
bomb warning
Test: avoid random failure in test_effect_noise
Increased epsilon for test_file_eps.py:test_showpage due to Arch update.
Removed check parameter from _save in BmpImagePlugin, PngImagePlugin, \ 
ImImagePlugin, PalmImagePlugin, and PcxImagePlugin.
Make PngImagePlugin.add_text() zip argument type bool
Depends: Updated libwebp to 0.6.1
Remove unnecessary bool() calls in Image.registered_extensions and skipKnownBadTests
Fix count of BITSPERSAMPLE items in broken TIFF files
Fillcolor parameter for Image.Transform
Test: Display differences for test failures
Added executable flag to file with shebang line
Setup: Specify compatible Python versions for pip
Dependencies: Updated libimagequant to 2.11.4
Setup: Warn if trying to install for Py3.7 on Windows
Doc: Fonts can be loaded from a file-like object, not just filename [robin-norwood]
Add eog support for Ubuntu Image Viewer [NafisFaysal]
Test: Test on 3.7-dev on Travis.ci
Dependencies: Update libtiff to 4.0.9
Setup: Replace deprecated platform.dist with file existence check
Build: Fix setup.py on Debian
Docs: Correct error in ImageDraw documentation
Test: Drop Ubuntu Precise, Fedora 24, Fedora 25, add Fedora 27, Centos 7, Amazon \ 
v2 CI Support,,,
Dependencies: Updated libimagequant to 2.11.3
Test: Fix test_image.py to use tempfile
Replace PIL.OleFileIO deprecation warning with descriptive ImportError
WebP: Add support for animated WebP files [jd20]
PDF: Set encoderinfo for images when saving multi-page PDF. Fixes.
Allow the olefile dependency to be optional
GIF: Permit LZW code lengths up to 12 bits in GIF decode
Fix unterminiated string and unchecked exception in _font_text_asBytes.
PPM: Use fixed list of whitespace, rather relying on locale, fixes.
Added support for generators when using append_images,
Doc: Correct PixelAccess.rst
Depends: Update raqm to 0.3.0
Docs: Link to maintained version of aggdraw
Include license file in the generated wheel packages
Depends: Update openjpeg to 2.3.0
Add option to Makefile to build and install with C coverage
Add context manager support to ImageFile.Parser and PngImagePlugin.ChunkStream
ImageDraw.textsize: fix zero length error
   2017-10-03 21:48:28 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-Pillow: update to 4.3.0

- Fix warning on pointer cast in isblock
- Doc: Added macOS High Sierra tested Pillow version
- Use correct Windows handle type on 64 bit in imagingcms
- 64 Bit Windows fix for block storage
- Fix "expression result unused" warning
- Add 16bit Read/Write and RLE read support to SgiImageFile
- Block & array hybrid storage
- Common seek frame position check
- Doc: Add note about aspect ratio to Image thumbnail script
- Fix ValueError: invalid version number '1.0.0rc1' in scipy release candidate
- Unfreeze requirements.txt
- Test: ResourceWarning tests
- Use n_frames to determine is_animated if possible
- Doc: Corrected parameters in documentation
- Avoid unnecessary Image operations
- Added register_extensions method
- Fix TIFF support for I;16S, I;16BS, and I;32BS rawmodes
- Fixed doc syntax in ImageDraw
- Fixed support for building on Windows/msys2. Added Appveyor CI coverage for \ 
python3 on msys2
- Fix ValueError in Exif/Tiff IFD
- Use pathlib2 for Path objects on Python < 3.4
- Export only required properties in unsafe_ptrs
- Alpha composite fixes
- Faster Transpose operations, added 'Transverse' option
- Deprecate ImageOps undocumented functions gaussian_blur, gblur, unsharp_mask, \ 
usm and box_blur in favor of ImageFilter implementations
- Dependencies: Updated freetype to 2.8.1
- Bug: Player skipped first image
- Faster filter operations for Kernel, Gaussian, and Unsharp Mask filters
- EPS: Add showpage to force rendering of some EPS images
- DOC: Fix type of palette parameter in Image.quantize.
- DOC: Fix Ico docs to match code
- Added file pointer save to SpiderImagePlugin
- Add targa version 2 footer
- Removed redundant lines
- Travis CI: Use default pypy/pypy3
- Fix for SystemError when rendering an empty string, added in 4.2.0
- Fix for memory leaks in font handling added in 4.2.0
- Tests:  cleanup, more tests. Fixed WMF save handler
- Removed debugging interface for Image.core.grabclipboard
- Doc syntax fix
- Faster packing and unpacking for RGB, LA, and related storage modes
- Use RGBX rawmode for RGB JPEG images where possible
- Remove palettes from non-palette modes in _new
- Delete transparency info when convert'ing RGB/L to RGBA
- Code tweaks to ease type annotations
- Fixed incorrect use of 's#' to byteslike object
- Fix JPEG subsampling labels for subsampling=2
- Region of interest (box) for resampling
- Basic support for Termux (android) in setup.py
- Bug: Fix Image.fromarray for numpy.bool type.
- CI: Add Fedora 24 and 26 to Docker tests
- JPEG: Fix ZeroDivisionError when EXIF contains invalid DPI (0/0).
- Depends: Updated openjpeg to 2.2.0
- Depends: Updated Tk Tcl to 8.6.7
- Depends: Updated libimagequant to 2.10.2
- Test: Added test for ImImagePlugin tell()
- Test: Additional tests for SGIImagePlugin
- New Image.getchannel method
- Remove unused im.copy2 and core.copy methods
- Fast Image.merge()
- Fast Image.split()
- Fast image allocation
- Storage cleanup
- FLI: Use frame count from FLI header
- Test: Test animated FLI file
- Bug: Fixed uninitialized memory in bc5 decoding
- Moved SgiImagePlugin save error to before the start of write operations
- Move createfontdatachunk.py so isn't installed globally
- Bug: Fix unexpected keyword argument 'align'
- Add newlines to error message for clarity
- Docs: Updated redirected URL
- Bug: Fix JPEG DPI when EXIF is invalid
- Bug: Fix for font getsize on empty string
- Docs: Improved ImageDraw documentation
- Docs: Corrected alpha_composite args documentation
- Docs: added the description of the filename attribute to images.rst
- Dependencies: Updated libimagequant to 2.10.1
- PDF: Renamed parameter to not shadow built-in dict
   2017-07-07 06:07:02 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
- CI: Fix version specification and test on CI for PyPy/Windows
   2017-07-03 23:51:57 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Doc: Clarified Image.save:append_images documentation
CI: Amazon Linux and Centos6 docker images added to TravisCI
Image.alpha_composite added
Complex Text Support
Added threshold parameter to ImageDraw.floodfill
Added dBATCH parameter to ghostscript command
JPEG: Adjust buffer size when icc_profile > MAXBLOCK
Specify Pillow Version in one place
CI: Change the owner of the TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR, fixing broken docker runs
Fix truncated PNG loading for some images, Fix memory leak on truncated PNG images.
Add decompression bomb check to Image.crop
ImageFile: Ensure that the err_code variable is initialized in case of exception.
Tiff: Support append_images for saving multipage TIFFs
Doc: Clarify that draft is only implemented for JPEG and PCD
Test: MicImagePlugin
Use round() instead of floor() to eliminate zero coefficients in resample
Remove deprecated code
Added append_images to PDF saving
Remove unused function core image function new_array
Remove unnecessary calls to dict.keys()
Add more ImageDraw.py tests and remove unused Draw.c code
Test: More tests for ImageMorph
Test: McIDAS area file
Update Feature Detection
CI: Update pypy on TravisCI
ImageMorph: Fix wrong expected size of MRLs read from disk
Docs: Update install docs for FreeBSD
Build: Ignore OpenJpeg 1.5 on FreeBSD
Remove 'not yet implemented' methods from PIL 1.1.4
Dependencies: Update FreeType to 2.8, LibTIFF to 4.0.8 and libimagequant to 2.9.1
Raise TypeError and not also UnboundLocalError in ImageFile.Parser()
Test: Use Codecov for coverage
Use PNG for Image.show()
Remove WITH_DEBUG compilation flag
Fix return value on parameter parse error in _webp.c
Set executable flag on scripts with shebang line
Doc: Release Process Changes
CI: Added region for s3 deployment on appveyor
Doc: Updated references to point to existing files
Return copy on Image crop if crop dimensions match the image
Test: Optimize CI speed
   2017-05-09 10:06:54 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Changes 4.1.1:
- Undef PySlice_GetIndicesEx, see https://bugs.python.org/issue29943
- Fix for file with DPI in EXIF but not metadata, and XResolution is an int \ 
rather than tuple
- Docs: Removed broken download counter badge
- Docs: Fixed rst syntax error