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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.0.0nb2, Package name: py27-Pillow-4.0.0nb2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Pillow is the "friendly" PIL fork.
The Python Imaging Library (PIL) adds image processing capabilities to your
Python environment. This library provides extensive file format support, an
efficient internal representation, and powerful image processing capabilities.

Required to run:
[graphics/tiff] [graphics/freetype2] [devel/py-setuptools] [graphics/openjpeg] [lang/python27] [graphics/lcms2] [graphics/libwebp] [graphics/libimagequant] [devel/py-olefile]

Required to build:

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SHA1: ad2e2faac93f4ff1a17f4bca602bfc87f77c793d
RMD160: 018edb6030851a4ae17eba1ec9e0b03933b4922b
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   2017-02-28 16:20:12 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (208)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from graphics/libwebp
   2017-01-31 15:08:06 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Pillow>=4.0.0 needs olefile module, add it to DEPENDS.

From Pillow-4.0.0 changelog:

 - Remove vendored version of olefile Python package in favor of
   upstream #2199 [jdufresne]

   2017-01-29 13:46:45 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Changes 4.0.0:
- Refactor out postprocessing hack to load_end in PcdImageFile
- Add center and translate option to Image.rotate. 2328
- Test: Relax WMF test condition, fixes 2323
- Allow 0 size images, Fixes 2259, Reverts to pre-3.4 behavior.
- SGI: Save uncompressed SGI/BW/RGB/RGBA files 2325
- Depends: Updated pngquant to 2.8.2 2319
- Test: Added correctness tests for opening SGI images 2324
- Allow passing a list or tuple of individual frame durations when saving a GIF 2298
- Unified different GIF optimize conditions 2196
- Build: Refactor dependency installation 2305
- Test: Add python 3.6 to travis, tox 2304
- Test: Fix coveralls coverage for Python+C 2300
- Remove executable bit and shebang from OleFileIO.py 2308
- PyPy: Buffer interface workaround 2294
- Test: Switch to Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 on Travis CI 2294
- Remove vendored version of olefile Python package in favor of upstream 2199
- Updated comments to use print as a function 2234
- Set executable flag on selftest.py, setup.py and added shebang line 2282, 2277
- Test: Increase epsilon for FreeType 2.7 as rendering is slightly different. 2286
- Test: Faster assert_image_similar 2279
- Removed depreciated internal "stretch" method 2276
- Removed the handles_eof flag in decode.c 2223
- Tiff: Fix for writing Tiff to BytesIO using libtiff 2263
- Doc: Design docs 2269
- Test: Move tests requiring libtiff to test_file_libtiff 2273
- Update Maxblock heuristic 2275
- Fix for 2-bit palette corruption 2274
- Tiff: Update info.icc_profile when using libtiff reader. 2193
- Test: Fix bug in test_ifd_rational_save when libtiff is not available 2270
- ICO: Only save relevant sizes 2267
- ICO: Allow saving .ico files of 256x256 instead of 255x255 2265
- Fix TIFFImagePlugin ICC color profile saving. 2087
- Doc: Improved description of ImageOps.deform resample parameter 2256
- EMF: support negative bounding box coordinates 2249
- Close file if opened in WalImageFile 2216
- Use Image._new() instead of _makeself() 2248
- SunImagePlugin fixes 2241
- Use minimal scale for jpeg drafts 2240
- Updated dependency scripts to use FreeType 2.7, OpenJpeg 2.1.2, WebP 0.5.2 and \ 
Tcl/Tk 8.6.6 2235, 2236, 2237, 2290, 2302
- Fix "invalid escape sequence" bytestring warnings in Python 3.6 2186
- Removed support for Python 2.6 and Python 3.2 2192
- Setup: Raise custom exceptions when required/requested dependencies are not \ 
found 2213
- Use a context manager in FontFile.save() to ensure file is always closed 2226
- Fixed bug in saving to fp-objects in Python >= 3.4 2227
- Use a context manager in ImageFont._load_pilfont() to ensure file is always \ 
closed 2232
- Use generator expressions instead of list comprehension 2225
- Close file after reading in ImagePalette.load() 2215
- Changed behaviour of default box argument for paste method to match docs 2211
- Add support for another BMP bitfield 2221
- Added missing top-level test __main__ 2222
- Replaced range(len()) 2197
- Fix for ImageQt Segfault, fixes 1370 2182
- Setup: Close file in setup.py after finished reading 2208
- Setup: optionally use pkg-config (when present) to detect dependencies 2074
- Search for tkinter first in builtins 2210
- Tests: Replace try/except/fail pattern with TestCase.assertRaises() 2200
- Tests: Remove unused, open files at top level of tests 2188
- Replace type() equality checks with isinstance 2184
- Doc: Move ICO out of the list of read-only file formats 2180
- Doc: Fix formatting, too-short title underlines and malformed table 2175
- Fix BytesWarnings 2172
- Use Integer division to eliminate deprecation warning. 2168
- Doc: Update compatibility matrix
   2016-11-06 16:05:30 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Changes 3.4.2:
- Fix Resample coefficient calculation
   2016-10-04 21:30:24 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
3.4.1 (2016-10-04)
- Allow lists as arguments for Image.new()
- Fix fix for map.c overflow (also in 3.3.3)

3.4.0 (2016-10-03)
- Removed Image.core.open_ppm, added negative image size checks in Image.py.
- Windows build: fetch dependencies from pillow-depends
- Add TIFF save_all writer.
- Move libtiff fd duplication to _load_libtiff
- Speed up GIF save optimization step
- Fix for ImageCms Segfault
- Make Image.crop an immediate operation, not lazy.
- Skip empty values in ImageFileDirectory
- Force reloading palette when using mmap in ImageFile.
- Fix "invalid escape sequence" warning in Python 3.6
- Update documentation about drafts
- Converted documentation parameter format, comments to docstrings
- Fixed typos
- Renamed references to OS X to macOS
- Use truth value when checking for progressive and optimize option on save
- Convert DPI to ints when saving as JPEG
- Added append_images parameter to GIF saving
- Speedup paste with masks up to 80%
- Rewrite DDS decoders in C, add DXT3 and BC7 decoders
- Fix PyArg_ParseTuple format in getink()
- Fix saving originally missing TIFF tags.
- Allow pathlib.Path in Image.open on Python 2.7
- Use modern base64 interface over deprecated
- ImageColor.getrgb hexadecimal RGBA
- Test fix for bigendian machines
- Resampling lookups, trailing empty coefficients, precision
- Add (un)packing between RGBA and BGRa
- Added return for J2k (and fpx) Load to return a pixel access object
- Skip failing numpy tests on Pypy <= 5.3.1
- Show warning when trying to save RGBA image as JPEG
- Respect pixel centers during transform
- TOC for supported file formats
- Fix conversion of bit images to numpy arrays
- Add ImageOps.scale to expand or contract a PIL image by a factor
- Flake8 fixes
- Updated freetype to 2.6.5 on Appveyor builds
- PCX encoder fixes
- Docs: Windows console prompts are >
- Expose Pillow package version as PIL.__version__
- Add Box and Hamming filters for resampling
- Retain a reference to core image object in PyAccess
   2016-08-13 10:07:22 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.3.0

Upstream changes:
3.3.0 (2016-07-01)

    Fixed enums for Resolution Unit and Predictor in TiffTags.py #1998 [wiredfool]
    Fix issue converting P mode to LA #1986 [didrix]
    Moved test_j2k_overflow to check_j2k_overflow, prevent DOS of our 32bit \ 
testing machines #1995 [wiredfool]
    Skip CRC checks in PNG files when LOAD_TRUNCATED_IMAGES is enabled #1991 \ 
    Added CMYK mode for opening EPS files #1826 [radarhere]
    Docs: OSX build instruction clarification #1994 [wiredfool]
    Docs: Filter comparison table #1993 [homm]
    Removal of pthread based Incremental.c, new interface for file \ 
decoders/encoders to access the python file. Fixes assorted J2k Hangs. #1934 \ 
    Skip unnecessary passes when resizing #1954 [homm]
    Removed duplicate code in ImagePalette #1832 [radarhere]
    test_imagecms: Reduce precision of extended info due to 32 bit machine \ 
precision #1990 [AbdealiJK]
    Binary Tiff Metadata/ICC profile. #1988 [wiredfool]
    Ignore large text blocks in PNG if LOAD_TRUNCATED_IMAGES is enabled #1970 [homm]
    Replace index = index+1 in docs with +=1 [cclauss]
    Skip extra 0xff00 in jpeg #1977 [kkopachev]
    Use bytearray for palette mutable storage #1985 [radarhere, wiredfool]
    Added additional uint modes for Image.fromarray, more extensive tests of \ 
fromarray #1984 [mairsbw, wiredfool]
    Fix for program importing PyQt4 when PyQt5 also installed #1942 [hugovk]
    Changed depends/install_*.sh urls to point to github pillow-depends repo \ 
#1983 [wiredfool]
    Allow ICC profile from encoderinfo while saving PNGs #1909 [homm]
    Fix integer overflow on ILP32 systems (32-bit Linux). #1975 [lambdafu]
    Change function declaration to match Tcl_CmdProc type #1966 [homm]
    Integer overflow checks on all calls to *alloc #1781 [wiredfool]
    Change equals method on Image so it short circuits #1967 [mattBoros]
    Runtime loading of TCL/TK libraries, eliminating build time dependency. \ 
#1932 [matthew-brett]
    Cleanup of transform methods #1941 [homm]
    Fix "Fatal Python error: UNREF invalid object" in debug builds \ 
#1936 [wiredfool]
    Setup fixes for Alpine linux #1937 [wiredfool]
    Split resample into horizontal + vertical passes #1933 [homm]
    Box blur with premultiplied alpha #1914 [homm]
    Add libimagequant support in quantize() #1889 [rr-]
    Added internal Premultiplied luminosity (La) mode #1912 [homm]
    Fixed point integer resample #1881 [homm]
    Removed docs/BUILDME script #1924 [radarhere]
    Moved comments to docstrings #1926 [hugovk]
    Include Python.h before wchar.h so _GNU_SOURCE is set consistently #1906 [hugovk]
    Updated example decoder in documentation #1899 [radarhere]
    Added support for GIF comment extension #1896 [radarhere]
    Removed support for pre- 1.5.2 list form of Image info in Image.new #1897 \ 
    Fix typos in TIFF tags #1918 [radarhere]
    Skip tests that require libtiff if it is not installed, fixes #1866 [wiredfool]
    Skip test when icc profile is not available, fixes #1887 [doko42]
    Make deprecated functions raise NotImplementedError instead of Exception. \ 
#1862, #1890 [daniel-leicht, radarhere]
    Replaced os.system with subprocess.call in setup.py #1879 [radarhere]
    Corrected Image show documentation #1886 [radarhere]
    Added check for executable permissions to ImageShow #1880 [radarhere]
    Fixed tutorial code and added explanation #1877 [radarhere]
    Added OS X support for ImageGrab grabclipboard #1837 [radarhere]
    Combined duplicate code in ImageTk #1856 [radarhere]
    Added --disable-platform-guessing option to setup.py build extension, #1861 \ 
    Fixed loading Transparent PNGs with a transparent black color #1840 [olt]
    Add support for LA mode in Image.fromarray #1865 [pierriko]
    Make ImageFile load images in read-only mode #1864 [hdante]
    Added _accept hook for XVThumbImagePlugin #1853 [radarhere]
    Test TIFF with LZW compression #1855, TGA RLE file #1854 [hugovk]
    Improved SpiderImagePlugin help text #1863 [radarhere]
    Updated Sphinx project description #1870 [radarhere]
    Remove support for Python 3.0 from _imaging.c #1851 [radarhere]
    Jpeg qtables are unsigned chars #1814, #1921 [thebostik]
    Added additional EXIF tags #1841, TIFF Tags #1821 [radarhere]
    Changed documentation to refer to ImageSequence Iterator #1833 [radarhere]
    Fix Fedora prerequisites in installation docs, depends script #1842 [living180]
    Added _accept hook for PixarImagePlugin #1843 [radarhere]
    Removed outdated scanner classifier #1823 [radarhere]
    Combined identical error messages in _imaging #1825 [radarhere]
    Added debug option for setup.py to trace header and library finding #1790 \ 
    Fix doc building on travis #1820, #1844 [wiredfool]
    Fix for DIB/BMP images #1813, #1847 [wiredfool]
    Add PixarImagePlugin file extension #1809 [radarhere]
    Catch struct.errors when verifying png files #1805 [wiredfool]
    SpiderImagePlugin: raise an error when seeking in a non-stack file #1794 \ 
[radarhere, jmichalon]
    Added Support for 2/4 bpp Tiff Grayscale Images #1789 [zwhfly]
    Removed unused variable from selftest #1788 [radarhere]
    Added warning for as_dict method (deprecated in 3.0.0) #1799 [radarhere]
    Removed powf support for older Python versions #1784 [radarhere]
    Health fixes #1625 #1903 [radarhere]
   2016-06-01 14:33:51 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
   2016-04-21 10:13:50 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update graphics/py-Pillow to 3.2.0

pkgsrc changes:
 o Simplify MASTER_SITES
 o Disable the tests for now (that were also broken for 3.1.2 version).
   All the modules are builded in build/lib.*/PIL/ while selftest.py just
   checks in PIL/. Manually cp(1)-ing all the build/lib.*/PIL/ files in PIL/
   work as a workaround (and all test are passed) although implementing a
   similar (distutils.cmd) logic will be easily buggy.

3.2.0 (2016-04-01)
- Added install docs for Fedora 23 and FreeBSD #1729, #1739, #1792
  [koobs, zandermartin, wiredfool]
- Fixed TIFF multiframe load when the frames have different compression types #1782
  [radarhere, geka000]
- Added __copy__ method to Image #1772
- Updated dates in PIL license in OleFileIO README  #1787
- Corrected Tiff tag names #1786
- Fixed documented name of JPEG property #1783
- Fixed UnboundLocalErrorwhen loading a corrupt jpeg2k file #1780
- Fixed integer overflow in path.c #1773
  [wiredfool, nedwill]
- Added debug to command line help text for pilprint #1766
- Expose many more fields in ICC Profiles #1756
- Documentation changes, URL update, transpose, release checklist
- Fixed saving to nonexistant files specified by pathlib.Path objects, fixes #1747
- Round Image.crop arguments to the nearest integer, fixes #1744
- Fix uninitialized variable warning in _imaging.c:getink, fixes #486
- Disable multiprocessing install on cygwin, fixes #1690
- Fix the error reported when libz is not found #1764
- More general error check to avoid Symbol not found: \ 
_PyUnicodeUCS2_AsLatin1String on OS X #1761
- Added py35 to tox envlist #1724
- Fix EXIF tag name typos #1736
  [zarlant, radarhere]
- Updated freetype to 2.6.3, Tk/Tcl to 8.6.5 and 8.5.19
- Add a loader for the FTEX format from Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos #1688
- Improved alpha_composite documentation #1698
- Extend ImageDraw.text method to pass on multiline_text method specific \ 
arguments #1647
- Allow ImageSequence to seek to zero #1686
- ImageSequence Iterator is now an iterator #1649
- Updated windows test builds to jpeg9b
- Fixed support for .gbr version 1 images, added support for version 2 in \ 
GbrImagePlugin #1653
- Clarified which YCbCr format is used #1677
- Added TiffTags documentation, Moved windows build documentation to winbuild/ #1667
- Add tests for OLE file based formats #1678
- Add TIFF IFD test #1671
- Add a basic DDS image plugin with more tests #1654
  [jleclanche, hugovk, wiredfool]
- Fix incorrect conditional in encode.c #1638