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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.4.2, Package name: moodle-3.4.2, Maintainer: wen

Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software
package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators
create effective online learning communities. You can use it on any
computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a
single-teacher site to a 40,000-student University.

Required to run:
[textproc/php-json] [converters/php-iconv] [www/php-curl] [graphics/php-gd] [archivers/php-zlib] [archivers/php-zip] [net/php-xmlrpc] [converters/php-mbstring] [databases/php-mysqli] [net/php-soap] [textproc/php-intl] [devel/php-opcache]

Required to build:
[www/apache24] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Package options: mysql

Master sites:

SHA1: 80774ffefcbdc6de2b26cb294df42f5a2d731bf1
RMD160: c7ac42b2ff31b05b5b1608a7570444cb93b8a5d8
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   2018-03-19 12:47:09 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.4.2

Upstream changes:
Moodle 3.4.2:


    MDL-48501, MDL-61600 - Migrate to reCAPTCHA v2
    MDL-51189 - Quiz: now possible to edit user overrides even if quiz is not \ 
available to a student
    MDL-60241 - Invisible default sections lead to unexpected visibility layout
    MDL-61344 - Assignment: "additional files" are now shown in Edit \ 
Submission view

GDPR preparation

Plugins will be available for Moodle 3.3 and 3.4 to help Moodle sites to comply \ 
with GDPR. In Moodle 3.5 they will be included in the standard distribution. \ 
Some necessary core changes were already included in this release:

    MDL-61307 - New Privacy subsystem
    MDL-61477 - Allow plugins to handle site policies and overwrite \ 
    MDL-61423 - Signup process - add minimum age verification

Fixes and improvements

    MDL-60815 - Fixed bug with loading CSS for editor
    MDL-61549 - Fixed bug with empty user name on Participants page if username \ 
is included in user identitfy fields
    MDL-60812 - Select correct default role during manual enrolment
    MDL-58006 - Assignment: reset 'Blind marking' status during 'Course reset'
    MDL-58845 - Choice: hide "unanswered" column when it is set so in \ 
choice settings
    MDL-56688 - Single View & grades export should follow the same order set \ 
in gradebook set up
    MDL-61305 - Performance: Modinfo cache can get built in parallel
    MDL-61249 - Corrected end date for manual enrolments
    MDL-61242 - EQUELLA repository: fixed error "The source url does not \ 
match the sourcekey."
    MDL-61175 - Change "Remind me to grade by" date according to the \ 
new course start date after course restore
   2018-01-18 04:40:42 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.4.1

Upstream changes:
Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.4.1.

    MDL-34161 - LTI: backup and restore supports submissions and also course and \ 
site tools. References to the site tools are restored only on the same site \ 
(they are not included in course backup for security reasons).
    MDL-27886 - If general backup setting "Include users" is \ 
unchecked, users with relevant capability can now backup user data
    MDL-40613 - LDAP authentication method can now synchronise custom user \ 
profile fields

Fixes and improvements

    MDL-58887 - Accessibility: Gear icon is now properly defined for screen readers
    MDL-54106 - Incomplete user accounts are now deleted after specified period \ 
of time (setting "Delete not fully setup users after")
    MDL-59512 - Allow to connect to OAuth 2 services that only support client \ 
authentication via Basic Auth
    MDL-56197 - Lesson: Multiple Choice answers appear on same line as radio button
    MDL-45068 - Import Groups from CSV tool bug fixes
    MDL-52100 - Folder resource: Large files deleted when editing teachers \ 
update resource with global maxbytes lower
    MDL-37757 - Turning off Server Files Repository should not break courses \ 
that use it
    MDL-58272 - Assignment: Converting images in submissions to pdf (unoconv)
    MDL-54967 - IMS Common Cartridge import works correctly with HTML entities \ 
in URLs
    MDL-27230 - Quiz: when group override is deleted the calendar event should \ 
also be deleted
    MDL-57431 - Quiz: Clicking on help for "Shuffle" button no longer \ 
toggles shuffle itself
    MDL-42676 - Assignment: The message "This assignment is not accepting \ 
submissions" is displayed in the assignment when override the grade
    MDL-34389 - Category manager with the 'moodle/course:changecategory' should \ 
be able to move existing courses between categories
    MDL-52538 - Lesson: Content pages no longer display grade
    MDL-45500 - Allow uninstalling grading methods plugins
    MDL-58817 - LTI: display correct icons
    MDL-43042 - Lesson multi-choice questions with multiple answers: more clear \ 
indication for the user which answer was correct
    MDL-40790 - Lesson: UI fix for content buttons running off the edge of the page
    MDL-59999 - Lesson: Grade essays page shows which essays have been graded
    MDL-57564 - "Sort my courses (navsortmycoursessort)" setting now \ 
respected on the dashboard

Security issues

A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will \ 
be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system \ 
administrators to safely update to the latest version.
   2017-11-25 14:27:10 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.4
Update the minimum php version to 7.0.0
Update my email

Upstream changes:
Moodle 3.4:

Server requirements

These are just the minimum supported versions. We recommend keeping all of your \ 
software up-to-date.

    Moodle upgrade: Moodle 3.0 or later (if upgrading from earlier versions, you \ 
must upgrade to 3.0.10 as a first step)
    PHP version: minimum PHP 7.0.0 Note: minimum PHP version has increased since \ 
Moodle 3.3. PHP 7.1.x and 7.2.x are supported too. PHP 7.x could have some \ 
engine limitations.
    PHP extension intl is now required in Moodle 3.4 (it was recommended in 2.0 \ 

Database requirements

Moodle supports the following database servers. Again, version numbers are just \ 
the minimum supported version. We recommend running the latest stable version of \ 
any software.
Database 	Minimum version 	Recommended
PostgreSQL 	9.3 	Latest
MySQL 	5.5.31 	Latest
MariaDB 	5.5.31 	Latest
Microsoft SQL Server 	2008 	Latest
Oracle Database 	10.2 	Latest
Client requirements
Browser support

Moodle is compatible with any standards compliant web browser. We regularly test \ 
Moodle with the following browsers:


    Internet Explorer


    Google Chrome

For the best experience and optimum security, we recommend that you keep your \ 
browser up to date. https://whatbrowser.org

Note: Legacy browsers with known compatibility issues with Moodle 3.4:

    Internet Explorer 10 and below
    Safari 7 and below

Major features
Calendar improvements

    MDL-59333 - Calendar Improvements
    MDL-1322 - Calendar entries in monthly view should include course shortname
    MDL-59382 - Create calendar event quick-add
    MDL-59390 - Add navigation of all calendar views without page reload
    MDL-59394 - Add support for drag and drop of calendar events
    MDL-59386 - Add support for creation and update of calendar events using a \ 
modal dialogue
    MDL-59890 - Add support for calendar events at the category level

Management of course participants

    MDL-59290 - Merge Course Participants and Enrolled Users pages
    MDL-59564 - Add bulk editing of enrolment status/dates for users in the \ 
course participants page
    MDL-59364 - Remove the "Brief / User Details" functionality from \ 
the participants page
    MDL-59365 - Enrol Users button on participants page
    MDL-59366 - Add filter controls to the participants page to allow custom \ 
    MDL-59367 - Add a roles column to participants page
    MDL-59368 - Add a groups column to the participants page
    MDL-59369 - Add a status column to the participants page
    MDL-59436 - Remove the columns from the participants page that are not in \ 
    MDL-59821 - Add "Proceed to course content" to participants page

Other highlights

    MDL-57791 - Implement analytics engine in Moodle
    MDL-59313 - Add links and a drop down to navigate between activities
    MDL-37361 - Allow teachers to mark activities as completed

Backup, restore and import

    MDL-35429 - Correct the permissions required to download and restore course \ 
automated backups
    MDL-9367 - Restore with roll forward changes dates for user data
    MDL-59518 - Restore date should not roll for user created data - Core components

Global search

    MDL-55356 - Index contents of the restored courses
    MDL-59523 - Course reset doesn't always shift dates
    MDL-58957 - Global search: Make it possible to search blocks
    MDL-59039 - Global search: Allow partial indexing (in scheduled task)


    MDL-30634 - Assign arbitrary system roles via LDAP sync
    MDL-58544 - Add option to trust email of an OAuth provider
    MDL-59844 - Enable OAuth 2 token-based authentication for requests in \ 
    MDL-59459 - Global Search: Increase file indexing coverage
    MDL-59913 - Global search: Allow search of non-enrolled courses

Functional changes

    MDL-55358 - LIS Group Variables support in LTI
    MDL-36501 - Should have checkbox for extra credit when you add a grade item
    MDL-28574 - Web services: Manage tokens page should show tokens for all users
    MDL-26976 - Display space used in My Private Files
    MDL-35668 - Performance improvement in Server files repository
    MDL-49398 - Performance improvement due to Role definition caching & \ 
accesslib refactoring
    MDL-60002 - Assignment grading: Adding back "Save and show next"
    MDL-58889 - Make section titles and course titles more accessible in Boost
    MDL-57455 - Allow to tag database entries
    MDL-36985 - Assignment: automatically remove embedded files that are no \ 
longer linked from submission text. Reduce the size of "Download all \ 
    MDL-59702 - Lesson overview report does not respect value of \ 
showuseridentity setting
    MDL-59460 - Forum: make Subscription mode setting configurable

For administrators

Please read carefully: Possible issues that may affect you in Moodle 3.4

    MDL-42834 - Deprecate loginhttps. Sites that used to use this setting will \ 
now be served via https always
    MDL-46269 - Tool to convert http embedded content to https where available
    MDL-58388 - Let the admin control if the course end date form field in \ 
course settings is enabled by default
    MDL-60211 - New filters for User Tours
    MDL-59123 - Compile SCSS files on the command-line
    MDL-58567 - Upgrade: Show upgrade times
    MDL-55652 - Missing index on (timemodified) in grade_items_history table and \ 
several other grade history tables. This will increase performance of various \ 
reports but may also slow down Moodle upgrade
    MDL-60094 - Add CLI script to kill all sessions
    MDL-59495 - Register and publish courses with moodle.net only, remove \ 
support for alternative hubs
    MDL-59206 - Trigger an event in add_to_config_log function
    MDL-57115 - Move "Messages" block out from the standard Moodle \ 
    MDL-57734 - SEO - Create admin setting to be able to enable or disable \ 
search engine indexing for sites with forcelogin
    MDL-60309 - Boost: Add a setting for background image
    MDL-56751 - Create new security setting to configure the expiration time of \ 
tokens created via login/token.php or tool/mobile/launch.php

Security issues

    MSA-17-0021 Students can find out email addresses of other students in the \ 
same course

This list only includes security issues fixed after 3.3.2 release. Refer to \ 
other release notes for security issues fixed in earlier releases.
For developers

    MDL-60611 - Upgrade PHPUnit to 6.4 to ensure compatibility with PHP 7.2 - \ 
may require changes in unittests.
    MDL-58948 - Compatibility with chrome mink driver
    MDL-53169 - Provide a way to retrieve all courses a user can potentially access.
    MDL-59459 - Global Search: Increase file indexing coverage
    MDL-59277 - navigation_node doesn't support TYPE_CONTAINER in get_css_type()
    MDL-58957 - Global search: Make it possible to search blocks. See the new \ 
\core_search\base_block class.
    MDL-53240 - Form element and admin setting type to choose file types and \ 
type groups
    MDL-53848 - Formslib - add function to $mform that makes it possible to hide \ 
form elements dependent on selected values
    MDL-60234 - Add possibility to disable admin warning if a development libs \ 
directory exists
    MDL-57886 - Plagiarism: onlinetext submission should pass raw submissiontext \ 
to plagiarism get_links()
   2017-11-17 04:15:41 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.3.3

Upstream changes:

    MDL-59798 - Assignment: Show Due Date in calendar for teachers and managers
    MDL-36580 - External Tool: backup/restore consumer key and secret (on the \ 
same site only)
    MDL-57560 - Show file upload progress bar in Boost theme
    MDL-37810 - List custom roles in the filter on Participants page

Security issues

A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will \ 
be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system \ 
administrators to safely update to the latest version.
Fixes and improvements

    MDL-52131 - Respect comment format in questions manual comments when Plain \ 
text area editor is used
    MDL-55849 - Assignment: Reopening a group assignment should not create \ 
additional attempts for each group member
    MDL-59909 - Fixed error in ad-hoc refresh_mod_calendar_events_task that \ 
caused exceptions and very long cron run time
    MDL-59780 - Restore MathJax filter settings that were lost in previous upgrades
    MDL-54540 - External tool: Allow to switch to full screen mode
    MDL-51892 - Better explaination of the reason for failed logins in the logs \ 
    MDL-57055 - Label resource: allow to access "Label administration" \ 
without Administration block on the "Edit label" page
    MDL-53244 - Show error message when incorrect CAPTCHA is entered on sign-up page
    MDL-57477 - Fixed configuration of PHP 7 sessions using memcached (3.x.x)
    MDL-59854 - Forum: Avoid creating duplicate subscriptions due to race conditions
    MDL-60366 - Feedback: fixed upgrade script (introduced in 3.1.6 and 3.2.3) \ 
that deleted valid multiple anonymous attempts. If your site was affected, \ 
please follow MDL-60592 for the script that restores accidentally deleted data.
   2017-09-11 14:08:19 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.3.2

Upstream changes:
Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.3.2.


    MDL-59492 - Gray out hidden courses in the new course overview block
    MDL-57412 - Setting "Always link course sections" should apply \ 
consistently in Boost and Clean/More
    MDL-58196 - "Require grade to pass" in quiz completion settings \ 
must be checked only with "Require grade", otherwise it does not work \ 
and causes confusions
    MDL-57698 - Bug fix: Backup and restore cause deadlock with sqlsrv driver

Fixes and improvements

    MDL-55912 - Assignment: when blind marking is enabled, students should \ 
receive teacher participant number in the email and not their own
    MDL-54607 - Calendar export should not export events without duration as \ 
full-day events, i.e. assignment due dates have time component that was lost \ 
during export
    MDL-59490 - Bug fix: LTI does not work when activity has a long name
    MDL-55937 - Assignment: fixed error when viewing attachments of team submission
    MDL-59511, MDL-59746, MDL-59539, MDL-59869 - Multiple fixes in OAuth 2 \ 
services (Google, OwnCloud, Nextcloud, etc)
    MDL-35290 - My private files should continue working even if some files in \ 
filesystem are currently unreadable
    MDL-57259 - Fixed bug that caused multiple debugging messages in error.log \ 
when teachers use assignment grading
    MDL-56646 - Assignment: changing maximum grade of the module could result in \ 
negative grades in assignment which were pushed as "0" to the \ 
gradebook. This bug was fixed and will not happen in the future. However, \ 
according to Moodle policy, no existing grades were changed. Teachers will see \ 
the warning that there are erroneous grades and will be able to fix all of them \ 
with one click
    MDL-54965 - Database module: fixed SQL error when you edit an entry after \ 
having added a new picture/file field
    MDL-46495 - When uploading courses the setting "Completion \ 
tracking" should be set to the site default
    MDL-59262 - Courses made via course request or "Upload course" \ 
tool should respect default course sections
    MDL-59442 - Some third party modules had very big icons in the Default \ 
activity completion page
    MDL-38129 - Grade export of user profile fields can now work with uppercase \ 
letters in the fields names
    MDL-59317 - Performance improvements on the messages page
    MDL-57246 - Trying to view a forum without the capability may lead you to a \ 
broken page.
    MDL-59287 - Generate calendar event for "Expected completed on" \ 
for all modules.
    MDL-55364 - Forum headers alignment on narrow screens
    MDL-57649 - Lesson: Fixed bug deleting files unrelated to the pages being deleted
    MDL-59195 - Assignments: when switching role to student teacher should be \ 
able to view group submissions
    MDL-59068 - Lesson: Restore the behaviour of "No, I just want to go on \ 
to the next question"

Security issues

A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will \ 
be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system \ 
administrators to safely update to the latest version
   2017-07-10 13:44:56 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.3.1

Upstream changes:
Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.3.1.

    1 Highlights
    2 Security issues
    3 Fixes and improvements
    4 For developers
    5 See also


    MDL-58136 - Show only "in progress" courses in the My courses list \ 
in Booost flat navigation
    MDL-56046 - Fixed bug when downloading Quiz statistics report and other \ 
multiple-sheet reports
    MDL-58646, MDL-59122 - Number of performance improvements in Boost cache \ 
    MDL-58310, MDL-59312, MDL-58103 - Correctly display AJAX errors and ignore \ 
interrupted requests caused by page unload (occasional "undefined" \ 
    MDL-44961 - When restoring course with rolling start date never change log dates

Security issues

A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will \ 
be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system \ 
administrators to safely update to the latest version.
Fixes and improvements

    MDL-46322 - Assignment: Only enrolled users may be assigned as markers, if \ 
admins/managers can view course but are not enrolled they will not be assigned
    MDL-58907 - Course overview: Remember last view mode (Timeline/Courses), add \ 
a setting for a default mode
    MDL-58729 - Performance impovement in MySQL collation change script (follow \ 
up for Full UTF-8 Support in MySQL)
    MDL-57957 - Assignment: Fixed bug with feedback files not being shown to \ 
students if assignment has no grading
    MDL-57021 - Use normal password form field during sign up, adding new user \ 
and enrolling in a course
    MDL-49988 - Wiki: line breaks in HTML source code should not affect page layout
    MDL-58811 - Quiz: fixed bug preventing quiz duplication if questions have \ 
file links in their texts

For developers

    MDL-58911 - Change of behavior when writing unittests for the dashboard \ 
events - now callback from module are executed in unittests same way they would \ 
be executed on the dashboard
   2017-05-20 16:35:13 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.3

Upstream changes:
Major features

    MDL-55611 - New Course overview dashboard block featuring timeline of events
    MDL-58220 - Make use of OAuth 2 services to allow users to authenticate with \ 
Google G-Suite or Microsoft Office accounts and manage files from associated \ 
    MDL-39913 - New Assignment setting for restricting submission file types
    MDL-4782 - "Stealth mode" for resources/activities in a course - \ 
not displayed on the course page but available for students
    MDL-40759 - New Font Awesome icon font for all icons in Moodle

For teachers

    MDL-58138 - Activity completion settings for setting activity completion \ 
defaults and bulk editing of completion requirements
    MDL-48771 - Quiz activity: Option to delete multiple questions
    MDL-53814 - Quiz activity: Question type icons are displayed in the quiz \ 
manual grading overview
    MDL-55459 - Assignment activity: Annotated PDF comments are collapsible
    MDL-23919 - Database activity: The setting "Required entries" is \ 
now an activity completion condition
    MDL-57769 - Topic and weeks course formats: After a course is created, \ 
sections can be added and removed only from the course page (it is no longer \ 
possible to have "orphaned" activities)
    MDL-46929, MDL-57456, MDL-57457 - Forum posts, glossary entries and book \ 
chapters may be tagged
    MDL-56251 - For courses in weekly format, a new course setting allows for \ 
the course end date to be calculated automatically
    MDL-47354 - Allow the page size in the Single view report to be configurable

Backup and restore

    MDL-34859 - Add site defaults for all restore settings, improve UI around \ 
"Overwrite course configuration" select
    MDL-40838 - Allow to restore non-default enrollment methods without \ 
restoring users
    MDL-57769 - When restoring/importing big courses in Weeks and Topics formats \ 
into small existing courses ajust the number of sections automatically

For administrators

Please read carefully: Possible issues that may affect you in Moodle 3.3

    MDL-46375 - Support for storing files not on the local drive (there are no \ 
open-source solutions at the moment, developer's help is required to implement \ 
custom cloud storage)
    MDL-55528, MDL-58280 - New document converter plugin type allows \ 
alternatives to unoconv, such as the Google Drive converter
    MDL-55980 - Run individual scheduled tasks from web interface
    MDL-57896 - CLI wrapper for get_config() and set_config() methods
    MDL-57789 - Use Cache-Control: immutable when serving files
    MDL-37765 - New capability to bypass access restrictions, separated from \ 
capability to view hidden activities
    MDL-57913 - Convert external database authentication synchronisation to \ 
scheduled task

Plugins removal and deprecation

    The repository Skydrive is deprecated; please migrate to the newer OneDrive \ 
    The Dashboard block Course overview is replaced with a new block Course \ 
overview which is a different plugin. If you want to use the old block, you need \ 
to download and install it from https://moodle.org/plugins/block_course_overview

Mobile app support

    MDL-57410 - Allow admins to add new external links to pages in the main menu \ 
of the Mobile app
    MDL-57408 - Add new settings for allowing renaming strings in the Mobile app
    MDL-49423 - Add new settings for disabling Mobile app functionalities
    MDL-57759 - Allow offline attempts via the Mobile app in the lesson module
    MDL-57162 - Support Native App install banners for Android as well as iOS \ 
for the mobile app

Other improvements

    MDL-33483 - Google Docs repository: Save Doc files in different formats to RTF
    MDL-42266 - Improve the list of maximum file size options for file uploads
    MDL-51853 - Calendar subscriptions from imported files should be editable
    MDL-41729 - Add ability to change passwords for users using Shibboleth
    MDL-57572, MDL-57570, MDL-57355 - Redis and static caches performance \ 
improvements if igbinary library is installed
    MDL-56808 - SCORM module: Performance improvements when running SCORM 1.2 \ 
    MDL-57686 - Add support for PDO databases in external database authentication
    MDL-57638 - RSS Block: RSS feeds are more heavily cached and correctly \ 
respect skip values

For developers

    MDL-55528 - New plugin type 'fileconverter' for file conversions, unoconv is \ 
now a plugin that can be replaced with scalable commercial solutions (see File \ 
    MDL-40759 - Font Awesome icon font is used for all icons in Moodle (see \ 
Moodle icons)
    MDL-46375 - Support for storing files not on the local drive is implemented \ 
by allowing to override functionality of file_storage and stored_file classes \ 
(see File System API)
    MDL-12689 - Convert all authentication plugins to use settings.php (see \ 
    MDL-53978 - Add extra plugin callbacks for every major stage of page render \ 
(see commit)
    MDL-58138 - Course modules may provide additional callbacks to participate \ 
in bulk editing of activities completion rules in a course
    MDL-58220 - Better office integration
    MDL-45584 - Multiple caches can be instantiated with the same definition but \ 
with different identifiers
    MDL-57769 - Course formats: Attribute 'numsections' was removed from topics \ 
and weeks, other course formats may want to implement similar changes
    MDL-55956 - Priority field for the calendar events allowing to specify the \ 
priority of overrides
    MDL-58566 - New methods for retrieving calendar events
    MDL-55941 - New element to select first name of first/last names is \ 
implemented in tablelib or can be used by developers elsewhere (template)
    MDL-56519 - Lint behat .feature files
    MDL-57273 - New classes (core\persistent, core\form\persistent, \ 
core\external\exporter, \core\external\persistent_exporter) used to represent a \ 
data-model and export that data in a standard format for webservices (previously \ 
was used in competencies) (see Persistent form, Persistent, Exporter)
    MDL-57490 - Removed several legacy JS functions from javascript-static.js
    MDL-57690 - mcore YUI rollup is no longer included on every single Moodle \ 
page (see [forum post])
   2017-04-15 17:55:21 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
There is no reason to restrict PHP's version to 5.6.x.