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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.6.3, Package name: moodle-3.6.3, Maintainer: wen

Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software
package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators
create effective online learning communities. You can use it on any
computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a
single-teacher site to a 40,000-student University.

Required to run:
[textproc/php-json] [converters/php-iconv] [www/php-curl] [graphics/php-gd] [archivers/php-zlib] [archivers/php-zip] [net/php-xmlrpc] [converters/php-mbstring] [databases/php-mysqli] [net/php-soap] [textproc/php-intl] [devel/php-opcache]

Required to build:
[www/apache24] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Package options: mysql

Master sites:

SHA1: f5d8229063cd9f2456ac5aba98a6ca505de548a4
RMD160: c8b9b555b49535860f0703ff31f86d6d697b7365
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   2019-03-11 08:52:06 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.6.3

Upstream changes:
Moodle 3.6.3 release notes

Releases > Moodle 3.6.3 release notes

Release date: 11 March 2019

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.6.3.
Fixes and improvements

    MDL-63892 - Last post date and time shown correctly on forum page
    MDL-64609 - Gradebook regrading no longer gets stuck
    MDL-43428 - Quiz now displays the correct time left when quiz close date \ 
before time limit
    MDL-62345 - Site home and Dashboard now have different data-key attributes \ 
when the home page is set to site
    MDL-61405 - All assignment 'View annotated PDF' buttons work
    MDL-64632 - Invalid response value detected messaging error fix
    MDL-63103 - Server files performance improvement for sites with lots of \ 
activities and files
    MDL-64528 - Activities can no longer be marked as complete when the context \ 
is frozen
    MDL-63677 - Users no longer redirected back to a policy agreement when \ 
creating a new account
    MDL-55135 - View competency framework no longer required for viewing \ 
competencies in a course
    MDL-62454 - Numerical question units are displayed on the same line
    MDL-64553 - Notifications table has index for the useridfrom column
    MDL-64521 - Participants page performance improvement for courses with ~50k \ 
users and 10 groups
    MDL-48338 - A single simple discussion forum now scrolls to new posts
    MDL-60972 - Deleting course sections now also delete files used in the \ 
section description
    MDL-64652 - Data export performance improvement
    MDL-63674 - RTL languages correctly aligned in messaging interface
    MDL-64171 - Course image scaled down when no course summary
    MDL-64240 - Forum post word count correctly reflects the size of posts
    MDL-62680 - Accessibility improvement for quiz question feedback
    MDL-64679 - Option to clear prediction for analytics trained models
    MDL-62963 - Clearer button background in Boost
    MDL-64640 - Deleting of feedback question and deleting of user tour step no \ 
longer give a 404 error
    MDL-64856 - Glossary 'Actions menu' icon no longer disappears when browsing
    MDL-64730 - External tool 0 points score now correctly recorded as zero in \ 
the gradebook
    MDL-64464 - Drag and drop question types now allow use of mixed languages
    MDL-62143 - Boost navigation bar accessibility improvements
    MDL-64561 - Install database CLI script now shows help even if Moodle is \ 
already installed
    MDL-64134 - Messaging search simpler UI when search returns no results
    MDL-64385 - 'Allowed email domains' setting is now case insensitive
    MDL-63628 - Download assignment submission files via keyboard accessibility fix
    MDL-64469 - Question bank category edit link usability improvement
    MDL-63378 - Boost theme menu links contrast accessibility fix
    MDL-64143 - Messaging contacts are now shown in bold
    MDL-64144 - Messaging search results now shown with date rather than time stamp
    MDL-64971 - get_with_capability_join, get_users_by_capability, \ 
assign/unassign_capability now check the capability exists
   2019-01-16 00:35:25 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.6.2

Upstream changes:
Moodle 3.6.2 release notes

Releases > Moodle 3.6.2 release notes

Release date: 14 January 2019

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.6.2.
Fixes and improvements

    MDL-63994 - CAS authentication fixed
    MDL-63260 - Exponential question growth prevented when duplicating quizzes
    MDL-49651 - Hidden courses no longer send forum notifications to participants
    MDL-64290 - IMS Common Cartridge can restore from custom temp directory
    MDL-59954 - Drag and drop file uploads now respect the ignore file size \ 
limits capability
    MDL-64400 - Performance improvement when fetching notifications
    MDL-63512 - Lesson question responses show multimedia consistently
    MDL-64419 - Messaging user info fix in bootstrapbase themes
    MDL-63722 - Question bank pagination fix
    MDL-60518 - The result of core_user::is_real_user is now consistent
    MDL-64216 - Database query efficiency improvement to core_grade privacy provider
    MDL-64025 - Admin bookmarks block can bookmark admin categories
    MDL-64275 - All unread counts in message functionality now update without a \ 
page refresh
    MDL-64426 - Filter support added to group message conversation names
    MDL-64357 - LTI assignment and grade LineItems are retained after the \ 
cleanup scheduled task is run
    MDL-64497 - GDPR moodle_content_writer can no longer cause an endless loop
    MDL-64229 - User images are linked to their profile in the new messaging \ 
    MDL-61633 - Assignment grading interface 'Next page' navigation now resets \ 
scrolling to the top of the next page
   2019-01-14 14:06:12 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (16)
Log message:
Drop support for php70

Drop support for php70 before remove it from pkgsrc.
   2018-12-07 01:30:32 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.6.1

Upstream changes:
Regression fix

    MDL-64307 - Previous messaging conversations should be displayed after upgrading

Other fixes

    MDL-64206 - Facebook logo is correctly displayed when using OAuth 2 \ 
    MDL-63459 - Calculated multichoice question able to answer with negative \ 
note in interactive mode
   2018-12-04 13:09:53 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.6

Upstream changes:
Moodle-3.6 Major features
Dashboard and Course overview

    MDL-63044 and MDL-63337 - New Course overview and Timeline block
    MDL-63062 - New Recently accessed courses block
    MDL-63063 - New Recently accessed items block
    MDL-63457 - Option to hide courses in the course overview block
    MDL-63058 - Option to star/unstar courses in the course overview block
    MDL-63064 - New Starred courses block
    MDL-63352 - Dashboard retains user preferences for view options
    MDL-63793 - Course overview block retains user preferences for the number of \ 
courses to show
    MDL-61161 - Grace period when displaying "In progress" courses in \ 
course overview block
    MDL-63040 - Removal of Dashboard page header

GDPR and Privacy

Note that some of these GDPR improvements have also been backported to Moodle \ 
3.5.3, 3.4.6 and 3.3.9.

    MDL-63116 - Data requests bulk actions
    MDL-62309 - Option to make site policies required or optional
    MDL-61652 - Capabilities for controlling who can download SAR data
    MDL-62563 - Data deletion of existing deleted users
    MDL-63897 - Pre-processing stage removed from data requests process
    MDL-62558 - Data retention summary (read-only)
    MDL-63726 - Option to remove the "Data retention summary" link in \ 
the footer
    MDL-62491 - HTML data request export format
    MDL-63401 - User expiry improvements
    MDL-63619 - Data purpose and category inheritance improvements
    MDL-62560 - Different data retention strategies for different roles in a purpose
    MDL-62554 - Ability to configure data registry to use module type defaults
    MDL-63009 - Site mentioned in email notifications of data requests
    MDL-6074 - Option to hide your name in the online users block


    MDL-57272 and MDL-63280 - Group messaging
    MDL-63303 - New messaging UI with messaging drawer
    MDL-63279 - Option to disable site-wide messaging
    MDL-63214 - Privacy setting for restricting who can message you
    MDL-63213 - Option to star messaging conversations
    MDL-63283 - Notifications not sent for group conversations
    MDL-63281 - Group members synchronised with messaging conversations members


    MDL-27520 - Assignment feedback can include media or other files


    MDL-62610 - Improved quiz statistics report usability for randomized questions
    MDL-62708 - Option to add ID numbers to questions and question categories
    MDL-63738 - Single questions can be exported from the question bank


    MDL-60820 - Teachers can specify workshop submission types


    MDL-58943 - Nextcloud integration, with a Nextcloud repository and OAuth 2 \ 
Nextcloud service

Open Badges

    MDL-58454 - Support for Open Badges v2.0


    MDL-54035 - Performance improvements to cache flags
    MDL-47962 - Glossary auto-linking filter performance improvements

Usability improvements

    MDL-51177 - atto_htmlplus implemented to improve Atto editor HTML indenting
    MDL-45170 - Copy and paste of images from one WYSIWYG window to another
    MDL-61388 - Forum actions announced by screen reader when completed
    MDL-62899 - Global search displays a relevant icon next to link in results
    MDL-46415 - SVG/high resolution emoticons
    MDL-58000 - Larger badge images are used


    MDL-53566 - Context freezing - setting read-only access for categories, \ 
courses, activities and their content

Other highlights
Functional changes

    MDL-17943 - 'Resend confirmation email' button on login page
    MDL-14274 - IF conditions in grade calculations
    MDL-37624 - Calendar entries location support
    MDL-36754 - Images are displayed in forum notification emails
    MDL-59259 - Course format options may be specified in upload courses CSV file
    MDL-41265 - Page resource option to show/hide "Last modified"
    MDL-61378 - Forum post HTML structure improvements
    MDL-59454 - Option to download the list of course participants
    MDL-60520 - Analytics models can use different machine learning backends
    MDL-61573 - User menu: customusermenuitems map Font Awesome icons for non \ 
pix/t folders
    MDL-62320 - JSON added to the default MIME types list
    MDL-63431 - Atto media plugin title global attribute support
    MDL-60435 - Shibboleth authentication identity providers
    MDL-59169 - Grader report saves after edit with multiple tabs
    MDL-62960 - Drag and drop of course events respects the course start date

Security issues

    MSA-18-0020 Login CSRF vulnerability in login form. Note that this fix has \ 
previously been disclosed following the release of Moodle 3.5.3, 3.4.6, 3.3.9 \ 
and 3.1.15.

For administrators

    MDL-62334 - 'Add a new course' link in Site administration
    MDL-63253 - Admin search results provide location of the found matching page
    MDL-63772 - Capability to control use of Atto Record RTC
    MDL-63708 - New blocks supported by the mobile app can be disabled
    MDL-52953 - Legacy log store deprecation
    MDL-59429 - Log changes to site administrators
    MDL-62651 - adhoc task runner
    MDL-62777 - Site upgrades via CLI display new default settings
    MDL-63603 - Indian Rupee added to PayPal enrolment currencies

For developers

    MDL-55188 - Old Events API final deprecation
    MDL-54741 - Phase 2 of deprecation of functions in lib/deprecatedlib.php
    MDL-51803 - Reusable element for drag and drop sortable table or list
    MDL-63329 - memcache session handler removal
    MDL-63658 - New Favourites subsystem
    MDL-63729 - Badges web services return new fields and data added by the Open \ 
Badges v2.0 specification
    MDL-50812 - core_useragent::get_browser_version_classes distinguishes \ 
between different browsers

Privacy API update

In addition to existing requirements, any plugin which implements the plugin \ 
provider interface must also implement the \ 
\core_privacy\local\request\core_userlist_provider interface. Two new methods \ 
need to be implemented:


However, the two above methods are not required for plugins that implement the \ 
null_provider only (i.e. which do not store personal data).

Note that these changes are also required for latest Moodle 3.4.6 and 3.5.3 versions.
Behat scenario files

    MDL-57281 - The behat step

    I navigate to "ITEM" node in "MAINNODE > PATH"

    has been deprecated and throws an exception with details on how to replace \ 
it. The recommended replacement steps work in all recent Moodle versions. The \ 
updated Behat will pass with Moodle 3.4 too.

Login token

If your plugin provides an alternative login form (e.g. it is a theme replacing \ 
the default login form template / renderer), the login form must include a new \ 
login token field. For details of required changes, see Login token. Note that \ 
this also affects latest stable branches too.
New core functions


Component APIs upgrades

Please refer to the upgrade.txt files in the relevant component directory for \ 
changes in this particular Moodle release.

   2018-09-15 15:10:00 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.5.2

Upstream changes:
Moodle 3.5.2 release notes

Releases > Moodle 3.5.2 release notes

Release date: 10 September 2018

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.5.2.

    1 Highlights
    2 Fixes and improvements
    3 Security issues
    4 See also


    MDL-61652 - Configuration as to who can download SAR data
    MDL-62026 - Privacy officer can mark general enquiries as complete
    MDL-62660 - Option to set a data request expiry time
    MDL-57741 - Launch URL for Publish as LTI tool
    MDL-57977 - Global search allows searching for users by alternate name

Fixes and improvements

    MDL-60826 - Memory exhaustion error when trying to add/edit calendar event \ 
as admin
    MDL-60874 - Clearer search results in user enrolment
    MDL-62782 - Users with the capability mod/assign:viewgrades can also view \ 
uploaded feedback files
    MDL-62849 - Filemanager: cannot manage files when there are folders
    MDL-62534 - Empty course sections deleted when upgrading
    MDL-62600 - Admin is misinformed that there are no data requests
    MDL-61351 - Shibboleth logout does not handle file sessions correctly
    MDL-62996 - Missing upgrade.php file on tool_dataprivacy may cause errors \ 
when upgrading from 3.3 or 3.4
    MDL-62643 - Online text assignment submissions generate a blank HTML \ 
document for grading when no text is entered
    MDL-61515 - The current core php-css-parser prefixing library does not \ 
support sass syntax "@supports"
    MDL-61424 - When token is rejected from moodle.net provide option to unregister
    MDL-59847 - Behaviour when city/country are hiddenfields and identityfields \ 
at the same time
    MDL-62965 - User profile fields missing on signup page
    MDL-62889 - Multiple fixes when redirecting to a URL after clicking on a \ 
    MDL-62989 - Data requests are listed by date requested for users
    MDL-62896 - Some non-core plugins are missing their Additional label on the \ 
Plugin data registry page
    MDL-62993 - External tool Message in Membership Service not in an Array
    MDL-62969 - External tool LtiLinkMemberships URL is invalid
    MDL-62581 - Boost Course restore screen styling improvements
    MDL-62769 - "Statistics for question positions" graph shows last \ 
shown variant, not stats for overall question
    MDL-62341 - 'Go back to previous page' link on All policies page
    MDL-62746 - Boost core_tag modals content layout improvements
    MDL-45389 - Forum index page alignment improvements
    MDL-61707 - Pre-signup (minor check) session is not deleted upon signup
    MDL-62852 - All policies page lists policy type and audience

Security issues

A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will \ 
be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system \ 
administrators to safely update to the latest version.
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-07-10 10:08:07 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.5.1

Upstream changes:
Moodle 3.5.1 release notes
Releases > Moodle 3.5.1 release notes

Release date: 9 July 2018

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.5.1.

1 Highlights
2 Fixes and improvements
3 Security issues
4 See also
MDL-62544 - Enable admins and privacy officers to make subject access requests \ 
on behalf of users
MDL-62211 - Data requests page may be filtered or sorted and is paginated
MDL-62391 - User who made the data request shown on data requests page
Fixes and improvements
MDL-57968 - Multiple unnecessary Messaging AJAX requests
MDL-61702 - Can't install Moodle with MariaDB version >= 10.3.1
MDL-59047 - Short answer question doesn't display correctly when using the Boost \ 
MDL-61189 - Calendar event descriptions not saved when using TinyMCE
MDL-62239 - Drag and drop question types broken when using iOS 11.3
MDL-51419 - Filename corruption on download when name contains multibyte chars \ 
when using MS Edge
MDL-62658 - Notifications are not marked as read when clicked on
MDL-62543 - New 'deleted' field for forum posts is used in the wrong way for RSS \ 
MDL-62516 - Request to delete forum data for a user will delete files of all users
MDL-62440 - Participants page exhausts memory with many site-wide role assignments
MDL-62358 - Question rendering API does not support all 'question numbers' that \ 
might be needed
MDL-60915 - get_recordset methods load entire result set into memory in Postgres
MDL-62493 - Policy plugin problem when guests attempt to create an account
MDL-62574 - Database exception when deleting user data from the HTML block
MDL-62532 - Predefined tags are not appearing in the question tag dropdown
MDL-61832 - Editing options disappear after saving a Lesson page in expanded view
MDL-56498 - Notifications are not marked as read when clicked in popover
MDL-62270 - Cron task fails on data-privacy-related task when admin directory renamed
MDL-62320 - JSON should be enabled as a file type, as used in data export
MDL-62735 - Simple search does not obey global search on/off setting
MDL-58702 - Restore role mappings form has no label
MDL-62705 - Global search results order selection does not display when no context
MDL-62597 - Data requests date column should include time
MDL-62519 - After making multiple attempts to record a video, only the last \ 
attempt should be saved
MDL-61932 - Glossary created via import does not display on the front page
MDL-61778 - The online status icon in the messaging interface is a \ 
"play" button instead of a coloured dot
MDL-58063 - Unable to access manage files within HTML block on Page resource \ 
when using the Clean theme
MDL-61894 - Tag-managing dialog modals have unstyled buttons
MDL-62386 - Audio file doesn't display when using HTML5 audio media player
MDL-62796 - Policy popup should display for not logged in users
MDL-62288 - Glossary entries permalinks
Security issues
A number of security related issues were resolved. Details of these issues will \ 
be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system \ 
administrators to safely update to the latest version.