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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.10.2nb1, Package name: moodle-3.10.2nb1, Maintainer: wen

Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software
package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators
create effective online learning communities. You can use it on any
computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a
single-teacher site to a 40,000-student University.

Required to run:
[textproc/php-json] [converters/php-iconv] [www/php-curl] [graphics/php-gd] [archivers/php-zlib] [archivers/php-zip] [net/php-xmlrpc] [converters/php-mbstring] [databases/php-mysqli] [net/php-soap] [textproc/php-intl] [devel/php-opcache]

Required to build:
[www/apache24] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Package options: mysql

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   2021-10-07 17:09:00 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1033)
Log message:
www: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-05-24 21:56:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3575)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.34
   2021-03-09 04:04:43 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.10.2

Upstream changes:
Moodle 3.10.2 release notes

Releases > Moodle 3.10.2 release notes

Release date: 8 March 2021

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.10.2.

    1 General fixes and improvements
    2 Accessibility improvements
    3 Security fixes
    4 See also

General fixes and improvements

    MDL-67959 - The default group icon should not be displayed when there is no \ 
group picture
    MDL-67515 - Uninstalled plugin breaks the custom lang tool if it had some \ 
strings customised
    MDL-66979 - Switch all the Behat testing to the new W3C drivers
    MDL-70535 - VideoJS language doesn't fallback to en
    MDL-68970 - Pages during a quiz attempt should not be cached, so \ 
forwards/back do not lead to errors
    MDL-57020 - Unable to delete scales which are no longer used
    MDL-70268 - Dropbox repository requires log on to work - which fails
    MDL-46256 - count_words returns too few words when dealing with html tags
    MDL-70048 - Dropbox Search API: /files/search is being retired in favor of \ 
    MDL-69867 - Marking workflow display wrong current grade if using scales
    MDL-70736 - Unable to load Marking Guide Templates
    MDL-70796 - Moodle word count does not match other software
    MDL-69101 - Essay question: "Accepted file types" and other new \ 
fields are not supported in Moodle XML file
    MDL-70377 - When reviewing an attempt as a teacher $string['saved'] {$a} not \ 
    MDL-43697 - Archived badges are restored during course restore
    MDL-70676 - Workshop assessment aspect with no grade is unusable
    MDL-70631 - Poor performance of zip_packer::extract_to_pathname()
    MDL-70648 - Editing a calendar event of type category and removing the \ 
category results in an error
    MDL-68958 - Undefined variable: href when creating IMSCP
    MDL-70339 - Activity chooser does not honour external tool icons
    MDL-56772 - File picker:Right align table column headers, in RTL mode \ 
    MDL-70513 - Quiz manual grading page should warn if you try to leave with \ 
unsaved data
    MDL-70705 - Multilang Filters not applied to Recent blog entries block Blog \ 
entry titles
    MDL-70552 - Notification of submissions are not sent for anonymous feedback
    MDL-70574 - Cloze multianswer question leaks percentage if with decimal
    MDL-66932 - Grade percentage display in Gradebook should be LTR, in RTL mode
    MDL-70585 - Downloaded course content unbrowseable for some activity names
    MDL-70912 - Cannot access H5P content bank popup in Atto editor within \ 
mod_data textarea
    MDL-70264 - badges/oauth2callback.php should be removed and replaced by \ 
    MDL-67974 - Badge expiry error and missing expired stamp
    MDL-67494 - Course/activity calendar events are deleted when the teacher who \ 
created them requests their data to be deleted
    MDL-70995 - Group names not formatted in course participants filter
    MDL-69883 - Unable to scroll beyond 50 conversations in Messages tool
    MDL-69097 - Language filters aren't correctly applied in "Whole forum \ 

Accessibility improvements

    MDL-70169 - Login page accessibility issues
    MDL-70288 - Checkbox and advanced checkbox elements can have duplicate labels
    MDL-70173 - Dashboard accessibility issues
    MDL-65390 - Accessibility #11 Content appears above “show more” button
    MDL-59782 - Question bank highlight of last added question is wrong in boost
    MDL-70172 - Site home page accessibility issues

Security fixes

Details of any security issues will be released after a period of approximately \ 
one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.
   2021-01-05 13:49:44 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
www/moodle: allow build on php74

moodle supports not only PHP 7.3 but 7.4.
   2021-01-03 16:26:12 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (11)
Log message:
Remove reference to php72.
   2020-11-15 16:03:28 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.10

Upstream changelog please visit:
   2020-10-01 05:36:40 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 3.9.2

Upstream changes:
General fixes and improvements

    MDL-63375 - Workshop rubric display issue in grid view
    MDL-60574 - Atto editor undo/redo (crtl-y/z) can sometimes wipe all content
    MDL-26401 - Byte order mark at the beginning of import groups file fail the \ 
process with the confusing error message
    MDL-51709 - Gradebook single view has a hard coded name format in grade view
    MDL-40227 - Numerical question in lesson - decimal fractions problem
    MDL-66665 - Reopened assignment shown as graded by student themselves
    MDL-61215 - Badge and user profile picture using an svg file doesn't display
    MDL-66810 - Allow microphone and camera to be accessed from content iframe
    MDL-69079 - Activity chooser does not display if site contains plugins \ 
missing from disk
    MDL-68178 - Email-based self-registration confirmation email is not re-sent
    MDL-67831 - The Message reply box is not fixed
    MDL-66670 - list bullet points are cut off in some browsers
    MDL-69246 - Question manual grading: floating point issues can lead to valid \ 
grades being rejected
    MDL-65819 - Contact request email must respect the receiver's language
    MDL-68715 - Condition: "Completion of other courses" is set \ 
without the course creator intervention
    MDL-52052 - Import grades with an empty identifier causes bad upload but it \ 
doesn't show error message
    MDL-55340 - Export labels from feedback
    MDL-67671 - Backup step 2 show type options missing activity names
    MDL-67440 - \core\task\analytics_cleanup_task extremely slow on Postgres site.
    MDL-68210 - Unable to edit user overrides if assignment is not available to \ 
    MDL-66900 - "Alternate image" gets removed upon editing course \ 
category settings.
    MDL-66755 - After editing a forum post, a user is unsubscribed from the \ 
    MDL-66626 - Assignfeedback_editpdf sending infinite request when page ready \ 
is not equal to page number of combined pdf
    MDL-69297 - File-based Assignments shouldn't accept submissions without any files
    MDL-69168 - Recently Accessed Items block uses stock LTI icon even if it has \ 
been customized
    MDL-69215 - load_fontawesome_icon_map web service does not respect current theme
    MDL-69414 - 3.9 regression - "Drag and drop onto image" flips in \ 
RTL lang.
    MDL-69336 - Collapsing columns in dynamic tables no longer functions
    MDL-55299 - Single and double quotes encoded in HTML characters in \ 
downloaded files
    MDL-68618 - Forum idnumber update not working
    MDL-68558 - Admin can get stuck on the Plugin dependencies check failure page
    MDL-68444 - Calendar accessibility followups
    MDL-69401 - Book's chapter title not showing max length limit
    MDL-69358 - The 'backup_cleanup_task' task deletes records related to \ 
incompleted adhoc tasks
    MDL-69375 - LTI Names and Roles Provisioning Service generates Link headers \ 
with incorrect format
    MDL-66818 - Portfolio "export whole discussion" button should not \ 
be visible if the user has inadequate permissions
    MDL-66707 - Forum too eager to mark messages as read (threaded view)
    MDL-69296 - Pressing cancel on a resource activity settings page may result \ 
in a file download
    MDL-69241 - Participants page pagination doesn't reset when applying filters
    MDL-69199 - Complete user report incorrectly shows last modified time of \ 
quiz attempts, not time submitted
    MDL-69112 - Underscore in folder name breaks assign feedback multi-upload
    MDL-69089 - Content bank allows empty names
    MDL-69069 - Insufficient colour contrast for in-place editable and drag and \ 
drop upload status
    MDL-69054 - Edit button for badge backpack not displayed when version is OBv1.0
    MDL-68964 - Swapping theme in chat window causing notice error
    MDL-68889 - Recently accessed courses not functioning on small view ports
    MDL-68731 - Forum digest processing does not mark posts as read
    MDL-68706 - Course Custom field text area cant be emptied
    MDL-42434 - Chat activity needs user help
    MDL-69448 - Course Copy in 3.9 and 3.9.1 not working for teacher with \ 
extended permissions
    MDL-69204 - User A can see the privacy and policies + data retention summary \ 
link on user B's profile page
    MDL-69645 - Preferences window can be opened on Safe Exam Browser Mac \ 
clients during quizzes using manual configuration

Accessibility improvements

    MDL-69394 - Insufficient colour contrast for calendar event colour indicators
    MDL-68344 - File Picker: focus lost on upload
    MDL-69391 - Some dropdown menus have insufficient colour contrast between \ 
text and background
    MDL-69389 - Insufficient colour contrast between link text and normal text
    MDL-69387 - Completion checkbox images don't have sufficient colour contrast
    MDL-69214 - Error reading database on Participants page if \ 
site:accessallgroups is set to prohibit
    MDL-69115 - Course and category management page accessibility followups
    MDL-69114 - Insufficient colour contrast for .*-info classes
    MDL-69111 - Forum grading panel cannot be used when zoomed to 400%

For developers

    MDL-69068 - Allow behat generators to be pivoted

Security fixes

    MSA-20-0011 Stored XSS via moodlenetprofile parameter in user profile
    MSA-20-0012 Reflected XSS in tag manager
    MSA-20-0013 "Log in as" capability in a course context may lead to \ 
some privilege escalation
    MSA-20-0014 Denial of service risk in file picker unzip functionality
    MSA-20-0015 Chapter name in book not always escaped with forceclean enabled

General fixes and improvements

    MDL-60827 - OAuth 2 still expecting email verification after "Require \ 
email verification" has been disabled
    MDL-68436 - Atto RecordRTC (record audio/video) plugin only works in the \ 
first editor on a page
    MDL-69049 - Moodle 3.9 upgrade fails due to missing column in privacy \ 
plugins if standalone GDPR plugins were used
    MDL-69106 - convert_submissions task with asynchronous document conversion \ 
cannot be completed by cron
    MDL-69109 - Theme icons are lost after web upgrade in 3.9 or theme change in \ 
other versions
    MDL-68992 - Update minimal age of digital consent according to current \ 
    MDL-68215 - Make the Activity results block styling consistent with other blocks
    MDL-69110 - Sorting does not work anymore in non-dynamic tables
    MDL-66899 - Regrading quiz attempts should be logged
    MDL-69077 - The capabilities moodle/question:tag* are not visible in the \ 
"Check permissions" page in the activity context
    MDL-69021 - Alert links hard to distinguish
    MDL-69099 - Some scheduled tasks are incorrectly labelled as "Disabled"
    MDL-67294 - Choosing bulk removal of empty submissions causes an error
    MDL-69031 - Missing Moodle app disable features settings for 3.9

Accessibility improvements

    MDL-69008 - Accessibility issues in the pagination bar template

Security improvements

    MDL-69047 - Content bank status message should be hard coded

Security fixes

    MSA-20-0008 Reflected XSS in admin task logs filter
    MSA-20-0009 Course enrolments allowed privilege escalation from teacher role \ 
into manager role
    MSA-20-0010 yui_combo should mitigate denial of service risk

Please visit: https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Moodle_3.9_release_notes#
   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631) | Package updated
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.