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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.100nb2, Package name: verilator-4.100nb2, Maintainer: ryoon

Verilator is the fastest free Verilog HDL simulator, and outperforms
most commercial simulators. Verilator compiles synthesizable
SystemVerilog (generally not test-bench code), plus some SystemVerilog
and Synthesis assertions into single- or multithreaded C++ or
SystemC code. Verilator is designed for large projects where fast
simulation performance is of primary concern, and is especially
well suited to generate executable models of CPUs for embedded
software design teams.

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   2022-07-25 13:12:30 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (102)
Log message:
*: remove pkg-config from tools where no buildlink3.mk file is included

Bulk build on NetBSD of these packages had the same result as before
(build succeeds, no PLIST change).
   2022-06-28 13:38:00 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3952)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.36
   2021-10-26 12:04:17 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (63)
Log message:
cad: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes
   2021-10-07 15:20:33 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (63)
Log message:
cad: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-05-24 21:56:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3575)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.34
   2020-10-03 14:21:42 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
verilator: Update to 4.100

* Verilator 4.100 2020-09-07

**    C++11 or newer compilers are now required.

**    SystemC 2.3.0 or newer (SYSTEMC_VERSION >= 20111121) is now required.

**    Support hierarchical Verilation (#2206). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

****  Support (with limitations) class extern, class extends, virtual class.

****  Support $urandom, $urandom_range without stability.

****  Fix false DECLFILENAME on black-boxed modules (#2430). [Philipp Wagner]

****  Fix naming of "id : begin" blocks.

****  Fix class constructor error on assignments to const.

****  Fix splitting eval functions with --output-split-cfuncs (#2368). [Geza Lore]

****  Fix queues as class members (#2525). [nanduraj1]

****  Add support for assume property. [Peter Monsson]

* Verilator 4.040 2020-08-15

**    Version 4.040 is planned to be the final version that will
      support pre-C++11 compilers. Please move to C++11 or newer compilers.

***   Fix arrayed interfaces, broke in 4.038 (#2468). [Josh Redford]

****  Support $stable, $rose and $fell.  (#2148) (#2501) [Peter Monsson]

****  Support simple function localparams (#2461). [James Hanlon]

****  Miscellaneous parsing error changes towards UVM support.

****  Fix arrayed interfaces (#2469).  [Josh Redford]

****  Fix protect lib VCS warning. (#2479) [Julien Margetts]

****  Fix combining different-width parameters (#2484). [abirkmanis]

****  Fix protect-lib without sequential logic (#2492). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

****  Fix V3Unknown from running with flat XML output (#2494). [James Hanlon]

****  Fix non-32 bit conversion to float (#2495). [dsvf]

****  Fix casting non-self-determined subexpressions (#2493). [phantom-killua]

****  Fix SystemC net names (#2500). [Edgar E. Iglesias]

****  Fix build with Bison 3.7 and newer (#2505). [Rupert Swarbrick]

****  Fix slice of unpacked array (#2506) (#2507). [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

* Verilator 4.038 2020-07-11

**    Versions 4.038 and 4.040 are planned to be the final versions that will
      support pre-C++11 compilers. Please move to C++11 or newer compilers.

***   Support VPI access to parameters and localparam. [Ludwig Rogiers]

***   Support parsing (not elaboration, yet) of UVM.

****  Add new UNSUPPORTED error code to replace most previous Unsupported: messages.

****  With --bbox-unsup continue parsing on many (not all) UVM constructs.

****  Support for-loop increments with commas.

****  Support $swrite with arbitrary arguments.

****  Support $writememb (#2450). [Fan Shupei]

****  Fix OS X, Free BSD, and -m32 portability issues. [Geza Lore]

****  Fix to flush FST trace on termination due to $stop or assertion failure.

****  Fix part select error when multipling by power-of-two (#2413). [Conor \ 

****  Fix division exception (#2460) [Kuoping Hsu]

* Verilator 4.036 2020-06-06

**    OPT_FAST is now -Os by default. See the BENCHMARKING & OPTIMIZATION part
      of the manual if you experience issues with compilation speed.

***   Configure now enables SystemC if it is installed as a system headers,
      e.g. with 'apt-get install systemc-dev'.

***   Add --waiver-output flag that writes a verilator config file (.vlt) with
      waivers to the warnings emitted during a Verilator run.

***   Support verilator_coverage --write-info for lcov HTML reports.
      Line Coverage now tracks all statement lines, not just branch lines.

***   --output-split is now on by default. VM_PARALLEL_BUILDS is set by
      default iff the --output-split caused an actual file split to occur.
      --output-split-cfuncs and --output-split-ctrace now default to the
      value of --output-split. These changes should improve build times of
      medium and large designs with default options. User makefiles may
      require changes.

***   The run-time library is now compiled with -Os by default. (#2369, #2373)

****  Support multi channel descriptor I/O (#2190) [Stephen Henry]

****  Support $countbits. (#2287) [Yossi Nivin]

****  Support $isunbounded and parameter $. (#2104)

****  Support unpacked array .sum and .product.

****  Support prefix/postfix increment/decrement. (#2223) [Maciej Sobkowski]

****  Fix FST tracing of little bit endian signals. [Geza Lore]

****  Fix +: and -: on unpacked arrays. (#2304) [engr248]

****  Fix $isunknown with constant Z's.

****  Fix queues and dynamic array wide ops. (#2352) [Vassilis Papaefstathiou]

* Verilator 4.034 2020-05-03

**    Add simplistic class support with many restrictions, see manual. (#377)

**    Support IEEE time units and time precisions. (#234)
      Includes `timescale, $printtimescale, $timeformat.
      and the time precision must now match the SystemC time precision. To
      get closer behavior to older versions, use e.g. --timescale-override

**    Add --build to call make automatically. (#2249) [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

**    Configuring with ccache present now defaults to using it; see OBJCACHE.

**    Fix DPI import/export to be standard compliant. (#2236) [Geza Lore]

**    Add --trace-threads for general multithreaded tracing. (#2269) [Geza Lore]

***   Add --flatten for use with --xml-only. (#2270) [James Hanlon]

****  Greatly improve FST/VCD dump performance (#2244) (#2246) (#2250) (#2257) \ 
[Geza Lore]

****  Support $ferror, and $fflush without arguments. (#1638)

****  Support event data type (with some restrictions).

****  Support $root. (#2150) [Keyi Zhang]

****  Add error if use SystemC 2.2 and earlier (pre-2011) as is deprecated.

****  Fix build of fast path tracing code to use OPT_FAST. (#2245) [Geza Lore]

****  Fix arrayed instances connecting to slices. (#2263) [Don/engr248]

****  Fix error on unpacked connecting to packed. (#2288) [Joseph Shaker]

****  Fix logical not optimization with empty begin. (#2291) [Baltazar Ortiz]

****  Fix reduction OR on wide data, broke in v4.026. (#2300) [Jack Koenig]

****  Fix clock enables with bit-extends. (#2299) [Marco Widmer]

****  Fix MacOs Homebrew by removing default LIBS. (#2298) [Ryan Clarke]

* Verilator 4.032 2020-04-04

***   Add column numbers to errors and warnings.

***   Add GCC 9-style line number prefix when showing source text for errors.

***   Add setting VM_PARALLEL_BUILDS=1 when using --output-split. (#2185)

***   Change --quiet-exit to also suppress 'Exiting due to N errors'.

****  Suppress REALCVT for whole real numbers.

****  Support split_var in vlt files. (#2219) [Marco Widmer]

****  Fix parameter type redeclaring a type. (#2195) [hdzhangdoc]

****  Fix VCD open with empty filename. (#2198) [Julius Baxter]

****  Fix packages as enum base types. (#2202) [Driss Hafdi]

****  Fix duplicate typedefs in generate for. (#2205) [hdzhangdoc]

****  Fix MinW portability. (#2114) [Sean Cross]

****  Fix assertions with unique case inside. (#2199) [hdzhangdoc]

****  Fix implicit conversion of floats to wide integers.
   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631)
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.
   2020-03-18 14:33:38 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
verilator: Update to 4.030

Verilator 4.030 2020-03-08

    Add split_var metacomment to assist UNOPTFLAT fixes, #2066. [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

    Add support for $dumpfile and $dumpvars, #2126. [Alexander Grobman]

    Add support for dynamic arrays, #379.

    Add +verilator+noassert flag to disable assertion checking. [Tobias \ 

    Add check for assertOn for asserts, #2162. [Tobias W\303\266lfel]

    Add --structs-packed for forward compatibility.

    Fix genblk naming with directly nested generate blocks, #2176. [Alexander \ 

    Implement $displayb/o/h, $writeb/o/h, etc, #1637.

    Use gcc -Os in examples instead of -O2 for better average performance.

    Fix undeclared VL_SHIFTR_WWQ, #2114. [Alex Solomatnikov]

Verilator 4.028 2020-02-08

    Support attributes (public, isolate_assignments, etc.) in configuration files.

    Add -match to lint_off to waive warnings. [Philipp Wagner]

    Link Verilator binary partially statically, #2146. [Geza Lore]

    Verilation speed improvements, #2133, #2138. [Geza Lore]

    Support libgoogle-perftools-dev's libtcmalloc if available, #2137. [Geza Lore]

    Support $readmem/$writemem with assoc arrarys, #2100. [agrobman]

    Support type(expression) operator and $typename, #1650.

    Support left justified $display, #2101. [Pieter Kapsenberg]

    Support string character access via indexing.

    Support enum.next(k) with constant k > 1, #2125. [Tobias Rosenkranz]

    Support parameter access from arrays of interfaces, #2155. [Todd Strader]

    Add parameter values in XML. #2110. [Pieter Kapsenberg]

    Add loc column location in XML (replaces fl), #2122. [Pieter Kapsenberg]

    Add error on misused define. [Topa Tota]

    Add parameter to set maximum signal width, #2082. [\303\230yvind Harboe]

    Add warning on genvar in normal for loop, #2143. [yurivict]

    Fix VPI scope naming for public modules. [Nandu Raj]

    Fix FST tracing of enums inside structs. [fsiegle]

    Fix WIDTH warning on

    Fix OpenSolaris issues, #2154. [brancoliticus]

Verilator 4.026 2020-01-11

    Docker images are now available for Verilator releases.

    Support bounded queues.

    Support implication operator "|->" in assertions, #2069. [Peter \ 

    Support string compare, ato*, etc methods, #1606. [Yutetsu TAKATSUKASA]

    Support immediate cover statements.

    Ignore `uselib to end-of-line, #1634. [Frederic Antonin]

    Update FST trace API for better performance.

    Add vpiTimeUnit and allow to specify time as string, #1636. [Stefan Wallentowitz]

    Add error when `resetall inside module (IEEE 2017-22.3).

    Add cleaner error on version control conflicts in sources.

    Fix little endian cell ranges, #1631. [Julien Margetts]

    Fix queue issues, #1641, #1643. [Peter Monsson, Stefan Wallentowitz]

    Fix strcasecmp for windows, #1651. [Kuba Ober]

    Fix disable iff in assertions. Closes #1404. [Peter Monsson]

    Fix huge case statement performance. Closes #1644. [Julien Margetts]

    Fix tracing -1 index arrays. Closes #2090. [Yutetsu Takatsukasa]

    Fix expand optimization slowing --lint-only. Closes #2091. [Thomas Watts]

    Fix %{number}s with strings. #2093. [agrobman]

    Fix shebang breaking some shells. Closes #2067. [zdave]

Verilator 4.024 2019-12-08

    Support associative arrays (excluding [*] and pattern assignments), bug544.

    Support queues (excluding {} notation and pattern assignments), bug545.

    Add +verilator+error+limit to see more assertion errors. [Peter Monsson]

    Support string.toupper and string.tolower.

    Support $rewind and $ungetc.

    Support shortreal as real, with a SHORTREAL warning.

    Add -Wpedantic and -Wno-context for compliance testing.

    Add error on redefining preprocessor directives. [Piotr Binkowski]

    Support $value$plusargs float and shorts, bug1592, bug1619. [Garrett Smith]

    Fix gate lvalue optimization error, bug831. [Jonathon Donaldson, Driss Hafdi]

    Fix color assertion on empty if, bug1604. [Andrew Holme]

    Fix for loop missing initializer, bug1605. [Andrew Holme]

    Fix hang on concat error, bug1608. [Bogdan Vukobratovic]

    Fix VPI timed callbacks to be one-shot, pull5. [Matthew Ballance]

    Fix // in filenames, bug1610. [Peter Nelson]

    Fix $display("%p") to be closer to IEEE.

    Fix labels on functions with returns, bug1614. [Mitch Hayenga]

    Fix false unused message on __Vemumtab, msg3180. [Tobias Rosenkranz]

    Fix assertion on dotted parameter arrayed function, bug1620. [Rich Porter]

    Fix interface reference tracing, bug1595. [Todd Strader]

    Fix error on unpacked concatenations, bug1627. [Driss Hafdi]

Verilator 4.022 2019-11-10

    Add --protect-lib, bug1490. [Todd Strader]

    Add cmake support, bug1363. [Patrick Stewart]

    Examples have been renamed.

    Add --protect-ids to obscure information in objects, bug1521. [Todd Strader]

    Add --trace-coverage.

    Add --xml-output.

    Support multithreading on Windows. [Patrick Stewart]

    Suppress 'command failed' on normal errors.

    Support some unpacked arrays in parameters, bug1315. [Marshal Qiao]

    Add interface port visibility in traces, bug1594. [Todd Strader]

    Increase case duplicate/incomplete to 16 bit tables, bug1545. [Yossi Nivin]

    Support quoted arguments in -f files, bug1535. [Yves Mathieu]

    Optimize modulus by power-of-two constants, and masked conditionals.

    Fix detecting missing reg types, bug1570. [Jacko Dirks]

    Fix multithreaded yield behavior when no work. [Patrick Stewart]

    Fix bad-syntax crashes, bug1548, bug1550-1553, bug1557-1560, bug1563, \ 
bug1573-1577, bug1579, bug1582-1591. [Eric Rippey]

    Fix false CMPCONST/UNSIGNED warnings on "inside", bug1581. [Mitch \ 

Verilator 4.020 2019-10-06

    Support $fseek, $ftell, $frewind, bug1496. [Howard Su]

    Add --public-flat-rw, bug1511. [Stefan Wallentowitz]

    Support vpiModule, bug1469. [Stefan Wallentowitz]

    Make Syms file honor --output-split-cfuncs, bug1499. [Todd Strader]

    Fix make test with no VERILATOR_ROOT, bug1494. [Ahmed El-Mahmoudy]

    Fix error on multidimensional cells, bug1505. [Anderson Ignacio Da Silva]

    Fix config_rev revision detection on old versions.

    Fix false warning on backward indexing, bug1507. [Hao Shi]

    Fix vpiType accessor, bug1509, bug1510. [Stefan Wallentowitz]

    Fix ugly error on interface misuse, bug1525. [Bogdan Vukobratovic]

    Fix misc bad-syntax crashes, bug1529-bug1533. [Eric Rippey]

    Fix case statements with strings, bug1536. [Philipp Wagner]

Verilator 4.018 2019-08-29

    When showing an error, show source code and offer suggestions of replacements.

    When showing an error, show the instance location, bug1305. [Todd Strader]

    Add --rr, bug1481. [Todd Strader]

    Change MULTITOP to warning to help linting, see manual.

    Add XSim support to driver.pl, bug1493. [Todd Strader]

    Show included-from filenames in warnings, bug1439. [Todd Strader]

    Fix elaboration time errors, bug1429. [Udi Finkelstein]

    Fix not reporting some duplicate signals/ports, bug1462. [Peter Gerst]

    Fix not in array context on non-power-of-two slices, msg2946. [Yu Sheng Lin]

    Fix system compile flags injection. [Gianfranco Costamagna]

    Fix enum values not being sized based on parent, bug1442. [Dan Petrisko]

    Fix internal error on gate optimization of assign, bug1475. [Oyvind Harboe]

    Add --dpi-hdr-only, bug1491. [Todd Strader]