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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
2vcard Convert an addressbook to the popular VCARD file format
ack Japanese code converter
antiword (V) Free MS Word to text and PostScript converter
autoconvert Intelligent Chinese encoding converter
base64 Encode and decode base64 files
bbcim File and diskimage conversion utility for BBC Micro software
bdf2psf Convert a BDF font to PSF format for the Linux console
bdf2sfd BDF to SFD converter
bib2xml BibTeX to XML converter
bibtex2html Collection of tools for translating from BibTeX to HTML
cbmconvert Converts files to and from various C64/C128/CBM formats
chef Convert from English to (mock) Swedish - Bork Bork Bork!
cn2jp Library for code translation between Chinese and Japanese
code2html Convert a program source code to syntax highlighted HTML
convmv Converts filenames from one encoding to another
cue2pops Convert BIN/CUE to VCD for POPS on the PS2
doc2html PERL external filter for htdig to convert numerous doc formats to HTML
docx2txt Convert Microsoft .docx documents to simple text files
dos2unix DOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter
dsk2rom MSX disk image conversion utility
dvi2tty Program for previewing DVI files
dvisvgm Fast DVI to SVG converter
enriched2html Converts from text/enriched to HTML
erlang-iconv Fast encoding conversion library for Erlang / Elixir
fondu Utility to convert between Mac fonts and UNIX fonts
fribidi Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
gbase GTK program designed to convert between the four common bases
help2man Generate simple manual pages from program output
hs-aeson Fast JSON parsing and encoding
hs-aeson-better-errors Better error messages when decoding JSON values
hs-aeson-pretty JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool
hs-base16-bytestring Fast base16 (hex) encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
hs-base64 Modern RFC 4648-compliant Base64 library
hs-base64-bytestring Fast base64 encoding and deconding for ByteStrings
hs-bencode Parsers and printers for bencoded data
hs-cborg-json Library for encoding JSON as CBOR
hs-deriving-aeson Type driven generic aeson instance customisation
hs-emojis Conversion between emoji characters and their names
hs-hslua-aeson Allow aeson data types to be used with Lua
hs-json Support for serialising Haskell to and from JSON
hs-lens-aeson Law-abiding lenses for aeson
hs-pandoc-base Pandoc document conversion library
hs-pandoc-lua-engine Lua engine to power custom pandoc conversions
hs-pandoc-server Pandoc document conversion as an HTTP servant-server
hs-sandi Data encoding library
hs-string-conversions Simplifies dealing with different types for strings
hs-text-conversions Safe conversions between textual types
hztty Turns a tty session between Big5/GB/HZ/Unicode
info2man Wrapper for info2pod to convert info files in man format
ish Binary-to-text file-encoder
ja-dvi2tty Program for previewing DVI files (ASCII Japanese TeX)
jcode-perl Perl library for Japanese character code conversion
kcc Kanji code converter with auto encoding detection
latex2rtf LaTeX to RTF converter
libabw Library for AbiWord documents
libcdr Corel Draw file format importer library
libe-book Library for importing non-HTML reflowable e-book formats
libepubgen EPUB generator library for librevenge
libetonyek Library for Apple Office suite files
libfreehand Library for Adobe/Macromedia drawings
libiconv Character set conversion library
libkkc Japanese Kana Kanji conversion library
libmspub Library for importing Microsoft Publisher content
libmwaw Import library for pre-OSX Mac text formats
libpagemaker Library and utilities for Adobe PageMaker files
libqxp Library that parses the file format of QuarkXPress documents
librevenge Base library for writing document import filters
libstaroffice Library to import StarOffice documents
libvisio Library and tools for parsing the visio file format
libwpd Library for importing and exporting WordPerfect(tm) documents
libwpg Library for importing and converting Corel WordPerfect Graphics images
libwps Library for importing Microsoft Works documents
libzmf Library to parse Zoner Callisto/Draw documents
lua-iconv Lua bindings for POSIX iconv
m17n-lib (V) Multilingualization library
macfork Tool for extracting data from Macintosh resource forks
mpack External MIME packer/unpacker
nkf Convert between various Japanese character encodings
odt2txt Simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text
opencc Convertion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese
orcus Import filter library for spreadsheet documents (0.16 branch)
p5-chkjis Filter library substituting vendor's own characters
p5-Convert-ASCII-Armour (V) Perl5 module to convert binary octets into ASCII armour
p5-Convert-ASN1 (V) Perl5 module to encode/decode ASN.1 data
p5-Convert-Bencode Functions for converting to/from bencoded strings
p5-Convert-BinHex Read and write Macintosh BinHex streams
p5-Convert-Color Color space conversions and named lookups
p5-Convert-Color-XTerm Indexed colors used by XTerm
p5-Convert-PEM (V) Perl5 module to read/write ASN.1-encoded PEM files
p5-Convert-TNEF Perl5 module interface to read TNEF files
p5-Convert-Translit (V) Perl5 module to transliterate various character sets
p5-Convert-UU Perl5 module interface to uuencode and uudecode
p5-Convert-UUlib Perl5 module interface to the uulib library
p5-Cpanel-JSON-XS JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast (cPanel fork)
p5-Data-Hexify Perl extension for hexdumping arbitrary data
p5-Encode-Arabic (V) Perl5 implementation for Arabic encodings
p5-Encode-IMAPUTF7 (V) Modified UTF7 encoding (for IMAP)
p5-Jcode Perl5 module for handling various Japanese charsets
p5-JSON Perl module converts between JSON and Perl data structure
p5-JSON-Any Wrapper Class for the various JSON classes
p5-JSON-MaybeXS Use Cpanel::JSON::XS with a fallback to JSON::PP
p5-JSON-Parse Read JSON into a Perl variable
p5-JSON-XS JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast
p5-JSON-XS-VersionOneAndTwo Support versions 1 and 2 of JSON::XS
p5-MARC-Charset Convert MARC-8 encoded strings to UTF-8
p5-MARC-Crosswalk-DublinCore Convert data between MARC and Dublin Core
p5-MARC-XML (V) Work with MARC data encoded as XML, SAX handler for parsing MARCXML
p5-MIME-Base32 Perl5 module for Base32 encoding
p5-MIME-Base64-URLSafe Perl version of Python's URL-safe base64 codec
p5-nkf Perl library for Network Kanji code conversion Filter
p5-ODF-lpOD (V) OpenDocument management interface
p5-Sereal Fast, compact, powerful binary (de-)serialization
p5-Sereal-Decoder Perl5 module for fast, compact, powerful binary deserialization
p5-Sereal-Encoder Perl5 module for fast, compact, powerful binary serialization
p5-Text-Iconv Perl interface to iconv() codeset conversion function
p5-Unicode-CheckUTF8 (V) Perl5 module to check if scalar is valid UTF-8
p5-Unicode-EastAsianWidth Perl5 module that provides properties of East Asian characters
p5-Unicode-EastAsianWidth-Detect (V) Perl5 module to detect CJK Language
p5-Unicode-IMAPUtf7 Perl extension to deal with IMAP UTF7
p5-Unicode-Map Perl5 module that maps charsets from and to utf16 unicode
p5-Unicode-Map8 Perl5 module providing mapping tables between charsets
p5-Unicode-MapUTF8 Provides conversions for arbitrary character sets and UTF8
p5-Unicode-String Perl5 modules to handle various Unicode issues
p5-Unicode-UTF8simple Conversions to/from UTF8 from/to charactersets
pandoc Conversion between markup formats
pdf2svg Small utility to convert PDF files to SVG files
pear-I18n_UnicodeNormalizer PHP classes to provide Unicode Normalization
php-iconv PHP extension for character set conversion
php-mbstring PHP extension for multibyte characters support
php-recode PHP extension for recode support
pnm2ppa (V) Filter to convert PNM file to PPA used by some HP DJ printer
psiconv PSION 5 file format data conversion utilities
pstoedit (V) Convert PostScript / PDF into various vector graphic formats
pstotext Postscript to text converter
py-aafigure (V) ASCII art to image converter
py-arabic-reshaper Reconstruct Arabic sentences
py-base45 (V) Python Base45 Encoder/Decoder
py-base58 Base58 and Base58Check implementation
py-bidi Pure Python implementation of the BiDi layout algorithm
py-cairosvg Simple SVG Converter for Cairo
py-calverter (V) Convert date between Hijri, Jalali and Gregorian types of date
py-chardet Universal encoding detector for Python 3
py-charset-normalizer Universal Charset Detector
py-confusable_homoglyphs Detect confusable usage of unicode homoglyphs
py-emoji ASCII<->Emoji conversion library for Python
py-fastbencode Implementation of bencode with optional fast C extensions
py-html-sanitizer (V) White-list based HTML sanitizer
py-html2text (V) Convert HTML into easy-to-read plain ASCII text
py-html2text-2019.8.11 (V) Convert HTML into easy-to-read plain ASCII text
py-jpCodecs Python Unicode codecs for Japanese charsets
py-ld (V) Python implementation of the JSON-LD API
py-logilab-mtconverter (V) Library convert from a MIME type to another
py-ndjson (V) JsonDecoder for ndjson
py-plucker (V) Set of tools converting web pages to Plucker format
py-reedsolo Pure-Python Reed Solomon encoder/decoder
py-simplejson Simple, fast, complete and extensible JSON encoder/decoder
py-ubjson (V) Universal Binary JSON encoder/decoder
py-unicode-slugify Slug generator that turns strings into unicode slugs
py-uniseg (V) Pure Python library to determine Unicode text segmentations
py-yenc Python module for yenc decoding module in C
py-zfec Efficient, portable erasure coding tool
py-zhCodecs Python Unicode codecs for Chinese charsets
py27-cairosvg Simple SVG Converter for Cairo
pyzy Chinese PinYin and Bopomofo conversion library
qkc Quick Kanji code Converter
qrencode QR Code generator
R-base64enc Tools for base64 encoding
recode Convert files between character sets and usages
rpm2cpio Convert .rpm files for extraction with cpio, needs just perl
rss2html RSS to HTML converter
rtf2html Rich Text to HTML file converter
ru-d1489 CP866<->KOI8-R, CP1251<->KOI8-R and font converters acc. to RFC1489
ruby-Ascii85 Ascii85 encoder/decoder
ruby-hikidoc (V) Text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers
ruby-romkan Romaji <-> Kana conversion library for Ruby
ruby-uconv Unicode conversion library with Japanese codesets support
ruby-unf Wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support
ruby-unf_ext Unicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby
simdutf (V) Library for unicode validation, transcoding and processing
skf Simple Kanji Filter - i18n kanji converter
smbchartool File name conversion tool for Samba
sratom Library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from RDF
TECkit Low-level toolkit to perform encoding conversions
txt2html Plain text to HTML convertor
txt2man Convert flat ASCII text to man page format
txt2pdbdoc Text to Palm DOC converter
unix2dos Translate ASCII files to/from DOS (cr/lf) and UNIX (lf)
unoconv Convert any format supported by LibreOffice/OpenOffice
utf8proc C library for processing Unicode data
uudeview Program for uu/xx/Base64/BinHex de-/encoding
uulib Library for uu/xx/Base64/BinHex de-/encoding
wkhtmltopdf Command line tools to render HTML into PDF
wv Library and executables to access Microsoft Word files
wv2 Library to access Microsoft Word files
xdeview X11 program for uu/xx/Base64/BinHex de-/encoding
xlhtml Microsoft xls/ppt to HTML converter
xlreader Converts the cells in a MS Excel file to text
yencode Encoder and decoder for yenc format