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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.0.10nb2, Package name: SDL2-2.0.10nb2, Maintainer: nia

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to
provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics
hardware via OpenGL and Direct3D. It is used by video playback software,
emulators, and popular games including Valve's award winning catalog and many
Humble Bundle games.

SDL officially supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. Support for
other platforms may be found in the source code.

SDL is written in C, works natively with C++, and there are bindings available
for several other languages, including C# and Python.

SDL 2.0 is distributed under the zlib license. This license allows you to use
SDL freely in any software.

Required to run:
[graphics/MesaLib] [x11/libXScrnSaver] [x11/xcursor] [x11/liboldXrandr] [devel/libusb-compat]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

Package options: opengl, x11

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SHA1: fb31312ea1d4b45db839796ae2336dfe3d5884e5
RMD160: b35818cbf8eaf0c9c4d3b6d7a293c05a368366b2
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   2020-01-26 18:32:28 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (981)
Log message:
all: migrate homepages from http to https

pkglint -r --network --only "migrate"

As a side-effect of migrating the homepages, pkglint also fixed a few
indentations in unrelated lines. These and the new homepages have been
checked manually.
   2020-01-20 22:13:16 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
SDL[2]: Remove esound support
   2020-01-04 02:52:23 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
SDL2: enable wayland where supported
   2019-10-29 23:46:39 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
*: fix manual definition of evdev mouse button ids
   2019-09-18 16:17:22 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (190)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from audio/pulseaudio
   2019-08-19 15:35:25 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
SDL2: handle wayland properly in buildlink3
   2019-08-18 18:16:25 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
SDL2: Add support for Wayland in options.mk.

While here, resolve some pkglint problems.

Builds on NetBSD with Wayland support...
   2019-07-27 17:29:10 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
SDL2: Update to 2.0.10


* Fixed bug 4347 - Keyboard LEDs don't work on linux console
* Fixed bug 4349 - SDL_CreateWindow fails with KMS/DRM after upgrading Mesa to 18.2.3
* Fix crash when GL_LoadFunctions()/GLES2_LoadFunctions() fails
* fix NetBSD C90 build failure
* joystick: Add Linux mappings for "Xbox One Wireless Controller (Model \ 
* Closing SDL-ryan-batching-renderer branch.
* Merge SDL-ryan-batching-renderer branch to default.
* merge fallout: Patched to compile, fixed some compiler warnings, etc.
* fix build using Watcom :
* metal: remove an obsolete section of a constant buffer.
* metal: avoid an extra buffer allocation and GPU data copy in RunCommandQueue, \ 
it's not needed. Improves overall performance.
* Remove machine-specific IncludePath from SDL.vcxproj
* Fixed bug 4315 - little Warning in Android_JNI_CaptureAudioBuffer
* Fixed bug 4319 - Android remove reflection for PointerIcon
* Fixed bug 4320 - Android remove reflection for HIDDeviceBLESteamController
* Fixed bug 4308 - Prebuilt SDL.dll files not compiled with ASLR support \ 
* mir: Removed mir client support.
* metal: fix the size of the buffer used for constant data.
* metal: fix the SDL_RENDERER_PRESENTVSYNC flag not being set on the renderer \ 
info on macOS, when vsync is used.
* metal: SDL_RenderReadPixels on macOS synchronizes the render target's texture \ 
data if it's managed, before reading from it.
* fix bug #4362 - SDL_syswm.h with SDL_PROTOTYPES_ONLY broken in C++ mode
* close_code.h: #error if included without matching begin_code.h
* close_code.h: #error if included without matching begin_code.h
* wayland: fix resizing and fullscreen toggling
* Added Vulkan headers version 1.1.91
* The Debian maintainers aren't using these rules, so enable dynamic loading of \ 
shared libraries by default for the Steam Linux Runtime
* Used confflags +=, so each option can be enabled individually, if desired
* Add SDL_TouchDeviceType enum and SDL_GetTouchDeviceType(SDL_TouchID id).
* cocoa: fix building with the macOS 10.7 SDK (thanks Riccardo!)
* Fixed bug 4367 - compatibility version decreased between 2.0.8 and 2.0.9
* Fixed bug 4366 - Compile throws a warning on RPI (Raspbian Stretch)
* Fixed bug 4377 - SDL_PIXELFORMAT enum is anonymous, which prevents its use in \ 
a templated function
* revert commit aad2440e3d61 for consistency (c.f. bug #4367.)
* Fixed bug 3193 - Dualshock 3's motion sensors overwrite analog stick
* software: fix blits with color mods that change during a command queue run.
* fix permissions
* The default draw blendmode is SDL_BLENDMODE_NONE
* Fixed a few compiler warnings.
* Back out change initializing renderer blend mode incorrectly.
* opengles: Fixed compiler warnings.
* libm: Watcom defines huge=__huge: undefine it to fix build using Watcom.
* os/2 bits for SDL_malloc.c -- from libffi
* Fixed bug 4391 - hid_enumerate() sometimes causes game to freeze for a few seconds
* Fixed bug 4392 - SDL_cpuinfo.h breaks compilation with C bool type
* Fixed bug 4394 - Crash in SDL_PumpEvents() after SDL_DestroyWindow()
* wayland: ask xdg-decoration protocol extension to use server-side decorations \ 
if possible.
* metal: SDL_RenderFillRects uses one draw call per 16k rectangles (within the \ 
given FillRects call), instead of one draw call per rectangle. Reduces CPU usage \ 
when drawing many rectangles.
* metal: Fix an incorrect division.
* Do a second pass to find libraries without a single version digit after the .so
* Added atomics support for armv8-a (Raspberry Pi 3)
* metal: use a staging texture in SDL_UpdateTexture, to make sure it doesn't \ 
stomp texture data being drawn in a previous frame on the GPU.
* SDL_touch.h (SDL_TouchDeviceType): remove comma at end of enumerator list.
* Fixed bug changing cursors on Raspberry Pi
* Fixed the hotspot for cursors on Raspberry Pi
* Added support for the Razer Raiju Mobile
* Patched to compile on Linux with --disable-threads.
* Patched to compile on Linux with threads enabled.  (whoops!)
* Added some detail to a Doxygen comment (thanks, Sylvain!).
* android: use cpufeatures to support SDL_HasNEON() (thanks, Sylvain!).
* kmsdrm: uninitialized KMSDRM fixes
* kmsdrm: Check for resources when validating KMSDRM device in check_modesetting.
* directfb: Updated render backend to new internal API.
* cmake: Comment out some debug logging that can upset build environments.
* Patched to compile on C89 compilers.
* render: fix some static analysis warnings.
* android: use __ARM_NEON instead of __ARM_NEON__ to include <arm_neon.h>
* Windows: NEON detection and intrinsic includes on Visual Studio
* Update comment URL of USB document (HID Usage Tables 1.12)
* Fix comment and end of lines
* Fixed the PS4 motion controls showing up as a separate game controller on Linux
* Warnings: fix a documentation warning and missing prototypes
* wayland: Send SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID mouse events for touches.
* linux: Move SDL_LinuxSetThreadPriority() elsewhere to fix build.
* egl: Don't force X11 support when testing for EGL.
* joystick: Added controller config for IMS Passenger Control Unit Devices.
* Fixed the ROCCAT Tyon mouse showing up as a joystick on Windows
* Whoops, forgot to add a new source file.  :/
* joystick: Removed unused variable.
* Fix warnings detected on Android build
* opengles2: fix prototype of glDeleteBuffers
* Fix warnings detected on Android build
* wayland: Do not try to lock on an invalid pointer
* Made it more clear that the values being compared are floats
* Added the hint SDL_HINT_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG_FILE to specify a file to load at \ 
initialization containing SDL game controller mappings
* Fixed bug 4415 - SDL menu bar is nonstandard on Mac
* Fixed bug 4379 - fix parallel build with slibtool
* Linux Haptic: Fix periodic.magnitude value
* Rename _SDL_sensor_h in public header, not to trigger Wreserved-id-macro
* Handle both "Sony Interactive Intertainment" and "Sony Computer \ 
Entertainment" when ignoring motion sensors
* Fixed building with the 10.10 SDK
* Fixed bug 4425 - promote to alpha format, palette surface with alpha values.
* emscripten: SDL_PrivateJoystickAdded() wants an instance id, not device index.
* Fixed bug 4426 - allows re-creation of software renderer
* cocoa: Implement OpenGL swap interval support with CVDisplayLink.
* testgl2: Press 'o' or 'p' to decrease/increase OpenGL swap interval.
* Gesture: remove warnings when ENABLE_DOLLAR is undefined.
* metal: Implement SDL_LockTexture for non-YUV textures.
* metal: Implement SDL_LockTexture for YUV formats.
* render: Prefer the Metal renderer over OpenGL.
* render: Fix internal state getting out of sync when destroying a texture that \ 
was just rendered and then creating a new one, in the GL and GLES2 backends. \ 
Fixes bug #4433.
* opengles 1: use color from 'draw' union in SetDrawState()
* opengles 1: same fix as in bug #4433
* PSP renderer: use colors from 'draw' union (very likely, but un-tested)
* Fixed bug 3511 - documentation to end an Android application
* Fixed bug 3186 - Android SW keyboard not restored when app becomes foreground.
* Android: fixed comments and spaces
* Android: on rare occasion, prevent Android_JNI_GetNativeWindow() from crashing
* Fixed bug 4424 - Android windowed mode is broken (Thanks Jonas Thiem!)
* Android: make sure surfaceChanged try to enter into 'resumed' state.
* Fixed bug 3250 - Wrong backbuffer pixel format on Android, keep getting RGB_565
* Android: preparation bug 4142, reduce usage of global variable Android_Window
* Android: minor preparation for bug 4142 (concurrency issues)
* Fixed bug 4142 - Concurrency issues in Android backend
* Android: prevent the error message from SDL_EGL_CreateSurface() to be masked.
* Android: use Mutex instead of Semphore for bug 4142
* Android: concurrency issue with egl_surface EGL_BAD_SURFACE - (bug 4142)
* Android: make Android_PumpEvents() more readable
* Android: fixed immediate transition to pause and resume.
* Updated copyright for 2019
* Fixed bug 4255 - SDL_GetGlobalMouseState() returns incorrect Y on secondary display
* Android: fix wrong state after immediate sequence pause() / resume() / pause()
* Android: un-needed check of "isPausing" and minor typos
* Android: remove SURFACE_TYPE_GPU, deprecated in API level 5.
* Android: allow multiple calls to nativeResume()
* Android: better fix for bug 3186. Run those commands from SDL thread.
* Android: some robustness when quitting application from onDestroy()
* Android: don't allow multiple instance of SDLActivity
* Android: concurrency issue for Android_SetWindowFullscreen()
* Android: native_window validity is guaranteed between surfaceCreated and Destroyed
* Android: add some SetError for Android_SetWindowFullscreen
* Android: prevent a dummy error message sending SDL_DISPLAYEVENT_ORIENTATION
* Android: un-needed transition to Pause state.
* Android: only send Quit event to SDLThread if it's not already terminated
* Android: nativeQuit for SDLActivity thread
* Android: some simplification, don't need mExitCalledFromJava
* Android: remove deprecated PixelFormat in surfaceChanged()
* Fixed bug 3930 - Android, set thread priorities and names
* Android: add name for Touch devices and simplification, from bug 3958
* Android: fix prototype of Android_JNI_InitTouch
* Android: fix bad merge from previous commit
* Android: don't call Android_JNI_ThreadDestroyed() for Java SDLThread
* Android: use pthread_once for creating thread key 'mThreadKey'
* Android: Audio thread is already setup for the JVM
* Android: use the same naming for JNI env local variables
* Android: change the way JNIEnv is retrieved
* Android: move and group JNIEnv helper functions
* Fixed bug 4453 - GLES / GLES2: first white renderer clear cmd is drawn as black
* Updated minimum supported Android version to API 16, to match latest NDK toolchain
* Fixed compiler warning
* Initial Android OpenSL ES implementation, contributed by ANTA
* Android/openslES: some space and indentation to match SDL conventions
* Android/openslES: register and use CloseDevice function.
* Android/openslES: move a few static variables to SDL_PrivateAudioData structure
* Android/openslES: set audio in paused/resumed state for Android event loop
* Android/openslES: start playing, after creating ressources
* Android/openslES: check for non NULL variable, some intialization.
* Android: minor, remove static attributes, move mIsSurfaceReady to SDLSurface
* Android/openslES: fix Pause/ResumeDevices when openslES is not used
* Android: create Pause/ResumeSem semaphore at higher level than CreateWindow()
* evdev: Add touchscreen mouse emulation and pressure support (thanks, Zach!).
* evdev: don't debug log on a BTN_TOUCH from a non-touch device.
* Android: remove old code after Android-16 has been set as minimum requirement
* Android: remove trailing spaces
* Android: merge SDLJoystickHandler_API12 and SDLJoystickHandler_API16
* Android: move static variable isPaused/isPausing to SDL_VideoData structure
* Android: add mutex protection to onNativeOrientationChanged
* Fixed bug 4024 - remove trailing comma of Controller mappings
* Android: also update APP_PLATFORM to android-16 in Application.mk
* Android: prevent concurrency in Android_SetScreenResolution() when exiting
* Android: remove hard-coded constant for Samsung DeX (no op!)
* Android: minor change in the evaluation of SOURCE_CLASS_JOYSTICK (no op!)
* Android: remove another hard-coded constant for Samsung DeX (no op!)
* Android: remove duplicate code in SDLGenericMotionListener_API24
* Fixed bug 3657 - Color-key doesn't work when an alpha channel is present
* Fixed compiler warning on Android
* Android: automatically attach to the JVM non-SDL threads
* Android: some typos
* Fixed compiler warning
* Fixed bug 3827 - issue with MapRGB, palette and colorkey
* Fixed bug 3827 - issue with MapRGB, palette and colorkey
* Revert SDL_gamecontrollerdb.h and sort_controllers.py from bug 4024
* Fixed bug 4024 - GameController error "Unexpected controller element"
* Fixed bug 4290 - add fastpaths for format conversion in BlitNtoN
* Add explicit unsigned int and char types in (for bug 4290)
* Fixed failing SDL_ConvertSurface() when blit has failed.
* Fix blit with blending (Blit_A) to RGB332 which has no palette
* Add fast paths in BlitNtoNKey
* Add SDL_MEMALIGNED flag for SDL_Surface using aligned memory.
* iOS/tvOS: fix support for SDL_GameControllerGetButton(controller, GUIDE) with \ 
MFi controllers (thanks Caleb!)
* Rename surface aligned memory flag to SDL_SIMD_ALIGNED
* Fix include path compilation
* Fixed bug 4484 - use SIMD aligned memory for SDL_Surface
* render: Fix OpenGL draw state cache for various points of texture binding.
* opengles1: keep cached texturing state correct.
* opengles2: keep cached texturing state correct.
* opengles2: patched to compile.
* Android/openslES: prevent to run out of buffers if Enqueue() fails.
* Android/openslES: set number of buffers of DATALOCATOR to internal NUM_BUFFER
* Android/openslES: fix warnings, comment out un-used interface
* Faster blit when using CopyAlpha + ColorKey
* Fix pointer warnings
* Faster blit when using No Alpha or Set Alpha, + ColorKey
* Faster blit with no ColorKey
* Fix wrong comment
* Code factorization of the pixel format permutation
* Faster blit with CopyAlpha, no ColorKey
* Some simplification of previous commit
* Fix wrong access and simplify
* Faster blit colorkey or not, applied to bpp: 3->4 and 4->3
* Better naming for the blit permutation variables
* Fix invalid memory access and optimise Blit_3or4_to_3or4__*
* Fixed bug 4500 - Heap-Buffer Overflow in Map1toN pertaining to SDL_pixels.c
* Fixed bug 4500 - Heap-Buffer Overflow in Map1toN pertaining to SDL_pixels.c
* Fix bug 4053: Blit issues on Big Endian CPU
* Fix windows build
* raspberry: expose second display.
* BlitNtoN BlitNtoNKey: remove non-aligned word read/store (bpp 3<->4) \ 
(Bug 4503)
* Un-activate some routine on mips because they are slowers (Bug 4503)
* KMSDRM: change calls free() to SDL_free() (Bug 4529)
* KMSDRM: missing return value in VideoInit() (Bug 4530)
* SDL_MouseQuit(): clear mouse->cur_cursor (Bug 4530)
* Fixed bug 4542 - Image flipped vertically when rendering on texture
* SDL_EVDEV_kbd_init: uninitialized data for ioctl (Bug 4530)
* Fixed bug 4513 - Wayland, fix crash when remove event is sent (from Sebastian \ 
* HIDAPI: fix bug that caused non-HID class parts of composite devices to have \ 
windows HID functions called on them.
* Fixed initial display orientation at Android app start
* [iOS DAC] Fix touch events getting from SDL2 to source2.
* Android: check SDL is initialized before sending the event
* Android: minor comment update
* KMSDRM: valid file descriptors could positive or 0. -1 is invalid. (Bug 4530)
* events: Make debug logging of the event queue a hint instead of an #ifdef.
* events: Let arbitrary signals to simulate iOS/Android backgrounding events.
* events: Disable all the signal-handling code on platforms without support.
* test: Moved testgesture.c over to the common SDLtest framework.
* testgesture: minor cleanups.
* testgesture: cleaned up code formatting, etc.
* testgesture: Add dependency to SDLtest to Visual Studio project.
* Fix compiler warnings.
* Use host system pkg-config when (cross-)compiling and convert to PKG_CHECK_MODULES
* Added missing PKG_CONFIG macros
* Fixed bug 4452 - Please replace AC_HELP_STRING with AS_HELP_STRING
* Fix DirectInput error codes being lost
* Fix polling left trigger reporting right trigger's values.
* Fixed CVE-2019-7635 and bug 4498 - Heap-Buffer Overflow in Blit1to4 pertaining \ 
to SDL_blit_1.c
* @@ -, +, @@
* Reject 2, 3, 5, 6, 7-bpp BMP images
* Fixed bug 4544 - SDL2.m4 SDL2.framework patch made it impossible to fail detection
* Fixed bug 4525 - Fix crash in ALSA_HotplugThread caused by bad return value check
* Fixed DualShock 3 mapping
* Fixed bug 4511 - SDL_gamecontrollerdb Mapping for Sony Playstation USB controller
* Fixed bug 4450 - SDL_mouse.c fails to compile with CMake generated Visual \ 
Studio files if SDL_VIDEO_VULKAN 0/undefined
* emscripten: force resize event when pixel ratio changes
* CVE-2019-7637: Fix in integer overflow in SDL_CalculatePitch
* Fixed configure error if pkg modules aren't available
* Fixed Mac OS X build
* Fixed iOS build
* Fixed Visual Studio build
* testgesture: Make the background gray.
* Added support for building SDL as a dynamic library on iOS
* Added support for building SDL as a dynamic library on tvOS
* Fixed declaration of SDL_main_func for C++
* Fixed building with C++
* Fixed building with C++
* Fixed archiving the SDL dynamic library on iOS and tvOS
* Fixed Windows RT build
* Didn't need to add SDL_windows.h include, that was already included
* Fixed Visual Studio build
* Hopefully fixed the mingw32 build
* opengles2: Fix static analysis warning.
* Backed out changeset ffd52bb02bcc
* coreaudio: Set audio callback thread priority.
* Handle potentially calling SDL_JoystickUpdate() and SDL_JoystickQuit() at the \ 
same time.
* configure.in: Rename to configure.ac to fix an 'aclocal' warning
* docs: Replace references to configure.in with configure.ac
* configure.in: Rename configure.ac to fix an 'aclocal' warning
* Bug 4576: handle mapping of TouchEvents to MouseEvents at higher level
* Bug 4576: remove touch/mouse duplication for Windows
* Bug 4576: remove touch/mouse duplication for linux/EVDEV
* Bug 4576: remove touch/mouse duplication for Wayland
* Bug 4576: remove touch/mouse duplication for Android
* Bug 4576: fix warning and compile
* Bug 4576: one more warning
* Bug 4576: fix wrong scaling
* Bug 4576: track both FingerId and TrackId
* Add hint SDL_HINT_MOUSE_TOUCH_EVENTS for mouse events to generate touch events
* Update WhatsNew.txt
* Update WhatsNew.txt
* Android: default SDL_HINT_MOUSE_TOUCH_EVENTS to 1 as previous behaviour
* https://bugzilla.libsdl.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4577
* Set SDL_HINT_MOUSE_TOUCH_EVENTS for iPhone and iPad as well
* Fixed bug 4579 - SDL_android.c s_active not being atomic
* Bug 4581: move tracking appart so it doesn't require the window to have focus
* SDL_HINT_MOUSE_TOUCH_EVENTS: move tracking appart in case of 'window' is null
* Fixed bug 4582 - Maximize/Resize not working on Windows 10
* Fixed bug 4581 - mouse events with SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID make window lost focus
* Fixed bug 4581 - generate synthetic mouse events at window boundaries
* Fix disabling OpenGL vsync on macOS 10.14.4+ (bug #4575).
* Android: when event loop is not blocking in pause, backup EGL context (Bug 4578)
* hidapi: Add GCN L/R buttons, just in case someone wants them...
* Explicitly load hidapi as a dependency of the SDL library
* macOS: Fix compilation when using the 10.9 SDK or older.
* iOS: Remove code trying to support compilation on the iOS 7 SDK, the \ 
deployment target has been set to iOS 8 for years and there's other \ 
unconditionally compiled code that depends on newer SDKs so that code is \ 
* configure: Cleaned up audio/video summaries when building for Windows.
* Fixed bug 4580 - Android 8: immersive fullscreen notification causes \ 
flickering between fullscreen and non-fullscreen and app is unresponsive
* Only leave fullscreen mode if we're actually going to minimize
* Added a helper function to tell whether or not a window can be minimized
* Android: add static variable initialization in non blocking event loop
* Add a configure option allowing users to choose whether to install sdl2-config
* Use _Exit() when available
* Fix compile errors I hit when building org.libsdl in source2 (part 1 of 2)
* Fix compile errors I hit when building org.libsdl in source2 (part 2 of 2) @saml
* Created Xcode schemes for building on iOS and tvOS
* Change my previous fix based on feedback from dev @saml
* Don't redefine __SSE__ and related macros if they're already defined
* Fixed bug 4566 - Hot-plugging Bluetooth controller causes force-quit on Android
* Remove initial declaration from for loop
* Remove duplicate case value
* Fixed bug 4608 - Android: not getting SDL_WINDOWEVENT_FOCUS_GAINED on start of \ 
our app
* Patched to compile.
* [SDL] ios Touch Fix.
* [SDL] iOS fix bug with audio interrupted by a phone call not restoring.
* Windows are not in a minimized state when they are shown
* test: configure/make shouldn't build GL/GLES1/GLES2 programs if unsupported.
* test: added SDLTest_CommonDefaultArgs()
* video: Add Vulkan support for vivante fb
* Fixed bug 3911 - SYSWM generic X11 events missing event data
* Fixed bug 4025 - SDL_Renderer OpenGL : add support for textures ABGR, RGB, BGR
* Fixed bug 4401 - SDL_GetWindowPosition() wrong after SDL_SetWindowPosition() \ 
until window is moved on macOS
* Fix WORKING_DIR parameter
* Fixed bug 4436 - [OpenBSD] fix D-pad
* Fixed bug 4469 - make SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface pick a more appropriate format
* Fixed bug 4474 - Add support for an ASUS Gamepad variation
* Patched to compile in C89 mode.
* vulkan: Patched to compile on Visual Studio.
* vulkan: Swapped out a free() that should have been an SDL_free().
* Fixed mouse focus for touch events on iOS
* Added support for Bluetooth keyboards on iOS
* Fix use-after-free when pumping the event loop after SDL_DestroyWindow()
* Fixed bug 4639 - CMake build does not generate libhidapi.so for Android
* Use Supexec() to query EdDI version. Fixes for Coldfire CPU build.
* Fix SHIFT + Fx reporting in GEM. Contributed by Miro Kropacek
* Improved iOS Bluetooth keyboard support
* Android: minimum size for IME, so that it takes focus
* Fixed hiding the Android virtual keyboard when the return key is pressed
* Return an error if both mouse relative mode and mouse warping are unavailable, \ 
instead of asserting.
* Fixed static and buzzing when trying to use floating point audio on the OpenSL \ 
ES audio driver.
* Use the OpenSL ES audio driver by default on Android, as it has the lowest latency.
* Added a function to get the current Android SDK version at runtime
* iOS: return SDL_GetWindowSize from SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize if there's no GLES \ 
view in the window (matches the behaviour of SDL_GL_GetDrawableSize on other \ 
platforms). Addresses bug #4629.
* test: unify all the command line usage logging.
* Fixed bug 4171 - SDL_GetQueuedAudioSize is broken with WASAPI
* Fixed bug 4656 - SDL_evdev.c uses Linux specific integer types
* Use SDL sized types
* Fixed bug 4655 - evdev is available on FreeBSD, check in 'configure' limited \ 
to Linux
* Added support for the Rotor Riot gamepad, and upcoming Xbox and PS4 controller \ 
support on iOS and tvOS
* Potential fix for a crash we're seeing on Android that should in theory never \ 
* Protect against NULL device in the Android hidapi implementation
* Fixed surround sound channel setup for Android OpenSL ES audio driver
* OpenSL ES audio cleanup and added a note with low latency audio discussion
* Fixed Android build warning
* Ignore Xbox One S gamepads with older firmware in HIDAPI
* Fixed bug 4443 - Incorrect scan code reported for numpad 5
* Fixed bug 4642 - Rework SDL_netbsdaudio to improve performance
* Fixed bug 4605 - WASAPI_WaitDevice hang
* Fixed bug 4603 - The iOS Test Xcode project file needs to add the metal framework
* Fixed bug 4600 - Dualshock 4 touchpad press is not detectable with \ 
* Fixed bug 4594 - Fix install location of CMake targets on Apple platforms
* Fixed bug 4593 - Respect CMake's BUILD_SHARED_LIBS default behavior
* Fixed bug 4583 - PollAllValues appears to use an incorrect index for all axes \ 
above 0x18
* Fixed bug 4557 - SDL_SIMDAlloc and *Free should be in the public interface
* Add mapping for Chinese-made Xbox Controller
* Backed out Ben's chinese Xbox controller patch, as the generic catch-all for \ 
Xbox controllers should handle it.
* cocoa: Fix assert to use SDL_assert
* Fixed bug 4533 - Update ANGLE to load d3dcompiler_47.dll instead of \ 
* Fixed bug 4526 - replace SDL_RW* macros with functions for using in bindings
* CVE-2019-7572: Fix a buffer overread in IMA_ADPCM_nibble
* CVE-2019-7578: Fix a buffer overread in InitIMA_ADPCM
* CVE-2019-7578: Fix a buffer overread in InitIMA_ADPCM
* Fixed bug 4294 - Audio: perform more validation on conversion request
* Temporary fix for bug 4254 - a _lot_ of strict aliasing warnings
* Fixed bug 4041 - Android, SDL_Renderer OpenGLES 1 is loading GLESv2 library
* Fixed bug 3894 - Fuzzing crashes for SDL_LoadWAV
* Fixed build
* Fixed compiler warning
* Cleanup on bug 3894 - Fuzzing crashes for SDL_LoadWAV
* Add notes for SDL_WinRTRunApp and SDL2-WinRTResources for non-C++ projects
* Fixed bug 4658 - iOS 12 fullscreen flag and SDL_HINT_IOS_HIDE_HOME_INDICATOR \ 
not working
* cocoa: report proper input IDs for mouse/touch events.
* Fixed bug 4641 - clang and clang-cl builds on windows create -Wpragma-pack warnings
* Fixed bug 4662 - SDL failed to build due to error LNK2019: unresolved external \ 
symbol _memset referenced in function _IMA_ADPCM_Decode with MSVC on Windows
* CVE-2019-7574: Fix a buffer overread in IMA_ADPCM_decode
* CVE-2019-7577: Fix a buffer overread in MS_ADPCM_decode
* CVE-2019-7577: Fix a buffer overread in MS_ADPCM_nibble and MS_ADPCM_decode
* CVE-2019-7572: Fix a buffer overwrite in IMA_ADPCM_decode
* CVE-2019-7573, CVE-2019-7576: Fix buffer overreads in InitMS_ADPCM
* Add mapping for Chinese-made Xbox Controller
* CVE-2019-7575: Fix a buffer overwrite in MS_ADPCM_decode
* Android: fix typo calling onBackPressed() (Bug 4657)
* Android: add MinimizeWindow function (Bug 4580, 4657)
* windows: Drop WM_ACTIVATE when window is hidden, but only if being activated.
* windows: Don't let Visual Studio insert an implicit dependency on memset().
* video: fixed compiler warning on Visual Studio.
* testoverlay2: Changed some C runtime calls to be SDL equivalents.
* Android: revert wrong fix typo calling onBackPressed() (Bug 4657)
* Android: fix coordinates for Surface.ROTATION_180
* CVE-2019-7635: Reject BMP images with pixel colors out the palette
* Fix build with the 10.10 SDK
* software: Correctly track viewport and cliprect.
* Fixed bug 4570 - Support Vulkan Portability rather than MoltenVK specifically
* Fixed bug 4615 - RPM Build fails due to unpackaged files
* cocoa: Backed out CVDisplayLink code for macOS vsync.
* assert: mark SDL_ExitProcess as SDL_NORETURN again.
* SDL_Wave: missing field 'length' initializer
* fix permissions
* wayland: HiDPI support
* Fixed bug 4665 - Add support for single touch evdev devices
* Fixed bug 4486 - Segfault when pressing a trigger on the Steam Controller (Linux)
* The hat index passed to the application should be zero-based with no holes
* Better patch to make it more clear what's going on
* assert: Fixed some compiler warnings.
* vulkan: Fixed use-after-free bug.
* wave: Fixed static analysis warning about dead assignment.
* macOS: Fix the coordinate space of SDL_GetDisplayUsableBounds (thanks Tim!)
* cocoa: Revised synthesized mouse/touch event strategy.
* cocoa: Another attempt at synthesized mouse/touch events.
* Check src alignment for S32_to_F32 conversions
* audio: patched to compile.
* audio: Fix ARM NEON audio converter bugs.
* audio: Attempt to fix build on ARM versions of Visual Studio.
* Worked around "Undefined symbol: ___isPlatformVersionAtLeast()" link \ 
error on Xcode 11 beta
* Added support for Xbox and PS4 wireless controllers on iOS and tvOS
* A few minor changes to placate static analysis.
* cocoa: ignore compiler warnings about OpenGL being deprecated.
* assert: Possibly fixing compiler warning on Android.
* assert: Another attempt to quiet compiler warnings.
* iOS: remove some code which could affect the state of UIViews that aren't \ 
owned by SDL.
* Fix synthetically generated mouse events getting lost forever after the device \ 
orientation changes (or the window is otherwise resized) while a finger is \ 
touching the screen.
* Fixed bug 4667 - Build errors on Linux when building without Threads support
* Updated version to 2.0.10
* Removed extraneous fprintf() call
* Fixed bug 4669: Android software renderer, black screen when window resizes
* Android: revert previous commit (Bug 4669)
* Android: prevent using SW_GetOutputSize with software renderer (Bug 4669)
* Android: prevent ignoring surfaceChanged() in MultiWindow
* Make sure we haven't changed the size of the SDL_Event structure and broken \ 
binary compatibility.
* Added patch notes for 2.0.10
* Added a patch note about batched rendering
* Android: revert commit SW_GetOutputSize, again (Bug 4669)
* Android: try to fix resize with software rendering (bug 4669)
* Android: resize with software rendering, reverted again (Bug 4669)
* Fixed 4669 - Using the software SDL_Renderer on Android leads to GL errors \ 
& black screen when window resizes
* Fixed potential double-free in mouse cleanup code
* cocoa: Patched to compile and also handle possible malloc failure.
* Fixed bug 4624 - KMS/DRM fails on FreeBSD because /dev/dri/card* nodes are symlinks
* Fixed compiler warning
* Only warp the mouse to set focus if we're definitely going into relative mode
* opengl: Be more robust in failing cases.
* Fixed building DMG archive on Mac OS X
* wayland: Fixed C99-style variable declaration inside for-loop.
* KMSDRM: fix compilation on linux, no d_namlen (Bug 4624)
* KMSDRM: fix inverted strcmp, remove useless if test (Bug 4624)
* Use SDL C runtime functions
* Fixed bug 4672 - Warnings in SDL_LogEvent()
* Enable Raspberry Pi video by default
* Fixed bug 4684 - GLES1 variables missing under Android with CMake
* Android: export Lock/Unlock activity API
* fix permissions
* update version in os/2 makefile
* define __ARM_NEON for Windows only if _M_ARM or _M_ARM64 is defined.  fixes \ 
Visual Studio builds.
* windows: Call GetWindowText() with the correct parameters (thanks, Zebediah!)
* cocoa: Check for capslock in -[NSResponder flagsChanged], not with IOKit.
* Android: explicitly expand Android_GLES_MakeCurrent/Android_GLES_CreateContext
* Add an "error" label in SDL_CreateRenderer (no op)
* Android: concurrency issues, make sure Activity is in running State when calling
* Fixed bug 4436 - [OpenBSD] fix D-pad
* Fixed bug 4683 - SDL_atomic infinite recursion on armv6/armv5 w/ thumb
* Limit the compile error to the case where we actually define the memory \ 
barrier macro as the function
* Fixed memory barrier macro check so it isn't quite so fragile
* Documented that the SDL_RW* macros no longer exist, and you can't use an older \ 
SDL library if you build with SDL 2.0.10.
* Made it more explicit that 2.0.10 and newer are required for the SDL_RW* functions
* iOS: Fix the window size not being set properly when Split View is used on an \ 
iPad (bug #4586).
* dbus: Add org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.SimulateUserActivity support.
* dbus: Don't SimulateUserActivity if we're already inhibiting the screensaver.
* raspberry: Fixed missing mouse cursor (thanks, Joe!)
* cocoa: Don't report trackpad mouse events as synthesized touches.
* raspberry: Actually commit the whole patch.  :)   (Thanks, Joe!)
* Fixed bug 4708 - testdropfile: double-free
* Fixed bug 4702 - Android back button does not send SDL_KEYDOWN event
* Fixed bug 4707 - SDL_SetRelativeMouseMode fails on Vivante
* Fixed bug 4710 - audio/alsa: avoid configuring hardware parameters with only a \ 
single period
* cocoa: Another attempt at mouse vs touch support.
* Ignore synthetic mouse events generated for touchscreens
* configure: Windows and macOS now respect --enable-hidapi.
* cmake: Added HIDAPI support.
* fix permissions
* SDL_Mouse/Touch: discard synthetic events when hints are not set.
* x11: set some modality things on message boxes with parent windows.
* x11: prevent a synthetic mouse event when using a touchscreen
* cocoa: Set keyboard mod state correctly when turning off capslock.
* cmake: Add setupapi library to Windows build dependencies (hidapi needs it).
* ios: Fixed MFi guide button not being detected (thanks, Caleb!).
* macOS: Fix SDL_GL_CreateContext/MakeCurrent on non-main threads causing a Main \ 
Thread Checker warning when built with Xcode 11 / the macOS 10.15 SDK.
* Blacklist Corsair device causing hang
* Fixed bug 4723 - Generic Xbox pad controller bindings seem odd/broken
* Allow hotplugging joysticks without udev
* Added support for the Victrix Pro Fight Stick for PS4
* Add linked list of opened HID devices to prevent accessing already freed \ 
devices in device removal callback that is sometimes called even after being \ 
* Merged latest changes from Steam into controller_type.h
* Fixed build error
* Fixed bug 4726 - Fix for tvOS GetPrefPath
* Copypaste SDL_NSLog to UIKit backend, document it as such
* hidapi: Zero out new hid_device_info structs