./devel/ocaml-astring, Alternative string library for OCaml

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.8.3, Package name: ocaml-astring-0.8.3, Maintainer: jaapb

Astring exposes an alternative String module for OCaml. This module tries to
balance minimality and expressiveness for basic, index-free, string processing
and provides types and functions for substrings, string sets and string maps.

Remaining compatible with the OCaml String module is a non-goal. The String
module exposed by Astring has exception safe functions, removes deprecated and
rarely used functions, alters some signatures and names, adds a few missing
functions and fully exploits OCaml's newfound string immutability.

Required to run:
[lang/ocaml] [devel/ocaml-findlib] [misc/ocaml-topkg]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/cwrappers] [devel/ocamlbuild] [misc/ocaml-opaline]

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   2019-11-03 11:39:32 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (274)
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devel: align variable assignments

pkglint -Wall -F --only aligned --only indent -r

No manual corrections.
   2019-03-12 19:04:58 by Jaap Boender | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
Added devel/ocaml-astring, an alternative string library for Ocaml