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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.73.0nb1, Package name: py37-boost-1.73.0nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Boost is a set of free, peer-reviewed, C++ libraries. The emphasis is on
portable libraries which work well with the ISO C++ Standard Library.

This package adds static and shared binary libraries providing support for
the Boost Python library.

Required to run:
[math/py-numpy] [lang/python37]

Required to build:
[devel/boost-jam] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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   2020-10-12 23:52:05 by Jason Bacon | Files touched by this commit (87) | Package updated
Log message:
math/blas, math/lapack: Install interchangeable BLAS system

Install the new interchangeable BLAS system created by Thomas Orgis,
currently supporting Netlib BLAS/LAPACK, OpenBLAS, cblas, lapacke, and
Apple's Accelerate.framework.  This system allows the user to select any
BLAS implementation without modifying packages or using package options, by
setting PKGSRC_BLAS_TYPES in mk.conf. See mk/blas.buildlink3.mk for details.

This commit should not alter behavior of existing packages as the system
defaults to Netlib BLAS/LAPACK, which until now has been the only supported


Add new mk/blas.buildlink3.mk for inclusion in dependent packages
Install compatible Netlib math/blas and math/lapack packages
Update math/blas and math/lapack MAINTAINER approved by adam@
OpenBLAS, cblas, and lapacke will follow in separate commits
Update direct dependents to use mk/blas.buildlink3.mk
Perform recursive revbump
   2020-05-06 15:33:53 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (17) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.73.0


Known Issues
These are patches from library authors which were found too late to be fixed in \ 
the release. Be careful as they have not been through the normal testing \ 

New Libraries
Standard library functions with UTF-8 API on Windows, from Artyom Beilis.

A dynamically resizable string of characters with compile-time fixed capacity \ 
and contiguous embedded storage, from Vinnie Falco and Krystian Stasiowski

Updated Libraries
* Update aligned_alloc to support older mingw32.
* Speedup compilation by not including <algorithm>.
* Maintenance work, including CI hardening.
* Fixed compatibility with C++20 concept syntax.
* Marked the POSIX descriptor classes' move constructors as noexcept.
* Added the ssl::host_name_verification class, which is a drop-in replacement \ 
for ssl::rfc2818_verification. The ssl::rfc2818_verification class has been \ 
marked as deprecated. As a consequence of this change, SSL support now depends \ 
on functions that were introduced in OpenSSL 1.0.2.
* Added an ssl::context constructor to take ownership of a native handle.
* Changed C++ language version detection with gcc to use __cplusplus macro.
* Fixed a work counting issue in the asynchronous resolve operation for endpoints.
* Fixed the strand<> converting constructors and assignment operators.
* Ensured that resolvers are restarted correctly after a fork.
* Fixed compatibility with the current NetBSD release.
* Removed spurious handler requirement checks in some async_read overloads.
* Changed the ssl::context class to propagate non-EOF errors from the \ 
add_certificate_authority function.
* Fixed a Windows-specific thread_pool destructor hang that occurred when the \ 
pool had an associated I/O object.
* Changed the select reactor to recreate the "self pipe trick" sockets \ 
on error. This addresses an issue on some versions of Windows, where these \ 
sockets are discconected after a system sleep.
* Fixed a compile error in the buffered streams due to the lack of reference \ 
collapsing in C++98.
* Changed the priority_scheduler example to demonstrate calls to shutdown() and \ 
* Removed some unnecessary null pointer checks.
* Changed Windows platform detection to recognise TV titles as Windows apps.
* Added some emscripten compatibility patches.
* Fixed a compile error in the use_awaitable_t::as_default_on function.
* Changed all uses of the boost.bind placeholders to use the boost::placeholders \ 
* Fixed a potential compile error in the async_compose implementation due to \ 
incorrect overload selection.
* Suppressed some non-virtual destructor warnings.
* Various documentation fixes and improvements.
* Added source_location.
* Implemented C++20 atomic_ref. See docs and especially the caveats section.
* Implemented atomic_flag::test operation, which was introduced in C++20.
* atomic<T> should now take into account alignment requirements of T, \ 
which makes a difference if those requirements are higher than that of the \ 
internal storage of atomic.
* Added static asserts enforcing the requirements on the value type T used with \ 
atomic and atomic_ref. This should prohibit invalid types from being used as \ 
* Improved internal lock pool implementation. The pool is larger, and lock \ 
selection accounts for atomic object alignment, which should reduce the \ 
potential of thread contention.
* Fixed incorrect x86 code generated for bit_test_and_* operations on 8 and \ 
16-bit arguments. Other architectures are not affected.
* Fixed a possible unaligned memory access in compare_exchange_* operations, if \ 
alignment requirements of value_type are less than that of the internal storage \ 
of atomic.
* boost/atomic/atomic.hpp no longer includes boost/atomic/atomic_flag.hpp and \ 
boost/atomic/fences.hpp and only defines the boost::atomic class template and \ 
related typedefs. Include the other headers explicitly or use boost/atomic.hpp \ 
to include all parts of Boost.Atomic.
* The atomic<T>::storage() accessor and associated \ 
atomic<T>::storage_type type are deprecated. Instead, users are advised to \ 
use atomic<T>::value() and atomic<T>::value_type, respectively. \ 
Users can define BOOST_ATOMIC_SILENCE_STORAGE_DEPRECATION to disable deprecation \ 
warnings for the time of transition. The deprecated pieces will be removed in a \ 
future release.
* Removed support for BOOST_ATOMIC_DETAIL_HIGHLIGHT_OP_AND_TEST. This macro was \ 
used as a helper for transition to the updated returned values of *_and_test \ 
operations in Boost.Atomic 1.67, which was released 2 years before 1.73.
* This is a maintenance update.
* Nested mutable_data_type in Beast dynamic buffers is deprecated.
* We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an entry \ 
to the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
* See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
* IBM Z: Fix fcontext routines
* mips64/n64: .align 3
* Use OSPLAT MIPS32/MIPS64 to set different ABI
* Fix non-PIC in RISC-V assembly
* Added boost::polymorphic_downcast for references (thanks to Julien Delacroix \ 
for the patch).
* Significant docs update.
* Support constexpr in c++14 and above
* Make date_time all inline. Users no longer need to link the library for any \ 
functions. Library remains for build compatibility.
* Deprecate support for legacy io and USE_DATE_TIME_PRE_1_33_FACET_IO macro
* Misc documentation updates and bugfixes.
* Fixes and tests for demangling in boost::dll::smart_library
* Make UB sanitizers happy with boost::dll::load_mode::type
* Ceased dependence on MPL improving compile times
* Clang and ICC on Windows fixes and CI support for those platforms
* Maintenance work, including CI hardening and tests improving.
Dynamic Bitset:
* Fixed a portability issue in the definition of the maximum block limit.
* Maintenance work.
* Improvements
  - Missing input combinations in intersection() and introduction of tupled-output.
  - Added d3::point_xyz geometry model (thanks to Digvijay Janartha).
* Solved issues
  - Incorrect definition of EPSG:3785.
* Bugfixes
  - R-tree exception-safety improvement.
  - Andoyer inverse formula fixed for close points.
  - Fixed dangling reference in distance algorithm.
* Deprecation
  - Support for C++03 has been deprecated and Geometry will require C++14 from \ 
Boost 1.75 onwards.
* Added move constructor and move assignment operator to image class
* New member function size() in any_image_view class
* Replace Boost.Test with Boost.LightweightTest as the only test framework used \ 
in GIL. This also restructured the test/extension/io/ sub-tree and targets in \ 
related Jamfile-s.
* Removed remaining uses of Boost.MPL
* Renamed all macros using BOOST_GIL_ prefix
* Renamed all CMake configuration options using BOOST_GIL_ prefix
* Removed extension/dynamic_image/reduce.hpp as unused and possibly unfinished. \ 
An implementation attempt of techniques described in the paper Efficient \ 
Run-Time Dispatching in Generic Programming with Minimal Code Bloat by Lubomir \ 
Bourdev, Jaakko Jarvi.
* Removed direct dependency on Boost.MPL, Boost.System and Boost.Test.
* Started removing public macros for compile-time configuration of I/O extension \ 
BOOST_GIL_IO_TEST_ALLOW_WRITING_IMAGES. Instead, if a test target is built, it \ 
builds all its test cases unconditionally.
* Avoid longjmp interaction during destruction of I/O extension objects.
* Fixed missing alignment default value in constructor of image class.
* Fixed segmentation fault when reading corrupted PNG file.
* Fixed illegal initialization of return values in the old IOv1 interface of I/O \ 
* Added crop command to reduce algorithm
* slice command in reduce now works on category axis
* Added count accumulator, can be used to add arbitrary metadata to each cell
* sum algorithm gained a new argument to optionally sum only over inner bins
* Several fixes for bugs in corner cases
* Enhanced documentation
* Remove references to date_time compiled library.
* Fix forward decl lower and upper less equal.
* Misc bugfixes.
* Made all the IOS state saver classes non-copyable. (Glen Fernandes)
* Correctly handle error upon first read from the input stream when reading a \ 
quoted string. (Glen Fernandes)
* Implemented ostream_joiner for delimiter based joining. (Glen Fernandes)
* Relocated ostream_string from the Utility library to the IO library as ostream_put.
* Correctly handle stream width and fill in quoted output. (Glen Fernandes)
* Optimize quoted output to write directly to the stream buffer. (Glen Fernandes)
* Glen Fernandes became the maintainer of the IO library.
* Maintenance work, including CI hardening and better workarounds for broken \ 
standard libraries
* Default sink used in trivial logging, when no sinks are registered in the \ 
logging core, now automatically flushes output after each log record
* core::flush now performs a flush on the default sink used for trivial logging, \ 
when no sinks are registered.
* Added a workaround for some syslog API implementations (e.g. glibc), which do \ 
not save the application identification string in openlog call. Such \ 
implementations could access already freed memory on each syslog call, resulting \ 
in undefined behavior.
* Fixed that log file rotation on a specific day of month (e.g. \ 
rotation_at_time_point(boost::gregorian::greg_day(1))) could be silently ignored \ 
and not happen.
* Fixed that text_file_backend::rotate_file could throw if there were no log \ 
records written yet and target file name pattern was set.
* Ported various components of the library to std::allocator_traits to improve \ 
compatibility with C++20 allocators.
* Fixed compilation errors when building in MSYS2 Cygwin environment.
IMPORTANT: C++03 support is now deprecated and will be removed from March 2021.
* Added Cubic Hermite Interpolation.
* Added Modified Akima Interpolation.
* Added PCHIP Interpolation.
* Added Quintic Hermite Interpolation.
* Added entropy to numerous distributions.
* Allow trivial quadrature case where the two end points are equal, and in \ 
addition allow bounds to be interchanged.
* Fix exp_sinh quadrature to work with complex types over a non-native range.
* Fix miscellaneous compiler warnings in factorial.hpp.
* Use std::chrono rather than boost::chrono in timed pFq calculations.
* Remove much of the old boost::mpl dependencies to improve constexpr support.
* Added mp_unique_if (contributed by Kris Jusiak)
* Added mp_flatten
* Added mp_rotate_left, mp_rotate_right (contributed by Duncan Barber)
* Added mp_compose
* Added mp_power_set
* Added mp_partial_sum
* Added mp_iterate
Multi-index Containers:
* multi_index_container is now AllocatorAware.
* Swapping of internal KeyFromValue, Compare, Hash and Pred objects now selects \ 
the appropriate swap function between std::swap and ADL candidates, in \ 
accordance with standard specifications in [swappable.requirements]
* Provided some internal copy constructors and assignment operators whose \ 
default implicit definition is deprecated in C++11 onwards ([depr.impldec]), \ 
which was warned about on some compilers.
* IMPORTANT: Mark C++03 support as deprecated and due for removal in 2021.
* Big update to cpp_int adds faster Karatsuba and Coomba multiplication routines.
* Fix conversion of gmp_rational to long double and __float128
* Fix up libtommath support to function with the latest libtom releases.
* Fix up some incompatibilities with the latest Intel C++ compiler.
* Fix up constexpr arithmetic support for latest MSVC release.
* Performance of Outcome-based code compiled by clang has been greatly improved. \ 
The previous implementation of Outcome's status bitfield confused clang's \ 
optimiser, which caused low quality codegen. Unlike most codegen issues, this \ 
was noticeably in empirical benchmarks of real world code, as was shown by P1886 \ 
Error speed benchmarking.
* The safe part of the better_optimisation Outcome v2.2.0 future branch was \ 
merged to Outcome v2.1.3 which includes a new status bitfield implementation. \ 
This appears to not confuse clang's optimiser, and clang 9 produces code which \ 
routinely beats GCC 9's code for various canned use cases.
* Installability is now CI tested per commit. Due to installability of \ 
standalone Outcome (e.g. make install) breaking itself rather more frequently \ 
than is ideal, installability is now tested on CI per commit.
* Newer Concepts implementing compilers were unhappy with the early check for \ 
destructibility of T and E, so removed template constraints, falling back to \ 
static assert which runs later in the type instantiation sequence.
* A false positive undefined behaviour sanitiser failure in some use cases of \ 
Experimental Outcome was worked around to avoid the failure message.
* Suppressed a potential redundant move warning in boost::poly_collection::for_each.
* Fixed a bug by which elements were copied rather than moved in \ 
allocator-extended move construction and move assigment between collections with \ 
non-propagating, unequal allocators.
* Allocator-extended move construction no longer decays to allocator-extended \ 
copy construction for the legacy version of libstdc++-v3 shipped with GCC 4.8 \ 
(which can also be used by Clang).
* Added documentation on distribution of PDBs
* Fixed msvc-9 build
* Maintenance work, including test fixes fixing typos CI improvements and \ 
hardening, inspect tool fixes.
* Boost.test v3.13 see the Changes log for more details.
* New feature: It is now possible to combine tolerance indication, user message \ 
and collection comparison modifier in a single BOOST_TEST expression. See change \ 
logs for more details.
* Added an overload of throw_exception that takes a boost::source_location object.
* NOTE: Projects using BOOST_THROW_EXCEPTION with exceptions disabled will need \ 
to add a definition of this new overload.
* Added introspection of function templates for more recent C++ compilers \ 
versions from gcc and vc++. as well as all versions of clang. Older versions of \ 
vc++ before 14.0 and gcc prior to 4.8 may fail.
* Added specific introspection for elements of struct/class, enum, and union \ 
types, which can be used for more fine-grained introspection than the general \ 
'type' introspection.
* Maintenance work, including CI integration with inspect tool.
* The ostream_string facility has moved from the Utility library to the IO \ 
library as ostream_put.
* Removed unused includes
* Fixed zero-as-null-pointer-constat warnings
* Maintenance work, including typo fixes.
* Added support for std::hash, boost::hash.
* variant<T...> is now trivial when all types in T... are trivial. This \ 
improves performance by enabling it to be passed to, and returned from, \ 
functions in registers.
* Headers in boost/detail/winapi are deprecated and will be removed in a future \ 
* Boost.WinAPI headers no longer include winerror.h. Include \ 
boost/winapi/error_codes.hpp to get Windows error codes.
   2020-01-24 16:36:39 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
py-boost: Prune -lutil on SunOS.

This is handled correctly by the python jam file, but for some reason
$(target-os) is set to "unix" instead of "solaris" somewhere \ 
indecipherably, so
this way is just simpler.
   2020-01-12 11:10:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (16) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.72.0

Version 1.72.0

Changed the async_initiate helper function to automatically deduce its return \ 
type, for C++11 or later.
Changed all asynchronous operations to use automatically deduced return types, \ 
for C++14 or later.
Introduced concepts to support async_initiate.
Added the nested template type rebind_executor to all I/O object types.
Changed the initiation function objects to report their associated I/O executor \ 
via the nested type executor_type and member function get_executor().
Added the default_completion_token trait, giving I/O executor types an \ 
associated default completion token type for use with asynchronous operations. \ 
This trait is specialised for the use_awaitable completion token, for example, \ 
to allow asynchronous operations to be used as follows: co_await \ 
Added missing async_initiate to the Windows-specific I/O objects' asynchronous \ 
Ensured that the executor type is propagated to newly accepted sockets.
Changed to require that Protocol copy and move operations never throw.
Changed to require that Endpoint default constructor and move operations never throw.
Added the noexcept qualifier to protocol accessors.
Added the noexcept qualifier to socket move constructors.
Fixed issues associated with opening serial ports on Windows:
Use the correct constant to initialise the RTS control flag.
Specify a default baud rate (9600).
Fixed a lost "outstanding work count" that can occur when an \ 
asynchronous accept operation is automatically restarted.
Consult the Revision History for further details.

Added a workaround for __float128 not being considered as a floating point type \ 
by some versions of libstdc++.
Improved compatibility with clang-win compiler.

This is a maintenance update containing bug fixes, and updates to use the new \ 
features delivered in Boost.Asio.
We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an entry to \ 
the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.

Circular Buffer:
Fix: max_size() now takes the allocator's max_size() into account. (Glen Fernandes)

architecture s390x supported
execution_context removed

Made endian_reverse, conditional_reverse and *_to_* constexpr on GCC and Clang
Added convenience load and store functions
Added floating point convenience typedefs
Added a non-const overload of data(); changed its return type to unsigned char*
Added __int128 support to endian_reverse when available
Added a convenience header boost/endian.hpp

Extracted filesystem_error to exception.hpp; file_status and associated enums \ 
and functions to file_status.hpp; directory_entry, directory_iterator and \ 
recursive_directory_iterator to directory.hpp.
Deprecated: For backward compatibility operations.hpp still includes the new \ 
headers exception.hpp, file_status.hpp and directory.hpp, unless \ 
BOOST_FILESYSTEM_NO_DEPRECATED macro is defined. These implicit includes are \ 
considered deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Users are \ 
encouraged to include the new headers directly or include filesystem.hpp.
The filesystem_error exception is now implemented in the compiled library of \ 
Boost.Filesystem. Users may need to add linking with Boost.Filesystem library in \ 
their projects.
On POSIX.1-2008 platforms, use utimensat instead of utime. utime is declared \ 
obsolete in POSIX.1-2008 and can be disabled e.g. in uClibc-ng.
directory_iterator is now left in the end state on memory allocation errors.
In directory_iterator on POSIX systems, support for readdir/readdir_r has been \ 
reworked to avoid memory allocations for dirent structures when readdir is used. \ 
This reduces memory consumption and eliminates the possibility of buffer \ 
overruns in case if readdir produces a very long directory name.
On Windows, use Boost.WinAPI to select the target Windows version.
New: Added directory_options enum, which reflects the same named enum from \ 
C++20. The enum is supported in directory_iterator and \ 
recursive_directory_iterator to customize iteration behavior. In particular, the \ 
iterators now support skipping directories that can't be opened due to \ 
insufficient permissions. The symlink_option enum is now deprecated and should \ 
be replaced with directory_options.
By default, recursive_directory_iterator is now reset to the end state in case \ 
of errors, as required by C++20.
New: Added directory_options::pop_on_error option, which configures \ 
recursive_directory_iterator so that it attempts to recover from iteration \ 
errors by repeatedly invoking pop() until it succeeds or the end state is \ 
New: Added directory_options::skip_dangling_symlinks option, which configures \ 
recursive_directory_iterator so that it doesn't follow dangling directory \ 
symlinks and continues iteration instead of reporting an error.
Deprecated: The following members of recursive_directory_iterator are now marked \ 
as deprecated: level(), no_push_pending(), no_push_request(), no_push(). Users \ 
are advised to replace their use with the standard counterparts: depth(), \ 
recursion_pending(), disable_recursion_pending(). Note that recursion_pending() \ 
has the opposite meaning compared to no_push_pending() and no_push_request(). \ 
Deprecated methods will be removed in a future release.
Fixed path::lexically_relative (and any dependent algorithms) to correctly \ 
handle empty, dot and dot-dot path elements in its argument. The behavior is \ 
made closer to C++17 std::path::lexically_relative in that empty and dot path \ 
elements are ignored and dot-dot path elements are accounted by decreasing the \ 
number of dot-dot path elements to generate in the resulting relative path.

Glen Fernandes rewrote the implementations of factory and value_factory to \ 
provide the following features:
Support r-value arguments when possible
Support arbitrary number of arguments via variadic templates when possible
Support allocators that are final
Support allocators that use fancy pointers
Support for disabled exceptions (BOOST_NO_EXCEPTIONS)
Improved compilation times
The following features have been removed:
Increasing limits for C++03 compilers through \ 
Using boost::none_t in place of void through BOOST_FUNCTIONAL_FACTORY_SUPPORT_NONE_T

GSoC 2019: Lanczos resampling for image down scaling.
GSoC 2019: Methods for binary thresholding, inverted binary thresholding and \ 
truncation thresholding.
GSoC 2019: Otsu thresholding method.
GSoC 2019: Adaptive thresholding using mean or gaussian-weighted sum of the \ 
neighbourhood area.
GSoC 2019: Harris response calculation (corner detector without non-maximum \ 
GSoC 2019: Hessian corner detector.
GSoC 2019: Types for defining 2D kernel, kernel_2d and kernel_2d_fixed, in \ 
Numeric extension.
GSoC 2019: Implementation of 2D convolution as new function convolve_2d.
GSoC 2019: Box filtering using the average filter.
GSoC 2019: Blur function based on normalized mean filter.
GSoC 2019: Sobel and Scharr operators.
GSoC 2019: Median filter to remove noise from image.
Continued adding new test cases and significantly improved overall test coverage.
Documented purpose of cached_location_t.
Function convolve_1d in Numeric extension for convenient use of convolve_rows \ 
and convolve_cols.
Function extend_boundary in Numeric extension to perform image boundary extension.
Project release notes maintained in Markdown file RELEASES.md.

Move all tests, core features and extensions, inside test/ directory.

Replace Boost.MPL with Boost.MP11.
Removed use of Boost.TypeTraits.
Dropped support for GCC <= 4.8.
Remove include/boost/gil/version.hpp file as unused.

Undetermined value of default-initialized channel and pixel objects.
Undefined behaviour due to std::is_trivially_default_constructible specializations.
Crash when reading PNG files with an invalid header.
Applied the Rule of Three for numerous types.
Removed uses of deprecated implicit definition of defaulted copy assignment \ 
operator or copy constructor.

Several new features and performance improvements, some bug-fixes
See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes

Improved compatibility with clang-win compiler.

Documentation clarifications.
Fixed scatterv bug when using explicit input buffer offsets.
Enable usage of MPI_Probe and friend with Intel MPI >= 2019.4
Symbol visibility on Windows

Added Hypergeometric functions 1F0, 0F1, 2F0, 1F1 and pFq.
Added Jacobi polynomial (and derivatives) evaluation.
Added Gegenbauer polynomial (and derivatives) evaluation.
Added Cardinal B-Splines (and derivatives) as polynomial functions in their own \ 
Added Cardinal Trigonometric Interpolation.
Added new statistics sub-section.
Added One Sample Student's T Test.
Added Anderson Darling test for normality.
Added Ljung Box test for auto-correlation.
Added Runs test for random sequences.
The headers boost/math/tools/univariate_statistics.hpp and \ 
boost/math/tools/bivariate_statistics.hpp, have been deprecated in favor of \ 
boost/math/statistics/univariate_statistics.hpp and \ 
Added The Empirical CDF distribution.
Reworked the Sterling approximation used by multiprecision gamma functions to be \ 
applicable to all the function that use the Lanczos approximation at regular \ 
precision. Also extended Lanczos approximations up to 100 decimal digit \ 

Big constexpr update allows cpp_int and float128 arithmetic to be fully \ 
constexpr with gcc and clang 9 or later, or any compiler supporting \ 
Fix bug in variable precision mpf_float which causes it to go into a tailspin \ 
trying to select the correct precision - see \ 

Standalone outcome is now make install-able, and cmake find_package() can find \ 
it. Note that you must separately install and find_package() Outcome's \ 
dependency, quickcpplib, else find_package() of Outcome will fail.
The git submodule mechanism used by standalone Outcome of specifying dependent \ 
libraries has been replaced with a cmake superbuild of dependencies mechanism \ 
instead. Upon cmake configure, an internal copy of quickcpplib will be git \ 
cloned, built and installed into the build directory from where an internal \ 
find_package() uses it. This breaks the use of the unconfigured Outcome repo as \ 
an implementation of Outcome, one must now do one of: 1. Add Outcome as \ 
subdirectory to cmake build. 2. Use cmake superbuild (i.e. \ 
ExternalProject_Add()) to build and install Outcome into a local installation. \ 
3. Use one of the single header editions.
For standalone Outcome, the current compiler is now checked for whether it will \ 
compile code containing C++ Concepts, and if it does, all cmake consumers of \ 
Outcome will enable C++ Concepts. Set the cmake variable CXX_CONCEPTS_FLAGS to \ 
an empty string to prevent auto detection and enabling of C++ Concepts support \ 
OUTCOME_TRY operation now hints to the compiler that operation will be \ 
successful. [P1886 Error speed benchmarking](https://wg21.link/P1886) showed \ 
that there is considerable gain in very small functions by hinting to the \ 
compiler whether the expression is expected to be successful or not. OUTCOME_TRY \ 
previously did not hint to the compiler at all, but now it does. A new suite of \ 
macros OUTCOME_TRY_FAILURE_LIKELY hint to the compiler that failure is expected. \ 
If you wish to return to the previously unhinted behaviour, define \ 
OUTCOME_TRY_LIKELY(expr) to (!!expr).
Support for C++ Coroutines has been added. This comes in two parts, firstly \ 
there is now an OUTCOME_CO_TRY() operation suitable for performing the TRY \ 
operation from within a C++ Coroutine. Secondly, in the header \ 
outcome/coroutine_support.hpp there are implementations of \ 
eager<OutcomeType> and lazy<OutcomeType> which let you more \ 
naturally and efficiently use basic_result or basic_outcome from within C++ \ 
Coroutines -- specifically, if the result or outcome will construct from an \ 
exception pointer, exceptions thrown in the coroutine return an errored or \ 
excepted result with the thrown exception instead of throwing the exception \ 
through the coroutine machinery (which in current compilers, has a high \ 
likelihood of blowing up the program). Both eager<T> and lazy<T> can \ 
accept any T as well. Both have been tested and found working on VS2019 and \ 
clang 9.
make_error_code() and make_exception_ptr() are now additionally considered for \ 
compatible copy and move conversions for basic_result<>. This lets you \ 
construct a basic_result<T, E> into a basic_result<T, error_code>, \ 
where E is a custom type which has implemented the ADL discovered free function \ 
error_code make_error_code(E), but is otherwise unrelated to error_code. The \ 
same availability applies for exception_ptr with make_exception_ptr() being the \ 
ADL discovered free function. basic_outcome<> has less support for this \ 
than basic_result<> in order to keep constructor count down, but it will \ 
accept via this mechanism conversions from basic_result<> and \ 

Bug fixes:
The detection of [[nodiscard]] support in the compiler was very mildly broken.

Maintenance work.

Topic added which discusses emptiness
Support for the C++20 __VA_OPT__ construct
BOOST_PP_VARIADIC_HAS_OPT whether __VA_OPT__ is supported at the C++20 level
BOOST_PP_CHECK_EMPTY test for emptiness using __VA_OPT__ at the C++20 level
BOOST_PP_VA_OPT more flexible alternative to __VA_OPT__ at the C++20 level

Smart Pointers:
Implemented allocate_unique for scalars and arrays. (Glen Fernandes)

Boost.test v3.12 see the Changes log for more details.
New feature:
Support for C++17 std::string_view has been added.
Better diagnostic on boost::exception and no rtti mode (thanks to Mikhail Pilin \ 
/ [pull_request 234])

BOOST_VMD_IS_EMPTY updated to use __VA_OPT__ at the C++20 level has 100% reliability
   2019-08-22 14:17:53 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (18) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.71.0


New Libraries

    Variant2: A never-valueless, strong guarantee implementation of \ 
std::variant, from Peter Dimov.

Updated Libraries

        Support for any integral type in the integral versions of align_up and \ 
        Revised the implementation of aligned_allocator to no longer require a \ 
specialization for void.
        Define propagate_on_container_move_assignment and is_always_equal in \ 
        Improved performance slightly by eliminating a redundant move \ 
construction when completed handlers are dispatched.
        Eliminated a compiler warning by annotating a case fall-through in the \ 
free function connect() implementation.
        Fixed the is_*_buffer_sequence detection traits for user-defined \ 
sequence types.
        Fixed some Windows-specific warnings about an incompatible pointer cast \ 
when obtaining the CancelIoEx entry point.
        Changed to automatically set the defaults when opening a serial port on \ 
        Changed the serial port get_option() member function to be const.
        Fixed a name hiding issue with the WinRT stream-oriented socket \ 
backend's shutdown function.
        Applied a minor fix to the documentation for is_dynamic_buffer.
        Added some support for Haiku OS.
        Added wolfSSL compatability.
        Changed to require C++17 or later for coroutines TS support with clang.
        Fixed a doxygen generation problem in the tutorial.
        Ensured example programs are correctly incorporated into the documentation.
        Static initialization of the default constructed boost::any is now possible.
        Fixed performance regression in assignment on a compilers without \ 
        Maintenance work.
        This version consists mostly of bug fixes and performance improvements.
        Substantial work included for the split compilation mode, to reduce \ 
compile time when defining BOOST_BEAST_SEPARATE_COMPILATION.
        We'd love to know how you or your company use Beast, consider adding an \ 
item to the Companies and Individuals Using Beast list.
        See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
    Circular Buffer:
        Correct doxygen generated reference to no longer show internal members. \ 
(Glen Fernandes)
        Eliminate ubsan warning on add and sub. (Glen Fernandes)
        Fix incorrect check in is_uninitialized. (Niklas Fejes)
        Fixed bugs:
            GitHub #47: "added alignment specification for small_vector".
            GitHub #88: "Implement C++17 MoveAssignable requirements for \ 
self-move assignments".
            GitHub #107: "Alignment ignored in resource_adaptor".
            GitHub #109: "Get rid of integer overflow in copy_move_algo.hpp \ 
            GitHub #110: "Avoid gcc 9 deprecated copy warnings in \ 
            GitHub #112: "vector::resize() compilation error with \ 
msvc-10..12: data is not a member of boost::detail::aligned_storage".
            GitHub #114: "Fix small_vector noexcept specification".
            GitHub #116: "MSVC + boost 1.70 compilation error when \ 
windows.h is already included (detail/thread_mutex.hpp)".
            GitHub #117: "flat_map/map::insert_or_assign with hint has \ 
wrong return types".
            GitHub #118: "Non-unique inplace_set_difference used in in \ 
flat_tree_merge_unique and iterator invalidation in insert_unique".
            GitHub #122: "Fix has_trivial_destructor_after_move".
            GitHub #123: "With heterogeneous lookup, equal_range can result \ 
in a range with length greater than 1".
        deque can now have options, using deque_options. The block size/bytes \ 
can be be specified.
        static_vector can now have options, using static_vector_options. \ 
Alignment and throwing behaviour can be be specified.
        small_vector can now have options, using small_vector_options. Alignment \ 
and growth factor can be be specified.
        Add support for RISC-V LP64D
        #72: Fix ABI violation on ppc64 ELFv2
        #99: cleanup of stack if creating ucontext fails
        Maintenance work.
        Added functions alloc_construct, alloc_construct_n, alloc_destroy, and \ 
alloc_destroy_n in <boost/core/alloc_construct.hpp> for allocator aware \ 
and exception safe construction and destruction of objects and arrays. (Glen \ 
        Added constexpr functions first_scalar in \ 
<boost/core/first_scalar.hpp> for obtaining a pointer to the first scalar \ 
element of an array. Given a pointer of type T* they return a pointer of type \ 
remove_all_extents_t<T>*. (Glen Fernandes)
        Added class template noinit_adaptor in \ 
<boost/core/noinit_adaptor.hpp> which is an allocator adaptor that \ 
converts any allocator into one whose construct(ptr) performs default \ 
initialization via placement new, and whose destroy(ptr) invokes the value_type \ 
destructor directly. (Glen Fernandes)
        Added class template default_allocator in \ 
<boost/core/default_allocator.hpp>, which can serve as a minimal default \ 
allocator that has interface similar to C++20 std::allocator, supports \ 
configurations with disabled exceptions and does not have std as an associated \ 
namespace. The allocator uses operator new and operator delete for allocation. \ 
(Glen Fernandes)
        In <boost/core/uncaught_exceptions.hpp> header, added workarounds \ 
for better compatibility with QNX SDP 7.0 when libc++/libc++abi libraries are \ 
used. (Andrey Semashev, #59)
        The <boost/detail/sp_typeinfo.hpp> header is now marked as \ 
deprecated and will be removed in a future release. \ 
<boost/core/typeinfo.hpp> should be used instead. (Peter Dimov)
    Dynamic Bitset:
        Enabled hardware-assisted popcount on MSVC (#38).
        Added support for boost::hash and std::hash (#45).
        Support copy-initialization with default constructor (#48).
        Clarified requirements on the value type template parameter
        Added support for float and double
        Added endian_load, endian_store
        Updated endian_reverse to correctly support all non-bool integral types
        Moved deprecated names to the deprecated header endian.hpp
        documentation for shared_work updated
        Fixed incorrect error_code returned from directory iterator increment \ 
when readdir_r is used.
        For path, fixed rvalue-aware operator/ return type to return an rvalue \ 
instead of rvalue reference. This fixes leaving a dangling reference in the \ 
user's code if the result of operator/ is bound to a const reference. (#110)
        Fixes for better compatibility with Windows CE. (#24)
        Added minimal support for CMake. (#106)
        Maintenance work.
        New features:
            Support for thread-safe storages and new thread-safe accumulators
            Support for compiling without exceptions/RTTI (increases performance \ 
by 10-20 %) (with Glen Fernandes)
            Performance improvements for 1D and 2D histograms
            boost::histogram::indexed now returns forward iterator range instead \ 
of input iterator range
            boost::histogram::indexed_range::accessor is now non-copyable and \ 
acts like reference to cell value, making more algorithms from the C++ stdlib \ 
            boost::histogram::algorithm::reduce with new slice option and option \ 
            boost::histogram::algorithm::project accepts runtime indices for \ 
static histograms
        Bug Fixes:
            boost::histogram::algorithm::reduce also works on histograms that \ 
have some axis types without reduction support
            boost::histogram::axis::traits::update now works correctly for \ 
            100 % test coverage
            Reduced internal Boost dependencies
            Improved documentation and examples
            Guaranteed no-throw moves for all builtin axis types
            Compile cleanly at higher warning levels
        See changelog for more details.
        Fixed processing of multi-stream files (#87).
        Added support for multi-threaded LZMA (#95).
        GitHub #85 ("warning: Implicit conversion loses integer \ 
        GitHub #86 ("warning: Possible misuse of comma operator").
        GitHub #42: Documentation does not describe treap priority_of_value changes
        GitHub #43: Fix tests with BOOST_INTRUSIVE_VARIADIC_TEMPLATES enabled
        GitHub #45: Disable variadic templates for MSVC-12 to avoid ICEs
        Added tests for boost::filesystem::path conversions #25.
        Maintenance work, including #28.
        New features:
            Improved support for C++17 std::string_view in \ 
basic_formatting_ostream. The string view can now participate in character code \ 
conversion on output.
            Added auto_newline formatter and stream manipulator. It can be used \ 
to ensure that formatted output always ends with a newline while avoiding \ 
duplicate newlines.
            In the output stream, text file and text multi-file sink backends \ 
added support for configuring behavior with regard to appending a trailing \ 
newline to every formatted log record. Use auto_newline_mode named parameter of \ 
the backend constructor or call the set_auto_newline_mode method on the sink \ 
            Note: The default behavior with regard to trailing newlines added by \ 
sink backends has changed slightly compared to the previous Boost.Log releases. \ 
The backends will now only add a trailing newline if there isn't one in the \ 
formatted log message string already. In previous releases a newline was added \ 
            Added support for passing arbitrary function objects in the filter \ 
and format named parameters to sink constructors and convenience functions for \ 
initializing sinks. For example, it is now possible to specify C++11 lambda \ 
functions directly in these parameters. (#63)
            In the default filter and formatter factories used in filter and \ 
formatter parsers, added support for severity level attribute values of type \ 
boost::log::trivial::severity_level. For filters, the support is limited to \ 
attributes with "Severity" name.
        Bug fixes:
            Fixed incorrect parsing of components of the rotated file names \ 
while scanning for files in the text file sink backend. If the file name pattern \ 
ended with a placeholder (for example, a file counter), the scan_for_files \ 
method would not find files matching that pattern in the target storage, leaving \ 
them unmanaged. In particular, such files would not be deleted to free target \ 
storage. (#78)
            Updated basic_formatting_ostream and basic_record_ostream to make it \ 
possible to overload stream output operators for pointers to user-defined types. \ 
User-defined operator<< overloads taking std::basic_ostream and a pointer \ 
argument should now be picked up by the compiler when the pointer is being \ 
written to one of Boost.Log streams. (#84)
        See changelog for more details.
        New features:
            Catmull-Rom interpolator now works in C++11
            Cardinal quadratic B-spline interpolation
            Domain of elliptic integrals extended
            sin_pi and cos_pi performance improvements
            Forward-mode automatic differentiation
            Vector valued barycentric rational interpolation
            Ooura's method for evaluation of Fourier integrals
        Bug fixes:
            Multiple compatibility issues with Multiprecision fixed
            Lambert-W fixed on a rare architecture
        New features:
            In C++11 variadic template support for the following: sequence, \ 
one_of_c, one_of, repeated_one_of, repeated_one_of1, one_char_except_c, \ 
        Bug fixes:
            BOOST_METAPARSE_STRING does not use out of range character values as \ 
template arguments.
            any_of_c<> does not create empty array in C++14.
        Git Issue #26: "Invalid iterator increment/decrement in the last \ 
iteration of adaptive_sort_combine_blocks".
    Multi Array:
        Simplify allocator support by using new alloc_construct_n and \ 
alloc_destroy_n facilities from Core. (Glen Fernandes)
    Multi-index Containers:
        Added variants of const_mem_fun and mem_fun for differently qualified \ 
member functions (issue #24).
        Terse key specification syntax now correctly handles noexcept-specified \ 
member functions (issue #24).
            #184 As per request from Boost release managers, relocated \ 
version.hpp and revision.hpp into detail, and added the Boost licence \ 
boilerplate to the top of every source file which was missing one (I think). \ 
Also took the opportunity to run the licence restamping script over all Outcome, \ 
so copyright dates are now up to date.
            #185 Add FAQ item explaining issue #185, and why we will do nothing \ 
to fix it right now.
            #189 Refactored the OUTCOME_TRY implementation to use more clarified \ 
customisation points capable of accepting very foreign inputs. Removed the \ 
std::experimental::expected<T, E> specialisations, as those are no longer \ 
necessary. Fixed the documentation for the customisation points which previously \ 
claimed that they are ADL discovered, which they are not. Added a recipe \ 
describing how to add in support for foreign input types.
            #183 Added a separate motivation/plug_error_code specifically for Boost.
        Bug fixes:
            OUTCOME_VERSION_MINOR hadn't been updated to 1.
            #181 Fix issue #181 where Outcome didn't actually implement the \ 
strong swap guarantee, despite being documented as doing so.
            #190 Fix issue #190 in Boost edition where unit test suite was not \ 
runnable from the Boost release distro.
            #182 Fix issue #182 where trait::is_exception_ptr_available<T> \ 
was always true, thus causing much weirdness, like not printing diagnostics and \ 
trying to feed everything to make_exception_ptr().
            #192 Fix issue #192 where the \ 
std::basic_outcome_failure_exception_from_error() was being defined twice for \ 
translation units which combine standalone and Boost Outcome's.
        Upgraded keyword generation macro BOOST_PARAMETER_TEMPLATE_KEYWORD (#15).
        Moved keyword generation macro BOOST_PARAMETER_NESTED_KEYWORD from \ 
Accumulators to this library (#28).
        Added support for std::reference_wrapper and std::ref() (#16).
        Moved boost::parameter::required, boost::parameter::optional, and \ 
boost::parameter::deduced metafunction definitions to their own header files in \ 
directory boost/parameter (#18).
        Added support for Boost.Parameter-enabled function call operators (#20).
        Added support for parameter category qualifiers "forward", \ 
"consume", and "move_from" (current qualifiers are \ 
"in", "out", and "in_out") (#21) (#23) based on \ 
http://www.modernescpp.com/index.php/c- … arameters. \ 
Added new usage syntax BOOST_PARAMETER_NAME((object-name), namespace-name) \ 
qualifier(tag-name)) and BOOST_PARAMETER_NAME(qualifier(name)). (Existing code \ 
that uses qualifiers directly and correctly with BOOST_PARAMETER_FUNCTION and \ 
other code generation macros should remain unaffected for now, so no breaking \ 
changes.) The reason for the change in usage is to enable applying of parameter \ 
category constraints to Boost.Parameter-enabled functions and constructors \ 
invoked through argument composition. (Otherwise, it is currently possible to \ 
use argument composition to bypass parameter category constraints applied in \ 
        Added support for perfect forwarding (#23) (#26), so that \ 
parameter::parameters::operator() can accept non-const rvalues. As a positive \ 
side effect, Boost.Parameter-enabled functions and constructors are no longer \ 
bound by BOOST_PARAMETER_MAX_ARITY on compilers that support perfect forwarding. \ 
User code can now check for this support by detecting the configuration macro \ 
BOOST_PARAMETER_HAS_PERFECT_FORWARDING, or manually turn off this support by \ 
defining the configuration macro BOOST_PARAMETER_DISABLE_PERFECT_FORWARDING.
        Added metafunctions boost::parameter::is_argument_pack (#27), \ 
boost::parameter::are_tagged_arguments (#52), and \ 
boost::parameter::result_of::compose (#75).
        Added variadic function template boost::parameter::compose() which takes \ 
in named arguments and returns them in an argument pack (#52). For compilers \ 
that do not support perfect forwarding, the configuration macro \ 
BOOST_PARAMETER_COMPOSE_MAX_ARITY determines the maximum number of arguments \ 
that boost::parameter::compose() can take in (#61).
        Added code generation macros \ 
        Added support for Boost.MP11 (#47) (#66) (#70). User code can now check \ 
for this support by detecting the configuration macro \ 
BOOST_PARAMETER_CAN_USE_MP11, or manually turn off this support by defining the \ 
        Improved support for parameter-dependent return types via SFINAE (#73).
        Fix a ptr_vector regression introduced in 1.66.0 (#24).
        Maintenance work.
        Added aliasing constructors to weak_ptr
        Added weak_ptr<T>::empty()
        Added enable_shared_from, shared_from, and weak_from
        Fixed output of name(), source_location() and source_line() for the \ 
default constructed frame with thread sanitizer builds in C++98 mode.
        Fixed output of long strings from name() and source_location() on MSVC #78.
        Maintenance work.
        Boost.test v3.11 see the Changes log for more details.
        Breaking changes:
            Boost.Test shows deprecation warnings if some very old headers as \ 
deprecated. If you encounter such warnings, please follow the indications: those \ 
headers will be removed in a future release.
        New feature:
            Now BOOST_TEST can be used to compare abstract types
        Bug fixes and pull requests:
            GitHub Issues: #209, #218
            GitHub Pull Requests: #219, #224
        Implemented function template ostream_string in \ 
<boost/utility/ostream_string.hpp> to optimally write any kind of string \ 
content to an output stream. It satisfies the requirements of \ 
[ostream.formatted.reqmts]. (Glen Fernandes)
        Optimized the stream output operators of basic_string_view and \ 
basic_string_ref to write directly to the rdbuf stream buffer. (Glen Fernandes)
        Breaking change: MD5 name-based uuid generation was corrected to be \ 
identical on all endian systems. Define BOOST_UUID_COMPAT_PRE_1_71_MD5 to keep \ 
the result in a format compatible with 1.66 through 1.70. This does not affect \ 
the default name-based uuid generation which is based on SHA1. (#109)
        Fixed compilation of boost::apply_visitor with variants passed by non \ 
const reference in #68. Many thanks to Ed Catmur for providing the fix.
        Added support for std::hash (#49). Macro \ 
BOOST_VARIANT_DO_NOT_SPECIALIZE_STD_HASH could be defined to avoid those \ 
        Added micro optimizations for binary size and performance by Nikita \ 
Kniazev in #63 and #66.
        Maintenance work, including #64 by Nikita Kniazev and #67 by Hans Dembinski.
        Added an example showing how to make self-evaluating YAP expressions \ 
(that is, expressions that don't need an explicit call to evaluate() or \ 
   2019-07-01 11:09:52 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
boost: Fix DEPENDS.
   2019-07-01 06:00:10 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (16) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.70.0

New Libraries

    Outcome: A set of tools for reporting and handling function failures in \ 
contexts where directly using C++ exception handling is unsuitable, from Niall \ 
    Histogram: Fast and extensible multi-dimensional histograms with convenient \ 
interface for C++14, from Hans Dembinski.

Updated Libraries

        This release includes a number of new features, bug fixes, performance \ 
enhancements, and documentation improvements. Notable changes include:
            Added the ability to use custom I/O executors with I/O objects (such \ 
as sockets).
            Added a new async_result form with an initiate static member function.
            Updated the Coroutines TS support and promoted it to the asio namespace.
            Added a new DynamicBuffer_v2 concept which is CopyConstructible.
            Added a new async_compose function that simplifies the \ 
implementation of user-defined asynchronous operations.
            Added a make_strand helper function.
            Relaxed the completion condition type requirements to only require \ 
move-constructibility rather than copy-constructibility.
            Added a constructor for local::basic_endpoint that takes a string_view.
            Added the noexcept qualifier to various functions.
            Added a new BOOST_ASIO_DISABLE_VISIBILITY configuration #define.
            Enabled recycling of the memory used to type-erase a function object \ 
with the polymorphic executor.
            Changed receive operations to return the correct number of bytes \ 
transferred when truncation (error::message_size) occurs on a datagram-oriented \ 
            Fixed calculation of absolute timeout when the backend uses \ 
            Changed the range-based asynchronous connect operation to deduce the \ 
EndpointSequence iterator type.
            Fixed buffer_sequence_begin and buffer_sequence_end to prevent \ 
implicit conversion.
            Ensured SSL handshake errors are propagated to the peer before the \ 
local operation completes.
            Suppressed the eof error on SSL shutdown as it actually indicates \ 
            Added a fallback error code for when we OpenSSL produces an \ 
SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL result without an associated error.
            Changed composed asynchronous read and write operations to move \ 
buffer sequence objects.
            Fixed a macOS-specific warning about the deprecation of OSMemoryBarrier.
            Fixed compile errors that occur when using the composed read and \ 
write operations with MSVC 11.0.
            Improved dispatch, post and defer documentation.
            Fixed a Windows-specific memory leak that may occur when \ 
system_executor is used.
        Consult the Revision History for further details.
    Beast: BIG Update!!!
        Some APIs have changed.
        The reference shows a star ★ next to each new item.
        Beast needs your help!
            Tell Us how you or your company use Beast
            Please report any bugs, feature requests, or general feedback
            Join the C++ Slack Workspace for free and chat with us in the #beast \ 
and #boost channels
            Don't forget to star the repository ⭐!
        More tutorials, code like the pros!
            Networking Refresher teaches you from the ground up.
            Updated Asynchronous Echo example
            Updated Detect SSL composed operation tutorial
            websocket-chat-multi threaded chat server with a JavaScript browser \ 
        basic_stream and tcp_stream offer:
            Timeouts: async_read_some, async_write_some complete with \ 
error::timeout on expiration!
            Traffic-shaping policies simple and unlimited, or a user-defined \ 
            Put the strand directly on the socket using P1322R0, no more \ 
bind_executor at call sites!
        Base classes async_base and stable_async_base and handle all composed \ 
operation boilerplate for you.
        ssl_stream provides a movable, assignable SSL stream with a flat write \ 
        All asynchronous operations use Asio's async_initiate for efficient \ 
integration with Coroutines TS.
        ⚡ faster compilation, define BOOST_BEAST_SEPARATE_COMPILATION and \ 
#include <boost/beast/src.hpp> in one of your .cpp files!
        See the full Release Notes for a complete list of changes.
        #91: cleanup of stack if creating ucontext fails
        #97: add missing BOST_CONTEXT_DECL in stack_context
        #98: fix jump_i386_sysv_macho writing garbage to the x87 control word
        #28: don't crash on pthread_cancel
        New macro BOOST_DLL_USE_STD_FS. Define it to 1 to make the Boost.DLL use \ 
C++17's std::filesystem::path, std::system_error and std::error_code (#21). Note \ 
that exception types change from boost::system::system_error to \ 
std::system_error, so make sure to update catches.
        Significant rewrite of the dynamic loadable detection and decoration \ 
logic. More precise errors are now reported in case of loading failures. Added \ 
shared_library::decorate() function that returns a decorated path to the library \ 
without doing any platform related queries and detections. Prefer using \ 
shared_library::load and shared_library constructors for better results (many \ 
thanks to Loïc Touraine for the work PR#23).
        CI hardening, docs updates, typos fixes, cleanups and mg
        #196: fix high contention on remote_ready_splk_
        Fixed a few instances of dereferencing std::string::end() in path \ 
        Fixed program termination in case of out of memory condition in \ 
directory iteratorsnce to error_code. (#58)
        Fixed possible linking errors caused by missing definitions of static \ 
members of path. (#12759)
        Fixed possible use of uninitialized data in directory iterator increment \ 
operation on Linux.
        Added support fortatus query overloads for directory_entry. This avoids \ 
a relatively expensive OS query when file status is requested for a result of \ 
dereferencing a directory iterator. (PR#55)
        Reworked current_path and read_symlink implementation to avoid \ 
possiblfilesystems. The functions now have an internal limit of the path size \ 
they will accept from the OS, which is currently 16 MiB.
        Increased the size of the internal buffer used by copy_file.
        Added Extended Euclidean Algorithm and Modular Multiplicative Inverse \ 
function. (Nick Thompson, PR#11)
        New features:
            Added support for generating another log file name before collecting \ 
the file in the text file sink backend. This allows to combine appending to \ 
aexisting log file with timestamps and file counters in log filenames, and, \ 
consequently, file collection in general.
        See changelog for more details.
        New features:
            Add Lanczos smoothing derivatives
            Move numols/ to boost/math/differentiation/finite_difference.hpp.
            Add mean, variance, skewness, kurtosis, median, Gini coefficient, \ 
and median absolute deviation to tools/univariate_statistics.hpp.
            Add correlation coefficients and covariand absolute Gini \ 
coefficient, Hoyer sparsity, oracle SNR, and the M[sub 2]M[sub 4] SNR estimator \ 
to tools/signal_statistics.hpp.
            Add total variation, l0, l1, l2, and sup norms, as well as \ 
corresponding distance functions to tools/norms.hpp.
   for polynomials, support complex coefficients, add .prime() and .integrate() \ 
            Add quadratic_roots to tools/roots.hpp.
            Add support for complex-valued functions to Newton's method in roots.hpp.
            Add Catmull-Rom inted mp_invoke to mp_invoke_q
        Added mp_similar
        Added mp_set_union, mp_set_intersection, mp_set_difference
        Added mp_not_fn
        Added mp_transform_first, mp_transform_second, mp_transform_third
        Added mp_filter
        Added mp_back, mp_pop_back
    Multi-index Containers:
        size_type and difference_type are now defined as the allocator's \ 
same-named types. This will not make any difference in the vast majority of \ 
cases, but allows for some degreevia user-defined allocator types (see issue #17 \ 
for motivation). For the moment being, this change is not documented in the \ 
reference section (i.e., it has semi-official status).
        Maintenance work.
        Fix various conversioncheck for compatibility with Boost.Optional.
        Prevent instantiation of std::numeric_limits on any old type when \ 
checking for convertibility. See #98.
        Update variable precision code to account for arbitrary precision \ 
integers. See #103.
    lization archives.
        Fix bug in fixed precision iostream formatting in mpf_float and \ 
mpfr_float. See #113.
        Add more overloads for special functions which are better handled \ 
natively by MPFR.
        Fixed bug in generic exp implementation wh.
        Fixed generic conversion from float to integer to avoid undefined \ 
behaviour. See #110.
        Improved handling of stateful allocators and allocator propagation \ 
traits, after an error reported by Billy O'Neal (PR#9).
       ug with an internal cache structure.
        Removed use of deprecated boost/detail/iterator.hpp header. PR#432
            Integer parsers should now handle user defined types. PR#429
            Note: The check_overflow trait defan \ 
std::numeric_limits<T>::is_bounded instead of \ 
            Removed sequence into plain parsing. Now it triggers a compile time \ 
error instead of silently parsing the the sequence and taking the last value as \ 
a resulte_rule instantiation with BOOST_SPIRIT_INSTANTIATE when:
                A rule has no attribute. PR#455
                An actual attribute is not of type a rule was declared with. \ 
PR#456 #457
            A huge thanks goes out to Xeverous for reporting    Fixed unneded \ 
attribute synthesization and no-transformation attribute reference pass-through \ 
in rules. #444 PR#449 PR#452
            Removed broken 1.0#INF parser. It was poorly documented and never \ 
worked. #415 PR#458 #8699
            The undocumenoved due to bugs PR#449 and to simplify attribute \ 
transformation. PR#460
            If you were using it to workaround bugs in attribute transformation \ 
- they should not be needed anymore as of this release.
            The integer value parser now respe10 value. PR#469
            Fixed underflow check for a (Min % Base) == 0 corner case. PR#469
            Fixed an output value on overflow of IgnoreOverflowDigits=true \ 
integer parser. PR#470
            Container attribute elements were copyied, but notial handling of \ 
references in transform_attribute was removed. PR#480
            Macro name collisions and namespace conflicts with Boost.Endian were \ 
fixed. PR#349 PR#482
                Fixed UB in tag getter due to left shi            Fixed \ 
double-conversion (spirit::string -> std::string -> spirit::string). \ 
                Added static asserts for rule skipper type problems. PR#427
                The check_overflow trait default implementation now \ 
reoost::integer_traits<T>::is_integral PR#429
                Integer parsers should now handle user defined types. PR#429
                Note: The check_overflow trait default implementation now relies \ 
on std::numeric_limits<T>::is_bounded instead of boosl.
                Removed broken 1.0#INF parser. It was poorly documented and \ 
never worked. #415 PR#458 #8699
                The undocumented make_attribute trait was merged into \ 
transform_attribute trait. PR#471
                The pre_transform, post_tility functions were removed in favor \ 
of directly using pre/post/fail of the transform trait. PR#467
                The integer value parser now respects \ 
std::numeric_limits<T>::digits10 value. PR#469
                Fixed underflow check for a (Min % B            Fixed an output \ 
value on overflow of IgnoreOverflowDigits=true integer parser. PR#470
                Special handling of references in transform_attribute was \ 
removed. PR#480
                Fixed UB in default constructor of ken type. PR#420
            Fixed position_iterator forming reference to local when the \ 
underlying iterator dereference operator returns a non-reference type. PR#422 \ 
        Build fix for iOS 32-bit ARM (many thanksng the fix PR#70)
        Fixed multiple typos, warnings and updated the docs.
        Boost.test v3.10 see the Changes log for more details.
        Breaking changes:
            Boost.Test minimal.hpp is now showing a deprecation warning,
    omparison may fail tests that were silently not using the floating point \ 
comparison logic prior to this release,
            Internal API change to unit_test_log_formatter, see detailed change log,
        New feature:
            Floating point compariso non-floating point and arithmetic operands: \ 
expressions like BOOST_TEST(3.0001 == 3) now use floating point support of \ 
            Custom datasets are not required to declare the sample type field \ 
            Extending template test riadic definition,
            Windows support for timed tests,
            Timed test on test-suites,
            Removed dependency to Boost.Timer,
            New macro BOOST_TEST_INFO_SCOPE for scoped context declaration,
            Improved BOOST_TE and pull requests:
            Trac tickets: #7397, #9434, #13106, #13418
            GitHub Issues: #133, #138, #141, #157, #160, #174, #176, #177, #180, \ 
#181, #194, #196, #198, #199, #202, #203, #204
            GitHub Pull Requests: PR#171, PR#172, PR PR#195, PR#195, PR#197, PR#205
        Support for the GHS C++ compiler added (many thanks to Brandon \ 
Castellano for providing the patch PR#28)
        Optimized string and type comparisons (many thanks to Andrey Semashev \ 
for providing the-win compilation (many thanks to Peter Dimov for providing the \ 
patch PR#25)
        CI hardening.
        Added is_bounded_array and is_unbounded_array (Glen Fernandes).
        Added copy_reference and copy_cv_ref (Glen Fernandes).
       /clr option.
        Misc compiler compatibility fixes.
        Many cleanups and internal improvements, many thanks to Nikita Kniazev \ 
(PR#55, PR#56, PR#57) and Louis Dionne (PR#51)
        CI hardening.
        Addition of tensorassoy PR#65)
        Addition of basic OpenCL support (many thanks to Fady Essam PR#59)
        Integration of basic benchmark suite (many thanks to Stefan Seefeld PR#57)
        CI integration and hardening

Compilers Tested

Boost's primary test compileang: 3.0, 4.0.1, 6.0.1
        Clang, C++0x: 3.0
        Clang, C++11: 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 4.0.1, 6.0.1, 7.0.0, 8.0.0
        Clang, C++14: 3.5.0, 3.6.0, 3.7.1, 3.8.0, 3.9.1, 4.0.0, 4.0.1, 5.0.2, \ 
6.0.1, 7.0.0, 8.0.0
        Clang, C++17: 5.0.2, 6.0.17, 4.5.3, 4.6.3, 5.4.0, 8.0.1
        GCC, C++0x: 4.4.7
        GCC, C++11: 4.7.3, 4.8.5, 4.9.4, 5.4.0, 6.4.0, 7.1.0, 8.0.1
        GCC, C++14: 5.4.0, 5.5.0, 6.4.0, 7.1.0, 7.3.0, 8.0.1
        GCC, C++17: 7.3.0, 8.0.1
        Intel, C++14: 18.0
    OS X:
, 9.1.0, 10.0.0
        Apple Clang, C++11: 9.0.0, 9.1.0, 10.0.0
        Apple Clang, C++14: 9.0.0, 9.1.0, 10.0.0
        Apple Clang, C++17: 9.1.0, 10.0.0
        Apple Clang, C++1z: 9.0.0
        Apple Clang, C++2a: 10.0.0
        GCC:, 4.5.4
        GCC, C++0x: 4.6.4
        GCC, C++11: 4.7.3, 4.8.1, 4.9.3
        GCC, C++14: 5.1.0, 5.2.0, 5.3.0, 6.1.0, 6.2.0, 6.3.0, 6.4.0
        GCC, C++17: 7.1.0, 7.2.0, 7.3.0
        Visual C++: 7.1, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0, 14.0, 14.1
        Clang, C++11: 4.0.0
        Clang, C++14: 4.0.0
        Clang, C++1z: 4.0.0

Boost's additional test compilers include:

        Clang: 3.0, 3.8.1, 3.9.1, 4.0.1, 5.0.2, 6.0.1
        Clang, C++0x: 3.0
        Clang, C++11: 3.0, 3.1, 3..0.0, 8.0.0
        Clang, C++14: 3.5.0, 3.6.0, 3.7.1, 3.8.0, 3.9.1, 4.0.0, 4.0.1, 5.0.2, \ 
6.0.1, 7.0.0, 8.0.0
        Clang, C++17: 5.0.2, 6.0.1, 7.0.0, 8.0.0
        GCC: 4.4.7, 4.5.3, 4.6.3, 4.9.4, 5.4.0, 5.5.0, 8.0.1
        GCC, C++0x: 4.4.7
        G9.4, 5.4.0, 6.4.0, 7.1.0, 8.0.1
        GCC, C++14: 5.4.0, 5.5.0, 6.3.0, 6.4.0, 7.1.0, 7.3.0, 8.0.1, 8.1.0
        GCC, C++17: 7.3.0, 8.0.1
        Intel, C++14: 18.0
    OS X:
        Apple Clang: 9.0.0, 9.1.0, 10.0.0
        Apple Clang, C++11: 9.0.0, 9ang, C++14: 9.0.0, 9.1.0, 10.0.0
        Apple Clang, C++17: 9.1.0, 10.0.0
        Apple Clang, C++1z: 9.0.0
        Apple Clang, C++2a: 10.0.0
        GCC: 3.4.5, 4.1.2, 4.2.4, 4.3.3, 4.4.0, 4.5.4
        GCC, C++0x: 4.6.4
        GCC, C++11 GCC, C++14: 5.1.0, 5.2.0, 5.3.0, 6.1.0, 6.2.0, 6.3.0, 6.4.0
        GCC, C++17: 7.1.0, 7.2.0, 7.3.0
        Visual C++: 7.1, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0, 14.0, 14.1
        Clang: 4.0.0
        Clang, C++11: 4.0.0
        Clang, C++14: 4.0.0
   2018-12-13 20:22:57 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (17) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.69.0

New Libraries

Safe Numerics:
A library for guaranteed correct integer arithmetic for C++14 and later, from \ 
Robert Ramey.

Updated Libraries

Fixed issue with visibility. Now boost::any variables constructed in one shared \ 
library with hidden visibility could be used and destroyed in other shared \ 
library with hidden visibility.
Maintenance: dropped some dependencies on other Boost libraries, fixes for docs.

Fixed a problem with the detection of std::future availability with libstdc++.
Fixed compile error in regex overload of read_until.
Fixed a timer heap corruption issue that can occur when moving a cancelled timer.
Fixed detection of std::experimental::string_view and std::string_view with \ 
newer clang/libc++.
Fixed MSVC version detection for availability of std::invoke_result.
Fixed the buffer sequence traits to test the new requirements, if decltype is \ 
Fixed an MSVC issue when building with exceptions disabled.
Added SSL context options for TLS v1.3.
Added a compile-time test for TLS v1 support.
Fixed the macro used to test for TLS v1.2 support.
Prevented global objects from being created once per thread on Windows.
Fixed a crash when using size(), max_size() or empty() on default-constructed \ 
resolver results.
Changed to move the return value in basic_resolver_results::begin() to avoid copying.
Enabled move support for the Intel Compiler.
Fixed std::string_view detection issue when using clang-cl.
Fixed the handler tracking operation name for io_context::executor_type::dispatch.
Fixed a buffer overflow that could occur when parsing an address string with a \ 
64-bit scope id.
Added examples showing how to write composed operations.
Added C++11 versions of the Timeouts, Timers, SOCKS4 and SSL examples.
Fixed minor issues in documentation and examples.

Add rvalue reference, perfect forwarding, and variadic template support
Avoid conversion to container's allocator

This version fixes some issues in the examples, and provides a new experimental \ 
socket which supports built-in timeouts on asynchronous operations.
New CppCon 2018 websocket chat example and presentation video.
For a complete list of changes, please view the official Release Notes.

Use the empty base optimization for storing allocators that are empty and not \ 
final (Glen Fernandes).

Concept Check:
Removed dependency on mpl.

duplicate alias should be missing GCC alias
the clang-win toolset (clang-cl.exe) uses masm from the underlying msvc
remove useless lines in Jamfile.v2
add .file section for *_elf_gas.S files

Implemented boost::empty_value, for library authors to conveniently leverage the \ 
Empty Base Optimization to store objects of potentially empty types (Glen \ 
Fernandes). This facility is now used in Boost.Beast, Boost.CircularBuffer, \ 
Boost.MultiArray, and more.
Implemented boost::quick_exit to provide the C++11 standard library facility \ 
std::quick_exit functionality (Peter Dimov).
Reduced the number of statics in Lightweight Test, and employ lighter abort \ 
behavior for MSVC compilers upon failure to call boost::report_errors (Glen \ 

Resolved link issues with the smart library
Maintenance: fixes for docs and tests.
Dynamic Bitset:
Performance improvements (over 2x in some cases).
Added range-based set, reset, flip methods

unbuffered_channel push not return
Remove UTF-8 BOM at begining of the file
Fix boost-install use; should only be issued once

Don't use readdir_r on Linux and Android since the readdir function is already \ 
Fixed crashes in boost::filesystem::copy due to undefined behavior in the \ 
Fixed undefined behavior in boost::filesystem::directory_iterator implementation.
Fixed compilation errors when using directory iterators with BOOST_FOREACH.
Removed workarounds for older PGI C++ compiler versions to fix compilation on \ 
the newer ones.
Fixed MSVC warnings about narrowing conversions.
Fixed some issues in GCC related to Boost.MPL placeholder expression handling.
Maintenance fixes.

Removed dependencies on mpl, test

Karney's solution of direct geodesic problem for internal use
Discrete Frechet and Hausdorff distance algorithms
New run-time and upgraded compile-time SRS transformation interfaces \ 
(undocumented for now due to potential interface changes).

boost/pending/integer_log2.hpp header is deprecated and will be removed in \ 
future releases. Use boost/integer/integer_log2.hpp instead.

Remove call to nonexistent member seekpos() of std::fpos

Fixed compilation problems with ambiguous unqualified calls to advance and \ 
distance on iterators whose types involve types in the namespace boost.

Fixed sign-conversion warnings
Maintenance: dropped some dependencies on other Boost libraries, fixed build \ 
system warnings.

General changes:
Updated syslog sink backend to avoid using deprecated Boost.ASIO interfaces.
Bug fixes:
Fixed a possible incorrect estimation of the total size of rotated files in the \ 
target directory of a text file sink in some cases.
See changelog for more details.

Breaking change: Use explicit operator bool when available

Add LambertW functions.
Update integration routines to support complex valued integrands and contour \ 
Added the derivative of the Barycentric rational approximation.
Minor fixes to better support variable precision floating point types.
Removed use of deprecated Boost.Endian in favour of Predef.
Updated continued fraction and series evaluation code to support complex types.
Prevent logic error leading to infinite loop in toms748_solve.
Fix mean and standard_deviation for extreme_value_distribution.
Improve heuristics used in newton_raphson_iterate.
Fix result of erf(NaN).
Big push to reduce GCC warnings.
Refactor polynomial addition.
Fix for vxWorks having a real function in the global namespace.
Improve sinc approximations and add better tests.
Fix typo in Student's T hypothesis testing documentation,

Implemented the mp_starts_with facility (Glen Fernandes).

Improve C++11 allocator model support including: Support for C++11 minimal \ 
allocators, support for stateful allocators, using the allocator for \ 
construction and destruction of the value type, and using the empty base \ 
optimization for storing empty or stateless allocators (Glen Fernandes).

Multi-index Containers:
Introduced an alternative terse key specification syntax for C++17 compliant \ 

Big update to better support variable precision types so that the precision of \ 
the result is always the largest of all the arguments.
Add support for allocators that are final in __cpp_int (Glen Fernandes).
Removed use of deprecated Boost.Endian in favour of Predef.
Add support for std::string_view.
Fixed minor bug in constant initialization.
Make assignment of non-finite value to cpp_int a runtime errors.
Added typedefs for cpp_bin_float_oct and cpp_complex_oct.

Added Bost.PolyCollection-specific versions of algorithms std::for_each_n and \ 

Replace boost::mutex use to avoid a dependency on Boost.Thread

Supports the new C++ standard conforming preprocessor in VC++ 14.1, which is \ 
currently enabled by using the /experimental:preprocessor switch, in Visual \ 
Studio 2017 15.8 on up.
Add constexpr support

Drop own FP routines in favor of boost::math
Missing visibility mark on exception types
to_utf8: Fixed wchar_t handling on Windows

Spirit V2
Drop own FP routines in favor of boost::math
Missing visibility mark on exception types
Fixed transform_attribute ambiguity
to_utf8: Fixed wchar_t handling on Windows

Missing visibility mark on exception types

libbacktrace usage was significantly improved. BOOST_STACKTRACE_USE_BACKTRACE or \ 
boost_stacktrace_backtrace users are encouraged to update:
Memory consumprion dropped down.
Stack capturing became faster by an order of magnitude.
syminfo fallback enabled to provide information for visible symbols even without \ 
debug information
Exact location of the backtrace.h header now can be specified via \ 
BOOST_STACKTRACE_BACKTRACE_INCLUDE_FILE, to allow backtrace.h header usage on \ 
platforms and compilers where that header is unreachable otherwise (for example \ 
Ubuntu Xenial + Clang)
Optimized stack capturing if max_depth is set
Added to_string(const stacktrace& ) functions for fast conversion of \ 
stacktraces to std::string

Boost.System is now header-only. A stub library is still built for \ 
compatibility, but linking to it is no longer necessary.
Even more functions have been marked constexpr.
The destructor of error_category is now protected and no longer virtual. This is \ 
a potentially breaking change, but its impact is expected to be limited.
error_category now has a constructor that accepts a 64 bit identifier, enabling \ 
distinct category objects to compare equal.
The constructors of error_category are now protected.
A non-allocating, nonthrowing overload of message has been added.
A virtual function failed has been added, allowing categories for which success \ 
is not synonymous with 0.
The deprecated boost::system::throws object has been removed.
boost::throws() is now deprecated and its use is discouraged.
The constructor of system_error taking a single error_code argument is now explicit.
system_error::code() now returns by value.

Boost.test v3.9 see the Changes log for more details.
New feature:
Official support of header-only variant of Boost.Test with multiple translation \ 
Now possible to manually add a test case by specifying its name, with \ 
Better support of boost::exception in the logs

Fix the regression and speed up parsing of the boost/type_traits.hpp header by 30%

Added support for non-inheritable empty types to boost::compressed_pair by \ 
avoiding the empty base optimization for types which are declared as final (Glen \ 

Fixed issue with visibility. Now boost::bad_visit exception could cross the \ 
boundaries of shared library with hidden visibility and could be catched in \ 
other shared library with hidden visibility.

Minor changes to support MSVC++ version 14.15 (Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8).
Doc fixes.