./math/py-numpy, Array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.20.3nb1, Package name: py39-numpy-1.20.3nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

NumPy is a general-purpose array-processing package designed to
efficiently manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays of arbitrary
records without sacrificing too much speed for small multi-dimensional
arrays. NumPy is built on the Numeric code base and adds features
introduced by numarray as well as an extended C-API and the ability to
create arrays of arbitrary type.

There are also basic facilities for discrete fourier transform,
basic linear algebra and random number generation.

Required to run:
[math/lapack] [math/blas] [devel/py-setuptools] [devel/py-cython] [lang/gcc7] [lang/python37]

Required to build:

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RMD160: 1ca729de5134bcc647e5634f1bc0a4edd03ef1b3
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   2021-10-07 16:28:36 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (458)
Log message:
math: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-07-01 08:13:45 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
py-numpy: set PYTHON_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE in bl3.mk
   2021-06-29 10:42:02 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (28)
Log message:
py-numpy: "Python version >= 3.7 required."
   2021-06-15 06:41:53 by Dr. Thomas Orgis | Files touched by this commit (36)
Log message:
mk/blas.bl3, Netlib and OpenBLAS packages, NumPy: C fixup and 64 bits

This delivers 64 bit index BLAS libraries alongside 32 bit ones. This is often
called ILP64 in the BLAS world, as opposed to LP64 where integers are 32 bit
due to the Fortran default integer type, not to be confused with the basic
system ABI used by C. For really large vectors on modern machines, you want
an 'ILP64' BLAS and layers on top of it.

In preparation of better support for vendor BLAS libraries, I had to realize
that you better use the C interfaces supplied by them, not the netlib one
strapped on. A simple reason of practicability: The vendor blas libraries,
just like openblas, like to ship all symbols in one library, so you get them
whether you want it or not. Also implementations may skip Fortran and implement
the underlying functionality directly in C anyway, so one might skip a
layer of indirection. Future will tell if other layers will follow. We still
have the framework of individual layers from Netlib to combine with certain
implementations that miss them (Accelerate framework comes to mind, which
needs further work).

The framework of netlib reference packages for the separate libraries
is instructive and helps keeping things small when you not need all of them.
The installation location of the headers is now in a subdirectory to be able
to have 32 and 64 bit variants independently. The 32 bit ones are linked to
${PREFIX}/include to keep the old picture. We could be brave and remove
those, but there is some value in a build just trying -lcblas and
inclusion of <cblas.h> to be happy.

There is one blas.buildlink3.mk that is supposed to be used only once and
so avoids a combination of conflicting libraries (as the 64 bit index symbols
have the same names as the 32 bit ones).

Basic usage for getting LAPACK+BLAS is still the same as before. You get
CBLAS and LAPACKE by setting BLAS_C_INTERFACE=yes in the package. The 64 bit
indices are selected via BLAS_INDEX64=yes.

Due to the special nature of the Accelerate framework, a package has to
explicitly indicate support for it and it will also not appear on the
list of implementations by default. The reason is that it does provide
mainly CBLAS and CLAPACK (another version of C interface to LAPACK, f2c-based)
and BLAS/LAPACK with f2c/g77 calling conventions. A default build with
gfortran would not like that

This commit also fixes up math/py-numpy and math/py-numpy16 to follow the
new scheme, as that are the only packages directly affected by the change
in CBLAS providership.
   2021-06-15 03:43:44 by Dr. Thomas Orgis | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
math/py-numpy: document BLAS distinfo patch
   2021-05-12 10:12:10 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numpy: updated to 1.20.3

BUG: Correct ``datetime64`` missing type overload for ``datetime.date``
MAINT: Remove ``__all__`` in favor of explicit re-exports
BLD: Strip extra newline when dumping gfortran version on MacOS
BUG: fix segfault in object/longdouble operations
MAINT: Use towncrier build explicitly
MAINT: Relax certain integer-type constraints
MAINT: Remove unsafe unions and ABCs from return-annotations
MAINT: Allow more recursion depth for scalar tests.
BUG: Initialize the full nditer buffer in case of error
BLD: remove unnecessary flag ``-faltivec`` on macOS
MAINT, CI: treats _SIMD module build warnings as errors through...
BUG: for MINGW, threads.h existence test requires GLIBC > 2.12
BUG: Make changelog recognize gh- as a PR number prefix.
REL, DOC: Prepare for the NumPy 1.20.3 release.
BUG: Fix failing mypy test in 1.20.x.
   2021-05-05 08:27:45 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
py-numpy: allow python 3.6 again

Better have this listed as breakage for py36-numpy than not having the
bulk builds start up because the packages using this still want to
build it for python 3.6
   2021-05-03 19:15:23 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numpy: updated to 1.20.2

* Update f2py from master.
* ``diagflat`` could overflow on windows or 32-bit platforms
* Fix refcount leak in f2py ``complex_double_from_pyobj``.
* Fix tiny memory leaks when ``like=`` overrides are used
* Remove temporary change of descr/flags in VOID functions
* Segfault in nditer buffer dealloc for Object arrays
* Remove suspicious type casting
* remove nonsensical comparison of pointer < 0
* verify pointer against NULL before using it
* check if PyArray_malloc succeeded
* incorrect error fallthrough in nditer
* Backport CI fixes from main.
* Add annotations for ``dtype.__getitem__``, ``__mul__`` and...
* NameError in numpy.distutils.fcompiler.compaq
* Fixed ``where`` keyword for ``np.mean`` & ``np.var`` methods
* Update apt package list before Python install
* Ensure that re-exported sub-modules are properly annotated
* Fix ma coercion list-of-ma-arrays if they do not cast to...
* Fix small valgrind-found issues
* Fix small issues found with pytest-leaks

* Add missing placeholder annotations
* Fix typo in ``numpy.__init__.py``
* don't mutate list of fake libraries while iterating over...
* gracefully shuffle memoryviews
* Use C linkage for random distributions
* fix when GitHub Actions builds trigger, and allow ci skips
* Allow unmodified use of isclose, allclose, etc. with timedelta
* Allow pickling all relevant DType types/classes
* Fix missing signed_char dependency.
* Change license date 2020 -> 2021
* CircleCI seems to occasionally time out, increase the limit
* Fix f2py bugs when wrapping F90 subroutines.
* crackfortran regex simplify
* threads.h existence test requires GLIBC > 2.12.
* Prepare for the NumPy 1.20.1 release.

* enable multi-platform SIMD compiler optimizations
* NEP 36 (fair play)
* Deprecate aliases of builtin types in python 3.7+
* `np.resize` negative shape and subclasses edge case fixes
* Add the method `permuted` to Generator.
* Fix issues with non-reduce broadcasting axes
* Ensure PyArray_FromScalar always returns the requested dtype
* Technical decisions for new DTypes
* Create Preliminary DTypeMeta class and np.dtype subclasses
* Avoid exception in NpzFile destructor if constructor raises...
* Improved `__str__` for polynomials
* Remove Accelerate support
* [DOC] Added tutorial about the numpy.ma module.
* Add where argument to np.mean
* Deprecate passing shape=None to mean shape=()
* Ensure indexing errors will be raised even on empty results
* improve printing of arrays with multi-line reprs
* Correct documentation of ``__array__`` when used as output...
* Implement concatenate dtype and casting keyword arguments
* Deprecate `numpy.dual`.
* Potential fix for divmod(1.0, 0.0) to raise divbyzero and...
* Increase guidance and detail of np.polynomial docstring
* Add transition note to all lib/poly functions
* Rewrite of array-coercion to support new dtypes
* Add ``full_output`` argument to ``f2py.compile``.
* Deprecate ufunc.outer with matrix inputs
* Unify cached (C-level static) imports
* Allow attach docs twice but error if wrong
* Fix default fallback in genfromtxt
* ENH:Umath Replace raw SIMD of unary float point(32-64) with NPYV...
* added edge keyword argument to digitize
* Update the f2py section of the "Using Python as Glue" page.
* Improve `rec.array` function documentation
* include dt64/td64 isinstance checks in ``__init__.pxd``
* Clarifications for np.std
* Order percentile monotonically
* cleanups to quantile
* Update master after 1.19.x branch.
* Ensure out argument is returned by identity for 0d arrays
* Clarifications for ``np.var``.
* Add a note about performance of isclose compared to math.isclose
* Clean up the implementation of quantile
* Bump hypothesis from 5.12.0 to 5.14.0
* Improve "tobytes" docstring.
* Fix tools/download-wheels.py.
* Require Python >= 3.6 in setup.py
* Fix malformed docstrings in ma.
* Optimize Cpu feature detect in X86, fix for GCC on macOS
* np.info does not show keyword-only arguments
* Fix bad reference in ``numpy.ma``
* Fix detecting and testing armhf features
* Fix packbits documentation rendering,
* Fix troubleshooting code snippet when env vars are empty
* relpath fails for different drives on windows
* Fix ``np.ma.core.doc_note``
* Bump numpydoc version
* Stop Using PyEval_Call* and simplify some uses
* Improve the ARM cpu feature detection by parsing /proc/cpuinfo
* Reconstruct Testing Guideline.
* Cleanup 'tools/download-wheels.py'
* link np.interp to SciPy's interpolation functions (closes...
* Fix spelling typo - homogenous to homogeneous.
* Use AVX-512 for np.isnan, np.infinite, np.isinf and np.signbit
* Fix refcounting in add_newdoc
* Create a link for the circleCI artifact
* Fix dtype leak in `PyArray_FromAny` error path
* Indentation for docstrings
* Fix small leaks in error path and ``empty_like`` with shape
* Streamline download-wheels.
* Fix an obvious mistake in a message printed in doc/Makefile.
* Bump cython from 0.29.17 to 0.29.19
* Bump hypothesis from 5.14.0 to 5.15.1
* Bump pytest-cov from 2.8.1 to 2.9.0
* Use AVX-512 for np.frexp and np.ldexp
* add index for user docs.
* ARM Neon implementation with intrinsic for np.argmax.
* Tighten howto-docs guide
* Make ctypes optional on Windows
* Hardcode buffer handling for simple scalars
* Stop uploading wheels to Rackspace.
* Use a raw string for the fromstring docstring.
* Validate and disable CPU features in runtime
* Implement the NumPy C SIMD vectorization interface
* Update make dist html target.
* Update sphinx conf to use xelatex.
* turn on codecov patch diffs
* endpoints of array returned by geomspace() should match...
* support python 3.10
* Chain some exceptions.
* Improve intersect1d docstring
* Update assert_warns parameter list
* Simplify assert_warns in test_io.py
* make NEP 18 status Final
* Add style guide to howto_document
* NEP for C style guide
* Fix description of dtype default in linspace
* Add extern to PyArrayDTypeMeta_Type declaration
* Add a reference into NEP 29,
* Catch remaining cases of Py_SIZE and Py_TYPE as lvalues
* Fix deprecated warn for Intel/Apple/Clang Compiler
* make clearer that sinc is normalized by a factor pi
* update roadmap
* fixes einsum output order with optimization
* add a "make show" command to doc/Makefile
* Add a NEP link to all neps.
* extend error message when Accelerate is detected
* Improve assert_warns docstring with example
* Bump hypothesis from 5.15.1 to 5.16.0
* Fix development_workflow links
* fix GCC 10 major version comparison
* install mingw32 v7.3.0 for win32
* Fixes for 18 broken links
* use zip instead of range in piecewise
* add `norm=forward,backward` to numpy.fft functions
* Optimize the performace of np.packbits in ARM-based machine.
* Fix result when a gufunc output broadcasts the inputs.
* Point Contributing page to new NEP 45
* make Py_SET_SIZE and Py_SET_TYPE macros a bit safer
* Error when ``size`` is smaller than broadcast input...
* Correct MV Normal sig
* raise IEEE exception on AIX
* only single-polynomial fitting in np.polynomial.Polynomial.fit()
* Minor rounding correction in Generator.binomial
* trivial doc style fix in NEP 45.
* add type stubs from numpy-stubs
* make callbacks threadsafe
* replace \t by whitespace for readability
* MAINT:ARMHF Fix detecting feature groups NEON_HALF and NEON_VFPV4
* Improve buffer speed
* move thread-local declaration definition to common...
* Fix cython warning in random/_common.pyx.
* Bump pytest from 5.4.2 to 5.4.3
* Remove non-threadsafe sigint handling from fft calculation
* SSE2 intrinsic implementation for float64 input of np.enisum
* Ensure SeedSequence 0-padding does not collide with spawn...
* Remove deprecated numeric types and deprecate remaining
* drop win32 3.7, 3.6 builds
* simplifying annotations for np.core.from_numeric
* make typing module available at runtime
* Throw TypeError on operator concat on Numpy Arrays
* Add new tests for array coercion
* fix sin/cos bug when input is strided array
* fix name of first parameter to dtype constructor in type...
* Added an example for np.transpose(4d_array)
* changed np.generic arguments to positional-only
* Clarify dtype default for logspace and geomspace
* Disallow complex args in arange
* Raise TypeError for float->timedelta promotion
* Add ``__f2py_numpy_version__`` attribute to Fortran modules.
* Fix reference count leak in mapping.c
* Move and improve ``test_ignore_nan_ulperror``.
* make addition of types a "new feature" in release notes
* Avx512 intrinsics implementation for float64 input np.log
* Bump pytest-cov from 2.9.0 to 2.10.0
* Bump hypothesis from 5.16.0 to 5.16.1
* bump mypy version to 0.780
* Openblas 0.3.10
* add annotation for abs
* check if std=c99 is really required
* disable Shippable cache
* Expand array-creation benchmarks
* Implemented two dtype-related TODO's
* Initialize stop-reading in array_from_text
* Updated documentation for numpy.squeeze
* add tool to find functions missing types
* ENH,BUG:distutils Remove the origins from the implied features
* Some code clean up in loadtxt
* remove obsolete goal_time param
* Fix uint->timedelta promotion to raise TypeError
* Replace `PyUString_GET_SIZE` with `PyUnicode_GetLength`.
* Fix outdated docs link
* add a static typing test for memoryviews as ArrayLikes
* Added annotations to 8 functions from np.core.fromnumeric
* Update master after 1.19.0 release.
* Allow genfromtxt to unpack structured arrays
* Prefer generator expressions over list comprehensions...
* cross-reference numpy.dot and numpy.linalg.multi_dot
* Bump hypothesis from 5.16.1 to 5.16.3
* Bump mypy from 0.780 to 0.781
* Add lib.format.open_memmap to autosummary.
* Fix bug in AVX complex absolute while processing array of...
* remove blacklist/whitelist terms
* Add extra debugging information to CPU features detection
* Add support for file like objects to np.core.records.fromfile
* updated gcc minimum recommend version to build from source
* Allow `None` to be passed to certain `generic` subclasses
* fixed docstring for descr_to_dtype
* Remove "matrix" from `triu` docstring.
* add py.typed sentinel to package manifest
* Fixup quantile tests to not use `np.float`
* Add CPU entry for Emscripten / WebAssembly
* Disable Python 3.9-dev testing.
* Add instruction about stable symlink
* Disable use_hugepages in case of ValueError
* Add dep directive to alen docstring.
* Add RPATH support for AIX
* fix typo
* Fix PyArray_SearchSorted signature.
* Add annotations to the last 8 functions in numpy.core.fromnumeric
* Use f90 compiler specified in f2py command line args for...
* reword random c-api introduction, cython is documented in...
* Tweak a sentence about broadcasting.
* Prepend `ma.` to references in ``numpy.ma``
* Remove redundant word
* add unique() to See Also of repeat()
* add example to unique() and make connection to repeat()
* Chaining exceptions in numpy/core/_internal.py
* add manylinux1 OpenBlAS 0.3.10 hashes and test for them
* Add Matti Picus to steering council page
* make dtype generic over scalar type
* Added a section in the 'Iterating over arrays' doc page...
* Tidy exception chaining in _datasource.py
* Fixes for deprecated functions in scalartypes.c.src
* Bump mypy from 0.781 to 0.782
* Bump hypothesis from 5.16.3 to 5.19.0
* Update NumPy logos
* Remove unneeded call to PyUnicode_READY
* Fix deprecated functions in scalarapi.c
* switch to logo with text
* Bring the NumPy C SIMD vectorization interface "NPYV"...
* Add basic benchmarks for scalar indexing and assignment
* fix decode error when building and get rid of warn
* Minor RST formatting.
* update cython to 0.29.21
* Upgrade to Python 3.8 for DEBUG testing.
* Fix RST/numpydoc standard.
* Move typing tests
* Explicitly disallow object user dtypes
* add example to corrcoef function
* adding docs on passing dimensions as tuple to ndindex
* Remove overzealous automatic RST link
* Add explanation of 'K' and 'A' layout options to 'asarray*'...
* Add a reST label to /user/building.rst
* fix mgrid output for lower precision float inputs
* temporarily disable OpenBLAS hash checks
* Do not inherit flags from the structured part of a union...
* replace dec.slow with pytest.mark.slow
* Make void scalar to array creation copy when dtype is...
* fix inconsistent parameter name in np.ndindex docstring
* setuptools 49.2.0 emits a warning, avoid it
* add examples to random number generator pages
* describe ufunc copy behavior when input and output overlap
* Fix ``runtest.py`` warning.
* Add pandas to doc_requirements.txt
* fix sphinx deprecation
* Avoid using uninitialized bytes in getlimits.py.
* Explaining why datetime64 doesn't work for allclose + isclose
* improve SIMD features tables
* update openblas hashes, re-enable check
* Remove code that will never run
* Bump hypothesis from 5.19.0 to 5.19.1
* linspace should round towards -infinity
* Disable shippable until we can fix it.
* Remove Duplicated Code (function extract rmap)
* Remove Duplicated Code
* Change for loop (range -> for each)
* Deprecate NumPy object scalars
* clarify whats required for new features
* fix new compiler warnings on clang
* fix the search dir of dispatch-able sources
* Remove deprecated python function 'file()'
* Validate output size in bin- and multinomial
* Pin setuptools
* Update compiler check for AVX-512F
* fix the test for ``np.ones``
* edit to the documentation of lib/polynomial.py/polyfit
* Configure hypothesis in ``np.test()`` for determinism,...
* Remove unused pip install
* Fix bad MPL kwarg in docs
* Fix types including curly braces
* Remove the links for ``True`` and ``False``
* Integrate the new CPU dispatcher with umath generator
* Fix wrong markups in `arrays.dtypes`
* Remove links for C codes
* Fix the declarations of C fuctions
* also use Py_SET_REFCNT instead of Py_REFCNT
* Chaining exceptions in numpy/__init__.py
* update val to be scalar or array like optional
* Bump hypothesis from 5.19.1 to 5.20.2
* Speed up trim_zeros
* Fix string/bytes to complex assignment
* Add correctness vs strictness consideration for np.dtype
* Add ufunc docstring to generated docs.
* Update master after 1.19.1 release.
* Revert "Merge pull request 16248 from alexrockhill/edge"
* Fix memory leak of buffer-info cache due to relaxed strides
* Store exported buffer info on the array
* update OpenBLAS build
* Allow array-like types to be coerced as object array elements
* Deprecate size-one ragged array coercion
* Change the name of the folder "icons" to "logo".
* enable colors for `runtests.py --ipython`
* Clarify input to irfft/irfft2/irfftn
* Bump hypothesis from 5.20.2 to 5.23.2
* update numpy/lib/arraypad.py with appropriate chain exception
* Use arm64 instead of aarch64 on travisCI.
* Chain exception in ``distutils/fcompiler/environment.py``.
* Added the `order` parameter to `np.array()`
* Add Neon SIMD implementations for add, sub, mul, and div
* Fixed typo in lib/recfunctions.py
* Add pypy win32 CI testing.
* Increase the use of `Literal` types
* Add NumPy declarations to be used by Cython 3.0+
* Add the new NumPy logo to Sphinx pages
* Bump hypothesis from 5.23.2 to 5.23.9
* Bump pytest from 5.4.3 to 6.0.1
* pin setuptools < 49.2.0
* Revise glossary page
* clip() allows arguments.
* Updated NEP-35 with keyword-only instruction
* Simplify scalar power
* Improve error handling in umathmodule setup
* Disclaimer for FFT library
* Add error return to all casting functionality and NpyIter
* fix a compile and a test warning
* Clarify that `np.char` comparison functions always return...
* Use a less ambiguous example for array_split
* Bump hypothesis from 5.23.9 to 5.23.12
* core._internal style fixups
* Remove _EXTRAFLAGS variable
* fix typo in polydiv that prevented promotion to poly1d
* Revert boolean casting back to elementwise comparisons...
* Raise error on complex input to i0
* Remove obsolete conversion to set
* Remove the deprecated financial functions.
* Remove uses of PyString_FromString.
* use the pydata_sphinx_theme
* Fixes duplication of toctree content
* Bump pytest-cov from 2.10.0 to 2.10.1
* Bump hypothesis from 5.23.12 to 5.26.0
* Adjust NEP-35 to make it more user-accessible
* Add placeholder stubs for all sub-modules
* Split einsum into multiple files
* Handle errors from the PyCapsule API
* Fix spacing in vectorize doc
* Remove `np.ctypeslib.ctypes_load_library`
* make spacing consistent in NEP 41 bullet points
* fix ilp64 blas dot/vdot/... for strides > int32 max
* allow running mypy through runtests.py
* Remove duplicated symbols from link step
* Check for reduce intrinsics and AVX512BW mask operations
* Chain some exceptions in arraysetops.
* Chain ValueError in ma.timer_comparison
* Rewrite promotion using common DType and common instance
* Make arrayprint str and repr the ndarray defaults.
* Fix a few typos.
* Change handling of the expired financial functions.
* Add annotations to 3 functions in `np.core.function_base`
* Replace uses of PyString_AsString.
* ``Replace PyUString_*`` by ``PyUnicode_*`` equivalents.
* Replace PyInt macros with their PyLong replacement
* Add support for the abstract scalars to cython code
* Fix incorrect cython definition of npy_cfloat
* Clean up some Npy_ vs Py_ macro usage
* Remove references to PyCObject
* Update numpy4matlab
* Clean up some more bytes vs unicode handling
* Remove Void special case for "safe casting"
* Remove redundant headers
* Merge the npysort library into multiarray
* Add tests mapping out the rules for metadata in promotion
* revert trim_zeros changes from gh-16911
* Make `np.complexfloating` generic w.r.t. `np.floating`
* remove calls to PyUnicode_AsASCIIString,...
* Added missing methods to `np.flatiter`
* Correct error in description of ndarray.base
* Document `dtype.metadata`
* Use utf8 strings in more of datetime
* Add placeholder stubs for `ndarray` and `generic`
* Bump hypothesis from 5.26.0 to 5.30.0
* Remove some callers of functions in numpy.compat
* Make the window functions exactly symmetric
* Improve error handling in npy_cpu_init
* Fix the documented signatures of four `ufunc` methods
* Make the `NPY_CPU_DISPATCH_CALL` macros expressions not...
* Fixed headings for tutorials so they appear at new theme...
* Canonical_urls
* Fix various issues with the `np.generic` annotations
* enabled negation of library choices in NPY_*_ORDER
* comment out metadata added via javascript
* move informational files from numpy.doc.*.py to their...
* use sysconfig not distutils.sysconfig where possible
* Fix dimension discovery of within array ragged cases
* Added templates for different types of issues.
* Deprecated ndindex.ndincr
* Remove old PY_VERSION_HEX and sys.version_info code
* Avoid using ``np.random`` in typing tests.
* Fix link quick-start in old random API functions
* ``__array_interface__`` data address cannot be bytes
* Run slow CI jobs earlier so builds finishes sooner
* Add tool to help speed up Travis CI
* Fix docstring cross-referencing
* Added a PR "Reviewer guidelines" document.
* work around a bug in the new theme
* add fused multiply subtract/add intrinics for all supported...
* Bump hypothesis from 5.30.0 to 5.33.0
* Bump pydata-sphinx-theme from 0.3.2 to 0.4.0
* add new glossary terms
* remove some glosssary terms
* Fix the path to `mypy.ini` in `runtests.py`
* sysconfig attributes/distutils issue
* Annotate the arithmetic operations of `ndarray` and `generic`
* Merge together index page content into a single file
* Fix a typo in shape_base.
* Pass optimizations arguments to asv build
* Change the financial name access warning to DeprecationWarning
* Update master after 1.19.2 release.
* Simplify ufunc pickling
* Cleanup some pystring macros
* Replace remaining PyString macros.
* Replace PyUString_Check by PyUnicode_Check.
* fix pickling user-scalars by allowing non-format buffer...
* Replace some ``pyint_*`` macros defined in ``npy_3kcompat``.
* set upper versions for build dependencies
* (dtype-transfer) make copyswapn and legacy cast wrapper...
* Replace PyBaseString_Check by PyUnicode_Check
* Replace a couple of missed npy_3kcompat macros
* pin pygments to 2.6.1, 2.7.0 breaks custom NumPyC lexer
* Bump hypothesis from 5.33.0 to 5.35.1
* Bump pytest from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2
* Move the `fromnumeric` annotations to their own stub file
* Syntax-highlight .src files on github
* Mark vendored/generated files in .gitattributes
* Cleanup f2py/cfuncs.py
* Set deprecated fields to null in PyArray_InitArrFuncs
* allow registration of hard-coded structured dtypes
* Add annotations for five array construction functions
* Fix incorrect `.. deprecated::` syntax that led to this...
* improve `issubdtype` and scalar type docs
* Remove the tables of scalar types, and use `..autoclass`...
* update lexer highlighting and make numpydocs a regular...
* Chaining exceptions in npyio.py
* Regenerate table in NEP 29 (add numpy 1.18 and 1.19 to list)
* Fix syntax errors in docstrings for versionchanged, versionadded
* Add partial/non-contig load and store intrinsics for 32/64-bit
* Support for the NVIDIA HPC SDK nvfortran compiler
* Fix a macOS build failure when `NPY_BLAS_ORDER=""`
* Add PR prefix labeler and numpy prefix mapping
* Guide to writing how-tos
* How-to guide for I/O
* clarify residuals return param
* Add Npy__PyLong_AsInt function.
* Bump hypothesis from 5.35.1 to 5.35.3
* Finish replacing PyInt_Check
* Remove an obsolete paragraph.
* Edit nep-0042 for more clarity
* Add annotations for remaining `ndarray` / `generic` non-magic...
* Fixes module data docstrings.
* Fix default_rng docstring
* ensure _UFuncNoLoopError can be pickled
* Minor grammatical correction in quickstart doc.
* NumPy restyling for pydata theme
* Fix docstring for np.matmul
* Bump hypothesis from 5.35.3 to 5.36.1
* Remove old debug print statement.
* Replace "About NumPy" with "Document conventions"
* Update info on doc style rules
* Fix default void, datetime, and timedelta in array coercion
* Replace append_metastr_to_string function.
* Fixed ARGOUTVIEWM memory deallocation.
* rm incorrect alias from recarray user article.
* Rewrite can-cast logic in terms of NEP 42
* Add arraysetops to an autosummary
* Replace PyUString_ConcatAndDel in nditer_constr.c.
* Replace PyUString_ConcatAndDel in mapping.c.
* Replace the module-level `__getattr__` with explicit type...
* in PR template, set expectations for PR review timeline
* Cleanup remaining PyUString_ConcatAndDel use.
* Special case how numpy scalars are coerced to signed integer
* Mark the typing tests as slow
* Fix a parameter type in the `putmask` docs
* adding operational form documentation for array ops
* Deprecate coercion to subarray dtypes
* Fix memory leak in array-coercion error paths
* chains nested try-except in numpy/ma/core.py
* Remove bogus reference to _a_
* Fix formatting issues in description of .c.src files
* nep-0029 typo correction
* Move aliases for common scalar unions to `numpy.typing`
* Fix memoryleaks related to NEP 37 function overrides
* Fix the links for ``Ellipsis``
* add references to einops and opt_einsum
* Disable 32 bit PyPy CI testing on Windows.
* Security warning for issues template
* Fix "Feature request" spelling in issue templates
* Chaining exception in numpy\numpy\ma\mrecords.py
* Cleaner template for PRs
* fix exception chaining in format.py
* Warn on unsupported Python 3.10+
* Typed` to the PyPi classifier
* Fix the references for macros
* update NEP 42 with discussion of type hinting applications
* Remove CoC pages from Sphinx
* Chain exceptions in "_polybase.py"
* Bump hypothesis from 5.36.1 to 5.37.0
* add dtype option to numpy.lib.function_base.cov and corrcoef
* Fixes incorrect error message in numpy.ediff1d
* update code of conduct URL
* Add some entries for C types and macros
* Add annotations for bitwise operations
* add some missing scalar aliases
* Fix doctest for full_like
* remove os.fspath and os.PathLike backports
* Move the `np.core.numeric` annotations to their own stub...
* type np.unicode_ as np.str_
* Fix the entries for members of structures
* Fix the references for `random.*`
* circleCI- merge before build, add -n to sphinx
* Remove duplicate placeholder annotations
* Use consistent lowercase on docs landing page
* fix incompatible type comparison in numpy.lib.utils.info
* Fix failures in master related to userdtype registeration
* remove `sys` from the type stubs
* Fix empty 'C style guide' page
* Rename 'Quickstart tutorial'
* Added the Final feature for all constants
* Fewer blank lines in PR template
* Display real license on license page
* Add docstrings for some scalar types
* Update top links in landing page
* Make merge ref grabbing conditional on the PR being active
* Fix Bool types in C functions
* Fix some links and typos
* Cleanup compatibility code for pathlib
* Fix a typo
* add function to get broadcast shape from a given set of...
* Fixed crash on self-referential dtypes
* Bump hypothesis from 5.37.0 to 5.37.1
* Bump pydata-sphinx-theme from 0.4.0 to 0.4.1
* Bump mypy from 0.782 to 0.790
* Make `np.number` generic with respect to its precision
* fix conditional for PR merge command
* explicit disabling `CCompilerOpt` in F2PY
* Cygwin Workaround for 14787 on affected platforms
* Fix the entries of C functions
* Fix wrong blockquotes
* Add NEP 43 links to NEP 42
* Remove directives for some constants
* Update the annotations in `np.core.numeric`
* Add the entry for ``NPY_FEATURE_VERSION``
* Fix typos
* Add annotations for three new constants
* Fix Boolean array indexing typo
* Respect dtype of all-zero argument to poly1d
* include additional feedback
* Cleanup swig for Python 3.
* Move the `np.core.numerictypes` annotations to their own...
* Bump hypothesis from 5.37.1 to 5.37.3
* Add annotations for `np.core._type_aliases`
* Typo in lexsort docstring
* Coercion/cast of array to a subarray dtype will be fixed
* Clean up the errors of the typing tests
* Fixed file handle leak in array_tofile.
* Fix a broken `np.core.numeric` test
* Mark dead code as intentional for clang.
* removed old references to submodule licenses
* Fix typos (general documentation)
* Fully qualify license trove classifier
* mac dylib treated as part of extra objects by f2py
* Add annotations for 9 `ndarray`/`generic` magic methods
* Fix the document for arrays interface
* Conversion of some strings to f-strings
* Fix some references
* Valid docstring for config_py function show()
* Conversion of some strings to fstrings, part II
* Conversion of some strings to fstrings, part III
* Tidy up references to str_ / bytes_
* Conversion of some strings to fstrings, part iv
* Fix the references for ``__array_*__``
* Add entries for macros
* Add ``identity_value`` to ``PyUFuncObject``
* Replace ``PyCObject`` with ``PyCapsule``
* Don't use Python highlighting for non-python code
* Fix some references
* Bump hypothesis from 5.37.3 to 5.38.0
* update to OpenBLAS v0.3.12
* Fix reference to atleast_1d
* Add annotations for `np.core._ufunc_config`
* Add annotations for `np.core.shape_base`
* fix np.timedelta64('nat').__format__ throwing an exception
* f2py incorrectly translates dimension declarations.
* Fix installing Numpy on z/OS
* Ensure inner loop signature is complete everywhere
* simplify source path names in compilation test
* Add a doctest for ``getlincoef``
* Update master after 1.19.3 release.
* Make test suite work in FIPS (140-2) Mode
* Add a docstring for getarrlen
* Update README badge for travis-ci.com
* Refine a number of ``np.generic`` annotations
* Update release documentation and software
* Add sum intrinsics for float/double.
* (nditer_impl.h) Use ``intp`` instead of ``char *`` for offset...
* Fix small bug in ``make_lite.py``.
* Modify Templates
* Bump hypothesis from 5.38.0 to 5.41.0
* Bump pytz from 2020.1 to 2020.4
* use a more standard workflow for PyPy
* Update master after 1.19.4 release.
* Rename ``DtypeLike`` to ``DTypeLike``
* Fix small typos.
* Fixed an issue where ``.pyi`` files were ignored by numpy...
* Fix Doc Typos & Added Example
* Improve the einsum bench by adding new bench cases and variable...
* Revert gh-17654 - f2py incorrectly translates dimension...
* Add more files to ``.gitgnore``
* Do not import sliding_window_view to main namespace
* Do not override ``sliding_window_view`` module to ``numpy``
* Add NEP-35 instructions on reading like= downstream
* Use importlib to find numpy root directory in distutils
* Remove unused ``**options`` from MaskedArray ``__new__``...
* Remove Python 3.6 CI testing.
* move linux jobs to github actions
* Bump hypothesis from 5.41.0 to 5.41.2
* Fix cblas detection on windows
* add pypy3.7
* compare platform.architecture() correctly
* Add "performance" category to the release notes
* Fix segfault due to out of bound pointer in floatstatus...
* Fix buffer export dtype references
* Fix memory leaks found using valgrind
* Lazy load f2py test utilities
* use BUFFERSIZE=20 in OpenBLAS
* fix reuses the previous values during the fallback...
* update link to website in FUNDING.yml
* Add BLD and STY to labeler prefixes.
* Simplify Hypothesis configuration
* Make like= argument added in NEP-35 strict
* Fix up links, code blocks of release note fragments
* Minor touchups in npyio
* Update mailmap.
* Set the ufunc and ndarray ops return type to ``Any``
* Update linalg.py
* Fix empty_like docstring
* Add missing release fragments to ``upcoming_changes``.
* Fix incorrectly passed size in masked processing
* Bump hypothesis from 5.41.2 to 5.41.3
* Add back durations flag for DEBUG builds.
* Fix subarray dtype used with too large count in fromfile
* Fix pickling of scalars with NPY_LISTPICKLE
* Update the `numpy.typing` documentation
* Fixing boilerplate code example
* Add ``__all__`` to `numpy.typing`
* Add release note for gh-16161.
* Fix incorrect C function prototypes/declarations.
* Prepare for the NumPy 1.20.x branch.
* use python-version not PYTHON_VERSION
* Fix buffer readflag errors and small leaks
* Prepare for 1.20.0 release
* Remove remaining uses of Python 3.6.
* use latest pypy37 not pypy36
* clean up a spurious warning in numpy/typing/setup.py
* Speed up default ``where`` in the reduce-like method
* remove stray '+' from f-string upgrade
* add support for fujitsu compiler to numpy.
* 'bool' object has no attribute 'ndim'
* Update release notes to mention ``type(dtype) is not np.dtype``
* Replace f-string in setup.py
* Ignore fewer errors during array-coercion
* Fix a MacOS build failure
* Fix crosstalk issues with polynomial str tests.
* Ensure tests are not sensitive to execution order
* update to OpenBLAS 0.3.13
* Futurewarn on requiring __len__ on array-likes
* make a variable volatile to work around clang compiler bug
* add back sdist test run
* Fix concatenation when the output is "S" or "U"
* Fix detecting aarch64 on macOS
* Prepare for 1.20.0rc2 release.
* Generate the main dispatcher config header into the...
* Fix _simd module build for 64bit ARM/NEON clang
* Update 1.20.x after 1.19.5 release.
* Fix promotion of half and string
* improve avx512 mask logical operations
* Promotion between strings and objects was assymetric
* Use explicit reexports for numpy.typing objects
* Keep ignoring most errors during array-protocol lookup
* warn on unrecognized objects, fix empty...
* update OpenBLAS to af2b0d02
* Clarify the type alias deprecation message
* Ensure too many advanced indices raises an exception
* add an 'apt update'
* Prepare for the NumPy 1.20.0 release.