./math/py-numpy, Array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.19.1, Package name: py37-numpy-1.19.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

NumPy is a general-purpose array-processing package designed to
efficiently manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays of arbitrary
records without sacrificing too much speed for small multi-dimensional
arrays. NumPy is built on the Numeric code base and adds features
introduced by numarray as well as an extended C-API and the ability to
create arrays of arbitrary type.

There are also basic facilities for discrete fourier transform,
basic linear algebra and random number generation.

Required to run:
[math/lapack] [math/blas] [devel/py-setuptools] [devel/py-cython] [lang/gcc7] [lang/python37]

Required to build:

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SHA1: 0d6b62fbf723f5d91ab289766a252a30467609f1
RMD160: c322caeef537a5503729078034e1461a2e6592ef
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   2020-08-11 07:58:29 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
(math/py-numpy) INSTALL.rst.txt says Cython >= 0.29.21
   2020-08-05 16:05:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numpy: updated to 1.19.1

* MAINT, CI: disable Shippable cache
* MAINT: Replace `PyUString_GET_SIZE` with `PyUnicode_GetLength`.
* REL: Fix outdated docs link
* BUG: raise IEEE exception on AIX
* BUG: Fix bug in AVX complex absolute while processing array of...
* TST: Add extra debugging information to CPU features detection
* BLD: Add CPU entry for Emscripten / WebAssembly
* TST: Disable Python 3.9-dev testing.
* MAINT: Disable use_hugepages in case of ValueError
* BUG: Fix PyArray_SearchSorted signature.
* MAINT: Fixes for deprecated functions in scalartypes.c.src
* MAINT: Remove unneeded call to PyUnicode_READY
* MAINT: Fix deprecated functions in scalarapi.c
* BLD, ENH: Add RPATH support for AIX
* BUG: Fix default fallback in genfromtxt
* BUG: Added missing return after raising error in methods.c
* BLD: update cython to 0.29.21
* MAINT: setuptools 49.2.0 emits a warning, avoid it
* BUG: Validate output size in bin- and multinomial
* BLD, MAINT: Pin setuptools
* DOC: Reconstruct Testing Guideline.
* TST, BUG: Re-raise MemoryError exception in test_large_zip's...
* BUG,DOC: Fix bad MPL kwarg.
* BUG: Fix string/bytes to complex assignment
* REL: Prepare for NumPy 1.19.1 release

* ENH: add identity kwarg to frompyfunc
* TST: check exception details in refguide_check.py
* ENH: improve runtime detection of CPU features
* TST: Add assert_array_equal test for big integer arrays.
* MAINT: Remove unnecessary 'from __future__ import ...' statements
* MAINT: Fix typos and copy edit NEP-0030.
* DOC: NumPy for absolute beginners tutorial
* NEP: Proposal for array creation dispatching with `__array_function__`
* ENH: Use AVX-512F for np.maximum and np.minimum
* BUG: Fix numpy.random.dirichlet returns NaN for small 'alpha'...
* API: Use `ResultType` in `PyArray_ConvertToCommonType`
* MAINT,API: ignore and NULL fasttake/fastputmask ArrFuncs slots
* BUG: Make ``ediff1d`` kwarg casting consistent
* DOC: linalg: Include information about scipy.linalg.
* BUG: Use ``__array__`` during dimension discovery
* MAINT: cleanup compat.py3k.py
* ENH: f2py: improve error messages
* [DOC] LaTeX: fix preamble (closes 15026)
* BUG: add endfunction, endsubroutine to valid fortran end words
* TST: Add test for object method (and general unary) loops
* REL: Update master after 1.18.x branch.
* DOC: Update HOWTO_RELEASE.rst.txt
* API, DOC: change names to multivariate_hypergeometric, improve...
* DOC: Fix statement about norms
* MAINT: follow-up cleanup for blas64 PR
* DOC: add docstrings to refguide-check
* Revert "DEP: issue deprecation warning when creating ragged array...
* ENH: add support for ILP64 OpenBLAS (without symbol suffix)
* DOC: correct version for NaT sort
* TST: Check requires_memory immediately before the test
* MAINT: core: Fix a very long line in the ufunc docstrings.
* BUG: test, fix flexible dtype conversion on class with __array__
* TST: add value to pytest.ini for pytest6 compatibility
* MAINT: Ragged cleanup
* DOC: bring the out parameter docstring into line with ufuncs
* ENH: f2py: add --f2cmap option for specifying the name of .f2py_f2cmap
* TST: add BLAS ILP64 run in Travis & Azure
* MAINT: Fix expm1 instability for small complex numbers.
* MAINT: random: Remove a few unused imports from test files.
* MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.3.1 to 5.3.2
* API: remove undocumented use of __array__(dtype, context)
* MAINT,CI: fix signed-unsigned comparison warning
* DOC: Update documentation of np.clip
* DOC: Remove reference to basic RNG
* MAINT: Fix randint 0d limits and other 0d cleanups
* DOC: Fix typos, via a Levenshtein-style corrector
* MAINT: CI: Clean up .travis.yml
* DOC: Correct choice signature
* DOC: Correct documentation in choice
* TST: shippable build efficiency
* BUG: ensure reduction output matches input along non-reduction...
* REL: Update master after NumPy 1.18.0 release.
* MAINT: Update pavement.py for towncrier.
* DOC: update cholesky docstring regarding input checking
* DOC: update documentation on how to build NumPy
* DOC: add moved modules to 1.18 release note
* MAINT: Update required cython version to 0.29.14.
* BUG: searchsorted: passing the keys as a keyword argument
* BUG: use tmp dir and check version for cython test
* TST: improve assert message of assert_array_max_ulp
* MAINT: unskip test on win32
* ENH: Add property-based tests using Hypothesis
* BUG: test, fix for c++ compilation
* DOC: Adding instructions for building documentation to developer...
* DOC: NEP 37: A dispatch protocol for NumPy-like modules
* MAINT: Do not use private Python function in testing
* DOC: Improvements to Quickstart Tutorial.
* BUG: distutils: fix msvc+gfortran openblas handling corner case
* BUG: lib: Fix handling of integer arrays by gradient.
* MAINT: lib: A little bit of clean up for the new year.
* REL: Update master after NumPy 1.16.6 and 1.17.5 releases.
* DEP: records: Deprecate treating shape=0 as shape=None
* ENH: build fallback lapack_lite with 64-bit integers on 64-bit...
* MAINT: linalg: use symbol suffix in fallback lapack_lite
* DOC: typo in release.rst
* NEP: universal SIMD NEP 38
* MAINT: Remove unused int_asbuffer
* MAINT: Clean up more PY_VERSION_HEX
* MAINT: Remove implicit inheritance from object class
* MAINT: only add --std=c99 where needed
* MAINT: Remove Python2 newbuffer getbuffer
* MAINT: Py3K array_as_buffer and gentype_as_buffer
* MAINT: Remove references to non-existent sys.exc_clear()
* MAINT: cleanup use of sys.exc_info
* MAINT: Eliminate some calls to `eval`
* MAINT: Improve const-correctness of shapes and strides
* DOC: clarify the effect of None parameters passed to ndarray.view
* MAINT: Improve const-correctness of string arguments
* MAINT: Delete numpy.distutils.compat
* MAINT: Implement keyword-only arguments as syntax
* MAINT: Remove FIXME comments introduced in the previous commit
* MAINT: Work with unicode strings in `dtype('i8,i8')`
* BUG: Use PyDict_GetItemWithError() instead of PyDict_GetItem()
* MAINT: Remove python2 array_{get,set}slice
* DOC: Add some missing functions in the list of available ufuncs.
* MAINT: Tidy PyArray_DescrConverter
* MAINT: remove duplicated if statements between DescrConverters
* BUG: Fix PyArray_DescrAlignConverter2 on tuples
* MAINT: Remove Python2 ndarray.__unicode__
* MAINT: Remove Python 2 divide
* MAINT: minor formatting fixups for NEP-37
* MAINT: Post NumPy 1.18.1 update.
* MAINT: travis-ci: Update CI scripts.
* BENCH: Add benchmark for small array coercions
* BUILD: use standard build of OpenBLAS for aarch64, ppc64le, s390x
* BENCH: Add basic benchmarks for take and putmask
* MAINT: Cleanup most PY3K #ifdef guards
* DOC: BLD: add empty release notes for 1.19.0 to fix doc build...
* MAINT: Use a simpler return convention for internal functions
* MAINT: Simplify np.int_ inheritance
* DOC" Update np.full docstring.
* MAINT: Express PyArray_DescrAlignConverter in terms of _convert_from_any
* MAINT: Push down declarations in _convert_from_*
* MAINT: C code simplifications
* BUG: Add missing error handling to _convert_from_list
* DOC: Added tutorial about linear algebra on multidimensional...
* MAINT: Refactor dtype conversion functions to be more similar
* DOC: Updating f2py docs to python 3 and fixing some typos
* MAINT: Remove NPY_PY3K constant
* MAINT: Remove sys.version checks in tests
* MAINT: cleanup sys.version dependant code
* MAINT: Ensure `_convert_from_*` functions set errors
* MAINT: Avoid escaping unicode in error messages
* MAINT: Change file extension of ma README to rst.
* BUG: fix NameError in clip nan propagation tests
* NEP: document reimplementation of NEP 34
* MAINT: fix typos
* TST: move pypy CI to ubuntu 18.04
* TST: move _no_tracing to testing._private, remove testing.support
* BUG: Add some missing C error handling
* MAINT: Remove sys.version checks
* DEP: Deprecate `->f->fastclip` at registration time
* DOC: document site.cfg.example
* MAINT: Fix mistype in histogramdd docstring
* DOC, BLD: reword release note, upgrade sphinx version
* MAINT: Remove unnecessary calls to PyArray_DATA from binomial...
* MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.3.2 to 5.3.3
* MAINT: Remove six
* MAINT: Revise imports from collections.abc module
* MAINT: remove internal functions required to handle Python2/3...
* MAINT: Remove other uses of six module
* MAINT: resolve pyflake F403 'from module import *' used
* MAINT: Update tox for supported Python versions
* MAINT: simd: Avoid signed comparison warning
* DOC: Updating Chararry Buffer datatypes
* TST: Simplify unicode test
* MAINT: Use `with open` when possible
* MAINT: Cleanup python2 references
* MAINT: Python2 Cleanups
* DEP: add PendingDeprecation to matlib.py funky namespace
* BUG, MAINT: Stop using the error-prone deprecated Py_UNICODE...
* MAINT: clean up some macros in scalarapi.c
* MAINT/BUG: Fixups to scalar base classes
* BUG: np.load does not handle empty array with an empty descr
* MAINT: Revise imports from urllib modules
* MAINT: Remove Python3 DeprecationWarning from pytest.ini
* MAINT: cleanup _pytesttester.py
* BUG: Flags should not contain spaces
* MAINT: Clean up, mostly unused imports.
* BUG/TEST: core: Fix an undefined name in a test.
* MAINT: Replace basestring with str.
* ENH: Use AVX-512F for complex number arithmetic, absolute, square...
* MAINT: Remove Python2 workarounds
* MAINT: Cleanup references to python2
* MAINT, DOC: Remove use of old Python __builtin__, now known as...
* ENH: Make use of ExitStack in npyio.py
* MAINT: Inline gentype_getreadbuf
* MAINT: Use f-strings for clarity.
* DEP: Schedule unused C-API functions for removal/disabling
* DOC: Improve ndarray.ctypes example
* DOC: distutils: Add a docstring to show_config().
* MAINT: Use contextmanager in _run_doctests
* MAINT: Updated polynomial to use fstrings
* DOC: Fix Incorrect document in Beginner Docs
* MAINT: Update core.py with fstrings (issue 15420)
* DOC: fix docstrings so `python tools/refguide-check --rst <file>...
* MAINT: Tidy macros in scalar_new
* MAINT: use 'yield from <expr>' for simple cases
* MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.3.3 to 5.3.4
* BUG: Reject nonsense arguments to scalar constructors
* DOC: Update refguide_check note on how to skip code
* MAINT: Simplify `np.object_.__new__`
* STY,MAINT: avoid 'multiple imports on one line'
* MAINT: Cleanup duplicate line in refguide_check
* MAINT: cleanup unused imports; avoid redefinition of imports
* BUG: Fix for SVD not always sorted with hermitian=True
* MAINT: Simplify scalar __new__ some more
* MAINT: Eliminate messy _WORK macro
* update result of rng.random(3) to current rng output
* DOC: Correct get_state doc
* MAINT: Use `.identifier = val` to fill type structs
* [DOC] Mention behaviour of np.squeeze with one element
* ENH: fixing generic error messages to be more specific in multiarray/descriptor.c
* BUG: Fixing result of np quantile edge case
* TST: mark the top 3 slowest tests to save ~10 seconds
* MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.3.4 to 5.3.5
* MAINT: Use True/False instead of 1/0 in np.dtype.__reduce__
* MAINT: Do not allow `copyswap` and friends to fail silently
* DOC: Remove duplicated code in true_divide docstring
* NEP 40: Informational NEP about current DTypes
* DOC: Update unique docstring example
* MAINT: Large overhead in some random functions
* TST: Fix missing output in refguide-check
* MAINT: Simplify arraydescr_richcompare
* MAINT: Fix internal misuses of `NPY_TITLE_KEY`
* DOC: Update instructions for building/archiving docs.
* BUG: Fix inline assembly that detects cpu features on x86(32bit)
* update doctests, small bugs and changes of repr
* DEP: Do not allow "abstract" dtype conversion/creation
* DOC: Minor copyediting on NEP 37.
* MAINT: Extract repeated code to a helper function
* NEP: edit and move NEP 38 to accepted status
* MAINT: Refresh Doxyfile and modernize numpyfilter.py
* TST: Accuracy test float32 sin/cos/exp/log for AVX platforms
* DOC: Improve the `numpy.linalg.eig` docstring.
* NEP 44 - Restructuring the NumPy Documentation
* TST: (Travis CI) Use full python3-dbg path for virtual env creation
* BUG, DOC: restore missing import
* DOC: Removing bad practices from quick start + some PEP8
* TST: Do not create symbolic link named gfortran.
* DOC: Document caveat in random.uniform
* DOC: numpy.clip is equivalent to minimum(..., maximum(...))
* MAINT: Bump cython from 0.29.14 to 0.29.15
* MAINT: Bump hypothesis from 5.3.0 to 5.5.4
* BLD: manylinux2010 docker reports machine=i686
* BUG: Ignore differences in NAN for computing ULP differences
* TST: use manylinux2010 docker instead of ubuntu
* TST: mask DeprecationWarning in xfailed test
* BUG: Fix bug in AVX-512F np.maximum and np.minimum
* BUG: Remove check requiring natural alignment of float/double...
* DOC: Add missing imports, definitions and dummy file
* DOC: Fix documentation for apply_along_axis
* DOC: fix printing, np., deprecation for refguide
* MAINT: Pull identical line out of conditional.
* DOC: remove broken link in f2py tutorial
* BLD: update openblas download to new location, use manylinux2010-base
* MAINT: AVX512 implementation with intrinsic for float64 input...
* BLD: update OpenBLAS to pre-0.3.9 version
* DOC: Refactor `np.polynomial` docs using `automodule`
* BUG: fix doctest exception messages
* MAINT: Added comment pointing FIXME to relevant PR.
* DOC: Make extension module wording more clear
* DOC: Improve np.finfo docs
* DOC: Improve Benchmark README with environment setup and more...
* MAINT: Bump hypothesis from 5.5.4 to 5.6.0
* NEP: move NEP 44 to accepted status
* DOC: Fix indexing docs to pass refguide
* MAINT: Test during import to detect bugs with Accelerate(MacOS)...
* MAINT: Add a fast path to var for complex input
* MAINT: Convert shebang from python to python3
* MAINT: replace optparse with argparse for 'doc' and 'tools' scripts
* DOC: Fix quickstart doc to pass refguide
* MAINT: Fixing typos in f2py comments and code.
* DOC: fix SVD tutorial to pass refguide
* MAINT: use list-based APIs to call subprocesses
* ENH: update numpy.linalg.multi_dot to accept an `out` argument
* TST: always use 'python -mpip' not 'pip'
* DOC: update datetime reference to pass refguide
* DOC: Fix coremath.rst to fix refguide_check
* DOC: fix remaining doc files for refguide_check
* BUG: fix logic error when nm fails on 32-bit
* TST: Remove nose from the test_requirements.txt file.
* DOC: Allow NEPs to link to python, numpy, scipy, and matplotlib...
* BUG: Guarantee array is in valid state after memory error occurs...
* MAINT: Remove non-native byte order from _var check.
* MAINT: Add better error handling in linalg.norm for vectors and...
* MAINT: doc: Remove doc/summarize.py
* BUG: lib: Handle axes with length 0 in np.unique.
* DOC: document inconsistency between the shape of data and mask...
* BUG, TST: fix f2py for PyPy, skip one test for PyPy
* MAINT: Fix swig tests issue
* MAINT: CI: Add an explicit 'pr' section to azure-pipelines.yml
* MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.3.5 to 5.4.1
* BUG,MAINT: Remove incorrect special case in string to number...
* REL: Update master after 1.18.2 release.
* ENH: Allow toggling madvise hugepage and fix default
* DOC: Fix runtests example in developer docs
* DEP: Make issubdtype consistent for types and dtypes
* MAINT: remove useless `global` statements
* BLD: Add requirements.txt file for building docs
* BUG: don't add 'public' or 'private' if the other one exists
* ENH: Use TypeError in `np.array` for python consistency
* BUG: Add basic __format__ for masked element to fix incorrect...
* TST: Add unit test for out=None of np.einsum
* MAINT: Cleanups to np.insert and np.delete
* BUG: Add error-checking versions of strided casts.
* DEP: Make `np.insert` and `np.delete` on 0d arrays with an axis...
* DOC: correct possible list lengths for `extobj` in ufunc calls
* DEP: Make np.delete on out-of-bounds indices an error
* DEP: Forbid passing non-integral index arrays to `insert` and...
* TST: Parametrize sort test
* TST: switch PyPy job with CPython
* TST: Remove code that is not supposed to warn out of warning...
* DEP: Do not cast boolean indices to integers in np.delete
* MAINT: simplify code that assumes str/unicode and int/long are...
* MAINT: pathlib and hashlib are in stdlib in Python 3.5+
* ENH: improved error message `IndexError: too many indices for...
* BUG: Fix IndexError for illegal axis in np.mean
* DOC: Minor fix to _hist_bin_fd documentation
* BUG,DEP: Make `scalar.__round__()` behave like pythons round
* DOC: First steps towards docs restructuring (NEP 44)
* DOC, TST: enable refguide_check in circleci
* DOC: fix typo in C-API reference
* DOC: Fix docstring for _hist_bin_auto.
* MAINT: Bump cython from 0.29.15 to 0.29.16
* DEP: Deprecate ndarray.tostring()
* TST: use draft OpenBLAS build
* BUG: Fix eigh and cholesky methods of numpy.random.multivariate_normal
* BUG: Check that `pvals` is 1D in `_generator.multinomial`.
* DOC: Add missing signature from nditer docstring
* BUG: Fix empty_like to respect shape=()
* BUG: Do not ignore empty tuple of strides in ndarray.__new__
* MAINT: Remove duplicated code in iotools.py
* BUG: Setting a 0d array's strides to themselves should be legal
* BUG: Respect itershape=() in nditer
* MAINT: Clean-up 'next = __next__' used for Python 2 compatibility
* TST: Run test_large_zip in a child process
* DOC: Add missing doc of numpy.ma.apply_over_axes in API list.
* DOC: Improve record module documentation
* DOC: Fixed order of items and link to mailing list in dev docs...
* BLD: report clang version on macOS
* MAINT: records: Remove private `format_parser._descr` attribute
* BUG: random: Disallow p=0 in negative_binomial
* ENH: Use sysconfig instead of probing Makefile
* DOC: Update np.copy docstring to include ragged case
* DOC: Correct private function name to PyArray_AdaptFlexibleDType
* MAINT: Fix capitalization in error message in `mtrand.pyx`
* DOC: Update np.rollaxis docstring
* BUG: fix AttributeError on accessing object in nested MaskedArray.
* BUG: Alpha parameter must be 1D in `generator.dirichlet`
* NEP: minor maintenance, update filename and fix a cross-reference
* MAINT: Bump hypothesis from 5.8.0 to 5.8.3
* TST: Add slow_pypy support
* DOC: Added note to angle function docstring about angle(0) being...
* MAINT/BUG: Cleanup and minor fixes to conform_reduce_result
* BUG: Avoid duplication in stack trace of `linspace(a, b, num=1.5)`
* BUG: Fix inf and NaN-warnings in half float `nextafter`
* MAINT: Remove 0d check for PyArray_ISONESEGMENT
* DEV: Pass additional runtests.py args to ASV
* DOC: Fix method documentation of function sort in MaskedArray
* NEP: Improve Value Based Casting paragraph in NEP 40
* DOC: add note on flatten ordering in matlab page
* TST: Add tests for the conversion utilities
* BUG: Unify handling of string enum converters
* MAINT: Replace npyiter_order_converter with PyArray_OrderConverter
* BUG: Fix lexsort axis check
* DOC: Clarify single-segment arrays in np reference
* DOC: Change import error "howto" to link to new troubleshooting...
* DOC: update first section of NEP 37 (``__array_function__`` downsides)
* REL: Update master after 1.18.3 release.
* MAINT: Bump hypothesis from 5.8.3 to 5.10.1
* DOC: initialise random number generator before first use in quickstart
* ENH: Fix exception causes in build_clib.py
* MAINT,TST: Move _repr_latex tests to test_printing.
* BUG: missing 'f' prefix for fstring
* ENH: Fix exception causes in build_ext.py
* DOC: Small typo fixes to NEP 40.
* DOC, BLD: update release howto and walkthrough for ananconda.org...
* ENH: Chained exceptions in linalg.py and polyutils.py
* MAINT: Chain exceptions in several places.
* MAINT: Chain exceptions in memmap.py and core.py
* BUG: Fix string to bool cast regression
* DOC: Added page describing how to contribute to the docs team
* DOC: add a note on sampling 2-D arrays to random.choice docstring
* BUG: random: Generator.integers(2**32) always returned 0.
* BLD: fix path to libgfortran on macOS
* DOC: Add axis to random module "new or different" docs
* DOC,BLD: Limit timeit iterations in random docs.
* DOC: add note on type casting to numpy.left_shift().
* DOC: improve development debugging doc
* DOC: tweak neps/scope.rst
* MAINT: Bump cython from 0.29.16 to 0.29.17
* MAINT: Bump hypothesis from 5.10.1 to 5.10.4
* TST: use latest released PyPy instead of nightly builds
* MAINT, DOC: Improve grammar on a comment in the quickstart
* NEP 41: Accept NEP 41 and add DType<->scalar duplication paragraph
* BLD: put openblas library in local directory on windows
* MAINT: Fix random.PCG64 signature
* DOC: Move misplaced news fragment for gh-13421
* DOC: Fix links for NEP 40 in NEP 41
* BUG: lib: Fix a problem with vectorize with default parameters.
* ENH: Better error message when ``bins`` has float value in ``histogramdd``.
* MAINT: Unify casting error creation (outside the iterator)
* BENCH: Default to building HEAD instead of master
* REL: Update master after NumPy 1.18.4 release
* DOC: Add VSCode help link to importerror troubleshooting
* CI: pin 32-bit manylinux2010 image tag
* MAINT: Bump pytz from 2019.3 to 2020.1
* BUG: Correct loop order in MT19937 jump
* CI: unpin 32-bit manylinux2010 image tag
* BUG: add missing numpy/__init__.pxd to the wheel
* BUG:Umath remove unnecessary include of simd.inc in fast_loop_macro.h
* DOC,BLD: Add :doc: to whitelisted roles in refguide_check.
* ENH: resync numpy/__init__.pxd with upstream
* ENH: allow choosing which manylinux artifact to download
* MAINT: Mark tests as a subpackage rather than data.
* Update Docs : point users of np.outer to np.multiply.outer
* DOC: Fix link to numpy docs in README.
* ENH: Allow pickle with protocol 5 when higher is requested
* MAINT: cleanups to _iotools.StringConverter
* DOC: Unify cross-references between array joining methods
* DOC: Improve docstring of ``numpy.core.records``
* DOC: update Code of Conduct committee
* MAINT: Bump hypothesis from 5.10.4 to 5.12.0
* MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.4.1 to 5.4.2
* DOC: warn about runtime of shares_memory
* ENH: backport scipy changes to openblas download script
* BUG: skip complex256 arcsinh precision test on glibc2.17
* MAINT: Chain exceptions and use NameError in np.bmat
* DOC,BLD: pin sphinx to <3.0 in doc_requirements.txt
* BUG: fix signature of PyArray_SearchSorted in __init__.pxd
* ENH: add manylinux1 openblas hashes
* DOC: Fix Generator.choice docstring
* DOC: Add PyDev instructions to troubleshooting doc
* DOC: Add Clang and MSVC to supported compilers list
* DOC: Warn about behavior of ptp with signed integers.
* DOC: Update the f2py section of the "Using Python as Glue" page.
* BUG: Add missing decref in fromarray error path
* ENH: Add tool for downloading release wheels from Anaconda.
* DOC: Fix typos and cosmetic issues
* REL: Prepare for the 1.19.0 release
* BUG: Fix tools/download-wheels.py.
* BUG: Require Python >= 3.6 in setup.py
* BUG: relpath fails for different drives on windows
* DOC: Fix documentation rendering,
* BUG: Don't segfault on bad __len__ when assigning. (gh-16327)
* MAINT: Stop Using PyEval_Call* and simplify some uses
* BLD: Avoid "visibility attribute not supported" warning.
* BUG: Allow attaching documentation twice in add_docstring
* MAINT: Remove f-strings in setup.py. (gh-16346)
* BUG: Indentation for docstrings
* BUG: Fix dtype leak in `PyArray_FromAny` error path
* ENH: Optimize Cpu feature detect in X86, fix for GCC on macOS...
* MAINT: core: Use a raw string for the fromstring docstring.
* MAINT: Make ctypes optional on Windows
* BUG: Fix small leaks in error path and ``empty_like`` with shape
* TST, MAINT: Fix detecting and testing armhf features
* DOC,BLD: Update sphinx conf to use xelatex.
* DOC,BLD: Update make dist html target.
* MAINT, DOC: add index for user docs.
* MAINT: support python 3.10
* DOC: Fix troubleshooting code snippet when env vars are empty
* REL: Prepare for the NumPy 1.19.0rc2 release.
* MAINT:ARMHF Fix detecting feature groups NEON_HALF and NEON_VFPV4
* BUG:random: Error when ``size`` is smaller than broadcast input...
* BUG: fix GCC 10 major version comparison
* BUG: Ensure SeedSequence 0-padding does not collide with spawn...
* BUG: fix sin/cos bug when input is strided array
* MAINT: Move and improve ``test_ignore_nan_ulperror``.
* REL: Update 1.19.0-changelog.rst for 1.19.0 release.
   2020-06-11 10:13:28 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numpy: updated to 1.18.5

ENH: enable pickle protocol 5 support for python3.5
BUG: relpath fails for different drives on windows
   2020-06-05 22:37:16 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
py-numpy: Re-add support for g95
   2020-05-04 08:18:55 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numpy: updated to 1.18.4

BLD: add i686 for 1.18 builds
BUG: random: ``Generator.integers(2**32)`` always returned 0.
BLD: fix path to libgfortran on macOS
REV: Reverts side-effect changes to casting
BLD: put openblas library in local directory on windows
DOC: Change import error "howto" to link to new troubleshooting...
   2020-04-27 21:38:23 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
py-numpy: fix linker options on Darwin
   2020-04-27 19:00:36 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numpy: updated to 1.18.3

BUG: Fix eigh and cholesky methods of numpy.random.multivariate_normalBUG,MAINT: \ 
Remove incorrect special case in string to number...
BUG: Guarantee array is in valid state after memory error occurs...
BUG: Check that `pvals` is 1D in `_generator.multinomial`.
BUG: Alpha parameter must be 1D in `generator.dirichlet`

TST: move _no_tracing to testing._private
MAINT: Large overhead in some random functions
TST: Do not create gfortran link in azure Mac testing.
BUG: Added missing error check in `ndarray.__contains__`
MAINT: use list-based APIs to call subprocesses
REL: Prepare for 1.18.2 release.
BUG: fix logic error when nm fails on 32-bit

MAINT: Update pavement.py for towncrier.
DOC: add moved modules to 1.18 release note
MAINT, DOC: Minor backports and updates for 1.18.x
TST: Add assert_array_equal test for big integer arrays
BUG: use tmp dir and check version for cython test
BUG: distutils: fix msvc+gfortran openblas handling corner case
BUG: remove -std=c99 for c++ compilation
MAINT: unskip test on win32
TST: add BLAS ILP64 run in Travis & Azure
MAINT: only add --std=c99 where needed
BUG: lib: Fix handling of integer arrays by gradient.
MAINT: Do not use private Python function in testing
REL: Prepare for the NumPy 1.18.1 release.

DOC: added note to docstring of numpy.savez
BUG: Numpy scalar types sometimes have the same name
DOC: Improve axes shift description and example in np.tensordot
MAINT: avoid relying on `np.generic.__name__` in `np.dtype.name`
ENH: supply our version of numpy.pxd, requires cython>=0.29
BUG: General fixes to f2py reference counts (dereferencing)
BUG: NaT now sorts to ends of arrays
DOC: Updates to nditer usage instructions
BUG: Do not crash on recursive `.dtype` attribute lookup.
ENH: Use AVX for float32 implementation of np.sin & np.cos
DEP: Deprecate silent ignoring of bad data in fromfile/fromstring
ENH: Always produce a consistent shape in the result of `argwhere`
DOC: array(obj, dtype=dt) can downcast
DOC: Document ma.filled behavior with non-scalar fill_value
DOC: Add note to irfft-like functions about the default sizes
BUG: Don't produce undefined behavior for a << b if b >= bitsof(a)
MAINT: Update NEP template.
ENH: random: Add the multivariate hypergeometric distribution.
DOC: Fix unrendered links
MAINT: Rewrite Floyd algorithm
DOC: Add missing macros to C-API documentation
ENH: Add axis argument to random.permutation and random.shuffle
DOC: Adds documentation of functions exposed in numpy namespace
BUG: Refcount fixes
MAINT: Ensure array_dealloc does not modify refcount of self
MAINT: Prepare master for 1.18.0 development.
MAINT,BUG,DOC: Fix errors in _add_newdocs
MAINT: Remove an unnessary backslash between two string literals
MAINT: Update pavement to use python3 in shell commands.
MAINT: Remove unnecessary backslashes (and replace others by...
MAINT: Replace integers in places where booleans are expected
DOC: Add missing parameter description for keepdims in MaskedArray
ENH: use AVX for float32 and float64 implementation of sqrt,...
DOC: reformat top-level release index
DOC : Refactor Array API documentation -- Array Structure and...
DOC: Fix typo in "make_mask" documentation
MAINT: Delete unused _aliased_types.py
BLD: Remove Trusty dist in Travis CI build
BUG: Handle weird bytestrings in dtype()
ENH: use towncrier to build the release note
ENH: improve error message for ragged-array creation failure
DOC: Update the description of byteswap
BUG: i0 Bessel function regression on array-likes supporting...
ENH, BUILD: refactor all OpenBLAS downloads into a single, testable...
MAINT: Remove unnecessary parenthesis in numpy.ma.core
MAINT: Fix wrong spelling of ufunc
DOC: Remove explicit .next method calls with built-in next function...
DOC: Don't override MaskedArray.view documentation with the one...
BUG: Fix incorrect GIL release in array.nonzero
MAINT: Warn if `_add_newdocs.py` is used to add docstrings to...
MAINT: Revert 13876, "MAINT,BUG,DOC: Fix errors in _add_newdocs"
MAINT,BUG,DOC: Fix errors in _add_newdocs
DOC, MAINT: emphasize random API changes, remove Generator.randint
DOC: Add a numpy-doc docstring to add_newdoc
DOC: Fix rst rendering in data types
DOC:Update the description of set_printoptions in quickstart...
Fixing failure on Python 2.7 on Windows 7
Fix a typo related to the range of indices
DOC: add space between words across lines
BUG, DOC: add new recfunctions to `__all__`
DOC: Change (old) range() to np.arange()
DOC: improve np.sort docstring
DOC: spellcheck numpy/doc/broadcasting.py
MAINT, TST: remove test-installed-numpy.py
DOC: Document array_function at a higher level.
DOC: show workaround for backward compatibility
DOC: Add a call for contribution paragraph to the readme
BUG: Missing warnings import in polyutils
BUILD: adapt "make version-check" to "make dist"
DOC: emphasize need for matching numpy, git versions
TST, MAINT, BUG: expand OpenBLAS version checking
ENH: Chain exception for typed item assignment
MAINT: Fix spelling error in npy_tempita kwarg
DOC: Array API : Directory restructure and code cleanup
[DOC] Remove unused/deprecated functions
Update system_info.py
DOC:Link between the two indexing documentation pages
DOC: Update NumFOCUS subcommittee replacing Nathaniel with Sebastian
DOC: update "Contributing to NumPy" with more activities/roles
DOC: Improve quickstart documentation of new random Generator
DEP: Speed up WarnOnWrite deprecation in buffer interface
NEP: numpy.org website redesign
DOC: Fix docstring of numpy.allclose regarding NaNs
DEP: Raise warnings for deprecated functions PyArray_As1D, PyArray_As2D
DEP: Remove np.rank which has been deprecated for more than 5...
BUG, TEST: Adding validation test suite to validate float32 exp
ENH,DEP: Allow multiple axes in expand_dims
ENH: add pyproject.toml
DOC: Update cversions.py links and wording
DOC, BUILD: cleanups and fix (again) 'make dist'
BUG: Fix file-like object check when saving arrays
DOC: Resolve bad references in Sphinx warnings
MAINT: bump ARMv8 / POWER8 OpenBLAS in CI
DOC: Emphasize the need to run tests when building from source
DOC:Add example to clarify "numpy.save" behavior on already open...
DEP: Deprecate full and economic modes for linalg.qr
DOC: Doc release
BUG: fix build issue on icc 2016
TST: Add 3.8-dev to travisCI testing.
DOC: Add blank line above doctest for intersect1d
ENH: Propose standard policy for dropping support of old Python...
DOC: Use `pip install .` where possible instead of calling setup.py
MAINT: adjustments to test_ufunc_noncontigous
MAINT: Improve NEP template
DOC: fix documentation of i and j for tri.
MAINT: Lazy import testing on python >=3.7
DEP: Deprecate PyArray_FromDimsAndDataAndDescr, PyArray_FromDims
MAINT: Clearer error message while padding with stat_length=0
MAINT: remove duplicate variable assignments
BUG: initialize variable that is passed by pointer
DOC: fix typo in c-api/array.rst doc
BUG: Add gcd/lcm definitions to npy_math.h
MAINT: Mark umath accuracy test xfail.
MAINT: Use equality instead of identity check with literal
MAINT: Fix small typo in quickstart docs
DOC, MAINT: Update master after 1.17.0 release.
ENH: add c-imported modules for freeze analysis in np.random
BUG: Fix DeprecationWarning in python 3.8
BUG: Remove stray print that causes a SystemError on python 3.7...
BUG: Remove the broken clip wrapper
BUG: avx2_scalef_ps must be static
TST: Allow fuss in testing strided/non-strided exp/log loops
NEP: Proposal for __duckarray__ protocol
BUG: Make advanced indexing result on read-only subclass writeable
TST: Clean up of test_pocketfft.py
DEP: Deprecate np.alen
MAINT: Workaround for Intel compiler bug leading to failing test
DOC: Fix hermitian argument docs in `svd`
MAINT: Fix a docstring typo.
DOC: Fix links in `/.github/CONTRIBUTING.md`.
ENH: Multivariate normal speedups
MAINT: Improve mismatch message of np.testing.assert_array_equal
DOC,MAINT: Move towncrier files and fixup categories
BUG: Fixed default BitGenerator name
BUG: Fix uint-overflow if padding with linear_ramp and negative...
ENH: Enable huge pages in all Linux builds
BUG: Fix leak in the f2py-generated module init and `PyMem_Del`...
DOC: new nan_to_num keywords are from 1.17 onwards
TST: Add tests for deprecated C functions (PyArray_As1D, PyArray_As1D)
DOC: mention `take_along_axis` in `choose`
ENH: Parse complex number from string
DOC: update or remove outdated sourceforge links
MAINT: Better error message for norm
DOC: add backlinks to numpy.org
BUG: Don't fail when lexsorting some empty arrays.
BUG: Fix segfault in `random.permutation(x)` when x is a string.
Doc: fix a typo in NEP21
DOC: set status of NEP 28 (website redesign) to Accepted
BLD: MAINT: change default behavior of build flag appending.
BUG: Fixes StopIteration error from 'np.genfromtext' for empty...
BUG: fix inconsistent axes ordering for axis in function `unique`
DEP: Deprecate load/dump functions in favour of pickle methods
MAINT: Update NEP-30
DEP: Deprecate arrayprint formatting functions
DOC: remove scipy.org from the breadcrumb formattiong
BUG: Fix formatting error in exception message
DOC: Address typos in dispatch docs
BUG: Fix ZeroDivisionError for zero length arrays in pocketfft.
BUG: Fix misuse of .names and .fields in various places
TST, BUG: Use python3.6-dbg.
BUG: core: Handle large negative np.int64 args in binary_repr.
BUG: Fix numpy.random bug in platform detection
MAINT: random: Match type of SeedSequence.pool_size to DEFAULT_POOL_SIZE
Bug: Fix behavior of structured_to_unstructured on non-trivial...
DOC: add two commas, move one word
DOC: Clarify rules about broadcasting when empty arrays are involved.
TST, MAINT: bump to OpenBLAS 0.3.7 stable
DEP: numpy.testing.rand
DEP: Deprecate class `SafeEval`
BUG: revert detecting and raising error on ragged arrays
DOC: Improve documentation of `isscalar`.
MAINT: Fix bloated mismatch error percentage in array comparisons.
DOC: Fix a minor typo in dispatch documentation.
MAINT: Remove redundant deprecation checks
MAINT: polynomial: Add an N-d vander implementation used under...
DOC: clarify that PytestTester is non-public
DOC: support and require sphinx>=2.2
DOC: random: fix doc linking, was referencing private submodules.
MAINT: Fixes for prospective Python 3.10 and 4.0
DOC: lib: Add more explanation of the weighted average calculation.
MAINT: Avoid BytesWarning in PyArray_DescrConverter()
MAINT: Post NumPy 1.17.1 update.
DOC: Fixed dtype docs for var, nanvar.
DOC: Document project as Python 3 only with a trove classifier
BUILD: move all test dependencies to ./test_requirements.txt
BUG: lib: Fix histogram problem with signed integer arrays.
REL: Update master after NumPy 1.16.5 release.
BUG: test, fix regression in converting to ctypes
NEP: Add initial draft of NEP-31: Context-local and global overrides..
DOC: document numpy/doc update process
DOC: update np.around docstring with note about floating-point...
BUG: view with fieldless dtype should raise if itemsize != 0
DOC: fix issue with __new__ usage in subclassing doc.
DOC: Fix release notes table of contents
NEP 32: Remove the financial functions from NumPy
BLD: Update RELEASE_WALKTHROUGH and cythonize.
Bump pytest from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2
TST: Remove build job since we now use Dependabot
BLD: Only allow using Cython module when cythonizing.
TST: Add dependabot config file.
BUG: Fix format statement associated with AttributeError.
BUG: Fix aradixsort indirect indexing.
DOC: add the reference to 'printoptions'
BUG: Do not show Override module in private error classes.
DOC: Make implementation bullet points consistent in NEP 29
MAINT: Clarify policy language in NEP-29.
REL: Update master after 1.17.2 release.
MAINT: clean up pocketfft modules inside numpy.fft namespace
BLD: remove generated Cython files from sdist
MAINT: add test to prevent new public-looking modules being added
BUG: random.hypergeometic assumes npy_long is npy_int64, hangs...
ENH: Print the amount of memory that would be used by a failed...
MAINT: use test_requirements.txt in tox and shippable, ship it...
BUG: add a specialized loop for boolean matmul
BUG: Fix _ctypes class circular reference.
BUG: core: Fix the str function of the rational dtype.
DOC: add timedelta64 signature
MAINT: Extract raising of MemoryError to a helper function
BUG,MAINT: Some fixes and minor cleanup based on clang analysis
MAINT: Add `NPY_UNUSED` and `const` qualified suggested by clang
MAINT: Silence integer comparison build warnings in assert statements
MAINT: distutils: Add newline at the end of printed warnings.
BUG: random: Revert gh-14458 and refix gh-14557.
DOC: Fix reference NPY_ARRAY_OWNDATA instead of NPY_OWNDATA.
ENH: Allow NPY_PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable override
MAINT: remove the entropy c-extension module
DOC: Add backslashes so PyUFunc_FromFuncAndDataAndSignatureAndIdentity
DOC: Fix a minor typo in changelog readme
BUG: Fix randint when range is 2**32
DOC: tweak np.round docstring to clarify floating-point error
DOC: Add warning to NPV function
API: Do not return None from recfunctions.drop_fields
BUG: Fix flatten_dtype so that nested 0-field structs are flattened...
DOC: Build release notes during CircleCI step
BUILD: Hide platform configuration probe behind --debug-configure
Mention that split() returns views into the original array
MAINT: Simplify lookfor function
MAINT: random: Remove a few duplicated C function prototypes.
BUILD, MAINT: run tests with verbose for PyPY, also do not leak...
BUG: fix release snippet failures caught only after merging
BLD: add warn-error option, adds -Werror to compiler
BUG: random: Create a legacy implementation of random.binomial.
MAINT: remove unused functions, rearrange headers (from CC=clang)
DOC: Fix a bit of code in 'Beyond the Basics' C API user guide.
MAINT: Cleanup old_defines in DOC
DOC: Added missing versionadded to diff(prepend)
BUG: Avoid ctypes in Generators
Changing ImportWarning to DeprecationWarning
MAINT: handle case where GIT_VERSION is empty string
MAINT: core: Remove duplicated inner loop ee->e from log, exp,...
DOC: clarify input types in basics.io.genfromtxt.rst
DOC: remove note about Pocketfft license file (non-existing here).
DOC: Fix code that generates the table in the 'Casting Rules'...
MAINT: don't install partial numpy.random C/Cython API.
TST: ensure coercion tables aren't printed on failing public...
DEP: remove deprecated (and private) numpy.testing submodules.
BLD, DOC: fix gh-14518, add release note
BUG: importing build_src breaks setuptools monkeypatch for msvc14
DOC: Note runtests.py `-- -s` method to use pytests `-s`
DOC: update submodule docstrings, remove info.py files
DOC: Document the NPY_SCALARKIND values as C variables.
MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.1.2 to 5.1.3
DEP: remove deprecated select behaviour
BUG: Add missing check for 0-sized array in ravel_multi_index
BUG: dtype refcount cleanups
DOC: Fix a minor typo in changelog entry
MAINT: Fix typo: remoge → remove
DOC: Change the promotion table checkmark to 'Y'.
DEP: Complete deprecation of invalid array/memory order
DOC: Add to doc that interp cannot contain NaN
NEP: Accept NEP 32.
NEP: Fix discrepancies in NEPs
NEP: Only list "Active" NEPs under "Meta-NEPs"
API: restructure and document numpy.random C-API
BUG: properly define PyArray_DescrCheck{,Exact}
MAINT: Remove duplicate files from .gitignore
API: rearrange the cython files in numpy.random
MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.1.3 to 5.2.0
MAINT: Add "MAINT" tag to dependabot commit msg
DOC: Updated sphinx directive formatting
DEP: Finish deprecation of non-integer `num` in linspace
DOC: s/OR/AND/ in np.logical_and docstring
DOC: misleading np.sinc() documentation
DOC: clarify residual in np.polyfit
BUILD: change to build_src --verbose-cfg, runtests.py --debug-info
BUG: always free clean_sep
DOC: Create `class Extension` docstring and add it to documentation.
DOC: add `printoptions` as a context manager to `set_printoptions`
DOC: Fix typo in NEP 29
MAINT: Use scalar math power function directly
DOC: Add IPython to dependencies needed to build docs.
MAINT: Bump pytest-cov from 2.7.1 to 2.8.1
MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.2.0 to 5.2.1
MAINT: Bump pytz from 2019.2 to 2019.3
MAINT: Use `extract_unit` throughout datetime
BUG: fix fromfile behavior when reading sub-array dtypes
BUG: random: Use correct length when axis is given to shuffle.
BUG: Do not rely on undefined behaviour to cast from float to...
NEP: add default-dtype-object-deprecation nep 34
MAINT: Remove unused boolean negative/subtract loops
DEP: ufunc `out` argument must be a tuple for multiple outputs
BUG: Fix `np.einsum` errors on Power9 Linux and z/Linux
DOC: Note release notes process changes on devdocs start page
Doc warnings
DOC: Switch Markdown link to RST in NEP 29
TST: Divide Azure CI Pipelines into stages.
DEP: Finish the out kwarg deprecation for ufunc calls
DOC: Removing mentions of appveyor
BUG: Default start to 0 for timedelta arange
API: NaT (arg)min/max behavior
API: Forbid Q<->m safe casting
DEP: deprecate financial functions.
DOC: Move newsfragment to correct folder
DOC: cleaning up examples in maskedarray.generic
MAINT: umath: Change error message for unsupported bool subtraction.
ENH: Add complex number support for fromfile
TST: run refguide-check on rst files in doc/*
DOC: Edit NEP procedure for better discussion
DOC: Post 1.17.3 release update.
NEP: Accept NEP 29 as final
BUG: Don't narrow intp to int when producing error messages
DOC: lib: Fix deprecation markup in financial function docstrings.
DOC: Change from HTTP to HTTPS
BUG: clear only attribute errors in get_attr_string.h::maybe_get_attr
MAINT: doc: Remove doc/newdtype_example/
Reword cautionary note about dtype.descr
BUG: fix integer size confusion in handling array's ndmin argument
TST, BUILD: add a gcc 4.8 run on ubuntu 18.04
Update CLASSIFIERS with python 3.8 support
BUG: random: biased samples from integers() with 8 or 16 bit...
DOC: Add release note about changed random variate stream from...
DOC: Make changes to NEP procedure
DOC: random: Remove redundant 'See Also' entry in 'uniform' docstring.
MAINT: Minor typo fix
MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.2.1 to 5.2.2
DOC: Adjust NEP-31 to new template.
DEP: issue deprecation warning when creating ragged array (NEP...
NEP: move 'NEP 29 random' from Accepted to Final
DOC: Add take_along_axis to the see also section in argmin, argmax...
ENH: change object-array comparisons to prefer OO->O unfuncs
TST: Don't construct Fraction instances from numpy scalars
Rename helper functions to not use the word rank
MAINT: Use templating to merge float loops
BUILD: ignore more build.log warnings
BLD: Prevent -flto from optimising long double representation...
BUG: raise ValueError for empty arrays passed to _pyarray_correlate
MAINT: move buffer.h -> npy_buffer.h to avoid conflicts
MAINT: Bump cython from 0.29.13 to 0.29.14
ENH: add isinf, isnan, fmin, fmax loops for datetime64, timedelta64
BLD: add 'apt update' to shippable
MAINT: revert gh-14800, which gave precedence to OO->O over OO->?
REL: Update master after 1.17.4 release.
BUILD: remove SSE2 flag from numpy.random builds
DOC: Update NEP29 with Python3.8 informations.
BUG: Remove builtins from __all__
MAINT: Delete and ignore generated files
Update FUNDING.yml
MAINT: Remove uses of scalar aliases
NEP: move nep 34 to accepted
TST: Add s390x to the TravisCI test matrix.
DOC: Note FFT type promotion
TST: Test with Python3.8 on Windows.
TST: Update travis.yml
TST: add no_tracing decorator to refcount-sensitive codepath...
MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.2.2 to 5.2.4
BUG: Fix step returned by linspace when num=1 and endpoint=False
DOC: Compare 'tolist' function to 'list' in example
DOC: Clarify return type for default_rng
MAINT: move numpy/random/examples -> numpy/random/_examples
DOC: testing: Note handling of scalars in assert_array_equal...
DOC, API: add random.__init__.pxd and document random.* functions
DOC: Clean up examples of low-level random access
TST. API: test using distributions.h via cffi
TST: skip if cython is not available
MAINT: Cleaned up mintypecode for Py3
DOC: fix docstring of np.linalg.norm
MAINT: Added Python3.8 branch to dll lib discovery on Windows
DEV: update asv.conf.json
MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.2.4 to 5.3.0
MAINT: Fix typos
REV: "ENH: Improved performance of PyArray_FromAny for sequences...
BUG: warn when saving dtype with metadata
DEP: Deprecate the axis argument to masked_rows and masked_cols
MAINT: Fix long name of PCG64
DOC, API: improve the C-API/Cython documentation and interfaces...
DOC: Fix typo in numpy.loadtxt and numpy.genfromtxt documentation
ENH: allow using symbol-suffixed 64-bit BLAS/LAPACK for numpy.dot...
DOC: add a more useful comment to compat.py3k.py
DOC: lib: Use a clearer example of ddof in the notes of the cov...
TST: machinery for tests requiring large memory + lapack64 smoketest
MAINT: Only copy input array in _replace_nan() if there are nans...
MAINT: Bump pytest from 5.3.0 to 5.3.1
REV: "ENH: Improved performance of PyArray_FromAny for sequences...
REL: Prepare for 1.18 branch
MAINT: Cleaned up mintypecode for Py3 (pt. 2)
BUG: Fix refcounting in ufunc object loops
BUG: Exceptions tracebacks are dropped
REV: Revert "Merge pull request 14794 from mattip/nep-0034-impl"
API, DOC: change names to multivariate_hypergeometric, improve docs
REL: Prepare for NumPy 1.18.0 release.
TST: Check requires_memory immediately before the test
ENH: Add support to sort timedelta64 `NaT` to end of the array
MAINT: follow-up cleanup for blas64 PR
ENH: f2py: add --f2cmap option for specifying the name of .f2py_f2cmap
ENH: add support for ILP64 OpenBLAS (without symbol suffix)
   2020-03-26 09:33:36 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
py-numpy: Remove bogus empty string argument.

Introduced 5 years ago due to variable expansion being committed, the variable
in question is no longer required.  Noticed by Dr. Thomas Orgis.