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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.19.0, Package name: ruby26-simplecov-0.19.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Code coverage for Ruby 1.9 with a powerful configuration library and automatic
merging of coverage across test suites.

Required to run:
[devel/ruby-simplecov-html] [devel/ruby-docile] [lang/ruby26-base]

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   2020-09-14 15:06:11 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
devel/ruby-simplecov: update to 0.19.0

Update ruby-simplecov to 0.19.0.

0.19.0 (2020-08-16)

## Breaking Changes
* Dropped support for Ruby 2.4, it reached EOL

## Enhancements

* observe forked processes (enable with SimpleCov.enable_for_subprocesses).
  See [#881](https://github.com/simplecov-ruby/simplecov/pull/881), thanks
  to [@robotdana](https://github.com/robotdana)

* SimpleCov distinguishes better that it stopped processing because of a
  previous error vs. SimpleCov is the originator of said error due to
  coverage requirements.

## Bugfixes

* Changing the `SimpleCov.root` combined with the root filtering didn't
  work.  Now they do! Thanks to
  [@deivid-rodriguez](https://github.com/deivid-rodriguez) and see

* in parallel test execution it could happen that the last coverage result
  was written to disk when it didn't complete yet, changed to only write it
  once it's the final result

* if you run parallel tests only the final process will report violations of
  the configured test coverage, not all previous processes

* changed the parallel_tests merging mechanisms to do the waiting always in
  the last process, should reduce race conditions

## Noteworthy

* The repo has moved to https://github.com/simplecov-ruby/simplecov -
  everything stays the same, redirects should work but you might wanna
  update anyhow

* The primary development branch is now `main`, not `master` anymore.  If
  you get simplecov directly from github change your reference.  For a while
  `master` will still be occasionally updated but that's no long term
   2020-03-08 16:25:04 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
devel/ruby-simplecov: update to 0.18.5

Update ruby-simplecov to 0.18.5.

0.18.5 (2020-02-25)

Can you guess? Another bugfix release!

## Bugfixes
* minitest won't crash if SimpleCov isn't loaded - aka don't execute SimpleCov \ 
code in the minitest plugin if SimpleCov isn't loaded. Thanks to \ 
[@edariedl](https://github.com/edariedl) for the report of the peculiar problem \ 
in [#877](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/issues/877).

0.18.4 (2020-02-24)

Another small bugfix release 🙈 Fixes SimpleCov running with rspec-rails, \ 
which was broken due to our fixed minitest integration.

## Bugfixes
* SimpleCov will run again correctly when used with rspec-rails. The excellent \ 
bug report [#873](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/issues/873) by \ 
[@odlp](https://github.com/odlp) perfectly details what went wrong. Thanks to \ 
[@adam12](https://github.com/adam12) for the fix \ 

0.18.3 (2020-02-23)

Small bugfix release. It's especially recommended to upgrade simplecov-html as \ 
well because of bugs in the 0.12.0 release.

## Bugfixes
* Fix a regression related to file encodings as special characters were missing. \ 
Furthermore we now respect the magic `# encoding: ...` comment and read files in \ 
the right encoding. Thanks ([@Tietew](https://github.com/Tietew)) - see \ 
* Use `Minitest.after_run` hook to trigger post-run hooks if `Minitest` is \ 
present. See [#756](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/756) and \ 
[#855](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/855) thanks \ 

0.18.2 (2020-02-12)

Small release just to allow you to use the new simplecov-html.

## Enhancements
* Relax simplecov-html requirement so that you're able to use \ 
[0.12.0](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov- … 2020-02-12)
   2020-02-05 16:22:28 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
devel/ruby-simplecov: update to  0.18.1

Update ruby-simplecov to  0.18.1.

0.18.1 (2020-01-31)

Small Bugfix release.

## Bugfixes
* Just putting `# :nocov:` on top of a file or having an uneven number of them \ 
in general works again and acts as if ignoring until the end of the file. See \ 
[#846](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/issues/846) and thanks \ 
[@DannyBen](https://github.com/DannyBen) for the report.

0.18.0 (2020-01-28)

Huge release! Highlights are support for branch coverage (Ruby 2.5+) and \ 
dropping support for EOL'ed Ruby versions (< 2.4).
Please also read the other beta patch notes.

## Enhancements
* You can now define the minimum expected coverage by criterion like \ 
`minimum_coverage line: 90, branch: 80`
* Memoized some internal data structures that didn't change to reduce SimpleCov \ 
* Both `FileList` and `SourceFile` now have a `coverage` method that returns a \ 
hash that points from a coverage criterion to a `CoverageStatistics` object for \ 
uniform access to overall coverage statistics for both line and branch coverage

## Bugfixes
* we were losing precision by rounding the covered strength early, that has been \ 
removed. **For Formatters** this also means that you may need to round it \ 
yourself now.
* Removed an inconsistency in how we treat skipped vs. irrelevant lines (see \ 
[#565](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/issues/565)) - SimpleCov's \ 
definition of 100% is now "You covered everything that you could" so \ 
if coverage is 0/0 that's counted as a 100% no matter if the lines were \ 
irrelevant or ignored/skipped

## Noteworthy
* `FileList` stopped inheriting from Array, it includes Enumerable so if you \ 
didn't use Array specific methods on it in formatters you should be fine

0.18.0.beta3 (2020-01-20)

## Enhancements
* Instead of ignoring old `.resultset.json`s that are inside the merge timeout, \ 
adapt and respect them

## Bugfixes
* Remove the constant warning printing if you still have a `.resultset.json` in \ 
pre 0.18 layout that is within your merge timeout

0.18.0.beta2 (2020-01-19)

## Enhancements
* only turn on the requested coverage criteria (when activating branch coverage \ 
before SimpleCov would also instruct Ruby to take Method coverage)
* Change how branch coverage is displayed, now it's `branch_type: hit_count` \ 
which should be more self explanatory. See \ 
[#830](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/830) for an example and feel \ 
free to give feedback!
* Allow early running exit tasks and avoid the `at_exit` hook through the \ 
`SimpleCov.run_exit_tasks!` method. (thanks \ 
* Allow manual collation of result sets through the `SimpleCov.collate` \ 
entrypoint. See the README for more details (thanks \ 
* Within `case`, even if there is no `else` branch declared show missing \ 
coverage for it (aka no branch of it). See \ 
* Stop symbolizing all keys when loading cache (should lead to be faster and \ 
consume less memory)
* Cache whether we can use/are using branch coverage (should be slightly faster)

## Bugfixes
* Fix a crash that happened when an old version of our internal cache file \ 
`.resultset.json` was still present

0.18.0.beta1 (2020-01-05)

This is a huge release highlighted by changing our support for ruby versions to \ 
2.4+ (so things that aren't EOL'ed) and finally adding branch coverage support!

This release is still beta because we'd love for you to test out branch coverage \ 
and get your feedback before doing a full release.

On a personal note from [@PragTob](https://github.com/PragTob/) thanks to [ruby \ 
together](https://rubytogether.org/) for sponsoring this work on SimpleCov \ 
making it possible to deliver this and subsequent releases.

## Breaking
* Dropped support for all EOL'ed rubies meaning we only support 2.4+. Simplecov \ 
can no longer be installed on older rubies, but older simplecov releases should \ 
still work. (thanks [@deivid-rodriguez](https://github.com/deivid-rodriguez))
* Dropped the `rake simplecov` task that "magically" integreated with \ 
rails. It was always undocumented, caused some issues and [had some \ 
issues](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/ … -561572327). \ 
Use the integration as described in the README please :)

## Enhancements

* Branch coverage is here! Please try it out and test it! You can activate it \ 
with `enable_coverage :branch`. See the README for more details. This is thanks \ 
to a bunch of people most notably [@som4ik](https://github.com/som4ik), \ 
[@tycooon](https://github.com/tycooon), \ 
[@stepozer](https://github.com/stepozer),  \ 
[@klyonrad](https://github.com/klyonrad) and your humble maintainers also \ 
contributed ;)
* If the minimum coverage is set to be greater than 100, a warning will be \ 
shown. See [#737](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/737) (thanks \ 
* Add a configuration option to disable the printing of non-successful exit \ 
statuses. See [#747](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/746) (thanks \ 
* Calculating 100% coverage is now stricter, so 100% means 100%. See \ 
[#680](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/680) thanks \ 

## Bugfixes

* Add new instance of `Minitest` constant. The `MiniTest` constant (with the \ 
capital T) will be removed in the next major release of Minitest. See \ 
[#757](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/757) (thanks \ 
   2019-11-02 15:51:05 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
devel/ruby-simplecov: update to 0.17.1

Update ruby-simplecov to 0.17.1.

0.17.1 (2019-09-16)

Bugfix release for problems with ParallelTests.

## Bugfixes

* Avoid hanging with parallel_tests. See \ 
[#746](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/746) (thanks \ 

0.17.0 (2019-07-02)

Maintenance release with nice convenience features and important bugfixes.
Notably this **will be the last release to support ruby versions that have \ 
reached their end of life**. Moving forward official CRuby support will be 2.4+ \ 
and JRuby support will be 9.1+. Older versions might still work but no \ 

## Enhancements

* Per default filter hidden files and folders. See \ 
[#721](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/721) (thanks [Renuo \ 
* Print the exit status explicitly when it's not a successful build so it's \ 
easier figure out SimpleCov failed the build in the output. See \ 
[#688](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/688) (thanks \ 

## Bugfixes

* Avoid a premature failure exit code when setting `minimum_coverage` in \ 
combination with using \ 
[parallel_tests](https://github.com/grosser/parallel_tests). See \ 
[#706](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/706) (thanks \ 
* Project roots with special characters no longer cause crashes. See \ 
[#717](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/717) (thanks \ 
* Avoid continously overriding test results with manual \ 
`ResultMergere.store_results` usage. See \ 
[#674](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/674) (thanks \ 
   2018-03-17 15:15:11 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
devel/ruby-simplecov: update to 0.16.1

0.16.1 (2018-03-16)

## Bugfixes

* Include the LICENSE in the distributed gem again (accidentally removed in \ 
0.16.0). (thanks @tas50)

0.16.0 (2018-03-15)

## Enhancements

* Relax version constraint on `docile`, per SemVer
* exception that occurred on exit is available as `exit_exception`! See \ 
[#639](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/639)  (thanks @thomas07vt)
* Performance: processing results now runs from 2.5x to 3.75x faster. See \ 
[#662](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/662) (thanks @BMorearty & \ 
* Decrease gem size by only shipping lib and docs

## Bugfixes

* (breaking) Stop handling string filters as regular expressions, use the \ 
dedicated regex filter if you need that behaviour. See \ 
[#616](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/616) (thanks @yujinakayama)
* Avoid overwriting the last coverage results on unsuccessful test runs. See \ 
[#625](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/625) (thanks @thomas07vt)
* Don't crash on invalid UTF-8 byte sequences. (thanks @BMorearty)
   2018-03-01 01:20:40 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
devel/ruby-simplecov: relax dependency to ruby-docile

Allow depends on ruby-docile 1.2 and later.

   2017-09-18 02:55:26 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
devel/ruby-simplecov: update to 0.15.1

0.15.1 (2017-09-11)

## Bugfixes

* Filter directories outside SimpleCov.root that have it as a prefix. See \ 
[#617](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/617) (thanks @jenseng)
* Fix standard rails profile rails filter (didn't work). See \ 
[#618](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/618) (thanks @jenseng again!)
   2017-08-31 17:25:00 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-simplecov to 0.15.0.

0.15.0 (2017-08-14) \ 
([changes](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/ … ...v0.15.0))

## Enhancements

* Ability to use regex filters for removing files from the output. See \ 
[#589](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/589) (thanks @jsteel)

## Bugfixes

* Fix merging race condition when running tests in parallel and merging
  them. See [#570](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/570) (thanks
* Fix relevant lines for unloaded files - comments, skipped code etc. are
  correctly classigied as irrelevant. See
  [#605](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/605) (thanks @odlp)
* Allow using simplecov with frozen-string-literals enabled. See
  [#590](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/590) (thanks @pat)
* Make sure Array Filter can use all other filter types. See
  [#589](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/589) (thanks @jsteel)
* Make sure file names use `Simplecov.root` as base avoiding using full
  absolute project paths. See
  [#589](https://github.com/colszowka/simplecov/pull/589) (thanks @jsteel)