./editors/vim-gtk2, Vim editor (vi clone) with X11 GTK2 GUI

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 9.0.0305, Package name: vim-gtk2-9.0.0305, Maintainer: morr

Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi. Many new features
have been added: multi level undo, syntax highlighting, command line history,
on-line help, filename completion, block operations, etc.

If you are building the package from source you may want to enable some
features such as a perl or python interpreter which are not enabled by

This version also contains a X11 GTK+ GUI. If you don't have X11,
look at the `vim' package instead.

Required to run:
[editors/vim-share] [x11/gtk2] [x11/libXpm]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

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   2022-08-28 21:49:13 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to new Vim 9.


9.0.0001  Travis CI is no longer used
9.0.0002  map functionality outside of map.c
9.0.0003  functions are global while they could be local
9.0.0004  plural messages not translated properly
9.0.0005  hare files are not recognized
9.0.0006  not all Visual Basic files are recognized
9.0.0007  no support for double, dotted and dashed underlines
9.0.0008  cannot specify the variable name for "xxd -i"
9.0.0009  going past the end of a menu item with only modifier
9.0.0010  returning 0 for has('patch-9.0.0') is inconsistent
9.0.0011  reading beyond the end of the line with put command
9.0.0012  signature files not detected properly
9.0.0013  reproducing memory access errors can be difficult
9.0.0014  missing part of the test override change
9.0.0015  with EXITFREE defined terminal menus are not cleared
9.0.0016  comparing line pointer for 'breakindent' is not reliable
9.0.0017  accessing memory beyond the end of the line
9.0.0018  going over the end of the typahead
9.0.0019  timers test not run where possible
9.0.0020  with some completion reading past end of string
9.0.0021  invalid memory access when adding word to spell word list
9.0.0022  spell test fails
9.0.0023  on Solaris timer_create() exists but does not work
9.0.0024  may access part of typeahead buf that isn't filled
9.0.0025  accessing beyond allocated memory with the cmdline window
9.0.0026  accessing freed memory with diff put
9.0.0027  the command line test is getting quite big
9.0.0028  MS-Windows: tests fail if there is a "runtime" directory
9.0.0029  the bitmaps/vim.ico file is not in the distribution
9.0.0030  matchfuzzy test depends on path of current directory
9.0.0031  <cmod> of user command does not have correct verbose value
9.0.0032  in the quickfix window 'cursorline' overrules QuickFixLine
9.0.0033  on a Belgian keyboard CTRL-[ does not work
9.0.0034  spell tests do not always clear the word list
9.0.0035  spell dump may go beyond end of an array
9.0.0036  'fillchars' cannot have window-local values
9.0.0037  build error
9.0.0038  'listchars' test fails
9.0.0039  not all systems have GDK_KEY_dead_circumflex
9.0.0040  use of set_chars_option() is confusing
9.0.0041  a couple of filetype patterns do not have "*" before \ 
9.0.0042  missing change for filetype detection
9.0.0043  insufficient testing for bracket commands
9.0.0044  typos in comments, wrapping lines
9.0.0045  reading past end of completion with a long line
9.0.0046  reading past end of completion with duplicate match
9.0.0047  using freed memory with recursive substitute
9.0.0048  cursor in wrong column with mouse click after concealed text
9.0.0049  csv and tsv files are not recognized
9.0.0050  split else-if is confusing
9.0.0051  using CTRL-C wih :append may hang Vim
9.0.0052  "zG" may throw an error if invalid character follows
9.0.0053  E1281 not tested with the old regexp engine
9.0.0054  compiler warning for size_t to int conversion
9.0.0055  bitbake files are not detected
9.0.0056  wrong line number reported when :cexpr fails in :def function
9.0.0057  has('patch-xxx') returns true
9.0.0058  Win32: cannot test low level events
9.0.0059  test file has wrong name
9.0.0060  accessing uninitialized memory when completing long line
9.0.0061  ml_get error with nested autocommand
9.0.0062  compiler warnings for signed/unsigned char
9.0.0063  too many type casts for dict_get functions
9.0.0064  confusing error when using "q:" in command line window
9.0.0065  cross-compiling doesn't work because of timer_create check
9.0.0066  switching window uneccarily when getting buffer options
9.0.0067  cannot show virtual text
9.0.0068  build fails with tiny features
9.0.0069  leaking memory when using text prop with inserted text
9.0.0070  using utfc_ptr2char_len() when length is negative
9.0.0071  command overlaps with printed text in scrollback
9.0.0072  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
9.0.0073  too many files recognized as bsdl
9.0.0074  Coverity warns for double free
9.0.0075  some compilers warn for using an uninitialized variable
9.0.0076  no test for what patch 8.1.1424 fixes
9.0.0077  wrong restored cursor position if switching window in autocmd
9.0.0078  star register is unexpectedly changed when deleting
9.0.0079  error in autoload script not reported for 'foldexpr'
9.0.0080  compiler warning for size_t to int conversion
9.0.0081  command line completion of user command may have duplicates
9.0.0082  cannot interrupt global command from command line
9.0.0083  ModeChanged event not triggered when leaving cmdline window
9.0.0084  using "terraform" filetype for .tfvars file is bad
9.0.0085  ":write" fails after ":file name" and then \ 
9.0.0086  tabline is not redrawn when entering command line
9.0.0087  MS-Windows: CTRL-[ on Belgian keyboard does not work like Esc
9.0.0088  pattern for detecting bitbake files is not sufficient
9.0.0089  fuzzy argument completion doesn't work for shell commands
9.0.0090  no error when assigning bool to a string option
9.0.0091  duplicate error number
9.0.0092  plugins cannot change v:completed_item
9.0.0093  sway config files are recognized as i3config
9.0.0094  cursor restored unexpected with nested autocommand
9.0.0095  conditions are always true
9.0.0096  flag "new_value_alloced" is always true
9.0.0097  long quickfix line is truncated for :clist
9.0.0098  missing include file in timer_create configure check
9.0.0099  scrollback can be wrong after redrawing the command line
9.0.0100  get hit-enter prompt for system() when '!' is in 'guioptions'
9.0.0101  invalid memory access in diff mode with "dp" and undo
9.0.0102  reading past end of line with insert mode completion
9.0.0103  if running configure with cached results -lrt may be missing
9.0.0104  going beyond allocated memory when evaluating string constant
9.0.0105  illegal memory access when pattern starts with illegal byte
9.0.0106  illegal byte regexp test doesn't fail when fix is reversed
9.0.0107  condition always has the same value
9.0.0108  configure check for timer_create may give wrong error
9.0.0109  writing over the end of a buffer on stack
9.0.0110  help tag generation picks up words in code examples
9.0.0111  "nocombine" is missing from synIDattr()
9.0.0112  MS-Windows: test fails because file already exists
9.0.0113  has() is not strict about parsing the patch version
9.0.0114  the command line takes up space even when not used
9.0.0115  when 'cmdheight' is zero pressing ':' may scroll a window
9.0.0116  virtual text not displayed if 'signcolumn' is "yes"
9.0.0117  text of removed textprop with text is not freed
9.0.0118  no test for what patch 9.0.0115 fixes
9.0.0119  tiny chance that creating a backup file fails
9.0.0120  MS-Windows GUI: cannot use AltGr + Space
9.0.0121  cannot put virtual text after or below a line
9.0.0122  breakindent test fails
9.0.0123  cannot build with small features
9.0.0124  code has more indent than needed
9.0.0125  cursor positioned wrong with virtual text after the line
9.0.0126  expanding file names fails in dir with more than 255 entries
9.0.0127  unused variable
9.0.0128  Coverity complains about possible double free
9.0.0129  compiler warning for int/size_t usage
9.0.0130  cursor position wrong when inserting around virtual text
9.0.0131  virtual text with Tab is not displayed correctly
9.0.0132  multi-byte characters in virtual text not handled correctly
9.0.0133  virtual text after line moves to joined line
9.0.0134  no test for text property with column zero
9.0.0135  comment about tabpage line above the wrong code
9.0.0136  after CTRL-Left-mouse click a mouse scroll also has CTRL
9.0.0137  debugger test may fail when $CWD is very long
9.0.0138  not enough characters accepted for 'spellfile'
9.0.0139  truncating virtual text after a line not implemented
9.0.0140  execute() does not use the "legacy" command modifier
9.0.0141  "delmenu" does not remove autocmmands
9.0.0142  crash when adding and removing virtual text
9.0.0143  cursor positioned after virtual text in empty line
9.0.0144  text property cannot override 'cursorline' highlight
9.0.0145  substitute that joins lines drops text properties
9.0.0146  missing part of change for "override" flag
9.0.0147  cursor positioned wrong after two "below" text properties
9.0.0148  a "below" aligned text property gets 'showbreak' displayed
9.0.0149  test for fuzzy completion fails sometimes
9.0.0150  error for using #{ in an expression is a bit confusing
9.0.0151  a "below" aligned text property does not work with 'nowrap'
9.0.0152  warning for unused argument in small build
9.0.0153  no fold and sign column for virtual text with "below" align
9.0.0154  text properties wrong after splitting a line
9.0.0155  text properties "right" and "after" wrong with 'nowrap'
9.0.0156  giving E1170 only in an expression is confusing
9.0.0157  'showbreak' displayed below truncated "after" text prop
9.0.0158  with 'nowrap' "below" property not displayed correctly
9.0.0159  cannot build with small features
9.0.0160  some diff mode tests fail
9.0.0161  warning for uninitialized variable
9.0.0162  text property "below" gets indent if 'breakindent' is set
9.0.0163  text property not adjusted for text inserted with "p"
9.0.0164  using freed memory with put command
9.0.0165  looking up a text property type by ID is slow
9.0.0166  when using text properties line text length computed twice
9.0.0167  checking for text properties could be a bit more efficient
9.0.0168  cursor positioned wrong with two virtual text properties
9.0.0169  insufficient testing for line2byte() with text properties
9.0.0170  various minor code formatting issues
9.0.0171  quickfix line highlight is overruled by 'cursorline'
9.0.0172  trying to allocate zero bytes
9.0.0173  assert fails only on MS-Windows
9.0.0174  no error for using "#{ comment" in a compiled function
9.0.0175  spell checking for capital not working with trailing space
9.0.0176  checking character options is duplicated and incomplete
9.0.0177  cursor position wrong with 'virtualedit' and mouse click
9.0.0178  cursor position wrong with virtual text before Tab
9.0.0179  cursor pos wrong with wrapping virtual text in empty line
9.0.0180  stray logfile appears when running tests
9.0.0181  textprop test with line2byte() fails on MS-Windows
9.0.0182  quarto files are not recognized
9.0.0183  extra space after virtual text when 'linebreak' is set
9.0.0184  virtual text prop highlight continues after truncation
9.0.0185  virtual text does not show if text prop at same position
9.0.0186  virtual text without highlighting does not show
9.0.0187  command line height changes when maximizing window height
9.0.0188  strange effects when using "text_align" with non-zero column
9.0.0189  invalid memory access for text prop without highlight
9.0.0190  the way 'cmdheight' can be made zero is inconsistent
9.0.0191  messages test fails; window size incorrect
9.0.0192  possible invalid memory access when 'cmdheight' is zero
9.0.0193  search and match highlight interfere with virtual text
9.0.0194  cursor displayed in wrong position after removing text prop
9.0.0195  metafun files are not recogized
9.0.0196  finding value in list may require a for loop
9.0.0197  astro files are not detected
9.0.0198  ml_get error when switching buffer in Visual mode
9.0.0199  cursor position wrong with two right-aligned virtual texts
9.0.0200  cursor wrong if 'nowrap' and two right aligned text props
9.0.0201  CursorLine highlight overrules virtual text highlight
9.0.0202  code and help for indexof() is not ideal
9.0.0203  confusing variable name
9.0.0204  indexof() may leak memory
9.0.0205  cursor in wrong position when inserting after virtual text
9.0.0206  redraw flags are not named specifically
9.0.0207  stacktrace not shown when debugging
9.0.0208  the override flag has no effect for virtual text
9.0.0209  build error with small features
9.0.0210  'list' mode does not work properly with virtual text
9.0.0211  invalid memory access when compiling :lockvar
9.0.0212  invalid memory access when compiling :unlet
9.0.0213  using freed memory with error in assert argument
9.0.0214  splitting a line may duplicate virtual text
9.0.0215  not passing APC_INDENT flag
9.0.0216  undo earlier test sometimes fails on MS-Windows
9.0.0217  'shellslash' works differently when sourcing a script again
9.0.0218  reading before the start of the line
9.0.0219  cannot make a funcref with "s:func" in a def function
9.0.0220  invalid memory access with for loop over NULL string
9.0.0221  accessing freed memory if compiling nested function fails
9.0.0222  no good reason why text objects are only in larger builds
9.0.0223  typo in diffmode test
9.0.0224  Using NULL pointer when skipping compiled code
9.0.0225  using freed memory with multiple line breaks in expression
9.0.0226  job_start() test may fail under valgrind
9.0.0227  cannot read error message when abort() is called
9.0.0228  crash when pattern looks below the last line
9.0.0229  Vim9: error message for missing type is not clear
9.0.0230  no error for comma missing in list in :def function
9.0.0231  expanding "**" may loop forever with directory links
9.0.0232  test with BufNewFile autocmd is flaky
9.0.0233  removing multiple text properties takes many calls
9.0.0234  cannot make difference between :normal end and argument char
9.0.0235  'autoshelldir' does not work with chunked respose
9.0.0236  popup menu not removed when 'wildmenu' reset while visible
9.0.0237  Mac: cannot build if dispatch.h is not available
9.0.0238  Shift-Tab shows matches on cmdline when 'wildmenu' is off
9.0.0239  build failure without the +wildmenu feature
9.0.0240  crash when using ":mkspell" with an empty .dic file
9.0.0241  "make install" does not install shared syntax file
9.0.0242  "make install" still fails
9.0.0243  text properties "below" sort differently on MS-Windows
9.0.0244  cannot easily get the list of sourced scripts
9.0.0245  mechanism to prevent recursive screen updating is incomplete
9.0.0246  using freed memory when 'tagfunc' deletes the buffer
9.0.0247  cannot add padding to virtual text without highlight
9.0.0248  duplicate code in finding a script in the execution stack
9.0.0249  no test for what 9.0.0234 fixes
9.0.0250  slightly inconsistent error messages
9.0.0251  test output shows up in git
9.0.0252  cursor in wrong place after virtual text
9.0.0253  a symlink to an autoload script results in two entries
9.0.0254  typo in function name
9.0.0255  build failure without the eval feature
9.0.0256  compiler warning for uninitialized variables
9.0.0257  "->" in ":scriptnames" output not tested yet
9.0.0258  MS-Windows installer skips syntax/shared
9.0.0259  crash with mouse click when not initialized
9.0.0260  using freed memory when using 'quickfixtextfunc' recursively
9.0.0261  bufload() reads a file even if the name is not a file name
9.0.0262  build failure without the +quickfix feature
9.0.0263  too many #ifdefs
9.0.0264  CI still runs on Ubuntu 18.04
9.0.0265  no good reason why the "gf" command isn't in the tiny version
9.0.0266  compiler warning for unused argument
9.0.0267  Coverity workflow still uses Ubuntu 18.04
9.0.0268  build error without the +eval feature
9.0.0269  getscriptinfo() does not include the version
9.0.0270  some values of 'path' and 'tags' invalid in the tiny version
9.0.0271  using INIT() in non-header files
9.0.0272  BufReadCmd not triggered when loading a "nofile" buffer
9.0.0273  Konsole termresponse not recognized
9.0.0274  netrw plugin does not show remote files
9.0.0275  BufEnter not triggered when using ":edit" in \ 
"nofile" buffer
9.0.0276  'buftype' values not sufficiently tested
9.0.0277  Coverity CI: update-alternatives not needed with Ubuntu 20.04
9.0.0278  the +wildignore feature is nearly always available
9.0.0279  the tiny version has the popup menu but not 'wildmenu'
9.0.0280  the builtin termcap list depends on the version
9.0.0281  build failure without the +eval feature
9.0.0282  a nested timout stops the previous timeout
9.0.0283  cannot complete "syn list @cluster"
9.0.0284  using static buffer for multiple completion functions
9.0.0285  it is not easy to change the command line from a plugin
9.0.0286  using freed memory when location list changed in autocmd
9.0.0287  Irix systems no longer exist
9.0.0288  when 'cmdheight' is zero some messages are not displayed
9.0.0289  invalid memory write
9.0.0290  compiler warning for variable set but not used
9.0.0291  test failing
9.0.0292  test causes another test to fail
9.0.0293  messages window not hidden when starting a command line
9.0.0294  crash when 'cmdheight' is 0 and popup_clear() used
9.0.0295  GUI drop files test sometimes fails
9.0.0296  message in popup is shortened unnecessary
9.0.0297  cursor position wrong after right aligned virtual text
9.0.0298  compiler warning for size_t to int conversion
9.0.0299  error messages for setcmdline() could be better
9.0.0300  'cpoptions' tests are flaky
9.0.0301  the message window popup is delayed after an error message
9.0.0302  CI for Coverity is bothered by deprecation warnings
9.0.0303  it is not easy to get information about a script
9.0.0304  WinScrolled is not triggered when only skipcol changes
9.0.0305  CI lists useless deprecation warnings
   2022-08-11 07:09:36 by David H. Gutteridge | Files touched by this commit (999)
Log message:
Bump all dependent packages of wayland (belatedly)

The package changed with the addition of its libepoll-shim dependency.
Otherwise, we can get:
ERROR: libepoll-shim>=0.0.20210418 is not installed; can't buildlink files.
   2022-07-27 17:13:11 by Pierre Pronchery | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
vim: update to 8.2.5172

On behalf of morr@ "please go ahead"

This includes security fixes. (more pending)

Tested on NetBSD/amd64.

XXX pull-up to pkgsrc-2022Q2

8.2.4722  ending recording with mapping records too much
8.2.4723  the ModeChanged autocmd event is inefficient
8.2.4724  current instance of last search pattern not easily spotted
8.2.4725  unused variable in tiny build
8.2.4726  cannot use expand() to get the script name
8.2.4727  unused code
8.2.4728  no test that v:event cannot be modified
8.2.4729  HEEx and Surface templates do not need a separate filetype
8.2.4730  MS-Windows GUI: cannot use CTRL-/
8.2.4731  the changelist index is not remembered per buffer
8.2.4732  duplicate code to free fuzzy matches
8.2.4733  HEEx and Surface do need a separate filetype
8.2.4734  getcharpos() may change a mark position
8.2.4735  quickfix tests can be a bit hard to read
8.2.4736  build problem for Cygwin with Motif
8.2.4737  // in JavaScript string recognized as comment
8.2.4738  Esc on commandline executes command instead of abandoning it
8.2.4739  accessing freed memory after WinScrolled autocmd event
8.2.4740  when expand() fails there is no error message
8.2.4741  startup test fails
8.2.4742  there is no way to start logging very early in startup
8.2.4743  clang 14 is available on CI
8.2.4744  a terminal window can't use the bell
8.2.4745  using wrong flag for using bell in the terminal
8.2.4746  supercollider filetype not recognized
8.2.4747  no filetype override for .sys files
8.2.4748  cannot use an imported function in a mapping
8.2.4749  <script> is not expanded in autocmd context
8.2.4750  small pieces of dead code
8.2.4751  mapping <SID>name.Func does not work for autoload script
8.2.4752  wrong 'statusline' value can cause illegal memory access
8.2.4753  error from setting an option is silently ignored
8.2.4754  using cached values after unsetting some environment variables
8.2.4755  cannot use <SID>FuncRef in completion spec
8.2.4756  build error without the +eval feature
8.2.4757  list of libraries to suppress lsan errors is outdated
8.2.4758  when using an LSP channel want to get the message ID
8.2.4759  CurSearch highlight does not work for multi-line match
8.2.4760  using matchfuzzy() on a long list can take a while
8.2.4761  documentation for using LSP messages is incomplete
8.2.4762  using freed memory using synstack() and synID() in WinEnter
8.2.4763  using invalid pointer with "V:" in Ex mode
8.2.4764  CI uses an older gcc version
8.2.4765  function matchfuzzy() sorts too many items
8.2.4766  KRL files using "deffct" not recognized
8.2.4767  openscad files are not recognized
8.2.4768  CI: codecov upload sometimes does not work
8.2.4769  build warning with UCRT
8.2.4770  cannot easily mix expression and heredoc
8.2.4771  Coverity warns for not checking return value
8.2.4772  old Coverity warning for not checking ftell() return value
8.2.4773  build failure without the +eval feature
8.2.4774  crash when using a number for lambda name
8.2.4775  SpellBad highlighting does not work in Konsole
8.2.4776  GTK: 'lines' and 'columns' may change during startup
8.2.4777  screendump tests fail because of a redraw
8.2.4778  pacman files use dosini filetype
8.2.4779  lsan suppression is too version specific
8.2.4780  parsing an LSP message fails when it is split
8.2.4781  Maxima files are not recognized
8.2.4782  accessing freed memory
8.2.4783  Coverity warns for leaking memory
8.2.4784  lamba test with timer is flaky
8.2.4785  Visual mode not stopped if win_gotoid() goes to other buffer
8.2.4786  test for win_gotoid() in Visual mode fails on Mac
8.2.4787  prop_find() does not find the right property
8.2.4788  large payload for LSP message not tested
8.2.4789  cursor pos wrong when using :redraw while editing the cmdline
8.2.4790  lilypond filetype not recognized
8.2.4791  events triggered in different order when reusing buffer
8.2.4792  indent operator creates an undo entry for every line
8.2.4793  recognizing Maxima filetype even though it might be another
8.2.4794  compiler warning for not initialized variable
8.2.4795  'cursorbind' scrolling depends on whether 'cursorline' is set
8.2.4796  file left behind after running cursorline tests
8.2.4797  getwininfo() may get oudated values
8.2.4798  t_8u option was reset even when set by the user
8.2.4799  popup does not use correct topline
8.2.4800  missing test update for adjusted t_8u behavior
8.2.4801  fix for cursorbind fix not fully tested
8.2.4802  test is not cleaned up
8.2.4803  WinScrolled not always triggered when scrolling with mouse
8.2.4804  expression in heredoc doesn't work for compiled function
8.2.4805  CurSearch used for all matches in current line
8.2.4806  a mapping using <LeftDrag> does not start Select mode
8.2.4807  processing key eveints in Win32 GUI is not ideal
8.2.4808  unused item in engine struct
8.2.4809  various things not properly tested
8.2.4810  missing changes in one file
8.2.4811  Win32 GUI: caps lock doesn't work
8.2.4812  unused struct item
8.2.4813  pasting text while indent folding may mess up folds
8.2.4814  possible to leave a popup window with win_gotoid()
8.2.4815  cannot build with older GTK version
8.2.4816  still using older codecov app in some places of CI
8.2.4817  Win32 GUI: modifiers are not always used
8.2.4818  no test for what 8.2.4806 fixes
8.2.4819  unmapping simplified keys also deletes other mapping
8.2.4820  not simple programmatic way to find a specific mapping
8.2.4821  crash when imported autoload script was deleted
8.2.4822  setting ufunc to NULL twice
8.2.4823  concat more than 2 strings in :def function is inefficient
8.2.4824  expression is evaluated multiple times
8.2.4825  can only get a list of mappings
8.2.4826  .cshtml files are not recognized
8.2.4827  typo in variable name
8.2.4828  fix for unmapping simplified key not fully tested
8.2.4829  a key may be simplified to NUL
8.2.4830  possible endless loop if there is unused typahead
8.2.4831  crash when using maparg() and unmapping simplified keys
8.2.4832  passing zero instead of NULL to a pointer argument
8.2.4833  failure of mapping not checked for
8.2.4834  Vim9: some lines not covered by tests
8.2.4835  Vim9: some lines not covered by tests
8.2.4836  Vim9: some lines not covered by tests
8.2.4837  modifiers not simplified when timed out
8.2.4838  checking for absolute path is not trivial
8.2.4839  compiler warning for unused argument
8.2.4840  heredoc expression evaluated even when skipping
8.2.4841  empty string considered an error for expand()
8.2.4842  expand("%:p") is not empty when there is no buffer name
8.2.4843  treating CTRL + ALT as AltGr is not backwards compatible
8.2.4844  <C-S-I> is simplified to <S-Tab>
8.2.4845  duplicate code
8.2.4846  termcodes test fails
8.2.4847  crash when using uninitialized function pointer
8.2.4848  local completion with mappings and simplification not working
8.2.4849  Gleam filetype not detected
8.2.4850  mksession mixes up "tabpages" and "curdir" arguments
8.2.4851  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.4852  ANSI color index to RGB value not correct
8.2.4853  CI with FreeBSD is a bit outdated
8.2.4854  array size does not match usage
8.2.4855  robot files are not recognized
8.2.4856  MinGW compiler complains about unknown escape sequence
8.2.4857  Yaml indent for multiline is wrong
8.2.4858  K_SPECIAL may be escaped twice
8.2.4859  wget2 files are not recognized
8.2.4860  MS-Windows: always uses current directory for executables
8.2.4861  it is not easy to restore saved mappings
8.2.4862  Vim9: test may fail when run with valgrind
8.2.4863  accessing freed memory in test without the +channel feature
8.2.4864  Vim9: script test fails
8.2.4865  :startinsert right after :stopinsert may not work
8.2.4866  duplicate code in "get" functions
8.2.4867  listing of mapping with K_SPECIAL is wrong
8.2.4868  when closing help window autocmds triggered for wrong window
8.2.4869  expression in command block does not look after NL
8.2.4870  Vim9: expression in :substitute is not compiled
8.2.4871  Vim9: in :def function no error for misplaced range
8.2.4872  Vim9: no error for using an expression only
8.2.4873  Vim9: using "else" differs from using "endif/if !cond"
8.2.4874  Win32 GUI: horizontal scroll wheel not handled properly
8.2.4875  MS-Windows: some .exe files are not recognized
8.2.4876  MS-Windows: Shift-BS results in strange char in powershell
8.2.4877  MS-Windows: Wrongly using Normal colors for termguicolors
8.2.4878  valgrind warning for using uninitialized variable
8.2.4879  screendump test may fail when using valgrind
8.2.4880  Vim9: misplaced elseif causes invalid memory access
8.2.4881  "P" in Visual mode still changes some registers
8.2.4882  cannot make 'breakindent' use a specific column
8.2.4883  string interpolation only works in heredoc
8.2.4884  test fails without the job/channel feature
8.2.4885  test fails with the job/channel feature
8.2.4886  Vim9: redir in skipped block seen as assignment
8.2.4887  channel log does not show invoking a timer callback
8.2.4888  line number of lambda ignores line continuation
8.2.4889  CI only tests with FreeBSD 12
8.2.4890  inconsistent capitalization in error messages
8.2.4891  Vim help presentation could be better
8.2.4892  test failures because of changed error messages
8.2.4893  distributed import files are not installed
8.2.4894  MS-Windows: not using italics
8.2.4895  buffer overflow with invalid command with composing chars
8.2.4896  expression in command block does not look after NL
8.2.4897  comment inside an expression in lambda ignores the rest
8.2.4898  Coverity complains about pointer usage
8.2.4899  with latin1 encoding CTRL-W might go before the cmdline
8.2.4900  Vim9 expression test fails without the job feature
8.2.4901  NULL pointer access when using invalid pattern
8.2.4902  mouse wheel scrolling is inconsistent
8.2.4903  cannot get the current cmdline completion type and position
8.2.4904  codecov includes MS-Windows install files
8.2.4905  codecov includes MS-Windows install header file
8.2.4906  MS-Windows: cannot use transparent background
8.2.4907  some users do not want a line comment always inserted
8.2.4908  no text formatting for // comment after a statement
8.2.4909  MODE_ enum entries names are too generic
8.2.4910  imperfect coding
8.2.4911  the mode #defines are not clearly named
8.2.4912  using execute() to define a lambda doesn't work
8.2.4913  popup_hide() does not always have effect
8.2.4914  string interpolation in :def function may fail
8.2.4915  sometimes the cursor is in the wrong position
8.2.4916  mouse in Insert mode test fails
8.2.4917  fuzzy expansion of option names is not right
8.2.4918  conceal character from matchadd() displayed too many times
8.2.4919  can add invalid bytes with :spellgood
8.2.4920  MS-Windows GUI: unused variables
8.2.4921  spell test fails because of new illegal byte check
8.2.4922  mouse test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.4923  test checks for terminal feature unnecessarily
8.2.4924  maparg() may return a string that cannot be reused
8.2.4925  trailing backslash may cause reading past end of line
8.2.4926  #ifdef for crypt feature around too many lines
8.2.4927  return type of remove() incorrect when using three arguments
8.2.4928  various white space and cosmetic mistakes
8.2.4929  off-by-one error in in statusline item
8.2.4930  interpolated string expression requires escaping
8.2.4931  Crash with sequence of Perl commands
8.2.4932  not easy to filter the output of maplist()
8.2.4933  a few more capitalization mistakes in error messages
8.2.4934  string interpolation fails when not evaluating
8.2.4935  with 'foldmethod' "indent" some lines not included in fold
8.2.4936  MS-Windows: mouse coordinates for scroll event are wrong
8.2.4937  no test for what 8.2.4931 fixes
8.2.4938  crash when matching buffer with invalid pattern
8.2.4939  matchfuzzypos() with "matchseq" does not have all positions
8.2.4940  some code is never used
8.2.4941  '[ and '] marks may be wrong after undo
8.2.4942  error when setting 'filetype' in help file again
8.2.4943  changing 'switchbuf' may have no effect
8.2.4944  text properties are wrong after "cc"
8.2.4945  inconsistent use of white space
8.2.4946  Vim9: some code not covered by tests
8.2.4947  text properties not adjusted when accepting spell suggestion
8.2.4948  cannot use Perl heredoc in nested :def function
8.2.4949  Vim9: some code not covered by tests
8.2.4950  text properties position wrong after shifting text
8.2.4951  smart indenting done when not enabled
8.2.4952  GUI test will fail if color scheme changes
8.2.4953  with 'si' inserting '}' after completion goes wrong
8.2.4954  inserting line breaks text property spanning two lines
8.2.4955  text property in wrong position after auto-indent
8.2.4956  reading past end of line with "gf" in Visual block mode
8.2.4957  text properties in a wrong position after a block change
8.2.4958  a couple conditions are always true
8.2.4959  using NULL regexp program
8.2.4960  text properties that cross lines not updated for deleted line
8.2.4961  build error with a certain combination of features
8.2.4962  files show up in git status
8.2.4963  expanding path with "/**" may overrun end of buffer
8.2.4964  MS-Windows GUI: mouse event test is flaky
8.2.4965  GUI: testing mouse move event depends on screen cell size
8.2.4966  MS-Windows GUI: mouse event test gets extra event
8.2.4967  MS-Windows GUI: mouse event test sometimes fails
8.2.4968  reading past end of the line when C-indenting
8.2.4969  changing text in Visual mode may cause invalid memory access
8.2.4970  "eval 123" gives an error, "eval 'abc'" does not
8.2.4971  Vim9: interpolated string seen as range
8.2.4972  Vim9: compilation fails when using dict member when skipping
8.2.4973  Vim9: type error for list unpack mentions argument
8.2.4974  ":so" command may read after end of buffer
8.2.4975  recursive command line loop may cause a crash
8.2.4976  Coverity complains about not restoring a saved value
8.2.4977  memory access error when substitute expression changes window
8.2.4978  no error if engine selection atom is not at the start
8.2.4979  accessing freed memory when line is flushed
8.2.4980  when 'shortmess' contains 'A' loading session may still warn
8.2.4981  it is not possible to manipulate autocommands
8.2.4982  colors in terminal window are not 100% correct
8.2.4983  colors test fails in the GUI
8.2.4984  dragging statusline fails for window with winbar
8.2.4985  PVS warns for possible array underrun
8.2.4986  some github actions are outdated
8.2.4987  after deletion a small fold may be closable
8.2.4988  textprop in wrong position when replacing multi-byte chars
8.2.4989  cannot specify a function name for :defcompile
8.2.4990  memory leak when :defcompile fails
8.2.4991  no test for hwat patch 8.1.0535 fixes
8.2.4992  compiler warning for possibly uninitialized variable
8.2.4993  smart/C/lisp indenting is optional
8.2.4994  tests are using legacy functions
8.2.4995  still a compiler warning for possibly uninitialized variable
8.2.4996  setbufline() may change Visual selection
8.2.4997  Python: changing hidden buffer can cause display mess up
8.2.4998  Vim9: crash when using multiple funcref()
8.2.4999  filetype test table is not properly sorted
8.2.5000  no patch for documentation updates
8.2.5001  checking translations affects the search pattern history
8.2.5002  deletebufline() may change Visual selection
8.2.5003  cannot do bitwise shifts
8.2.5004  right shift on negative number does not work as documented
8.2.5005  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
8.2.5006  asan warns for undefined behavior
8.2.5007  spell suggestion may use uninitialized memory
8.2.5008  when 'formatoptions' contains "/" wrongly wrapping comment
8.2.5009  fold may not be closeable after appending
8.2.5010  the terminal debugger uses various global variables
8.2.5011  Replacing an autocommand requires several lines
8.2.5012  cannot select one character inside ()
8.2.5013  after text formatting cursor may be in an invalid position
8.2.5014  byte offsets are wrong when using text properties
8.2.5015  Hoon and Moonscript files are not recognized
8.2.5016  access before start of text with a put command
8.2.5017  gcc 12.1 warns for uninitialized variable
8.2.5018  Vim9: some code is not covered by tests
8.2.5019  cannot get the first screen column of a character
8.2.5020  using 'imstatusfunc' and 'imactivatefunc' breaks 'foldopen'
8.2.5021  build fails with normal features and +terminal
8.2.5022  'completefunc'/'omnifunc' error does not end completion
8.2.5023  substitute overwrites allocated buffer
8.2.5024  using freed memory with "]d"
8.2.5025  Vim9: a few lines not covered by tests
8.2.5026  Vim9: a few lines not covered by tests
8.2.5027  error for missing :endif when an exception was thrown
8.2.5028  syntax regexp matching can be slow
8.2.5029  "textlock" is always zero
8.2.5030  autocmd_add() can only handle one event and pattern
8.2.5031  cannot easily run the benchmarks
8.2.5032  Python 3 test fails without the GUI
8.2.5033  build error with +eval but without +quickfix
8.2.5034  there is no way to get the byte index from a virtual column
8.2.5035  when splitting a window the changelist position moves
8.2.5036  using two counters for timeout check in NFA engine
8.2.5037  cursor position may be invalid after "0;" range
8.2.5038  a finished terminal in a popup window does not show scrollbar
8.2.5039  confusing error if first argument of popup_create() is wrong
8.2.5040  scrollbar thumb in scrolled popup not visible
8.2.5041  cannot close a terminal popup with "NONE" job
8.2.5042  scrollbar thumb in tall scrolled popup not visible
8.2.5043  can open a cmdline window from a substitute expression
8.2.5044  command line test fails
8.2.5045  can escape a terminal popup window when the job is finished
8.2.5046  vim_regsub() can overwrite the destination
8.2.5047  CurSearch highlight is often wrong
8.2.5048  when using XIM the gui test may fail
8.2.5049  insufficient tests for autocommands
8.2.5050  using freed memory when searching for pattern in path
8.2.5051  check for autocmd_add() event argument is confusing
8.2.5052  CI checkout step title is a bit cryptic
8.2.5053  cannot have a comment halfway an expression in a block
8.2.5054  no good filetype for conf files similar to dosini
8.2.5055  statusline is not updated when terminal title changes
8.2.5056  the channel log only contains some of the raw terminal output
8.2.5057  using gettimeofday() for timeout is very inefficient
8.2.5058  input() does not handle composing characters properly
8.2.5059  autoconf 2.71 produces many obsolete warnings
8.2.5060  running configure fails
8.2.5061  C89 requires signal handlers to return void
8.2.5062  Coverity warns for dead code
8.2.5063  error for a command may go over the end of IObuff
8.2.5064  no test for what 8.1.0052 fixes
8.2.5065  wrong return type for main() in tee.c
8.2.5066  can specify multispace listchars only for whole line
8.2.5067  timer_create is not available on every Mac system
8.2.5068  gcc 12.1 warning when building tee
8.2.5069  various warnings from clang on MS-Windows
8.2.5070  unnecessary code
8.2.5071  with some Mac OS version clockid_t is redefined
8.2.5072  using uninitialized value and freed memory in spell command
8.2.5073  clang on MS-Windows produces warnings
8.2.5074  spell test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.5075  clang gives an out of bounds warning
8.2.5076  unnecessary code
8.2.5077  various warnings from clang on MS-Windows
8.2.5078  substitute test has a one second delay
8.2.5079  DirChanged autocommand may use freed memory
8.2.5080  when indenting gets out of hand it is hard to stop
8.2.5081  autocmd test fails on MS-Windows
8.2.5082  retab test fails
8.2.5083  autocmd test still fails on MS-Windows
8.2.5084  when the GUI shows a dialog tests get stuck
8.2.5085  gcc gives warning for signed/unsigned difference
8.2.5086  CI runs on Windows 2019
8.2.5087  cannot build with clang on MS-Windows
8.2.5088  value of cmod_verbose is a bit complicated to use
8.2.5089  some functions return a different value on failure
8.2.5090  MS-Windows: vim.def is no longer used
8.2.5091  terminal test fails with some shell commands
8.2.5092  using "'<,'>" in Ex mode may compare unrelated \ 
8.2.5093  error message for unknown command may have the command twice
8.2.5094  MS-Windows GUI: empty command may cause a dialog
8.2.5095  terminal test still fails with some shell commands
8.2.5096  terminal test still fails with some shell commands
8.2.5097  using uninitialized memory when using 'listchars'
8.2.5098  spelldump test sometimes hangs
8.2.5099  some terminal tests are not retried
8.2.5100  memory usage tests are not retried
8.2.5101  MS-Windows with MinGW: $CC may be "cc" instead of "gcc"
8.2.5102  interrupt not caught in test
8.2.5103  build fails with small features
8.2.5104  test hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.5105  test still hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.5106  default cmdwin mappings are re-mappable
8.2.5107  some callers of rettv_list_alloc() check for not OK
8.2.5108  retab test disabled because it hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.5109  mode not updated after CTRL-O CTRL-C in Insert mode
8.2.5110  icon filetype not recognized from the first line
8.2.5111  no test for --gui-dialog-file
8.2.5112  gui test hangs on MS-Windows
8.2.5113  timer becomes invalid after fork/exec, :gui gives errors
8.2.5114  time limit on searchpair() does not work properly
8.2.5115  search timeout is overrun with some patterns
8.2.5116  "limit" option of matchfuzzy() not always respected
8.2.5117  crash when calling a Lua callback from a :def function
8.2.5118  MS-Windows: sending a message to another Vim may hang
8.2.5119  CI uses cache v2
8.2.5120  searching for quotes may go over the end of the line
8.2.5121  interrupt test sometimes fails
8.2.5122  lisp indenting my run over the end of the line
8.2.5123  using invalid index when looking for spell suggestions
8.2.5124  when syntax timeout test fails it does not show the time
8.2.5125  MS-Windows: warnings from MinGW compiler
8.2.5126  substitute may overrun destination buffer
8.2.5127  using assert_true() does not show value on failure
8.2.5128  syntax disabled when using synID() in searchpair() skip expr
8.2.5129  timeout handling is not optimal
8.2.5130  edit test for mode message fails when using valgrind
8.2.5131  timeout implementation is not optimal
8.2.5132  :mkview test doesn't test much
8.2.5133  MacOS: build fails
8.2.5134  function has confusing name
8.2.5135  running configure gives warnings for main() return type
8.2.5136  debugger test fails when run with valgrind
8.2.5137  cannot build without the +channel feature
8.2.5138  various small issues
8.2.5139  TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME is no longer supported by autoconf
8.2.5140  seachpair timeout test is flaky
8.2.5141  using "volatile int" in a signal handler might be wrong
8.2.5142  startup test fails if there is a status bar
8.2.5143  some tests fail when using valgrind
8.2.5144  with 'lazyredraw' set completion menu may be wrong
8.2.5145  exit test causes spurious valgrind reports
8.2.5146  memory leak when substitute expression nests
8.2.5147  flaky test always fails on retry
8.2.5148  invalid memory access when using expression on command line
8.2.5149  cannot build without the +eval feature
8.2.5150  read past the end of the first line with ":0;'{"
8.2.5151  reading beyond the end of the line with lisp indenting
8.2.5152  search() gets stuck with "c" and skip evaluates to true
8.2.5153  "make uninstall" does not remove colors/lists
8.2.5154  still mentioning version8, some cosmetic issues
8.2.5155  in diff mode windows may get out of sync
8.2.5156  search timeout test often fails with FreeBSD
8.2.5157  MS-Windows GUI: CTRL-key combinations do not always work
8.2.5158  TSTP and INT signal tests are not run with valgrind
8.2.5159  fix for CTRL-key combinations causes problems
8.2.5160  accessing invalid memory after changing terminal size
8.2.5161  might still access invalid memory
8.2.5162  reading before the start of the line with BS in Replace mode
8.2.5163  crash when deleting buffers in diff mode
8.2.5164  invalid memory access after diff buffer manipulations
8.2.5165  import test fails because 'diffexpr' isn't reset
8.2.5166  test for DiffUpdated fails
8.2.5167  get(Fn, 'name') on funcref returns special byte code
8.2.5168  cannot build with Python 3.11
8.2.5169  nested :source may use NULL pointer
8.2.5170  tiny issues
8.2.5171  dependencies and proto files are outdated
8.2.5172  "make menu" still uses legacy script
   2022-04-18 21:12:27 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1798) | Package updated
Log message:
revbump for textproc/icu update
   2021-12-08 17:07:18 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3063)
Log message:
revbump for icu and libffi
   2021-12-01 22:36:59 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
vim*: do not define NO_BUILTIN_TCAPS unconditionally

This makes vim disregard color schemes. See
and reading the CVS logs I couldn't find the reason it was done.

Fix from RVP.

   2021-04-21 13:43:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1822)
Log message:
revbump for textproc/icu
   2020-11-05 10:09:30 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1814)
Log message:
*: Recursive revbump from textproc/icu-68.1