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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.83.6, Package name: dosbox-x-0.83.6, Maintainer: nia

As a fork of DOSBox, DOSBox-X retains compatibility with the wide base of
DOS games DOSBox was designed for.

It also goes further, with a focus on accurate emulation of the hardware,
and many more ways to tweak and configure the DOS virtual machine.

The DOSBox-X team believes that a better way to emulate the legacy PC platform
is to give the user all the options they need to emulate everything from
original IBM PC hardware with 64KB of RAM all the way up to late 90's
hardware, whatever it takes to get that game or software package to run.

Required to run:
[graphics/png] [audio/fluidsynth] [x11/liboldXrandr] [devel/SDL2] [multimedia/ffmpeg4]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

Package options: ffmpeg, opengl, x11

Master sites:

SHA1: bcfb44fe746a225bc464a8c7954522062bd9f8cd
RMD160: fc12912084e0ba152febebe3541f6879f9b3980f
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   2020-10-09 09:40:44 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
dosbox-x: update desktop files database
   2020-10-09 09:31:44 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
dosbox-x: Update to 0.83.6

  - Improved internal Voodoo card hardware emulation,
    such as fixing the font issue with the 3dfx version
    of Tomb Raider when using non-Glide mode. Portions
    of the code are ported from DOSBox ECE. (Wengier)
  - Added OpenGL shader support by porting the feature
    from DOSBox SVN. GLSL shaders are now supported in
    both SDL1 and SDL2 builds, and this also allows
    pixel-perfect scaling to be enabled for the OpenGL
    outputs. The config option "glshader" (in [render]
    section) can be used to specify a GLSL shader file
    or a built-in shader when the output is set to
    "opengl" or "openglnb". For example, you can use
    the setting "glshader=sharp" (built-in shader) or
    "glshader=pixel_perfect" (with GLSL shader file)
    for the pixel-perfect scaling mode. The Windows
    installer will also copy several GLSL shader files
    to the "glshaders" subdirectory of the DOSBox-X
    install directory to be used directly. (Wengier)
  - Support for FluidSynth MIDI Synthesizer is now
    included in the Windows Visual Studio builds by
    default. Set "mididevice=fluidsynth" and a sound
    font (e.g. GeneralUser_GS.sf2) to use it. (Wengier)
  - Updated the MUNT MT32 emulation library to its
    latest version 2.4.0. A few new MT32 config options
    (starting with "mt32.") are added to [midi] section
    of the DOSBox-X configuration. (Wengier)
  - The DOSMID and MPXPLAY programs have been built
    into DOSBox-X, both can be found on the Z drive and
    feature full-screen user interfaces with support
    for command-line usages (use /? option for help).
    DOSMID can play MIDI/RMI/MUS audio files, whereas
    MPXPLAY is a powerful and flexible audio player
    with support for a variety of formats including
    AAC/AC3/APE/FLAC/MP2/MP3/MPC/OGG/WAV and more with
    playlist support. (Wengier)
  - The mounting options "Mount as Hard Disk", "Mount
    as CD-ROM", "Mount as Floppy", "Mount disk image"
    and "Boot from disk image" (previously only for
    Windows) in the "Drive" menu and the "Quick launch
    program..." in the "DOS" menu are now available
    for non-Windows platforms as well. (Wengier)
  - Added "Shared Windows clipboard functions" menu
    group under "Main", which allows you to enable
    or disable the different ways for DOSBox-X to
    communicate with the Windows clipboard. (Wengier)
  - Added config option "dos clipboard api" in [dos]
    section to control whether to enable the DOS APIs
    for communications with the Windows clipboard for
    DOS applications. (Wengier)
  - Added config option "clip_mouse_button" to select
    a mouse button (middle, right, or none; with right
    mouse button being the default) for copying to and
    pasting from the Windows clipboard. (Wengier)
  - The mouse wheel movements will be automatically
    converted into up/down arrows by default for the
    intergrated DOS now. You can also enable it for
    the guest system from the "Main" menu ("mouse wheel
    movements" -> "Enable for guest systems also") or
    from the config file. (Wengier)
  - Added "Emulate CPU speed" menu group (under "CPU")
    to emulate the speed of a specific CPU class. The
    cycles to emulate are approximations of the actual
    CPU hardware, and they are available thanks to data
    provided by the user maximum105. Also added config
    option "cycle emulation percentage adjust" in [cpu]
    section for users who would like to make relative
    percentage adjustments (between -25% and 25%) in
    case it is necessary. (Wengier)
  - Added SORT command from FreeDOS. It can be used to
    sort input, e.g. "TYPE FILE.TXT | SORT". (Wengier)
  - Added DELTREE command to delete a directory and all
    the subdirectories and files in it as in a real DOS
    system. Please use it with caution. (Wengier)
  - The command for starting the Configuration Tool has
    been renamed from "SHOWGUI" to "CFGTOOL". A new
    command-line option -gui is added to CONFIG command
    to start the Configuration Tool as well. (Wengier)
  - DOSBox-X now includes ZIP.EXE and UNZIP.EXE from
    InfoZip for zipping and unzipping files in DOS.
    Both programs will appear on the Z drive. (Wengier)
  - The powerful DOS CD player called SJGPLAY has been
    built into DOSBox-X. You can now find the program
    CDPLAY.EXE in the Z drive for playing Audio CDs in
    DOS, which supports both graphical and command-line
    usage, and you will also find a text file named
    CDPLAY.TXT in the Z drive for a quick usage guide.
    A zip package including full documentation and some
    extras will additionally appear as SJGPLAY.ZIP in
    the Z drive. This freeware program was written by
    Steve Gray and is now included in DOSBox-X with
    explicit permission of the author. (Wengier)
  - DOSBox-X will now by default show a quit warning
    if a DOS program or game, or a guest system is
    running. The previous behavior can be set with
    "quit warning=autofile". (Wengier)
  - The welcome banner when DOSBox-X starts has been
    improved for a better looking and should provide
    more helpful instructions for users. (Wengier)
  - Add new "Help" menu which includes menu items
    "Introduction", "DOSBox-X homepage", "DOSBox-X Wiki
    guide", "DOSBox-X support" and "About". (Wengier)
  - Improved the message when automatically re-running
    the executable which failed with the "Packed file
    is corrupt" error. Also added the "autoloadfix"
    config option which when set to "false" will not
    automatically re-run such programs. (Wengier)
  - The display for several section names in DOSBox-X's
    graphical configuration tool has been capitalized
    or modified otherwise to look better. A default
    shortcut key HOST(F11/F12)+C is added for starting
    the graphical configuration tool. (Wengier)
  - Added the "Show advanced options" checkbox in the
    main screen of the Configuration GUI to toggle
    whether to display all config options for the
    sections. If unchecked (default), it will show
    common config options instead of all of them. A
    new config option "show advanced options" is added
    which when set to "true" will make the checkbox
    checked by default. (Wengier)
  - Added code to cap the scan line length given to
    the VESA BIOS given the video mode. This prevents
    VBETEST.EXE from doing test patterns smaller than
    the actual display, which can happen with 32bpp
    320x200 modes and 1MB or less video RAM.
  - VESA BIOS Set Scan Line Length fixed to properly
    report and handle scan line length for 16-color
    SVGA planar modes. VBETEST 16-color modes now
    display correctly.
  - Added option to control whether VESA BIOS panning
    (the original VBE call) waits for vsync.
  - Moved video related config options from [dosbox]
    section to its own [video] section. These options
    in existing config files will be automatically
    redirected to the [video] section from the [dosbox]
    section when DOSBox-X starts. Windows installer can
    also move such config options from existing config
    files automatically. (Wengier)
  - Cleared modem phone book before parsing it. Thank
    NicknineTheEagle for the improvement.
  - Improved the help message of MOUNT command. Also
    added option -examples to show its usage examples,
    similar to IMGMOUNT and IMGMAKE commands. (Wengier)
  - Fixed freeze when trying to reboot the internal
    DOS when using a different code page and it is in
    CGA or EGA emulation modes. (Wengier)
  - DOSBox-X will now try to use the internal DOS date
    and time (instead of always using the host date and
    date) for file modication timestamps. (Wengier)
  - Added menu item "Expanded memory (EMS)" under "DOS"
    menu to dynamically enable or disable EMS memory
    at run-time. You can now also modify EMS memory
    with CONFIG command from command-line. (Wengier)
  - Added config option "drive z hide files" (in [dos]
    section) to hide or remove files listed (separated
    by spaces) from the Z drive. If a file has a "/"
    prefix (e.g. "/INTRO.COM"), then the specified file
    will have the hidden attribute ("DIR /A" will list
    all such files) instead of completely disappearing
    from the Z drive. (Wengier)
  - You can now add your own programs or files to the
    Z drive! Put your programs or files in the drivez
    directory located in the DOSBox-X program folder
    or the DOSBox-X configuration directory, and they
    will automatically appear on the Z drive. If any of
    the files have the same names as the built-in ones,
    they will replace the built-in files. For example,
    you can replace the built-in EDIT.COM and XCOPY.EXE
    programs (from FreeDOS) with MS-DOS counterparts.
    Windows installer will now automatically create a
    drivez directory with a README.TXT file in it too.
    For subdirectories support please use MOUNT command
    to mount local directory instead. (Wengier).
   2020-08-18 19:58:18 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (549)
Log message:
*: revbump for libsndfile
   2020-08-17 22:20:41 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (2202)
Log message:
*: revbump after fontconfig bl3 changes (libuuid removal)
   2020-08-08 23:36:38 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
dosbox-x: Update to 0.83.4

  - Fixed loading saved states in fullscreen mode with
    the "aspect=true" setting. (Wengier)
  - Added config option "saveslot" to select default
    save slot (1-10). The timestamps for the saved
    states will also be shown in the menu. (Wengier)
  - Added key mapper for sending the Ctrl+Alt+Del key,
    with HOST(F11/F12)+Del by default. (Wengier)
  - Added dosbox-x.conf setting to ignore the EGA/VGA
    "extended memory" bit. It was originally defined
    back when stock EGA/VGA cards could ship with 64KB
    of memory. The option is needed for DOS games that
    accidentally clear the bit when using unchained
    256-color modes (Mr. Blobby).
  - Added new default value "auto" for the setting
    "usescancodesauto" (in [sdl] section of the config
    file) to work around issues with non-US keyboard
    layouts on SDL1 builds. (Wengier)
  - Added code pages 808, 850, 852, 853, 855, 857,
    858, 869, 872 for host to guest codepage mapping
    on mounted local or overlay drives. (Wengier)
  - The mapper options "Increase recording volume" and
    "Decrease recording volume" as well as function
    "Show sound levels" (from MIXER command) appear
    now as menu items (under "Sound") too. (Wengier)
  - Fixed inputting of ASCII character 224 and 240
    in Windows SDL2 or MinGW builds. (Wengier)
  - Fixed possible DPMI error when running Windows
    98 installation from the DOSBox-X shell without
    using a batch file. (Wengier)
  - Fixed a bug in the FAT driver that can cause
    a byte to get lost if writing up to the end of
    a cluster, which seems to be behind the
    corruption with program group files when running
    Windows for Workgroups 3.11 from DOSBox-X shell.
  - Unknown INT 2Fh calls are now debug output, not
    an error.
  - Added VESA BIOS mode 68h alias as indicated on
    the Vogons forum.
  - Fixed handling of config commands with spaces
    when the "shell configuration as commands"
    setting is enabled (quotes are needed in such
    cases). Also added "Config options as commands"
    toggle menu (under "DOS") to enable/disable the
    feature from menu. It is disabled by default to
    avoid name clash with other programs. (Wengier)
  - Added "Enable quick reboot" toggle menu (under
    "DOS") so that when enabled, DOS restart calls
    will reboot the emulated DOS (integrated or
    guest DOS) instead of the virtual machine in
    DOSBox-X. Also, you could change the default
    setting for this by setting the new "quick
    reboot" config option in "dos" section (Wengier)
  - Added new "Reboot guest system" menu item (under
    "Main") to reboot the kernel of the integrated
    DOS or the guest DOS directly. The previous menu
    item "Reset guest system" has been renamed to
    "Reset virtual machine" which will restart the
    virtual machine in DOSBox-X instead. (Wengier)
  - Added "Reported DOS version" sub-menu (under
    "DOS") to dynamically change the reported DOS
    version (3.3, 5.0, 6.22, 7.1, or custom). This
    may enable/disable long filename (LFN) support
    with the default "lfn=auto" setting. (Wengier)
  - LS is now an external command appearing on drive
    Z: as LS.COM instead of a builtin shell command.
    This avoids name clash with game "Links LS 97"
    which has the main executable named LS.EXE. Also
    fixed minor issues in this command. (Wengier)
  - Fixed the game "Disney's Duck Tales: the Quest
    for Gold" not able to start. (Wengier)
  - Improved Configuration GUI's handling of "4dos"
    and "config" sections. Also added the "Save..."
    button just before the "Close" button. (Wengier)
  - Added "euro" config option (in [render] section)
    to display Euro symbol instead of the specified
    ASCII character in any code page. (Wengier)
  - PC-98 CG MMIO writes fixed to limit writes only
    to the user-defined areas, same as the IO writes.
    This fixes "Niko Niko" that appears to write a
    few too many 0xE1 bytes when filling text
    attribute RAM and into the CG MMIO region.
  - With -winrun command-line option or the setting
    "startcmd=true" (Windows only), you can now
    directly launch Windows programs on mounted local
    or overlay drives to run on the host. The option
    "startwait=false" can be used to disable waiting
    for Windows programs after started. This can also
    be toggled from the "DOS" menu. (Wengier)
  - Added START command to run commands on Windows
    host system. The /MAX, /MIN, /HID options can
    be used to run the specified program maximized,
    minimized, or hidden (they can be shortened to
    +, -, _ respectively). This command is disabled
    by default, but can be enabled by either the
    "startcmd" config option (in [dos] section) or
    the -winrun command-line option (which will also
    enable the CLIP$ device for Windows clipboard
    support). START will run commands listed in the
    "startincon" config option (separated by space)
    in the Windows Command Prompt and wait for a key
    press before exiting. (Wengier)
  - Added SHELL= option to the [config] section in
    dosbox-x.conf to specify an alternative shell,
    e.g. "SHELL=4DOS.COM". (Wengier)
  - Added built-in 4DOS 8.00 shell for 4DOS features
    and capabilities. There is now a [4dos] section
    in the dosbox-x.conf file to act as the 4DOS.INI
    config file if you use this shell. (Wengier)
  - Added "Mouse wheel movements" menu (under "Main")
    to enable or disable the mouse wheel movements
    to arrow (up/down etc) feature. (Wengier)
  - Added "Quick right mouse button copy/paste" menu
    item toggle to allow quick Windows clipboard copy
    and paste via the right mouse button without any
    key modifier that may have been specified by the
    config option "clip_key_modifier". (Wengier)
  - Fixed mounting a directory with command-line like
    "dosbox-x .", and fixed mounting disk images with
    spaces via the "Drive" menu on Windows. (Wengier)
  - Added "mountwarning" config setting so you could
    optionally disable the warning when attempting to
    mount C:\ in Windows or / otherwise. (Wengier)
  - IMGMOUNT now assumes "-fs none" automatically if
    a drive number is specified instead of a drive
    letter. Moreover, it will assume the image file
    name "IMGMAKE.IMG" if no filename is specified by
    the user. Also improved the command's handling of
    El Torito floppy drives, e.g. you can use option
    "-bootcd d" instead of "-el-torito d". (Wengier)
  - IMGMAKE warning replaced to indicate a general
    incompatibility between MS-DOS/SCANDISK and
    cluster sizes 64KB or larger.
  - IMGMAKE command will now use the image file name
    "IMGMAKE.IMG" if no file name is specified (either
    in the mounted local directory or in the DOSBox-X
    program directory if the current directory is not
    a local directory). The command now also supports
    a -force option to force overwrite the image file
    if it already exists. Furthermore, IMGMAKE will
    delete the generated image file if an error occurs
    during the image file creation. (Wengier)
   2020-07-27 15:41:32 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
dosbox-x: revert accidental removal of comment marker
   2020-07-27 15:37:53 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
dosbox-x: disabling fpu is broken, sigh
   2020-07-07 14:05:49 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
dosbox-x: Update to 0.83.3

  - IMGMAKE can now generate FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32
    filesystems. New option "-fat" is added to select
    the filesystem for the disk image.
  - Fixed command-line like "./dosbox-x /dir/app.bat"
    not able to launch the specified program (Wengier)
  - Fixed bug in DIR command's /P option which might
    cause it to not work properly. (Wengier)
  - The default key modifier for the Windows clipboard
    copy & paste via the right mouse button feature is
    now "shift" instead of "disabled". (Wengier)
  - Single-stepping in the debugger with the 286 and
    8086 normal cores now works correctly when stepping
    over instructions with a segment prefix.
  - Pentium MMX instructions now only available for
    Pentium MMX or higher. Fixed the bug that allowed
    MMX instructions for Pentium and lower if programs
    ignored the CPUID feature bits. Also fixed Pentium
    MMX instructions so that they work in both 16-bit
    real mode and 32-bit protected mode to match how
    they work in real hardware (joncampbell123)
  - Updated DOSBox-X's implementation for Pentium MMX
    instructions to latest version by kekko (Wengier)
  - DOSBox-X will try to automatically run the program
    with LOADFIX if the error message "Packed file is
    corrupt" is detected. (Wengier)
  - MOUNT command can now mount a drive to the UNC
    root path in the form \\ComputerName\SharedFolder
    on Windows systems. (Wengier)
  - Improved the HX-DOS build package to make it fully
    automated: all required HX DOS Extender files will
    be included in the package, and dosbox-x.exe can
    now be run directly in a real DOS system without
    external requirements. (Wengier)
  - Fixed incorrect frame rate reported by 3Dfx Voodoo
    emulation (rderooy, backported from DOSBox SVN).
  - Added the "Boot from disk image" menu item (A:, C:,
    and D: drives only) in the "Drive" menu to boot the
    specified disk image directly in Windows. (Wengier)
  - Support for converting mouse wheel movements into
    keyboard presses like arrow keys, configurable by
    the option "mouse_wheel_key" (default is 0 which
    disables this feature). When set to 1, mouse wheel
    movements are converted to up/down arrows. Setting
    it to 2 or 3 converts such movements to left/right
    arrows or PageUp/PageDn keys respectively. (Wengier)
  - Support for reloading the keyboard mapper file with
    the config -set command. (Wengier)
  - IMGMOUNT command without parameters will show disk
    names for drive-number only mounts. (Wengier)
  - IMGMOUNT can now autodetect DOS <= 3.21 harddisk
    geometry with MFM sector images (rderooy & Wengier)
  - IMGMOUNT -fs none fixed to use same geometry detect
    function that FAT filesystem mounting uses.
  - Added suppprt for mounting overlay drives using MOUNT
    command with "-t overlay" option. Backported from
    DOSBox SVN and adopted for DOSBox-X with additional
    features such as long filename and PC-98 support, it
    allows the users to redirect new and changed file(s)
    to a different location transparently. (Wengier)
  - Cleaned up the DPI awareness auto-detection code to
    allow Visual Studio builds to again run on Windows 7.
    Meanwhile, MinGW builds (either SDL1 or SDL2 version)
    are still required for Windows XP systems. (Wengier)
  - Updated Nuked OPL3 to latest version 1.8 for accurate
    OPL3 emulation (Wengier)
  - Added AUTOTYPE command to perform scripted keyboard
    entry into a running DOS program or game. Ported from
    DOSBox-staging, it can be used to reliably skip intro,
    provide input to answer initial startup or config
    questions, or conduct a simple demo. (Wengier)
  - Added code page 866 (Cyrillic Russian) to support
    host to guest code page mapping (tuffnatty)
  - Mouse buttons (left, middle, right) can now be mapped
    to keys in the keyboard mapper. (Wengier)
  - Support for mounting .cue files with MP3/OGG/WAV/FLAC
    compressed audio tracks. (Wengier)
  - Rewrote the Windows installer for DOSBox-X, as well as
    the building script for the installer. All required
    build tools including the Inno Setup Compiler are now
    provided in the repository and will be automatically
    called by the building script. (Wengier)
  - Added config option "mapperfile_sdl2" for SDL2 builds.
    SDL1 and SDL2 builds of DOSBox-X can not use the same
    mapper file, or they will likely malfunction. Adding
    this option allows SDL1 and SDL2 builds of DOSBox-X
    to work with the same dosbox-x.conf file. (Wengier)
  - Added GUI menu option under "DOS" to change the long
    filename setting (enable, disable, or auto). (Wengier)
  - Improvements and fixes to the save/load state feature:
    It now supports Sound Blaster Goldplay mode;
    It now saves PC-98 FM interrupt state so that reloading
    state does not cause hung music;
    It is also fixed not to crash when used within a guest
    operting system (when the DOS kernel has been shut down
    using the BOOT command);
    It now supports memory size up to 1000MB;
    It will save and verify the DOSBox-X version and build.
    States saved by DOSBox-X in one platform (e.g. 64-bit
    Windows) may not work in another (e.g. 32-bit Linux).
    The GUI menu will show if the save slot is empty, and if
    not the program name of save state will be displayed.
  - Re-ported and improved the save state feature for saving
    and loading states with support for up to 10 save slots.
    They can be selected from the "Capture" menu. (Wengier)
  - Added COUNTRY command to set country code for country-
    specific date and time formats. For example, the command
    "COUNTRY 61" sets the country code to 61 (International
    English) which uses the DD-MM-YYYY date format instead
    of the default (U.S.) MM-DD-YYYY date format. (Wengier)
  - DOS 440Dh IOCTL function 67h (get access flag) added to
    allow FDISK.EXE to determine FAT filesystem type. Also
    implemented function 40h (set device parameters) and
    function 46h (set volume serial number). (Wengier)
  - Unknown DOS 440Dh IOCTLs warnings now indicate whether
    triggered by call or query.
  - S3 VESA BIOS mode number for 1024x768 32bpp changed to
    avoid conflict with Windows 95 S3 driver and 800x600
    16bpp mode.
  - FAT driver no longer mounts FAT32 volumes unless the
    DOS version is 7.1 or higher, and it no longer mounts
    FAT16B LBA volumes unless the DOS version is 7.0 or
    higher. These are to mimic the MS-DOS behavior.
  - Fixed FAT driver not to attempt to mount partitions that
    have nothing to do with the FAT filesystem (such as
    type 0Dh and extended LBA partition tables). Also fixed
    the FAT driver to not assume partition start sector 63
    if it cannot identify a partition to use.
  - Added code to FAT driver to identify telltale pattern
    left by Microsoft FDISK when a partition is created (but
    not yet formatted) and reject.