Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/ocrad
From: OBATA Akio
Date: 2009-07-11 10:05:06
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Log Message:
Update ocrad to 0.18.
Based on patch provided by Uwe Klaus in PR 41617.

2009-05-08  Antonio Diaz  <>

	* Version 0.18 released.
	* Added a layout analyser able to process arbitrary pages.
	* Added new option `--quiet'.
	* The `--layout' option no more accepts an argument.
	* The `--crop' option now accepts negative coordinates.
	* New recognized letter; 'a' with ring above.
	* Fixed recognition on files with a single big character.
	* Fixed bug that didn't write maxval when saving pgm or ppm.
	* Fixed some includes that prevented compilation with GCC 4.3.0.
	* "make install-info" should now work on Debian and OS X.
	* Man page is now installed by default.
	* New file testsuite/
	* Arg_parser updated to 1.2.
	* Verbosity control of messages has been modified.

2007-06-29  Antonio Diaz  <>

	* Version 0.17 released.
	* License updated to GPL version 3 or later.
	* `--scale' no more suppresses ORF output.
	* Improved removal of thick frames.
	* Changed `Textline' to accept more than one big initial.
	* Class `Block' renamed to `Blob'.
	* `configure' and `' have been modified to be more
	  GNU-standards compliant.

2006-10-20  Antonio Diaz  <>

	* Version 0.16 released.
	* Added new option `--filter'.
	* Better algorithm for vertical space detection (blank lines).
	* Some fixes made to `configure' script.
	* Added two new debug levels.
	* Improvements in character recognition.

2006-04-03  Antonio Diaz  <>

	* Version 0.15 released.
	* Added new argument parser that replaces `getopt_long'.
	* Fixed a bug that prevented compilation with GCC 4.1.

2006-02-15  Antonio Diaz  <>

	* Version 0.14 released.
	* Ocrad is now able to read ppm files.
	* Added new class `Page_image' (256-level greymap).
	* Added automatic and adaptive binarization by Otsu's method.
	* Added new option `--crop'.
	* Added two new chapters `Image Format Conversion' and
	  `Algorithm' to the texinfo file.
	* Target `check' added to Makefile.
	* Changed `ocrad.png' icon to color, one line.