Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-Mojolicious
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2018-08-21 15:48:58
Message id:

Log Message:
p5-Mojolicious: update to 7.93.

7.93  2018-08-11
  - Improved Test::Mojo to accept Mojo::File objects pointing to application
    scripts and to override configurations more consistently.

7.92  2018-08-09
  - This release reverts the addition of stream classes (added in 7.83), which
    have unfortunately resulted in many Mojolicious applications becoming
    unstable. While there are no known exploits yet, we've chosen to err on the
    side of cautiousness and will classify this as a security issue.

7.91  2018-08-09
  - Fixed a bug in Mojo::IOLoop::Stream where is_readable could not be called
    after a timeout event.

7.90  2018-08-08
  - Deprecated expect_close attribute in Mojo::Content.
  - Removed deprecated delay helper from Mojolicious::Plugin::DefaultHelpers.
  - Changed error message for destroyed transactions from
    "Connection already closed" to "Transaction already \ 
  - Fixed a race condition in Mojo::UserAgent where closing connections could
    sometimes end up being reused.
  - Fixed an RFC 7230 compliance problem where HTTP/1.1 responses were sometimes

7.89  2018-08-06
  - Mojolicious has a new logo!

7.88  2018-07-11
  - Added EXPERIMENTAL bytes_read, bytes_written and transition methods to
  - Added transition event to Mojo::IOLoop::Stream.
  - Improved default request ids generated by Mojo::Message::Request to be a
    little more unique.
  - Fixed a bug where prefork tests would fail if a prefork server was already

7.87  2018-07-04
  - Added optional support for Cpanel::JSON::XS to Mojo::JSON for much better
    JSON encoding and decoding performance. That also means Mojo::JSON can no
    longer encode the two Unicode whitespace characters u2028 and u2029, since
    this is unsupported by Cpanel::JSON::XS.
  - Improved Mojo::JSON to encode unknown reference types to "null",
    consistently with Cpanel::JSON::XS.

7.86  2018-07-02
  - Added template attribute to Mojolicious::Command.
  - Added spawn event to Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess.
  - Improved Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess to only fork new processes after the event
    loop has been started.