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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.8.4, Package name: R-xtable-1.8.4, Maintainer: minskim

Coerce data to LaTeX and HTML tables.

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   2019-08-08 21:53:58 by Brook Milligan | Files touched by this commit (189) | Package updated
Log message:
Update all R packages to canonical form.

The canonical form [1] of an R package Makefile includes the

- The first stanza includes R_PKGNAME, R_PKGVER, PKGREVISION (as
  needed), and CATEGORIES.

- HOMEPAGE is not present but defined in math/R/Makefile.extension to
  refer to the CRAN web page describing the package.  Other relevant
  web pages are often linked from there via the URL field.

This updates all current R packages to this form, which will make
regular updates _much_ easier, especially using pkgtools/R2pkg.

[1] http://mail-index.netbsd.org/tech-pkg/2 … 21711.html
   2018-08-30 14:36:31 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.8.3

Upstream changes:
1.8-3 (2018-08-29)

  * Changed listOfTablesGallery vignette to exclude references to
    lsmeans since Russell Lenth has deprecated lsmeans, replacing it
    with emmeans which has support for tables using xtable based on
    listOfTables. lsmeans removed from Suggests in DESCRIPTION also.
  * Changed OtherPackagesGallery vignette example using the function
    impacts from spdep due to a change in the package spdep causing a
    failure ofr the example using gstslshet from sphet
  * Changed error messages to extract actual value of nrow(x),
    suggestion by Michael Chirico <michaelchirico4@gmail.com>
  * Corrected author field to properly represent author contributions,
    code supplied by Arni Magnusson <arnima@hafro.is>
  * Corrected call to print.xtable inside print.xtableFtable included
    arguments from call to print.xtableFtable. Absence of size
    argument was advised by Lluis Ramon, email March 4, 2016
  * Added patch from Martin Gubri, martin.gubri@framasoft.org to
    enable use of lagImpactMat from spdep in xtable method lagImpact.
  * Added patch to code in OtherPackagesGallery.Rnw supplied by Martin
    Gubri to avoid warnings in the spdep package example. Also fixed the
    vignette index entry.
  * Fixed number of columns in \multicolumn command in print.xtableList to
    deal with inclusion of row names. Previously was only appropriate for
    row names not included.
   2018-07-28 16:40:53 by Brook Milligan | Files touched by this commit (126)
Log message:
Remove MASTER_SITES= from individual R package Makefiles.

Each R package should include ../../math/R/Makefile.extension, which also
defines MASTER_SITES.  Consequently, it is redundant for the individual
packages to do the same.  Package-specific definitions also prevent
redefining MASTER_SITES in a single common place.
   2018-04-09 17:29:58 by Min Sik Kim | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
math/R-xtable: Import version 1.8.2

Coerce data to LaTeX and HTML tables.