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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.84.0, Package name: boost-1.84.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Boost is a set of free, peer-reviewed, C++ libraries. The emphasis is on
portable libraries which work well with the ISO C++ Standard Library.

This is a meta package that depends on all other components of Boost.

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[devel/boost-libs] [devel/boost-docs] [devel/boost-headers] [devel/boost-build] [devel/boost-jam] [devel/py-boost] [devel/boost-mpi] [lang/python37]

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   2024-01-02 01:13:16 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
(meta-pkgs/boost)  Drop patch, now corrected upstream
   2023-12-29 10:16:26 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (10) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.84.0

   2023-08-22 22:16:10 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (14) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.83.0


New Libraries
A repository of C++11 implementations of standard components added in later C++ \ 
standards, from Peter Dimov and contributors.
Updated Libraries
New boost::anys::unique_any C++11 class - an alternative to boost::any (or to \ 
std::any) that does not require copy or move construction from the held type.
Ported documentation to Quickbook, Doxygen comments now used in code.
Fixed compilation of atomic_ref for const-qualified types. Note that even \ 
const-qualified atomic objects must still reside in read-write memory.
Remove use of deprecated Boost.Ratio features.
Added latch.hpp, an implementation of std::latch (contributed by Christian Mazakas.)
Added shared_lock.hpp, a (partial) implementation of std::shared_lock \ 
(contributed by Christian Mazakas.)
Added support for incomplete types to boost::core::type_name.
Bit manipulation functions in boost/core/bit.hpp are now constexpr on recent \ 
MSVC versions (VS2019 update 5 and later.)
Added boost::core::byteswap (an implementation of std::byteswap from C++23) to \ 
Moved the yield primitives sp_thread_pause, sp_thread_yield, sp_thread_sleep \ 
from SmartPtr implementation details to boost/core/yield_primitives.hpp.
Fixed tests failures on glibc 2.36+, thanks to [Đoàn Trần Công \ 
Danh](https://github.com/sgn) for the bugreport.
Added directory_entry::refresh method that updates internal cached file statuses \ 
for the directory entry identified by path.
v4: directory_entry constructors and modifiers that initialize or modify the \ 
path now automatically call refresh. This may result in errors that were not \ 
indicated before and in v3, if querying the filesystem for file statuses fails \ 
(e.g. if the file does not exist). This new behavior is similar to \ 
v4: directory_entry constructors and methods taking file_status parameters are \ 
removed. Users are recommended to remove these arguments and rely on \ 
directory_entry calling refresh internally.
Added directory_entry member methods for checking the file type of the file, \ 
similar to std::filesystem.
Added more methods for testing file status: is_block_file, is_character_file, \ 
is_fifo, is_socket and is_reparse_file.
recursive_directory_iterator is now more likely to reuse information about the \ 
file type that is obtained during filesystem iteration. This may improve \ 
File streams defined in boost/filesystem/fstream.hpp are now movable, if the \ 
standard library file streams are.
Added a new header boost/filesystem/cstdio.hpp with a portable fopen overload \ 
that takes path as the first argument. This function is equivalent to \ 
std::fopen, except that on Windows it uses the native wide character encoding \ 
for paths.
Generic path comparison operators are now more restricted to avoid potential \ 
ambiguities when user's code contains a using namespace boost::filesystem; \ 
Fixed potential overload resolution ambiguity in users' code, where path \ 
constructors from iterators could interfere with function overloads taking a \ 
std::initializer_list argument.
On Windows, added more workarounds for errors returned by various filesystems \ 
when creating a directory iterator.
On Windows, relaxed access rights needed for querying file times.
Added smart-pointer syntax to boost::flyweight (operator* and operator-> \ 
dereferencing to the underlying value).
Fixed a situation where the mutex used by simple_locking was not recursive.
Drop dependencies and replace boost with std in several places
Add missing headers so that all headers compile independently complying with \ 
Boost policy
Check const Ring concept in calculate_point_order
Solved issues
Fix for union
Fix for different geometry types
Fix for convex hull
Fix within algorithm for geometries having a pole as a vertex
Various fixes of errors and warnings
Added is_iterator type trait that allows to test whether the type qualifies as \ 
an iterator type.
filter_iterator now supports move-construction of the adopted iterator and the \ 
function object.
The library now only throws system_error, except for when allocation failed, in \ 
which case std::bad_alloc is thrown.
Serialization behavior can now be changed by serialize_options.
Contextual conversions.
Parser option for more precise number parsing.
Support parse_options in stream operator<<.
Parser option to allow Infinity and NaN JSON literals.
Parser mode that only validates numbers rather than parsing them.
Numbers with exponent larger than INT_MAX are accepted by the parser and treated \ 
as infinity.
Fix object member functions that should provide strong guarantee.
Fix ambiguity of end call when boost/range.hpp is included.
Fix ASan failures.
Fix error message for error::size_mismatch.
Fix conversion into tuple with const elements.
Bitwise/binary operators (left/right shift, binary and/or/xor/not) are no longer \ 
supported in message catalog files matching GNU gettext behavior
Std backend on Windows uses the classic locale instead of the system locale when \ 
the requested locale does not exist (now same as on other OSs)
localization_backend_manager::get is deprecated, use the generator instead
New converter classes as alternative to to_utf/from_utf/between
Fix UB on invalid index in format strings
Fix conversion of UTF to e.g. iso-2022-jp on Windows without ICU
Use long long as the count parameter for pluralized translations
Fix movability and exception specification for some classes
Fixed a possible infinite loop in text_file_backend, when the size of a \ 
formatted log record exceeds the rotation_size limit.
Added Numerical evaluation of Fourier transform of Daubechies scaling functions 921.
Added logcdf function to statistical distributions 946.
Added support for C++23's <stdfloat> types 978.
Fixed various -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings
Fixed round and trunc functions for non-representable numbers 968.
Fixed calculation of mode for F-distribution 976.
Fixed overflow in beta distribution 977.
Fixed overflow in hypergeometric distribution 987.
Fixed calculation of median absolute deviation with non-zero center 997.
Added an offset/from parameter to mp_from_sequence, mp_iota, mp_iota_c.
Added mp_value, mp_list_v, mp_rename_v, mp_is_value_list.
Added value list support to the primitives in <boost/mp11/list.hpp>.
Added value list support to mp_repeat, mp_fill, mp_at, mp_back, mp_take, \ 
mp_pop_back, mp_drop, mp_insert, mp_erase.
Multi-index Containers:
Updated range insert in non-unique ordered indices to preserve insertion order \ 
of equivalent elements.
Serialization now uses std::size_t instead of unsigned long to save and load the \ 
size of a multi_index_container (unsigned long is smaller than std::size_t in \ 
LLP64 data models). multi_index_container serialization class version has been \ 
bumped from 3 to 4 to reflect this change.
Fixed bug in rational adapter division 542.
Fixed handling of global precsion changes in multi-threaded environments 552.
Fixed cpp_int::eval_convert_to noexcept specification 555.
Major update.
Stored procedures are now fully supported, including SELECT statements producing \ 
data and procedures with OUT parameters.
Added support for multi-queries, which allows running multiple \ 
semicolon-separated statements with a single call.
A statically-typed interface has been added, which allows parsing query results \ 
into user-provided types, using Boost.Describe structs and tuples.
Text queries and prepared statements can now be executed using the new \ 
connection::execute and connection::start_execution functions (and their async \ 
counterparts). These superseed connection::query, connection::execute_statement, \ 
connection::start_query and connection::start_statement_execution. The new \ 
functions allow access to new features, like the static interface.
A separate compilation mode has been added to help reduce build times. Sources \ 
are included in boost/mysql/src.hpp, which must be included in exactly one \ 
translation unit.
Prepared statements can now be executed using an iterator pair to specify \ 
parameters, using statement::bind and connection::execute. This enables use \ 
cases where the number and type of parameters is not known at compile-time.
Prepared statement execution now accepts parameters of type bool, std::optional \ 
and boost::optional.
Added error codes and verified compatibility with MySQL v8.0.33 and MariaDB v11.0.
Fixed potential problems with Windows' min() and max() macros.
All assertions now use Boost.Assert.
All exceptions are now thrown via Boost.ThrowException.
Immediate completions are now correctly dispatched through the I/O object executor.
Change default BOOST_RATIO_VERSION to 2.
Support for BOOST_RATIO_EXTENSIONS is now deprecated and will eventually be \ 
removed when Boost.Ratio is implemented in terms of the standard <ratio> \ 
Added addtional older platforms to CI system (e.g. GCC 4.6)
Fixed handling of uintptr_t to make sure it is portable on 32-bit systems 353.
Fixed warnings from -Wdeprecated-copy-dtor and \ 
-Wdeprecated-copy-with-user-provided-dtor 375.
Fixed handling of check_is_close for C++23 <stdfloat> types 382.
Remove dependency on Boost.Chrono, Boost.System, and others.
Disable deprecated headers unless BOOST_TIMER_ENABLE_DEPRECATED is defined.
Major update.
Added boost::concurrent_flat_map, a fast, thread-safe hashmap based on open \ 
Sped up iteration of open-addressing containers.
In open-addressing containers, erase(iterator), which previously returned \ 
nothing, now returns a proxy object convertible to an iterator to the next \ 
element. This enables the typical it = c.erase(it) idiom without incurring any \ 
performance penalty when the returned proxy is not used.
parse_query does not recreate string_view.
url_view/string_view constructor requires non-url_view_base.
IP-literal can be IPv6addrz.
Improved generated x86 code for AVX targets. Removed the use of lddqu \ 
instruction on SSE3 targets, which penalize performance on Intel NetBurst CPUs \ 
but is more optimal on Skylake and later CPUs.
Added uses_double_storage().
Updated Tools
Includes release of B2 version 4.10.1.
   2023-08-14 07:25:36 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1247)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for Python 3.11 as new default
   2023-05-23 20:23:43 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
boost: macOS build fix
   2023-05-17 16:12:15 by Havard Eidnes | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
boost & boost-libs: bump required GCC to 6, and state use of c++14.

This gets the boost-libs package building on NetBSD/i386 8.0 again,
the in-tree gcc 5.5 is apparently now too old.

The c++14 bump comes from the warning emitted during build while
trying to use earlier c++ standards:

  The minimum language standard to use Boost.Math will be C++14
  starting in July 2023 (Boost 1.82 release)

This despite this actually being the 1.82 release, it's still "just"
a warning, but this gets rid of the warning, and the build succeeds.
   2023-05-03 15:58:18 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
boost: Pull in upstream SunOS build fix PR.
   2023-04-23 16:03:08 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (11) | Package updated
Log message:
boost: updated to 1.82.0


New Libraries
a C++11 client for the MySQL database server, based on Boost.Asio, from Ruben Perez.
Updated Libraries
Now uses core/enable_if.hpp header instead of the deprecated utility/enable_if.hpp.
Added the ability to customise the execution of a completion handler when an \ 
operation completes immediately.
Added user-defined literals for buffer types.
Added a new protocol type local::seq_packet_protocol to represent AF_UNIX with \ 
Exposed sigaction() flags via an optional argument to signal_set::add.
Change allocator_binder, executor_binder, and cancellation_slot_binder to \ 
support detection of unspecialised associators.
Fixed ambiguity in associated_cancellation_slot<reference_wrapper>::get().
Fixed awaitable<> handling for completion signatures containing \ 
Fixed experimental::channel<> try_send failure after a cancel.
Fixed thread_pool::join() deadlock when the pool has no internal threads.
Fixed pipe release() when using io_uring.
Fixed data initialisation and cleanup issues in the io_uring backend.
Fixed a dangling reference issue in the execution context overload of \ 
Ensured buffered messages can still be received when an \ 
experimental::channel<> is closed.
Fixed the any_completion_handler assignment operator.
Constrained the constructor of any_completion_handler to prevent accidental copying
Changed to use uint64_t for OpenSSL options, to match OpenSSL 3.
Fixed deferred interoperability with multiple completion signatures.
Fixed channels to add partial support for C++11 and C++14.
Added missing handler tracking source location support to co_composed and \ 
'awaitable<>' coroutines, when awaiting packaged asynchronous operations.
Fixed some 'potential null dereference' and shadow variable warnings.
Fixed a asio::buffer overload selection when used with const_buffers_1 and \ 
Disabled the runtime check for current Windows version unless targeting older \ 
Fixed compatibility between buffered stream wrappers and move-constructible \ 
streams, such as ssl::stream<>.
Fixed basic_socket_acceptor::async_accept compatibility with lambdas that have a \ 
deduced return type.
Fixed as_tuple compatibility with legacy completion tokens.
Fixed redirect_error compatibility with new completion tokens.
Fixed a potential, Windows-specific program termination due to exceptions that \ 
should have been allowed to escape from a destructor.
Prevented inadvertent co_await of boolean expressions.
Fixed result handling and support for custom allocators in experimental::use_coro.
Fixed variadic template emulation for is_async_operation and completion_signature_of.
Fixed incorrect reuse of a moved-from result in experimental::promise.
Fixed experimental::coro use with custom allocators.
Fixed seek_cur behaviour with stream-oriented files on Windows.
Various additions and modifications to the documentation.
Consult the Revision History for further details.
When compiled for x86 targets supporting AVX, vector instructions are now used \ 
for 128-bit atomic loads and stores.
For 32-bit x86 targets, 64-bit atomic loads and stores with memory_order_seq_cst \ 
semantics will now issue a memory ordering instruction.
Removed atomic<T>::storage() accessors and atomic<T>::storage_type \ 
types that were deprecated in Boost.Atomic 1.73. Users are recommended to use \ 
atomic<T>::value() and atomic<T>::value_type instead.
Add error_codes use source_location
tcp_stream uses the correct executor of the timer.
error_categories use numeric ids
file_body supports seek
Added an overload of hash_value for std::nullptr_t.
Added is_tuple_like and an overload of hash_value for tuple-like types.
Changed string hashing to use mulxp1_hash. This improves both quality and speed.
Added boost/core/snprintf.hpp header with portable definitions of snprintf, \ 
vsnprintf and their wchar_t counterparts.
Deprecated boost/core/is_same.hpp and boost::core::is_same. The header will be \ 
removed in a future release. Users are advised to use Boost.TypeTraits or C++ \ 
standard library type traits instead.
Marked boost::ref member functions and associated methods with noexcept.
Marked boost::swap function with noexcept, depending on whether the type \ 
supports a non-throwing swap operation.
Added boost::core::launder, a portable implementation of std::launder.
Added BOOST_CORE_ALIGNOF, a portable implementation of alignof.
Added boost::core::max_align_t, a portable equivalent of std::max_align_t, and \ 
boost::core::max_align, the alignment of max_align_t.
Added boost::core::memory_resource, a portable equivalent of \ 
std::pmr::memory_resource from C++17.
Added boost/core/serialization.hpp, a collection of primitives allowing \ 
libraries to implement Boost.Serialization support for their types without \ 
including a Serialization header and thereby making their libraries depend on \ 
Added boost::data, an implementation of std::data.
Added boost::size, an implementation of std::size.
Updated boost::span to use boost::data which adds support for range construction \ 
from an std::initializer_list.
Added boost::identity, an implementation of std::identity. This facility has \ 
been moved from Boost.Functional.
Avoid implicit cast from size_t to uint32_t
Fixed compilation errors that could have been caused by path conversion \ 
constructors being too permissive on the accepted arguments.
v4: path::remove_filename now presesrves the trailing directory separator.
Added path::remove_filename_and_trailing_separators, which removes the filename \ 
and directory separators preceding it from the path. This behavior is similar to \ 
path::remove_filename in Filesystem v3, but is also usable in v4.
Added path::replace_filename, which replaces filename in a path.
Updated implementation of the library version selection to avoid ODR violations.
On Windows, added a workaround for querying file attributes for files in SMBv1 \ 
shares. Previously, directories in SMBv1 shares could have been reported as \ 
regular files. This does not affect SMBv2 or later.
Major improvements
Support geographic buffer for (multi)linestrings and (multi)polygons
Comparable distance: Add support for dynamic geometries
Support covered_by() for box, geometry combinations
Solved issues
WKT: allow tabs and new lines
Fixes for union
Various fixes in examples
Breaking changes
The WKT output presentation of an empty polygon is now POLYGON() to make it \ 
consistent with other geometries
Replace detail::span and detail::make_span with implementations in boost::core
Documentation improvements
Protect usage of std::min and std::max in some cases, contributed by Han Jiang \ 
(min,max macros are illegially set by popular Windows headers so we need to work \ 
Added test to catch usage of unprotected min,max tokens in the library in the future
Fixes to support latest clang-14 and deduction guides in gcc-11+
boost::hash support.
Caller-provided serializer storage.
value_to supports missing elements for std::optional.
Fix parser suspend inside an escape character.
Make sentinel() return a unique pointer.
get_system_locale and dependents will now correctly favor LC_ALL over LC_CTYPE \ 
as defined by POSIX
utf8_codecvt::out returns partial for trailing (UTF) surrogates
Add boost::locale::util::locale_data to parse a locale
boost::locale::info::encoding() result is now in uppercase as documented, e.g. \ 
"UTF-8" instead of "utf-8"
Support M49 country codes such as en_001 or en_150
Treat en_US_POSIX as an alias for the C locale
Improve error for missing segmentation support (i.e. without ICU)
Fix compiler warnings
Deprecated C++11 support: We now require C++14 as a minimum standard. Our \ 
minimum tested compiler versions are now Clang-5, GCC-5 or MSVC-14.1.
Added Estrin's method for polynomial evaluation.
Fix various issues in non-central distributions to allow for larger \ 
non-centralities see 939.
Added CMake install target.
Fix special_functions.hpp to disable anything which can't be used in an \ 
exception-free environment.
Get condition number calculation working in C++14.
Fix constexpr table driven functions to avoid massive slowdown when the code is \ 
not actually constexpr, see 923.
Improve tanh_sinh boundary handling, see 894.
Add Linux arm64, s390x and Apple M1 testing, fix up test cases to handle 128-bit \ 
long doubles.
Improve constexpr math functions to better handle infinities and NaN's.
Make the integrators const-correct.
Fix tanh_sinh integrator in case the function underflows, see 898.
Don't use std::cbrt as some platforms still don't support it.
Stop non-central T from raising spurious FE_INVALID exceptions, see 892.
Fix binomial distribution edge case.
Improve ibeta handling of very small arguments, see 884.
Improve ibeta handling of infinities and NaN's, see 878.
Improve error handling in powm1, see 781.
Improve root-finder bracketing to bracket faster when the exponent is \ 
super-large or small.
Fix root finding edge cases, see 873.
Lots of miscellaneous warning fixes.
Add assertions when using features which require C++17 for better error messages \ 
when invoking the compiler in a lower std version.
Multi-index Containers:
Serialization now uses unsigned long instead of collection_size_type, and \ 
multi_index_container serialization class version has been bumped from 2 to 3 to \ 
reflect this change. Reading old archives may fail for custom archive types \ 
giving special treatment to collection_size_type values: if this is the case, \ 
globally define the macro \ 
compatibility in reading operations.
Maintenance work.
Deprecated C++11 support: We now require C++14 as a minimum standard. Our \ 
minimum tested compiler versions are now Clang-5, GCC-5 or MSVC-14.1.
Added a new forward declaration header.
Update Eigen interoperability so we no longer rely on Eigen's details, see 479.
Add Cmake install target.
Fix cpp_dec_float construction from string in standalone case for better error \ 
handling, see 499.
Remove redundent definitions when in C++17 mode, see 530.
Fix the error handling in standalone itrunc and ltrunc.
Fix potentially uninitialized storage when parsing octal strings.
Add arm64 and s390x CI testing.
Add some missing expression template unpacking code for powm, see 506.
Add convert_string overload accepting a (std::)string instance
Add quoted to output (quoted UTF-8) paths (std::filesystem or boost::filesystem) \ 
to streams
Implemented the boost::pfr::is_implicitly_reflectable and the machinery for \ 
specializing aggregates as reflectable or not
Implemented boost::pfr::get by type of an element in the aggregate.
Implemented the BOOST_PFR_ENABLED macro to detect library support for reflection
Fixed missing terminating character
Fixed the boost/pfr/config.hpp compilation on older compilers
Workaround for broken C++17 stuctured binding in old compilers
Avoid -Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant warnings
Fixed multiple typos, thanks to Denis Mikhailov for the fixes.
Added missing #pragma once
Multiple fixes and improvements for the docs.
Added management for extern processes to V2 (still experimental)
Deprecated wait_for & wait_until in V1 - they will be removed in the future!
Fixed typos in docs and comments, thanks to Chocobo1 for the PR
Fixed multithreading flag detection for backtrace_create_state if \ 
Boost.Core string_view and std::string_view interoperability
Fixed several unused variable warnings
Fixed sprintf deprecation warnings
Fixed undefined behavior in basic_cstring::rfind
Added CI through Github Actions
Major update.
Added node-based, open-addressing containers boost::unordered_node_map and \ 
Extended heterogeneous lookup to more member functions as specified in P2363.
Replaced the previous post-mixing process for open-addressing containers with a \ 
new algorithm based on extended multiplication by a constant.
Fixed bug in internal emplace impl where stack-local types were not properly \ 
constructed using the allocator of the container which breaks uses-allocator \ 
Add url::format with automatic percent-encoding
URL router example
set_params convenience function
Support implicit conversions to string_view
Parsing constructors are implicit
string_token::arg has virtual destructor and slice protection
Improvements and Bug fixes:
WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN macro redefinition warning
Comparison differentiates absent and empty components
Detect hier_part_rule with empty-port-like segments
Segments comparison as if normalized works above root
hier-part path-rootless considers invalid segments
port as number is set to 0 when it overflows
ipv4 to string overflow detection algorithm
Now uses core/addressof instead of the deprecated utility/addressof.