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dhcpcd DHCP / IPv4LL / IPv6RA / DHCPv6 client
dhcpcd-dbus DBus binding for dhcpcd
dhcpcd-gtk GTK+ system tray monitor for dhcpcd
dhcpcd-icons Shared icons for dhcpcd-gtk and dhcpcd-qt
dhcpcd-qt Qt system tray monitor for dhcpcd
dhcpd-pools ISC dhcpd lease analysis and reporting
dhid Dynamic Host Information System client daemon
dhisd DynDNS server
djbdns Collection of secure and reliable DNS tools
djbdns-run Configures djbdns to cache and serve queries
djbdnscurve6 Fork of djbdns with IPv6 and DNSCurve support
dlint Internet Domain Name System (DNS) error checking utility
dnc CLI tool to check domain names configuration
dnscap Network capture utility designed specifically for DNS traffic
dnscheck DNSCheck is a DNS quality checker
dnscontrol Opinionated platform for managing DNS configuration
dnscrypt-proxy2 DNS proxy with support for encrypted protocols
dnsdist Highly DNS-, DoS- and abuse-aware loadbalancer
dnsmasq Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder
dnstop Diagnose tcpdump trace for DNS queries/replies
dnstracer Tool to trace dns queries
docsis Utility for manipulating DOCSIS-compliant cable modems
doh A tool for resolving host names using DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)
dq Recursive DNS/DNSCurve server
driftnet Real-time image sniffer
drill DNSSEC debugging tool a'la dig
dtcp Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol daemon and client
dtcpclient Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol client
dtorrent Enhanced CTorrent, a BitTorrent console client written in C/C++
duplicity (V) Remote encrypting incremental backup utility
dynipclient Client for the dynamic DNS service
echoping Test performance of a remote TCP service
ed2k-gtk-gui GUI for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet
edonkey2k Yet another P2P file sharing tool
enet Network communication layer that runs on top of UDP
entropy Anonymous peer-to-peer networking node (similar to Freenet)
erlang-esip ProcessOne SIP server component in Erlang
erlang-idna Pure Erlang IDNA implementation following the RFC5891
erlang-stun STUN and TURN library for Erlang / Elixir
erlang-xmpp XMPP parsing and serialization library on top of Fast XML
ether2dns Converter from /etc/ethers to IPv6 DNS records
etherape Graphical network monitor
ethtool (V) Display or change ethernet card settings
ettercap Suite for man in the middle attacks
ettercap-gtk Suite for man in the middle attacks (with GTK GUI)
eventd (V) Small daemon to act on remote or local events
exabgp BGP swiss army knife
expiretable (V) Removes entries from pf tables based on their age
ez-ipupdate Client to update dynamic DNS entries
fabric (V) Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool
fair-identd Fast RFC-1413 identd running under inetd that returns no useful info
fastd Fast and small VPN tunnelling daemon
fd-proxy Glue for making a TCP proxy using ucspi-tcp tools
fehqlibs State-of-the-art C routines for Internet services
fetch Client to fetch URLs
filezilla FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client with intuitive GUI
firewalk Determines the filter rules on a packet forwarding device
flickcurl Flickr API library
flodo Simple network flow sampling tool
flow-tools Collect and store NetFlow data
fmirror Mirror program for FTP sites (written in C)
fpdns Fingerprinting DNS servers
fping Quickly ping many hosts w/o flooding the network
freeDiameter Open source Diameter protocol implementation
freenet-tools Freenet Tools, freesite manipulation tools for Freenet and Entropy
freeradius Free RADIUS server implementation
freeradius-freetds Free RADIUS FreeTDS support
freeradius-iodbc Free RADIUS iODBC support
freeradius-krb5 Free RADIUS rlm_krb5 module
freeradius-ldap Free RADIUS rlm_ldap module
freeradius-memcached Free RADIUS support for memcached
freeradius-mysql Free RADIUS MySQL support
freeradius-perl Free RADIUS rlm_perl module
freeradius-pgsql Free RADIUS PostgreSQL support
freeradius-python Free RADIUS rlm_python module
freeradius-rest Free RADIUS rlm_rest module
freeradius-sqlite3 Free RADIUS SQLite support
freeradius-unixodbc Free RADIUS UNIXODBC support
freeradius-yubikey Free RADIUS rlm_yubikey module
freerdp2 Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (major version 2)
frr Frr routing multi protocol suite
fstrm C implementation of the Frame Streams data transport protocol
ftplibpp C++ class providing ftp client functionality
ftpproxy Application level gateway for FTP
fusionpbx (V) Full-featured multi-tenant GUI for FreeSwitch
fwknop Port knocking via Single Packet Authorization (SPA)
gallery-dl Command-line program to download image galleries and collections
ganglia-monitor-core (V) Ganglia cluster monitor, monitoring daemon
GeoIP GeoIP Legacy C API
Geomyidae Gopher daemon
get_iplayer Search, index, record or stream BBC iPlayer broadcasts
get-flash-videos Tool for using various Flash-based video hosting sites
gethost Hostname and IP resolver for testing /etc/hosts and nsswitch.conf
gh GitHub CLI
gift Modular daemon that abstracts filesharing protocols
gift-fasttrack Fasttrack plugin for giFT
gift-gnutella Gnutella plugin for giFT
gift-openft OpenFT Plugin for the gift daemon
giftcurs Curses frontend to the giFT daemon
gini Free streaming media server