./net/bind916, Berkeley Internet Name Daemon implementation of DNS, version 9.16

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 9.16.33, Package name: bind-9.16.33, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

BIND, the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon. This package contains the BIND
9.16 release.

* New dnssec-policy statement to configure a key and signing policy for
zones, enabling automatic key regeneration and rollover.
* New network manager based on libuv.
* Added support for the new GeoIP2 geolocation API, libmaxminddb.
* Improved DNSSEC trust anchor configuration using the trust-anchors
statement, permitting configuration of trust anchors in DS as well as
DNSKEY format.
* YAML output for dig, mdig, and delv.

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   2022-09-21 14:58:47 by Havard Eidnes | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Upgrade net/bind916 to version 9.16.33.

OKed by wiz@

Pkgsrc changes:
 * Just checksum updates.

Upstream changes:
        --- 9.16.33 released ---

5962.   [security]      Fix memory leak in EdDSA verify processing.
                        (CVE-2022-38178) [GL #3487]

5961.   [security]      Fix memory leak in ECDSA verify processing.
                        (CVE-2022-38177) [GL #3487]

5960.   [security]      Fix serve-stale crash that could happen when
                        stale-answer-client-timeout was set to 0 and there was
                        a stale CNAME in the cache for an incoming query.
                        (CVE-2022-3080) [GL #3517]

5957.   [security]      Prevent excessive resource use while processing large
                        delegations. (CVE-2022-2795) [GL #3394]

5956.   [func]          Make RRL code treat all QNAMEs that are subject to
                        wildcard processing within a given zone as the same
                        name. [GL #3459]

5955.   [port]          The libxml2 library has deprecated the usage of
                        xmlInitThreads() and xmlCleanupThreads() functions. Use
                        xmlInitParser() and xmlCleanupParser() instead.
                        [GL #3518]

5954.   [func]          Fallback to IDNA2003 processing in dig when IDNA2008
                        conversion fails. [GL #3485]

5953.   [bug]           Fix a crash on shutdown in delete_trace_entry(). Add
                        mctx attach/detach pair to make sure that the memory
                        context used by a memory pool is not destroyed before
                        the memory pool itself. [GL #3515]

5952.   [bug]           Use quotes around address strings in YAML output.
                        [GL #3511]

5951.   [bug]           In some cases, the dnstap query_message field was
                        erroneously set when logging response messages.
                        [GL #3501]

5948.   [bug]           Fix nsec3.c:dns_nsec3_activex() function, add a missing
                        dns_db_detachnode() call. [GL #3500]

5945.   [bug]           If parsing /etc/bind.key failed, delv could assert
                        when trying to parse the built in trust anchors as
                        the parser hadn't been reset. [GL !6468]

5942.   [bug]           Fix tkey.c:buildquery() function's error handling by
                        adding the missing cleanup code. [GL #3492]

5941.   [func]          Zones with dnssec-policy now require dynamic DNS or
                        inline-siging to be configured explicitly. [GL #3381]

5936.   [bug]           Don't enable serve-stale for lookups that error because
                        it is a duplicate query or a query that would be
                        dropped. [GL #2982]
   2022-08-17 17:38:28 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
net/bind916: update to 9.16.32

9.16.32 (2022-08-17)

Notes for BIND 9.16.32

Feature Changes

* The DNSSEC algorithms RSASHA1 and NSEC3RSASHA1 are now automatically
  disabled on systems where they are disallowed by the security policy
  (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9).  Primary zones using those algorithms
  need to be migrated to new algorithms prior to running on these systems,
  as graceful migration to different DNSSEC algorithms is not possible when
  RSASHA1 is disallowed by the operating system.  [GL #3469]

* Log messages related to fetch limiting have been improved to provide more
  complete information.  Specifically, the final counts of allowed and
  spilled fetches are now logged before the counter object is destroyed.
  [GL #3461]

Bug Fixes

* Non-dynamic zones that inherit dnssec-policy from the view or options
  blocks were not marked as inline-signed and therefore never scheduled to
  be re-signed.  This has been fixed.  [GL #3438]

* The old max-zone-ttl zone option was meant to be superseded by the
  max-zone-ttl option in dnssec-policy; however, the latter option was not
  fully effective.  This has been corrected: zones no longer load if they
  contain TTLs greater than the limit configured in dnssec-policy.  For
  zones with both the old max-zone-ttl option and dnssec-policy configured,
  the old option is ignored, and a warning is generated.  [GL #2918]

* rndc dumpdb -expired was fixed to include expired RRsets, even if
  stale-cache-enable is set to no and the cache-cleaning time window has
  passed.  [GL #3462]
   2022-07-20 17:14:14 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
net/bind916: update to 9.16.31

9.6.31 (2022-07-20)

5917.	[bug]		Update ifconfig.sh script as is miscomputed interface
			identifiers when destroying interfaces. [GL #3061]

5915.	[bug]		Detect missing closing brace (}) and computational
			overflows in $GENERATE directives. [GL #3429]

5913.	[bug]		Fix a race between resolver query timeout and
			validation in resolver.c:validated(). Remove
			resolver.c:maybe_destroy() as it is no loger needed.
			[GL #3398]

5909.	[bug]		The server-side destination port was missing from dnstap
			captures of client traffic. [GL #3309]

5905.	[bug]		When the TCP connection would be closed/reset between
			the connect/accept and the read, the uv_read_start()
			return value would be unexpected and cause an assertion
			failure. [GL #3400]

5903.	[bug]		When named checks that the OPCODE in a response matches
			that of the request, if there is a mismatch named logs
			an error.  Some of those error messages incorrectly
			used RCODE instead of OPCODE to lookup the nemonic.
			This has been corrected. [GL !6420]
   2022-07-19 13:56:01 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
bind916: Fix SMF method script.  Bump PKGREVISION.
   2022-06-28 13:38:00 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3952)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for perl 5.36
   2022-06-15 16:02:36 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
net/bind916: update to 9.16.30

	--- 9.16.30 released ---

5899.	[func]		Don't try to process DNSSEC-related and ZONEMD records
			in catz. [GL #3380]

5890.	[bug]		When the fetches-per-server quota was adjusted
			because of an authoritative server timing out more
			or less frequently, it was incorrectly set to 1
			rather than the intended value.  This has been
			fixed. [GL #3327]

5888.	[bug]		Only write key files if the dnssec-policy keymgr has
			changed the metadata. [GL #3302]

5823.	[func]		Replace hazard pointers based lock-free list with
			locked-list based queue that's simpler and has no or
			little performance impact. [GL #3180]
   2022-05-18 17:05:08 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
net/bind916: update to 9.16.29

This release contains a fix for CVE-2022-1183.

	--- 9.16.29 released ---

5885.	[bug]		RPZ NSIP and NSDNAME rule processing didn't handle stub
			and static-stub zones at or above the query name.  This
			has now been addressed. [GL #3232]

5881.	[bug]		dig +nssearch could hang in rare cases when recv_done()
			callback was being called earlier than send_done().
			[GL #3278]

5880.	[func]		Add new named command-line option -C to print built-in
			defaults. [GL #1326]

5879.	[contrib]	dlz: Add FALLTHROUGH and UNREACHABLE macros. [GL #3306]

5874.	[bug]		keymgr didn't work with python 3.11. [GL !6157]

5866.	[bug]		Work around a jemalloc quirk which could trigger an
			out-of-memory condition in named over time. [GL #3287]

5863.	[bug]		If there was a pending negative cache DS entry,
			validations depending upon it could fail. [GL #3279]

5858.	[bug]		Don't remove CDS/CDNSKEY DELETE records on zone sign
			when using 'auto-dnssec maintain;'. [GL #2931]
   2022-04-21 16:14:46 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
net/bind916: update to 9.16.28

	--- 9.16.28 released ---

5856.	[bug]		The "starting maxtime timer" message related to outgoing
			zone transfers was incorrectly logged at the ERROR level
			instead of DEBUG(1). [GL #3208]

5852.	[func]		Add new "reuseport" option to enable/disable load
			balancing of sockets. [GL #3249]

5843.	[bug]		When an UPDATE targets a zone that is not configured,
			the requested zone name is now logged in the "not
			authoritative" error message, so that it is easier to
			track down problematic update clients. [GL #3209]

5836.	[bug]		Quote the dns64 prefix in error messages that complain
			about problems with it, to avoid confusion with the
			following dns64 ACLs. [GL #3210]

5834.	[cleanup]	C99 variable-length arrays are difficult to use safely,
			so avoid them except in test code. [GL #3201]

5828.	[bug]		Replace single TCP write timer with per-TCP write
			timers. [GL #3200]

5824.	[bug]		Invalid dnssec-policy definitions were being accepted
			where the defined keys did not cover both KSK and ZSK
			roles for a given algorithm.  This is now checked for
			and the dnssec-policy is rejected if both roles are
			not present for all algorithms in use. [GL #3142]