./security/fail2ban, Scans log files and bans IP that makes too many password failures

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.11.1, Package name: fail2ban-0.11.1, Maintainer: nils

Fail2Ban scans log files like /var/log/pwdfail and bans IP
that makes too many password failures. It updates firewall
rules to reject the IP address. Theses rules can be defined by
the user. Fail2Ban can read multiple log files such as sshd
or Apache web server ones.

Required to run:
[databases/py-sqlite3] [lang/python37]

Required to build:
[textproc/py-sphinx] [textproc/py-numpydoc] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Master sites:

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   2020-05-16 18:30:03 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
security/fail2ban: fix build with SUBST_NOOP_OK=no
   2020-05-01 22:43:49 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
security/fail2ban: clean up SUBST block

fail2ban-client does not contain any paths.
   2020-04-20 19:24:16 by Nils Ratusznik | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated security/fail2ban to 0.11.1

Upstream changelog:
### Fixes
* Fixed a systemd-journal handling in fail2ban-regex (gh-1657)
* filter.d/sshd.conf
    - Fixed non-anchored part of failregex (misleading match of colon inside
      IPv6 address instead of `: ` in the reason-part by missing space, gh-1658)
      (0.10th resp. IPv6 relevant only, amend for gh-1479)
* config/pathes-freebsd.conf
    - Fixed filenames for apache and nginx log files (gh-1667)
* filter.d/exim.conf
    - optional part `(...)` after host-name before `[IP]` (gh-1751)
    - new reason "Unrouteable address" for "rejected RCPT" \ 
regex (gh-1762)
    - match of complex time like `D=2m42s` in regex "no MAIL in SMTP \ 
connection" (gh-1766)
* filter.d/sshd.conf
    - new aggressive rules (gh-864):
      - Connection reset by peer (multi-line rule during authorization process)
      - No supported authentication methods available
    - single line and multi-line expression optimized, added optional prefixes
      and suffix (logged from several ssh versions), according to gh-1206;
    - fixed expression received disconnect auth fail (optional space after port
      part, gh-1652)
      and suffix (logged from several ssh versions), according to gh-1206;
* filter.d/suhosin.conf
    - greedy catch-all before `<HOST>` fixed (potential vulnerability)
* filter.d/cyrus-imap.conf
    - accept entries without login-info resp. hostname before IP address (gh-1707)
* Filter tests extended with check of all config-regexp, that contains greedy \ 
  before `<HOST>`, that is hard-anchored at end or precise sub expression \ 
after `<HOST>`

### New Features
* New Actions:
    - action.d/netscaler: Block IPs on a Citrix Netscaler ADC (gh-1663)

* New Filters:
    - filter.d/domino-smtp: IBM Domino SMTP task (gh-1603)

### Enhancements
* Introduced new log-level `MSG` (as INFO-2, equivalent to 18)

0.10.0-alpha1 :
### Fixes
* [Grave] memory leak's fixed (gh-1277, gh-1234)
* [Grave] Misleading date patterns defined more precisely (using extended syntax
  `%Ex[mdHMS]` for exact two-digit match or e. g. `%ExY` as more precise year
  pattern, within same century of last year and the next 3 years)
* [Grave] extends date detector template with distance (position of match in
  log-line), to prevent grave collision using (re)ordered template list (e.g.
  find-spot of wrong date-match inside foreign input, misleading date patterns
  by ambiguous formats, etc.)
* Distance collision check always prefers template with shortest distance
  (left for right) if date pattern is not anchored
* Tricky bug fix: last position of log file will be never retrieved (gh-795),
  because of CASCADE all log entries will be deleted from logs table together \ 
with jail,
  if used "INSERT OR REPLACE" statement
* Asyncserver (asyncore) code fixed and test cases repaired (again gh-161)
* testSocket: sporadical bug repaired - wait for server thread starts a socket \ 
* testExecuteTimeoutWithNastyChildren: sporadical bug repaired - wait for pid \ 
file inside bash,
  kill tree in any case (gh-1155)
* purge database will be executed now (within observer).
* restoring currently banned ip after service restart fixed
  (now < timeofban + bantime), ignore old log failures (already banned)
* Fixed high-load of pyinotify-backend,
  see https://github.com/fail2ban/fail2ban/is … -248964591
* Database: stability fix - repack cursor iterator as long as locked
* File filter backends: stability fix for sporadically errors - always close file
  handle, otherwise may be locked (prevent log-rotate, etc.)
* Pyinotify-backend: stability fix for sporadically errors in multi-threaded
  environment (without lock)
* Fixed sporadically error in testCymruInfoNxdomain, because of unsorted values
* Misleading errors logged from ignorecommand in success case on retcode 1 (gh-1194)
* fail2ban.service - systemd service updated (gh-1618):
  - starting service in normal mode (without forking)
  - does not restart if service exited normally (exit-code 0, e.g. stopped via \ 
  - does not restart if service can not start (exit-code 255, e.g. wrong \ 
configuration, etc.)
  - service can be additionally started/stopped with commands (fail2ban-client, \ 
  - automatically creates `/var/run/fail2ban` directory before start fail2ban
    (systems with virtual resp. memory-based FS for `/var/run`), see gh-1531
  - if fail2ban running as systemd-service, for logging to the systemd-journal,
    the `logtarget` could be set to STDOUT
  - value `logtarget` for system targets allowed also in lowercase (stdout, \ 
stderr, syslog, etc.)
* Fixed UTC/GMT named time zone, using `%Z` and `%z` patterns
  (special case with 0 zone offset, see gh-1575)
* `filter.d/freeswitch.conf`
    - Optional prefixes (server, daemon, dual time) if systemd daemon logs used \ 
    - User part rewritten to accept IPv6 resp. domain after "@" (gh-1548)

### New Features
* IPv6 support:
    - IP addresses are now handled as objects rather than strings capable for
      handling both address types IPv4 and IPv6
    - iptables related actions have been amended to support IPv6 specific actions
    - hostsdeny and route actions have been tested to be aware of v4 and v6 already
    - pf action for *BSD systems has been improved and supports now also v4 and v6
    - name resolution is now working for either address type
    - new conditional section functionality used in config resp. includes:
      - [Init?family=inet4] - IPv4 qualified hosts only
      - [Init?family=inet6] - IPv6 qualified hosts only
* Increment ban time (+ observer) functionality introduced.
  Thanks Serg G. Brester (sebres)
* Database functionality extended with bad ips.
* New reload functionality (now totally without restart, unbanning/rebanning, etc.),
  see gh-1557
* Several commands extended and new commands introduced:
  - `restart [--unban] [--if-exists] <JAIL>` - restarts the jail \<JAIL\>
    (alias for `reload --restart ... <JAIL>`)
  - `reload [--restart] [--unban] [--all]` - reloads the configuration without \ 
    of the server, the option `--restart` activates completely restarting of \ 
affected jails,
    thereby can unban IP addresses (if option `--unban` specified)
  - `reload [--restart] [--unban] [--if-exists] <JAIL>` - reloads the jail \ 
    or restarts it (if option `--restart` specified), at the same time unbans \ 
all IP addresses
    banned in this jail, if option `--unban` specified
  - `unban --all` - unbans all IP addresses (in all jails and database)
  - `unban <IP> ... <IP>` - unbans \<IP\> (in all jails and \ 
database) (see gh-1388)
  - introduced new option `-t` or `--test` to test configuration resp. start \ 
server only
    if configuration is clean (fails by wrong configured jails if option `-t` \ 
* New command action parameter `actionrepair` - command executed in order to restore
  sane environment in error case of `actioncheck`.
* Reporting via abuseipdb.com:
  - Bans can now be reported to abuseipdb
  - Catagories must be set in the config
  - Relevant log lines included in report

### Enhancements
* Huge increasing of fail2ban performance and especially test-cases performance \ 
(see gh-1109)
* Datedetector: in-place reordering using hits and last used time:
  matchTime, template list etc. rewritten because of performance degradation
* Prevent out of memory situation if many IP's makes extremely many failures \ 
* Introduced string to seconds (str2seconds) for configuration entries with time,
  use `1h` instead of `3600`, `1d` instead of `86400`, etc
* seekToTime - prevent completely read of big files first time (after start of \ 
  initial seek to start time using half-interval search algorithm (see issue gh-795)
* Ticket and some other modules prepared to easy merge with newest version of \ 
* Cache dnsToIp, ipToName to prevent long wait during retrieving of ip/name,
  especially for wrong dns or lazy dns-system
* FailManager memory-optimization: increases performance,
  prevents memory leakage, because don't copy failures list on some operations
* fail2ban-testcases - new options introduced:
    - `-f`, `--fast` to decrease wait intervals, avoid passive waiting, and skip
      few very slow test cases (implied memory database, see `-m` and no gamin \ 
tests `-g`)
    - `-g`, `--no-gamin` to prevent running of tests that require the gamin (slow)
    - `-m`, `--memory-db` - run database tests using memory instead of file
    - `-i`, `--ignore` - negate [regexps] filter to ignore tests matched \ 
specified regexps
* Background servicing: prevents memory leak on some platforms/python versions, \ 
using forced GC
  in periodic intervals (latency and threshold)
* executeCmd partially moved from action to new module utils
* Several functionality of class `DNSUtils` moved to new class `IPAddr`,
  both classes moved to new module `ipdns`
* Pseudo-conditional section introduced, for conditional substitution resp.
  evaluation of parameters for different family qualified hosts,
  syntax `[Section?family=inet6]` (currently use for IPv6-support only).
* All the backends were rewritten to get reload-possibility, performance increased,
  so fewer greedy regarding cpu- resp. system-load now
* Numeric log-level allowed now in server (resp. fail2ban.conf);
* Implemented better error handling in some multi-threaded routines; shutdown of \ 
  rewritten (faster and safer, does not breaks shutdown process if some error \ 
* Possibility for overwriting some configuration options (read with config-readers)
  with command line option, e. g.:
## start server with DEBUG log-level (ignore level read from fail2ban.conf):
fail2ban-client --loglevel DEBUG start
## or
fail2ban-server -c /cfg/path --loglevel DEBUG start
## keep server log-level by reload (without restart it)
fail2ban-client --loglevel DEBUG reload
## switch log-level back to INFO:
fail2ban-client set loglevel INFO
* Optimized BanManager: increase performance, fewer system load, try to prevent
  memory leakage:
  - better ban/unban handling within actions (e.g. used dict instead of list)
  - don't copy bans resp. its list on some operations;
  - added new unbantime handling to relieve unBanList (prevent permanent
    searching for tickets to unban)
  - prefer failure-ID as identifier of the ticket to its IP (most of the time
    the same, but it can be something else e.g. user name in some complex jails,
    as introduced in 0.10)
* Regexp enhancements:
  - build replacement of `<HOST>` substitution corresponding parameter
    `usedns` - dns-part will be added only if `usedns` is not `no`,
    also using fail2ban-regex
  - new replacement for `<ADDR>` in opposition to `<HOST>`, for separate
    usage of 2 address groups only (regardless of `usedns`), `ip4` and `ip6`
    together, without host (dns)
* Misconfigured jails don't prevent fail2ban from starting, server starts
  nevertheless, as long as one jail was successful configured (gh-1619)
  Message about wrong jail configuration logged in client log (stdout, systemd
  journal etc.) and in server log with error level
* More precise date template handling (WARNING: theoretically possible \ 
  - datedetector rewritten more strict as earlier;
  - default templates can be specified exacter using prefix/suffix syntax (via \ 
  - more as one date pattern can be specified using option `datepattern` now
    (new-line separated);
  - some default options like `datepattern` can be specified directly in
    section `[Definition]`, that avoids contrary usage of unnecessarily `[Init]`
    section, because of performance (each extra section costs time);
  - option `datepattern` can be specified in jail also (e. g. jails without filters
    or custom log-format, new-line separated for multiple patterns);
  - if first unnamed group specified in pattern, only this will be cut out from
    search log-line (e. g.: `^date:[({DATE})]` will cut out only datetime match
    pattern, and leaves `date:[] ...` for searching in filter);
  - faster match and fewer searching of appropriate templates
    (DateDetector.matchTime calls rarer DateTemplate.matchDate now);
  - several standard filters extended with exact prefixed or anchored date templates;
* Added possibility to recognize restored state of the tickets (see gh-1669).
  New option `norestored` introduced, to ignore restored tickets (after restart).
  To avoid execution of ban/unban for the restored tickets, `norestored = true`
  could be added in definition section of action.
  For conditional usage in the shell-based actions an interpolation \ 
  could be used also. E. g. it is enough to add following script-piece at begin
  of `actionban` (or `actionunban`) to prevent execution:
  `if [ '<restored>' = '1' ]; then exit 0; fi;`
  Several actions extended now using `norestored` option:
  - complain.conf
  - dshield.conf
  - mail-buffered.conf
  - mail-whois-lines.conf
  - mail-whois.conf
  - mail.conf
  - sendmail-buffered.conf
  - sendmail-geoip-lines.conf
  - sendmail-whois-ipjailmatches.conf
  - sendmail-whois-ipmatches.conf
  - sendmail-whois-lines.conf
  - sendmail-whois-matches.conf
  - sendmail-whois.conf
  - sendmail.conf
  - smtp.py
  - xarf-login-attack.conf
* fail2ban-testcases:
  - `assertLogged` extended with parameter wait (to wait up to specified timeout,
    before we throw assert exception) + test cases rewritten using that
  - added `assertDictEqual` for compatibility to early python versions (< 2.7);
  - new `with_foreground_server_thread` decorator to test several client/server \ 

### Fixes
* `filter.d/apache-auth.conf`:
  - better failure recognition using short form of regex (url/referer are \ 
foreign inputs, see gh-1645)
* `filter.d/apache-common.conf` (`filter.d/apache-*.conf`):
  - support of apache log-format if logging into syslog/systemd (gh-1695), using \ 
parameter `logging`,
    parameter usage for jail:
      filter = apache-auth[logging=syslog]
    parameter usage for `apache-common.local`:
      logging = syslog
* `filter.d/pam-generic.conf`:
  - [grave] injection on user name to host fixed
* `filter.d/sshd.conf`:
  - rewritten using `prefregex` and used MLFID-related multi-line parsing
    (by using tag `<F-MLFID>` instead of buffering with `maxlines`);
  - optional parameter `mode` rewritten: normal (default), ddos, extra or \ 
aggressive (combines all),
    see sshd for regex details)
* `filter.d/sendmail-reject.conf`:
  - rewritten using `prefregex` and used MLFID-related multi-line parsing;
  - optional parameter `mode` introduced: normal (default), extra or aggressive
* `filter.d/haproxy-http-auth`: do not mistake client port for part of an IPv6 \ 
address (gh-1745)
* `filter.d/postfix.conf`:
    - updated to latest postfix formats
    - joined several postfix filter together (normalized and optimized version, \ 
    - introduced new parameter `mode` (see gh-1825): more (default, combines \ 
normal and rbl), auth, normal,
      rbl, ddos, extra or aggressive (combines all)
    - postfix postscreen (resp. other RBL's compatibility fix, gh-1764, gh-1825)
* `filter.d/postfix-rbl.conf`: removed (replaced with `postfix[mode=rbl]`)
* `filter.d/postfix-sasl.conf`: removed (replaced with `postfix[mode=auth]`)
* `filter.d/roundcube-auth.conf`:
    - fixed regex when `X-Real-IP` or/and `X-Forwarded-For` are present after \ 
host (gh-1303);
    - fixed regex when logging authentication errors to journal instead to a \ 
local file (gh-1159);
    - additionally fixed more complex injections on username (e. g. using dot \ 
after fake host).
* `filter.d/ejabberd-auth.conf`: fixed failregex - accept new log-format (gh-993)
* `action.d/complain.conf`
  - fixed using new tag `<ip-rev>` (sh/dash compliant now)
* `action.d/sendmail-geoip-lines.conf`
  - fixed using new tag `<ip-host>` (without external command execution)
* fail2ban-regex: fixed matched output by multi-line (buffered) parsing
* fail2ban-regex: support for multi-line debuggex URL implemented (gh-422)
* fixed ipv6-action errors on systems not supporting ipv6 and vice versa (gh-1741)
* fixed directory-based log-rotate for pyinotify-backend (gh-1778)

### New Features
* New Actions:

* New Filters:

### Enhancements
* Introduced new filter option `prefregex` for pre-filtering using single \ 
regular expression (gh-1698);
* Many times faster and fewer CPU-hungry because of parsing with `maxlines=1`, \ 
so without
  line buffering (scrolling of the buffer-window).
  Combination of tags `<F-MLFID>` and `<F-NOFAIL>` can be used now \ 
to process multi-line logs
  using single-line expressions:
  - tag `<F-MLFID>`: used to identify resp. store failure info for groups \ 
of log-lines with the same
    identifier (e. g. combined failure-info for the same conn-id by \ 
    see sshd.conf for example);
  - tag `<F-MLFFORGET>`: can be used as mark to forget current multi-line \ 
MLFID (e. g. by connection
    closed, reset or disconnect etc);
  - tag `<F-NOFAIL>`: used as mark for no-failure (helper to accumulate \ 
common failure-info,
    e. g. from lines that contain IP-address);
  Opposite to obsolete multi-line parsing (using buffering with `maxlines`) it \ 
is more precise and
  can recognize multiple failure attempts within the same connection (MLFID).
* Several filters optimized with pre-filtering using new option `prefregex`, and \ 
multiline filter
  using `<F-MLFID>` + `<F-NOFAIL>` combination;
* Exposes filter group captures in actions (non-recursive interpolation of tags \ 
  see gh-1698, gh-1110)
* Some filters extended with user name (can be used in gh-1243 to distinguish IP \ 
and user,
  resp. to remove after success login the user-related failures only);
* Safer, more stable and faster replaceTag interpolation (switched from cycle \ 
over all tags
  to re.sub with callable)
* substituteRecursiveTags optimization + moved in helpers facilities (because \ 
currently used
  commonly in server and in client)
* New tags (usable in actions):
  - `<fid>` - failure identifier (if raw resp. failures without IP address)
  - `<ip-rev>` - PTR reversed representation of IP address
  - `<ip-host>` - host name of the IP address
  - `<bancount>` - ban count of this offender if known as bad (started by \ 
1 for unknown)
  - `<bantime>` - current ban-time of the ticket (prolongation can be \ 
retarded up to 10 sec.)
  - `<F-...>` - interpolates to the corresponding filter group capture `...`
  - `<fq-hostname>` - fully-qualified name of host (the same as \ 
`$(hostname -f)`)
  - `<sh-hostname>` - short hostname (the same as `$(uname -n)`)
* Introduced new action command `actionprolong` to prolong ban-time (e. g. set \ 
new timeout if expected);
  Several actions (like ipset, etc.) rewritten using net logic with `actionprolong`.
  Note: because ban-time is dynamic, it was removed from jail.conf as timeout \ 
argument (check jail.local).
* Allow to use filter options by `fail2ban-regex`, example:
  fail2ban-regex text.log "sshd[mode=aggressive]"
* Samples test case factory extended with filter options - dict in JSON to control
  filter options (e. g. mode, etc.):
  # filterOptions: {"mode": "aggressive"}
* Introduced new jail option "ignoreself", specifies whether the local \ 
resp. own IP addresses
  should be ignored (default is true). Fail2ban will not ban a host which \ 
matches such addresses.
  Option "ignoreip" affects additionally to "ignoreself" and \ 
don't need to include the DNS
  resp. IPs of the host self.
* Regex will be compiled as MULTILINE only if needed (buffering with `maxlines` \ 
> 1), that enables:
  - to improve performance by the single line parsing (see gh-1733);
  - make regex more precise (because distinguish between anchors `^`/`$` for the \ 
begin/end of string
    and the new-line character '\n', e. g. if coming from filters (like systemd \ 
journal) that allow
    the parsing of log-entries contain new-line chars (as single entry);
  - if multiline regex however expected (by single-line parsing without \ 
buffering) - prefix `(?m)`
    could be used in regex to enable it;
* Implemented execution of `actionstart` on demand (conditional), if action \ 
depends on `family` (gh-1742):
  - new action parameter `actionstart_on_demand` (bool) can be set to \ 
prevent/allow starting action
    on demand (default retrieved automatically, if some conditional parameter \ 
    presents in action properties), see `action.d/pf.conf` for example;
  - additionally `actionstop` will be executed only for families previously \ 
executing `actionstart`
    (starting on demand only)
* Introduced new command `actionflush`: executed in order to flush all bans at once
  e. g. by unban all, reload with removing action, stop, shutdown the system \ 
  the actions having `actionflush` do not execute `actionunban` for each single \ 
* Add new command `actionflush` default for several iptables/iptables-ipset \ 
actions (and common include);
* Add new jail option `logtimezone` to force the timezone on log lines that \ 
don't have an explicit one (gh-1773)
* Implemented zone abbreviations (like CET, CEST, etc.) and abbr+-offset \ 
functionality (accept zones
  like 'CET+0100'), for the list of abbreviations see strptime.TZ_STR;
* Introduced new option `--timezone` (resp. `--TZ`) for `fail2ban-regex`.
* Tokens `%z` and `%Z` are changed (more precise now);
* Introduced new tokens `%Exz` and `%ExZ` that fully support zone abbreviations \ 
and/or offset-based
  zones (implemented as enhancement using custom `datepattern`, because may be \ 
too dangerous for default
  patterns and tokens like `%z`);
  Note: the extended tokens supported zone abbreviations, but it can parse 1 or \ 
3-5 char(s) in lowercase.
        Don't use them in default date-patterns (if not anchored, few precise \ 
resp. optional).
        Because python currently does not support mixing of case-sensitive with \ 
case-insensitive matching,
	the TZ (in uppercase) cannot be combined with `%a`/`%b` etc (that are currently \ 
	to avoid invalid date-time recognition in strings like '11-Aug-2013 \ 
03:36:11.372 error ...' with
	wrong TZ "error".
        Hence `%z` currently match literal Z|UTC|GMT only (and offset-based), \ 
and `%Exz` - all zone
* `filter.d/courier-auth.conf`: support failed logins with method only
* Config reader's: introduced new syntax `%(section/option)s`, in opposite to \ 
extended interpolation of
  python 3 `${section:option}` work with all supported python version in \ 
fail2ban and this syntax is
  like our another features like `%(known/option)s`, etc. (gh-1750)
* Variable `default_backend` switched to `%(default/backend)s`, so totally \ 
backwards compatible now,
  but now the setting of parameter `backend` in default section of `jail.local` \ 
can overwrite default
  backend also (see gh-1750). In the future versions parameter `default_backend` \ 
can be removed (incompatibility,
  possibly some distributions affected).

### Fixes
* fix Gentoo init script's shebang to use openrc-run instead of runscript (gh-1891)
* jail "pass2allow-ftp" supply blocktype and returntype parameters to \ 
the action (gh-1884)
* avoid using "ANSI_X3.4-1968" as preferred encoding (if missing \ 
environment variables
  'LANGUAGE', 'LC_ALL', 'LC_CTYPE', and 'LANG', see gh-1587).
* action.d/pf.conf: several fixes for pf-action like anchoring, etc. (see \ 
gh-1866, gh-1867);
* fixed ignoreself issue "Retrieving own IPs of localhost failed: \ 
inet_pton() argument 2 must be string, not int" (see gh-1865);
* fixed tags `<fq-hostname>` and `<sh-hostname>`, could be used \ 
without ticket (a. g. in `actionstart` etc., gh-1859).

* setup.py: fixed several setup facilities (gh-1874):
  - don't check return code by dry-run: returns 256 on some python/setuptool \ 
  - `files/fail2ban.service` renamed as template to `files/fail2ban.service.in`;
  - setup process generates `build/fail2ban.service` from \ 
`files/fail2ban.service.in` using distribution related bin-path;
  - bug-fixing by running setup with option `--dry-run`;

### New Features
* introduced new command-line options `--dp`, `--dump-pretty` to dump the \ 
configuration using more
  human readable representation (opposite to `-d`);

### Enhancements
* nftables actions are IPv6-capable now (gh-1893)
* filter.d/dovecot.conf: introduced mode `aggressive` for cases like \ 
"disconnected before auth was ready" (gh-1880)

### Incompatibility list:
* The configuration for jails using banaction `pf` can be incompatible after \ 
upgrade, because pf-action uses
  anchors now (see `action.d/pf.conf` for more information). If you want use \ 
obsolete handling without anchors,
  just rewrite it in the `jail.local` by overwrite of `pfctl` parameter, e. g. \ 
like `banaction = pf[pfctl="pfctl"]`.

### Fixes
* Fixed logging to systemd-journal: new logtarget value SYSOUT can be used \ 
instead of STDOUT, to avoid
  write of the time-stamp, if logging to systemd-journal from foreground mode \ 
* Fixed recognition of the new date-format on mysqld-auth filter (gh-1639)
* jail.conf: port `imap3` replaced with `imap` everywhere, since imap3 is not a \ 
standard port and old rarely
  (if ever) used and can missing on some systems (e. g. debian stretch), see gh-1942.
* config/paths-common.conf: added missing initial values (and small \ 
normalization in config/paths-*.conf)
  in order to avoid errors while interpolating (e. g. starting with \ 
systemd-backend), see gh-1955.
* `action.d/pf.conf`:
  - fixed syntax error in achnor definition (documentation, see gh-1919);
  - enclose ports in braces for multiport jails (see gh-1925);
* `action.d/firewallcmd-ipset.conf`: fixed create of set for ipv6 (missing \ 
`family inet6`, gh-1990)
* `filter.d/sshd.conf`:
  - extended failregex for modes "extra"/"aggressive": now \ 
finds all possible (also future)
    forms of "no matching (cipher|mac|MAC|compression method|key exchange \ 
method|host key type) found",
    see "ssherr.c" for all possible SSH_ERR_..._ALG_MATCH errors \ 
(gh-1943, gh-1944);
  - fixed failregex in order to avoid banning of legitimate users with multiple \ 
public keys (gh-2014, gh-1263);

### New Features
* datedetector: extended default date-patterns (allows extra space between the \ 
date and time stamps);
  introduces 2 new format directives (with corresponding %Ex prefix for more \ 
precise parsing):
  - %k - one- or two-digit number giving the hour of the day (0-23) on a 24-hour \ 
    (corresponds %H, but allows space if not zero-padded).
  - %l - one- or two-digit number giving the hour of the day (12-11) on a \ 
12-hour clock,
    (corresponds %I, but allows space if not zero-padded).
* `filter.d/exim.conf`: added mode `aggressive` to ban flood resp. DDOS-similar \ 
failures (gh-1983);
* New Actions:
  - `action.d/nginx-block-map.conf` - in order to ban not IP-related tickets via \ 
nginx (session blacklisting in
    nginx-location with map-file);

### Enhancements
* jail.conf: extended with new parameter `mode` for the filters supporting it \ 
* action.d/pf.conf: extended with bulk-unban, command `actionflush` in order to \ 
flush all bans at once.
* Introduced new parameters for logging within fail2ban-server (gh-1980).
  Usage `logtarget = target[facility=..., datetime=on|off, format="..."]`:
  - `facility` - specify syslog facility (default `daemon`, see \ 
https://docs.python.org/2/library/loggi … loghandler
     for the list of facilities);
  - `datetime` - add date-time to the message (default on, ignored if `format` \ 
  - `format` - specify own format how it will be logged, for example for \ 
short-log into STDOUT:
      `fail2ban-server -f --logtarget 'stdout[format="%(relativeCreated)5d \ 
| %(message)s"]' start`;
* Automatically recover or recreate corrupt persistent database (e. g. if failed \ 
to open with
  'database disk image is malformed'). Fail2ban will create a backup, try to \ 
repair the database,
  if repair fails - recreate new database (gh-1465, gh-2004).

### ver.
* fixed JSON serialization for the set-object within dump into database (gh-2103).

### Fixes
* `filter.d/asterisk.conf`: fixed failregex prefix by log over remote syslog \ 
server (gh-2060);
* `filter.d/exim.conf`: failregex extended - SMTP call dropped: too many syntax \ 
or protocol errors (gh-2048);
* `filter.d/recidive.conf`: fixed if logging into systemd-journal (SYSLOG) with \ 
daemon name in prefix, gh-2069;
* `filter.d/sendmail-auth.conf`, `filter.d/sendmail-reject.conf` :
  - fixed failregex, sendmail uses prefix 'IPv6:' logging of IPv6 addresses \ 
* `filter.d/sshd.conf`:
  - failregex got an optional space in order to match new log-format (see gh-2061);
  - fixed ddos-mode regex to match refactored message (some versions can contain \ 
port now, see gh-2062);
  - fixed root login refused regex (optional port before preauth, gh-2080);
  - avoid banning of legitimate users when pam_unix used in combination with \ 
other password method, so
    bypass pam_unix failures if accepted available for this user gh-2070;
  - amend to gh-1263 with better handling of multiple attempts (failures for \ 
different user-names recognized immediatelly);
  - mode `ddos` (and `aggressive`) extended to catch `Connection closed by ... \ 
[preauth]`, so in DDOS mode
    it counts failure on closing connection within preauth-stage (gh-2085);
* `action.d/abuseipdb.conf`: fixed curl cypher errors and comment quote-issue \ 
(gh-2044, gh-2101);
* `action.d/badips.py`: implicit convert IPAddr to str, solves an issue \ 
"expected string, IPAddr found" (gh-2059);
* `action.d/hostsdeny.conf`: fixed IPv6 syntax (enclosed in square brackets, \ 
* (Free)BSD ipfw actionban fixed to allow same rule added several times (gh-2054);

### New Features
* several stability and performance optimizations, more effective filter \ 
parsing, etc;
* stable runnable within python versions 3.6 (as well as within 3.7-dev);

### Enhancements
* `filter.d/apache-auth.conf`: detection of Apache SNI errors resp. misredirect \ 
attempts (gh-2017, gh-2097);
* `filter.d/apache-noscript.conf`: extend failregex to match "Primary \ 
script unknown", e. g. from php-fpm (gh-2073);
* date-detector extended with long epoch (`LEPOCH`) to parse \ 
milliseconds/microseconds posix-dates (gh-2029);
* possibility to specify own regex-pattern to match epoch date-time, e. g. \ 
`^\[{EPOCH}\]` or `^\[{LEPOCH}\]` (gh-2038);
  the epoch-pattern similar to `{DATE}` patterns does the capture and cuts out \ 
the match of whole pattern from the log-line,
  e. g. date-pattern `^\[{LEPOCH}\]\s+:` will match and cut out \ 
`[1516469849551000] :` from begin of the log-line.
* badips.py now uses https instead of plain http when requesting badips.com \ 
* add support for "any" badips.py bancategory, to be able to retrieve \ 
IPs from all categories with a desired score (gh-2056);
* Introduced new parameter `padding` for logging within fail2ban-server (default \ 
on, excepting SYSLOG):
  Usage `logtarget = target[padding=on|off]`

### Fixes
* `filter.d/dovecot.conf`:
  - failregex enhancement to catch sql password mismatch errors (gh-2153);
  - disconnected with "proxy dest auth failed" (gh-2184);
* `filter.d/freeswitch.conf`:
  - provide compatibility for log-format from gh-2193:
    * extended with new default date-pattern `^(?:%%Y-)?%%m-%%d[ \ 
T]%%H:%%M:%%S(?:\.%%f)?` to cover
      `YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM::SS.ms` as well as `mm-dd HH:MM::SS.ms` (so year is \ 
    * more optional arguments in log-line (so accept [WARN] as well as [WARNING] \ 
and optional [SOFIA] hereafter);
  - extended with mode parameter, allows to avoid matching of messages like \ 
`auth challenge (REGISTER)`
    (see gh-2163) (currently `extra` as default to be backwards-compatible), see \ 
comments in filter
    how to set it to mode `normal`.
* `filter.d/domino-smtp.conf`:
  - recognizes failures logged using another format (something like session-id, \ 
IP enclosed in square brackets);
  - failregex extended to catch connections rejected for policy reasons (gh-2228);
* `action.d/hostsdeny.conf`: fix parameter in config (dynamic parameters stating \ 
with '_' are protected
  and don't allowed in command-actions), see gh-2114;
* decoding stability fix by wrong encoded characters like utf-8 surrogate pairs, \ 
etc (gh-2171):
  - fail2ban running in the preferred encoding now (as default encoding also \ 
within python 2.x), mostly
    `UTF-8` in opposite to `ascii` previously, so minimizes influence of \ 
implicit conversions errors;
  - actions: avoid possible conversion errors on wrong-chars by replace tags;
  - database: improve adapter/converter handlers working on invalid characters \ 
in sense of json and/or sqlite-database;
    additionally both are exception-safe now, so avoid possible locking of \ 
database (closes gh-2137);
  - logging in fail2ban is process-wide exception-safe now.
* repaired start-time of initial seek to time (as well as other log-parsing \ 
related data),
  if parameter `logpath` specified before `findtime`, `backend`, `datepattern`, \ 
etc (gh-2173)
* systemd: fixed type error on option `journalflags`: an integer is required \ 

### New Features
* new option `ignorecache` to improve performance of ignore failure check (using \ 
caching of `ignoreip`,
  `ignoreself` and `ignorecommand`), see `man jail.conf` for syntax-example;
* `ignorecommand` extended to use actions-similar replacement (capable to interpolate
  all possible tags like `<ip-host>`, `<family>`, `<fid>`, \ 
`F-USER` etc.)

### Enhancements
* `filter.d/dovecot.conf`: extended with tags F-USER (and alternatives) to \ 
collect user-logins (gh-2168)
* since v.0.10.4, fail2ban-client, fail2ban-server and fail2ban-regex will \ 
return version without logo info,
  additionally option `-V` can be used to get version in normalized \ 
machine-readable short format.

### Fixes
* [compatibility] systemd backend: default flags changed to SYSTEM_ONLY(4), \ 
fixed in gh-2444 in order to ignore
  user session files per default, so could prevent "Too many open \ 
files" errors on a lot of user sessions (see gh-2392)
* [grave] fixed parsing of multi-line filters (`maxlines` > 1) together with \ 
systemd backend,
  now systemd-filter replaces newlines in message from systemd journal with `\n` \ 
  multi-line parsing may be broken, because removal of matched string from \ 
multi-line buffer window
  is confused by such extra new-lines, so they are retained and got matched on \ 
every followed
  message, see gh-2431)
* [stability] prevent race condition - no unban if the bans occur continuously \ 
  now an unban-check will happen not later than 10 tickets get banned regardless \ 
there are
  still active bans available (precedence of ban over unban-check is 10 now)
* fixed read of included config-files (`.local` overwrites options of `.conf` \ 
for config-files
  included with before/after)
* `action.d/abuseipdb.conf`: switched to use AbuseIPDB API v2 (gh-2302)
* `action.d/badips.py`: fixed start of banaction on demand (which may be \ 
IP-family related), gh-2390
* `action.d/helpers-common.conf`: rewritten grep arguments, now options `-wF` \ 
used to match only
  whole words and fixed string (not as pattern), gh-2298
* `filter.d/apache-auth.conf`:
  - ignore errors from mod_evasive in `normal` mode (mode-controlled now) (gh-2548);
  - extended with option `mode` - `normal` (default) and `aggressive`
* `filter.d/sshd.conf`:
  - matches `Bad protocol version identification` in `ddos` and `aggressive` \ 
modes (gh-2404).
  - captures `Disconnecting ...: Change of username or service not allowed` \ 
(gh-2239, gh-2279)
  - captures `Disconnected from ... [preauth]`, preauth phase only, different \ 
handling by `extra`
    (with supplied user only) and `ddos`/`aggressive` mode (gh-2115, gh-2239, \ 
* `filter.d/mysqld-auth.conf`:
  - MYSQL 8.0.13 compatibility (log-error-verbosity = 3), log-format contains \ 
few additional words
    enclosed in brackets after "[Note]" (gh-2314)
* `filter.d/sendmail-reject.conf`:
  - `mode=extra` now captures port IDs of `TLSMTA` and `MSA` (defaults for ports \ 
465 and 587 on some distros)
* `files/fail2ban.service.in`: fixed systemd-unit template - missing nftables \ 
dependency (gh-2313)
* several `action.d/mail*`: fixed usage with multiple log files (ultimate fix \ 
for gh-976, gh-2341)
* `filter.d/sendmail-reject.conf`: fixed journal usage for some systems (e. g. \ 
CentOS): if only identifier
  set to `sm-mta` (no unit `sendmail`) for some messages (gh-2385)
* `filter.d/asterisk.conf`: asterisk can log additional timestamp if logs into \ 
  (regex extended with optional part matching this, gh-2383)
* `filter.d/postfix.conf`:
    - regexp's accept variable suffix code in status of postfix for precise \ 
messages (gh-2442)
    - extended with new postfix filter mode `errors` to match "too many \ 
errors" (gh-2439),
      also included within modes `normal`, `more` (`extra` and `aggressive`), \ 
since postfix
      parameter `smtpd_hard_error_limit` is default 20 (additionally consider \ 
* `filter.d/named-refused.conf`:
    - support BIND 9.11.0 log format (includes an additional field @0xXXX..., \ 
    - `prefregex` extended, more selective now (denied/NOTAUTH suffix moved from \ 
failregex, so no catch-all there anymore)
* `filter.d/sendmail-auth.conf`, `filter.d/sendmail-reject.conf` :
  - ID in prefix can be longer as 14 characters (gh-2563);
* all filters would accept square brackets around IPv4 addresses also (e. g. \ 
monit-filter, gh-2494)
* avoids unhandled exception during flush (gh-2588)
* fixes pass2allow-ftp jail - due to inverted handling, action should prohibit \ 
access per default for any IP,
  therefore reset start on demand parameter for this action (it will be started \ 
immediately by repair);
* auto-detection of IPv6 subsystem availability (important for not on-demand \ 
actions or jails, like pass2allow);

### New Features
* new replacement tags for failregex to match subnets in form of IP-addresses \ 
with CIDR mask (gh-2559):
  - `<CIDR>` - helper regex to match CIDR (simple integer form of net-mask);
  - `<SUBNET>` - regex to match sub-net adresses (in form of IP/CIDR, also \ 
single IP is matched, so part /CIDR is optional);
* grouped tags (`<ADDR>`, `<HOST>`, `<SUBNET>`) recognize IP \ 
addresses enclosed in square brackets
* new failregex-flag tag `<F-MLFGAINED>` for failregex, signaled that the \ 
access to service was gained
  (ATM used similar to tag `<F-NOFAIL>`, but it does not add the log-line \ 
to matches, gh-2279)
* filters: introduced new configuration parameter `logtype` (default `file` for \ 
file-backends, and
  `journal` for journal-backends, gh-2387); can be also set to `rfc5424` to \ 
force filters (which include common.conf)
  to use RFC 5424 conform prefix-line per default (gh-2467);
* for better performance and safety the option `logtype` can be also used to
  select short prefix-line for file-backends too for all filters using \ 
`__prefix_line` (`common.conf`),
  if message logged only with `hostname svc[nnnn]` prefix (often the case on \ 
several systems):
backend = auto
filter = flt[logtype=short]
* `filter.d/common.conf`: differentiate `__prefix_line` for file/journal \ 
logtype's (speedup and fix parsing
  of systemd-journal);
* `filter.d/traefik-auth.conf`: used to ban hosts, that were failed through traefik
* `filter.d/znc-adminlog.conf`: new filter for ZNC (IRC bouncer); requires the \ 
adminlog module to be loaded

### Enhancements
* introduced new options: `dbmaxmatches` (fail2ban.conf) and `maxmatches` \ 
(jail.conf) to contol
  how many matches per ticket fail2ban can hold in memory and store in database \ 
(gh-2402, gh-2118);
* fail2ban.conf: introduced new section `[Thread]` and option `stacksize` to \ 
configure default size
  of the stack for threads running in fail2ban (gh-2356), it could be set in \ 
`fail2ban.local` to
  avoid runtime error "can't start new thread" (see gh-969);
* jail-reader extended (amend to gh-1622): actions support multi-line options \ 
now (interpolations
  containing new-line);
* fail2ban-client: extended to ban/unban multiple tickets (see gh-2351, gh-2349);
  - `fail2ban-client set <jain> banip <ip1> ... <ipN>`
  - `fail2ban-client set <jain> unbanip [--report-absent] <ip1> ... \ 
* fail2ban-client: extended with new feature which allows to inform fail2ban \ 
about single or multiple
  attempts (failure) for IP (resp. failure-ID), see gh-2351;
  - `fail2ban-client set <jail> attempt <ip> \ 
[<failure-message1> ... <failure-messageN>]`
* `action.d/nftables.conf`:
  - isolate fail2ban rules into a dedicated table and chain (gh-2254)
  - `nftables-allports` supports multiple protocols in single rule now
  - combined nftables actions to single action `nftables`:
    * `nftables-common` is removed (replaced with single action `nftables` now)
    * `nftables-allports` is obsolete, superseded by `nftables[type=allports]`
    * `nftables-multiport` is obsolete, superseded by `nftables[type=multiport]`
  - allowed multiple protocols in `nftables[type=multiport]` action (single set \ 
with multiple rules
    in chain), following configuration in jail would replace 3 separate actions, see
    https://github.com/fail2ban/fail2ban/pu … -534684675
* `action.d/badips.py`: option `loglevel` extended with level of summary message,
  following example configuration logging summary with NOTICE and rest with \ 
DEBUG log-levels:
  `action = badips.py[loglevel="debug, notice"]`
* samplestestcase.py (testSampleRegexsFactory) extended:
  - allow coverage of journal logtype;
  - new option `fileOptions` to set common filter/test options for whole test-file;
* large enhancement: auto-reban, improved invariant check and conditional \ 
operations (gh-2588):
  - improves invariant check and repair (avoid unhandled exception, consider \ 
family on conditional operations, etc),
    prepared for bulk re-ban in repair case (if bulk-ban becomes implemented);
  - automatic reban (repeat banning action) after repair/restore sane \ 
environment, if already logged ticket causes
    new failures (via new action operation `actionreban` or `actionban` if still \ 
not defined in action);
  * introduces banning epoch for actions and tickets (to distinguish or \ 
recognize removed set of the tickets);
  * invariant check avoids repair by unban/stop (unless parameter \ 
`actionrepair_on_unban` set to `true`);
  * better handling for all conditional operations (distinguish families for \ 
certain operations like
    repair/flush/stop, prepared for other families, e. g. if different handling \ 
for subnets expected, etc);
  * partially implements gh-980 (more breakdown safe handling);
  * closes gh-1680 (better as large-scale banning implementation with on-demand \ 
reban by failure,
    at least unless a bulk-ban gets implemented);
* fail2ban-regex - several enhancements and fixes:
  - improved usage output (don't put a long help if an error occurs);
  - new option `--no-check-all` to avoid check of all regex's (first matched only);
  - new option `-o`, `--out` to set token only provided in output (disables \ 
check-all and outputs only expected data).

### Compatibility:
* to v.0.10:
  - 0.11 is totally compatible to 0.10 (configuration- and API-related stuff), \ 
but the database
    got some new tables and fields (auto-converted during the first start), so \ 
once updated to 0.11, you
    have to remove the database /var/lib/fail2ban/fail2ban.sqlite3 (or its \ 
different to 0.10 schema)
    if you would need to downgrade to 0.10 for some reason.
* to v.0.9:
  - Filter (or `failregex`) internal capture-groups:

    * If you've your own `failregex` or custom filters using conditional match \ 
`(?P=host)`, you should
      rewrite the regex like in example below resp. using `(?:(?P=ip4)|(?P=ip6)` \ 
instead of `(?P=host)`
      (or `(?:(?P=ip4)|(?P=ip6)|(?P=dns))` corresponding your `usedns` and `raw` \ 

      Of course you can always define your own capture-group (like below \ 
`_cond_ip_`) to do this.
      testln="1500000000 failure from bad host"
      fail2ban-regex "$testln" "^\s*failure from \ 
(?P<_cond_ip_><HOST>): bad host (?P=_cond_ip_)$"
    * New internal groups (currently reserved for internal usage):
      `ip4`, `ip6`, `dns`, `fid`, `fport`, additionally `user` and another \ 
captures in lower case if
      mapping from tag `<F-*>` used in failregex (e. g. `user` by \ 

  - v.0.10 and 0.11 use more precise date template handling, that can be \ 
theoretically incompatible to some
    user configurations resp. `datepattern`.

  - Since v0.10 fail2ban supports the matching of IPv6 addresses, but not all \ 
ban actions are
    IPv6-capable now.

### Fixes
* purge database will be executed now (within observer).
* restoring currently banned ip after service restart fixed
  (now < timeofban + bantime), ignore old log failures (already banned)
* upgrade database: update new created table `bips` with entries from table \ 
`bans` (allows restore
  current bans after upgrade from version <= 0.10)

### New Features
* Increment ban time (+ observer) functionality introduced.
* Database functionality extended with bad ips.
* New tags (usable in actions):
  - `<bancount>` - ban count of this offender if known as bad (started by \ 
1 for unknown)
  - `<bantime>` - current ban-time of the ticket (prolongation can be \ 
retarded up to 10 sec.)
* Introduced new action command `actionprolong` to prolong ban-time (e. g. set \ 
new timeout if expected);
  Several actions (like ipset, etc.) rewritten using net logic with `actionprolong`.
  Note: because ban-time is dynamic, it was removed from jail.conf as timeout \ 
argument (check jail.local).

### Enhancements
* algorithm of restore current bans after restart changed: update the restored \ 
ban-time (and therefore
  end of ban) of the ticket with ban-time of jail (as maximum), for all tickets \ 
with ban-time greater
  (or persistent); not affected if ban-time of the jail is unchanged between \ 
* added new setup-option `--without-tests` to skip building and installing of \ 
tests files (gh-2287).
* added new command `fail2ban-client get <JAIL> banip \ 
?sep-char|--with-time?` to get the banned ip addresses (gh-1916).

Pkgsrc changes :
* switched to the Github framework for distfile fetching ;
* updated the config files lists (fail2ban puts a lot of files into config files) ;
* updated substition for better pkgsrc path handling in config files ;
* call the python tool "2to3" to convert all the python 2 code still \ 
present ;
* as a result, PLIST needed updating.
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Fix sphinx-build binary name
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Switch sphinx to versioned deps.
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PKGREVISION bump for anything using python without a PYPKGPREFIX.

This is a semi-manual PKGREVISION bump.
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Removed commented-out PKGREVISIONs
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fail2ban: fix build on linux and others

having an empty SUBST_SED returns usage and a non-zero exit value and
the build doesn't continue.