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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.4.4, Package name: py37-sphinx-2.4.4, Maintainer: markd

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful
documentation for Python projects (or other documents consisting of multiple
reStructuredText sources), written by Georg Brandl. It was originally
created to translate the new Python documentation, but has now been cleaned
up in the hope that it will be useful to many other projects.

Sphinx uses reStructuredText as its markup language, and many of its
strengths come from the power and straightforwardness of reStructuredText
and its parsing and translating suite, the Docutils.

Although it is still under constant development, the following features are
already present, work fine and can be seen "in action" in the Python docs:
* Output formats: HTML (including Windows HTML Help), plain text and LaTeX,
for printable PDF versions
* Extensive cross-references: semantic markup and automatic links for
functions, classes, glossary terms and similar pieces of information
* Hierarchical structure: easy definition of a document tree, with automatic
links to siblings, parents and children
* Automatic indices: general index as well as a module index
* Code handling: automatic highlighting using the Pygments highlighter
* Various extensions are available, e.g. for automatic testing of snippets
and inclusion of appropriately formatted docstrings.

Required to run:
[textproc/py-docutils] [devel/py-setuptools] [time/py-pytz] [devel/py-babel] [textproc/py-pygments] [textproc/py-jinja2] [devel/py-requests] [textproc/py-snowballstemmer] [textproc/py-alabaster] [graphics/py-imagesize] [devel/py-packaging] [lang/python37] [textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-devhelp] [textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-applehelp] [textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-jsmath] [textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml] [textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-qthelp] [textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp]

Required to build:

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   2020-03-09 19:38:59 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-sphinx: updated to 2.4.4

Release 2.4.4:
Bugs fixed
* LaTeX: platex cause error to build image directive with target url
* Sphinx builds has been slower since 2.4.0
   2020-02-29 16:48:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-sphinx: updated to 2.4.3

Release 2.4.3:

Bugs fixed
* autodoc: ``*args`` and ``**kwarg`` in type comments are not handled
* autodoc: classmethod coroutines are not detected
* intersphinx: ``:attr:`` reference to property is broken
* html search: Search breaks/hangs when built with dirhtml builder
* todo: emit doctree-resolved event with non-document node incorrectly
   2020-02-21 10:07:44 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-sphinx: updated to 2.4.2

Release 2.4.2:

Bugs fixed
* autodoc: ``autodoc.typehints`` crashed when variable has unbound object
  as a value
* autodoc: separator for keyword only arguments is not shown
* autodoc: IndexError is raised on suppressed type_comment found
* autodoc: typehints extension does not support parallel build
* autodoc: TypeError is raised on fetching type annotations
* crashed when extension assigns a value to ``env.indexentries``
* text: Remove debug print
* viewcode: Avoid to crash when non-python code given
   2020-02-17 21:25:43 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-sphinx: updated to 2.4.1

Release 2.4.1:

Bugs fixed
* html: crashed when on scaling SVG images which have float dimentions
* autodoc: TypeError: ‘getset_descriptor’ object is not iterable

Release 2.4.0:

The decode argument of sphinx.pycode.ModuleAnalyzer()

Features added
* inheritance_diagram: Make the background of diagrams transparent
* duration: Add sphinx.ext.durations to inspect which documents slow down the build
* LaTeX: Support a nested table
* LaTeX: Allow to override LATEXOPTS and LATEXMKOPTS via environment variable
* graphviz: Support :class: option
* html: :scale: option of image/figure directive not working for SVG images \ 
(imagesize-1.2.0 or above is required)
* imgconverter: Support illustrator file (.ai) to .png conversion
* autodoc: Support Positional-Only Argument separator (PEP-570 compliant)
* autodoc: Support type annotations for variables
* autodoc: Add new event: autodoc-before-process-signature
* autodoc: Support type_comment style (ex. # type: (str) -> str) annotation \ 
(python3.8+ or typed_ast is required)
* autodoc: Support instance variables without defaults (PEP-526)
* autodoc: Add a new extension sphinx.ext.autodoc.typehints. It shows typehints \ 
as object description if autodoc_typehints = "description" set. This \ 
is an experimental extension and it will be integrated into autodoc core in \ 
* SphinxTranslator now calls visitor/departure method for super node class if \ 
visitor/departure method for original node class not found
* Add new event: object-description-transform
* py domain: py:data and py:attribute take new options named :type: and :value: \ 
to describe its type and initial value
* py domain: :py:attr: is able to refer properties again
* apidoc: Add -q option for quiet mode

Bugs fixed
* html: Remove redundant type=”text/javascript” from <script> elements
* html: SVG image is not layouted as float even if aligned
* autodoc: failed to read the source codes encoeded in cp1251
* latex: warning for babel shown twice
* latex: LaTeX compilation falls into infinite loop (wrapfig issue)
* latex: :reversed: option for toctree does not effect to LaTeX build
* Wrong node-ids are generated in glossary directive
* apidoc: misdetects module name for .so file inside module
* apidoc: private members are not shown even if --private given
* apidoc: Support a python package consisted of __init__.so file
* napoleon: fails to parse tilde in :exc: role
* gettext: Absolute path used in message catalogs
* autodoc: nested partial functions are not listed
* autodoc: partial functions imported from other modules are listed as module \ 
members without :impoprted-members: option
* autodoc: Trailing comma in :members:: option causes cryptic warning
* autosummary: autosummary_imported_members is ignored on generating a stub file \ 
for submodule
* linkcheck: redirect is treated as an error
* HTML template: If navigation_with_keys option is activated, modifier keys are \ 
ignored, which means the feature can interfere with browser features
* std domain: Can’t assign numfig-numbers for custom container nodes
* std domain: enumerated nodes are marked as duplicated when extensions call \ 
* dirhtml: Cross references are broken via intersphinx and :doc: role
* C++:
  - Don’t crash when using the struct role in some cases.
  - Don’t warn when using the var/member role for function parameters.
  - Render call and braced-init expressions correctly.
* Filenames of images generated by \ 
sphinx.transforms.post_transforms.images.ImageConverter or its subclasses (used \ 
for latex build) are now sanitized, to prevent broken paths
   2019-12-31 11:38:47 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-sphinx: updated to 2.3.1

Release 2.3.1:

Bugs fixed
* sphinx-autogen: raises AttributeError

Release 2.3.0:

Incompatible changes
* end-before option of literalinclude directive does not match the first line of \ 
the code block.
* Change default User-Agent header to "Sphinx/X.Y.Z requests/X.Y.Z \ 
python/X.Y.Z". It can be changed via user_agent.
* text: content of admonitions starts after a blank line


Features added
* C++, support bit-fields.
* html: Eliminate prompt characters of doctest block from copyable text
* html: Use favicon for OpenSearch if available
* html theme: agogo theme now supports rightsidebar option
* Add PEP-561 Support
* latex: Allow to load additonal LaTeX packages via extrapackages key of \ 
* Add new config variable: user_agent
* LaTeX: have backslash also be an inline literal word wrap break character
* LaTeX: Support upLaTeX as a new latex_engine (experimental)
* Improve a warning message when extensions are not parallel safe
* Improve Intersphinx performance for multiple remote inventories.
* apidoc: .so file support
* autosummary: emit autodoc-skip-member event on generating stub file
* i18n: make explicit titles in toctree translatable
* linkcheck: Add linkcheck_auth option to provide authentication information \ 
when doing linkcheck builds
* linkcheck: Handles HTTP 308 Permanent Redirect
* html: Wrap section number in span tag
* gettext: Add gettext_last_translator' and :confval:`gettext_language_team to \ 
customize headers of POT file

Bugs fixed
* LaTeX: Longtable before header has incorrect distance (refs: latex3/latex2e#173)
* LaTeX: Avoid section names at the end of a page
* LaTeX: Do not replace unicode characters by LaTeX macros on unicode supported \ 
LaTeX engines: ¶, §, €, ∞, ±, →, ‣, –, superscript and subscript \ 
digits go through “as is” (as default OpenType font supports them)
* linkcheck: Be defensive and handle newly defined HTTP error code
* linkcheck: Failure on parsing content
* image URLs containing data: causes gettext builder crashed
* i18n: Error when compiling message catalogs on Hindi
* i18n: KeyError is raised if section title and table title are same
* i18n: rst_prolog breaks the translation
* mathbase: Some deprecated functions have removed
* autodoc: mock object does not work as a class decorator
* epub: Wrong internal href fragment links
* Allow not to install sphinx.testing as runtime (mainly for ALT Linux)
* html: search result was broken with empty html_file_suffix
* LaTeX does not wrap long code lines at backslash character
* LaTeX: PDF build breaks if admonition of danger type contains code-block long \ 
enough not to fit on one page
* LaTeX: code-block in a danger type admonition can easily spill over bottom of page
* texinfo: Code examples broken following “sidebar”
* An orphan warning is emitted for included document on Windows. Thanks to @drillan
* Fix smartypants module calls re.sub() with wrong options
* HTML search: If a search term is partially matched in the title and fully \ 
matched in a text paragraph on the same page, the search does not include this \ 
* config.py shouldn’t pop extensions from overrides
* text: extra spaces are inserted to hyphenated words on folding lines
* LaTeX: xelatex converts straight double quotes into right curly ones (shows \ 
when smartquotes is False)
* LaTeX: even with smartquotes off, PDF output transforms straight quotes and \ 
consecutive hyphens into curly quotes and dashes
* LaTeX: multi-line display of authors on title page has ragged edges
* Sphinx crashes with docutils-0.16b0
* sphinx-build: A console message is wrongly highlighted
* sphinx-build: -D option does not considers 0 and 1 as a boolean value
   2019-12-08 22:56:23 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-sphinx: updated to 2.2.2

Release 2.2.2:

Incompatible changes
* For security reason of python, parallel mode is disabled on macOS and

Bugs fixed
* LaTeX: 2019-10-01 LaTeX release breaks :file:`sphinxcyrillic.sty`
* i18n: French, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation messages
  has been broken
* parallel build causes AttributeError on macOS and Python3.8
   2019-10-27 01:03:57 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-sphinx: updated to 2.2.1

Release 2.2.1:

Bugs fixed
* LaTeX: Undefined control sequence ``\sphinxmaketitle``
* LaTeX not well configured for Greek language as main language
* validation of html static paths and extra paths no longer throws
  an error if the paths are in different directories
   2019-10-21 23:01:35 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
py-sphinx: updated to 2.2.0

Release 2.2.0:

Incompatible changes

apidoc: template files are renamed to .rst_t
html: Field lists will be styled by grid layout
The info and warn arguments of \ 

Features added

* graphviz: :graphviz_dot: option is renamed to :layout:
* html: emit a warning if html_static_path and html_extra_path directories are \ 
inside output directory
* html: Add a label to search input for accessability purposes
* apidoc: Add --templatedir option
* Add override argument to app.add_autodocumenter()
* imgmath: let imgmath_use_preview work also with the SVG format for images \ 
rendering inline math
* LaTeX: refactor visit_enumerated_list() to use \sphinxsetlistlabels
* quickstart: Use https://docs.python.org/3/ for default setting of \ 
* sphinx-build: give reasons why rebuilded

Bugs fixed

py domain: duplicated warning does not point the location of source code
* html: Sphinx never updates a copy of html_logo even if original file has changed
* html theme: scrollbar is hard to see on classic theme and macOS
* linkcheck: Consider HTTP 503 response as not an error
* Make generated download links reproducible
* UnboundLocalError is raised if broken extension installed
* autodoc: autodoc_inherit_docstrings does not effect to __init__() and __new__()
* autodoc: autodoc_member_order does not refer order of imports when 'bysource' order
* autodoc: missing type annotation for variadic and keyword parameters
* autodoc: Formatting issues with autodoc_typehints=’none’
* autodoc: crashed when target code contains custom method-like objects
* autosummary: crashed with wrong autosummary_generate setting
* autosummary: crashes without no autosummary_generate setting
* LaTeX: autonumbered list can not be customized in LaTeX since Sphinx 1.8.0
* Failed to load last environment object when extension added
* Invalid sort in pair index
* last_updated wrongly assumes timezone as UTC
* std domain: option directive registers an index entry for each comma separated \ 
* sphinx-build: Escaped characters in error messages
* doctest comments not getting trimmed since Sphinx 1.8.0
* glossary: Wrong hyperlinks are generated for non alphanumeric terms
* i18n: classifiers of definition list are not translated with docutils-0.15
* DocFieldTransformer raises AttributeError when given directive is not a \ 
subclass of ObjectDescription

Release 2.1.2:

Bugs fixed

* custom lexers fails highlighting when syntax error
* info field lists are incorrectly recognized
Release 2.1.1 (released Jun 10, 2019)

Incompatible changes

* autodoc: Stop to generate document for undocumented module variables
Bugs fixed
* LaTeX: admonitions of note type can get separated from immediately preceding \ 
section title by pagebreak
* autodoc: crashed when autodocumenting classes with __slots__ = None
* autodoc: generates docs for “optional import”ed modules as variables
* autosummary: crashed when generating document of properties
* napoleon: docstrings for properties are not processed
* napoleon: “Unknown target name” error if variable name ends with underscore
* apidoc: missing blank lines between modules

Release 2.1.0:

Incompatible changes
Ignore filenames without file extension given to Builder.build_specific() API \ 
* The anchor of term in glossary directive is changed if it is consisted by \ 
non-ASCII characters
* html: Centering tables by default using CSS
* latex: xelatex and xeCJK are used for Chinese documents by default
Sphinx.add_lexer() now takes a Lexer class instead of instance. An instance of \ 
lexers are still supported until Sphinx-3.x.
For more details, see deprecation APIs list.

Features added
Add a helper class sphinx.transforms.post_transforms.SphinxPostTransform
Add helper methods

* Support --keep-going with BuildDoc setup command
math directive now supports :class: option
todo: todo directive now supports :name: option
Enable override via environment of SPHINXOPTS and SPHINXBUILD Makefile variables
* autodoc: Unable to document bound instance methods exported as module functions
* autodoc: autodoc_default_options now supports imported-members option
* autodoc: Support coroutine
* autodoc: Support abstractmethod
* autodoc: Support attributes in __slots__. For dict-style __slots__, autodoc \ 
considers values as a docstring of the attribute
* autodoc: Add autodoc_typehints to suppress typehints from signature
* autodoc: automodule directive now handles undocumented module level variables
* autosummary: Add autosummary_imported_members to display imported members on \ 
* make clean is catastrophically broken if building into ‘.’
* Support %O% environment variable in make.bat
* py domain: Add :async: option to py:function directive
* py domain: Add new options to py:method directive

rst domain: Add directive:option directive to describe the option for directive
* html: Add a label to search form for accessability purposes
* html: Consistent and semantic CSS for signatures
* The rawsource property of production nodes now contains the full production rule
* autosectionlabel: Allow suppression of warnings
coverage: Support a new coverage_ignore_pyobjects option
* latex: Support to build Chinese documents

Bugs fixed
* Inappropriate node_id has been generated by glossary directive if term is \ 
consisted by non-ASCII characters
* ifconfig: contents after headings are not shown
commented term in glossary directive is wrongly recognized
* rst domain: rst:directive directive generates waste space
* py domain: Module index (py-modindex.html) has duplicate titles
* man: invalid output when doctest follows rubric
* “Hyperlink target is not referenced” message is shown even if referenced
* autodoc: tab_width setting of docutils has been ignored
* autodoc: crashes with a plain Tuple on Python 3.6 and 3.5
* autosummary: autosummary table gets confused by complex type hints
* autosummary: confused by an argument having some kind of default value
Generated Makefiles lack a final EOL
* extlinks: Cannot escape angle brackets in link caption
* linkcheck: Send commonly used User-Agent
* html search: failed to search document with haiku and scrolls themes
* html search: Fix the ranking of search results
* Wrong year is returned for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
* image directive crashes by unknown image format
* C++, allow 8 and 9 in hexadecimal integer literals.
* Fix the string in quickstart for ‘path’ argument of parser
LaTeX: Figures in admonitions produced errors

Release 2.0.1:

Bugs fixed
LaTeX: some system labels are not translated
RemovedInSphinx30Warning is marked as pending
deprecation warnings are not emitted
* C++, properly parse full xrefs that happen to have a short xref as prefix
* napoleon: AttributeError is raised for raised section having references
* circular import error on importing SerializingHTMLBuilder
* LaTeX: ‘releasename’ setting for latex_elements is ignored
* html: Search function is broken with 3rd party themes
* html: HTML5Translator crashed with invalid field node
* html theme: The style of field lists has changed in bizstyle theme

Release 2.0.0:


LaTeX builder now depends on TeX Live 2015 or above.
LaTeX builder (with 'pdflatex' latex_engine) will process Unicode Greek letters \ 
in text (not in math mark-up) via the text font and will not escape them to math \ 
mark-up. See the discussion of the 'fontenc' key of latex_elements; such \ 
(optional) support for Greek adds, for example on Ubuntu xenial, the \ 
texlive-lang-greek and (if default font set-up is not modified) \ 
cm-super(-minimal) as additional Sphinx LaTeX requirements.
LaTeX builder with latex_engine set to 'xelatex' or to 'lualatex' requires (by \ 
default) the FreeFont fonts, which in Ubuntu xenial are provided by package \ 
fonts-freefont-otf, and e.g. in Fedora 29 via package texlive-gnu-freefont.
requests 2.5.0 or above
The six package is no longer a dependency
The sphinxcontrib-websupport package is no longer a dependency
Some packages are separated to sub packages:


Incompatible changes

Drop python 2.7 and 3.4 support
Drop docutils 0.11 support
Drop features and APIs deprecated in 1.7.x
The default setting for master_doc is changed to 'index' which has been longly \ 
used as default of sphinx-quickstart.
LaTeX: Move message resources to sphinxmessage.sty
LaTeX: Stop using \captions<lang> macro for some labels
LaTeX: for 'xelatex' and 'lualatex', use the FreeFont OpenType fonts as default \ 
LaTeX: 'xelatex' and 'lualatex' now use \small in code-blocks (due to FreeMono \ 
character width) like 'pdflatex' already did (due to Courier character width). \ 
You may need to adjust this via latex_elements 'fvset' key, in case of usage of \ 
some other OpenType fonts
LaTeX: Greek letters in text are not escaped to math mode mark-up, and they will \ 
use the text font not the math font. The LGR font encoding must be added to the \ 
'fontenc' key of latex_elements for this to work (only if it is needed by the \ 
document, of course).
LaTeX: setting the language to 'en' triggered Sonny option of fncychap, now it \ 
is Bjarne to match case of no language specified.
* doctest: Follow highlight_language on highlighting doctest block. As a result, \ 
they are highlighted as python3 by default.
The order of argument for HTMLTranslator, HTML5Translator and \ 
ManualPageTranslator are changed
LaTeX: hard-coded redefinitions of \l@section and \l@subsection formerly done \ 
during loading of 'manual' docclass get executed later, at time of \ 
\sphinxtableofcontents. This means that custom user definitions from LaTeX \ 
preamble now get overwritten. Use \sphinxtableofcontentshook to insert custom \ 
user definitions. See Macros.
quickstart: Simplify generated conf.py
* quickstart: some questions are removed. They are still able to specify via \ 
command line options
websupport: unbundled from sphinx core. Please use sphinxcontrib-websupport
C++, the visibility of base classes is now always rendered as present in the \ 
input. That is, private is now shown, where it was ellided before.
LaTeX: graphics inclusion of oversized images rescales to not exceed the text \ 
width and height, even if width and/or height option were used.
epub: epub_title defaults to the project option
* All tables and figures without align option are displayed to center
* html: Output HTML5 by default

texinfo: image files are copied into name-figure directory


Support for evaluating Python 2 syntax is deprecated. This includes \ 
configuration files which should be converted to Python 3.
The arguments of EpubBuilder.build_mimetype(), EpubBuilder.build_container(), \ 
EpubBuilder.bulid_content(), EpubBuilder.build_toc() and \ 
The arguments of Epub3Builder.build_navigation_doc()

The config variables
The encoding argument of autodoc.Documenter.get_doc(), \ 
autodoc.DocstringSignatureMixin.get_doc(), \ 
autodoc.DocstringSignatureMixin._find_signature(), and \ 
autodoc.ClassDocumenter.get_doc() are deprecated.
The importer argument of sphinx.ext.autodoc.importer._MockModule
The nodetype argument of sphinx.search.WordCollector. is_meta_keywords()
The suffix argument of env.doc2path() is deprecated.
The string style base argument of env.doc2path() is deprecated.
The fallback to allow omitting the filename argument from an overridden \ 
IndexBuilder.feed() method is deprecated.
template variables for LaTeX template

For more details, see deprecation APIs list.

Features added

* The search results preview of generated HTML documentation is \ 
reader-friendlier: instead of showing the snippets as raw reStructuredText \ 
markup, Sphinx now renders the corresponding HTML. This means the Sphinx \ 
extension Sphinx: pretty search results is no longer necessary. Note that \ 
changes to the search function of your custom or 3rd-party HTML template might \ 
overwrite this improvement.
* autodoc: Support suppress_warnings
* autodoc: autodoc_default_options supports member-order
* autodoc: Display readable names in type annotations for mocked objects
* autodoc: autodoc_default_options accepts True as a value
* autodoc: Add autodecorator directive for decorators
* autosummary: Add autosummary_mock_imports to mock external libraries on \ 
importing targets
* htmlhelp: Add htmlhelp_file_suffix and htmlhelp_link_suffix
* text: Support complex tables (colspan and rowspan)
LaTeX: support rendering (not in math, yet) of Greek and Cyrillic Unicode \ 
letters in non-Cyrillic document even with 'pdflatex' as latex_engine
* The versionadded, versionchanged and deprecated directives are now generated \ 
with their own specific CSS classes (added, changed and deprecated, \ 
respectively) in addition to the generic versionmodified class.
* apidoc: Add –extensions option to sphinx-apidoc
* C++, added an alias directive for inserting lists of declarations, that \ 
references existing declarations (e.g., for making a synopsis).
C++: add cpp:struct to complement cpp:class.
* the HTML search considers words that contain a search term of length three or \ 
longer a match.
* epub: Show warning for duplicated ToC entries
* Allow to omit an argument for code-block directive. If omitted, it follows \ 
highlight or highlight_language
* html: Add html4_writer to use old HTML4 writer
* HTML search: A placeholder for the search summary prevents search result links \ 
from changing their position when the search terminates. This makes navigating \ 
search results easier.
* linkcheck also checks remote images exist
* githubpages: create CNAME file for custom domains when html_baseurl set
* autosectionlabel: restrict the labeled sections by new config value; \ 

Bugs fixed

* LaTeX: writer should not translate Greek unicode, but use textgreek package
* LaTeX: PDF does not build with default font config for Russian language and \ 
'xelatex' or 'lualatex' as latex_engine
* LaTeX: Greek letters in section titles disappear from PDF bookmarks
* LaTeX: Unicode Greek letters in math directive break PDF build (fix requires \ 
extra set-up, see latex_elements 'textgreek' key and/or latex_engine setting)
* LaTeX: should the Bjarne style of fncychap be used for English also if passed \ 
as language option?
* LaTeX: (lualatex only) escaping of > by \textgreater{} is not enough as \ 
\textgreater{}\textgreater{} applies TeX-ligature
LaTeX: project name is not escaped if latex_documents omitted
LaTeX: authors are not shown if latex_documents omitted
HTML: Invalid HTML5 file is generated for a glossary having multiple terms for \ 
one description
QtHelp: OS dependent path separator is used in .qhp file
HTML search: search always returns nothing when multiple search terms are used \ 
and one term is shorter than three characters

* html: Anchor links are not added to figures
* html: Defer searchindex.js rather than loading it via ajax
* html: Table cells and list items have large margins
* linenothreshold option for highlight directive was ignored
texinfo: make install-info causes syntax error
texinfo: make install-info fails on macOS
* texinfo: image files are not copied on make install-info
* A cross reference in heading is rendered as literal
* C++, fix cpp:alias problems in LaTeX (and singlehtml)
* classes attribute of citation_reference node is lost
AssertionError is raised when custom citation_reference node having classes \ 
attribute refers missing citation
* Support code directive
C++, fix parsing of braced initializers.
* AttributeError is raised for old styled index nodes
* inheritance_diagram: correctly describe behavior of parts option in docs, \ 
allow negative values.
* i18n: Captions missing in translations for hidden TOCs

2.0.0 final
* py domain: unexpected prefix is generated


Stop to use SPHINX_TEST_TEMPDIR envvar

Add a helper function: sphinx.testing.restructuredtext.parse()