./security/py-certbot-dns-nsone, NS1 DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.7.0, Package name: py37-certbot-dns-nsone-1.7.0, Maintainer: adam

The dns_nsone plugin automates the process of completing a dns-01 challenge
(DNS01) by creating, and subsequently removing, TXT records using the NS1 API.

Required to run:
[devel/py-setuptools] [devel/py-ZopeInterface] [devel/py-mock] [security/py-certbot] [security/py-acme] [net/py-lexicon] [lang/python37]

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SHA1: ccd79465e3c48e30d16358f9bd30956924feef2f
RMD160: e93a3e3e139249d7373e9d1c81d7041f716bfeae
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   2020-09-01 01:07:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (62)
Log message:
*: switch to versioned_dependencies.mk for py-setuptools
   2020-08-26 13:10:15 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (18) | Package updated
Log message:
py-acme py-certbot*: updated to 1.7.0

Certbot 1.7.0


Third-party plugins can be used without prefix (plugin_name instead of \ 
this concerns the plugin name, CLI flags, and keys in credential files.
The prefixed form is still supported but is deprecated, and will be removed in a \ 
future release.
Added --nginx-sleep-seconds (default 1) for environments where nginx takes a \ 
long time to reload.


The Linode DNS plugin now waits 120 seconds for DNS propagation, instead of 1200,
due to https://www.linode.com/blog/linode/linode-turns-17/
We deprecated support for Python 3.5 in Certbot and its ACME library.
Support for Python 3.5 will be removed in the next major release of Certbot.
More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.
   2020-07-10 12:24:23 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (21) | Package updated
Log message:
py-acme,py-certbot: updated to 1.6.0



Certbot snaps are now available for the arm64 and armhf architectures.
Add minimal code to run Nginx plugin on NetBSD.
Make Certbot snap find externally snapped plugins
Function certbot.compat.filesystem.umask is a drop-in replacement for os.umask \ 
implementing umask for both UNIX and Windows systems.
Support for alternative certificate chains in the acme module.
Added --preferred-chain <issuer CN>. If a CA offers multiple certificate \ 
chains, it may be used to indicate to Certbot which chain should be preferred.
e.g. --preferred-chain "DST Root CA X3"


Allow session tickets to be disabled in Apache when mod_ssl is statically linked.
Generalize UI warning message on renewal rate limits
Certbot behaves similarly on Windows to on UNIX systems regarding umask, and the \ 
umask 022 is applied by default: all files/directories are not writable by \ 
anyone other than the user running Certbot and the system/admin users.
Read acmev1 Let's Encrypt server URL from renewal config as acmev2 URL to \ 
prepare for impending acmev1 deprecation.


Cloudflare API Tokens may now be restricted to individual zones.
Don't use StrictVersion, but LooseVersion to check version requirements with \ 
setuptools, to fix some packaging issues with libraries respecting PEP404 for \ 
version string, with doesn't match StrictVersion requirements.
Certbot output doesn't refer to SSL Labs due to confusing scoring behavior.
Fix paths when calling to programs outside of the Certbot Snap, fixing the \ 
apache and nginx plugins on, e.g., CentOS 7.
   2020-06-09 14:47:37 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (14)
Log message:
(security/py-certbot-*) regen distinfo
   2020-05-07 12:53:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (32) | Package updated
Log message:
py-acme/py-certbot*: updated to 1.4.0



* Turn off session tickets for apache plugin by default when appropriate.
* Added serial number of certificate to the output of `certbot certificates`
* Expose two new environment variables in the authenticator and cleanup scripts \ 
used by
  the `manual` plugin: `CERTBOT_REMAINING_CHALLENGES` is equal to the number of \ 
  remaining after the current challenge, `CERTBOT_ALL_DOMAINS` is a \ 
comma-separated list
  of all domains challenged for the current certificate.
* Added TLS-ALPN-01 challenge support in the `acme` library. Support of this
  challenge in the Certbot client is planned to be added in a future release.
* Added minimal proxy support for OCSP verification.
* On Windows, hooks are now executed in a Powershell shell instead of a CMD shell,
  allowing both `*.ps1` and `*.bat` as valid scripts for Certbot.


* Reorganized error message when a user entered an invalid email address.
* Stop asking interactively if the user would like to add a redirect.
* `mock` dependency is now conditional on Python 2 in all of our packages.
* Deprecate certbot-auto on Gentoo, macOS, and FreeBSD.


* When using an RFC 8555 compliant endpoint, the `acme` library no longer sends the
  `resource` field in any requests or the `type` field when responding to challenges.
* Fix nginx plugin crash when non-ASCII configuration file is being read (instead,
  the user will be warned that UTF-8 must be used).
* Fix hanging OCSP queries during revocation checking - added a 10 second timeout.
* Standalone servers now have a default socket timeout of 30 seconds, fixing
  cases where an idle connection can cause the standalone plugin to hang.
* Parsing of the RFC 8555 application/pem-certificate-chain now tolerates CRLF line
  endings. This should fix interoperability with Buypass' services.

More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.
   2020-03-23 19:43:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (17) | Package updated
Log message:
py-acme py-certbot: updated to 1.3.0

Certbot 1.3.0

Added certbot.ocsp Certbot's API. The certbot.ocsp module can be used to
determine the OCSP status of certificates.
Don't verify the existing certificate in HTTP01Response.simple_verify, for
compatibility with the real-world ACME challenge checks.

Certbot will now renew certificates early if they have been revoked according
to OCSP.
Fix acme module warnings when response Content-Type includes params (e.g. charset).
Fixed issue where webroot plugin would incorrectly raise Read-only file system
error when creating challenge directories
   2020-02-16 21:23:28 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (18) | Package updated
Log message:
py-acme py-certbot: updated to 1.2.0


Added support for Cloudflare's limited-scope API Tokens
Added support for $hostname in nginx server_name directive

Add directory field to error message when field is missing.
If MD5 hasher is not available, try it in non-security mode (fix for FIPS systems)
Disable old SSL versions and ciphersuites and remove SSLCompression off setting \ 
to follow Mozilla recommendations in Apache.
Remove ECDHE-RSA-AES128-SHA from NGINX ciphers list now that Windows 2008 R2 and \ 
Windows 7 are EOLed
Support for Python 3.4 has been removed.

Fix collections.abc imports for Python 3.9.
More details about these changes can be found on our GitHub repo.


Removed the fallback introduced with 0.34.0 in acme to retry a POST-as-GET \ 
request as a GET request when the targeted ACME CA server seems to not support \ 
POST-as-GET requests.
certbot-auto no longer supports architectures other than x86_64 on RHEL 6 based \ 
systems. Existing certbot-auto installations affected by this will continue to \ 
work, but they will no longer receive updates. To install a newer version of \ 
Certbot on these systems, you should update your OS.
Support for Python 3.4 in Certbot and its ACME library is deprecated and will be \ 
removed in the next release of Certbot. certbot-auto users on x86_64 systems \ 
running RHEL 6 or derivatives will be asked to enable Software Collections (SCL) \ 
repository so Python 3.6 can be installed. certbot-auto can enable the SCL repo \ 
for you on CentOS 6 while users on other RHEL 6 based systems will be asked to \ 
do this manually.
   2019-12-15 10:48:39 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (33) | Package updated
Log message:
py-acme/py-cerbot-*: updated to 1.0.0

Certbot 1.0.0

* The docs extras for the certbot-apache and certbot-nginx packages
  have been removed.

* certbot-auto has deprecated support for systems using OpenSSL 1.0.1 that are
  not running on x86-64. This primarily affects RHEL 6 based systems.
* Certbot's config_changes subcommand has been removed
* certbot.plugins.common.TLSSNI01 has been removed.
* Deprecated attributes related to the TLS-SNI-01 challenge in
  acme.challenges and acme.standalone
  have been removed.
* The functions certbot.client.view_config_changes,
  certbot.reverter.Reverter.view_config_changes, and
  certbot.util.get_systemd_os_info have been removed
* Certbot's register --update-registration subcommand has been removed
* When possible, default to automatically configuring the webserver so all requests
  redirect to secure HTTPS access. This is mostly relevant when running Certbot
  in non-interactive mode. Previously, the default was to not redirect all requests.