./sysutils/R-sys, Powerful and reliable tools for running system commands in R

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.3, Package name: R-sys-3.3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Drop-in replacements for the base system2() function with fine control
and consistent behavior across platforms. Supports clean interruption,
timeout, background tasks, and streaming STDIN / STDOUT / STDERR over
binary or text connections. Arguments on Windows automatically get
encoded and quoted to work on different locales.

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   2019-12-31 12:41:22 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
(sysutils/R-sys) Updated to 3.3

  - Unix: automatially path.expand() to normalize e.g. homedir
  - Unix: skip unicode path test on systems without UTF-8 locale.