./sysutils/bup, Highly efficient file backup system based on the git packfile format

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.31nb1, Package name: bup-0.31nb1, Maintainer: gdt

bup is a program that backs things up. bup has a few advantages over other
backup software:

It uses a rolling checksum algorithm (similar to rsync) to split large files
into chunks. The most useful result of this is you can backup huge virtual
machine (VM) disk images, databases, and XML files incrementally, even though
they're typically all in one huge file, and not use tons of disk space for
multiple versions.

It uses the packfile format from git (the open source version control system),
so you can access the stored data even if you don't like bup's user interface.

Unlike git, it writes packfiles directly (instead of having a separate garbage
collection/repacking stage) so it's fast even with gratuitously huge amounts of
data. bup's improved index formats also allow you to track far more filenames
than git (millions) and keep track of far more objects (hundreds or thousands of

Data is "automagically" shared between incremental backups without having to
know which backup is based on which other one - even if the backups are made
from two different computers that don't even know about each other. You just
tell bup to back stuff up, and it saves only the minimum amount of data needed.

Required to run:
[archivers/par2] [lang/perl5] [devel/py-readline] [lang/python27] [www/py-tornado] [devel/git-base]

Required to build:
[net/rsync] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

Master sites:

SHA1: f20d068dd3296b4b3dfc0ae19f770bc1afe94a94
RMD160: 3b5a1f73ea66503e8c7b7e92ccdba14ecb66f74e
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   2020-09-21 00:28:00 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/bup: Update man page tarball for 0.31
   2020-09-20 20:33:13 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
sysutils/bup: Directly include GNU readline

I was thinking of this as "needs a readline and happens to need GNU
this minute" but mk/readline.buildlink3.mk is clear that it should not
be used this way.  NFCI.
   2020-09-20 18:46:08 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
sysutils/bup: Add todo notes

- man pages
- resolve 'bup ftp' crash with NetBSD editline
   2020-09-20 18:44:54 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/bup: Update to 0.31

Passes bup's test suite on netbsd-8/amd64, with TZ=UTC (needed to work
around what is likely a bug in git around DST changes).

Packaging changes/notes:
  - bup depends directly on readline, GNU version required
  - man pages have not yet been updated

Upstream changes include many minor improvements and bugfixes,

Notable changes in 0.31 (since 0.30.1)

* Python 3 is now supported, and Python 2 support is deprecated.  It's
  possible that we'll stop new development for Python 2 fairly soon.
  If so, we'll probably continue to fix bugs in the last Python 2
  compatible version for a while, but please make plans to migrate.

* `bup features` has been added.  It reports information about bup
  itself, including the Python version, and the current availability
  of features like readline or support for POSIX ACLs.

Build and install

* `bup` itself is now located in now located in the cmd/ directory in
  the install tree and finds sub-commands, etc. relative to its own
   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631) | Package updated
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.
   2020-08-19 15:42:53 by Masatake Daimon | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix a build failure that occurs when converters/pandoc is installed

When it's installed the Makefile builds and installs HTML files too, and \ 
therefore the PLIST test doesn't pass.
   2020-06-16 23:12:53 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
sysutils/bup: Whitespace hygiene

As noticed by pkglint.  NFCI.
   2020-06-16 23:09:36 by Greg Troxel | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
sysutils/bup: Update to 0.30.1

(0.30.1 is a bug fix release)

Notable changes in 0.30.1 as compared to 0.30

May require attention

* Previous versions of bup might have saved filesystem directories
  with incorrect metadata, but the file contents should be fine.  This
  could have happened if bup encountered an error while trying to read
  the metadata for one of the files in a directory, or if bup were
  asked to save two different files with the same name to the same
  destination directory (e.g. via the strip/graft options).  In cases
  where this has happened bup may present either generic or incorrect
  metadata for some of the paths in the affected directory.

* The way `bup index --fake-valid` works has been made to match the
  documentation in the man page so that it can actually be used for
  the stated purpose (of avoiding 'boring' files.)


* bup should more accurately recognize git versions.  Previously, for
  example, it would reject relase candidates like "1.5.2-rc3"
  or (apparently) "1.5.2-rc3 (something ...)".

* When `BUP_ASSUME_GIT_VERSION_IS_FINE` is set to true, yes or 1 in
  the environment,  bup will assume the version of git that's
  available in the `PATH` is acceptable, and skip the version check.



Build system

* The automated tests have moved from FreeBSD 11.2 to 12.1.

* t/test-fuse should be more portable.  In particular, a compatibility
  issue with Fedora 31 has been fixed, and it should be less affected
  by local timezone variances.

* Some internal build dependencies have been fixed.

Thanks to (at least)

Aidan Hobson Sayers, Greg Troxel, Johannes Berg, Luca Carlon, Reinier
Maas, Rob Browning, and Wyatt Alt