./textproc/ruby-kramdown, Pure-Ruby Markdown-superset parser and converter

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.3.1, Package name: ruby26-kramdown-2.3.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

kramdown is yet-another-markdown-parser but fast, pure Ruby, using a strict
syntax definition and supporting several common extensions.

kramdown was originally licensed under the GPL until the 1.0.0
release. However, due to the many requests it is now released under the
MIT license and therefore can easily be used in commercial projects, too.

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SHA1: 5be8b0f17e0db42297c0434e526676e0a258ef52
RMD160: ab4099c7123e9dd32f9c0620278f0d8cb224bf17
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   2021-03-18 11:20:24 by Frederic Cambus | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ruby-kramdown: update to 2.3.1.

This release brings various bug fixes, one of which fixes a security issue
that can potentially lead to remote code execution.

2 minor changes:

- Added rel="footnote" to footnote links
- Default options are now cached to avoid unnecessary computations

6 bug fixes:

- Fixed abbreviations handling so that they won't be replaced in raw HTML tags
- Restricted Rouge formatters to Rouge::Formatters namespace
- Fixed conversion of empty raw html td/th tags to kramdown
- Fixed LaTeX entity conversion
- Fixed missing block attributes from IAL on standalone images
- Fixed inconsistency in how empty code spans are handle

4 other changes:

- Test on Ruby 2.7 and Ruby 3.0
- Fix rouge test failures due to new syntax
- Clarified requirements for rouge option formatter
- Removed warning in setup.rb
   2020-08-14 06:48:28 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ruby-kramdown: Update to 2.3.0

kramdown 2.3.0 released

Although this is a minor version bump there is one breaking change:
Parsing of XML processing instructions was removed because they
are invalid for HTML5 documents.

This change should only affect a negligible amount of existing
kramdown documents since XML processing instructions were never
something a normal user would use.

Additionally, CVE-2020-14001 is addressed to avoid problems when
using the {::options /} extension together with the ‘template’
option. This means updating is highly recommended!


    2 major changes:

	New option ‘forbidden_inline_options’ to restrict the
	options allowed with the {::options /} extension. This also
	addresses the security issue described in CVE-2020-14001.

	Parsing of XML processing instructions is not done anymore
	for kramdown documents because they are invalid for HTML5
	(fixes issue #660 by Samuel Williams)

    1 minor change:

	Several internal changes with respect to memory usage and
	performance (PRs #654, #655, #665 by Ashwin Maroli)

    2 bug fixes:

	Extend allowed characters in IDs set with headers to all
	characters allowed by XML (fixes #658 by Samuel Williams)

	Fix thread safety issue by moving global state into an
	instance variable (fixes #663 by Samuel Williams)

    1 other change:

	Documentation fixes and updates (issue #662 by Samuel
	Williams, PR #656 by Noah Doersing)
   2020-05-05 08:18:02 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
textproc/ruby-rexml: drop dependency

Drop dependency to ruby-rexml since all current ruby*-base package have
rexml library.
   2020-05-05 08:13:05 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
textproc/ruby-kramdown: restrict dependency

Restrict dependency to ruby-rexml before Ruby version 2.6.
Ruby 2.6 and later have bundled rexml.
   2020-05-05 08:01:51 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/ruby-kramdown: update to 2.2.1

Update ruby-kramdown to 2.2.1.

pkgsrc change
* Add missing denendency to textproc/ruby-rexml.
* Add "USE_LANGUAGES=	# none".

kramdown 2.2.1 released (2020-04-23)


1 bug fix:

* Don't set role=doc-toc in HTML converter because it is invalid for ul/ol
  (fixes #653 by XhmikosR)

kramdown 2.2.0 released (2020-04-22)

This release is a hotchpotch of many small, internal changes, some minor
user visible changes and a few bug fixes. Special thanks to Ashwin Maroli
for his many contributions!


5 minor changes:

* Change output of MathJax math engine to be compatible with MathJax v2 and
  v3 (fixes issue #626 by Abe Voelker) and wrap it in <div>/<span> \ 
tags for
  attribute assignment (fixes issue #533 by Luc J. Bourhis)

* Make rexml a dependency due to it not being a default gem in the future
  (PR #638 by David Rodriguez)

* Add WAI-ARIA role attributes to TOC and footnotes HTML (PR #646 by Maxime

* Remove redundant line breaks in HTML output for CJK scripts (fixes issue
  #587, PR #588 both by Fangyi Zhou); can be enabled via the new option

* Several internal changes with respect to memory usage and performance (PRs
  #600, #601, #621, #619, #641, #642, #597, #578, #598, #596 by Ashwin
   2019-10-05 06:34:02 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 2.1.0

    2 minor change:
        Enable the use of extension gems in the kramdown binary through the new \ 
-x/--extension options (issue #569 by Ashwin Maroli)
        Allow using the Rouge plaintext lexer with the :guess_lang highlighting \ 
option (issue #572 and pull request #573 by Ashwin Maroli)

    1 bug fix:
        Fix problem with frozen string when using a codespan inside a table \ 
(issue #571 by Matijs van Zuijlen)

    3 major changes:
        Require at least Ruby 2.3 (fixes #557 by Matt Schreiber)
        Rouge is the new default syntax highlighter instead of Coderay
        Kramdown::Utils::OrderedHash has been removed in favor of Hash
        The following extension have been moved into their own repository and \ 
            GFM parser
            PDF converter
            coderay syntax highlighter
            mathjaxnode math engine
            sskatex math engine
            katex math engine
            ritex math engine
            itex2mml math engine

    4 minor changes:
        Allow HTML5 style attribute values without quotes for HTML parser (issue \ 
#522 and pull request #523 by Dan Allen)
        Guessing of the syntax highlighting language with rouge is now only \ 
performed if the guess_lang option is set
        Paragraphs with a single image can now be rendered as a <figure> \ 
element by specifying the standalone IAL reference (fixes issues #48 by Gilbert \ 
Townshend and #98 by Luca Barbato)
        Add option footnote_prefix for avoiding duplicate IDs when rendering \ 
multiple documents (fixes issue #483 by Peter Poole)

    3 bug fixes:
        Add support for single backslash variant of hard line break to the \ 
(extracted) GFM parser (issue #519 and pull request #520 by Dan Allen)
        Don’t use the “plaintext” lexer of rouge
        Fix updating IAL references so that they get handled correctly
   2018-09-23 18:35:23 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/ruby-kramdown: update to 1.17.0

kramdown 1.17.0 released				31 May 2018

This release adds support for another server side math engine based on KaTeX
but with an easier installation method.  There are also various fixes, the
most important one being a change in the Setext and atx style header parsers
to prevent performance and potential denial of service problems.

Thanks to all the people working on making kramdown better!


* 3 minor change:

  o Add new math engine katex for easier server-side conversion (pull requests
    #489, #510 by Gleb Mazovetskiy)

  o New configuration options --no-config-file and --config-file FILE for the
    kramdown binary (pull request #499 by ccorn)

  o Add information to AST whether a codeblock is indented or fenced (issue
    #507 and pull request #508 by Dan Allen)

* 4 bug fixes:

  o Fix the numeric values of the entities cap and cup (pull request #487 by
    Ashe Connor)

o Fix problem with parsing an empty tag inside a table cell while using
  html_to_native (issue #514 and pull request #515 by Dan Allen)

o Fix performance issue in Setext and atx style headers when parsing a lot of
  space (fixes #505 by Dmitry Krasnoukhov, pull request #513 by Gleb

  o Prevent duplicate warning for reference style links with missing link
    identifier (fixes #492 reported by Gregory Pakosz)

* 8 documentation and other changes:

o Expand table of contents example for HTML converter (pull request #484 by
  Milo Simpson)

o Use non-deprecated SCSS color function for kramdown homepage (pull request
  #485 by ccorn)

o Add usage notes and comparison for KaTeX vs SsKaTeX (pull request #493 by

o Node version 6.0 is now used because of newer mathjax-node requirements
  (pull request #498 by ccorn)

o Rakefile adjustments for various math engines (pull request #499 by ccorn)

o Add more files to .gitignore (pull request #518 by Gleb Mazovetskiy)

o Remove some unneeded code for Ruby versions < 2.0 (pull request #502 by
  Ashwin Maroli)

o Updated the kramdown website to be more privacy-friendly
   2018-03-13 18:21:14 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/ruby-kramdown: update to 1.16.1

kramdown 1.16.1						2017/11/28

Hot on the heels of 1.16.0 this bug fix release fixes problems with the new
GFM task list implementation, so upgrading is recommended!


* 1 bug fix:

  o Fix the GFM task list implementation (fixes #476, reported by Brandon

kramdown 1.16.0						2017/11/27

This release brings, amongst other things, support for setting default options
for the kramdown binary via a configuration file, two new options
(`typographic_symbols' and `footnote_backlink_inline') and the new
server-side math engine SsKaTeX which doesn't need the whole NodeJS stack to
work properly.

Please also note that the MathjaxNode math engine now relies on the
mathjax-node-cli package instead of the mathjax-node package to work
correctly.  Make sure you update your NodeJS installation accordingly.

Thanks to all the contributors and supporters that made this release possible!

* 8 minor change:

  o The kramdown binary now supports specifying default options via
    configuration file (fixes #453 requested by Kyle Barbour)

  o New GFM quirk `no_auto_typographic' for disabling typographic conversions
    (fixes #459 via pull request #462, both by Kirill Kolyshkin)

  o The MathjaxNode math engine now needs the package mathjax-node-cli to
    work.  New math engine SsKaTeX for server-side rendering via KaTeX (patch
    #455 by Christian Cornelssen)

  o When using the Rouge syntax highlighter, the formatter option can now be a
    String (patch #448 by Alpha Chen)

  o New option `typographic_symbols' to control how typographic symbols are
    output by the HTML and LaTeX converters (fixes #472 requested by Kyle

  o New option `footnote_backlink_inline' to allow placing the footnote
    backlink into the last, possibly nested paragraph or header instead of
    creating a new paragraph (fixes #454 requested by Kyle Barbour)

  o The GFM parser now supports task lists (fixes #172 and #346, patch #442 by

* 4 bug fixes:

  o Line breaks in a special situation were not respected (fixes #461,
    reported by Buo-Ren Lin)

  o Fix the RemoveHtmlTags converter to also process footnote content (patch
    #458 by Maximilian Scherr)

  o Fix bug in paragraph parsing when the `html_to_native' option is used
    (fixes #466, reported by eddibravo)

  o Fix bug in kramdown converter when an image without a `src' attribute is
    encountered (patch #470 by Uwe Kubosch)