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./wip/amanda3-common, Common libraries and binaries for Amanda

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.3.1, Package name: amanda-common-3.3.1, Maintainer: schnoebe

This is a release of Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic
Network Disk Archiver. Amanda is a backup system designed to
archive many computers on a network to a single large-capacity
tape drive.

Required to run:
[archivers/gtar-base] [lang/perl5] [devel/glib2]

Required to build:
[lang/perl5] [devel/gmake] [devel/libtool-base]

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   2012-11-16 05:24:45 by Eric Schnoebelen | Files touched by this commit (62) | Package removed
Log message:
Remove amanda3-*, someone else upgrade sysutils/amanda to version 3.

   2012-09-24 18:56:26 by Aleksej Saushev | Files touched by this commit (144)
Log message:
Drop superfluous PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT, "user-destdir" is default these days.
Mark packages that don't and might probably not have staged installation.
   2012-07-18 17:54:15 by Eric Schnoebelen | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Add a todo list, so I do not forget about what needs to be done.

   2012-07-12 07:22:41 by Eric Schnoebelen | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:

Upgrade to amanda 3.3.1.

Release Notes for 3.3.1:

        new 'settransalte' command
        new '$s' substitution in autolabel
        new 'max-dle-by-volume' global option
        new 'eject-volume' global option
        new '--client-verbose' argument
    all programs have a new '--version' argument
    ampgsql can take property from server configuration
    amgetconf can print one property of a section.
    s3 device
        new S3_SERVER_SIDE_ENCRYPTION property
        use multiple thread to speedup deleting a volume
    many bug fix

Release Notes for 3.3.0:

    The default auth is changed to "bsdtcp", if you are using the
	default bsd then you must add it to your configuration:
	    in amanda.conf
	    in amanda-client.conf
	    in dumptype/disklist
	    in xinetd (if no '-auth' argument to amandad)
    amdump trap crtl-c, it still send the report and do cleanup if you
	do one crtl-c, do it more than once to abort the run
    S3 device
        use multiple threads to speedup the transfer
        can connect to eucalytus and google storage
        new NB_THREADS_BACKUP property
        new NB_THREADS_RECOVERY property
        new S3_HOST property
        new S3_SERVICE_PATH property
        new S3_SUBDOMAIN property
    chg-aggregate: new changer that use other changer sequentially
    Add meta label in tapelist file
        new NUM-SLOT property
        new AUTO-CREATE-SLOT property
        new REMOVABLE property
        new MOUNT property
        new UMOUNT property
        new UMOUNT-LOCKFILE property
        new UMOUNT-IDLE property
    Change in amanda.conf
        new meta-autolabel option
        autolabel can include org, config, barcode, meta in the label
        new client-name option in appication and script.
    application and script in amanda-client.conf can be used to set
	default properties for application or script
        The label argument is no longer required, an autolabel can be
        new --meta option
        new --barcode option
        new --assign option
    amgtar, amstar: The path must be specified, it will not works with a
    amrecover: decompression and decryption are now done on the client
	if compression/encryption was done on the client
    amtape: inventory print the current slot
        autoflush have value "no|yes|all"
        script have single-execution setting
        Add pre-amcheck, post-amcheck, pre-estimate, post-estimate,
	    pre-backup and post-backup to execute-on of script
        Add taperscan and interactivity section
        add 'server' value in recovery-limit
        add dump-limit in a dumptype
        add amdump-server setting.
    script are searched in $APPLICATION_DIR, $CONFIG_DIR//application
	and $CONFIG_DIR/application
        add -s argument
        is also installed on client
    new amdumpd server service, if enable, it allow client to start a
	backup of itself
    new amdump_client program, it is use on client to start a backup of
    implement restore command in amzfs-sendrecv, it can be use with

Release Notes for 3.2.3:

    fix split arguments and LEOM handling
    amsuntar: Add SUNTAR-PATH property
    amstar: Add ACL property
    amzfs-sendrecv: Implement restore
    vfs-device (vtapes): LEOM property default to TRUE
    fix amplot
    amrecover take correct group when foring amandad with local auth
    many others small fix

Release Notes for 3.2.2:

    Do not restore the NUL padding bytes, some program fail with them
    Fix driver doing nothing if taper crash early
    Fix taperalog *FIT no going to second volume
    Fix amrestore '-p' not going to next file
    flush even if flush threshold are not met if it save tape space
    fix crash in amtrmidx due to memory leak
    amsamba use 'Use smbclient -TF' for restore

Release Notes for 3.2.1:

    barcode are added to the tapelist file
    Faster 'amadmin find', improve speed on many programs
    device-output-buffer-size default to a minimum of 4*block_size
    ssh auth use the client-port
    Bug fixed:
        "Can't opendata output stream: Connection refused"
        Better handling of dump to tape
        Corrupted 'amdump' log file, amstatus not showing correct state
        Execute subprocess with the config overwrite
        tape-device allow to set LEOM
        Crash in robot changer
        Script output property are not sent to application

Release Notes for 3.2.0:

    Support for multiple simultaneous writes to storage devices
        Can write to all available drives in parallel.
        Works only with the new changer API.
        Useful if two or more volumes are used in a single run.
        dump direct to tape can be scheduled any time during the run,
	    previously they were done sequencially after all dump to holding
        enabled with the new 'taper-parallel-write' configuration option.
    Support for LEOM in storage devices
        allows splitting without partial parts, saving space.
        much more efficient, since parts need not be cached on disk in
	    most cases.
    new, simpler splitting commands in the tapetype section
        part-size, part-cache-type, part-cache-dir, part-cache-max-size
        see amanda.conf(5) for details
    Amanda server configuration file changes (amanda.conf)
        new configuration keyword:
            taper-parallel-write -- How many drive amanda can write to
		in parallel.
        deprecated configuration keywords:
    The CONFIG parameter to amidxtaped is now required; this means that
	versions of amrecover older than 2.4.3 will be unable to recover from
	servers running Amanda-3.2 and later.
    The new dumptype and global parameters 'recovery-limit' can be used
	to limit which hosts may recover from a particular DLE. See
	amanda.conf(5) and amanda-auth(7) for more information.
    Several old changers have been removed - these changers will work
	with Amanda for the forseeable future, but are no longer
	included in the distribution.
	    chg-null (use the new "chg-null:")
	    chg-rait (use the new "chg-rait:{dev1,dev2}")
    Amvault is much improved, but still experimental:
        supports assembling split parts on the source volume and
	    re-splitting them on the destination
        supports filtering dumps with the same syntax as amfetchdump
        a --fulls-only option skips all incremental dumps on the source
        an --export option tries to move tertiary volumes to
	    import/export slots when completed
        command-line syntax has changed incompatibly; see manpage or
	    'amvault --help'
    Rewritten and improved:

Release Notes for the 3.1.x release series:

        The 'rawtapedev' keyword was removed, and the 'label_new_tapes'
	    keyword was deprecated.
        New warnings for dangerous splitting configurations
        We have many changers implementing the new changer API. The new
	    changers are faster, more reliable, and have many new
	    features. One new features is that the changer keeps
	    track of which label is in which slot, allowing it to
	    locate a tape faster. But with some changers (new
	    chg-multi or chg-robot without a barcode), it doesn't
	    get automaticaly notified if you change the volume in
	    a slot. In this case, you must notify the changer of
	    it with the 'amtape update' command:
		amtape DailySet1 update 3-8
		amtape DailySet1 update 3-8=
		amtape DailySet1 update 3=DailySet003
        See amanda-changers(7) for more information.
    ndmp, dvdrw
        New Amanda devices - see amanda-devices(7) for more information.
        The default amandapass file for the amsamba application is
	    $CONFIG_DIR/amandapass, but it is /etc/amandapass for program
	    GNUTAR.  Don't forget to move the file if you switch to the
	    amsamba application.
    ampgsql, amsuntar, amraw
        New applications to back up PostgreSQL databases, Solaris
	    systems, and raw device files, respectively.
        Amtape's behavior has changed; see NEWS
        Rewritten with new command-line interface; see NEWS
        New --label and --properties options give more information about device
        New, more natural command-line interface (try 'amreport $config')

Release Notes for 2.6.1p2:

    amtapetype: new -p option
    Bug Fixes
        S3 device driver
        file not removed from holding disk
        sendbackup compatibility with a 2.4.2 server
        handle EROFS error from tape device
        zfs snapshot name us the diskname
        fix fd allocation in amandad
        crash in amflush

Release Notes for 2.6.1p1:

    amplot: better output.
    Don't include genversion.h in distribution tarballs.
    Bug Fixes
        S3 device driver
        rait device driver
        compilation on some platform
        others small bug

Release Notes for 2.6.1:

    Application API: Allow to easily write wrappers around any backup
	    program, See the 'amanda-applications' man page.
        amgtar: Use GNU tar, it is a lot more configurable than the
	    GNUTAR program. See 'amgtar' man page.
        amstar: Use star to do a backup, it work only on a partition.
	    See 'amstar' man page.
        amsamba: Use smbclient to backup a cifs share, see amsamba man page.
        amzfs-sendrecv: Do a backup of a ZFS filesystem with 'zfs send'.
    Script API: Allow to run script before and after amanda process, see
    the 'amanda-scripts' man page.
        amzfs-snapshot: Do a snapshot of a ZFS filesystem, then 'amgtar'
	    application will backup the snapshot. See 'amzfs-snapshot' man page.
        script-email: Simple script to send email. see 'script-email'
	    man page.
    Changer API v2.0: perl-based changer interface supporting concurrent
	    use of multiple devices and changers.
        currently operating in "compatibility mode," calling old changer
	shell scripts.
        under active development.
    Xfer API: generic library to move and filter data with maximal efficiency.
        can read from and write to arbitrary devices, files, etc.
        only used in some applications.
    Amanda archive format: A simple archive format that an application
	can use to create backup image.
    'amarchiver' program to manipulate file in amanda archive format.
    Many improvements to report better error message to user.
    amtape subcommands 'slot prev' and 'slot last' are removed.
    Dozens more perl libraries, with more stable interfaces.
    Bug fixes and improvements.
    amgetconf '--client' option to retrieve config from
	 amanda-client.conf on a client.

    Amanda configuration file changes
        new application-tool section
        new script-tool section
        new device section
        new changer section
   2012-06-12 17:46:33 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (17)
Log message:
Add inet6 to default suggested options. It's 2012.
   2011-01-03 05:10:12 by Eric Schnoebelen | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
Update to 3.1.3 ---- next up 3.2.x

   2010-08-24 04:40:36 by Eric Schnoebelen | Files touched by this commit (15) | Imported package
Log message:
Import amanda-common-3.1.2 as wip/amanda3-common.

This is a release of Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic
Network Disk Archiver.  Amanda is a backup system designed to
archive many computers on a network to a single large-capacity
tape drive.

This is Amanda 3.1.2, with perl many advanced features over amanda 2.5.x
in sysutils/amanda-*

Portions common to client, server, and amplot installations.