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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.1.12, Package name: ap24-ruby31-passenger-5.1.12, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Phusion Passenger is a web server and application server,
designed to be fast, robust and lightweight. It supports Ruby,
Python, Node.js and Meteor.

This package holds the Apache 2.x module.

Required to run:
[devel/apr] [devel/apr-util] [www/apache24] [wip/ruby-passenger] [lang/ruby26-base]

Required to build:
[www/curl] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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   2015-04-02 17:40:14 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (15) | Package updated
Log message:
Update Passenger to 5.0.6.

Remove libev linking, as building with external libev is no longer possible.

Upstream changelog follows:

Release 5.0.6
* The turbocache no longer caches responses for which the Cache-Control header
  contains "no-cache". Please note that "no-cache" does not \ 
mean "do not
  cache this response". Instead, it means "any caching servers may \ 
only serve
  the cached response after validating it". Since the turbocache does not
  support validation, we've chosen to skip caching instead.
* Fixes a number of memory leaks. Memory was leaked upon processing a request
  with multiple headers, upon processing a response with multiple headers,
  and upon processing a response with Set-Cookie headers. Every time such
  a request or response was processed, 512 bytes of memory was leaked due
  to improperly dereferencing relevant memory buffers. Closes GH-1455.
* Fixes various bugs related to Union Station data collection.
* Fixes a Union Station-related file descriptor leak. Closes GH-1439.
* Fixes some bugs w.r.t. use of uninitialized memory.
* More informative error message if a support binary is not found, including
  a resolution hint. Closes GH-1395.
* [Apache] `SetEnv` variables are now passed as Rack/CGI/request variables.
  This was also the case in Passenger 4, but not in Passenger 5.0.0-5.0.5.
  We've restored the old behavior because the behavior in 5.0.0-5.0.5 breaks
  certain Apache modules such as Shibboleth. Closes GH-1446.
* [Standalone] PID and log files now correctly created if user specifies
  relative path.

Release 5.0.5
* Fixes various crashes due to use of uninitialized memory. One such crash
 is documented in GH-1431.
* Fixes a connection stall in the Apache module. Closes GH-1425.
* Fixes a potential read-past-buffer bug in string-to-integer conversion
  routines. Thanks to dcb314 for spotting this. Closes GH-1441.
* Fixes a compilation problem on Solaris. This problem was caused by the fact
  that `tm_gmtoff` is not supported on that platform. Closes GH-1435.
* There is now an API endpoint for force disconnecting a client:
  `passenger-config admin-command DELETE /server/<client name>.json`.
  Closes GH-1246.
* Fixes some file descriptor leaks. These leaks were caused by the fact that
  keep-alive connections with application processes were not being closed
  properly. Closes GH-1439.
* In order to more easily debug future file descriptor leaks, we've introduced
  the `PassengerFileDescriptorLogFile` (Apache) and
  `passenger_file_descriptor_log_file` (Nginx) config options. This allows
  Passenger to log all file descriptor open/close activity to a specific
  log file.
* The `PassengerDebugLogFile` (Apache) and `passenger_debug_log_file` (Nginx)
  configuration options have been renamed to `PassengerLogFile` and
  `passenger_log_file`, respectively. The old name is support supported for
  backward compatibility reasons.
* [Enterprise] Fixes a bug in Flying Passenger's `--instance-registry-dir`
  command line parameter. This command line parameter didn't do anything.
* [Enterprise] The Flying Passenger daemon no longer supports the
  `--max-preloader-idle-time` config option. This is because the config option
  never worked. The correct way to set the max preloader idle time is through
  the Nginx config option, but this was wrongly documented, so
  the documentation has been fixed.

Release 5.0.4
* Fixes a compilation problem introduced in 5.0.3.

Release 5.0.3
* [Standalone] When using the builtin engine, `passenger start` may crash
  during startup due to an initialization race condition. This has been fixed.
* [Enterprise] Fixes a bug in passenger-irb. Running passenger-irb without
  a PID parameter worked, but running it with a PID parameter didn't.
* Fixes an integer overflow that resulted in a file descriptor leak and
  stalled client connections. Closes GH-1412.
* Truncates Passenger source code paths in logs (to 3 chars) to reduce
  redundant info. Closes GH-1383.
* Fixes invalid JSON output for non-finite double values (e.g. from the HTTP
  JSON API). Closes GH-1408.
* All hooks now set the `PASSENGER_HOOK_NAME` environment variable. This
  variable is set to the name of the hook that is being called.
* The Ruby handler no longer tries to call #force_encoding on response body
  strings, which fixes an incompatibility with apps/libraries that return
  frozen body strings. Closes GH-1414.
* If the Ruby handler crashes while processing a Rack response body, it will
  now no longer stall the connection.
* Fixes env.SERVER_PORT containing 80 instead of 443 when using https on
  default port. Closes GH-1421.
* We now handle errors in the `poll()` system call better. This might fix
  some crashes during shutdown which manifest on FreeBSD.

Release 5.0.2
* Fixes a connection freeze that could occur when processing large responses.
  This would manifest itself under the error message "This website is under
  heavy load" or "Request queue is full, returning an error". \ 
Closes GH-1404.
* Debian and Ubuntu packages have been reintroduced.
* When `passenger-config restart-app` is run interactively, if Passenger is
  not serving any applications, then the command now prints an error message
  instead of showing a menu with only a "Cancel" option.
* Fixes a compilation problem on FreeBSD 10 (contributed by: clemensg).
  Closes GH-1401.
* [Standalone] Fixes a crash that would occur if you use the `--ctl`
* [Enterprise] The `--max-request-time` option has been added to Passenger
* [Enterprise] The `max_request_time_reached` hook has been introduced. This
  hook allows you to run diagnostics on a process that that took too long
  to respond to a request.

Release 5.0.1
* The `passenger-config restart-app` command is now more user friendly.
  When run in a terminal, it will show an interactive menu, allowing you
  to select the app to restart. Closes GH-1387.
* Fixed a crash bug in the handling of sticky session cookies.
* Log failed program in error message, not its command line (contributed
  by: paisleyrob). Closes GH-1397.
* [Nginx] Fixes cases in which Passenger overrides the Nginx handler
  function even when it shouldn't, for example when Passenger is disabled.
  Closes GH-1393.
* [Enterprise] The `sticky_sessions` and `envvars` options in
  Passengerfile.json is now also supported in mass deployment mode.

Release 5.0.0 release candidate 2
* Fixes an installation problem with the Ruby gem due to incorrect Makefile
  generation. Closes GH-1382.
* More helpful message when request queue is full. Closes GH-1375.

Release 5.0.0 release candidate 1
* Fixed Date headers not being formatted in the GMT timezone. Closes GH-1367.
* Fixed Passengerfile.json/passenger-standalone.json not being properly
  loaded in Passenger Standalone.
* Fixed support for sticky sessions.
* Fixed an infinite loop if the ApplicationPool garbage collector fails due
  to an exception. Closes GH-1360.
* Fixed Passenger Standalone exiting prematurely when the HelperAgent crashes.
  Exiting prematurely is not supposed to happen because the watchdog will
  restart the HelperAgent. Closes GH-1339.
* Fixed a crash that occurs when using a non-standard startup file value.
  Closes GH-1378.
* When dumping system metrics during error page generation, the
  `passenger-config` command is now invoked under the same Ruby interpreter
  as the app, instead of the one in PATH. Closes GH-1381.
* When a Ruby process crashes due to an uncaught exception, this fact is now
  properly logged.
* Specifying 0 for the `max_pool_size` config option no longer results
  in a crash. Closes GH-1334.
* The timeouts when downloading Passenger Standalone binaries and source
  files are now customizable. Closes GH-1295.
* The `envvars` option is now supported in Passengerfile.json, for passing
  environment variables to the application. Closes GH-1377.
* Introduced `hook_queue_full_error` for request queue overflows.
* [Ruby] Fixed handling of "transfer-encoding chunked" response bodies
  which contain zero-sized chunks.
* [Nginx] It is no longer necessary to re-specify `passenger_enabled`
  in `location` contexts. Closes GH-1338.
* [Enterprise] Fixed a bug in mass deployment reloading.
* [Enterprise] Fixed a bug in mass deployment daemonization.
* [Enterprise] The mass deployment mode now supports the `app_type`
  and `startup_file` configuration options in
  Passengerfile.json/passenger-standalone.json. Closes GH-1366.

Release 5.0.0 beta 3
* The turbocache has received major updates and fixes based on excellent
  feedback Chris Heald and the community. First, several bugs w.r.t.
  the handling of caching headers have been fixed. Second, the turbocache
  has become slightly more conservative for security reasons. In previous
  versions, default cacheable responses (as defined by RFC 7234) were cached
  unless caching headers tell us not to. Now, default cacheable responses
  are only cached if caching headers explicitly tell us to. This change was
  introduced because there are many applications that set incorrect caching
  headers on private responses. This new behavior is currently not
  configurable, but there are plans to make it configurable in 5.0.0
  release candidate 1.
* Introduced a new configuration option,
  `passenger_response_buffer_high_watermark` (Nginx) and
  `PassengerResponseBufferHighWatermark` (Apache), for configuring
  the behavior of the response buffering system. Closes GH-1300.
* Fixed more cookie handling issues. Closes GH-1310.
* Fixed various WebSocket issues. Closes GH-1306.
* Fixed some crashes caused by race conditions. Closes GH-1326.
* Fixed issues with handling POST data. Closes GH-1331.
* Fixed some issues on Heroku. Closes GH-1329.
* Fixed some integer overflows. Fix contributed by Go Maeda. Closes GH-1357.
* Fixed the `passenger-status --show=union_station` command. Closes GH-1336.
* Nginx versions earlier than 1.6 are no longer supported.
* Improved state introspection.

Release 5.0.0 beta 2
* Fixed handling of multiple Set-Cookie headers. Closes GH-1296.
* `passenger-config system-metrics` now works properly if the agent is
  installed in ~/.passenger. Closes GH-1304.
* Documentation enhancements by Igor Vuk. Closes GH-1318.
* Fixed some crasher bugs.
* [Standalone] User switching is now correctly disabled.
* [Standalone] Fixed the `--thread-count` parameter.
* [Apache] IPs set by mod_remoteip are now respected. Closes GH-1284.
* [Apache] Fixed support for gzipped chunked responses. Closes GH-1309.

Release 5.0.0 beta 1
Version 5.0.0 beta 1 contains major changes. It's mostly compatible with
version 4, but there are a few minor breakages, which are described below.
Major changes and notable breakages are:

* Performance has been much improved. This is thanks to months of
  optimization work. You can learn more at www.rubyraptor.org.
* Support for Rails 1.2 - 2.2 has been removed, for performance reasons.
  Rails 2.3 is still supported.
* Phusion Passenger now supports integrated HTTP caching, which we call
  turbocaching. If your app sets the right HTTP headers then Phusion Passenger
  can tremendously accelerate your app. It is enabled by default, but you
  can disable it with `--disable-turbocaching` (Standalone),
  `PassengerTurbocaching off` (Apache), or 'passenger_turbocaching off' (Nginx).
* Touching restart.txt will no longer restart your app immediately. This is
  because, for performance reasons, the stat throttle rate now defaults to 10.
  You can still get back the old behavior by setting
  `PassengerStatThrottleRate 0` (Apache) or `passenger_stat_throttle_rate 0`
  (Nginx), but this is not encouraged. Instead, we encourage you to use
  the `passenger-config restart-app` tool to initiate restarts, which has
  immediate effect.
* Websockets are now properly disconnected on application restarts.
* The Phusion Passneger log levels have been completely revamped. If you
  were setting a log level before (e.g. through `passenger_log_level`),
  please read the latest documentation to learn about the new log levels.
* If you use out-of-band garbage collection, beware that the
  `X-Passenger-Request-OOB-Work` header has now been renamed
  to `!~Request-OOB-Work`.
* When using Rack's full socket hijacking, you must now output an HTTP
  status line.
* [Nginx] The `passenger_set_cgi_param` option has been removed and replaced
  by `passenger_set_header` and `passenger_env_var`.
* [Nginx] `passenger_show_version_in_header` is now only valid in
  the `http` context.
* [Apache] The `PassengerStatThrottleRate` option is now global.

Minor changes:
* The minimum required Nginx version is now 1.6.0.
* The instance directory is now touched every hour instead of every 6 hours.
  This should hopefully prevent more problems with /tmp cleaner daemons.
* Applications are not grouped not only on the application root path, but
  also on the environment. For example, this allows you to run the same app
  in both production and staging mode, with only a single directory, without
  further configuration. Closes GH-664.
* The `passenger_temp_dir` option (Nginx) and the `PassengerTempDir` option
  (Apache) have been replaced by two config options. On Nginx they are
  `passenger_instance_registry_dir` and `passenger_data_buffer_dir`. On
  Apache they are `PassengerInstanceRegistryDir` and `PassengerDataBufferDir`.
  On Apache, `PassengerUploadBufferDir` has been replaced by \ 
* Command line tools no longer respect the `PASSENGER_TEMP_DIR` environment
  variable. Use `PASSENGER_INSTANCE_REGISTRY_DIR` instead.
* `passenger-status --show=requests` has been deprecated in favor
  of `passenger-status --show=connections`.
* Using the SIGUSR1 signal to restart a Ruby app without dropping connections,
  is no longer supported. Instead, use `passenger-config detach-process`.
* Introduced the `passenger-config reopen-logs` command, which instructs
  all Phusion Passenger agent processes to reopen their log files. You
  should call this after having rotated the web server logs.
* [Standalone] The Phusion Passenger Standalone config template has changed.
  Users are encouraged to update it.
* [Standalone] `passenger-standalone.json` has been renamed to
* [Standalone] `passenger-standalone.json`/`Passengerfile.json` no longer
  overrides command line options. Instead, command line options now have the \ 
highest priority.

Release 4.0.60
* Fixed the password protection of internal Phusion Passenger processes.

Release 4.0.59
* [Enterprise] Fixed support for free-style Node.js apps.

Release 4.0.58
* [Enterprise] Fixed a bug in the Debian packages which caused Flying
  Passenger to break when used with non-system Rubies.
* The Debian packages no longer require Ruby 1.9. Closes GH-1353.

Release 4.0.57
* Fixed a native extension compatibility problem with Ruby 2.2. Closes
* Fixed compatibility with Nginx 1.7.9. Closes GH-1335.

Release 4.0.56
* Fixed a file descriptor leak that manifests when an error page is shown.
  Contributed by Paul Bonaud, closes GH-1325.
* Improved Node.js request load balancing. Closes GH-1322. Thanks to Charles
  Vallières for the analysis.

Release 4.0.55
* Supports Ruby 2.2. Closes GH-1314.
* Fixed Linux OS name detection.

Release 4.0.54
* Contains a licensing-related hot fix for Enterprise customers.
   2014-06-19 13:13:15 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
apache2 was retired, remove support.
   2013-09-05 12:55:51 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (19)
Log message:
Update Passenger to 4.0.14.

pkgsrc changes:
* Rewrite installation support to rely on upstream 'fakeroot' routines
  (better match 'native packaging' available from e.g. RPM packages).
* Use pkgsrc libeio and libev

Way too many upstream changes since 3.0.17, see NEWS for more:

   2012-08-10 17:13:40 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
Pass MAKE_ENV properly. Define USE_APR properly. Make sure correct runpath
is added to the Apache module shared lib. Minor cruft cleaned up.
   2012-08-10 13:37:24 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (15) | Package removed
Log message:
Update Passenger to 3.0.15

Release 3.0.15
 * Updated documentation.
 * Updated website links.

Release 3.0.14
 * [Apache] Fixed a long-standing mod_rewrite-related problem.
   Some mod_rewrite rules would not work, but it depends on the exact
   mod_rewrite configuration so it would work for some people but not
   for others. Issue #563. Thanks a lot to cedricmaion for providing
   information on the nature of the bug and to peter.nash55 for
   providing a VM that allowed us to reproduce the problem.
 * [Nginx] Preferred Nginx version to 1.2.2.
   The previously preferred version was 1.2.1.
 * Cleared some confusing terminology in the documentation.
 * Fixed some Ruby 1.9 encoding problems.

Release 3.0.13
 * [Nginx] Preferred Nginx version upgraded to 1.2.1.
 * Fixed compilation problems on FreeBSD 6.4. Fixes issue #766.
 * Fixed compilation problems on GCC >= 4.6.
 * Fixed compilation problems on OpenIndiana and Solaris 11. Fixes issue #742.
 * Union Station-related bug fixes.
 * Sending the soft termination signal twice to application processes
   no longer makes them crash. Patch contributed by Ian Ehlert.
   2012-05-16 22:26:11 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix installation directory

   2012-05-16 16:59:29 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix ruby-passenger dependency

   2012-05-16 16:18:48 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
This package now only contains the Apache module, and the rest of the package
has been moved to wip/ruby-passenger, which is Apache/Nginx agnostic and which
this package depends on.