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./wip/octave4, High-level language, intended for numerical computations

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.0.0, Package name: octave-4.0.0, Maintainer: adam

GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical
computations. It provides a convenient command line interface for
solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically, and for performing
other numerical experiments using a language that is mostly compatible
with Matlab. It may also be used as a batch-oriented language.

Octave has extensive tools for solving common numerical linear algebra
problems, finding the roots of nonlinear equations, integrating
ordinary functions, manipulating polynomials, and integrating ordinary
differential and differential-algebraic equations. It is easily extensible
and customizable via user-defined functions written in Octave's own
language, or using dynamically loaded modules written in C++, C, Fortran,
or other languages.

Required to run:
[sysutils/desktop-file-utils] [www/curl] [graphics/gnuplot] [audio/libsndfile] [lang/g95] [math/fftw] [math/lapack] [math/fftwf] [math/blas] [devel/gmake] [devel/hdf5] [devel/pcre] [devel/readline] [math/qhull] [x11/fltk13] [x11/qt5-qtbase]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [devel/gperf] [x11/compositeproto] [x11/glproto] [x11/renderproto] [x11/xproto] [x11/xf86vidmodeproto] [x11/recordproto] [x11/xf86driproto] [x11/damageproto] [x11/inputproto] [x11/xextproto] [x11/randrproto] [x11/dri2proto] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [lang/python27] [math/arpack] [devel/libtool-fortran] [lang/ruby200-base] [x11/qt5-qttools]

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