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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.1.0, Package name: py310-mssql-2.1.0, Maintainer: bartosz.kuzma

This module provides access to MS SQL Servers from Python scripts.

- Supports connecting to Microsoft SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 servers,
all editions and service pack levels
- Supports named instances and non-standard port numbers
- Multiple Query/Multiple Result
- Not using Win32 ODBC (using MSSQL DB-LIB)
- Supports "almost all" of the DB-API 2.0

Required to run:
[databases/freetds] [devel/py-setuptools] [lang/python37]

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   2014-10-31 13:24:40 by Bartosz Kuzma | Files touched by this commit (4)
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Import py-mssql2 2.1.0.

Microsoft SQL Server driver for Python.