./editors/nano, Small and friendly text editor (a free replacement for Pico)

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.9.8, Package name: nano-2.9.8, Maintainer: wiedi

GNU `nano' is a small and friendly text editor. Besides basic text
editing, `nano' offers many extra features like an interactive search
and replace, goto line number, auto-indentation, feature toggles,
internationalization support, and filename tab completion.

The original goal for `nano' was a complete bug-for-bug compatible
emulation of Pico, but consistency is now a slightly higher priority.

Nano does not have the restrictive license problems of Pico.

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Package options: wide-curses

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SHA1: e0c88a8f029a0f01247de2582e1a1c5b110f7da8
RMD160: bc884c82d2ac7f233c021597ae4df635b5234ef6
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   2018-06-12 13:55:50 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: update to 2.9.8

2018.06.02 - GNU nano 2.9.8 "Espresso" brings the ability to filter the
             buffer (or the marked region) through an external command
             (^R^X and prefix the command with the pipe symbol, "|"), is
             better at detecting and maintaining paragraphs, is able to
             justify //-style comments, fixes a crash when the binding
             of a key to a string lacks a closing quote, gives feedback
             about the number of lines written also when prepending or
             appending, and fixes a couple of bugs with the linter.
   2018-05-15 17:14:10 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: update to 2.9.7

2018.05.15 - GNU nano 2.9.7 "Hvide Sande" adds the option '--afterends'
             for making Ctrl+Right (the nextword function) stop at word
             ends instead of beginnings, accepts multibyte letters for
             the Yes/No/All answers, does emergency saves of changed
             buffers in the unlikely event that nano crashes, adds the
             until-now missing bindable function 'linenumbers', and
             renames the toggles 'constupdate' to 'constantshow' and
             'cuttoend' to 'cutfromcursor', for consistency with the
             corresponding options -- adjust your nanorc files soon.

2018.04.27 - GNU nano 2.9.6 "Gomance" fixes a crash in word completion,
             makes --enable-altrcname work again, improves the fluidity
             of scrolling when using the touchpad, tweaks the syntaxes
             for shell scripts and PO files, makes a replacing session
             go always forward by default, no longer inserts a newline
             after an external spell check of a selected region, always
             accepts the English Y and N (and A) at a yes-no prompt in
             any locale, and solves a few hypothetical bugs.

2018.03.29 - GNU nano 2.9.5 "Kiša pada" changes the way the Scroll-Up
             and Scroll-Down commands work (M-- and M-+): instead of
             keeping the cursor in the same screen position they now
             keep the cursor in the same text position (if possible).
             This version further adds a new color name, "normal",
             which gives the default foreground or background color,
             which is useful when you want to undo some overzealous
             painting by earlier syntax regexes.  Bug fixes include:
             a segfault when trying to insert a file in restricted
             mode, the reading in of a new file being "undoable", a
             slight miswrapping of help texts when --linenumbers was
             used, and the shell syntax coloring the word "tar" in
             file names.
   2018-03-10 11:21:08 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: update to 2.9.4

2018.03.08 - GNU nano 2.9.4 "Isabel" allows binding a key to a string
             (any piece of text and/or commands), permits customizing
             the color of error messages with 'set errorcolor', colors
             those error messages by default in bright white on red,
             makes <Enter> at the bottom of the screen scroll just one
             row when --smooth is used, does not fail when redoing a
             file insertion, and cancels a Shift-selection when any
             cursor key is pressed without Shift even when the cursor
             cannot move.  Further, it treats tabs fully the same as
             spaces when doing automatic hard-wrapping, allows syntax
             names to be unquoted, and removes two deprecated options
             and six deprecated bindable function names.
   2018-01-30 02:21:33 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: updated to 2.9.3

2018.01.29 - GNU nano 2.9.3 "Córdoba" fixes a segfault with trimblanks
             that could occur when a typed space caused the word after
             it to be pushed to the next line.  It further makes macros
             work also when your keyboard still emits escape sequences,
             adds the options -M and --trimblanks for the command line,
             recognizes key combos with Shift on a few more terminals,
             no longer shows dots in certain prompt texts when visible
             witespace is turned on, fixes two corner cases when doing
             replacements in a marked region, allows to open a named
             pipe again when using --noread, and accurately detects
             a needed color change when a line contains a start match
             but not a corresponding end match any more.  Plus some
             other small fry.
   2018-01-07 12:49:10 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 2.9.2

Upstream changes:
2018 January 2

GNU nano 2.9.2 "Pussy Riot" correctly displays the Modified
state when undoing/redoing (also when the file was saved
somewhere midway), improves the undoing of an automatic
linefeed at EOF, fixes a build issue on the BSDs, shows
the cursor again when compiled with --withslang, renames
the option 'justifytrim' to 'trimblanks' because it will
now snip trailing whitespace also while you are typing
(and hard-wrapping is enabled), continues pushing words
to the next line much longer (when hard-wrapping), makes
 and  indent and unindent a marked region,
allows unindenting when not all lines are indented, lets a
region marked with Shift persist when indenting/unindenting
or commenting/uncommenting it, and in those cases excludes
the last line of the region when it is not visibly marked
(which makes for a more intuitive behavior).
   2017-11-19 13:57:24 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: updated to 2.9.0

2017.11.18 - GNU nano 2.9.0 "Eta" introduces the ability to record and
		replay keystrokes (M-: to start and stop recording, M-;
		to play the macro back), makes ^Q and ^S do something
		useful by default (^Q starts a backward search, and ^S
		saves the current file), changes ^W to start always a
		forward search, shows the number of open buffers (when
		more than one) in the title bar, no longer asks to press
		Enter when there are errors in an rc file, retires the
		options '--quiet' and 'set quiet' and 'set backwards',
		makes indenting and unindenting undoable, will look in
		$XDG_CONFIG_HOME for a nanorc file and in $XDG_DATA_HOME
		for the history files, adds a history stack for executed
		commands (^R^X), does not overwrite the position-history
		file of another nano, and fixes a score of tiny bugs.
   2017-09-03 10:53:18 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (165)
Log message:
Follow some redirects.
   2017-08-30 12:21:58 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update nano to 2.8.7

2017.08.27 - GNU nano 2.8.7 "Fragrance" fixes a lockup when tabs are
		wider than the screen, makes indenting + unindenting
		more predictable by retaining relative indentations,
		allows pasting (^U) at a prompt, allows triple quotes
		in Python to not be followed by a character, does not
		scroll three pages on a roll of the mouse wheel, binds
		Alt+Up and Alt+Down to findprevious and findnext, and
		fixes some hard-to-describe issues with softwrapping
		and boundary-crossing tabs.  Enjoy.