./editors/nano, Small and friendly text editor (a free replacement for Pico)

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.4, Package name: nano-5.4, Maintainer: wiedi

GNU `nano' is a small and friendly text editor. Besides basic text
editing, `nano' offers many extra features like an interactive search
and replace, goto line number, auto-indentation, feature toggles,
internationalization support, and filename tab completion.

The original goal for `nano' was a complete bug-for-bug compatible
emulation of Pico, but consistency is now a slightly higher priority.

Nano does not have the restrictive license problems of Pico.

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Package options: wide-curses

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RMD160: f0b12f742c128b64633d5fb0559514ec80753ab8
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   2020-11-24 19:21:38 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: Update to 5.3

Add missing tools. Use NetBSD curses where possible.

2020.10.07 - GNU nano 5.3 "Revolution!"
• Option 'set stateflags' makes nano show the state of auto-indenting,
  the mark, hard-wrapping, macro recording, and soft-wrapping in the
  title bar.  The flags take the place of "Modified", and a modified
  buffer is instead indicated by an asterisk (*) after its name.
• Nano no longer by default tries using libmagic to determine the type
  of a file (when neither filename nor first line gave a clue), because
  in most cases it is a waste of time.  It requires using the option
  --magic or -! or 'set magic' to make nano try libmagic.
• The color of the indicator can be changed with 'set scrollercolor'.

2020.08.24 - GNU nano 5.2 "Ranrapalca"
• Making certain replacements after a large paste does not crash.
• Hitting a toggle at the Search prompt does not clear the answer.
• Using --positionlog does not complain at the first start.
• A macro containing a Search command will not sometimes fail.
   2020-08-24 01:09:01 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: update to 5.1

2020.08.12 - GNU nano 5.1 "Cantabria"
• M-Bsp (Alt+Backspace) deletes a word backwards, like in Bash.
• M-[ has become bindable.  (Be careful, though: as it is the
  starting combination of many escape sequences, avoid gluing
  it together with other keystrokes, like in a macro.)
• With --indicator and --softwrap, the first keystroke in an
  empty buffer does not crash.
• Invoking the formatter while text is marked does not crash.
• In UTF-8 locales, an anchor is shown as a diamond.

2020.07.29 - GNU nano 5.0 "Among the fields of barley"
• With --indicator (or -q or 'set indicator') nano will show a kind
  of scrollbar on the righthand side of the screen to indicate where
  in the buffer the viewport is located and how much it covers.
• With <Alt+Insert> any line can be "tagged" with an anchor, and
  <Alt+PageUp> and <Alt+PageDown> will jump to the nearest anchor.
  When using line numbers, an anchor is shown as "+" in the margin.
• The Execute Command prompt is now directly accessible from the
  main menu (with ^T, replacing the Spell Checker).  The Linter,
  Formatter, Spell Checker, Full Justification, Suspension, and
  Cut-Till-End functions are available in this menu too.
• On terminals that support at least 256 colors, nine new color
  names are available: pink, purple, mauve, lagoon, mint, lime,
  peach, orange, and latte.  These do not have lighter versions.
• For the color names red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta,
  white, and black, the prefix 'light' gives a brighter color.
  Prefix 'bright' is deprecated, as it means both bold AND light.
• All color names can be preceded with "bold," and/or "italic,"
  (in that order) to get a bold and/or italic typeface.
• With --bookstyle (or -O or 'set bookstyle') nano considers any
  line that begins with whitespace as the start of a paragraph.
• Refreshing the screen with ^L now works in every menu.
• In the main menu, ^L also centers the line with the cursor.
• Toggling the help lines with M-X now works in all menus except
  in the help viewer and the linter.
• At a filename prompt, the first <Tab> lists the possibilities,
  and these are listed near the bottom instead of near the top.
• Bindable function 'curpos' has been renamed to 'location'.
• Long option --tempfile has been renamed to --saveonexit.
• Short option -S is now a synonym of --softwrap.
• The New Buffer toggle (M-F) has become non-persistent.  Options
  --multibuffer and 'set multibuffer' still make it default to on.
• Backup files will retain their group ownership (when possible).
• Data is synced to disk before "... lines written" is shown.
• The raw escape sequences for F13 to F16 are no longer recognized.
• Distro-specific syntaxes, and syntaxes of less common languages,
  have been moved down to subdirectory syntax/extra/.  The affected
  distros and others may wish to move wanted syntaxes one level up.
• Syntaxes for Markdown, Haskell, and Ada were added.
   2020-03-08 17:51:54 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2833)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for libffi
   2020-02-08 21:19:01 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: update to 4.8

2020.02.07 - GNU nano 4.8 "Jaška"
• When something is pasted into nano, auto-indentation is suppressed,
  and the paste can be undone as a whole with a single M-U.
• When a lock file is encountered during startup, pressing ^C/Cancel
  quits nano.  (Pressing 'No' just skips the file and continues.)
• Shift+Meta+letter key combos can be bound with 'bind Sh-M-letter'.
  Making any such binding dismisses the default behavior of ignoring
  Shift for all Meta+letter keystrokes.
• The configuration option --with-slang (to be avoided when possible)
  can now be used only together with --enable-tiny.
• A custom nanorc file can be specified on the command line, with
  -f filename or --rcfile=filename.

2019.12.23 - GNU nano 4.7 "Havikskruid"
• A <Tab> will indent a marked region only when mark and cursor are
  on different lines.
• Two indentations (any mix of tabs and spaces) are considered the
  same when they look the same (that is: indent to the same level).
• When using --breaklonglines or ^J, a line will never be broken in
  its leading whitespace or quoting.
• The keywords in nanorc files must be in lowercase.

2019.11.29 - GNU nano 4.6 "And don't you eat that yellow snow"
• The 'formatter' command has returned, bound by default to M-F.
  It allows running a syntax-specific command on the contents of
  the buffer.
• ^T will try to run 'hunspell' before 'spell', because it checks
  spellling for the locale's language and understands UTF-8.
• Multiple errors or warnings on startup will no longer slow nano
  down but will be indicated on the status bar with trailing dots.

2019.10.04 - GNU nano 4.5 "Košice"
• The new 'tabgives' command allows you to specify per syntax what
  the <Tab> key should produce: some spaces, a hard TAB, ...
• The output of --help is properly aligned again for all languages.
• <Tab> will indent a marked region also when M-} has been rebound.
   2019-09-09 18:04:17 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: update to 4.4

2019.08.25 - GNU nano 4.4 "Hagelslag"
• At startup, the cursor can be put on the first or last occurrence
  of a string by preceding the filename with +/string or +?string.
• When automatic hard-wrapping occurs (--breaklonglines), any leading
  quoting characters will be automatically copied to the new line.
• M-6 works again also when the cursor is at end of buffer.
   2019-07-13 11:58:15 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: update to 4.3

2019.06.18 - GNU nano 4.3 "Musa Kart"
• The ability to read from and write to a FIFO has been regained.
• Startup time is reduced by fully parsing a syntax only when needed.
• Asking for help (^G) when using --operatingdir does not crash.
• The reading of a huge or slow file can be stopped with ^C.
• Cut, zap, and copy operations are undone separately when intermixed.
• M-D reports the correct number of lines (zero for an empty buffer).
   2019-06-08 12:41:00 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (93)
Log message:
editors/*: let pkglint fix indentation and variable alignment

pkglint -Wall -F -r editors

Manually fixed the changes in editors/nedit since the "fixed" indentation
was wrong.
   2019-04-29 14:04:33 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
nano: update to 4.2

2019.04.24 - GNU nano 4.2 "Tax the rich, pay the teachers"
• The integrated spell checker does not crash when 'spell' is missing.
• Option --breaklonglines works also when --ignorercfiles is used.
• Automatic hard-wrapping is more persistent in pushing words to the
  same overflow line.