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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 8.0.1176, Package name: vim-share-8.0.1176, Maintainer: morr

Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi. Many new features
have been added: multi level undo, syntax highlighting, command line history,
on-line help, filename completion, block operations, etc.

This package is only a shared data-package for the `actual' vim packages.
You also have to install one of vim, vim-xaw, vim-gtk, vim-gtk2 or vim-motif
to get a working editor.

Required to build:

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SHA1: 03a79ded3946072bfeddd25f7b64a2d7493092fa
RMD160: 2101a045f071bd74dcfc5768d54b35676d7324d6
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   2017-10-07 14:32:23 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to patchset 8.0.1176

8.0.1097  background color wrong if job changes background color
8.0.1098  build failure if libvterm installed
8.0.1099  warnings for GDK calls
8.0.1100  stuck in redraw loop when 'lazyredraw' is set
8.0.1101  channel write fails if writing to log fails
8.0.1102  terminal window does not use Normal colors
8.0.1103  converting cterm color fails for grey ramp
8.0.1104  the qf_jump() function is too long
8.0.1105  match() and matchend() are not tested
8.0.1106  terminal colors wrong on an MS-Windows console
8.0.1107  terminal debugger jumps to non-existing file
8.0.1108  cannot specify mappings for the terminal window
8.0.1109  timer causes error on exit from Ex mode
8.0.1110  FORTIFY_SOURCE from Perl causes problems
8.0.1111  syntax error in configure when using Perl
8.0.1112  can't get size or current index from quickfix list
8.0.1113  can go to Insert mode from Terminal-Normal mode
8.0.1114  default for 'iminsert' is annoying
8.0.1115  crash when using foldtextresult() recursively
8.0.1116  terminal test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.1117  Test_terminal_no_cmd hangs on MS-Windows with GUI
8.0.1118  FEAT_WINDOWS adds a lot of #ifdefs
8.0.1119  quitting a split terminal window kills the job
8.0.1120  :tm means :tmap instead of :tmenu
8.0.1121  can uncheck executables in MS-Windows installer
8.0.1122  vimtutor.bat doesn't work well with vim.bat
8.0.1123  cannot define a toolbar for a window
8.0.1124  use of MZSCHEME_VER is unclear
8.0.1125  wrong window height when splitting window with window toolbar
8.0.1126  endless resize when terminal showing in two buffers
8.0.1127  Test_peek_and_get_char fails on 32 bit system
8.0.1128  old xterm sends CTRL-X in response to t_RS
8.0.1129  window toolbar missing a part of the patch
8.0.1130  the qf_jump() function is still too long
8.0.1131  not easy to trigger an autocommand for new terminal window
8.0.1132  #if condition is not portable
8.0.1133  syntax timeout not used correctly
8.0.1134  superfluous call to syn_get_final_id()
8.0.1135  W_WINCOL() is always the same
8.0.1136  W_WIDTH() is always the same
8.0.1137  (after 8.0.1136) cannot build with Ruby
8.0.1138  click in window toolbar starts Visual mode
8.0.1139  using window toolbar changes state
8.0.1140  still old style tests
8.0.1141  MS-Windows build dependencies are incomplete
8.0.1142  window toolbar menu gets a tear-off item
8.0.1143  macros always expand to the same thing
8.0.1144  using wrong #ifdef for computing length
8.0.1145  warning when compiling with Perl
8.0.1146  redraw when highlight is set with same names
8.0.1147  fail to build with tiny features
8.0.1148  gN doesn't work on last match with 'wrapscan' off
8.0.1149  libvterm colors differ from xterm
8.0.1150  MS-Windows GUI: dialog font size is incorrect
8.0.1151  "vim -c startinsert!" doesn't append
8.0.1152  encoding of error message wrong in Cygwin terminal
8.0.1153  no tests for diff_hlID() and diff_filler()
8.0.1154  'indentkeys' does not work properly
8.0.1155  Ruby command triggers a warning
8.0.1156  trouble from removing one -W argument from Perl CFLAGS
8.0.1157  compiler warning on MS-Windows
8.0.1158  still old style tests
8.0.1159  typo in #ifdef
8.0.1160  getting tab-local variable fails after closing window
8.0.1161  popup menu drawing problem when resizing terminal
8.0.1162  shared script for tests cannot be included twice
8.0.1163  popup test is flaky
8.0.1164  changing StatusLine highlight does not always work
8.0.1165  popup test is still flaky
8.0.1166  :terminal doesn't work on Mac High Sierra
8.0.1167  Motif: typing in terminal window is slow
8.0.1168  wrong highlighting with combination of match and 'cursorline'
8.0.1169  highlignting one char too many with 'list' and 'cul'
8.0.1170  using termdebug results in 100% CPU time
8.0.1171  popup test is still a bit flaky
8.0.1172  when E734 is given option is still set
8.0.1173  terminal window is not redrawn after CTRL-L
8.0.1174  Mac Terminal.app has wrong color for white
8.0.1175  build failure without +termresponse
8.0.1176  job_start() does not handle quote and backslash correctly
   2017-09-19 01:27:01 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
vim-share: add comment where changelog can be found

From morr@
   2017-09-11 23:05:00 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Bump vim{,-share} to 8.0.1096.

Changes not found.
   2017-08-15 23:00:11 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated vim-share to 8.0.0921.

The usual bugfixes.

Add PRINT_PLIST_AWK line to make updates easier.
   2017-07-10 01:58:24 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 8.0.0702

Upstream changes:
17435  8.0.0647  syntax highlighting can cause a freeze
  1629  8.0.0648  possible use of NULL pointer
  3822  8.0.0649  when opening a help file the filetype is set several times
  2039  8.0.0650  for extra help files the filetype is set more than once
  1534  8.0.0651  build failure without the auto command feature
 10036  8.0.0652  unicode information is outdated
  2013  8.0.0653  the default highlight for QuickFixLine is not good
  5188  8.0.0654  no warning for text after :endfunction
  2677  8.0.0655  not easy to make sure a function does not exist
  2329  8.0.0656  cannot use ! after some user commands
 13104  8.0.0657  cannot get and set quickfix list items
 47863  8.0.0658  spell test is old style
  5884  8.0.0659  no test for conceal mode
  1676  8.0.0660  silent install on MS-Windows shows dialog
 10750  8.0.0661  recognizing urxvt mouse codes does not work well
  1828  8.0.0662  stray FIXME for fixed problem
  5971  8.0.0663  unexpected error message only when 'verbose' is set
  2373  8.0.0664  mouse does not work in tmux
  1517  8.0.0665  warning for uninitialized variable
  4110  8.0.0666  dead for loop
  5896  8.0.0667  memory access error when command follows :endfunc
  1689  8.0.0668  nsis installer script does not work
  2927  8.0.0669  CTRL-N at start of the buffer does not work correctly
  3607  8.0.0670  can't use input() in a timer callback
  1600  8.0.0671  hang when typing CTRL-C in confirm() in timer
  6001  8.0.0672  third item of synconcealed() changes too often
  1260  8.0.0673  build failure without conceal feature
  1751  8.0.0674  cannot build with eval but without timers
  2638  8.0.0675  'colorcolumn' has a higher priority than 'hlsearch'
  8830  8.0.0676  crash when closing quickfix window in autocmd
  4177  8.0.0677  setting 'filetype' may switch buffers
  3772  8.0.0678  closing a window does not trigger resizing
  2223  8.0.0679  using freed memory
 10068  8.0.0680  plugins in start packages are sourced twice
  2323  8.0.0681  unnamed register only contains the last deleted text
  2786  8.0.0682  no test for synIDtrans()
  4871  8.0.0683  visual bell flashes too quickly
 13990  8.0.0684  old style tests are not nice
 28918  8.0.0685  when conversion fails written file may be truncated
  1479  8.0.0686  extra redraw when using CTRL-L in second window
  6644  8.0.0687  minor issues related to quickfix
  4317  8.0.0688  cannot resize the window in a FileType autocommand
  2402  8.0.0689  ~ character not escaped when extending search pattern
  2150  8.0.0690  compiler warning on non-Unix system
  1267  8.0.0691  compiler warning without the linebreak feature
  2964  8.0.0692  CTRL-G with 'incsearch' and ? goes in the wrong direction
361923  8.0.0693  no terminal emulator support
  2396  8.0.0694  building in shadow directory does not work
  5003  8.0.0695  missing dependencies breaks parallel make
  1309  8.0.0696  .inc files missing in git
  9396  8.0.0697  recorded key sequences may become invalid
  4219  8.0.0698  crash on exit when using Python function in timer.
  1742  8.0.0699  checksum tests are not actually run
  2709  8.0.0700  segfault with QuitPre autocommand closes the window
  2900  8.0.0701  system test failing when using X11 forwarding
  5191  8.0.0702  an error in a timer can make Vim unusable
  3118  8.0.0703  illegal memory access with empty :doau command
  2145  8.0.0704  problems with autocommands when opening help
   2017-06-18 20:47:37 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Update distinfo as well
   2017-06-18 19:48:46 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Update with latest patches
   2017-06-18 19:46:59 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to newest patchset 8.0.0646.

8.0.0426  insufficient testing for statusline
8.0.0427  'makeencoding' missing from the options window
8.0.0428  git and hg see new files after running tests
8.0.0429  (after 8.0.0428) options test does not always test everything
8.0.0430  (after 8.0.0429) options test fails or hangs on MS-Windows
8.0.0431  'cinoptions' cannot set indent for extern block
8.0.0432  "make shadow" creates an invalid link
8.0.0433  beeps when running tests
8.0.0434  clang version not correctly detected
8.0.0435  some functions are not tested
8.0.0436  running the options test sometimes resizes the terminal
8.0.0437  packadd test does not fully work
8.0.0438  the fnamemodify test may cause later tests to fail
8.0.0439  ":%argdel" gives an error for an empty arglist
8.0.0440  not enough test coverage in Insert mode
8.0.0441  dead code in #ifdef
8.0.0442  patch shell command not well escaped
8.0.0443  terminal width is set to 80 in test3
8.0.0444  (after 8.0.0442) diffpatch fails when file name has a quote
8.0.0445  getpgid is not supported on all systems
8.0.0446  the ";" command does not work after some characters
8.0.0447  getting font name does not work on X11
8.0.0448  some macros are in lower case
8.0.0449  (after 8.0.0448) part of fold patch accidentally included
8.0.0450  v:progpath is not reliably set
8.0.0451  some macros are in lower case
8.0.0452  some macros are in lower case
8.0.0453  adding fold marker creates new comment
8.0.0454  compiler warnings for "always true" comparison
8.0.0455  the mode test may hang
8.0.0456  typo in MinGW test makefile
8.0.0457  using :move messes up manual folds
8.0.0458  potential crash if adding list or dict to dict fails
8.0.0459  (after 8.0.0457) old folding fix for :move no longer needed
8.0.0460  can't build on HPUX
8.0.0461  (after 8.0.0457) test 45 hangs on MS-Windows
8.0.0462  failure of an MS-Windows test may go unnoticed
8.0.0463  side effects from resetting 'compatible' in defaults.vim
8.0.0464  can't find executable name on Solaris and FreeBSD
8.0.0465  off-by-one error in using :move with folding
8.0.0466  still macros that should be all-caps
8.0.0467  using g< after :for does not show the right output
8.0.0468  after aborting an Ex command g< does not work
8.0.0469  compiler warnings on MS-Windows
8.0.0470  not enough testing for help commands
8.0.0471  exit callback test sometimes fails
8.0.0472  when a test fails another test may also fail
8.0.0473  no test covering arg_all()
8.0.0474  the client-server feature is not tested
8.0.0475  not enough testing for the client-server feature
8.0.0476  (after 8.0.0475) missing change to main.c
8.0.0477  the client-server test may hang when failing
8.0.0478  tests use assert_true(0) and assert_false(1) to report errors
8.0.0479  remote_peek() is not tested
8.0.0480  the remote_peek() test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0481  unnecessary if statement
8.0.0482  the setbufvar() function may mess up the window layout
8.0.0483  illegal memory access when using :all
8.0.0484  :lhelpgrep does not fail after a successful one
8.0.0485  not all windows commands are tested
8.0.0486  crash and endless loop when closing windows in autocmd
8.0.0487  the autocmd test hangs on MS-Windows
8.0.0488  running tests leaves an "xxx" file behind
8.0.0489  clipboard and "* register is not tested
8.0.0490  vertical split makes 'winfixwidth' window smaller
8.0.0491  quotestar test fails when features are missing
8.0.0492  a failing client-server request can make Vim hang
8.0.0493  crash with cd command with very long argument
8.0.0494  build failure with older compiler on MS-Windows
8.0.0495  quotestar test uses timer instead of timeout
8.0.0496  insufficient testing for folding
8.0.0497  arabic support is not fully tested
8.0.0498  two autocmd tests are skipped on MS-Windows
8.0.0499  taglist() does not prioritize tags for a buffer
8.0.0500  quotestar test is still a bit flaky
8.0.0501  on MS-Windows ":!start" does not work as expected
8.0.0502  Coverity complains about possible NULL pointer
8.0.0503  endless loop in updating folds with 32 bit ints
8.0.0504  looking up an Ex command is a bit slow
8.0.0505  failed window split for :stag not handled
8.0.0506  can't build with ANSI C
8.0.0507  client-server tests fail when $DISPLAY is not set
8.0.0508  Coveralls no longer shows per-file coverage
8.0.0509  no link to codecov.io results
8.0.0510  (after 8.0.0509) typo in link to codecov.io results
8.0.0511  message for skipping client-server tests is unclear
8.0.0512  check for available characters takes too long
8.0.0513  getting name of cleared highlight group is wrong
8.0.0514  script for creating cmdidxs can be improved
8.0.0515  ml_get errors in silent Ex mode
8.0.0516  a large count on a normal command causes trouble
8.0.0517  there is no way to remove quickfix lists
8.0.0518  bad fold text when a multi-byte char has a zero byte
8.0.0519  character classes are not well tested
8.0.0520  using a function pointer while the function is known
8.0.0521  GtkForm handling is outdated
8.0.0522  Win32: when 'clipboard' is "unnamed" yyp does not work
8.0.0523  dv} deletes part of a multi-byte character.
8.0.0524  (after 8.0.0518) folds messed up
8.0.0525  completion for user command argument not tested
8.0.0526  Coverity complains about possible negative value
8.0.0527  leftover file from RISC OS
8.0.0528  highlight wrong text when 'wim' includes "longest"
8.0.0529  line in test commented out
8.0.0530  buffer overflow when 'columns' is very big
8.0.0531  test with long directory name fails on non-unix systems
8.0.0532  test with long directory name fails on Mac
8.0.0533  abbreviation doesn't work after backspacing newline
8.0.0534  defaults.vim does not work well with tiny features
8.0.0535  memory leak when exiting from within a user function
8.0.0536  quickfix window not updated when freeing quickfix stack
8.0.0537  illegal memory access with :z and large count
8.0.0538  no test for falling back to default term value
8.0.0539  (after 8.0.0538) startup test fails on Mac
8.0.0540  (after 8.0.0540) building unit tests fails
8.0.0541  compiler warning on MS-Windows
8.0.0542  getpos() can return a negative line number
8.0.0543  test_edit causes older xfce4-terminal to close
8.0.0544  cppcheck warnings
8.0.0545  edit test may fail on some systems
8.0.0546  swap file exists briefly when opening the command window
8.0.0547  extra line break in verbosefile
8.0.0548  saving the redo buffer only works one time
8.0.0549  no test for the 8g8 command
8.0.0550  cannot parse some etags format tags file
8.0.0551  the typeahead buffer is reallocated too often
8.0.0552  toupper and tolower don't work properly for Turkish
8.0.0553  toupper/tolower test fails on Mac
8.0.0554  toupper and tolower don't work properly for Turkish
8.0.0555  toupper/tolower test fails on OSX without Darwin
8.0.0556  getting window position fails if GUI and term possible
8.0.0557  GTK: using static gravities is not useful
8.0.0558  :ownsyntax is not tested
8.0.0559  setting ttytype to xxx does not always fail
8.0.0560  :windo allows for ! but it's not supported
8.0.0561  undefined behavior when using backslash after empty line
8.0.0562  not enough test coverage for syntax commands
8.0.0563  crash when getting the window position in tmux
8.0.0564  cannot detect Bazel BUILD files on some systems
8.0.0565  using freed memory in :caddbuf
8.0.0566  setting nocompatible for the tiny version moves the cursor
8.0.0567  call for requesting color and ambiwidth is too early
8.0.0568  1gd may hang
8.0.0569  bracketed paste is still enabled in a shell command
8.0.0570  can't run make with several jobs
8.0.0571  negative line number when using :z^ in an empty buffer
8.0.0572  building the command table requires Perl
8.0.0573  running parallel make after distclean fails
8.0.0574  get only one quickfix list after :caddbuf
8.0.0575  using freed memory when resetting 'indentexpr'
8.0.0576  can't build when configure choses "install-sh"
8.0.0577  warning for uninitialized variable
8.0.0578  :simalt on MS-Windows does not work properly
8.0.0579  duplicate test case for quickfix
8.0.0580  cannot set the valid flag with setqflist()
8.0.0581  moving folded text is sometimes not correct
8.0.0582  illegal memory access with z= command
8.0.0583  fold test hangs on MS-Windows
8.0.0584  memory leak when executing quickfix tests
8.0.0585  test_options fails when run in the GUI
8.0.0586  no test for mapping timing out
8.0.0587  configure check for return value of tgetent skipped
8.0.0588  job_stop() often assumes the channel will be closed
8.0.0589  (after 8.0.0578) :simalt still does not work
8.0.0590  cannot add a context to locations
8.0.0591  changes to eval functionality not documented
8.0.0592  if a job writes to a buffer screen is not updated
8.0.0593  duplication of code for adding a list or dict return value
8.0.0594  (after 8.0.0592) build failure when windows feature is missing
8.0.0595  (after 8.0.0590) Coverity warning for not checking return val
8.0.0596  crash when complete() called after complete_add()
8.0.0597  off-by-one error in size computation
8.0.0598  building with gcc 7.1 yields new warnings
8.0.0599  diff mode is insufficiently tested
8.0.0600  test_recover fails on some systems
8.0.0601  no test coverage for :spellrepall
8.0.0602  when gF fails to edit the file the cursor still moves
8.0.0603  gF test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0604  gF test still fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0605  the quickfix cached buffer may become invalid
8.0.0606  cannot set the context for a specified quickfix list
8.0.0607  after :bwipe + :new bufref might still be valid
8.0.0608  cannot manipulate other than the current quickfix list
8.0.0609  some people still don't know how to quit
8.0.0610  the screen is redrawn when default 'background' is detected
8.0.0611  the screen is not redrawn after sending t_u7
8.0.0612  pack dirs are added to 'runtimepath' too late
8.0.0613  the conf filetype is used before ftdetect from packages
8.0.0614  float2nr() is not exactly right
8.0.0615  using % with :hardcopy wrongly escapes spaces
8.0.0616  not always setting 'background' correctly after :hi Normal
8.0.0617  (after 8.0.0615) hardcopy test hangs on MS-Windows
8.0.0618  NFA regex engine handles [0-z] incorrectly
8.0.0619  GUI gets stuck if timer uses feedkeys()
8.0.0620  checking for HAVE_GTK_MULTIHEAD is not needed
8.0.0621  :stag does not respect 'switchbuf'
8.0.0622  selecting quoted text fails with 'selection' "exclusive"
8.0.0623  error for invalid regexp is not very informative
8.0.0624  (after 8.0.0623) warning for unused variable in tiny build
8.0.0625  shellescape() always escapes a newline
8.0.0626  in the GUI the cursor may flicker
8.0.0627  "gn" selects only one character with 'nowrapscan'
8.0.0628  cursor disappears after silent mapping
8.0.0629  checking for ambigous width is not working
8.0.0630  it is not easy to work on lines without a match
8.0.0631  can't build with Perl 5.26
8.0.0632  the quotestar test is still a bit flaky
8.0.0633  the client-server test is still a bit flaky
8.0.0634  cannot easily get to the last quickfix list
8.0.0635  when 'ignorecase' is set script detection is inaccurate
8.0.0636  when reading the undo file fails may use uninitialized data
8.0.0637  crash when using some version of GTK 3
8.0.0638  cannot build with new MSVC version
8.0.0639  the cursor position is set when editing a new commit message
8.0.0640  mismatch between help and actual message
8.0.0641  cannot set a separate highlighting for the quickfix line
8.0.0642  writefile() continues after detecting an error
8.0.0643  when a pattern search is slow Vim becomes unusable
8.0.0644  the timeout for 'hlsearch' is not tested
8.0.0645  no error for illegal back reference in NFA engine
8.0.0646  the hlsearch test fails on fast systems