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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 8.0.0425, Package name: vim-share-8.0.0425, Maintainer: morr

Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi. Many new features
have been added: multi level undo, syntax highlighting, command line history,
on-line help, filename completion, block operations, etc.

This package is only a shared data-package for the `actual' vim packages.
You also have to install one of vim, vim-xaw, vim-gtk, vim-gtk2 or vim-motif
to get a working editor.

Required to build:

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SHA1: 0eca3968d4ec9a9ec784046889f18b1f208fbdb4
RMD160: 409e4fa807be920238a3de2fdc72ad11111462cf
Filesize: 12706.309 KB

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   2017-03-14 16:15:08 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Use VIM_SUBDIR.  Fixes build on systems without /bin/csh.
   2017-03-06 07:07:53 by Soren Jacobsen | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
update vim to 8.0.0425.  changes:

8.0.0342  double free with EXITFREE and setting 'ttytype'
8.0.0343  b:changedtick can be unlocked
8.0.0344  unlet command leaks memory
8.0.0345  islocked('d.changedtick') does not work
8.0.0346  Vim relies on limits.h to be included indirectly
8.0.0347  when using completion comment leader wont work
8.0.0348  using shadow dir on Mac lack +clipboard
8.0.0349  redrawing errors with GTK 3
8.0.0350  not enough test coverage for Perl
8.0.0351  no test for concatenating an empty string
8.0.0352  not easy to see when a typval needs to be cleared
8.0.0353  if [RO] is translated it may be truncated
8.0.0354  test to check that setting termcap key fails sometimes
8.0.0355  using uninitialized memory when 'isfname' is empty
8.0.0356  (after 8.0.0342) leaking memory when setting 'ttytype'
8.0.0357  crash when setting 'guicursor' to weird value
8.0.0358  invalid memory access in C-indent code
8.0.0359  'number' and 'relativenumber' are not properly tested
8.0.0360  sometimes VimL is used instead of "Vim script"
8.0.0361  GUI initialisation is not sufficiently tested
8.0.0362  (after 8.0.0361) tests fail on MS-Windows
8.0.0363  Travis is too slow to keep up with patches
8.0.0364  ]s does not move cursor with two spell errors in one line
8.0.0365  might free a dict item that wasn't allocated
8.0.0366  (after 8.0.0365) build fails with tiny features
8.0.0367  types in include files may be inconsistent
8.0.0368  not all options are tested with a range of values
8.0.0369  a few options are not defined, depending on features
8.0.0370  invalid memory access when setting wildchar empty
8.0.0371  leaking memory when setting v:completed_item
8.0.0372  more options are not always defined
8.0.0373  build fails without +folding
8.0.0374  invalid memory access when using :sc in Ex mode
8.0.0375  the "+ register is not tested
8.0.0376  size computations in spell file reading are off
8.0.0377  possible overflow when reading corrupted undo file
8.0.0378  another possible overflow when reading corrupted undo file
8.0.0379  CTRL-Z and mouse click use CTRL-O unnecessary
8.0.0380  with 'linebreak' double wide char wraps badly
8.0.0381  diff mode is not sufficiently tested
8.0.0382  (after 8.0.0380) warning in tiny build for unused variable
8.0.0383  (after 8.0.0382) misplaced #ifdef
8.0.0384  timer test failed for no apparent reason
8.0.0385  no tests for arabic
8.0.0386  tiny build has a problem with generating the options test
8.0.0387  compiler warnings
8.0.0388  filtering lines changes folds
8.0.0389  test for arabic does not check what is displayed
8.0.0390  when the window scrolls the popup menu may be garbled
8.0.0391  arabic support is verbose and not well tested
8.0.0392  GUI test fails with Athena and Motif
8.0.0393  (after 8.0.0190) order of duplicate tags is not preserved
8.0.0394  tabs are not aligned when scrolling horizontally
8.0.0395  testing the + register fails with Motif
8.0.0396  'balloonexpr' only works synchronously
8.0.0397  (after 8.0.0392) can't build with +viminfo but without +eval
8.0.0398  illegal memory access with "t"
8.0.0399  crash when using balloon_show() when not supported
8.0.0400  some tests have a one second delay
8.0.0401  test fails with missing balloon feature
8.0.0402  :map completion does not have <special>
8.0.0403  GUI tests may fail
8.0.0404  not enough testing for quickfix
8.0.0405  v:progpath may become invalid after :cd
8.0.0406  arabic shaping code is verbose
8.0.0407  filtering folds with marker method not tested
8.0.0408  updating folds does not always work properly
8.0.0409  set_progpath is defined but not always used
8.0.0410  newer gettext/iconv library has extra dll file
8.0.0411  menu translations don't match when case is changed
8.0.0412  (after 8.0.0411) menu test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0413  (after 8.0.0412) menu test fails on MS-Windows using gvim
8.0.0414  balloon eval is not tested
8.0.0415  (after 8.0.0414) balloon test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0416  setting v:progpath is not quite right
8.0.0417  test for the clipboard fails sometimes
8.0.0418  ASAN logs are disabled
8.0.0419  test for v:progpath fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0420  text garbled when the system encoding differs from 'encoding'
8.0.0421  diff mode wrong when adding line at end of buffer
8.0.0422  Python test fails with Python 3.6
8.0.0423  changing 'cinoptions' does not always work
8.0.0424  compiler warnings on MS-Windows
8.0.0425  build errors when building without folding
   2017-02-19 20:13:35 by Soren Jacobsen | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
Update vim to 8.0.0341.

8.0.0162  build error on Fedora 23
8.0.0163  cannot build with Ruby 2.4
8.0.0164  outdated and misplaced comments
8.0.0165  ubsan warns for integer overflow
8.0.0166  JSON with a duplicate key gives an internal error
8.0.0167  str2nr()/str2float() fail with negative values
8.0.0168  not all float functionality is tested
8.0.0169  json_decode() may run out of stack space
8.0.0170  crash in channel test
8.0.0171  JS style JSON does not support single quotes
8.0.0172  command line window does not work
8.0.0173  build fails with EBCDIC defined
8.0.0174  executing "locale -a" on MS-Windows needlessly
8.0.0175  setting language on MS-Windows does not always work
8.0.0176  cannot use :change inside a function definition
8.0.0177  BufEnter autocommand not fired for a directory
8.0.0178  command count test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0179  cannot have a local value for 'formatprg'
8.0.0180  error E937 is used twice
8.0.0181  with cursorbind set cursor column highlighting is off
8.0.0182  cursor ilne not update when 'cursorbind' is set
8.0.0183  ubsan warns for unaligned address
8.0.0184  when an error is caught Vim still exits with non-zero result
8.0.0185  (after 8.0.0184) system() test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0186  confusing error message from assert_notequal()
8.0.0187  cant build with new Ruby version
8.0.0188  (after 8.0.0182) redrawing for 'cursorbind' is inefficient
8.0.0189  profile commands are not tested
8.0.0190  finding duplicate tags uses a slow linear search
8.0.0191  (after 8.0.0187) can't build with Ruby on some systems
8.0.0192  (after 8.0.0190) cannot build with tiny features
8.0.0193  (after 8.0.0188) accidentally removed #ifdef
8.0.0194  (after 8.0.0189) profile test fails if times are equal
8.0.0195  (after 8.0.0190) fail to jump to static tag in current file
8.0.0196  profile test is slow and does not work on MS-Windows
8.0.0197  system() test skips some parts for MS-Windows
8.0.0198  some syntax arguments take effect even after "if 0"
8.0.0199  compiler warnings for libcall
8.0.0200  some syntax arguments are not tested
8.0.0201  completion of highlight groups includes cleared names
8.0.0202  no test for invalid syntax group name
8.0.0203  order of complication flags is sometimes wrong
8.0.0204  compiler warns for uninitialized variable
8.0.0205  wrong behavior after :undojoin
8.0.0206  test coverage for :retab insufficient
8.0.0207  leaking file descriptor when system() fails
8.0.0208  internally used commands end up in history
8.0.0209  cursor binding does not work with :substitute
8.0.0210  no support for bracketed paste
8.0.0211  (after 8.0.0210) cannot build without the multi-byte feature
8.0.0212  buffer for key name may be too small
8.0.0213  Netbeans specialKeys command does not check argument length
8.0.0214  leaking memory when syntax cluster id is unknown
8.0.0215  NULL pointer use if cscope line looks like emacs tag
8.0.0216  decoding js style json may fail
8.0.0217  (after 8.0.0215) build fails without cscope feature
8.0.0218  no completion for :cexpr and similar commands
8.0.0219  ubsan reports errors for overflow
8.0.0220  completion of highlight names misses a few values
8.0.0221  unnecessary condition on PROTO
8.0.0222  blockwise put on multi-byte character misplaced
8.0.0223  Coverity warns for an uninitialized variable
8.0.0224  change to 'fileformats' from autocmd does not take effect
8.0.0225  put in Visual block mode terminates early
8.0.0226  test for patch 8.0.0224 missing CR characters
8.0.0227  crash with ff=dos when first line in file has no CR
8.0.0228  pasting in xterm on the command line has PasteStart
8.0.0229  local 'formatprg' option value leaks
8.0.0230  bracketed paste does not support line breaks
8.0.0231  bracketed paste mode is not tested
8.0.0232  paste does not work when 'esckeys' is off
8.0.0233  (after 8.0.0231) paste test fails in the GUI
8.0.0234  (after 8.0.0225) crash when using put in Visual mode
8.0.0235  memory leak in diff mode
8.0.0236  (after 8.0.0234) gcc complains about uninitialized variable
8.0.0237  when 'wildoptions' is "tagfile" completion may not work
8.0.0238  bracketed paste does not disable autoindent
8.0.0239  no CI with an address sanitizer
8.0.0240  (after 8.0.0239) failure with one build on CI
8.0.0241  fallback implementation of mch_memmove is unused
8.0.0242  no tests for user command completion
8.0.0243  tolower() does not work if the byte count changes
8.0.0244  making t_BE empty only has an effect before startup
8.0.0245  zh_CN.cp936.po has a conversion error
8.0.0246  compiler warnings for int to pointer conversion
8.0.0247  need to type Ctrl-N twice to select a completion
8.0.0248  vim_strcat() cannot handle overlapping arguments
8.0.0249  CI failure when a submit is close to previous one
8.0.0250  virtcol() does not work well for multi-byte characters
8.0.0251  not easy to select Python 2 or 3
8.0.0252  not properly recognizing word characters between 128 and 255
8.0.0253  error when loading session if winminheight is 2
8.0.0254  error message of assert functions is sometimes incomplete
8.0.0255  setpos() does not use the buffer argument for all marks
8.0.0256  (after 8.0.0255) missing changes to one file breaks test
8.0.0257  (after 8.0.0252) test file missing in distribution
8.0.0258  (after 8.0.0252) mksession test leaves file behind
8.0.0259  tab commands do not handle count correctly
8.0.0260  build fails with tiny features
8.0.0261  not enough test coverage for eval functions
8.0.0262  Farsi support is barely tested
8.0.0263  Farsi support is not tested enough
8.0.0264  memory error reported by ubsan
8.0.0265  may get ml_get error when :pydo deletes lines
8.0.0266  compiler warning for using uninitialized variable
8.0.0267  channel test sometimes fails on Mac
8.0.0268  may get ml_get error when :luado deletes lines
8.0.0269  may get ml_get error when :perldo deletes lines
8.0.0270  may get ml_get error when :rubydo deletes lines
8.0.0271  may get ml_get error when :tcldo deletes lines
8.0.0272  crash on exit is not detected when running tests
8.0.0273  dead code detected by Coverity
8.0.0274  possible recursive screen updating causes trouble
8.0.0275  the screen may be updated at the wrong time
8.0.0276  unnecessary #ifdefs
8.0.0277  the GUI test may trigger fontconfig and take a long time
8.0.0278  (after 8.0.0277) GUI test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0279  MSVC 2015 uses a different dll name
8.0.0280  problem setting multi-byte environment var on MS-Windows
8.0.0281  some files are still using ARGSUSED instead of UNUSED
8.0.0282  need to use CTRL-O twice when in Visual-Insert mode
8.0.0283  mode() does not indicate Insert mode completion
8.0.0284  collapse buffers test failed once
8.0.0285  (after 8.0.0277) tests fail with tiny build on Unix
8.0.0286  not always redrawing after screen resize
8.0.0287  debug mode: cannot access function arguments
8.0.0288  (after 8.0.0284) errors reported while running tests
8.0.0289  no test for "ga" and :ascii
8.0.0290  cursor positioning wrong if wide character wraps
8.0.0291  (after 8.0.0282) Visual block insert does not do all lines
8.0.0292  the stat test is a bit slow
8.0.0293  some tests have a one or three second wait
8.0.0294  argument list is not stored correctly in a session file
8.0.0295  (after 8.0.0293) test_viml hangs
8.0.0296  bracketed paste can only append, not insert
8.0.0297  double free on exit when using a closure
8.0.0298  Ex command range with repeated search does not work
8.0.0299  a window resize is sometimes not taking effect
8.0.0300  cannot stop diffing hidden buffers
8.0.0301  not enough testing for setting options
8.0.0302  cannot set terminal key codes with :let
8.0.0303  bracketed paste does not work in Visual mode
8.0.0304  assign test fails in the GUI
8.0.0305  invalid memory access when option has duplicate flag
8.0.0306  mode() not sufficiently tested
8.0.0307  asan detects a memory error when EXITFREE is defined
8.0.0308 'runtimepath' not updated correctly when using symbolic link
8.0.0309  cannot use an empty key in json
8.0.0310  not enough testing for GUI functionality
8.0.0311  linebreak tests are old style
8.0.0312  failure when a channel receives a split json message
8.0.0313  (after 8.0.0310) not enough testing for GUI functionality
8.0.0314  getcmd*() functions are not tested
8.0.0315  :help :[range] does not work
8.0.0316  :help z? does not work
8.0.0317  no test for setting 'guifont'
8.0.0318  small mistake in 7x13 font name
8.0.0319  insert mode completion does not respect 'backspace'
8.0.0320  warning for unused variable with small build
8.0.0321  errors when trying to use scripts in tiny version
8.0.0322  possible overflow with corrupted spell file
8.0.0323  one second pause when running cmdline test
8.0.0324  illegal memory access with a wrong yank range
8.0.0325  packadd test does not clean up symlink
8.0.0326  packadd test uses wrong directory name
8.0.0327  error message in cmdline window is not translated
8.0.0328  the "zero count" error doesn't have a number
8.0.0329  xfontset and guifontwide are not tested
8.0.0330  illegal memory access after "vapo"
8.0.0331  restoring help snapshot accesses freed memory
8.0.0332  GUI test fails on some systems
8.0.0333  illegal memory access when 'complete' ends in a backslash
8.0.0334  can't access b:changedtick from a dict reference
8.0.0335  (after 8.0.0335) functions test fails
8.0.0336  flags of :substitute not sufficiently tested
8.0.0337  invalid memory access in :recover command
8.0.0338  (after 8.0.0337) :recover test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0339  illegal memory access with vi'
8.0.0340  not checking return valud of dict_add()
8.0.0341  undo does not work properly when using completion
   2017-01-19 10:54:56 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Allow system-wide vimrc in PKG_SYSCONFDIR
   2017-01-09 20:26:14 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to newest snapshot.

8.0.0087  channel callback may get job info after it was deleted
8.0.0088  when a test fails in Setup/Teardown problem is not reported
8.0.0089  various problems with GTK 3.22.2
8.0.0090  cursor moved after last character when using 'breakindent'
8.0.0091  test_help_complete sometimes fails in MS-Windows console
8.0.0092  C indent does not support nested namespaces that C++ 17 has
8.0.0093  not using multiprocess build feature
8.0.0094  if vimrun.exe not found error message is not properly encoded
8.0.0095  problems with GTK 3.22.2 fixed in 3.22.4
8.0.0096  when the input or output is not a tty Vim appears to hang
8.0.0097  if channel callback takes a lot of time Vim is unresponsive
8.0.0098  (after 8.0.0097) can't build on MS-Windows
8.0.0099  popup menu appears above the cursor too often
8.0.0100  file name options may contain non-filename characters
8.0.0101  some options are not strictly checked
8.0.0102  (after 8.0.0101) cannot set 'dictionary' to a path
8.0.0103  may not process channel readahead
8.0.0104  value of 'thesaurus' option not checked properly
8.0.0105  can't tell difference between reading empty line or nothing
8.0.0106  (after 8.0.0100) cannot use a semicolon in 'backupext'
8.0.0107  when reading channel output in timer messages may be missing
8.0.0108  (after 8.0.0107) the channel "drop" option is not tested
8.0.0109  still checking if memcmp() exists, should be everywhere now
8.0.0110  drop command doesn't use existing window
8.0.0111  the :history command is not tested
8.0.0112  tests 92 and 93 are old style
8.0.0113  MS-Windows: dialog for saving changes on the wrong monitor
8.0.0114  coding style not optimal
8.0.0115  when building with Cygwin libwinpthread isn't found
8.0.0116  using CTRl-] in English help language from 'helplang' is used
8.0.0117  parallel make fails
8.0.0118  "make proto" adds extra function prototype
8.0.0119  no test for using CTRL-R on the command line
8.0.0120  channel test is still flaky on OS X
8.0.0121  setting 'cursorline' changes the curswant column
8.0.0122  channel test is still flaky on OS X
8.0.0123  modern Sun compilers define "__sun" instead of "sun"
8.0.0124  internal error for assert_inrange(1, 1)
8.0.0125  not enough testing for entering Ex commands
8.0.0126  display problem with 'foldcolumn' and a wide character
8.0.0127  cancelling completion still formats text
8.0.0128  (after 8.0.0126) display test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0129  parallel make still doesn't work
8.0.0130  configure uses "ushort" while the Vim code doesn't
8.0.0131  not enough test coverage for syntax commands
8.0.0132  (after 8.0.0131) test fails because of using :finish
8.0.0133  "2;'(" causes ml_get errors in an empty buffer
8.0.0134  null pointer access reported by UBsan
8.0.0135  relative address does not work with closed fold
8.0.0136  when changing indent the wrong fold is opened
8.0.0137  when 'maxfuncdepth' set above 200 nesting is limited to 200
8.0.0138  (after 8.0.0137) small build fails
8.0.0139  (after 8.0.0135) warning for unused argument
8.0.0140  pasting inserted text in Visual mode does not work properly
8.0.0141  (after 8.0.0137) nested function test fails on AppVeyor
8.0.0142  normal colors are wrong with 'termguicolors'
8.0.0143  line number of current buffer in getbufinfo() is wrong
8.0.0144  when using MSVC the GvimExt directory is cleaned twice
8.0.0145  running tests on MS-Windows is noisy
8.0.0146  termguicolors uses wrong colors on MS-Windows with ConEmu
8.0.0147  searchpair() fails when 'magic' is off
8.0.0148  wrong indent in C preprocessor with line continuation
8.0.0149  :earlier does not work after reading the undo file
8.0.0150  completion for :filter does not skip the pattern
8.0.0151  passing buffer content to system() is clumsy
8.0.0152  stray channellog created when running tests
8.0.0153  (after 8.0.0151) system() test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0154  (after 8.0.0151) system() test fails on OS/X
8.0.0155  ubsan complains about NULL pointer
8.0.0156  not enough test coverage for float functions
8.0.0157  no completion for :syntax spell and :syntax sync
8.0.0158  (after 8.0.0156) float function test fails on MS-Windows
8.0.0159  crash on startup when updating tabline
8.0.0160  EMSG() is sometimes used where it should be IEMSG()
8.0.0161  (after 8.0.0159) can't build with small features
   2016-11-16 11:38:35 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
Update vim* to 8.0.0086.

Changes not found, but I assume bug fixes.
   2016-10-03 22:04:46 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Update package to 8.0.0021.

8.0.0001  intro screen still mentions version7
8.0.0002  the netrw plugin does not work
8.0.0003  getwinvar() returns wrong Value of boolean and number options
8.0.0004  error messagge of function() with wrong argument says NULL
8.0.0005  netbeans test fails with Python 3
8.0.0006  ":lb" is interpreted as ":lbottom" instead of \ 
8.0.0007  Vim 7.4 is still mentioned in a few places
8.0.0008  popup complete test is disabled
8.0.0009  unnecessary workaround for AppVeyor
8.0.0010  crash when editing file that starts with crypt header
8.0.0011  on OSX Test_pipe_through_sort_all() sometimes fails
8.0.0012  typos in comments
8.0.0013  (after 8.0.0011) missing comma in list
8.0.0014  crypt tests are old style
8.0.0015  can't tell which part of a channel has "buffered" status
8.0.0016  (after 8.0.0015) build fails
8.0.0017  cannot get the number of current quickfix or location list
8.0.0018  when using ":sleep" channel input is not handled
8.0.0019  test_command_count is old style
8.0.0020  the regexp engines are not reentrant
8.0.0021  GUI: cursor may be drawn on second half of double byte char

pkgsrc changes:
- switch to github to provide tarballs
- some minor changes
   2016-07-25 12:51:37 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Move USE_LANGUAGES to Makefile.common, fixes non-share builds.