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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.4.1040nb1, Package name: vim-share-7.4.1040nb1, Maintainer: morr

Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi. Many new features
have been added: multi level undo, syntax highlighting, command line history,
on-line help, filename completion, block operations, etc.

This package is only a shared data-package for the `actual' vim packages.
You also have to install one of vim, vim-xaw, vim-gtk, vim-gtk2 or vim-motif
to get a working editor.

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SHA1: aa9439cfc4bbabae2862ac3668414d696f3c8aec
RMD160: 34c84099f8151b1457a6d69a4de167dac70457fa
Filesize: 9909.493 KB

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   2016-06-08 21:25:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2236) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.24.
   2016-01-05 22:36:04 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Unbreak vim-gtk2, now depending on gmakeisms.
   2016-01-03 17:49:49 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to newest patchlevel 1040.


7.4.769  (after 7.4 768) behavior of :diffoff is not tested
7.4.770  (after 7.4.766) different bg color response is not ignored
7.4.771  search wrong when multi-byte character at the start position
7.4.772  Racket 6.2 is not supported on MS-Windows
7.4.773  'langmap' is used in cmdline mode when checking for mappings
7.4.774  it's difficult to get info about the completed item
7.4.775  it is not possible to avoid using the first item of completion
7.4.776  equivalence class for 'd' does not work correctly
7.4.777  the README file doesn't look nice on github
7.4.778  Coverity warns for uninitialized variable
7.4.779  cursor moves when using CTRL-A in line without a number
7.4.780  compiler complains about uninitialized and clobbered variables
7.4.781  line2byte() returns one less when 'bin' and 'noeol' are set
7.4.782  still a few problems with CTRL-A and CTRL-X in Visual mode
7.4.783  copy_chars() and copy_spaces() are inefficient
7.4.784  using both "noinsert" and "noselect" in \ 
'completeopt' fails
7.4.785  automatically adding the missing EOL may cause problems
7.4.786  it is not possible for a plugin to adjust to a changed setting
7.4.787  (after 7.4.786) snprintf() isn't available everywhere
7.4.788  (after 7.4.786) can't build without the crypt feature
7.4.789  (after 7.4.788) using freed memory and crash
7.4.790  (after 7.4.786) test fails without the autochdir feature
7.4.791  the buffer list can be too long to list
7.4.792  can only conceal text by defining syntax items
7.4.793  can't specify when not to ring the bell
7.4.794  Visual Studio 2015 is not recognized
7.4.795  the 'fixeol' option is not copied to a new window
7.4.796  warning from 64 bit compiler
7.4.797  crash when using more command line lines than 'maxcombine'
7.4.798  repeating a change in Visual mode does not work as expected
7.4.799  accessing memory before an allocated block
7.4.800  using freed memory when triggering CmdUndefined autocommands
7.4.801  (after 7.4.769) ":diffoff" test could catch more problems
7.4.802  using "A" in Visual mode with 'linebreak' set is not tested
7.4.803  C indent does not support C11 raw strings
7.4.804  Xxd doesn't have a license notice
7.4.805  ruler shows "Bot" when there are only filler lines missing
7.4.806  CTRL-A in Visual mode fails with "alpha" in 'nrformat'
7.4.807  (after 7.4.798) after CTRL-V CTRL-A mode isn't updated
7.4.808  on MS-Windows 10 IME input doesn't work correctly
7.4.809  (after 7.4.802) duplicate test case
7.4.810  sequence of commands using buffers in diff mode gives E749
7.4.811  invalid memory access when using "exe 'sc'"
7.4.812  Gcc sanitizer complains about using NULL pointer to memmove()
7.4.813  it is not possible to save and restore character search state
7.4.814  illegal memory access with "sy match a fold"
7.4.815  invalid memory access when doing ":call g:"
7.4.816  invalid memory access when doing ":fun X("
7.4.817  invalid memory access in file_pat_to_reg_pat()
7.4.818  'linebreak' breaks c% if the last Visual selection was block
7.4.819  beeping when running the tests
7.4.820  invalid memory access in file_pat_to_reg_pat
7.4.821  coverity reports a few problem.
7.4.822  more problems reported by coverity
7.4.823  cursor moves after CTRL-A on alphabetic character
7.4.824  (after 7.4.813) can't compile without the multi-byte feature
7.4.825  invalid memory access for ":syn keyword x a["
7.4.826  compiler warnings and errors
7.4.827  not all test targets are in the Makefile
7.4.828  crash when using "syn keyword x c"
7.4.829  crash when clicking in beval balloon
7.4.830  resetting 'encoding' when doing ":set all&" causes problems
7.4.831  when error in expanding `=expr` the command is still executed
7.4.832  $HOME in `=$HOME . '/.vimrc'` is expanded too early
7.4.833  more side effects of ":set all&" are missing
7.4.834  gettabvar() doesn't work after Vim start
7.4.835  comparing utf-8 does not handle different byte sizes correctly
7.4.836  accessing unitinialized memory
7.4.837  compiler warning with MSVC compiler when using +sniff
7.4.838  (after 7.4.833) can't compile without the crypt feature
7.4.839  compiler warning on 64-bit system
7.4.840  (after 7.4.829) tooltip window stays open
7.4.841  can't compile without the multi-byte feature
7.4.842  sending too many messages to close the balloon
7.4.843  (after 7.4.835) still possible to go beyond end of a string
7.4.844  when '#' is in 'isident' the is# comparator doesn't work
7.4.845  compiler warning for possible loss of data
7.4.846  some GitHub users don't know how to use issues
7.4.847  "vi)d" may leave a character behind
7.4.848  CTRL-A on hex number in Visual block mode is incorrect
7.4.849  moving the cursor in Insert mode starts new undo sequence
7.4.850  <Esc> does not show up
7.4.851  saving and restoring console buffer does not work properly
7.4.852  MS-Windows console cannot input/output Unicode characters
7.4.853  "zt" in diff mode does not always work properly
7.4.854  missing information about runtime files
7.4.855  GTK: font glitches for combining characters
7.4.856  "zt" still doesn't work well with filler lines
7.4.857  dragging the current tab with the mouse doesn't work properly
7.4.858  it's a bit clumsy to execute a command on a list of matches
7.4.859  Vim doesn't recognize all htmldjango files
7.4.860  filetype detection is outdated
7.4.861  (after 7.4.855) pango_shape_full() is not always available
7.4.862  (after 7.4.861) still problems with pango_shape_full()
7.4.863  plines_nofill() used without the diff feature
7.4.864  (after 7.4.858) tiny build fails
7.4.865  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
7.4.866  crash when changing the 'tags' option from a remote command
7.4.867  (after 7.4.866) can't build on MS-Windows
7.4.868  'smarttab' is also effective when 'paste' is enabled
7.4.869  MS-Windows with Intel GPU: scroll may cause text to disappear
7.4.870  get into an invalid state when using getchar() in expr mapping
7.4.871  Vim leaks memory when 'wildignore' filters out all matches
7.4.872  not using CI services available
7.4.873  (after 7.4.866) compiler warning for unused variable
7.4.874  MS-Windows: size isn't right when inside another application
7.4.875  not obvious how to contribute
7.4.876  Windows7: using vim with msys/msys2, conhost.exe freezes
7.4.877  ":find" sometimes fails
7.4.878  Coverity error for clearing only one byte of struct
7.4.879  can't see line numbers in nested function calls
7.4.880  no build and coverage status
7.4.881  (after 7.4.879) test 49 fails
7.4.882  popup menu remains visible when leaving command line window
7.4.883  (after 7.4.818) block-mode replace works characterwise
7.4.884  Travis also builds on a tag push
7.4.885  upwards search without wildcards does not always work
7.4.886  (after 7.4.876) Windows7: screen flicker when using system()
7.4.887  using uninitialized memory for regexp with back reference
7.4.888  OptionSet autocommands are not triggered from setwinvar()
7.4.889  triggering OptionSet from setwinvar() isn't tested
7.4.890  build failure when using dynamic python but not python3
7.4.891  indentation of array initializer is wrong
7.4.892  on MS-Windows the iconv DLL may have a different name
7.4.893  C indenting is wrong below a "case (foo):"
7.4.894  vimrun.exe is picky about the number of spaces before -s
7.4.895  cmdline completion does not work for a command with digits
7.4.896  editing a URL, which netrw should handle, doesn't work
7.4.897  freeze and crash when there is a sleep in a remote command
7.4.898  the 'fixendofline' option is set on with ":edit"
7.4.899  README file is not optimal
7.4.900  (after 7.4.899) README file can still be improved
7.4.901  BufLeave autocommand an corrupt undo
7.4.902  problems with using the MS-Windows console
7.4.903  MS-Windows: expandinig wildcards may cause bad memory access
7.4.904  Vim does not provide .desktop files
7.4.905  Python interface misses some functions on vim.message
7.4.906  MS-Windows: viminfo file is (always) given hidden attribute
7.4.907  dynamically loaded libs can only be defined at compile time
7.4.908  (after 7.4.907) build error with MingW compiler
7.4.909  "make install" fails
7.4.910  (after 7.4.905) compiler complains about type punned pointer
7.4.911  t_Ce and t_Cs are documented but not supported
7.4.912  wrong indenting for C++ constructor
7.4.913  no utf-8 support for the hangul input feature
7.4.914  new compiler warning: logical-not-parentheses
7.4.915  comma goes missing when removing from 'path' and then adding
7.4.916  when running out of memory, memory may be freed twice
7.4.917  compiler warning for comparing signed and unsigned
7.4.918  (after 7.4.907) a digit in an option name has problems
7.4.919  the dll options are not in the options window
7.4.920  the rubydll option is not in the options window
7.4.921  (after 7.4.906) missing proto file update
7.4.922  leaking memory with ":helpt {dir-not-exists}"
7.4.923  prototypes not always generated
7.4.924  DEVELOPER_DIR gets reset by configure
7.4.925  user may yank or put using the register being recorded in
7.4.926  completing longest match doesn'thandle multi-byte chars
7.4.927  Ruby crashes when there is a runtime error
7.4.928  a clientserver message interrupts handling keys of a mapping
7.4.929  "gv" after paste selects one char less if 'sel' is \ 
7.4.930  MS-Windows: Most users appear not to like the window border
7.4.931  (after 7.4.929) test 94 fails on some systems
7.4.932  (after 7.4.926) test_utf8 has confusing dummy command
7.4.933  (after 7.4.926) crash using longest match in completion
7.4.934  Appveyor also builds on a tag push
7.4.935  test_utf8 fails on MS-Windows when executed with gvim
7.4.936  crash when dragging with the mouse
7.4.937  segfault reading unitialized memory
7.4.938  X11 and GTK have moure mouse buttons than Vim supports
7.4.939  memory leak when encountering a syntax error
7.4.940  vt52 terminal codes are not correct
7.4.941  there is no way to ignore case only for tag searches
7.4.942  (after 7.4.941) test_tagcase breaks for small builds
7.4.943  test_writefile tests are not run
7.4.944  writing tests for Vim script is hard
7.4.945  (after 7.4.944) new style testing is incomplete
7.4.946  (after 7.4.945) missing changes in source file
7.4.947  test_listchars fails with MingW
7.4.948  can't build when the insert_expand feature is disabled
7.4.949  highlighting wrong for 'colorcolumn' with a fullwidth sign
7.4.950  v:errors is not initialized
7.4.951  sorting number strings does not work as expected
7.4.952  'lispwords' is tested in the old way
7.4.953  a test may create the .res file with a wrong name
7.4.954  when using Lua there may be a crash (issue #468)
7.4.955  Vim doesn't recognize .pl6 and .pod6 files
7.4.956  a few more file name extensions not recognized
7.4.957  test_tagcase fails when using another language than English
7.4.958  Vim checks if the directory "$TMPDIR" exists
7.4.959  when setting 'term' the clipboard ownership is lost
7.4.960  detecting every version of nmake is clumsy
7.4.961  test107 fails in some circunstances
7.4.962  cannot run the tests with gvim and individual new tests
7.4.963  test_listlbr_utf8 sometimes fails
7.4.964  test 87 doesn't work in a shadow directory
7.4.965  on FreeBSD /dev/fd/ files are special
7.4.966  configure doesn't work with a space in a path
7.4.967  cross compilation on MS-windows doesn't work well
7.4.968  test86 and test87 are flaky in Appveyor
7.4.969  compiler warnings on Windowx x64 build
7.4.970  rare crash in getvcol()
7.4.971  the asin() function can't be used
7.4.972  memory leak when there is an error in setting an option
7.4.973  pasting on the command line line inserts <CR> characters
7.4.974  when using :diffsplit the cursor jumps to the first line
7.4.975  using ":sort" on a very big file may cause corrupted text
7.4.976  when compiling for MSYS2 the Win32 clipboard is not enabled
7.4.977  problem with 'linebreak' set and using "space" in 'listchars'
7.4.978  test_cdo fails when using another language than English
7.4.979  when crypt key changes blocks read from disk are not decrypted
7.4.980  tests for :cdo, :ldo, etc. are outdated
7.4.981  an error in a test script goes unnoticed
7.4.982  keeping the list of tests updated is a hassle
7.4.983  executing one test after "make testclean" doesn't work
7.4.984  searchpos() always starts searching in the first column
7.4.985  can't build with Ruby 2.3.0
7.4.986  test49 doesn't work on MS-Windows, test70 is listed twice
7.4.987  (after 7.4.985) can't build with Ruby 1.9.2
7.4.988  (after 7.4.982) default test target is test49.out
7.4.989  leaking memory when hash_add() fails; Coverity error 99126
7.4.990  test 86 fails on AppVeyor
7.4.991  when running new style tests the output is not visible
7.4.992  makefiles for MS-Windows in src/po are outdated
7.4.993  test 87 is flaky on AppVeyor
7.4.994  new style tests are not run on MS-Windows
7.4.995  gdk_pixbuf_new_from_inline() is deprecated
7.4.996  new files missing from distro, outdated PC build instructions
7.4.997  "make shadow" was sometimes broken
7.4.998  running tests in shadow directory fails; test 49 fails
7.4.999  "make shadow" creates a broken link
7.4.1000  test 49 is slow and doesn't work on MS-Windows
7.4.1001  (after 7.4.1000) change in makefile missing
7.4.1002  cannot run an individual test on MS-Windows
7.4.1003  Travis could check a few more things
7.4.1004  warnings when using Makefile without auto/config.mk
7.4.1005  Vim users are not always happy
7.4.1006  the fix in patch 7.3.192 is not tested
7.4.1007  swapfile wrong when symbolic link points to file in root dir
7.4.1008  OS/2 code pollutes the source while nobody uses it these days
7.4.1009  there are still #ifdefs for ARCHIE
7.4.1010  some developers are unhappy while running tests
7.4.1011  can't build with Strawberry Perl
7.4.1012  Vim overwrites the value of $PYTHONHOME
7.4.1013  local value of 'errorformat' not used for :lexpr and :cexpr
7.4.1014  fnamemodify('.', ':.') returns an empty string in Cygwin
7.4.1015  matchparen plugin does not restore column in Insert mode
7.4.1016  still a few OS/2 pieces remain
7.4.1017  when there is a backslash in an option ":set -=" doesn't work
7.4.1018  (after 7.4.1017) failure running tests
7.4.1019  directory listing of "src" is too long
7.4.1020  on MS-Windows there is no target to run tests with gvim
7.4.1021  some makefiles are outdated
7.4.1022  the README file contains some outdated information
7.4.1023  MS-Windows distribution files use CR-LF instead of LF
7.4.1024  interfaces for MS-Windows are outdated
7.4.1025  version in installer needs to be updated manually
7.4.1026  running tests with MingW leaves directory behind
7.4.1027  no support for binary numbers
7.4.1028  Nsis version file missing from the distribution
7.4.1029  (after 7.4.1027) test_increment fails with 32 bit long
7.4.1030  test49 is still slow
7.4.1031  can't build with Python interface using MingW
7.4.1032  message from assert_false() does not look nice
7.4.1033  memory use on MS-Windows is very conservative
7.4.1034  there is no test for the 'backspace' option behavior
7.4.1035  non-line number Ex range gets adjusted for folded lines
7.4.1036  only terminals with up to 256 colors work properly
7.4.1037  need to repeat "q!" when there is a modified hidden buffer
7.4.1038  still get a deprecation warning with gdk-pixbuf 2.31
7.4.1039  (after 7.4.1037) test 31 fails with small build
7.4.1040  the tee command can't be build on MS-Windows
   2015-11-03 04:32:24 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (138)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for editors category

Problems found with existing distfiles:
No changes made to the javascript-mode or yEd distinfo files.

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.
   2015-08-18 09:31:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (282)
Log message:
Bump all packages that depend on curses.bui* or terminfo.bui* since they
might incur ncurses dependencies on some platforms, and ncurses just bumped
its shlib.
Some packages were bumped twice now, sorry for that.
   2015-07-13 11:33:14 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Remove prefix option for lua. It prevents detecting default location of Lua.
   2015-07-04 14:54:51 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Add two patches from Ben Batha:

The first patch fixes the lua option, so that vim-share can build with lua
support on platforms with lua in a non-default location.

The second patch adds support for building luajit into vim-share.

   2015-07-04 14:46:30 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to newest patchlevel of vim.


7.4.561  Ex range handling is wrong for buffer-local user commands
7.4.562  segfault with wide screen and error in 'rulerformat'
7.4.563  no test for replacing on a tab in Virtual replace mode
7.4.564  FEAT_OSFILETYPE is used even though it's never defined
7.4.565  some ranges are not checked to be valid
7.4.566  :argdo, :bufdo, :windo and :tabdo don't take a range
7.4.567  non-ascii vertical separater characters are always redrawn
7.4.568  giving an error for ":0wincmd w" is a problem for some plugins
7.4.569  having CTRL-C interrupt does not check the mapping mode
7.4.570  building with dynamic library does not work for Ruby 2.2.0
7.4.571  can't build with tiny features
7.4.572  address type of :wincmd depends on the argument
7.4.573  mapping CTRL-C in Visual mode doesn't work
7.4.574  no error for eval('$')
7.4.575  Unicode character properties are outdated
7.4.576  redrawing problem with 'relativenumber' and 'linebreak'
7.4.577  matching with virtual column has overhead on very long lines
7.4.578  after "$" in an empty line getcurpos() returns negative number
7.4.579  wrong cursor positioning when 'linebreak' set and lines wrap
7.4.580  ":52wincmd v" still gives an invalid range error
7.4.581  compiler warnings for unitinialized variables
7.4.582  (after 7.4.577) can't match "%>80v" properly
7.4.583  with tiny features test 16 may fail
7.4.584  with tiny features test_command_count may fail
7.4.585  range for :bdelete does not work
7.4.586  parallel building of documentation html files is not reliable
7.4.587  conceal does not work properly with 'linebreak'
7.4.588  ":0argedit foo" puts the new argument in the second place
7.4.589  MS-Windows console: Vim can't handle greek utf-8 characters
7.4.590  using ctrl_x_mode as if it contains flags
7.4.591  test_listlbr_utf8 fails when conceal feature is not available
7.4.592  buffer with 'buftype' "nofile" is cleared on re-edit
7.4.593  crash when searching for "x\{0,90000}"
7.4.594  using block delete with 'breakindent' does not work properly
7.4.595  the test_command_count test fails when using Japanese
7.4.596  (after 7.4.592) tiny build doesn't compile
7.4.597  cannot change the result of systemlist()
7.4.598  ":tabdo windo echo 'hi'" causes "* register not to be changed
7.4.599  out-of-memory error for complicated search pattern
7.4.600  memory wasted in struct because of aligning
7.4.601  it is not possible to have feedkeys() insert characters
7.4.602  ":set" does not accept hex numbers as documented
7.4.603  'foldcolumn' may fill the whole window
7.4.604  running tests changes viminfo
7.4.605  the # register cannot be restored after jumping around
7.4.606  may crash when using a small window
7.4.607  (after 7.4.598) compiler warnings for unused variables
7.4.608  (after 7.4.598) test_eval fails without the clipboard feature
7.4.609  the garbage collector can run out of stack space
7.4.610  some function headers may be missing from generated .pro files
7.4.611  (after 7.4.609) syntax error
7.4.612  test_eval fails on Mac
7.4.613  the NFA engine does not implement the 'redrawtime' time limit
7.4.614  there is no test for what patch 7.4.601 fixes
7.4.615  Vim hangs when freeing a lot of objects
7.4.616  cannot insert a tab in front of a block
7.4.617  wrong ":argdo" range does not cause an error
7.4.618  (after 7.4.609) luaV_setref() is missing a return statement
7.4.619  (after 7.4.618) luaV_setref() not returning the correct value
7.4.620  compiler warning for unitinialized variable
7.4.621  (after 7.4.619) returning 1 in the wrong function
7.4.622  compiler warning for unused argument
7.4.623  crash with pattern: \(\)\{80000}
7.4.624  may leak memory or crash when vim_realloc() returns NULL
7.4.625  possible NULL pointer dereference
7.4.626  MSVC with W4 gives useless warnings
7.4.627  the last screen cell is not updated
7.4.628  compiler warning for variable might be clobbered by longjmp
7.4.629  Coverity warning for Out-of-bounds read
7.4.630  redo is wrong for insert mode completion with autocommands
7.4.631  the default conceal character is a dash instead of a space
7.4.632  (after 7.4.592) breaks the netrw plugin
7.4.633  after 7.4.630 the problem persists
7.4.634  marks are not restored after redo + undo
7.4.635  fileformat set to "mac" if a file starts with a very long line
7.4.636  a search with end offset gets stuck at end of file
7.4.637  buffer number for autocommand is wrong
7.4.638  can't build with Lua 5.3 on Windows
7.4.639  combination of linebreak and conceal doesn't work well
7.4.640  after joining lines in Insert mode undo does not work properly
7.4.641  the tabline menu was using ":999tabnew" which is now invalid
7.4.642  when using "gf" escaped spaces are not handled
7.4.643  using the default file format for Mac files (Issue 77)
7.4.644  Stratus VOS doesn't have sync()
7.4.645  window count wrong when splitting window in BufAdd autocommand
7.4.646  ":bufdo" may start at a deleted buffer
7.4.647  files differ after running the tests on MS-Windows
7.4.648  (after 7.4.647) tests broken on MS-Windows
7.4.649  compiler complains about ignoring return value of fwrite()
7.4.650  configure check may fail because the dl library is not used
7.4.651  (after 7.4.582) can't match "%>80v" for multi-byte \ 

7.4.652  xxd lacks a few features
7.4.653  Insert mode completion may have CTRL-L work like CTRL-P
7.4.654  glob()/ globpath() cannot include links to non-existing files
7.4.655  text deleted by "dit" depends on indent of closing tag
7.4.656  (after 7.4.654) missing changes for glob() in one file
7.4.657  (after 7.4.656) compiler warnings for pointer mismatch
7.4.658  'formatexpr' is evaluated too often
7.4.659  when 'ruler' is set the preferred column is reset (Issue 339)
7.4.660  using freed memory if g:colors_name is changed
7.4.661  using "0 CTRL-D" in Insert mode may have CursorHoldI interfere
7.4.662  selecting text object can be wrong when 'M' is in the 'cpo'
7.4.663  when using netbeans a buffer is not found in another tab
7.4.664  effect of 'numberwidth' being set not immediately visible
7.4.665  'linebreak' does not work properly with multi-byte characters
7.4.666  there is a chance that Vim may lock up
7.4.667  'colorcolumn' isn't drawn in closed fold like 'cursorcolumn'
7.4.668  can't use a glob pattern as a regexp pattern
7.4.669  when netbeans is active the sign column always shows up
7.4.670  using 'cindent' for Javascript is less than perfect
7.4.671  (after 7.4.665) warning for shadowing a variable
7.4.672  shell command completion does not see local directories
7.4.673  first syntax entry gets wrong sequence number zero
7.4.674  (after 7.4.672) missing changes in one file
7.4.675  when FileReadPost moves cursor inside line it gets moved back
7.4.676  on Mac, configure can't handle non-default Python framework
7.4.677  (after 7.4.676) configure fails when using python-config-dir
7.4.678  when using --remote the directory may end up being wrong
7.4.679  color values greater than 255 cause problems on MS-Windows
7.4.680  CTRL-W in Insert mode does not work well for multi-byte chars
7.4.681  MS-Windows: with minimized Vim window height is incorrect
7.4.682  search and match highlighting replace cursorline highlighting
7.4.683  typo in the vimtutor command
7.4.684  using non-unique temp file names when running Vim in diff mode
7.4.685  with illegal utf-8 chars old regexp engine may crash
7.4.686  "zr" and "zm" do not take a count
7.4.687  there is no way to use a different Replace cursor in terminal
7.4.688  when "$" is in 'cpo' the popup menu isn't undrawn correctly
7.4.689  MS-Windows: problem with diff mode when 'autochdir' is set
7.4.690  memory access errors when changing indent in Ex mode
7.4.691  (after 7.4.689) can't build with MzScheme
7.4.692  defining SOLARIS for no good reason
7.4.693  session file is not correct when there are multiple tab pages
7.4.694  running tests changes the .viminfo file
7.4.695  out-of-bounds read, dectected by Coverity
7.4.696  not freeing memory when encountering an error
7.4.697  the filename used for ":profile" must be given literally
7.4.698  various problems with locked and fixed lists and dictionaries
7.4.699  E315 when trying to delete a fold
7.4.700  fold can't be opened after ":move"
7.4.701  compiler warning for using uninitialized variable
7.4.702  joining an empty list does uneccessary work
7.4.703  compiler warning for start_dir unused when building unittests
7.4.704  invalid memory access if char search matches an illegal byte
7.4.705  can't build with Ruby 2.2
7.4.706  drawing error when 'laststatus' zero and a cmdline window
7.4.707  undo files can have their executable bit set
7.4.708  gettext() is called too often
7.4.709  ":tabmove" does not work as documented
7.4.710  it is not possible to make spaces visibible in list mode
7.4.711  (after 7.4.710) missing change in one file
7.4.712  missing change in another file
7.4.713  wrong condition for #ifdef
7.4.714  illegal memory access when there are illegal bytes
7.4.715  invalid memory access when there are illegal bytes
7.4.716  ":substitute" flags are not always remembered
7.4.717  ":let list += list" can change a locked list
7.4.718  quickfix autocommands cannot get the current title value
7.4.719  overflow when adding MAXCOL to a pointer
7.4.720  can't build with Visual Studio 2015
7.4.721  empty lines do not have Visual highligthing if 'list' set
7.4.722  0x202f is not recognized as a non-breaking space character
7.4.723  for indenting, finding the C++ baseclass can be slow
7.4.724  vim icon does not show in Windows context menu (issue 249)
7.4.725  ":call setreg('"', [])" reports an internal error
7.4.726  (after 7.4.724) cannot build GvimExt
7.4.727  (after 7.4.724) cannot build GvimExt with MingW
7.4.728  can't build with some version of Visual Studio 2015
7.4.729  (after 7.4.721) occasional crash with 'list' set
7.4.730  when setting the crypt key text in swap file may be corrupted
7.4.731  the tab menu shows "Close tab" even when it doesn't work
7.4.732  the cursor line is not always updated for the "O" command
7.4.733  test_listchars breaks on MS-Windows
7.4.734  ml_get error when using "p" in Visual selection in last line
7.4.735  wrong argument for sizeof()
7.4.736  invalid memory access
7.4.737  on MS-Windows vimgrep over arglist doesn't work (Issue 361)
7.4.738  (after 7.4.732) can't compile without the syntax HL feature
7.4.739  in a string "\U" only takes 4 digits, should be eight
7.4.740  ":1quit" works like ":.quit"
7.4.741  when using += with ":set" a trailing comma is not recognized
7.4.742  no vertical split when loading buffer for a quickfix command
7.4.743  "p" in Visual mode causes an unexpected line split
7.4.744  no tests for Ruby and Perl
7.4.745  entries returned by getmatches() dont work with setmatches()
7.4.746  ":[count]tag" is not always working
7.4.747  ":cnext" may jump to wrong column when 'virtualedit' is \ 
7.4.748  (after 7.4.745) buffer overflow
7.4.749  (after 7.4.741) two consecutive commas are OK for some options
7.4.750  cannot build with clang 3.5 on Cygwin with perl enabled
7.4.751  it is not obvious how to enable the address sanitizer
7.4.752  Unicode 8.0 not supported
7.4.753  appending in Visual mode with 'linebreak' set is wrong
7.4.754  using CTRL-A in Visual mode does not work well
7.4.755  it is not easy to count the number of characters
7.4.756  can't use strawberry Perl 5.22 x64 on MS-Windows
7.4.757  cannot detect the background color of a terminal
7.4.758  'conceallevel' in command-line window hides first character
7.4.759  building with Lua 5.3 doesn't work, symbols have changed
7.4.760  spelling mistakes are not displayed after ":syn spell"
7.4.761  (after 7.4.757) incomplete request-background implementation
7.4.762  (after 7.4.757) comment for may_req_bg_color() is wrong
7.4.763  (after 7.4.759) building with Lua 5.1 doesn't work
7.4.764  (after 7.4.754) test_increment fails on MS-Windows
7.4.765  (after 7.4.754) CTRL-A/CTRL-X in Visual mode do not work well
7.4.766  (after 7.4.757) bg color check does not work on Tera Term
7.4.767  --remote-tab-silent can fail on MS-Windows
7.4.768  :diffoff only works properly once