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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.4.141nb2, Package name: vim-share-7.4.141nb2, Maintainer: morr

Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi. Many new features
have been added: multi level undo, syntax highlighting, command line history,
on-line help, filename completion, block operations, etc.

This package is only a shared data-package for the `actual' vim packages.
You also have to install one of vim, vim-xaw, vim-gtk, vim-gtk2 or vim-motif
to get a working editor.

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SHA1: 23f7844950671f08768f2bc6bc1b97908cd01dfc
RMD160: 7c67da719b2093d08c702b1706fc4cb72097bf13
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   2014-05-30 01:38:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3049)
Log message:
Bump for perl-5.20.0.
Do it for all packages that
* mention perl, or
* have a directory name starting with p5-*, or
* depend on a package starting with p5-
like last time, for 5.18, where this didn't lead to complaints.
Let me know if you have any this time.
   2014-05-03 09:30:19 by Richard PALO | Files touched by this commit (6)
Log message:
'list_remove', being defined as well on SunOS under <sys/list.h>, causes
a 'conflicting types' error when building with perl, python and/or ruby.
Affects the following files: eval.c, if_lua.c and if_py_both.c
   2014-02-20 11:15:57 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Needs a curses implementation.
   2014-02-15 04:37:27 by Amitai Schlair | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Add an option to link with perl, and make the ruby option specify
which interpreter we mean (to avoid getting a system Ruby by mistake).
Approved by morr@.
   2014-01-12 00:24:03 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to patchlevel 7.4.141.

Upstream changes:

7.4.053  test75 has a wrong header
7.4.054  reading past end of the 'stl' string
7.4.055  Mac: Where macros are defined depends on the system
7.4.056  Mac: Compilation problem with OS X 10.9 Mavericks
7.4.057  byteidx() does not work for composing characters
7.4.058  warnings on 64 bit Windows
7.4.059  set_last_cursor() may encounter w_buffer being NULL
7.4.060  declaration has wrong return type for PyObject_SetAttrString()
7.4.061  (after 7.4.056) configure check in the wrong place
7.4.062  (after 7.4.061) wrong configure check for AvailabilityMacros.h
7.4.063  crash when using invalid key in Python dictionary
7.4.064  in Visual block mode replacing with CR does not break lines
7.4.065  the character typed at the hit-enter prompt is recorded twice
7.4.066  MS-Windows: swap file name wrong if colon in file name
7.4.067  CTRL-\ CTRL-O moves the cursor after inserting comment leader
7.4.068  cannot build Vim on Mac with non-Apple compilers
7.4.069  cannot right shift comment lines starting with #
7.4.070  (after 7.4.069) can't compile with tiny features
7.4.071  (after 7.4.069) passing limits around too often
7.4.072  crash when using Insert mode completion
7.4.073  setting undolevels for one buffer changes undo in another
7.4.074  when undo'ing all and making a change, undo structure is wrong
7.4.075  locally setting 'undolevels' is not tested
7.4.076  "cgn" does not wrap around the end of the file
7.4.077  DOS installer creates shortcut without a path
7.4.078  MSVC 2013 is not supported
7.4.079  a script cannot detect whether 'hlsearch' highlighting is on
7.4.080  (after 7.4.079) missing documentation for v:hlsearch
7.4.081  (after 7.4.078) wrong logic when ANALYZE is "yes"
7.4.082  using "gf" in a changed buffer suggests adding "!"
7.4.083  hard to avoid adding a used pattern to the search history
7.4.084  Python: interrupt not being properly discarded
7.4.085  can't move cursor when inserting text in Visual block mode
7.4.086  can't skip over expression when not evaluating for dict member
7.4.087  compiler warning on 64 bit Windows systems
7.4.088  Asian characters are always marked as spell errors
7.4.089  Vim doesn't set the security context on a renamed file
7.4.090  Win32: no completion if dir name contains an exclamation mark
7.4.091  (after 7.4.089) missing semicolon
7.4.092  (after 7.4.088) can't build small version
7.4.093  configure can't use LuaJIT on ubuntu 12.04
7.4.094  configure may not find that -lint is needed for gettext()
7.4.095  (after 7.4.093) regexp for LuaJIT version doesn't work on BSD
7.4.096  can't change directory to an UNC path
7.4.097  unexpected behavior change related to 'virtualedit'
7.4.098  error for line numbers out of range when using \ 
7.4.099  append in blockwise Visual mode with "$" is wrong
7.4.100  NFA regexp doesn't handle backreference correctly
7.4.101  using \1 in pattern goes one line too far
7.4.102  crash when interrupting "z="
7.4.103  dos installer escapes spaces in the diff command wrong
7.4.104  ":help s/\_" reports an internal error
7.4.105  completing a tag pattern may give an error for invalid pattern
7.4.106  can't build with Ruby using Cygwin
7.4.107  Python try/catch doesn't catch Vim error in vim.eval()
7.4.108  "zG" and "zW" leave temp files around on MS-Windows
7.4.109  ColorScheme autocommand matches with the current buffer name
7.4.110  "gUgn" cannot be repeeated
7.4.111  memory leak in Python OptionsAssItem
7.4.112  MS-Windows: defaults for 'dir' and 'bdir' do not include $TEMP
7.4.113  MSVC static analysis gives warnings
7.4.114  new GNU make directory change messages are different
7.4.115  Zsh: expanding ~abc fails when the result contains a space
7.4.116  'showcmd' does not show a typed space
7.4.117  can't build with Cygwin/MingW and Perl 5.18
7.4.118  redrawing status lines may causes recursive call
7.4.119  Vim doesn't work well on OpenVMS
7.4.120  (after 7.4.117) can't build with Perl 5.18 on Linux
7.4.121  completion doesn't work for ":py3d" and ":py3f"
7.4.122  Win32: :grep doesn't work when 'encoding' and ACP differ
7.4.123  Win32: Getting user name does not use wide function
7.4.124  Win32: Getting host name does not use wide function
7.4.125  Win32: Dealing with messages may not work for multi-byte chars
7.4.126  compiler warnings for "const" and incompatible types
7.4.127  Perl 5.18 on Unix doesn't work
7.4.128  Perl 5.18 for MSVC doesn't work
7.4.129  getline(-1) returns zero
7.4.130  relative line numbers mix up windows when using folds
7.4.131  syncbind causes E315 errors in some situations
7.4.132  (after 7.4.122) Win32: flags/inherit_handles args mixed up
7.4.133  Clang warns for using NUL
7.4.134  spurious space in MingW Makefile
7.4.135  missing dot in MingW test Makefile
7.4.136  (after 7.4.096) Windows: readonly when saving UNC path file
7.4.137  cannot use IME with Windows 8 console
7.4.138  (after 7.4.114) directory change messages are not recognized
7.4.139  crash when using :cd in autocommand
7.4.140  crash when autocommand wipes out only other buffer
7.4.141  problems when building with Borland

pkgsrc changes:
remove patches/patch-os__mac.h, it is included upstream.
   2014-01-01 15:44:59 by Amitai Schlair | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Avoid conflicting sigaltstack types on OS X 10.9.
   2013-10-07 21:26:28 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to version 7.4.052.

Patches for vim 7.4:

7.4.001  'ic' doesn't work for patterns such as [a-z]
7.4.002  pattern with two alternative look-behind matches doesn't match
7.4.003  memory access error in Ruby syntax highlighting
7.4.004  when closing a window fails ":bwipe" may hang
7.4.005  "vaB" while 'virtualedit' is set selects the wrong area
7.4.006  mkdir("foo/bar/", "p") gives an error message
7.4.007  creating a preview window on startup messes up the screen
7.4.008  new regexp engine can't be interrupted
7.4.009  too easy to write a file was not decrypted (yet)
7.4.010  (after 7.4.006) crash with invalid argument to mkdir()
7.4.011  cannot find out if "acl" and "xpm" features are \ 
7.4.012  MS-Windows: resolving multi-bye shortcut does not work
7.4.013  MS-Windows: File name buffer too small for utf-8
7.4.014  MS-Windows: check for writing to device does not work
7.4.015  MS-Windows: Detecting node type fails for multi-byte chars
7.4.016  MS-Windows: File name completion has problem with Chinese
7.4.017  ":help !!" does not find the "!!" tag in the help file
7.4.018  when completing item becomes unselected
7.4.019  file name completion fails with Chinese characters
7.4.020  NFA engine matches too much with \@&gt;
7.4.021  NFA regexp: Using \ze may result in wrong end
7.4.022  deadlock while exiting, because of allocating memory
7.4.023  MS-Windows: warning for 64 bit type
7.4.024  current user cannot always use the undo file he created
7.4.025  reading before start of a string
7.4.026  clang warning for int shift overflow
7.4.027  valgrind error when using CTRL-X CTRL-F at start of the line
7.4.028  equivalence classes are not working for multi-byte characters
7.4.029  an error in a pattern is reported twice
7.4.030  the -mno-cygwin argument is no longer supported by Cygwin
7.4.031  ":diffoff!" resets options even when 'diff' is not set
7.4.032  NFA engine does not match the NUL character
7.4.033  if terminal has 20 lines test 92 and 93 overwrite input file
7.4.034  using "p" in Visual block mode only changes the first line
7.4.035  MS-Windows: mouse pointer flickers when going to Normal mode
7.4.036  NFA engine does not capture group correctly when using \@&gt;
7.4.037  "\ze" in a sub-pattern does set the end of the match
7.4.038  Using "zw" and "zg" when 'spell' is off give \ 
confusing error
7.4.039  MS-Windows: &lt; MSCV10 can't handle symlinks to a directory
7.4.040  error on exit when variable holds reference to a script scope
7.4.041  Visual selection does not remain after being copied over
7.4.042  after ":setlocal" 'spell'/'spellang' :spelldump doesn't work
7.4.043  VMS can't handle long function names
7.4.044  can't build with old MSVC
7.4.045  substitute() has a problem with pattern starting with "\ze".
7.4.046  can't use Tcl 8.6
7.4.047  input() does not work in a function invoked by a mapping
7.4.048  recent clang version complains about -fno-strength-reduce
7.4.049  in Ex mode substitute prompt is wrong with line numbers
7.4.050  "gn" may select too much when there are two matching lines
7.4.051  syntax highlighting a Yaml file causes a crash
7.4.052  cursor may end up in the wrong position when auto-formatting
   2013-06-12 16:53:56 by Daniel Horecki | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to patchlevel 1140. (Over 1000!)


7.3.906  the "sleep .2" for running tests does not work on Solaris
7.3.907  Python uses IndexError when a dict key is not found
7.3.908  possible crash when using a list in Python
7.3.909  duplicate Python code
7.3.910  Python code in #ifdef branches with only minor differences
7.3.911  Python: Access to Vim variables is not so easy
7.3.912  typing ":" at hit-enter dialog fails if the a file changed
7.3.913  (after 7.3.905) still a crash when writing viminfo
7.3.914  ~/.viminfo is messed up when running tests
7.3.915  next encoding in 'fencs' is not used if error at the end
7.3.916  using freed memory when pasting with the mouse (Issue 130)
7.3.917  when a path ends in backslash appending a comma fails
7.3.918  repeating Ex command after using Visual motion does not work
7.3.919  (after 7.3.788) empty nl.po file does not work with old msgfmt
7.3.920  compiler warning for size_t to int
7.3.921  trying to create a fontset handle when 'guifontset' is not set
7.3.922  no test for what 7.3.918 fixes
7.3.923  configure check for X11 header files fails on Solaris
7.3.924  Python interface can't easily access options
7.3.925  typos in source code and build files
7.3.926  triggering autocommands is wrong for :tabclose et al.
7.3.927  missing combining characters when putting text in a register
7.3.928  (after 7.3.924) can't build with strict C compiler
7.3.929  (after 7.3.924) unused variable, not freeing unused string
7.3.930  MSVC 2012 update is not recognized
7.3.931  no completion for :xmap and :smap
7.3.932  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
7.3.933  Ruby on Mac crashes due to GC failure
7.3.934  E381 and E380 make the user think nothing happened
7.3.935  (after 7.3.933) Ruby init stack differs on 64 bit systems
7.3.936  (after 7.3.935) Ruby missing piece for static 64 bit linking
7.3.937  more can be shared between Python 2 and 3
7.3.938  Python: not so easy to get the window number
7.3.939  Using Py_BuildValue is inefficient sometimes
7.3.940  Python: Can't get position of window
7.3.941  Python: Stuff in if_py_both.h is ordered badly
7.3.942  Python: SEGV in Buffer functions
7.3.943  Python: Negative indices were failing
7.3.944  external program receives the termrespone
7.3.945  Python: List of buffers is not very useful
7.3.946  sometimes keys starting with &lt;Esc&gt;[ ar not working
7.3.947  Python: No iterator for vim.list and vim.bufferlist
7.3.948  cannot build with Python 2.2
7.3.949  Python: no easy access to tabpages
7.3.950  Python: Stack trace printer can't handle messages
7.3.951  Python exceptions have problems
7.3.952  Python: It's not easy to change window/buffer/tabpage
7.3.953  Python: string exceptions are deprecated
7.3.954  No check if PyObject_IsTrue fails
7.3.955  Python: Not enough tests
7.3.956  Python vim.bindeval() causes SIGABRT
7.3.957  Python does not have a "do" command like Perl or Lua
7.3.958  Python: Iteration destructor not set
7.3.959  (after 7.3.957) missing error number
7.3.960  compiler warning for unused variable
7.3.961  tests 86 and 87 fail when using another language than English
7.3.962  Python tests are not portable
7.3.963  setting curbuf without curwin causes trouble
7.3.964  Python: not so easy to access tab pages
7.3.965  Python garbage collection not working properly
7.3.966  there is ":py3do" but no ":pydo"
7.3.967  (after 7.3.965) build fails on Mac OSX
7.3.968  multi-byte support is only available with "big" features
7.3.969  can't built with Python 3 and without Python 2
7.3.970  (fixed) pattern matching is slow, include the NFA engine
7.3.971  no support for VS2012 static code analysis
7.3.972  cursor not restored properly after InsertEnter autocommand
7.3.973  (after 7.3.970) compiler warnings, crash on startup
7.3.974  can't build with ruby 1.8.5
7.3.975  (after 7.3.970) crash in regexp parsing
7.3.976  (after 7.3.970) can't build with HP-UX
7.3.977  compiler warnings, white space, uncommented for testing
7.3.978  regexp debug logs don't have a good name
7.3.979  complex NFA regexp doesn't work
7.3.980  regexp logs contain garbage; character classes don't work
7.3.981  old regexp engine fails on \i, \I, \f and \F with mbyte chars
7.3.982  \p does not work on multi-byte chars in new regexp engine
7.3.983  uneccessary temp variable
7.3.984  Visual mapping using CTRL-G works differently from Insert mode
7.3.985  GTK vim not started as gvim has WM_CLASS property wrong
7.3.986  test 95 doesn't pass when 'encoding' isn't utf-8
7.3.987  no easy to run an individual test; test 64 may fail
7.3.988  new regexp engine is slow
7.3.989  new regexp engine compares negative numbers to character
7.3.990  memory leak in new regexp engine
7.3.991  more can be shared between python 2 and 3
7.3.992  Python: Too many type casts
7.3.993  (after 7.3.992) later patch does things slightly differently
7.3.994  Python: using magic constants
7.3.995  Python: Module initialization is duplicated
7.3.996  Python: Can't check types of what is returned by bindeval()
7.3.997  Vim and Python exceptions are different
7.3.998  Python: garbage collection issues
7.3.999  new regexp engine sets curbuf temporarily
7.3.1000  (whoa!) typo in char value causes out of bounds access
7.3.1001  duplicate condition in if
7.3.1002  valgrind errors for Python interface
7.3.1003  Python interface does not compile with Python 2.2
7.3.1004  Python: no error when option could not be set
7.3.1005  get stuck on regexp "\n*" and on "%s/^\n\+/\r"
7.3.1006  NFA engine not used for "\_[0-9]"
7.3.1007  can't build on Minix 3.2.1
7.3.1008  test 95 fails on MS-Windows
7.3.1009  Python: compiler warning for ambiguous else
7.3.1010  new regexp: adding \Z makes every character match
7.3.1011  new regexp engine is inefficient with multi-byte characters
7.3.1012  \Z does not work properly with the new regexp engine
7.3.1013  new regexp logging is a bit messy
7.3.1014  new regexp state dump is hard to read
7.3.1015  new regexp engine: Matching composing characters is wrong
7.3.1016  unused field in nfa_state
7.3.1017  zero width match changes length of match
7.3.1018  new regexp engine wastes memory
7.3.1019  not working with the new regexp engine: \%[oxduU]123
7.3.1020  not all patterns are tested with auto / old / new engine
7.3.1021  new regexp engine does not ignore order of composing chars
7.3.1022  compiler warning for shadowed variable
7.3.1023  mixed results for pattern with composing char only and \Z
7.3.1024  new regexp: End of matching pattern not set correctly
7.3.1025  new regexp: not matching newline in string
7.3.1026  new regexp: pattern that includs a new-line matches too early
7.3.1027  new regexp performance: Calling no_Magic() very often
7.3.1028  new regexp performance: Copying a lot of position state
7.3.1030  (after 7.3.1028) can't build for debugging
7.3.1031  compiler warnings for shadowed variable
7.3.1032  "\ze" is not supported by the new regexp engine
7.3.1033  "\1" .. "\9" are not supported in the new regexp engine
7.3.1034  new regexp code using strange multi-byte code
7.3.1035  compiler warning on 64 bit windows
7.3.1036  can't build on HP-UX
7.3.1037  look-behind matching is very slow on long lines
7.3.1038  crash when using Cscope
7.3.1039  new regexp engine does not support \%23c, \%&lt;23c and the like
7.3.1040  Python: Problems with debugging dynamic build
7.3.1041  Python: valgrind invalid read errors.
7.3.1042  Python: can't assign to vim.Buffer.name
7.3.1043  Python: Dynamic compilation with 2.3 fails
7.3.1044  Python: No {Buffer,TabPage,Window}.valid attributes
7.3.1045  Python: No error handling for VimToPython function
7.3.1046  Python: Using Py_BuildValue for building strings
7.3.1047  Python: dir() does not work properly
7.3.1048  Python: no consistent naming
7.3.1049  Python: no consistent naming
7.3.1050  Python: Typo in pyiter_to_tv
7.3.1051  Python: possible memory leaks
7.3.1052  Python: possible SEGV and negative refcount
7.3.1053  Python: no flag for types with tp_traverse+tp_clear
7.3.1054  (after 7.3.1042) can't build without the +autocmd feature
7.3.1055  negated collection does not match newline
7.3.1056  Python: possible memory leaks
7.3.1057  Python: not enough compatibilty
7.3.1058  call of funcref does not succeed in other script
7.3.1059  Python: Using fixed size buffers
7.3.1060  Python: can't repr() a function
7.3.1061  Python: Dictionary is not standard
7.3.1062  Python: List is not standard
7.3.1063  Python: Function is not standard
7.3.1064  Python: insufficient error checking
7.3.1065  Python: key mapping is not standard
7.3.1066  Python: Insufficient exception and error testing
7.3.1067  Python: documentation lags behind
7.3.1068  Python: Script is auto-loaded on function creation
7.3.1069  Python: memory leaks
7.3.1070  crash in Python tests; compiler warning for unused function
7.3.1071  new regexp engine: backreferences don't work correctly
7.3.1072  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
7.3.1073  new regexp engine may run out of states
7.3.1074  compiler warning for printf format
7.3.1075  compiler warning for storing a long_u in an int
7.3.1076  new regexp engine: \@= and \& don't work
7.3.1077  Python: Allocating dict the wrong way, causing a crash
7.3.1078  new regexp engine: \@! doesn't work
7.3.1079  test 87 fails
7.3.1080  test 86 fails
7.3.1081  compiler warnings on 64-bit Windows
7.3.1082  new regexp engine: Problem with \@= matching
7.3.1083  new regexp engine: Does not support \%^ and \%$
7.3.1084  new regexp engine: only accepts up to \{,10}
7.3.1085  new regexp engine: Non-greedy multi doesn't work
7.3.1086  old regexp engine accepts illegal range, new one doesn't
7.3.1087  a leading star is not seen as a normal char when \{} follows
7.3.1089  tests 86 and 87 fail on MS-Windows
7.3.1090  new regexp engine does not support \z1 .. \z9 and \z(
7.3.1091  new regexp engine: no error for \z1 or \z( when not working
7.3.1092  regexp debugging: can't build, debug output has wrong pattern
7.3.1093  new regexp engine: empty \1 skips a character
7.3.1094  new regexp engine: Attempts to match "^" at every character
7.3.1095  compiler warnings for shadowed variables
7.3.1096  Python: popitem() was not defined in a standard way
7.3.1097  Python: a few recently added items are not documented
7.3.1098  Python: Possible memory leaks
7.3.1099  Python: changing directory causes problems
7.3.1100  Python: a few more memory problems
7.3.1101  configure doesn't find Python 3 on Ubuntu 13.04
7.3.1102  completion of ":py3do" and ":py3file" fails after \ 
7.3.1103  new regexp engine: overhead in saving and restoring
7.3.1104  new regexp engine does not handle "~"
7.3.1105  new regexp engine: too much code in one function; dead code
7.3.1106  new regexp engine: save/restore lastlist takes a lot of time
7.3.1107  compiler warnings for unused variables
7.3.1108  error message for os.fchdir()
7.3.1109  building on MS-Windows doesn't see changes in if_py_both.h
7.3.1110  new regexp matching: Using \@= and the like can be slow
7.3.1111  nfa_recognize_char_class() implementation is inefficient
7.3.1112  new regexp engine: \%V not supported
7.3.1113  new regexp engine: \%'m not supported
7.3.1114  (after 7.3.1110) can't build without the syntax feature
7.3.1115  users don't like cursor line number with 'relativenumber' set
7.3.1116  can't build without Visual mode
7.3.1117  new regexp engine: \%[abc] not supported
7.3.1118  match failure rate is not very specific
7.3.1119  flags in 'cpo' are searched for several times
7.3.1120  crash when regexp logging is enabled
7.3.1121  new regexp engine: adding states that are not used
7.3.1122  new regexp engine: \@&gt; not supported
7.3.1123  can't build tiny Vim on MS-Windows
7.3.1124  Python: Crash on MS-Windows when os.fchdir() is not available
7.3.1125  error for using \%V in a pattern in tiny Vim
7.3.1126  compiler warning for uninitialized variable
7.3.1127  no error for using empty \%[]
7.3.1128  every failure in the NFA engine is a syntax error
7.3.1129  can't see what pattern in syntax highlighting is slow
7.3.1130  (after 7.3.1129) can't build with anything but huge features
7.3.1131  new regexp engine is a bit slow
7.3.1132  crash when debugging regexp
7.3.1133  new regexp engine is a bit slow
7.3.1134  running test 49 takes a long time
7.3.1135  compiler warning for unused argument
7.3.1136  ":func Foo" does not show attributes
7.3.1137  new regexp engine: collections are slow
7.3.1138  new regexp engine: neglist no longer used
7.3.1139  new regexp engine: negated flag is hardly used
7.3.1140  new regexp engine: can skip expensive match