./emulators/qemu, CPU emulator using dynamic translation

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.3.0nb2, Package name: qemu-2.3.0nb2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

QEMU is a FAST! processor emulator using dynamic translation to achieve
good emulation speed, QEMU has two operating modes:

* Full system emulation. In this mode, QEMU emulates a full system
(for example a PC), including a processor and various peripherals.
It can be used to launch different Operating Systems without rebooting
the PC or to debug system code.
* User mode emulation (Linux host only). In this mode, QEMU can launch
Linux processes compiled for one CPU on another CPU. It can be used
to launch the Wine Windows API emulator or to ease cross-compilation
and cross-debugging.

Required to run:
[devel/glib2] [devel/SDL] [devel/ncurses] [x11/pixman] [lang/python27]

Required to build:
[textproc/texi2html] [pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/glproto] [x11/renderproto] [x11/xproto] [x11/xf86vidmodeproto] [x11/xf86driproto] [x11/damageproto] [x11/inputproto] [x11/xextproto] [x11/randrproto] [x11/dri2proto] [x11/fixesproto4]

Package options: sdl

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SHA1: 373d74bfafce1ca45f85195190d0a5e22b29299e
RMD160: cb203bf3faa316c9eb4ceeb975441deab6f9b2f7
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   2015-06-12 12:52:19 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3152)
Log message:
Recursive PKGREVISION bump for all packages mentioning 'perl',
having a PKGNAME of p5-*, or depending such a package,
for perl-5.22.0.
   2015-06-10 22:40:11 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Remove tricore usermode.
According to linux-user directory, tricore usermode is not provided.
May fix PR pkg/49808.
   2015-05-16 05:19:54 by Pierre Pronchery | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Add patch for CVE-2015-3456.

fdc: force the fifo access to be in bounds of the allocated buffer

During processing of certain commands such as FD_CMD_READ_ID and
FD_CMD_DRIVE_SPECIFICATION_COMMAND the fifo memory access could
get out of bounds leading to memory corruption with values coming
from the guest.

Fix this by making sure that the index is always bounded by the
allocated memory.

XXX pull-up where applicable
   2015-04-29 22:30:53 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 2.3.0

 * Support for 32-bit KVM guests on 64-bit ARM hosts
 * Support for running KVM under valgrind
 * New IvyBridge CPU model for x86 guests
 * Xen: support for ioreq-server API
 * New 5KEc and 5KEf MIPS64r2, and M14K and M14Kc MIPS32r2
   microMIPS CPU models for MIPS guests
 * Basic support for transactional memory extentions in PowerPC guests
 * Improved VGA support for little-endian PPC/pSeries guests
 * PCI bus support for s390x guests
 * Support for automatic guest device unplug when passthrough devices
   are unbound from VFIO host driver
 * Improved UI performance/support for GTK+/VNC/SDL/Spice, and VNC
   support for multiseat
 * Performance improvements for virtio-blk emulation: asynchronous SCSI
   request handling, and disk read merging.
 * QEMU Guest Agent: now also supports file operations in Windows guests,
   can be used to enable/disable memory blocks in linux guests in
   support for memory hotplug.
 * Migration can now include a JSON description of migration stream to aid
   in identifying incompatibilities betweens guests/hosts.
 * And lots more...
   2015-04-25 16:20:48 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (495) | Package updated
Log message:
Recursive revbump following MesaLib update, categories a through f.
   2015-03-13 10:09:13 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 2.2.1


2001e19: Update version for v2.2.1 release (Michael Roth)
c70221d: vpc: Fix size in fixed image creation (Kevin Wolf)
07db685: coroutine: Fix use after free with qemu_coroutine_yield() (Kevin Wolf)
c4ca8af: acpi: update generated hex files (Michael Roth)
16765a5: acpi-test: update expected DSDT (Michael Roth)
dab0efc: pc: acpi: fix WindowsXP BSOD when memory hotplug is enabled (Igor
6c699aa: xen-hvm: increase maxmem before calling xc_domain_populate_physmap
(Stefano Stabellini)
a958b9b: linux-user: Check for cpu_init() errors (Eduardo Habkost)
4ec1b9b: qdev: Avoid type assertion in qdev_build_hotpluggable_device_list()
(Jun Li)
3e04f97: kvm/apic: fix 2.2->2.1 migration (Paolo Bonzini)
00fd890: target-mips: fix broken snapshotting (Leon Alrae)
3d1cd59: update ipxe from 69313ed to 35c5379 (Gerd Hoffmann)
a97f9a7: exec: change default exception_index value for migration to -1 (Paolo
987aba5: qtest: Fix deadloop by running main loop AIO context's timers (Fam
7d389a2: block/iscsi: fix uninitialized variable (Peter Wu)
2a020d2: fix mc146818rtc wrong subsection name to avoid
vmstate_subsection_load() fail (Zhang Haoyu)
6833856: libcacard: stop linking against every single 3rd party library (Daniel
P. Berrange)
a9eb2b6: qemu-thread: fix qemu_event without futexes (Paolo Bonzini)
4d49de6: vfio-pci: Fix missing unparent of dynamically allocated MemoryRegion
(Alex Williamson)
3750d25: target-arm/translate-a64: Fix wrong mmu_idx usage for LDT/STT (Peter
4ac8b01: hw/input/hid.c Fix capslock hid code (Dinar Valeev)
e60fb7a: sb16: fix interrupt acknowledgement (Paolo Bonzini)
451b9e2: virtio: fix feature bit checks (Cornelia Huck)
0d09315: vt82c686: avoid out-of-bounds read (Paolo Bonzini)
8d1fdb1: target-i386: fix movntsd on big-endian hosts (Paolo Bonzini)
b0a231a: scsi: fix cancellation when I/O was completed but DMA was not. (Paolo
09e2753: linux-user: Fix broken m68k signal handling on 64 bit hosts (Peter
49725cd: pckbd: set bits 2-3-6-7 of the output port by default (Paolo Bonzini)
fdb2ed4: serial: refine serial_thr_ipending_needed (Paolo Bonzini)
e54bcad: serial: reset thri_pending on IER writes with THRI=0 (Paolo Bonzini)
e1ce0c3: vl.c: fix regression when reading machine type from config file
(Marcel Apfelbaum)
cb3360d: PPC: Fix crash on spapr_tce_table_finalize() (David Gibson)
f738ade: atomic: fix position of volatile qualifier (Paolo Bonzini)
83dbd88: migration/block: fix pending() return value (Vladimir
718ab31: target-xtensa: test cross-page opcode (Max Filippov)
27ad3df: target-xtensa: fix translation for opcodes crossing page boundary (Max
6569578: audio: Don't free hw resources until after hw backend is stopped
(Peter Maydell)
51d703f: linuxboot: fix loading old kernels (Paolo Bonzini)
ebd2bd2: block: Don't probe for unknown backing file format (Kevin Wolf)
9f8da03: qcow2.py: Add required padding for header extensions (Kevin Wolf)
63a3acd: qcow2: Fix header extension size check (Kevin Wolf)
9fc6075: block migration: fix return value (Gary R Hook)
6950b92: block/raw-posix: Fix ret in raw_open_common() (Max Reitz)
9b3f3d6: qcow2: Respect bdrv_truncate() error (Max Reitz)
6f45cda: qcow2: Flushing the caches in qcow2_close may fail (Max Reitz)
1e85e69: qcow2: Prevent numerical overflow (Max Reitz)
ff15187: iotests: Add test for unsupported image creation (Max Reitz)
0a0a984: iotests: Only kill NBD server if it runs (Max Reitz)
b15bfd0: qemu-img: Check create_opts before image amendment (Max Reitz)
10be14e: qemu-img: Check create_opts before image creation (Max Reitz)
6065d54: block: Check create_opts before image creation (Max Reitz)
0fc9a06: block/nfs: Add create_opts (Max Reitz)
1961d1c: block/vvfat: qcow driver may not be found (Max Reitz)
e81703b: block: Omit bdrv_find_format for essential drivers (Max Reitz)
7e213f8: block: Make essential BlockDriver objects public (Max Reitz)
   2015-03-06 14:22:03 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Replace user-exec.c patch with cleaned up version which was sent upstream.
Includes PR pkg/49723 fix for sparc64.
   2015-01-09 00:00:42 by Sebastian Wiedenroth | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Disable coroutine-pool on SunOS to work around "Co-routine is yielding to \ 
no one".