./devel/py-prompt_toolkit2, Library for building powerful interactive command lines

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.0.3, Package name: py37-prompt_toolkit-3.0.3, Maintainer: kamelderouiche

Library for building powerful interactive command lines in Python

Required to run:
[devel/py-setuptools] [lang/py-six] [devel/py-wcwidth] [lang/python37]

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SHA1: 951f28624b2a3e7170efa09fa27eddc367d50dd0
RMD160: efe2501cca7560015dd636c50f98580a60aae827
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   2020-01-28 09:01:51 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-prompt_toolkit2: updated to 3.0.3

New features:
- Improved support for "dumb" terminals.
- Added support for new keys (vt100 ANSI sequences): Alt +
- Better performance for the "regular languages compiler". Generate \ 
fewer and
  better regular expressions. This should improve the start-up time for
  applications using this feature.
- Better detection of default color depth.
- Improved the progress bar:
  * Set "time left" to 0 when done or stopped.
  * Added `ProgressBarCounter.stopped`.
- Accept callables for `scroll_offset`, `min_brightness` and `max_brightness`.
- Added `always_prefer_tty` parameters to `create_input()` and `create_output()`.
- Create a new event loop in `Application.run()` if `get_event_loop()` raises

- Correct cancellation of flush timers for input. (Fixes resource leak where
  too many useless coroutines were created.)
- Improved the Win32 input event loop. This fixes a bug where the
  prompt_toolkit application is stopped by something other than user input. (In
  that case, the application would hang, waiting for input.) This also fixes a
  `RuntimeError` in the progress bar code.
- Fixed `line-number.current` style. (was `current-line-number`.)
- Handle situation where stdout is no longer a tty (fix bug in `get_size`).
- Fix parsing of true color in ANSI strings.
- Ignore `invalidate()` if the application is not running.
   2019-12-01 12:46:18 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-prompt_toolkit2: updated to 3.0.2


- Bugfix in the UI invalidation. Fixes an issue when the application runs again
  on another event loop.


New features:
- Added `new_eventloop_with_inputhook` function.
- Set exception handler from within `Application.run_async`.
- Applied Black code style.

- No longer expect a working event loop in the `History` classes.
  (Fix for special situations when a `ThreadedHistory` is created before the
  event loop has been set up.)
- Accept an empty prompt continuation.
- A few fixes to the `Buffer` tempfile code.
   2019-11-28 07:25:06 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-prompt_toolkit2: updated to 3.0.0

New features:
- (almost) 100% type annotated.
- Native asyncio instead of custom event loops.
- Added shift-based text selection (use shift+arrows to start selecting text).

Breaking changes:
- Python 2 support has been dropped. Minimal Python version is now 3.6,
  although 3.7 is preferred (because of ContextVars).
- Native asyncio, so some async code becomes slightly different.
- The active `Application` became a contextvar. Which means that it should be
  propagated correctly to the code that requires it. However, random other
  threads or coroutines won't be able to know what the current application is.
- The dialog shortcuts API changed. All dialog functions now return an
  `Application`. You still have to call either `run()` or `run_async` on the
  `Application` object.
- The way inputhooks work is changed.
- `patch_stdout` now requires an `Application` as input.
   2019-10-07 22:10:26 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-prompt_toolkit2: updated to 2.0.10

Bug fixes:
- Handle HANDLE sizes correctly on windows. This made things break randomly.on
  64 bit systems.
- Handle terminal size correctly when reported as (0, 0).
- Fix width computation in progress bar formatter.
- Fix option-up and -down on Mac with iTerm2.
- Removed ctrl-c in confirmation prompt.

New features:
- Added PROMPT_TOOLKIT_NO_CPR=1 environment variable to disable CPR requests.
- Accept a pattern in `WordCompleter`.
   2019-02-20 08:53:05 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-prompt_toolkit2: updated to 2.0.9

Bug fixes:
- Fixed Application.run_system_command on Windows.
- Fixed bug in ANSI text formatting: correctly handle 256/true color sequences.
- Fixed bug in WordCompleter. Provide completions when there's a space before
  the cursor.
   2019-01-28 10:12:28 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-prompt_toolkit2: updated to 2.0.8


Bug fixes:
- Fixes the issue where changes made to the buffer in the accept handler were
  not reflected in the history.
- Fix in the application invalidate handler. This prevents a significat slow
  down in some applications after some time (especially if there is a refresh
- Make print_container utility work if the input is not a pty.

New features:
- Underline non breaking spaces instead of rendering as '&'.
- Added mouse support for radio list.
- Support completion styles for READLINE_LIKE display method.
- Accept formatted text in the display text of completions.
- Added a FuzzyCompleter and FuzzyWordCompleter.
- Improved error handling in Application (avoid displaying a meaningless
  AssertionError in many cases).
   2018-11-21 18:26:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
py-prompt_toolkit2: added version 2.0.7

Bug fixes:
- Fixed assertion in PromptSession: the style_transformation check was wrong.
- Removed 'default' attribute in PromptSession. Only ask for it in the
  prompt() method. This fixes the issue that passing default once, will
  store it for all consequent calls in the PromptSession.
- Ensure that __pt_formatted_text__ always returns a FormattedText
  instance. This fixes an issue with print_formatted_text.

New features:
- Improved handling of situations where stdin or stdout are not a terminal.
  (Print warning instead of failing with an assertion.)
- Added print_container utility.
- Sound bell when attempting to edit read-only buffer.
- Handle page-down and page-up keys in RadioList.
- Accept any collections.abc.Sequence for HSplit/VSplit children (instead of
  lists only).
- Improved Vi key bindings: return to navigation mode when Insert is pressed.

Bug fixes:
- Don't use the predefined ANSI colors for colors that are defined as RGB.
  (Terminals can assign different color schemes for ansi colors, and we don't
  want use any of those for colors that are defined like #aabbcc for instance.)
- Fix in handling of CPRs when patch_stdout is used.

Backwards incompatible changes:
- Change to the Buffer class. Reset the buffer unless the accept_handler
  returns True (which means: "keep_text"). This doesn't affect applications
  that use PromptSession.

New features:
- Added AdjustBrightnessStyleTransformation. This is a simple style
  transformation that improves the rendering on terminals with light or dark
- Improved performance (string width caching and line height calculation).
- Improved TextArea:
  * Exposed focus_on_click.
  * Added attributes: auto_suggest, complete_while_typing, history,
    get_line_prefix, input_processors.
  * Made attributes writable: lexer, completer, complete_while_typing,
    accept_handler, read_only, wrap_lines.

Bug fixes:
- Fix in DynamicContainer. Return correct result for get_children. This
  fixes a bug related to focusing.
- Properly compute length of start, end and sym_b characters of
  progress bar.
- CPR (cursor position request) fix.

Backwards incompatible changes:
- Stop restoring PromptSession attributes when exiting prompt.

New features:
- Added get_line_prefix attribute to window. This opens many
  * Line wrapping (soft and hard) can insert whitespace in front
    of the line, or insert some symbols in front. Like the Vim \ 
  * Single line prompts also support line continuations now.
  * Line continuations can have a variable width.
- For VI mode: implemented temporary normal mode (control-O in insert mode).
- Added style transformations API. Useful for swapping between light and
  dark color schemes. Added swap_light_and_dark_colors parameter to
  prompt() function.
- Added format() method to ANSI formatted text.
- Set cursor position for Button widgets.
- Added pre_run argument to PromptSession.prompt() method.

Bug fixes:
- Fix render height for rendering full screen applications in Windows.
- Fix in TextArea. Set accept_handler to None if not given.
- Go to the beginning of the next line when enter is pressed in Vi navigation
  mode, and the buffer doesn't have an accept handler.
- Fix the default argument of the prompt function when called multiple
- Display decomposed multiwidth characters correctly.
- Accept history in prompt() function again.

Backwards incompatible changes:
- Renamed PipeInput to PosixPipeInput. Added Win32PipeInput and
- Pass buffer argument to the accept_handler of TextArea.

New features:
- Added accept_default argument to prompt().
- Make it easier to change the body/title of a Frame/Dialog.
- Added DynamicContainer.
- Added merge_completers for merging multiple completers together.
- Add vt100 data to key presses in Windows.
- Handle left/right key bindings in Vi block insert mode.

Bug fixes:
- Fix in 'x' and 'X' Vi key bindings. Correctly handle line endings and args.
- Fixed off by one error in Vi line selection.
- Fixed bugs in Vi block selection. Correctly handle lines that the selection
  doesn't cross.
- Python 2 bugfix. Handle str/unicode correctly.
- Handle option+left/right in iTerm.

Bug fixes:
- Python 3.7 support: correctly handle StopIteration in asynchronous generator.
- Fixed off-by-one bug in Vi visual block mode.
- Bugfix in TabsProcessor: handle situations when the cursor is at the end of
  the line.