./multimedia/mpv, Video player based on MPlayer and mplayer2

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.37.0nb2, Package name: mpv-0.37.0nb2, Maintainer: leot

mpv is a movie player based on MPlayer and mplayer2. It supports
a wide variety of video file formats, audio and video codecs, and
subtitle types.

Required to run:
[graphics/MesaLib] [graphics/hicolor-icon-theme] [graphics/jpeg] [multimedia/libdvdnav] [x11/libdrm] [x11/libXScrnSaver] [x11/libXv] [x11/liboldXrandr] [multimedia/libvdpau] [multimedia/libva] [multimedia/libass] [graphics/lcms2] [devel/SDL2] [lang/lua52] [graphics/libsixel] [multimedia/libbluray] [x11/libXpresent] [multimedia/ffmpeg5]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/xorgproto] [lang/python310]

Package options: bluray, javascript, lua, opengl, sdl2, sixel, vaapi, vdpau, x11

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   2024-01-30 15:22:43 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (672)
Log message:
*: Recursive revbump from audio/pulseaudio-17.0
   2024-01-22 14:17:08 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (119)
Log message:
*: Recursive revbump from multimedia/libvpx
   2024-01-18 08:40:03 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
mpv: libdrm option breaks build on netbsd-9, do not default to it there
   2024-01-01 16:50:14 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
mpv: Update to 0.37.0

pkgsrc changes:
- Remove bits that were applied upstream in patch-osdep_threads-posix.h
- Adjust patch-osdep_threads.c logic to patch-osdep_threads-posix.h
- Add dependency to libplacebo (thanks to <wiz> for help in packaging!)

This release requires FFmpeg 4.4 or newer and libplacebo 6.338.0 or

This is the first release to unconditionally require libplacebo, but
note that the new improved renderer (vo_gpu_next) is not yet the

- ao_oss: add SPDIF passthrough support
- hwtransfer: implement support for HW->HW format conversions
- stream/dvbin: add support for delivery system ISDB-T
- audio/chmap: support up to 64 channels (including 22.2 layout)
- libmpv: add mpv_time_ns()
- vo_gpu, vo_gpu_next: add Vulkan support for macOS
- meson: make libplacebo a required dependency
- hwdec: support videotoolbox hwdec with libplacebo

- msg: print warning and error messages to stderr
- options: restore old default subtitle selection behavior
- input.conf: swap wheel up/down with wheel left/right

- waf: remove waf as a build system
- osc.lua: remove toggle for forced only subpictures (appeared as [F])
- mac: remove runtime checks and compatibility for macOS older than 10.15
- cocoa: remove deprecated OpenGL cocoa backend

Options and Commands
- vo_gpu_next: add --hdr-peak-percentile
- player: add --term-remaining-playtime option
- x11: add --x11-wid-title option
- vo_gpu_next: add --libplacebo-opts
- player: add --subs-match-os-language option (replaces 'auto' option)
- vo: add --video-crop
- win32: add --window-corners, --window-affinity, --title-bar, --backdrop-type
- sub: add --sub-stretch-durations option

- builtin.conf: add --hdr-peak-percentile=99.995 to gpu-hq profile
- player: add 'always' option to --subs-fallback-forced
- demux_playlist: default to --directory-mode=lazy
- builtin.conf: add --allow-delayed-peak-detect=no to gpu-hq profile
- vo_gpu, vo_gpu_next: support --icc-3dlut-size=auto
- demux: prepend some cache options with --demuxer-
- builtin.conf: modernize internal profiles for higher quality rendering by default,
  rename 'gpu-hq' profile to 'high-quality', add 'fast' profile
- vo_gpu, vo_gpu_next: default to dscale=hermite
- builtin.conf: remove deprecated 'opengl-hq' profile
- options: remove a bunch of old option fallbacks/deprecated ones
- vo_gpu: allow --deband-iterations to be 0
- stream_cdda: deprecate --cdda-toc-bias and always check for offsets
- options: disable --allow-delayed-peak-detect by default
- options: adjust default of --watch-later-options

- command: deprecate shared-script-properties
- demux_cue: deprecate --demuxer-cue-codepage for --metadata-codepage

- player: remove special 'auto' option from alang/slang/vlang (previous default)
- vo_gpu: remove --tone-mapping-mode
- vo_gpu: remove --scale-wblur, --scale-cutoff etc.
- vo_gpu: remove --scaler-lut-size
- m_option: drop support for -del for list options

Fixes and Minor Enhancements
- build: remove unneeded libdl requirement for vaapi
- zimg: fix abort on subsampled input with odd heights
- video_writer: fix gamma for YUV screenshots
- player/video: fix possible crash when changing lavfi-complex
- ad_spdif: fix segfault due to early deallocation
- ao_pipewire: fix race conditon with setting the media role
- draw_bmp: fix overflowing coordinates in mark_rcs
- ao_sndio: use sio_flush() to improve controls responsiveness
- vo_vdpau: fix hwdec for this vo
- vo_gpu, vo_gpu_next: fix setting an empty dscale
- vd_lavc: repeatedly attempt to fallback if hwdec fails in reinit
- options: fix relative time parsing on negative input
- win32: signal DPI changes correctly
- mp_image: properly infer color levels for some pixfmts
- vo_gpu_next: add ability to use named hook params
- vo_gpu_next: take into account PAR when taking screenshots
- ao_audiotrack: support more channel layouts
- osc.lua: support speed-independent time-remaining display
- sub: fix switching tracks while paused
- audio: fix clipping with gapless audio enabled
- player/video: avoid spamming logs with EOF
- player/command: detect aspect ratio name and show it in stats.lua
- wayland: keyboard input fixes
- demux_playlist: remove len restriction on headerless m3u
- win32: fix display resolution calculation on mulitple monitors
- vo_gpu_next: multiple adjustments and fixes to interpolation
- loadfile: avoid infinite playlist loading loops
- context_drm_egl: don't free EGL properties if they are null
- x11: require xrandr 1.4, remove xinerama support
- drm_common: skip cards that don't have connected outputs
- win32_common: fixes minimized window being focused on launch
- ao/jack: set device_buffer to JACK buffer size
- meson: rename all features with underscores
- input: add new keys: Back, Tools, ZoomIn, ZoomOut
- win32: don't ignore --screen and --fs-screen
- input: add missing keypad key defines and Windows multimedia keys
- player: use audio pts corresponding to playing audio on EOF
- command: add sub-ass-extradata property
- vo_dmabuf_wayland: unmap osd surface when not needed
- player: always write redirect entries for resuming playback
- stats.lua: reorganize how video params are displayed
- stats.lua: display HDR metadata
- osc.lua: add scrolling to the seekbar
- demux_lavf: prefer track durations over container durations to determine total
- vo: vulkan: allow picking devices by UUID
- video: allow overriding container crop if it is present
- vo_gpu, vo_gpu_next, screenshot: support applying crop for screenshots
- sd_lavc: account for floating point inaccuracy, fix sub PTS
- stream: accept dav:// and davs:// urls
- filter_kernels: refine some constants
- filter_kernels: add ewa_lanczos4sharpest
- osc.lua: add scrolling to audio/sub buttons
- demux_mkv: support cropping and rotation
- vo_dmabuf_wayland: support 90 degree rotations
- filter_kernels: add hermite filter
- vo: avoid unnecessary redraws when the OSD shows
- scripting: support DLL cplugins
- af_scaletempo2: various bug fixes
- sdl_gamepad: fix button detection on modern controllers
- vo_dmabuf_wayland: support osd rendering when there's no video
- demux_playlist: add --directory-mode=auto
- vo_gpu_next: use proper color for subtitles
- win32: add an option to change window affinity and control title bar state
- win32: reduce top border thickness to imitate DWM invisible borders
- wayland: remove gnome-specific idle-inhibit warning
- win32: pass window handle to the window-id property
- osc.lua: fix calculation for slider's min-max average
- recorder: fix a couple of memory leaks
- af_scaletempo2: raise max playback rate to 8.0
- osc.lua: move the idle logo behind other overlays
- hwdec_drmprime: add nv16 support
- various: change internal timing code to work in nanoseconds instead of microseconds
- vo: increase display refresh rate estimation limit from 99 Hz to 400 Hz
- external_files: base cover-art-whitelist on cover-art-auto-exts
- path: don't override cache and state paths with --config-dir
- codec_tags: map some more image mimetypes
- af/vf-command: add ability to target a specific lavfi filter
- win32: prevent white window flash on startup
- demux_playlist: use --metacode-codepage when parsing playlist files
- video: revert racey change that led to stutter and deadlocking
- console.lua: various improvements
- command: add playlist-next-playlist and playlist-prev-playlist
- ytdl_hook.lua: set metadata with single tracks
- defaults.lua: add a disabled parameter to timer constructors
- terminal-unix: race condition fixes
- af_scaletempo2: better defaults
- hwtransfer: handle hwcontexts that don't implement frame constraints
- stream_cdda: remove fallback for ancient libcdio versions
- osdep: drop support for C11 without atomics
- dvbin: do a big cleanup on code style and functions
- ytdl_hook.lua: parse the separate cookies field
- sub: update subtitles if current track is an image
- javascript: use --js-memory-report option instead of MPV_LEAK_REPORT
- ao_coreaudio: signal buffer underruns
- ytdl_hook.lua: support thumbnails
- demux: make hysteresis-secs respect cache-secs
- mp_image: pass rotation correctly to/from AVFrame correctly
- various: add new internal mp_thread abstraction and use it
- drm: use present_sync mechanism for presentation feedback
- vo_gpu: apply ICC profile and dithering only to window screenshots
- audio: introduce ao_read_data_nonblocking() and use it in relevant backends
- wayland: obey initial size hints set by the compositor
- command: export storage aspect ratio (sar) properties
- vo: delay vsync samples by at least 10 refreshes to improve convergence time
- vo_sdl: fix broken mouse wheel multiplier
- vo_gpu_next: simplify cache code and don't re-save when unmodified
   2023-11-12 14:24:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2570)
Log message:
*: revebump for new brotli option for freetype2

Addresses PR 57693
   2023-11-08 14:21:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2377)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for icu 74.1
   2023-10-20 06:58:10 by matthew green | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
add mujs scripting support.

default on, bump pkg revision.  ok leot@.
   2023-08-15 21:17:10 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (9) | Package updated
Log message:
mpv: Update to 0.36.0

pkgsrc changes:
- Switch to meson: waf build system will be deprecated (and started to be
  problematic). Try to adjust all patches that we had to meson and switch to
- Remove patches/patch-player-lua-ytdl__hook.lua, no longer needed (was
  backported from upstream)
- Remove all waf related patches: all of them should be adjusted for meson and
  are no longer used.

Release 0.36.0
This release requires FFmpeg 4.4 or newer.

This is the last release to contain the waf build system.
Meson is the primary and actively supported build system while waf is
considered deprecated.

- player: add window-id property
- vo_kitty: introduce modern sixel alternative
- wayland: add wp-fractional-scale-v1 support
- player/command: add `user-data` property (replacement for \ 
- vo_gpu_next: support mapping HDR10+ dynamic metadata
- vo_gpu_next: allow screenshots in native colorspace
- vo_gpu_next: parse Dolby Vision metadata for dynamic scene brightness
- video: allow csp equalizer adjustments with floating point precision
- command: add platform property
- demux_mkv: support ARIB captions
- hwdec_vulkan: add support for Vulkan-based hardware decoding
- player: better handling of forced-only subtitles and a toggle in the OSC
- vo_dmabuf_wayland: add osd support

- TOOLS/umpv: prefer $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
- ffmpeg: increase minimum required version to 4.4
- player: choose speed of smallest acceptable factor for display sync
- player: don't force saving `start` in watch-later-options
- build: officially deprecate waf
- vf_sub: undeprecate
- player: set playlist title to media title if not set already
- player: use and respect XDG_STATE_HOME and XDG_CACHE_HOME by default
- wayland: bump required version to 1.20 and wayland-protocols to 1.25
- ao_pipewire: require at least libpipewire 0.3.48
- vo: hwdec: prioritise drmprime over drmprime_overlay
- vo_gpu/vo_gpu_next: enable gpu shader and icc cache by default

- drm: remove support for legacy (non-atomic) API
- stream/dvb: drop support for DVB API before Linux 3.7
- hwdec_cuda: drop support for PL_HANDLE_WIN32_KMT (Windows 7 only)
- vo_dmabuf_wayland: drop linux-dmabuf-v2 support

Options and Commands
- player: add --force-render option
- demux: add --demuxer-hysteresis-secs option to save power with caching
- ao_pipewire: allow usage of global volume control via --pipewire-volume-mode
- vo_gpu_next: add --tone-mapping-visualize
- sub: add --sub-fonts-dir and --osd-fonts-dir options
- player: add --auto-window-resize
- console.lua: add a script-opt for the border size
- player: add --drag-and-drop option
- vo_gpu_next: add --corner-rounding option
- player: add more precise sub fallback options --subs-fallback and \ 
- player: add --input-cursor-passthrough option
- TOOLS/lua/autoload: allow extending ext sets from script-opts
- demux_playlist: add --directory-mode option to control recursive directory loading
- vo_gpu_next: add --target-contrast and --hdr-contrast-recovery/smoothness

- vd_lavc: add "auto" choice for --vd-lavc-dr and make it the default
 (notably this change was also backported to v0.35.1)
- wayland: add auto choice to --wayland-configure-bounds
- image_writer: change --screenshot-tag-colorspace default to yes
- vo_gpu_next: expose --tone-mapping=st2094-40 and st2094-10
- wayland: make --wayland-edge-pixels-pointer default to 16
- options: enable scripts related opts also with cplugins
- player/screenshot: add filename return field
- options: set --subs-with-matching-audio to off by default
- options: default --slang to auto, which uses the settings of the user's OS
- vd_lavc: allow user to specify a priority list in --hwdec
- vd_lavc: map hwdec=yes to hwdec=auto-safe and change ctrl+h to use auto-safe

- drm: deprecate `--drm-atomic` (now always enabled)

- vo_gpu_next: remove --tone-mapping-crosstalk

Fixes and Minor Enhancements
- ao_pipewire: log version and other useful debug info
- wayland: error out if essential protocol support is missing
- wayland: add support for content-type protocol
- wayland: also log refresh rate on surface entrance
- vo_gpu_next: fix undefined behavior on alpha-first formats
- meson: prepend MPV_CONFDIR path with prefix
- meson: unbreak dl check on BSDs without libdl
- lcms: fix crash with lcms2-related options if lcms is disabled
- meson: fix stdatomic detection on bsd
- osc: don't spam window-controls bindings on every render
- wayland: check for resize/move in touch event first
- ao_coreaudio: use device's nominal sample rate for latency properties
- hwdec_drmprime: support yuv420p format
- ao_pipewire: properly clean up resources
- vo/{sixel,tct}: use the alternate buffer to restore terminal
- vo_sixel: add option to skip clear while drawing
- filter_kernels: fix kaiser
- hwdec/d3d11va: fix a possible memory leak
- external_files: set log level for potential files to trace
- external_files: recognize webp files as cover art
- vo_opengl: do not blindly reject all Microsoft's OpenGL implementations
- ao_coreaudio: use AudioUnitReset as ao_driver.reset to prevent long restart
- hwdec_drmprime: fix memory leak
- vo: hwdec: fix libdrm-related memory leak
- draw_bmp: ensure last slice width is less than total width
- demux: boost read EBU R128 gain values to ReplayGain's reference level
- version.py: bump copyright year
- TOOLS/umpv: support shell-quotes in $MPV
- vulkan: fix build error for 32bit builds with clang
- TOOLS/lua/autoload: improve and optimize the natural sorting
- vo_wlshm: properly support video panscan
- vo_dmabuf_wayland: support panscan and panning
- ra_d3d11: fix incorrect type
- meson: also search for rst2html with .py extension
- audio: fix crash during uninit with ao_lavc
- wayland: only warn about GNOME when actually missing idle inhibit support
- mp_image: fix XYZ primaries default
- msg: preserve early messages when log-file is set in mpv.conf
- x11: fix issue with xpresent timing feedback
- meson: reuse libmpv objects for cplayer to save 50% of compile steps
- player/client: support observing sub-properties
- m_property: implement new deletion operation on properties
- vo_lavc: set frame rate on encoder to fix non-conforming outputs
- player/video: don't resync audio if video is an image
- stream: accept webdav:// and webdavs:// urls
- video/image_writer: avoid stripping colorspace info when writing image
- stats.lua: display HDR peak in nits
- image_pool: fix memory leak with frames
- options: transition from OPT_FLAG to OPT_BOOL
- vd_lavc: sort hwdecs without hwdevices last for autoprobing
- ytdl_hook: don't overwrite force-media-title
- lua: use user-data for interop between osc.lua and console.lua
- vo: fix race condition with redraw requests
- various: more fixes to ensure correct playback of XYZ colorspace
- ytdl_hook: fix fragment-related issue that broke YouTube DASH playback
- command: expose hls-bitrate and program-id as track-list subproperties
- ao_pipewire: use realtime scheduling for data thread
- auto_profiles: check for non-existent properties
- d3d11: retry device creation without debug, if SDK is not available
- win32: follow Windows settings and update dark mode state
- ytdl_hook.lua: fix clip start and end
- hwdec_drmprime: support custom rpi4_8 and rpi4_10 formats
- sub: fix UPDATE_SUB_HARD for converted and external subtitles
- charset_conv: fix memory corruption in mp_iconv_to_utf8
- options: read config file as stream
- wayland: improve guessing when mpv is focused
- player: always try to detect subtitle language from file name
- vo: fix mp_frame_perf thread safety
- lua: read_options: find script-opts prefix at index 1 exactly
- path: handle URLs consistently in mp_basename
- ao_wasapi: remove infinite loop hack in AOCONTROL_UPDATE_STREAM_TITLE
- ao_wasapi: use client name instead of hardcoded string
- vd_lavc: fix crash if hwdec devices fail to create
- vo_drm: fix null dereference and using closed fd
- image_writer: respect jpeg-quality when using ffmpeg for writing
- image_writer: add support for AVIF
- TOOLS/lua/autoload: avoid unnecessary playlist manipulation, performance
- various: correctly ignore cache files with --no-config
- terminal-unix: better error detection logic
- json: raise parse depth to 50 for the sake of utils.parse_json()
- player: delete watch_later file only after successful load
- wayland: fix memory leak with multiple monitors
- vd_lavc: prefer d3d11va-copy over dxva2-copy
- vd_lavc: fix hwdec for videos with less than less than 3 frames
- wayland: add support for suspended toplevel state
- draw_bmp: ensure last slice is less than total width (again)
- console.lua: sort the output from the help command
- vd_lavc: try other hwdecs when falling back after an hwdec failure
- sd_ass: don't reconfigure ass on every frame (performance regression)
- sd_ass: fix converted subtitles having too-wide borders
- loadfile: compute audio language for sub selection when using lavfi-complex
- wayland: fix modifier keys in certain situations
- vd_lavc: corrections towards hwdec and swdec fallback
- zimg: fix broken sig_peak (HDR) handling
- screenshot: implement `screenshot window` in sw for most VOs
- osc: don't add margins to osc-deadzonesize
- vo_vaapi: fix segfault in draw_osd
- vo_dmabuf_wayland: correctly handle force-window
- ao_pipewire: fix error with pipewire 0.3.75 or later