./net/cacti, Web frontend to rrdtool for monitoring systems and services

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.2.11nb4, Package name: cacti-1.2.11nb4, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Cacti is a complete frontend to rrdtool, it stores all of the necessary
information to create graphs and populates them with data in a MySQL
database. The frontend is completely PHP driven. Along with being able
to maintain Graphs, Data Sources, and Round Robin Archives in a
database, cacti handles the data gathering also. There is also SNMP
support for those used to creating traffic graphs with MRTG.

The Plugin Architecture for Cacti was designed to be both simple in nature
and robust enough to allow freedom to do almost anything in Cacti. The
Plugin Architecture for Cacti is integrated into this package.

Required to run:
[textproc/php-json] [www/ap-php] [databases/php-pdo_mysql] [databases/php-ldap] [databases/rrdtool] [archivers/php-zlib] [net/php-sockets] [net/php-snmp] [devel/php-gettext] [devel/php-gmp] [devel/php-posix] [converters/php-mbstring]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [www/apache24] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

Master sites:

SHA1: 8a9893b72b7960dbe39d45c40f573769156a4fc6
RMD160: ed0aab796d58a1781d7c5fe6195b61ef63d065fe
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   2021-03-07 14:21:58 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (17)
Log message:
Switch to use lang/php/json.mk.
   2020-11-05 10:09:30 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1814)
Log message:
*: Recursive revbump from textproc/icu-68.1
   2020-08-31 20:13:29 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3631) | Package updated
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.32.
   2020-08-17 22:20:41 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (2202)
Log message:
*: revbump after fontconfig bl3 changes (libuuid removal)
   2020-06-02 10:25:05 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (1689)
Log message:
Revbump for icu
   2020-04-21 15:55:22 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
(net/cacti) Updated 1.2.7 to 1.2.11

-security#1566: Add SameSite support for cookies
-security#1985: Cookie should be properly verified against password
-security#3342: CSRF at Admin Email
-security#3343: Improper Access Control on disabling a user.
-security#3414: Update to jQuery 3.4.1 to resolve XSS issues with jQuery 3.3.1
-issue#2265: When attempting to save Graph field, query_ifSpeed is not properly \ 
-issue#2400: Allow ability to duplicate site settings
-issue#2428: Make plugins non-case sensitive for folder names, whilst allowing \ 
nicer display names
-issue#2580: When running DSSTATS, system isn't properly detecting that another \ 
is already running
-issue#2853: Discovered Devices filtering do not include snmp description or name
-issue#3231: Allow user to unlock a tree that has been locked for editing by another
-issue#3237: Report gets resent every poller cycle
-issue#3247: Language source files do not update "PO-Revision-Date" \ 
-issue#3261: Automation rules aren't run for new devices on remote data collectors
-issue#3296: Bad PHP memory limit values can result in failed upgrades
-issue#3299: When using php-snmp and setting SNMPv3, warning is now shown as \ 
library does not support it properly
-issue#3303: When installing under Windows OS, path expansion is not converted \ 
to PHP required format
-issue#3310: When using 32-bit OS, automation errors can be seen due to subnet \ 
mask calculations
-issue#3312: Console menu does not auto-expand for graph item editor page
-issue#3313: When installing, multiple issues can be seen due to bad packages
-issue#3314: Script Server has invalid debug code left in
-issue#3317: Warnings can appear from CSRF Magic library due to multiple token \ 
values being found
-issue#3319: Errors can occur upgrading from 0.8.x due to incorrectly detected \ 
data source profile id
-issue#3322: When searching for LDAP accounts, allow recursive searching
-issue#3330: Packages that are not properly formatted can cause installation issues
-issue#3334: When upgrading from 0.8.x Automation SNMP Options should be populated
-issue#3335: Unable to hide Device based Aggregate Graphs on Tree
-issue#3336: Plugins need the ability to relax some content security policies in \ 
order to work properly
-issue#3340: Undefined variable warning can appear when using 95th percentile graphs
-issue#3341: MoTranslator does not appear to be handing null values properly
-issue#3345: When attempting to refresh datetime picker, unexpected results can \ 
-issue#3346: When attempting to rewrite octet strings, extra space breaks \ 
pattern matching
-issue#3348: When attempting to handle Orphans and/or Sync Graphs, results are \ 
not as expected
-issue#3349: Prevent setting the PHP variable max_input_vars since it is read only
-issue#3350: When editing a data source template, inconsistent results can be \ 
seen due to database query
-issue#3355: When viewing raw graph data via the GUI, values are not always \ 
calculated correctly
-issue#3357: Tree Search textbox resizes to 0 in some cases
-issue#3360: When using guest accounts, after several timeouts result in \ 
refreshes, guest becomes logged out
-issue#3363: The current user and user group permissions pages are not responsive
-issue#3367: When Data Queries timeout, data is removed from the Host SNMP Cache \ 
table causing issues
-issue#3368: Saving a Graph Template Item fails due to missing includes
-issue#3373: When logging in via LDAP, ActiveDirectory would sometimes report \ 
insufficient access
-issue#3375: When polling more often than default period of collecting data, \ 
distribution of collected data was not occurring
-issue#3376: Improve speed when recovering from a poller from offline state
-issue#3378: When attempting to check whether to include MoTranslator, typo \ 
makes it appear unavailable
-issue#3380: php error when trigger threshold sendmail
-issue#3386: Second data collector shows as running when its has no items to gather
-issue#3387: Minor corrections to CSRF Magic
-issue#3388: Naming of CLI programs does not always match name used within \ 
syntax usage advice
-issue#3390: Incorrect breadcrumb bar if current tab is not "Graphs"
-issue#3402: Cacti scores low on performance audit on lighthouse audit
-issue#3408: CSRF Secret path is not passed properly when attempting to \ 
initialize secret
-issue#3409: Issues with navigation link activations to other base Cacti pages
-issue#3410: Zoom looses focus in advanced mode while crossing chart border
-issue#3411: When upgrading a primary server, full synchronization is not \ 
happening as expected
-issue#3412: When upgrading a primary server, automation templates are removed
-issue#3413: When upgrading and choosing to upgrade your packages, installer \ 
finishes without package data in log
-feature#1551: Allow system uptime to be a variable for use with graphs
-feature#1990: Plugin Realm should have a 'role' to help maintain changes \ 
between plugins
-feature#2110: Add Refresh Interval to Data Collectors display
-feature#2156: Add Location based filtering
-feature#2236: Allow for Purging of Data Source Statistics from the GUI
-feature#2268: Restore ability to duplicate a data profile
-feature#2534: Enhance table navigation bars to support systems with larger \ 
number of items
-feature#2688: Increase length of Graph Item 'value' field to support \ 
pango-markup better
-feature#3304: Allow Basic Auth Accounts to be mapped by CSV file
-feature#3366: Make form elements under checkbox_groups flow using flex grid style
-feature#3374: Set the domain attribute to secure cookies for the 'remember me' \ 
-feature#3403: Enhance the "Graph Debug Mode" to display RRDtool \ 
Command lengths and excess warnings

-security#3285: When guest users have access to realtime graphs, remote code \ 
could be executed (CVE-2020-8813)
-issue#3240: When using User Domains, global template user is used instead of \ 
the configured domain template user
-issue#3245: Unix timestamps after Sep 13 2020 are rejected as graph start/end \ 
-issue#3246: When upgrading with remote collectors, sync status does not always \ 
return properly
-issue#3250: When PHP memory limit is set to -1, recommendation value fails
-issue#3253: Upgrade can stall when checking permissions on csrf-secret.php
-issue#3254: Installer shows script owner rather than running user for suggested \ 
chown command
-issue#3266: When setting User Groups to 'Defer to the User', setting can lead \ 
to user being told they have no permissions
-issue#3269: When searching Graphs under a Chinese language, an unexpected error \ 
as sometimes shown
-issue#3274: When editing a tree, multiple device drag/drop does not work
-issue#3276: When spine aborts, script server can be left wanting or generating \ 
unnecessary logs
-issue#3277: When boost does not find an initial time, numeric errors can be raised
-issue#3281: When changing Graph Template options, incorrect image format may be \ 
-issue#3282: Graph's can be sized incorrectly if image is SVG format
-issue#3283: When setting a file path, valid characters not recognised properly
-issue#3287: When using graph template 'Cacti Stats - User Logins', an incorrect \ 
count of invalid users can be seen
-issue#3288: When on Device page, pressing 'Go' on the filter caused Device New \ 
menu pick to appear
-issue#3289: When using CMD.PHP, poller id is not always shown properly
-issue#3290: When using CMD.PHP, inconsistent device logging levels may occur
-issue#3298: When initialising fields in JavaScript, text/textarea elements have \ 
width set to zero if it is hidden by parent
-issue#3302: Editing a Graph Template does not show the Data Template name

-security#3191: Lack of escaping on some pages can lead to XSS exposure \ 
-security#3201: Remote Code Execution due to input validation failure in \ 
Performance Boost Debug Log (CVE-2020-7237)
-issue#2937: Devices still show in lists despite being deleted
-issue#3038: When editing an aggregate on smaller screens, layout may not be correct
-issue#3136: Upgrade may fail between 1.2.7 and 1.2.8 if incompatible database \ 
format used
-issue#3142: Chrome sets graphs tree navigation view to width 0px
-issue#3146: Unable to create aggregate graphs on new installations
-issue#3149: After refresh of page, tooltips stop working
-issue#3150: When using Time Graph View, Zooming can cause errors
-issue#3151: Passing glue string after array is deprecated in PHP 7.4
-issue#3155: Aggregate does not correctly follow color template when reordered
-issue#3156: On new installs, gprint_format was missing from table aggregate_graphs
-issue#3157: Back button not working properly with Classic theme
-issue#3158: Classic theme show only 3 tabs on mobile device. Don't show Console menu
-issue#3159: PHP Memory is not correctly identified when value is not in megabytes
-issue#3161: When the poller_output_boost table is missing, recreate it before a \ 
poller run
-issue#3163: When using RPMlint, Free Software Foundation address is shown to be \ 
-issue#3165: Zoom looses its focus after all graphs on page rendered
-issue#3166: When changing zoom level, graphs are resized inappropriately at the end
-issue#3167: Installer should initialize the csrf-secret.php file automatically
-issue#3168: sqltable_to_php.php script does not pick up row_format
-issue#3177: Remove legacy plugin hook that presents potential 3rd party \ 
security issues
-issue#3178: The change password page is not displaying the rules
-issue#3180: Receiving undefined index errors when working with some Data Queries
-issue#3181: When configuration file is unreadable, Cacti shows database \ 
connection errors if non defaults are needed
-issue#3182: When a database connection error occurs, there is no way to report \ 
actual error
-issue#3184: Improve program path detection by using system path and PHP_BINDIR
-issue#3193: Starting with MySQL 5.7 some sql_mode variables are required for \ 
some plugins
-issue#3196: Minimize use of eval() in JavaScript due to emerging \ 
Content-Security-Context guidelines
-issue#3200: Unable to mass change Graph Template image format in mass
-issue#3206: Converted aggregate graph cannot be edited
-issue#3209: Error occurs when Creating New Graphs through Automatically Added \ 
Devices using Sync Device Template
-issue#3216: When editing a Data Source Profile size is shown as 'N/A'
-issue#3224: When removing graphs by command line, regex is not properly \ 
validated when empty
-issue#3225: Unable to Import Templates due to invalid dependency hash
-issue#3226: When processing secpass login, failed logins are not recorded
-issue#3228: Login page does not remember the last realm used by user
-issue#3232: When editing HRULE and VRULE items, color selector was not presented
-issue#3233: When working with non-templated graphs, it can be difficult to \ 
determine what items represent
-issue#3235: Transient errors may occur with table poller_output_boost_arch

-security#3025: CVE-2019-17357 When viewing graphs, some input variables are not \ 
properly checked (SQL injection possible)
-security#3026: CVE-2019-17358 When deserializating data, ensure basic \ 
sanitization has been performed
-security#3066: When using HTTPS, secure cookie to prevent potential weakness
-issue#1228: Any tree or branch with a long name force main content off screen
-issue#2133: Long snmp_indexes are being cut off
-issue#2888: Long hostnames cause template filter to go off page
-issue#2987: Changing Color Template does not update Aggregate
-issue#2989: Allow Remote Data Collectors to maintain their own path variables
-issue#2991: Cacti Statistics device template can generate unexpected errors
-issue#2995: When editing a report, column setting may be ignored incorrectly
-issue#2996: When editing a user, graph options do not properly reflect \ 
previously saved settings
-issue#2998: Session performance issues due to excessive use for database storage
-issue#2999: Blank arguments can lead to extra spaces in script arguments
-issue#3006: Boost generates undefined variables warning during poller run
-issue#3011: i18n logging does not check write permission exists
-issue#3012: When viewing realtime graphs, some input variables are not properly \ 
-issue#3013: Allow legends to be modified for Aggregate Graphs
-issue#3017: Automation network range with spaces fails validation
-issue#3019: User selected language is not always adhered to
-issue#3021: Tree view cuts off at the bottom of page on modern theme
-issue#3023: When clicking highlighted tab, side panel is not always \ 
shown/hidden correctly
-issue#3027: Aggregate Graph re-ordering does not work
-issue#3028: When zooming a graph, unable to reach edge of graph without losing focus
-issue#3030: Pace continues to run even after a page is finished rendering
-issue#3032: Graphs may select MAX instead of AVERAGE as consolidation function \ 
even if there is no item with MAX present.
-issue#3035: When editing a tree, can not remove entries due to CSS bug
-issue#3037: When emptying poller output using cli, debug functions are not \ 
properly included
-issue#3039: Allow packagers to be able to specify an alternate location of \ 
csrf-secret.php file
-issue#3040: When running automation, discovery can still run even if cancelled
-issue#3041: When running automation, scans do not always respond to being cancelled
-issue#3042: When running automation, scan can fail when selecting remote pollers
-issue#3045: When viewing Aggregate Graphs, an error due to undefined referrer \ 
may occur
-issue#3047: When saving settings, ignore remote pollers who have not checked in \ 
-issue#3050: When viewing graph trees, some input variables are not properly checked
-issue#3052: When editing CDEF's, slow database performance can occur
-issue#3053: When viewing graph thumbnails, some input variables are not \ 
properly checked
-issue#3055: During install/upgrade, database tests are not performed correctly
-issue#3059: When using nth_percentile, correct value is not always returned if \ 
using MAX consolidation
-issue#3060: When upgrading from older MySQL databases, format is not changed \ 
from compact to dynamic
-issue#3061: When running automation, allow SNMP to be used as a ping method
-issue#3068: When administrating users, some input variables are not properly checked
-issue#3070: Improve database logging when a crashed table is encountered
-issue#3073: Automation network range does not always produce the correct \ 
start/end values
-issue#3078: When viewing graph debug from remote data collector, File Not Found \ 
warnings can appear incorrectly
-issue#3079: Allow domain names to be stripped from a device's long description
-issue#3080: Remote Agent throws warnings that graph_nolegend has not been sanitized
-issue#3085: When editing a poller, ensure each listening IP is unique
-issue#3081: External Links are not showing a glyph when they appear on the \ 
Console menu
-issue#3089: When viewing graphs in realtime, undefined variable can be logged \ 
for 95th Percentile graphs
-issue#3099: Graph template 'Linux - Memory Usage' has the wrong unit on its \ 
-issue#3101: Polling times can be slightly inconsistent due
-issue#3104: When viewing graphs, a byref error can be seen in the error logs
-issue#3105: When viewing hosts, some input variables are not properly checked
-issue#3111: When adding devices via command line, bad SNMP versions are not reported
-issue#3112: When zooming on Graphs, too many requests are being made causing \ 
-issue#3114: Support for USB devices that change name due to their hosts restarting
-issue#3118: When converting tables, the dynamic row format should be selected
-issue#3119: Main Data Collector should perform a Full Sync whenever it is \ 
-issue#3120: Correct issues causing incompatibility with PHP 7.4
-issue#3121: When converting tables during install, show what will be changed
-issue#3123: Named colors table is not properly imported/upgraded
-issue#3124: When a second data collector is added, boost is not enabled \ 
-issue#3128: i18n handler checks for existence of wrong mo file
-issue#3129: Logout repeated occurs even when already logged out
-issue#3132: Installer fails to continue if automation range is array of networks
-issue#3098: Support percent sign(%) in graph gprint item like legend area.
-feature#3077: Allow disabling remote poller resource cache replication to \ 
support upgrade testing
   2020-04-21 15:42:52 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
(net/cacti) Updated 1.2.3 to 1.2.7

-security#2964: CVE-2019-16723 Security issue allows to view all graphs
-issue#1181: When opening the Scheduler, it may appear off screen when opened \ 
near the bottom of a window
-issue#2894: When using Remote Data Collectors, database information and \ 
recommendations may show Incorrect values
-issue#2895: When using data sources from different RRDs, Percentile calculation \ 
may be incorrect
-issue#2899: When displaying a form, variable substitution may not always work \ 
as expected
-issue#2922: When running a data query, the result may come back as undefined
-issue#2925: When using consolidation functions, retrieving the first step can \ 
cause errors
-issue#2926: When editing a graph, variable validation errors may prevent \ 
changes from being saved
-issue#2929: Boost performance may become poor even in single server mode
-issue#2930: RRDtool can generate errors to standard output which can corrupt images
-issue#2932: When RRDTool generates an error creating an image, it is not always \ 
reportedly properly
-issue#2936: Installer will loop when number of tables exceeds PHP's \ 
max_input_vars limit
-issue#2938: Under CentOS packages, upgrade_database.php script uses incorrect \ 
location for DB upgrade scripts
-issue#2940: Images are not always properly sized until the page size changes
-issue#2949: Order icons may not be properly aligned
-issue#2951: Allow legends to be modified for Aggregate Graphs
-issue#2958: Drop down autocomplete lists do not always open as expected
-issue#2961: When syncing device templates, undefined function may be raised
-issue#2963: When running ss_cpoller script, avgTime incorrect returns maxTime
-issue#2966: Realtime popup windows do not always honor settings
-issue#2967: When using Spikekill, gap and range fill are not operating as expected
-issue#2970: When a user edits their profile, buttons may appear as unusable \ 
whilst still being enabled
-issue#2973: User menu does not always display properly on mobile devices
-issue#2974: Script Server can raise unexpected warnings when 'arg_num_indexes' \ 
set but not found in data source
-issue#2975: Datasource Debug does not properly handle European numbers in \ 
certain circumstances
-issue#2976: Boost messages should be stored in their own log file
-issue#2977: Data updates with past timestamps can cause boost errors
-issue#2978: Moving hosts between data collectors is slow
-issue#2979: Multi Output Fields are not parsed correctly
-issue#2984: When checking SQL fields, value was not always primed
-issue#2986: Selecting 'Devices' menu pick closes 'Management' menu
-feature#2943: Allow all Data Queries of a device to be re-indexed at once
-feature#2952: If device is down or threshold breached, highlight in tree view
-feature#2985: Update phpseclib to 2.0.23

-issue#2794: Graph template not saved on graph edit
-issue#2825: "innodb_doublewrite = off" possibly dangerous recommendation
-issue#2829: PHP recommendations always see memory limit as unlimited
-issue#2830: Disabled Top/Bottom external links should not be displayed
-issue#2832: Install/Upgrade log does not show anything
-issue#2833: Undefined index can occur when data source does not have an snmp_index
-issue#2834: Boost performance drops on very large systems
-issue#2835: When creating graphs and inneficient query is causing long creation \ 
-issue#2837: Sunrise theme does not render checkboxes 100% correctly
-issue#2838: jQueryMultiselect does not match upstream due to forking
-issue#2839: Non regular expression search filters don't support international \ 
-issue#2841: Total count is wrong after searching for External Link pages
-issue#2843: DSStats reruns Daily Aggregation every minute
-issue#2844: Autocomplete settings for passwords are not properly defined
-issue#2845: Data Template can't be edited when it is in use
-issue#2846: Allow tooltips for section headers with 'question' icon
-issue#2847: Permanently convert an Aggregate to a regular graph
-issue#2848: Aggregate graphs get clipped due to incorrect date range
-issue#2856: Aggregate issues with very long RRDtool command lines
-issue#2857: When trying to find the best index to use, a 'must implement \ 
Countable' warning appears
-issue#2860: When testing remote poller connections during install, undefined \ 
variable warning can occur
-issue#2862: Automation does not calculate network information correctly for \ 
single hosts
-issue#2866: Add poller ID to subject for admin notifications
-issue#2869: When creating aggregates from Graphs, JavaScript issues can occur
-issue#2872: Add support for MySQL 8 and use of grouping as name for a column
-issue#2875: Undefined variable when removing spikes in some cases
-issue#2877: When attempting to send report, undefined function 'get_tinespan' \ 
messages appear
-issue#2878: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is now deprecated in PHP 7.4
-issue#2879: Switching from authPriv to authNoPriv produces error when saving
-issue#2884: Replication continues to occur when poller has been disabled by \ 
-issue#2891: Script server script ss_fping.php generates error when not called \ 
by script server
-issue#2901: Poller overrun warning message is badly worded
-issue#2902: Mailer incorrectly reports it is sending to noone
-issue#2903: PHP recommendations can generate a warning causing JSON issues
-issue#2905: Sorting plugins by version can lead to unexpected ordering
-issue#2907: SSL column for multiple pollers can be incorrectly set causing SQL \ 
-issue#2908: When URL_PATH is blank, it should assume that it is '/'
-issue#2909: Correct usage of affect vs effect in strings
-issue#2910: Can not show user menu when in portrait mode on mobile devices
-issue#2911: Graph variables are not always encoded to JSON properly resulting \ 
in warnings
-issue#2912: Navigation cache can sometimes be corrupted resulting in a \ 
non-array value
-issue#2913: When adding new graphs, the type of graph is not remembered
-issue#2917: Action icons next to graphs can sometimes become unselectable due \ 
to zoom
-issue#2919: When refreshing menu, selected items are sometimes lost and submenu \ 
items can become hidden

-issue#1978: Popup Menus can appear off screen when using Graph Thumbnails
-issue#2282: Installation wizard does not detect RRDtool version correctly
-issue#2524: When editing a tree, Drag and Drop of Devices does not always work \ 
as expected
-issue#2573: Associated Graph Template for Data Query can sometime disappear
-issue#2656: GPRINT text_format does not replace Data Query and Host Fields
-issue#2661: Automation does not always calculate network range/subnet correctly
-issue#2663: Some legacy Data Queries can not determine their index order \ 
causing broken graphs
-issue#2674: Large strings can sometimes cause language translation can fail
-issue#2719: Automation may sometimes create empty graphs
-issue#2721: When replacing '|input_xxxx|' strings, undefined index can occur
-issue#2722: Calls to _db_replace() are not consistent resulting in warnings
-issue#2723: When replicating to remote pollers, Undefined Variable errors may \ 
be seen
-issue#2724: When graphing HRULE items, 'Only Variables should be passed by \ 
reference' error may be seen
-issue#2725: When viewing logs in utilities, filenames should be limited the \ 
same as clog
-issue#2726: During Automation logging, include the Rule ID that triggers the \ 
creation of an item by xmacan
-issue#2732: When using basic authentication, automatically strip any @domain \ 
-issue#2734: Allow non-english labels to be used on Graph Templates
-issue#2727: When using Polling Hosts Template, warnings can be issued when \ 
CMD.PHP is the poller
-issue#2733: When processing SNMP data, space delimited hex strings do not \ 
always convert into MAC addresses
-issue#2735: Mouse cursor should show as default pointer if column is not sortable
-issue#2736: When using MySQL 8 or above, 'function' is considered a reserved \ 
word unless quoted by xmacan
-issue#2741: Various errors can occur due to undefined or incorrect variable names
-issue#2742: Various errors can occur due to undefined or incorrect variable names
-issue#2743: Attempts to close a tooltip when no tooltip has been set may cause \ 
-issue#2744: When changing password, undefined index error can occur if user is \ 
not logged in
-issue#2748: If PHP location setting is invalid during install/upgrade, this \ 
should be notified on modules page
-issue#2750: When performing multiple sort, highlighting of content occurs
-issue#2751: When editing a Tree, display filter may not allow 'All' option to work
-issue#2752: When running verbose query on device, you are unable to copy text \ 
from items
-issue#2753: Unable to copy entire verbose query using clipboard command
-issue#2757: Page Navigation can be subject to XSS injection
-issue#2758: Various sensitive directories are browsable if web server directory \ 
browsing is enabled
-issue#2760: Unable to add items into a report
-issue#2762: Creating an aggregate graph can sometimes fail due to unknown RRD \ 
tools error
-issue#2766: When modifying Aggregate Templates, changes are not always cascaded \ 
to Graph
-issue#2768: Aggregate Graphs may sometimes show the wrong row count
-issue#2770: ItemType is not updated when saving Report Items
-issue#2772: Add tooltip support to html_header() and html_header_checkbox()
-issue#2775: Remote pollers may sometimes fail to replicate data back to main system
-issue#2777: Attempting to edit a non-existent report generates an error
-issue#2778: When rendering graphs, resizing can sometimes occur repeatedly
-issue#2779: On new installations, automation rules for Interface Graphs are broken
-issue#2780: Upgrade database script not actually upgrading Cacti
-issue#2782: When replicating the syslog plugin, the configuration file is \ 
ignored causing errors
-issue#2783: When limiting the number of displayed characters, international \ 
characters may sometimes display incorrectly
-issue#2784: When removing a device with graphs but no data sources , errors are \ 
-issue#2785: When editing a graph rule, warnings incorrectly appear about \ 
unsaved changes
-issue#2792: When a checkbox 'friendly name' has a comma, checkbox functionality \ 
stops working
-issue#2797: When upgrading from before 1.x, SuperLinks view permissions may not \ 
be correct
-issue#2799: Under heavy use of Real Time Graphs, SQL errors may start appearing
-issue#2800: When editing a tree, using a comma in the search field stops search \ 
from working
-issue#2802: If a Device lacks ifName, an alternative field is not always found \ 
even if available
-issue#2807: When editing a Data Template that has dependant graphs, some \ 
attributes should not be modifiable
-issue#2808: When navigating a tree, the layout may unexpectedly move
-issue#2814: When viewing the utilities page, HTML tags may be seen rather than \ 
-issue#2816: When viewing logs, paging does not always working correctly
-issue#2818: Automation can sometimes incorrectly add duplicate devices with the \ 
same sysname
-issue#2820: When path is blank, is_resource_writable() will generate \ 
'Uninitialized string offset: -1'
-issue#2821: When the desired locale can not be located, a number format issue \ 
may occur
-feature#2728: Update phpseclib to 2.0.17 by DavidLiedke
-feature#2809: Update c3.js & d3.js by DavidLiedke
-feature#2730: Update jstree.js to 3.3.8 by DavidLiedke
-feature#2754: Allow Devices, Graphs and Data Sources to be searched by ID
-feature#2765: When editing a tree, allow cascading selection of available graphics
-feature#2805: Merged plugins are not always upgraded correctly
-feature#2823: Enhance the splice_rrd.php to be able to merge RRDfiles of \ 
differing step

-issue#2523: Send A Test Email stops working under PHP 7.3
-issue#2589: Missing RRD file can cause DSSTATS to throw errors
-issue#2590: When installing, chosen language is sometimes lost
-issue#2591: Menu selection does not always match selected page/section
-issue#2592: When viewing an aggregate graph, 'Display graphs from this \ 
aggregate' option does always not work
-issue#2593: Unable to migrate aggregate graphs to matching aggregate template
-issue#2598: Creating an aggregate graph without associated template causes \ 
RRDtool error
-issue#2599: Creating/Updating an Aggregate Graph to use LINE/STACK's generates \ 
invalid SQL statements
-issue#2604: When adding a dataquery, SQL errors can be generated
-issue#2605: When installing, checking database tables can cause errors
-issue#2608: db_update_table() function should not require an engine type or comment
-issue#2609: When updating from earlier than 1.2, timezone column might not exist
-issue#2610: Data Sources troubleshooter generates warning that each() function \ 
is deprecated
-issue#2612: When RRDtool fails to initialize, DSStats generates lots of warnings
-issue#2618: ifAdminStatus in snmp_queries/interfaces.xml
-issue#2621: File paths that accept blanks are not allowing blanks
-issue#2622: Various undefined variables generate errors within database.php
-issue#2623: When using form_text_area(), invalid HTML can be generated
-issue#2627: Some filenames can be lost in log file selection list
-issue#2629: When upgrading, ldap library is not loaded properly due to \ 
incorrect paths
-issue#2632: Automated Networks are not being properly replicated to additional \ 
-issue#2635: When running automation scans, database connection should be forced \ 
to central database
-issue#2638: Support disabling PHP SNMP extension by mhoran
-issue#2645: Some URLs are incorrectly calculated
-issue#2649: Automation not creating graphs when there are custom items
-issue#2650: Several undefined variables are generating warnings
-issue#2662: HRULE objects broken in some cases
-issue#2668: Trailing parentheses are removed from the SNMP system description
-issue#2672: Cacti Install on Windows Fails
-issue#2676: Skin paper plane not working on iPhone XR
-issue#2678: Call to undefined function _() in data_queries.php
-issue#2679: Users with passwords that do not meet complexity requirements are \ 
not redirected to the Change Password page
-issue#2680: Remove deprecated $php_errormsg usage
-issue#2689: Increase boost maximum memory limits
-issue#2693: Graph links do not contain URL path causing links to fail
-issue#2698: Avoid duplicated icon in the main.js of all themes
-issue#2699: Login option "Show the page that user pointed their browser \ 
to" does not work properly
-issue#2702: sqltable_to_php.php does not always generate valid table data arrays
-issue#2707: Some pages that have permission errors dont raise proper messages
-issue#2712: PHP memory should be unlimited in scripts that need more memory \ 
than the default
-issue#2713: SNMP System Description with UTF8 strings properly are not properly \ 
-issue#2718: When links are converted to ajax calls, mailto links should not be \ 
-issue#2720: When calculating percentiles, the value is incorrect as the steps \ 
are not placed in correct order
-issue#2822: When stderr log file is not populated, clog generates 'empty \ 
needle' error
-feature#2538: Allow users to change default method of removing data sources \ 
when deleting graphs
-feature#2539: Allow users to set the default graph lock status
-feature#2540: Allow users to enable/disable graph tree history
-feature#2646: Allow application of automation rules on CLI by rb83
-feature#2654: New hook to notify plugins of user profile changes \ 
-feature#2664: Add option to purge spikekill backups
-feature#2701: Provide option to continue graphing objects that loose their index
-feature#2704: Device and template cache do not refresh properly
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librsvg: update bl3.mk to remove libcroco in rust case

recursive bump for the dependency change