./net/py-botocore, Low-level interface to a growing number of Amazon Web Services

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.28.1, Package name: py310-botocore-1.28.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Botocore is a low-level interface to a growing number of Amazon Web Services.
Botocore serves as the foundation for the AWS-CLI command line utilities.
It will also play an important role in the boto3.x project.

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[textproc/py-docutils] [devel/py-setuptools] [time/py-dateutil] [textproc/py-cElementTree] [www/py-urllib3] [textproc/py-jmespath] [lang/python37]

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   2022-10-26 12:30:51 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-botocore: updated to 1.28.1


api-change:accessanalyzer: This release adds support for six new resource types \ 
in IAM Access Analyzer to help you easily identify public and cross-account \ 
access to your AWS resources. Updated service API, documentation, and \ 
api-change:location: Added new map styles with satellite imagery for map \ 
resources using HERE as a data provider.
api-change:mediatailor: This release is a documentation update
api-change:rds: Relational Database Service - This release adds support for \ 
exporting DB cluster data to Amazon S3.
api-change:workspaces: This release adds new enums for supporting Workspaces \ 
Core features, including creating Manual running mode workspaces, importing \ 
regular Workspaces Core images and importing g4dn Workspaces Core images.


feature:Endpoints: Implemented new endpoint ruleset system to dynamically derive \ 
endpoints and settings for services
api-change:acm-pca: AWS Private Certificate Authority (AWS Private CA) now \ 
offers usage modes which are combination of features to address specific use \ 
api-change:batch: This release adds support for AWS Batch on Amazon EKS.
api-change:datasync: Added support for self-signed certificates when using \ 
object storage locations; added BytesCompressed to the TaskExecution response.
api-change:sagemaker: SageMaker Inference Recommender now supports a new API \ 
ListInferenceRecommendationJobSteps to return the details of all the benchmark \ 
we create for an inference recommendation job.
   2022-09-11 19:12:49 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
*: restrict more packages to python 3
   2022-01-04 21:55:40 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1595)
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*: bump PKGREVISION for egg.mk users

They now have a tool dependency on py-setuptools instead of a DEPENDS
   2021-10-26 13:07:15 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (958)
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net: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes

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./net/djbdns/distinfo djbdns-1.05-test28.diff.xz
./net/djbdns/distinfo djbdns-1.05-ignoreip2.patch
./net/djbdns/distinfo djbdns-1.05-multiip.diff
./net/djbdns/distinfo djbdns-cachestats.patch
   2021-10-07 16:43:07 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (962)
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net: Remove SHA1 hashes for distfiles
   2021-06-14 15:11:45 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-botocore: updated to 1.20.93


api-change:ec2: Amazon EC2 adds new AMI property to flag outdated AMIs
api-change:medialive: AWS MediaLive now supports OCR-based conversion of DVB-Sub \ 
and SCTE-27 image-based source captions to WebVTT, and supports ingest of ad \ 
avail decorations in HLS input manifests.
api-change:mediaconnect: When you enable source failover, you can now designate \ 
one of two sources as the primary source. You can choose between two failover \ 
modes to prevent any disruption to the video stream. Merge combines the sources \ 
into a single stream. Failover allows switching between a primary and a backup \ 

api-change:sagemaker: Using SageMaker Edge Manager with AWS IoT Greengrass v2 \ 
simplifies accessing, maintaining, and deploying models to your devices. You can \ 
now create deployable IoT Greengrass components during edge packaging jobs. You \ 
can choose to create a device fleet with or without creating an AWS IoT role \ 
api-change:appmesh: AppMesh now supports additional routing capabilities in \ 
match and rewrites for Gateway Routes and Routes. Additionally, App Mesh also \ 
supports specifying DNS Response Types in Virtual Nodes.
api-change:redshift: Added InvalidClusterStateFault to the \ 
ModifyAquaConfiguration API, thrown when calling the API on a non available \ 
api-change:chime: This SDK release adds support for UpdateAccount API to allow \ 
users to update their default license on Chime account.
api-change:ec2: This release adds a new optional parameter connectivityType \ 
(public, private) for the CreateNatGateway API. Private NatGateway does not \ 
require customers to attach an InternetGateway to the VPC and can be used for \ 
communication with other VPCs and on-premise networks.
api-change:ram: AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) is releasing new field \ 
isResourceTypeDefault in ListPermissions and GetPermission response, and adding \ 
permissionArn parameter to GetResourceShare request to filter by permission \ 
api-change:sagemaker-featurestore-runtime: Release BatchGetRecord API for AWS \ 
SageMaker Feature Store Runtime.
api-change:cognito-idp: Amazon Cognito now supports targeted sign out through \ 
refresh token revocation
api-change:appflow: Adding MAP_ALL task type support.
api-change:managedblockchain: This release supports KMS customer-managed \ 
Customer Master Keys (CMKs) on member-specific Hyperledger Fabric resources.

api-change:transfer: Documentation updates for the AWS Transfer Family service.
api-change:personalize-events: Support for unstructured text inputs in the items \ 
dataset to to automatically extract key information from product/content \ 
description as an input when creating solution versions.
api-change:proton: This is the initial SDK release for AWS Proton
api-change:kendra: AWS Kendra now supports checking document status.

api-change:fsx: This release adds support for auditing end-user access to files, \ 
folders, and file shares using Windows event logs, enabling customers to meet \ 
their security and compliance needs.
api-change:servicecatalog: increase max pagesize for List/Search apis
api-change:macie2: This release of the Amazon Macie API introduces stricter \ 
validation of S3 object criteria for classification jobs.
api-change:cognito-idp: Documentation updates for cognito-idp

api-change:sagemaker: AWS SageMaker - Releasing new APIs related to Callback \ 
steps in model building pipelines. Adds experiment integration to model building \ 
api-change:glue: Add SampleSize variable to S3Target to enable s3-sampling \ 
feature through API.
api-change:personalize: Update regex validation in kmsKeyArn and s3 path API \ 
parameters for AWS Personalize APIs
api-change:eks: Added updateConfig option that allows customers to control \ 
upgrade velocity in Managed Node Group.

api-change:rds: Documentation updates for RDS: fixing an outdated link to the \ 
RDS documentation in DBInstance$DBInstanceStatus
api-change:pi: The new GetDimensionKeyDetails action retrieves the attributes of \ 
the specified dimension group for a DB instance or data source.
api-change:cloudtrail: AWS CloudTrail supports data events on new service \ 
resources, including Amazon DynamoDB tables and S3 Object Lambda access points.
api-change:medialive: Add support for automatically setting the H.264 adaptive \ 
quantization and GOP B-frame fields.
api-change:autoscaling: Documentation updates for Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
api-change:qldb: Documentation updates for Amazon QLDB

api-change:s3: S3 Inventory now supports Bucket Key Status
api-change:s3control: Amazon S3 Batch Operations now supports S3 Bucket Keys.
api-change:route53resolver: Documentation updates for Route 53 Resolver
api-change:ssm: Documentation updates for ssm to fix customer reported issue
api-change:forecast: Added optional field AutoMLOverrideStrategy to \ 
CreatePredictor API that allows users to customize AutoML strategy. If provided \ 
in CreatePredictor request, this field is visible in DescribePredictor and \ 
GetAccuracyMetrics responses.

api-change:autoscaling: You can now launch EC2 instances with GP3 volumes when \ 
using Auto Scaling groups with Launch Configurations
api-change:lightsail: Documentation updates for Lightsail
api-change:ecs: Documentation updates for Amazon ECS.
api-change:docdb: This SDK release adds support for DocDB global clusters.
api-change:iam: Documentation updates for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
api-change:braket: Introduction of a RETIRED status for devices.

api-change:sns: This release adds SMS sandbox in Amazon SNS and the ability to \ 
view all configured origination numbers. The SMS sandbox provides a safe \ 
environment for sending SMS messages, without risking your reputation as an SMS \ 
api-change:polly: Amazon Polly adds new Canadian French voice - Gabrielle. \ 
Gabrielle is available as Neural voice only.
api-change:ec2: Added idempotency to CreateNetworkInterface using the \ 
ClientToken parameter.
api-change:iotwireless: Added six new public customer logging APIs to allow \ 
customers to set/get/reset log levels at resource type and resource id level. \ 
The log level set from the APIs will be used to filter log messages that can be \ 
emitted to CloudWatch in customer accounts.
api-change:servicediscovery: Bugfixes - The DiscoverInstances API operation now \ 
provides an option to return all instances for health-checked services when \ 
there are no healthy instances available.

api-change:lookoutmetrics: Allowing dot(.) character in table name for RDS and \ 
Redshift as source connector.
api-change:location: Adds support for calculation of routes, resource tagging \ 
and customer provided KMS keys.
api-change:datasync: Added SecurityDescriptorCopyFlags option that allows for \ 
control of which components of SMB security descriptors are copied from source \ 
to destination objects.

api-change:iotevents-data: Releasing new APIs for AWS IoT Events Alarms
api-change:devicefarm: Introduces support for using our desktop testing service \ 
with applications hosted within your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
api-change:kendra: Amazon Kendra now suggests popular queries in order to help \ 
guide query typing and help overall accuracy.
api-change:iotsitewise: IoT SiteWise Monitor Portal API updates to add alarms \ 
feature configuration.
api-change:resource-groups: Documentation updates for Resource Groups.
api-change:lightsail: Documentation updates for Lightsail
api-change:iotevents: Releasing new APIs for AWS IoT Events Alarms
api-change:fsx: This release adds LZ4 data compression support to FSx for Lustre \ 
to reduce storage consumption of both file system storage and file system \ 
api-change:sqs: Documentation updates for Amazon SQS for General Availability of \ 
high throughput for FIFO queues.

api-change:ec2: This release removes resource ids and tagging support for VPC \ 
security group rules.

api-change:qldb: Support STANDARD permissions mode in CreateLedger and \ 
DescribeLedger. Add UpdateLedgerPermissionsMode to update permissions mode on \ 
existing ledgers.
api-change:cloudfront: Documentation fix for CloudFront
api-change:outposts: Add ConflictException to DeleteOutpost, CreateOutpost
api-change:mwaa: Adds scheduler count selection for Environments using Airflow \ 
version 2.0.2 or later.
api-change:ec2: This release adds resource ids and tagging support for VPC \ 
security group rules.
api-change:ecs: The release adds support for registering External instances to \ 
your Amazon ECS clusters.
api-change:acm-pca: This release enables customers to store CRLs in S3 buckets \ 
with Block Public Access enabled. The release adds the S3ObjectAcl parameter to \ 
the CreateCertificateAuthority and UpdateCertificateAuthority APIs to allow \ 
customers to choose whether their CRL will be publicly available.

api-change:transfer: AWS Transfer Family customers can now use AWS Managed \ 
Active Directory or AD Connector to authenticate their end users, enabling \ 
seamless migration of file transfer workflows that rely on AD authentication, \ 
without changing end users' credentials or needing a custom authorizer.
api-change:iot: This release includes support for a new feature: Job templates \ 
for AWS IoT Device Management Jobs. The release includes job templates as a new \ 
resource and APIs for managing job templates.
api-change:workspaces: Adds support for Linux device types in \ 

api-change:quicksight: Add new parameters on RegisterUser and UpdateUser APIs to \ 
assign or update external ID associated to QuickSight users federated through \ 
web identity.
api-change:ce: Introduced FindingReasonCodes, PlatformDifferences, \ 
DiskResourceUtilization and NetworkResourceUtilization to \ 
GetRightsizingRecommendation action
api-change:compute-optimizer: Adds support for 1) additional instance types, 2) \ 
additional instance metrics, 3) finding reasons for instance recommendations, \ 
and 4) platform differences between a current instance and a recommended \ 
instance type.
api-change:ec2: This release adds support for creating and managing EC2 \ 
On-Demand Capacity Reservations on Outposts.
api-change:logs: This release provides dimensions and unit support for metric \ 

api-change:efs: Update efs client to latest version
api-change:s3: Documentation updates for Amazon S3
api-change:forecast: Updated attribute statistics in DescribeDatasetImportJob \ 
response to support Long values
api-change:opsworkscm: New PUPPET_API_CRL attribute returned by DescribeServers \ 
API; new EngineVersion of 2019 available for Puppet Enterprise servers.

api-change:personalize: Added new API to stop a solution version creation that \ 
is pending or in progress for Amazon Personalize
api-change:lexv2-models: Update lexv2-models client to latest version
api-change:quicksight: Add ARN based Row Level Security support to \ 
CreateDataSet/UpdateDataSet APIs.
api-change:iam: Documentation updates for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

api-change:kinesisanalyticsv2: Kinesis Data Analytics now allows rapid iteration \ 
on Apache Flink stream processing through the Kinesis Data Analytics Studio \ 
api-change:rekognition: Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels adds support for \ 
customer managed encryption, using AWS Key Management Service, of image files \ 
copied into the service and files written back to the customer.
api-change:iam: Add pagination to ListUserTags operation
api-change:eks: Update the EKS AddonActive waiter.
api-change:autoscaling: With this release, customers can easily use Predictive \ 
Scaling as a policy directly through Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling configurations to \ 
proactively scale their applications ahead of predicted demand.
api-change:lightsail: Documentation updates for Amazon Lightsail.

api-change:support: Documentation updates for support
api-change:apprunner: AWS App Runner is a service that provides a fast, simple, \ 
and cost-effective way to deploy from source code or a container image directly \ 
to a scalable and secure web application in the AWS Cloud.
api-change:compute-optimizer: This release enables compute optimizer to support \ 
exporting recommendations to Amazon S3 for EBS volumes and Lambda Functions.
api-change:personalize: Amazon Personalize now supports the ability to optimize \ 
a solution for a custom objective in addition to maximizing relevance.
api-change:license-manager: AWS License Manager now supports periodic report \ 
api-change:iotsitewise: Documentation updates for AWS IoT SiteWise.
api-change:lexv2-models: Update lexv2-models client to latest version

api-change:mediaconnect: MediaConnect now supports JPEG XS for AWS Cloud Digital \ 
Interface (AWS CDI) uncompressed workflows, allowing you to establish a bridge \ 
between your on-premises live video network and the AWS Cloud.
api-change:sagemaker-a2i-runtime: Documentation updates for Amazon A2I Runtime model
api-change:applicationcostprofiler: APIs for AWS Application Cost Profiler.
api-change:neptune: Neptune support for CopyTagsToSnapshots
api-change:iotdeviceadvisor: AWS IoT Core Device Advisor is fully managed test \ 
capability for IoT devices. Device manufacturers can use Device Advisor to test \ 
their IoT devices for reliable and secure connectivity with AWS IoT.
api-change:elasticache: Documentation updates for elasticache

api-change:events: Update InputTransformer variable limit from 10 to 100 variables.
enhancement:s3: Block endpoint resolution of clients configured with S3 \ 
pseudo-regions (e.g. aws-global, s3-external-1) that will never resolve to a \ 
correct access point endpoint.
api-change:macie2: This release of the Amazon Macie API adds support for \ 
defining run-time, S3 bucket criteria for classification jobs. It also adds \ 
resources for querying data about AWS resources that Macie monitors.
api-change:es: Adds support for cold storage.
api-change:securityhub: Updated descriptions to add notes on array lengths.
api-change:detective: Updated descriptions of array parameters to add the \ 
restrictions on the array and value lengths.
api-change:transcribe: Transcribe Medical now supports identification of PHI \ 
entities within transcripts
api-change:imagebuilder: Text-only updates for bundled documentation feedback \ 
tickets - spring 2021.
enhancement:FIPS: Add validation to only attempt to connect to FIPS endpoints \ 
with a FIPS pseudo-region if the pseudo-region is explicitly known to the SDK.
   2021-05-14 09:02:57 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-botocore: updated to 1.20.72


api-change:ec2: High Memory virtual instances are powered by Intel Sky Lake CPUs \ 
and offer up to 12TB of memory.

api-change:ssm-incidents: AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager enables faster \ 
resolution of critical application availability and performance issues, \ 
management of contacts and post-incident analysis
api-change:ssm-contacts: AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager enables faster \ 
resolution of critical application availability and performance issues, \ 
management of contacts and post incident analysis
api-change:s3control: Documentation updates for Amazon S3-control

api-change:mediaconvert: AWS Elemental MediaConvert SDK has added support for \ 
Kantar SNAP File Audio Watermarking with a Kantar Watermarking account, and \ 
Display Definition Segment(DDS) segment data controls for DVB-Sub caption \ 
api-change:ecs: This release contains updates for Amazon ECS.
api-change:codeartifact: Documentation updates for CodeArtifact
api-change:eks: This release updates create-nodegroup and \ 
update-nodegroup-config APIs for adding/updating taints on managed nodegroups.
api-change:iotwireless: Add three new optional fields to support filtering and \ 
configurable sub-band in WirelessGateway APIs. The filtering is for all the RF \ 
region supported. The sub-band configuration is only applicable to LoRa gateways \ 
of US915 or AU915 RF region.
api-change:ssm: This release adds new APIs to associate, disassociate and list \ 
related items in SSM OpsCenter; and this release adds DisplayName as a \ 
version-level attribute for SSM Documents and introduces two new document types: \ 
ProblemAnalysis, ProblemAnalysisTemplate.
api-change:kinesisanalyticsv2: Amazon Kinesis Analytics now supports \ 
ListApplicationVersions and DescribeApplicationVersion API for Apache Flink \ 
api-change:config: Adds paginator to multiple APIs: By default, the paginator \ 
allows user to iterate over the results and allows the CLI to return up to 1000 \ 

api-change:lakeformation: This release adds Tag Based Access Control to AWS Lake \ 
Formation service
api-change:lookoutmetrics: Enforcing UUID style for parameters that are already \ 
in UUID format today. Documentation specifying eventual consistency of \ 
lookoutmetrics resources.
api-change:connect: Adds tagging support for Connect APIs \ 
CreateIntegrationAssociation and CreateUseCase.

api-change:servicediscovery: Bugfix: Improved input validation for \ 
RegisterInstance action, InstanceId field
api-change:kafka: IAM Access Control for Amazon MSK enables you to create \ 
clusters that use IAM to authenticate clients and to allow or deny Apache Kafka \ 
actions for those clients.
api-change:ssm: SSM feature release - ChangeCalendar integration with StateManager.
api-change:snowball: AWS Snow Family adds APIs for ordering and managing Snow \ 
jobs with long term pricing

api-change:auditmanager: This release updates the \ 
CreateAssessmentFrameworkControlSet and UpdateAssessmentFrameworkControlSet API \ 
data types. For both of these data types, the control set name is now a required \ 
api-change:nimble: Documentation Updates for Amazon Nimble Studio.
api-change:kinesisanalyticsv2: Amazon Kinesis Analytics now supports \ 
RollbackApplication for Apache Flink applications to revert the application to \ 
the previous running version
api-change:sagemaker: Amazon SageMaker Autopilot now provides the ability to \ 
automatically deploy the best model to an endpoint

api-change:finspace: Documentation updates for FinSpace API.
api-change:finspace-data: Documentation updates for FinSpaceData API.

api-change:devops-guru: Added GetCostEstimation and StartCostEstimation to get \ 
the monthly resource usage cost and added ability to view resource health by AWS \ 
service name and to search insights be AWS service name.
api-change:acm-pca: This release adds the KeyStorageSecurityStandard parameter \ 
to the CreateCertificateAuthority API to allow customers to mandate a security \ 
standard to which the CA key will be stored within.
api-change:health: Documentation updates for health
api-change:chime: This release adds the ability to search for and order \ 
international phone numbers for Amazon Chime SIP media applications.
api-change:sagemaker: Enable retrying Training and Tuning Jobs that fail with \ 
InternalServerError by setting RetryStrategy.

api-change:finspace-data: Update FinSpace Data serviceAbbreviation

api-change:finspace-data: This is the initial SDK release for the data APIs for \ 
Amazon FinSpace. Amazon FinSpace is a data management and analytics application \ 
for the financial services industry (FSI).
api-change:mturk: Update mturk client to latest version
api-change:chime: Added new BatchCreateChannelMembership API to support multiple \ 
membership creation for channels
api-change:finspace: This is the initial SDK release for the management APIs for \ 
Amazon FinSpace. Amazon FinSpace is a data management and analytics service for \ 
the financial services industry (FSI).
api-change:securityhub: Updated ASFF to add the following new resource details \ 
objects: AwsEc2NetworkAcl, AwsEc2Subnet, and AwsElasticBeanstalkEnvironment.

api-change:personalize: Update URL for dataset export job documentation.
api-change:marketplace-catalog: Allows user defined names for Changes in a \ 
ChangeSet. Users can use ChangeNames to reference properties in another Change \ 
within a ChangeSet. This feature allows users to make changes to an entity when \ 
the entity identifier is not yet available while constructing the StartChangeSet \ 
api-change:forecast: Added new DeleteResourceTree operation that helps in \ 
deleting all the child resources of a given resource including the given \ 
api-change:robomaker: Adds ROS2 Foxy as a supported Robot Software Suite Version \ 
and Gazebo 11 as a supported Simulation Software Suite Version
api-change:cloudfront: CloudFront now supports CloudFront Functions, a native \ 
feature of CloudFront that enables you to write lightweight functions in \ 
JavaScript for high-scale, latency-sensitive CDN customizations.
api-change:customer-profiles: This release introduces GetMatches and \ 
MergeProfiles APIs to fetch and merge duplicate profiles

api-change:macie2: The Amazon Macie API now provides S3 bucket metadata that \ 
indicates whether a bucket policy requires server-side encryption of objects \ 
when objects are uploaded to the bucket.
api-change:organizations: Minor text updates for AWS Organizations API Reference
api-change:ecs: Add support for EphemeralStorage on TaskDefinition and TaskOverride
api-change:chime: Increase AppInstanceUserId length to 64 characters

api-change:connect: Updated max number of tags that can be attached from 200 to \ 
50. MaxContacts is now an optional parameter for the UpdateQueueMaxContact API.
api-change:mediapackage-vod: MediaPackage now offers the option to place your \ 
Sequence Parameter Set (SPS), Picture Parameter Set (PPS), and Video Parameter \ 
Set (VPS) encoder metadata in every video segment instead of in the init \ 
fragment for DASH and CMAF endpoints.
api-change:nimble: Amazon Nimble Studio is a virtual studio service that \ 
empowers visual effects, animation, and interactive content teams to create \ 
content securely within a scalable, private cloud service.
api-change:iotsitewise: AWS IoT SiteWise interpolation API will get interpolated \ 
values for an asset property per specified time interval during a period of \ 
api-change:cloudformation: Add CallAs parameter to GetTemplateSummary to enable \ 
use with StackSets delegated administrator integration

api-change:auditmanager: This release restricts using backslashes in control, \ 
assessment, and framework names. The controlSetName field of the \ 
UpdateAssessmentFrameworkControlSet API now allows strings without backslashes.

api-change:ec2: Adding support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux with HA for Reserved \ 
api-change:iotwireless: Add a new optional field MessageType to support Sidewalk \ 
devices in SendDataToWirelessDevice API
api-change:kinesisanalyticsv2: Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics now supports custom \ 
application maintenance configuration using \ 
UpdateApplicationMaintenanceConfiguration API for Apache Flink applications. \ 
Customers will have visibility when their application is under maintenance \ 
status using 'MAINTENANCE' application status.
api-change:personalize: Added support for exporting data imported into an Amazon \ 
Personalize dataset to a specified data source (Amazon S3 bucket).
api-change:mediaconvert: Documentation updates for mediaconvert
api-change:codeguru-reviewer: Include KMS Key Details in Repository Association \ 
APIs to enable usage of customer managed KMS Keys.
api-change:glue: Adding Kafka Client Auth Related Parameters
api-change:eks: This release updates existing Amazon EKS input validation so \ 
customers will see an InvalidParameterException instead of a \ 
ParamValidationError when they enter 0 for minSize and/or desiredSize. It also \ 
adds LaunchTemplate information to update responses and a new "CUSTOM" \ 
value for AMIType.

api-change:mediapackage: Add support for Widevine DRM on CMAF origin endpoints. \ 
Both Widevine and FairPlay DRMs can now be used simultaneously, with CBCS \ 
api-change:sns: Amazon SNS adds two new attributes, TemplateId and EntityId, for \ 
using sender IDs to send SMS messages to destinations in India.

api-change:forecast: This release adds EstimatedTimeRemaining minutes field to \ 
the DescribeDatasetImportJob, DescribePredictor, DescribeForecast API response \ 
which denotes the time remaining to complete the job IN_PROGRESS.
api-change:securityhub: Replaced the term "master" with \ 
"administrator". Added new actions to replace AcceptInvitation, \ 
GetMasterAccount, and DisassociateFromMasterAccount. In Member, replaced \ 
MasterId with AdministratorId.
api-change:cognito-idp: Documentation updates for cognito-idp
api-change:elasticache: This release introduces log delivery of Redis slow log \ 
from Amazon ElastiCache.

api-change:detective: Added parameters to track the data volume in bytes for a \ 
member account. Deprecated the existing parameters that tracked the volume as a \ 
percentage of the allowed volume for a behavior graph. Changes reflected in \ 
MemberDetails object.
api-change:redshift: Add operations: AddPartner, DescribePartners, \ 
DeletePartner, and UpdatePartnerStatus to support tracking integration status \ 
with data partners.
api-change:groundstation: Support new S3 Recording Config allowing customers to \ 
write downlink data directly to S3.
api-change:kendra: Amazon Kendra now enables users to override index-level \ 
boosting configurations for each query.
api-change:cloudformation: Added support for creating and updating stack sets \ 
with self-managed permissions from templates that reference macros.

api-change:savingsplans: Added support for Amazon SageMaker in Machine Learning \ 
Savings Plans
api-change:ce: Adding support for Sagemaker savings plans in \ 
GetSavingsPlansPurchaseRecommendation API

api-change:sts: STS now supports assume role with Web Identity using JWT token \ 
length upto 20000 characters
api-change:dms: AWS DMS added support of TLS for Kafka endpoint. Added Describe \ 
endpoint setting API for DMS endpoints.
   2021-04-15 06:50:28 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-botocore: updated to 1.20.52


api-change:mediaconnect: For flows that use Listener protocols, you can now \ 
easily locate an output's outbound IP address for a private internet. \ 
Additionally, MediaConnect now supports the Waiters feature that makes it easier \ 
to poll for the status of a flow until it reaches its desired state.
api-change:config: Add exception for DeleteRemediationConfiguration and \ 
api-change:route53: Documentation updates for route53
api-change:codestar-connections: This release adds tagging support for CodeStar \ 
Connections Host resources

api-change:lightsail: Documentation updates for Amazon Lightsail.
api-change:sts: This release adds the SourceIdentity parameter that can be set \ 
when assuming a role.
api-change:comprehendmedical: The InferICD10CM API now returns TIME_EXPRESSION \ 
entities that refer to medical conditions.
api-change:rds: Clarify that enabling or disabling automated backups causes a \ 
brief downtime, not an outage.
api-change:redshift: Added support to enable AQUA in Amazon Redshift clusters.

api-change:fsx: Support for cross-region and cross-account backup copies
api-change:codebuild: AWS CodeBuild now allows you to set the access permissions \ 
for build artifacts, project artifacts, and log files that are uploaded to an \ 
Amazon S3 bucket that is owned by another account.

api-change:redshift: Add support for case sensitive table level restore
api-change:ec2: Add paginator support to DescribeStoreImageTasks and update \ 
api-change:shield: CreateProtection now throws InvalidParameterException instead \ 
of InternalErrorException when system tags (tag with keys prefixed with \ 
"aws:") are passed in.

api-change:lookoutequipment: This release introduces support for Amazon Lookout \ 
for Equipment.
api-change:kinesis-video-archived-media: Documentation updates for \ 
api-change:robomaker: This release allows RoboMaker customers to specify custom \ 
tools to run with their simulation job
api-change:appstream: This release provides support for image updates
api-change:ram: Documentation updates for AWS RAM resource sharing
api-change:customer-profiles: Documentation updates for Put-Integration API
api-change:autoscaling: Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling announces Warm Pools that help \ 
applications to scale out faster by pre-initializing EC2 instances and save \ 
money by requiring fewer continuously running instances

api-change:storagegateway: File Gateway APIs now support FSx for Windows as a \ 
cloud storage.
api-change:accessanalyzer: IAM Access Analyzer now analyzes your CloudTrail \ 
events to identify actions and services that have been used by an IAM entity \ 
(user or role) and generates an IAM policy that is based on that activity.
api-change:elasticache: This release adds tagging support for all AWS \ 
ElastiCache resources except Global Replication Groups.
api-change:ivs: This release adds support for the Auto-Record to S3 feature. \ 
Amazon IVS now enables you to save your live video to Amazon S3.
api-change:mgn: Add new service - Application Migration Service.

api-change:ssm: Supports removing a label or labels from a parameter, enables \ 
ScheduledEndTime and ChangeDetails for StartChangeRequestExecution API, supports \ 
critical/security/other noncompliant count for patch API.
api-change:medialive: MediaLive VPC outputs update to include Availability \ 
Zones, Security groups, Elastic Network Interfaces, and Subnet Ids in channel \ 
api-change:ec2: This release adds support for storing EBS-backed AMIs in S3 and \ 
restoring them from S3 to enable cross-partition copying of AMIs
api-change:cloud9: Documentation updates for Cloud9

api-change:auditmanager: AWS Audit Manager has updated the GetAssessment API \ 
operation to include a new response field called userRole. The userRole field \ 
indicates the role information and IAM ARN of the API caller.
api-change:medialive: MediaLive now support HTML5 Motion Graphics overlay
api-change:appflow: Added destination properties for Zendesk.

api-change:mediapackage: SPEKE v2 is an upgrade to the existing SPEKE API to \ 
support multiple encryption keys, based on an encryption contract selected by \ 
the customer.
api-change:imagebuilder: This release adds support for Block Device Mappings for \ 
container image builds, and adds distribution configuration support for EC2 \ 
launch templates in AMI builds.

api-change:route53resolver: Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall is a firewall service \ 
that allows you to filter and regulate outbound DNS traffic for your VPCs.
api-change:mediaconvert: MediaConvert now supports HLS ingest, sidecar WebVTT \ 
ingest, Teletext color & style passthrough to TTML subtitles, TTML to WebVTT \ 
subtitle conversion with style, & DRC profiles in AC3 audio.
api-change:lightsail: - This release adds support for state detail for Amazon \ 
Lightsail container services.
api-change:kendra: AWS Kendra's ServiceNow data source now supports OAuth 2.0 \ 
authentication and knowledge article filtering via a ServiceNow query.
api-change:lex-models: Lex now supports the ja-JP locale
api-change:lex-runtime: Update lex-runtime client to latest version
api-change:fms: Added Firewall Manager policy support for AWS Route 53 Resolver \ 
DNS Firewall.
api-change:ec2: VPC Flow Logs Service adds a new API, \ 
GetFlowLogsIntegrationTemplate, which generates CloudFormation templates for \ 
Athena. For more info, see \ 
api-change:wafv2: Added support for ScopeDownStatement for ManagedRuleGroups, \ 
Labels, LabelMatchStatement, and LoggingFilter. For more information on these \ 
features, see the AWS WAF Developer Guide.

api-change:iot: Added ability to prefix search on attribute value for ListThings API.
api-change:pricing: Minor documentation and link updates.
api-change:transcribe: Amazon Transcribe now supports creating custom language \ 
models in the following languages: British English (en-GB), Australian English \ 
(en-AU), Indian Hindi (hi-IN), and US Spanish (es-US).
api-change:cloudhsm: Minor documentation and link updates.
api-change:comprehend: Support for customer managed KMS encryption of Comprehend \ 
custom models
api-change:cognito-sync: Minor documentation updates and link updates.
api-change:batch: AWS Batch adds support for Amazon EFS File System
api-change:detective: Added the ability to assign tag values to Detective \ 
behavior graphs. Tag values can be used for attribute-based access control, and \ 
for cost allocation for billing.
api-change:iotwireless: Add Sidewalk support to APIs: GetWirelessDevice, \ 
ListWirelessDevices, GetWirelessDeviceStatistics. Add Gateway connection status \ 
in GetWirelessGatewayStatistics API.
api-change:cloudformation: 1. Added a new parameter RegionConcurrencyType in \ 
OperationPreferences. 2. Changed the name of AccountUrl to AccountsUrl in \ 
DeploymentTargets parameter.
api-change:cloud9: Add ImageId input parameter to CreateEnvironmentEC2 endpoint. \ 
New parameter enables creation of environments with different AMIs.
api-change:directconnect: This release adds MACsec support to AWS Direct Connect
api-change:redshift: Enable customers to share access to their Redshift clusters \ 
from other VPCs (including VPCs from other accounts).
api-change:workmail: This release adds support for mobile device access rules \ 
management in Amazon WorkMail.
api-change:datapipeline: Minor documentation updates and link updates.
api-change:machinelearning: Minor documentation updates and link updates.

api-change:sagemaker: Amazon SageMaker Autopilot now supports 1) feature \ 
importance reports for AutoML jobs and 2) PartialFailures for AutoML jobs
api-change:ec2-instance-connect: Adding support to push SSH keys to the EC2 \ 
serial console in order to allow an SSH connection to your Amazon EC2 instance's \ 
serial port.
api-change:cloudwatch: Update cloudwatch client to latest version
api-change:databrew: This SDK release adds two new dataset features: 1) support \ 
for specifying a database connection as a dataset input 2) support for dynamic \ 
datasets that accept configurable parameters in S3 path.
api-change:frauddetector: This release adds support for Batch Predictions in \ 
Amazon Fraud Detector.
api-change:ec2: ReplaceRootVolume feature enables customers to replace the EBS \ 
root volume of a running instance to a previously known state. Add support to \ 
grant account-level access to the EC2 serial console
api-change:config: Adding new APIs to support ConformancePack Compliance CI in \ 
api-change:pinpoint: Added support for journey pause/resume, journey updatable \ 
import segment and journey quiet time wait.

api-change:wafv2: Added custom request handling and custom response support in \ 
rule actions and default action; Added the option to inspect the web request \ 
body as parsed and filtered JSON.
api-change:iam: AWS Identity and Access Management GetAccessKeyLastUsed API will \ 
throw a custom error if customer public key is not found for access keys.
api-change:glue: Allow Dots in Registry and Schema Names for CreateRegistry, \ 
CreateSchema; Fixed issue when duplicate keys are present and not returned as \ 
part of QuerySchemaVersionMetadata.
api-change:docdb: This release adds support for Event Subscriptions to DocumentDB.
api-change:location: Amazon Location added support for specifying pricing plan \ 
information on resources in alignment with our cost model.

api-change:iotwireless: Support tag-on-create for WirelessDevice.
api-change:customer-profiles: This release adds an optional parameter named \ 
FlowDefinition in PutIntegrationRequest.
api-change:events: Add support for SageMaker Model Builder Pipelines Targets to \ 
api-change:transcribe: Amazon Transcribe now supports tagging words that match \ 
your vocabulary filter for batch transcription.

api-change:lookoutmetrics: Allowing uppercase alphabets for RDS and Redshift \ 
database names.

api-change:sqs: Documentation updates for Amazon SQS
api-change:rekognition: This release introduces AWS tagging support for Amazon \ 
Rekognition collections, stream processors, and Custom Label models.
api-change:sagemaker: This feature allows customer to specify the environment \ 
variables in their CreateTrainingJob requests.
api-change:medialive: EML now supports handling HDR10 and HLG 2020 color space \ 
from a Link input.
api-change:lookoutmetrics: Amazon Lookout for Metrics is now generally \ 
available. You can use Lookout for Metrics to monitor your data for anomalies. \ 
For more information, see the Amazon Lookout for Metrics Developer Guide.
api-change:alexaforbusiness: Added support for enabling and disabling data \ 
retention in the CreateProfile and UpdateProfile APIs and retrieving the state \ 
of data retention for a profile in the GetProfile API.

api-change:ssm: This release allows SSM Explorer customers to enable OpsData \ 
sources across their organization when creating a resource data sync.
api-change:route53: Documentation updates for route53
bugfix:S3: Fix an issue with XML newline normalization in \ 
PutBucketLifecycleConfiguration requests.
api-change:s3: Documentation updates for Amazon S3
api-change:s3control: Documentation updates for s3-control
api-change:ec2: maximumEfaInterfaces added to DescribeInstanceTypes API
api-change:greengrass: Updated the parameters to make name required for \ 
CreateGroup API.

api-change:ce: You can now create cost categories with inherited value rules and \ 
specify default values for any uncategorized costs.
api-change:fis: Updated maximum allowed size of action parameter from 64 to 1024
api-change:redshift: Removed APIs to control AQUA on clusters.
api-change:iam: Documentation updates for IAM operations and descriptions.
api-change:gamelift: GameLift adds support for using event notifications to \ 
monitor game session placements. Specify an SNS topic or use CloudWatch Events \ 
to track activity for a game session queue.

api-change:ec2: This release adds support for UEFI boot on selected AMD- and \ 
Intel-based EC2 instances.
api-change:redshift: Added support to enable AQUA in Amazon Redshift clusters.
api-change:codeartifact: Documentation updates for CodeArtifact
api-change:macie2: This release of the Amazon Macie API adds support for \ 
publishing sensitive data findings to AWS Security Hub and specifying which \ 
categories of findings to publish to Security Hub.