./sysutils/ansible, SSH-based configuration management, deployment, and task execution

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.9.13, Package name: ansible-2.9.13, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Ansible is a radically simple model-driven configuration management,
multi-node deployment, and remote task execution system. Ansible works
over SSH and does not require any software or daemons to be installed
on remote nodes. Extension modules can be written in any language and
are transferred to managed machines automatically.

Required to run:
[textproc/py-yaml] [security/py-paramiko] [devel/py-setuptools] [textproc/py-jinja2] [security/py-cryptography] [lang/python37]

Required to build:

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SHA1: 228951291239caf2c99c054a620dcb03699f7b0c
RMD160: 627adbfc183336dba36b6e5e3d99d41498707e76
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   2020-09-08 19:51:49 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.13


Minor Changes
- Updated network integration auth timeout to 90 secs.
- ansible-test - Remove ``pytest < 6.0.0`` constraint for managed \ 
installations on Python 3.x now that pytest 6 is supported.
- known_hosts - fix reference to non-existent parameter in example \ 

Security Fixes
- The fix for CVE-2020-1736 has been reverted. Users are encouraged to specify a \ 
``mode`` parameter in their file-based tasks when the files being manipulated \ 
contain sensitive data.
- dnf - Previously, regardless of the ``disable_gpg_check`` option, packages \ 
were not GPG validated. They are now. (CVE-2020-14365)

- Confirmed commit fails with TypeError in IOS XR netconf plugin \ 
(https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … /issues/74)
- Fix an exit code for a non-failing playbook \ 
- Fix execution of the meta tasks 'clear_facts', 'clear_host_errors', \ 
'end_play', 'end_host', and 'reset_connection' when the CLI flag '--flush-cache' \ 
is provided.
- Fix statistics reporting when rescue block contains another block (issue \ 
- Fixed Ansible reporting validate not supported by netconf server when enabled \ 
in netconf - \ 
(https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … issues/119).
- TOML inventory - Ensure we register dump functions for ``AnsibleUnsafe`` to \ 
support dumping unsafe values. Note that the TOML format has no functionality to \ 
mark that the data is unsafe for re-consumption. \ 
- ansible-test units - fixed collection location code to work under pytest >= \ 
- aws_acm_info - fix `KeyError` failure when retrieving keys with a `Failed` \ 
status (https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … issues/198)
- cron - cron file should not be empty after adding var \ 
- mongodb_replicaset - fixes authentication to determine replicaset name \ 
(https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … issues/136).
- powershell - fix escaping of strings that broken modules like fetch when \ 
dealing with special chars - https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/62781
- powershell - fix the CLIXML parser when it contains nested CLIXML objects - \ 
- psrp - Use native PSRP mechanism when copying files to support custom endpoints
- setup - Add a null check for ``Win32_Bios.ReleaseData`` to avoid a failure \ 
when that value is not set - https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/69736
- strftime filter - Input epoch is allowed to be a float \ 
- systemd - fixed chroot usage on new versions of systemd, that broke because of \ 
upstream changes in systemctl output
- systemd - made the systemd module work correctly when the SYSTEMD_OFFLINE \ 
environment variable is set
- zabbix_host - fixed inventory_mode key error, which occurs with Zabbix 4.4.1 \ 
or more (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/65304).
- zabbix_proxy - fixed support for Zabbix 5.0
   2020-08-24 12:58:41 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.12


Minor Changes
- ansible-test - the ACME test container was updated, it now supports external \ 
account creation and has a basic OCSP responder \ 
(https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/71097, \ 
https://github.com/ansible/acme-test-co … /tag/2.0.0).
- debconf - add a note about no_log=True since module might expose sensitive \ 
information to logs (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/32386).

Security Fixes
- **security issue** - copy - Redact the value of the no_log 'content' parameter \ 
in the result's invocation.module_args in check mode. Previously when used with \ 
check mode and with '-vvv', the module would not censor the content if a change \ 
would be made to the destination path. (CVE-2020-14332)

- **security issue** atomic_move - change default permissions when creating \ 
temporary files so they are not world readable \ 
(https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/67794) (CVE-2020-1736)

- Fix warning for default permission change when no mode is specified. Follow up \ 
to https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/67794. (CVE-2020-1736)

- Sanitize no_log values from any response keys that might be returned from the \ 
uri module (CVE-2020-14330).
- reset logging level to INFO due to CVE-2019-14846.

- Address compat with rpmfluff-0.6 for integration tests
- Ensure password passed in by -k is used on delegated hosts that do not have \ 
ansible_password set
- Template connection variables before using them \ 
- Terminal plugins - add "\e[m" to the list of ANSI sequences stripped \ 
from device output
- add magic/connection vars updates from delegated host info.
- ansible-galaxy collection install - fix fallback mechanism if the AH server \ 
did not have the collection requested - \ 
- ansible-test - Add ``pytest < 6.0.0`` constraint for managed installations \ 
on Python 3.x to avoid issues with relative imports.
- ansible-test - Change detection now properly resolves relative imports instead \ 
of treating them as absolute imports.
- api - time.clock is removed in Python 3.8, add backward compatible code \ 
- avoid clobbering existing facts inside loop when task also returns ansible_facts.
- basic - use PollSelector implementation when DefaultSelector fails \ 
- cron - encode and decode crontab files in UTF-8 explicitly to allow non-ascii \ 
chars in cron filepath and job (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/69492)
- ensure delegated vars can resolve hostvars object and access vars from \ 
- facts - account for Slackware OS with ``+`` in the name \ 
- facts - fix incorrect UTC timestamp in ``iso8601_micro`` and ``iso8601``
- fix issue with inventory_hostname and delegated host vars mixing on connection \ 
- hashi_vault - Handle equal sign in key=value \ 
- ipa_hostgroup - fix an issue with load-balanced ipa and cookie handling with \ 
Python 3 - (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/71110).
- lineinfile - fix not subscriptable error in exception handling around file creation
- linux network facts - get the correct value for broadcast address \ 
- mysql_user - fix overriding password to the same \ 
(https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … issues/543).
- net_put - Fixed UnboundLocalError when there is no change This is a backport \ 
from U(https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … mon/pull/6)
- nxos_user - do not fail when a custom role is used \ 
(https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … s/pull/130)
- ovirt_vm - fix cd_iso search
- playbooks - detect and propagate failures in ``always`` blocks after \ 
``rescue`` (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/70000)
- profile_tasks - typecast result before slicing it \ 
- reboot - Add support for the runit init system, used on Void Linux, that does \ 
not support the normal Linux syntax.
- redfish_info, redfish_config, redfish_command - Fix Redfish response payload \ 
decode on Python 3.5 (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/65889)
- shell - fix quoting of mkdir command in creation of remote_tmp in order to \ 
allow spaces and other special characters \ 
- templating - fix error message for ``x in y`` when y is undefined \ 
- unarchive - check ``fut_gid`` against ``run_gid`` in addition to supplemental \ 
groups (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/49284)
- user - don't create home directory and missing parents when create_home == \ 
false (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/70600).
- yum - fix yum list crashing if repoquery (used internally) prints errors in \ 
stdout (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/56800)
   2020-08-07 09:40:42 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: parse the output of mount(8) instead of /etc/fstab.

PR pkg/55544
   2020-07-29 15:54:07 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.11


Minor Changes
- The ``items2dict`` filter can now create a dict whose values are the original \ 
elements of the input list, and whose keys are the value of some key in each \ 
dict. When the resulting dict is stored, this allows for O(1) lookup of a \ 
particular key without having to scan the entire list each time.
- k8s - update openshift requirements in documentation
- pipe lookup - update docs for Popen with shell=True usages \ 

- Allow TypeErrors on Undefined variables in filters to be handled or deferred \ 
when processing for loops.
- Fix ``delegate_facts: true`` when ``ansible_python_interpreter`` is not set. \ 
- Support check mode in NXOS BGP modules \ 
- TaskExecutor - Handle unexpected errors as failed while post validating loops \ 
- The `ansible_become` value was not being treated as a boolean value when set \ 
in an INI format inventory file (fixes bug \ 
- To fix ios_l2_interfaces facts parsing issue \ 
(https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … os/pull/59)
- To fix ios_user and ios_command test case failure fix \ 
(https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … os/pull/82)
- Vault - Allow single vault encrypted values to be used directly as module \ 
parameters. (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/68275)
- add constraints file for ``anisble_runner`` test since an update to ``psutil`` \ 
is now causing test failures
- ansible-galaxy - Instead of assuming the first defined server is galaxy, \ 
filter based on the servers that support the v1 API, and return the first of \ 
those (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/65440)
- ansible-test no longer tracebacks during change analysis due to processing an \ 
empty python file
- ansible-test now correctly recognizes imports in collections when using the \ 
``--changed`` option.
- ansible-test now ignores empty ``*.py`` files when analyzing module_utils \ 
imports for change detection
- assemble - fix decrypt argument in the module \ 
- docker_container - various error fixes in string handling for Python 2 to \ 
avoid crashes when non-ASCII characters are used in strings \ 
(https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … issues/640).
- eos_eapi - enable eapi by default
- group_by now should correctly refect changed status.
- json callback - Fix host result to task references in the resultant JSON \ 
output for non-lockstep strategy plugins such as free \ 
- nmcli - Add compatibility for new networkmanager library \ 
- puppet - fix command line construction for check mode and ``manifest:`` \ 
- selective callback - mark task failed correctly \ 
- windows async - use full path when calling PowerShell to reduce reliance on \ 
environment vars being correct - https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/70655
- winrm - preserve winrm forensic data on put_file failures
   2020-06-20 08:55:04 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.10


Minor Changes
- Add new magic variable ``ansible_collection`` that contains the collection name
- Add new magic variable ``ansible_role_name`` that contains the FQCN of the role
- Added missing platform guide for FRR
- Fix a typo in remove_signature flag in podman_image module
- Remove the deprecation message for the ``TRANSFORM_INVALID_GROUP_CHARS`` setting.
- The results queue and counter for results are now split for standard / handler \ 
results. This allows the governing strategy to be truly independent from the \ 
handler strategy, which basically follows the linear methodology.
- Updates ``ansible_role_names``, ``ansible_play_role_names``, and \ 
``ansible_dependent_role_names`` to include the FQCN
- ``Display.deprecated()``, ``AnsibleModule.deprecate()`` and \ 
``Ansible.Basic.Deprecate()`` now also accept the deprecation-by-date parameters \ 
and collection name parameters from Ansible 2.10, so plugins and modules in \ 
collections that conform to Ansible 2.10 will run with newer versions of Ansible \ 
- ovirt: update operating system options
- ovirt_storage_vm_info: fix example
- ovirt_vm: fix quotas example

Deprecated Features
- Using the DefaultCallback without the correspodning doc_fragment or copying \ 
the documentation.

- Allow tasks to notify a fqcn handler name
- Avoid bare select() for running commands to avoid too large file descriptor \ 
numbers failing tasks
- Avoid running subfunctions that are passed to show_vars function when it will \ 
be a noop.
- Create an ``import_module`` compat util, for use across the codebase, to allow \ 
collection loading to work properly on Python26
- Do not keep empty blocks in PlayIterator after skipping tasks with tags.
- Ensure that ``--version`` works with non-ascii ansible project paths
- Fix content encoding/decoding and do not fail when key based auth is used
- Fix gather_facts not working for network platforms when network_os is in FQCN \ 
- Fix issue with nxos_l2_interfaces where replaced doesn't remove superfluous config
- Fix nxos_facts with VDC having no interfaces
- Fix nxos_interfaces enabled not working properly because of broken system \ 
default dict generation
- Fix the issue when OS secgroup rule couldn't be imported from a different tenant
- Fixed the equality check for IncludedFiles to ensure they are not accidently \ 
merged when process_include_results runs.
- Prevent a race condition when running handlers using a combination of the free \ 
strategy and include_role.
- Properly handle unicode in ``safe_eval``.
- Remove unused and invalid import from FRR cliconf plugin
- RoleRequirement - include stderr in the error message if a scm command fails
- To fix ios_l3_interfaces Loopback issue
- To fix ios_vlans vtp version 2 issue
- Update NX-OS cliconf to accomodate MDS
- Update terminal plugin to check feature privilege only when escalation is needed
- Validate include args in handlers.
- added 'unimplemented' prefix to file based caching
- added new option for default callback to compat variable to avoid old 3rd \ 
party plugins from erroring out.
- ansible-doc - Allow and give precedence to `removed_at_date` for deprecated \ 
- ansible-galaxy - Fix ``multipart/form-data`` body to include extra CRLF
- ansible-galaxy - Preserve symlinks when building and installing a collection
- ansible-galaxy collection build - Command did not ignore .git files, which had \ 
the potential to cause troubles later on (for example, when importing into \ 
Automation Hub)
- ansible-test - Disabled the ``duplicate-code`` and ``cyclic-import`` checks \ 
for the ``pylint`` sanity test due to inconsistent results.
- ansible-test - The shebang sanity test now correctly identifies modules in \ 
subdirectories in collections.
- ansible-test change detection - Run only sanity tests on ``docs/`` and \ 
``changelogs/`` in collections, to avoid triggering full CI runs of integration \ 
and unit tests when files in these directories change.
- ansible-test is now able to find its ``egg-info`` directory when it contains \ 
the Ansible version number
- ansible-test no longer optimizes setting ``PATH`` by prepending the directory \ 
containing the selected Python interpreter when it is named ``python``. This \ 
avoids unintentionally making other programs available on ``PATH``, including an \ 
already installed version of Ansible.
- ansible-test pylint sanity test - do not crash when ``version`` specified to \ 
``AnsibleModule.deprecate()`` or ``Display.deprecated()`` contains string \ 
components, f.ex. tagged version numbers for Ansible 2.10.
- archive - fix issue with empty file exclusion from archive
- avoid fatal traceback when a bad FQCN for a callback is supplied in the whitelist.
- ce - Modify the way of parsing NETCONF XML message in ce.py
- collection loader - fix file/module/class confusion issues on case-insensitive \ 
- copy - Fixed copy module not working in case that remote_src is enabled and \ 
dest ends in a /
- discovery will NOT update incorrect host anymore when in delegate_to task.
- dnf - enable logging using setup_loggers() API in dnf-4.2.17-6 or later
- docker_machine - fallback to ip subcommand output if IPAddress is missing
- ensure we pass on interpreter discovery values to delegated host.
- file - return ``'state': 'absent'`` when a file does not exist
- fixed issues when using net_get & net_put before the persistent connection \ 
has been started
- interpreter discovery will now use correct vars (from delegated host) when in \ 
delegate_to task.
- k8s - Handle set object retrieved from lookup plugin.
- lineinfile - use ``module.tmpdir`` to allow configuration of the remote temp \ 
- lxd_container - enables to set keys not present in existing config
- ovirt_disk fix activate
- ovirt_disk: fix upload/download of images for ovirt 4.4
- ovirt_disk: force wait when uploading disk
- ovirt_vm: fix cd_iso search by name
- profile_tasks - typecast results before using it
- sesu - make use of the prompt specified in the code
- syslog_json callback - fix plugin exception when running
- yum/dnf - check type of elements in a name
- zfs_delegate_admin - add missing choices diff/hold/release to the permissions \ 
   2020-05-19 14:58:46 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.9


- Fix an issue with the ``fileglob`` plugin where passing a subdirectory of \ 
non-existent directory would cause it to fail - \ 


Minor Changes
- Add test for reboot & wait_for_connection on EOS & IOS \ 
- Fixed 'intersect' filter spelling in constructed inventory plugin example.
- Move cli prompt check logic from action to cliconf plugin \ 
- Point inventory script location to their respective version rather than devel \ 
version in documentation.
- ansible-test - Now includes testing support for RHEL 8.2
- ansible-test - Remove obsolete support for provisioning remote vCenter \ 
instances. The supporting services are no longer available.

- Collections - Allow a collection role to call a stand alone role, without \ 
needing to explicitly add ``ansible.legacy`` to the collection search order \ 
within the collection role. (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/69101)
- Fix cli context check for network_cli connection \ 
- Revert 5f6427b1fc7449a5c42212013d3f628665701c3d as it breaks netconf connection
- Role Installation - Ensure that a role containing files with non-ascii \ 
characters can be installed (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/69133)
- Update ActionBase._low_level_execute_command to honor executable \ 
- collections - Handle errors better for filters and tests in collections, where \ 
a non-existent collection is specified, or importing the plugin results in an \ 
exception (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/66721)
- deal with cases in which just a file is pased and not a path with directories, \ 
now fileglob correctly searches in 'files/' subdirs.
- dnf - Unified error messages when trying to install a nonexistent package with \ 
newer dnf (4.2.18) vs older dnf (4.2.9)
- dnf - Unified error messages when trying to remove a wildcard name that is not \ 
currently installed, with newer dnf (4.2.18) vs older dnf (4.2.9)
- hostname - make module work on Manjaro Linux \ 
- mysql_user - fix the error No database selected \ 
- ovirt_disk: add warning when uploading wrong format
- ovirt_disk: upload image auto detect size
- ovirt_network: allow to remove vlan_tag
- pip - The virtualenv_command option can now include arguments without \ 
requiring the full path to the binary. \ 
- pip - check_mode with ``state: present`` now returns the correct state for \ 
pre-release versioned packages
- postgresql_set - fix converting value to uppercase \ 
- redfish_config - fix support for boolean bios attrs \ 
- service_facts - Now correctly parses systemd list-unit-files for systemd >=245
- sysvinit - Add missing parameter ``module`` in call to ``daemonize()``.
- the default parsing will now show existing JSON errors and not just YAML (last \ 
attempted), also we avoid YAML parsing when we know we only want JSON issue
- win_psmodule - Fix TLS 1.2 compatibility with PSGallery.
- win_psrepository - Fix TLS 1.2 compatibility with PSGallery.
- win_psrepository - Fix ``Ignore`` error when trying to retrieve the list of \ 
registered repositories
- zabbix_template - no longer fails with KeyError when there are no macros \ 
present in existing template (see \ 
https://github.com/ansible-collections/ … /issues/19)
   2020-04-29 12:36:26 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.7


Minor Changes

- 'Edit on GitHub' link for plugin, cli documentation fixed to navigate to \ 
correct plugin, cli source.
- Handle get_tags_for_object API correctly in vmware_rest_client.
- Remove redundant encoding in json.load call in ipa module_utils \ 
- ansible-test - Upgrade OpenSUSE containers to use Leap 15.1.
- ansible-test now supports testing against RHEL 7.8 when using the ``--remote`` \ 
- vmware_cluster - Document alternatives for deprecated parameters

Removed Features (previously deprecated)

- ldap_attr, ldap_entry - The ``params`` option has been removed in Ansible-2.10 \ 
as it circumvents Ansible's option handling.  Setting ``bind_pw`` with the \ 
``params`` option was disallowed in Ansible-2.7, 2.8, and 2.9 as it was \ 
insecure.  For information about this policy, see the discussion at: \ 
https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/ansib … 0.log.html \ 
This fixes CVE-2020-1746


- **security issue** - The ``subversion`` module provided the password via the \ 
svn command line option ``--password`` and can be retrieved from the host's \ 
/proc/<pid>/cmdline file. Update the module to use the secure \ 
``--password-from-stdin`` option instead, and add a warning in the module and in \ 
the documentation if svn version is too old to support it. (CVE-2020-1739)

- **security issue** win_unzip - normalize paths in archive to ensure extracted \ 
files do not escape from the target directory (CVE-2020-1737)

- **security_issue** - create temporary vault file with strict permissions when \ 
editing and prevent race condition (CVE-2020-1740)
- Alter task_executor's start_connection to support newer modules from \ 
collections which expect to send task UUID.
- Ansible.ModuleUtils.WebRequest - actually set no proxy when ``use_proxy: no`` \ 
is set on a Windows module - https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/68528
- Ensure DataLoader temp files are removed at appropriate times and that we \ 
observe the LOCAL_TMP setting.
- Ensure we don't allow ansible_facts subkey of ansible_facts to override top \ 
level, also fix 'deprefixing' to prevent key transforms.
- Ensure we get an error when creating a remote tmp if it already exists. \ 
- Fact Delegation - Add ability to indicate which facts must always be \ 
delegated. Primarily for ``discovered_interpreter_python`` right now, but \ 
extensible later. (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/61002)
- Fix nxos_lacp replace operation (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/64074).
- Handle equal sign in password while using passwordstore lookup plugin.
- In fetch action, avoid using slurp return to set up dest, also ensure no dir \ 
traversal CVE-2019-3828.
- In vmware_guest_network module use appropriate network while creating or \ 
reconfiguring (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/65968).
- Log additional messages from persistent connection modules that may be missed \ 
if the module fails or returns early.
- `vmware_content_deploy_template`'s `cluster` argument no longer fails with an \ 
error message about resource pools.
- ansible command now correctly sends v2_playbook_on_start to callbacks
- ansible-galaxy - Error when install finds a tar with a file that will be \ 
extracted outside the collection install directory - CVE-2020-10691
- ansible-galaxy collection - Preserve executable bit on build and preserve mode \ 
on install from what tar member is set to - \ 
- dense callback - fix plugin access to its configuration variables and remove a \ 
warning message (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/64628).
- display - Improve method of removing extra new line after warnings so it does \ 
not break Tower/Runner (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/68517)
- docker connection plugin - do not prefix remote path if running on Windows \ 
- for those running uids for invalid users (containers), fallback to \ 
uid=<uid> when logging fixes
- get_url pass incorrect If-Modified-Since header \ 
- mysql_user - Fix idempotence when long grant lists are used \ 
- os_user_role - Fix os_user_role issue to grant a role in a domain.
- ovirt_storage_domain: fix update_check for warning_low_space
- purefa_snmp - Fix error when deleting a manager and when creating a v2c \ 
manager (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/68180)
- rabbitmq_policy - Fix version parsing for RabbitMQ 3.8.
- routeros_facts - Prevent crash of module when ``ipv6`` package is not installed
- setup.ps1 - Fix ``ansible_fqdn`` using the wrong values to build the actual \ 
   2020-03-05 11:18:59 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
ansible: updated to 2.9.6


Minor Changes
- Fix URL in postgresql_table documentation.
- Refator net_base action plugin to support collection with network platform \ 
agnostic modules.
- docker connection plugin - run Powershell modules on Windows containers.
- ovirt_disk: correct description of storage_domain, there is no default value \ 
of the attribute
- ovirt_vm: remove deprecated warning of Linux boot parameters

- Bump the minimum openstacksdk version to 0.18.0 when os_network uses the \ 
port_security_enabled or mtu arguments.
- Fix Python3 compatibility for vmware_export_ovf module.
- Fix a bug when a host was not removed from a play after ``meta: end_host`` and \ 
as a result the host was still present in ``ansible_play_hosts`` and \ 
``ansible_play_batch`` variables.
- Fix collection install error that happened if a dependency specified \ 
dependencies to be null
- Fix examples in eos_vlans
- Templating - Ansible was caching results of Jinja2 expressions in some cases \ 
where these expressions could have dynamic results, like password generation
- Update the warning message for ``CONDITIONAL_BARE_VARS`` to list the original \ 
conditional not the value of the original conditional
- Use hostnamectl command to get current hostname for host while using systemd \ 
- also strip spaces around config values in pathlist as we do in list types
- ansible-galaxy - Display proper error when invalid token is used for Galaxy servers
- ansible-galaxy - Fix issue when compared installed dependencies with a \ 
collection having no ``MANIFEST.json`` or an empty version string in the json
- ansible-galaxy - Fix up pagination searcher for collection versions on \ 
Automation Hub
- ansible-galaxy - Remove uneeded verbose messages when accessing local token file
- ansible-galaxy - Send SHA256 hashes when publishing a collection
- ansible-galaxy - properly list roles when the role name also happens to be in \ 
the role path
- ansible-test validate-modules - Fix arg spec collector for PowerShell to find \ 
utils in both a collection and base.
- azure_rm_resourcegroup_facts - adds the ansible_facts as a sub map to fix the \ 
- docker_login - make sure that ``~/.docker/config.json`` is created with \ 
permissions ``0600``.
- ec2_asg - regression bug, when an existing autoscaling group was updated and \ 
but the launch config of existing instances was deleted.
- fix the bug where IOS vlans module throws traceback.
- fixes the eos_vlans repalced state behavior to configure the 'name' parameter
- get_certificate - Fix cryptography backend when pyopenssl is unavailable
- make ``no_log=False`` on a module option silence the ``no_log`` warning
- mysql_db - fix bug in the ``db_import`` function introduced by \ 
- nxos_vlans -  Allow nxos_l2_interfaces to append the allowed vlans list
- openssl_* modules - prevent crash on fingerprint determination in FIPS mode
- ovirt_vm: correct keyError for iSCSI parameters
- ovirt_vm: correct numa nodes and update documentation
- plugins - Allow ensure_type to decrypt the value for string types (and \ 
implicit string types) when value is an inline vault.
- proxysql - fixed mysql dictcursor
- route53 - improve handling of octal encoded characters
- synchronize - allow data to be passed between two managed nodes when using the \ 
docker connection plugin
- unixy - fixed duplicate log entries on loops
- vmware_host_firewall_manager - Fixed creating IP specific firewall rules with \ 
Python 2
- vultr - Fixed the issue retry max delay param was ignored.
- win_credential - Fix issue that errors when trying to add a ``name`` with \ 
- win_unzip - Fix support for paths with square brackets not being detected properly