./games/etlegacy, Open source Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory client and server

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.80.0nb2, Package name: etlegacy-2.80.0nb2, Maintainer: nia

Enemy Territory: Legacy is an open source project that aims to
create a fully compatible client and server for the popular online
FPS game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Required to run:
[www/curl] [graphics/MesaLib] [graphics/hicolor-icon-theme] [graphics/freetype2] [graphics/jpeg] [graphics/glu] [graphics/glew] [multimedia/libtheora] [audio/libvorbis] [devel/SDL2] [lang/lua53] [audio/openal-soft]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

Package options: freetype, lua, ogg, sqlite3, theora

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   2022-09-11 14:52:13 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (670)
Log message:
*: bump PKGREVISION for flac shlib bump
   2022-08-11 07:09:36 by David H. Gutteridge | Files touched by this commit (999)
Log message:
Bump all dependent packages of wayland (belatedly)

The package changed with the addition of its libepoll-shim dependency.
Otherwise, we can get:
ERROR: libepoll-shim>=0.0.20210418 is not installed; can't buildlink files.
   2022-04-17 11:24:15 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
etlegacy[-server]: update to 2.80.0

2.80.0 (released 09/04/2022)



     * Fixed infinite loop in filesystem initalization when pak0.pk3 was
     * Changed default URI from ET:// (upper case) to et:// (lower case) and
       made case insensitive for compatibility / flexibility



     * Removed cl_activateLean cvar (moved behaviour to mod

    SDL2 Audio backend

     * Fixed double played sound in one frame increasing sound (i.e mg42)



     * Fixed players not set unready after swapping teams
     * Fixed wait map-script command not matching the correct time on higher
       sv_fps (comparing to sv_fps 20), which affected and broke certain
       gameplay elements
     * Updated game command list and related help in console
     * Fixed accuracy calculation for splashdamage weapons
     * Fixed dropping objective was allowed during pause
     * Added cg_activateLean, allowing all clients activate lean usage
     * Added g_shoveNoZ to allow disabling Z shove completely
     * Added binds for shifting enemy spawn timer and requesting artillery
     * Changed the way for displaying help command by swapping arguments
       order (Before: <command_name> ?) (After: ? <command_name>)

    Stability & Performance

     * Fixed hitsounds reduced network performance and sometimes get
       duplicated, especially with high pings
     * Added commands flood protection (g_floodProtection / g_floodLimit /
       g_floodWait cvars)
     * Changed unprotect flood for team cmd so class cmd doesn't get dropped
     * Fixed prediction error by changing cg_errorDecay flag with CVAR_CHEAT


     * Fixed missing hitsound when player has exactly FORCE_LIMBO_HEALTH
       health (-113 HP)


     * Fixed players breath puffs effect missing completely
     * Fixed pause weapon animation in 1st person during pause
     * Fixed viewmodel FOV calculation wasn't lowering enough 1st person
       weapon draw on FOV > 90
     * Remove g_altSuicideAnim and default to the normal death anim on player
     * Fixed a crash with cg_drawgun 2 and cg_weapanims 0 combination
     * Added voice chat icons for :
          * Affirmative / Negative
          * Hold your fire
          * Say player class


     * Fixed disconnect icon rendering through walls
     * Added hud componement scale and color configurability from hud file
     * Fixed fireteam highlight overlay spacing on top edge
     * Fixed * characters in map description were not replaced by line feed
     * Added cg_popupTime and cg_numPopups cvar to control popups more
     * Added sharetimer/sharetimer_buddy commands and cg_sharetimerText cvar
       share the spawntimer you have set for when you think the enemy spawns
     * Removed grid drawing on compass
     * Added cg_fireteamBgAlpha cvar to control fireteam background alpha
     * Added cvar name tooltip in option menus
     * Added missile camera for practice
     * Enhanced squared compass
          * Fixed icon scaling to match regular compass
          * Fixed slightly incorrect out of bounds check for icons
          * Icons are now drawn when they're inside the map and respect map
          * Added indicators for N, S, E, W


     * Increased landmine splash radius by 25 (225 -> 250) to match etpro
     * Fixed picking up rifle with full riflenade ammo was restoring 4
       riflenade instead of 5
     * Fixed throwable missiles (i.e: grenade, satchel, dynamite, landmine)
       infinite bouncing
     * Removed hardcoded sensitivity on mounted mg's and use common
     * Added cg_scopedSensitivityScaler to scale sensitivity when scoped
   2022-03-28 12:44:25 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (163)
Log message:
g*/*: revbump(1) for libsndfile
   2022-01-24 15:32:44 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
etlegacy: update to 2.79.0

2.79.0 (realeased 23/12/2021)


     * Added cvar_trim command
     * Fixed Q_ColorizeString overflowing
     * Fixed pk3 locations loading from filesystem
     * Fixed the mounting of the dlcache folder instead of the files inside
       of it


     * Fixed directional sound issue with SDL2 backend
     * Fixed demo folder deletion
     * Fixed defaultprofile.dat file not properly created
     * Moved the local directories to the top of the search path


     * Enhanced server demo record
     * Removed server side GUID check (moved to mod side)
     * Allowed large amount of pk3 files on the server without breaking


     * Fixed bit shifting bug causing a black map
     * Fixed screenshot filaname with duplicate extension
     * Fixed screenshot command wasn't using correct format


     * Enhanced shoutcaster mod
     * Fixed knockback for dead framerate independent
     * Added reset stats and stop recording on map restart / match reset
     * Changed cg_skybox from CVAR_CHEAT to CVAR_ARCHIVE
     * Fixed missing map_restart reset when loading config
     * Fixed dynamite/landmines/satchel hitbox for pliers (missing link
     * Added g_guidCheck for mod side GUID check
     * Fixed wounded players collision issues
     * Fixed losing keyboard and mouse input after intermission
     * Allowed shoutcasters to use setviewpos
     * Added cg_popupShadow
     * Fixed client crash when dynamite explodes
     * Fixed vote timeout logic
     * Fixed client crash due to name length
     * Added automatic vertical scrolling
     * Added map description on map vote debriefing page
     * Fixed 'Details' map description in 'Host Hame' menu exceeds its box
     * Fixed spread bar not draw while firing with scoped weapon
     * Added custom map location editor
     * Added prone animation transitions through crouching
     * Added cancel start match vote if countdown starts
     * Removed g_playerHitBoxHeight
     * Fixed losing mouse input after intermission on demo playback
     * Added selection of minor spawnpoint per major spawnpoint
     * Fixed constructions decaying after pause
     * Fixed gib stats from explosions when player was still alive
     * Allowed moving when using scoped weapon but cap speed to walking 128u
     * Increased FG 42 scoped fire rate from 400ms to 200ms
     * Decreased scoped Garand/K43 spread scale from 10 to 5 (half the spread
       recovery time)
     * Fixed speakereditor axis picking not supporting widescreen
     * Fixed wounded players not dropping down when on ladders
     * Added usage of square minimap for compass (merge from shoutcaster
     * Fixed voice chat position and drawing outside of command map
     * Fixed objective icons being affected by picmip
     * Added camera editor
     * Fixed demo freecam
     * Fixed rotate player's view only when ON rotating mover
     * Changed movers to not kill players or destroy items
     * Added SVG weapon icons files
     * Disabled activatelean by default, and add a switch to the menu
     * Adjusted engineers to pickup up to 8 grenades even without any level
   2021-12-09 17:10:59 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (9) | Package updated
Log message:
etlegacy[-server]: update to 2.78.1

2.78.1 (released 01/11/2021)




     * Adjusted Linux menu launcher to automatically start with the dedicated
       GPU instead of iGPU
     * Fixed mouse focus issue due to HDPI scaling by temporarily reverting
       to SDL 2.0.14 (windows only)
     * Fixed raw input on Linux



     * Fixed brightness changing multiple times while loading map
     * Reintroduced support for r_overBrightBits
     * Added renderer scaling via r_scale (experimental, still has bugs)


     * Adjusted cg_simpleItems values (1 = Yes except objectives, 2 = Yes)
     * Added chat customizability options
     * Changed demo status message to a HUD element and simplified it by
     * Added mission time in warmup on scoreboard and HUD
     * Added selective weapon animations display
     * Added delta time display in 2nd round of SW mode
     * Added cg_drawUnit to set unit system
     * Changed cg_drawspeed to work with cg_drawUnit
     * Added unit distances to objective awarness
     * Fixed demo grenadecam bind not being drawn
     * Fixed cursor hint position on ultra wide screen
     * Changed objective status icons and separated from powerups to lessen
       potential confusion
     * Added UI warning for old ET:L clients
     * Fixed fireteam icon displayed upside-down in 2.60b client
     * Changed cg_drawEnvAwareness to draw only static objectives
     * Fixed activate when trace starts inside BBox
     * Changed BBox height to prevent player from getting stuck into the

2.78 (released 01/10/2021)


     * Enabled Relative Mouse by default when greater than Android 6.0.1
     * Fixed Android Back Button breaking keyboard input
     * Fixed Legacy pk3 not being copied to internal storage of phone
     * Added Minimum Android Version to run a game (Android 5.0)
     * Support for armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a
     * Initial support


     * Fixed random crashes caused by non ascii characters
     * Fixed Sys_DestroyConsole was never call on quit
     * Updated libs to
          * WolfSSL 4.8.1
          * OpenSSL 1.1.1l
          * libogg 1.3.5
          * libvorbis 1.3.7
          * SQLite 3.36.1
          * SDL 2.0.16
          * Latest tinygettext


     * Fixed opening of URL's on Android Devices
     * Fixed
       option from UI trigger default config load
     * Fixed ui_r_intensity option from UI doesn't trigger vid_restart
     * Changed default IRC network to Libera.chat
     * Fixed player name buffer in CL_ServerStatusResponse
     * Added con_background cvar to set solid color for console background.
     * Fixed vanilla patch collision on 2.60b servers
     * OpenAL:
          * Fixed source gain was too high
          * Fixed minimal and maximum range source attenuation
          * Changed attenuation model from Inverse (Doubling the distance
            halves the source gain) to Linear
     * Changed default sound backend to SDL2



     * Fixed screenshots and video recording getting double gamma


     * Reworked server demo record (tons of fixes)

     * Demo listing in the UI supports subfolders

     * Auto demos and screenshots are now placed in subfolders based on the
       year and month

     * Fixed some translations getting nuked

     * Reworked HUD blood effects

     * Added directional damage

     * Added cg_bloodFlashTime

     * Added teams chat icons directional on HUD

     * Added cg_drawEnvAwareness

     * Fixed LogExit possibly triggered twice with adverse effects (such as
       Prestige points autocollected)

     * Fixed adrenaline animation

     * Adjusted z velocity to emulate framerate-dependent behavior in

     * Fixed map vote disable after regular vote

     * Fixed arty/airstrike impact timing to 750ms (vanilla)

     * Fixed arty/airstrike falling sounds wasn't played on some maps

     * Fixed arty/airstrike exploding inside room on some maps

     * Fixed arty/airstrike exploding in mid-air on some maps

     * Fixed arty/airstrike shells getting stuck on patch meshes

     * Fixed airstrike plane wasn't visible on some maps

     * Added objective indicator on HUD and compass

     * Adjusted prone rotation

     * Adjusted proning transition

     * Fixed target_remove_powerups not updating flag counters

     * Fixed ready state flag

     * Fixed hit region registering

     * Fixed wrong spreadscale when pitching or yawing across 0 degrees

     * Fixed 'players sticking to each other' prediction errors

     * Fixed flame chunck trajectory to be fps independent

     * Fixed steals disguises to be fps independent

     * Fixed muzzleTrace was snapped for nothing since it's not sent over

     * Fixed lagometer with sv_fps different from 20

     * Made body hitbox height follow head animation

     * Fixed OID entity was ignored for construction box

     * Fixed player name buffer length is some location

     * Changed bad userinfo client drop timeout to 0

     * Fixed g_fixedphysics slope

     * Improved picking up weapon

     * Fixed 3rd person view by not applying zoom from weapon

     * Fixed skill rating score 0 displays as negative value

     * Added dynamite sudden death (g_suddendeath)

     * Fixed framerate dependence issues

     * Fixed skill levels -1 display

     * Removed entities optimization hack

     * Fixed unable to change follow when followed team went into limbo

     * Fixed scoped FG42 giving light weapons xp

     * Changed allowed FOV range to [75 - 160]

     * Fixed instant dynamite throw when switched to it and fire button is
       held down

     * Fixed overkill damage counting towards stats

     * Changed height of dead and wounded players bounding box (from 24 to 0)

     * Added cg_simpleItemsScale (range 0.25-1.5)

     * Fixed dynamite being thrown inadvertently in some case

     * Fixed FT weapon icons when player use tank/MG nest

     * Added fireteam name and location customization cvars

     * Fixed ammo not despawning after pickup for fieldop that changed class

     * Fixed trace failing when start point inside bbox

     * Fixed knife hits being blocked by corpses bbox

     * Fixed wounded players getting stuck in solids

     * Fixed items falling through some surfaces

     * Fixed corpses clipping to solids on suicide animation

     * Fixed corpses going underground when selfkilling mid-air

     * Fixed divide by 0 crash with g_heavyWeaponRestriction set to 0

     * Fixed dynamite chaining deleting non armed dynamites

     * Fixed dynamite chaining on multi-stage objs

     * Removed g_dynamiteChaining

     * Fixed axis soldier spawning with extra flamethrower ammo

     * Fixed client set firing flag while noclipping

     * Fixed rifle swapping to riflenade when out of ammo

     * Fixed antiwarp locking players in place on respawn forever on high

     * Improved stand suicides animation (slight faster)

     * Added crouch and prone suicide animations

     * Added g_dropObjDelay for delay time when dropping and picking obj back

     * Changed crouch bbox height (slightly raise from 18 to 21)

     * Added creating/joining a fireteam automatic (g_autoFireteams 2)

     * Added vote cancel by caller

     * Lua

          * Updated to Lua lib 5.4.3
          * Updated to LuaSQL 2.6.0

2.77.1 (released 17/03/2021)


     * Enhanced installer for all platform
     * Added clipboard to console
     * Fixed compatibility with ETJump shared cvar
     * Fixed asset MD5 checksum failed pop-up during installation
     * Fixed load official pak file error when connecting to servers
     * Fixed infinite download loop when connecting to server
     * Fixed pack isolation with no pure servers
     * Added conversion for extended chars to utf-8 chars in output printing


     * Fixed Alt+Tab Minimiser doesn't work
     * Fixed console scrolling to bottom on map load working only on
     * Fixed un-reset timeout after getinfo command was retrieved from server
     * Fixed issues with maximizing a window with a non desktop resolution



     * Fixed crash in RE_AddRefEntityToScene


     * Fixed bouncing entity velocity was too high

     * Fixed ready status disappearing

     * Fixed entities stuck inside construction point (now, player are
       crushed and items deleted)

     * Fixed pushing players through solids

     * Fixed body and corpses hindered picking items

     * Fixed un-reset trace ignore cause trace issues

     * Fixed multi votes send on team change during intermission

     * Fixed shoving wounded players

     * Enhanced shoutcaster mod:

          * Added culling for player spawn counts on minimap (When zoomed the
            text was sometimes drawn outside of minimap)
          * Fixed icons being drawn over minimap border
          * Hided followed player overlay when topshots window is on

2.77 (released 01/03/2021)

     Notes: This release is also shipping OmniBot v0.87 and WolfAdmin v1.2.1

     Legacy mod is now shipped in a unique .pk3.

     The vanilla pak1.pk3 and pak2.pk3 are now unneeded on the server side.


     * Changed "wget" command name to "download"
     * Added com_downloadURL cvar to specify URL of download command
     * Added db schema updates depending on version
     * Updated to db schema V2
     * Added OSX quarantine administration
     * Removed obsolete curses support
     * Ensure swap-endiness functions compile to bswap instruction
     * Added timestamp in dedicated console and logs
     * Fixed incorrect packets and user movements encoding due to unstripped
       UTF8 commands sent to 2.60b clients from the server if legacy mod was
       in use.
     * Fixed 1 byte overflow with packaged messages
     * Added upstream metainfo.xml for AppStream
     * Changed Windows default installation path (to avoid potential
       trademark issue)
     * Added Raspberry Pi support
     * Enabled IPV6 code by default
     * Fixed etconfig.cfg was no more created/loaded
     * Fixed files weren't created with 664 permissions (*nix only)
     * Updated libs to
          * cURL 7.68.0
          * SDL 2.0.14
               * Fixed NUMLOCK 5 status fails
          * FreeType 2.10.2
          * OpenSSL 1.1.1g
          * libjpeg-turbo 2.0.4
          * libpng 1.6.37
          * libogg 1.3.4
          * SQLite 3.32.1


     * Added cl_allowDownload 2 to stop all noise while downloading
     * Changed bindlist command to print free keys
     * Fixed vid_restart not reinitializing i18n when language is changed
     * Added central storage of favorites to have one source of favorites for
       all mods available (optionally)
     * Replaced the splash screen on Windows by a logo in the loading screen
       for all platforms
     * Fixed console flickering - r1 MAX_RENDER_COMMANDS increased
     * Added new download container system
     * Fixed timing issues when client is downloading or recording demos and
       window is minimized or has no focus
     * Readded con_drawNotify() for easier debug
     * Added system clock in console
     * Removed /screenshotJPEG command (/screnshot now uses JPEG by default)
     * Increased r_displayRefresh range check to support 240Hz panels
     * Removed /clean command
       options were not handle in start sound function
     * Added cursor management for edit text/field UI element
     * Check NUM LOCK status for CGAME input keys
     * Added engine version in userinfo
     * Added PNG output for screenshots
     * Fixed window location and display used not remembered
     * Removed anachronistic r_highQualityVideo cvar
     * Fixed OpenAL causing a crash when the file is missing
     * Fixed small and full console toggling
     * Allow setting multisample to 8x for increased visual quality
     * Fixed global vars for GCC 10 compatibility
     * Removed r_primitives
     * Fixed issue with not playing server demo at 1st try
     * Changed map filter field to server name filter field in server browser
     * Added private slots counter for server browser
     * Fixed VM_Create when player had utf-8 chars in their username


     * Removed never used tracker feature
     * Fixed bots being affected by limit of sv_ipMaxClients value
     * Added mapvoteplayerscount.cfg file for filtering map depending of
       players count
     * Added invalid GUID check at client connection (sv_guidCheck)
     * Reduced warning spam from approaching cs limit


     * Fixed bsp static light parser to match 'keeplight' ents


     * Fixed the formulas in BG_EvaluateTrajectoryDelta() (affects
       func_bobbing and func_pendulum)

     * Added HUD indicators for invulnerability and adrenaline usage

     * Fixed G_SKillRatingDB_DeInit error message printed in console at

     * Fixed stopwatch not restarted after round end

     * Fixed medic/ammo pack were draining stamina without drop pack

     * Changed ui_serverRedirect cvar to ui_serverBrowserSettings (bitflag)

     * Fixed obvious phony servers hidden in browser by default

     * Fixed fov range check in shipped configs to take autofov into account

     * Added GeoIP privacy option with cg_allowGeoIP

     * Fixed SR scoreboard not default with g_SkillRating 1

     * Fixed SR scoreboard displayed in SW and LMS gametype modes

     * Changed g_mapscriptdirectory cvar default value to "mapscripts"

     * Added hit regions stats to debriefing view

     * Added most damage given award

     * Fixed overwriting of ammo count instead of adding at spawning

     * Fixed throwing nade when leaning was no more possible

     * Fixed weapon alternative reload was not working anymore

     * Reworked artillery with visible shell and dropping from sky (Twice
       less ents and used in shorter time)

     * Reworked airstrike with visible shell, visible plane and dropping
       shell from plane (Twice less ents used)

     * Added visible Axis / Allies aircraft models for airstrike plane

     * Added WP_AIRSTRIKE / ITEM_WEAPON_AIRSTRIKE / airstrike.weap / bombs
       models has new weapon for airstrike bomb

     * Added BG_GetTracemapSkyGroundFloor / BG_GetTracemapSkyGroundCeil
       getter (Lower / Higher sky height)

     * Fixed public conf wouldn't reset correctly

     * Fixed animations for MP34

     * Added cg_visualEffects to turn visible / invisible visual effects (i.e
       airstrike plane, debris ...)

     * Fixed smoke canister (aistrike) dealed too much damage (back from 400
       to 140)

     * Changed MOD for smoke marker from MOD_AIRSTRIKE to MOD_SMOKEGRENADE

     * Display shield status on scoreboard

     * Fixed seizure inducing effect on trickjump map

     * Fixed MOD not always displayed due to temp entities not reset

     * Fixed fieldops charge bar color when quick zooming

     * Fixed autoscreenshot feature broken in MapVote gametype due to vote
       displayed first

     * Added mod_version static cvar

     * Fixed display of powerup in small scoreboard

     * Fixed real time SR win percentage not always displaying with lot of
       connected clients

     * Added objective indicator

     * Fixed game log not always created on some platform (linux)

     * Added game time in server log

     * Fixed syringe ammo lost when used on a an alive teammate or a killed

     * Removed g_misc 2 option "medic syringe heal" (use the Lua script

     * Fixed tapout reinforcement timer color when spectating

     * Fixed allowed chat length longer than server side limit

     * Fixed command map objective and flag icons displayed above players

     * Added vote status indicator in debriefing in mapVote mode

     * Changed limbo health value from -75 to -113 for better gameplay

     * Fixed unwanted weapon switch after picking weapon

     * Fixed unwanted grenade switch while leaning after swapping weapon

     * Fixed weird menu overlapping issues, mostly noticeable with customized

     * Fixed cg_teamChatsOnly filters Fireteam chat too

     * Fixed "throw" command only used throw flighing type. (fling, \ 
throw and
       launch available)

     * Fixed respawn delayed and could be missed despite no death animation
       were being played

     * Fixed latched cvars not being able to be changed immediately by the
       server leading to various game management issues

     * Added in-game team selection menu

     * Added cg_announcer to toggle announcer voice on map start

     * Removed weird flying nade sound (sound backend issue)

     * Fixed multiple map votes possible by reconnecting in intermission

     * Fixed mapvote tally display when connecting while in intermission

     * Fixed missing default cvars configs

     * Added popup messages filter

     * Reworked airstrike and artillery per-minute limitations

     * Renamed team_airstrikeTime/team_artyTime to
       team_maxAirtrike/team_maxArtillery (no more time based, but value per

     * Removed g_misc 4 option to combine team_airstrikeTime and

     * Renamed team_maxMg42s/maxPanzers to generic

     * Fixed cg_tracers 3

     * Added power icon colours to show airtrike and artillery availability

     * Removed dynamite tick sound and pulse icon

     * Improved server browser filter ergonomy

     * Fixed in-game UI favorite button to allow to remove favorite

     * Fixed server browser sort would alternate when opening Play Online

     * Fixed prone hitbox height (was twice as high as desired!)

     * Added slightly lower hitbox when crouching in idle position

     * Improved debug hitbox code

     * Fixed no weapon on revive issue

     * Fixed riflenade disappearing for no reason

     * Fixed team spawn counter is visible in limbo panel when player has not
       joined team

     * Added genericity for impact mark/sound and make them customizable by
       surface from weapon file

     * Improved weapon file parser for sound ressources

     * Added back water impact effect for missile (was unused)

     * Increased size of wounded hitbox for syringe

     * Increased compass size on alternate huds

     * Fixed rank display on alternate huds

     * Added popup filter for promotion upgrades

     * Removed g_misc 32 option "loose spawn protection" (use the Lua \ 

     * Fixed fireteam health color indicator was not in sync with healthbar

     * Changed simple items colour when not available to class

     * Added objectives as simple items too (use cg_simpleItems 2 to only use
       simple packs and weapon)

     * Fixed shielded players could be pushed

     * Disabled vertical shoving by default (use g_misc 1 to enable)

     * Removed cg_useScreenshotJPEG cvar

     * Fixed players in limbo and heavy machine guns users would trigger

     * Moved eject brass offset (in first person) computation on fire event
       received. Was computed each frame even no weapon fire.

     * Added missileFallSound / missileBouncingSound / fireRecoil /
       adjustLean in weapon file

     * Optimized landmine snapshot callback code

     * Fixed spawn shield displayed on HUD when still in limbo

     * Added shoutcaster mode

     * Added team_riflegrenade cvar for 3vs3 competition

     * Added average team ping display in scoreboard

     * Excluded heavy weapons and knives from accuracy stats computation

     * Fixed session stats always reset between rounds in StopWatch mode

     * Fixed grenade timer was reset while arty was used

     * Fixed fireteam chat fallback to team chat instead of global chat when
       not in a fireteam

     * Fixed global chat not working in localhost

     * Fixed cg_teamChatOnly filters spectator team

     * Fixed compass hidden even when not overlapped by command map

     * Fixed allies rank displayed for spectator in debriefing

     * Added dropping objective ability

     * Added specific flag for bots on scoreboard

     * Fixed spawn count displayed out of command map borders (removed

     * Fixed double countdown with g_inactivity

     * Fixed cg_wolfparticles 0 does not spawn the explosive trails

     * Added cg_drawGun 2 to only draw non-weapons and throwables

     * Fixed FG42 spread/sway was different (too low) from vanilla behaviour.
       Was adding 50% reducing from lvl 3 covert-ops (vanilla behaviour) +
       35% reducing from lvl 3 Light weapon (change from Legacy and keeped

     * Fixed covert ops received 50% reduction in both recoil jump and weapon
       sway with ONLY Scoped Weapons (following the original documentation)

     * Added clearer simple items icons

     * Added percentage in map votes display

     * Added cg_simpleItems 2 option that displays 3D models for objectives

     * Fixed limboed clients not moved to intermission point

     * Added "nostamina" command

     * Added pain anims that are only played in idle state (visuals)

     * Added new death anims

     * Fixed spread bonus is now correctly applied only for the SMG weapons

     * Fixed mini compass showing player icons in wrong places

     * Fixed bug where OpenAL users could hear sounds from wrong position on
       certain maps

     * Fixed cg_simpleItems colors to improve visibility

     * Fixed cg_simpleItems weapon icons aspect ratio

     * Fixed debriefing was showing spawning place instead of appropriate
       portal cam

     * Fixed explosion shakes were missing

     * Added shakes from panzer/bazooka and mortar missile explosions

     * Fixed airstrike delay was shorter than it should

     * Fixed airstrike/artillery sounds are now properly played

     * Fixed spawn point counts on command map

     * Added /listspawnpt command to shown available spawn points to use with
       /setspawnpt command

     * Fixed cg_popupBigFilter had inverse behavior, which made skill
       upgrades not displayed and played by default

     * Fixed upscaled debris effects of the broken props

     * Added secondary weapon to class menu selection

     * Fixed gibs are not drawn

     * Added dynamic spawn points selection menu

     * Removed g_countryFlag option to make bots use server location flag

     * Added fading effect on weapons disappearing

     * Added bouncing effect for items (weapons/pack/obj launched/dropped)

     * Fixed weapons reload faster animations

     * Fixed centerprint inserts awkward newlines

     * Fixed cabinets are not affected by cg_autoActivate 0

     * Fixed pick-up weapon when player doesn't have a primary weapon to drop

     * Removed required tapout when doing selfkill in warmup

     * Fixed cg_gibs cvar

     * Fixed wounded players waiting for revive didn't gib

     * Fixed chargebar status colour hard to differentiate when at low level

     * Fixed last bullet firing animation on Luger

     * Fixed alternative switch wasn't possible when weapon fire last bullet
       in clip/reserve

     * Fixed force alternative switch with cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch 0

     * Fixed mortar out-of-ammo was playing spinup sound

     * Fixed out-of-ammo delayed weapon were playing EV_NOAMMO twice

     * Fixed no explosion effect on satchel suicide

     * Added cursor management in debriefing chat and limbo panel player name

     * Fixed register images from debriefing were loaded each frame

     * Fixed soldiers incorrectly dropped primary weapon with SMG in

     * Removed min/max cap on displayed skill rating values

     * Added map bias display in /statsdump

     * Added partial GUID in /players and /statsdump command

     * Fixed stats not correctly reset for slow connecters

     * Fixed SR time data retrieval after reconnect while playing

     * Fixed end of match stats not sent to non-following spectators

     * Added /specuninvite command

     * Added specinvite status in /players command

     * Fixed logged out shoutcaster not unfollowing locked teams

     * Fixed taken objective disappear when shuffling without restart

     * Fixed set weapon position displayed incorrectly to followers

     * Fixed team class HP bonus at first spawn

     * Added dynamic maximum health computation (depending of medics count in

     * Fixed on team swap/move weapon selection was lost

     * Fixed on team move class selection was lost

     * Fixed weapon selection in limbo panel was lost on team selection (axis
       <-> allies)

     * Fixed empty name display in award list when awarded players disconnect

     * Added nickname autocompletion and highlight with @ in messages (f.e.

     * Fixed phantom bullet tracers

     * Added team chat for spectator team

     * Fixed chat maximum length in intermission

     * Added colour for simpleItem of currently used weapon

     * Added cg_etVersion info display in /players command

     * Fixed mortar hud marker from fieldops artillery call was missing

     * Fixed pins were not displayed on map loading and debriefing

     * Fixed time played stats was incorrectly reset in 2nd round of

     * Added gravity effect on corpse while player died and standing on

     * Added gravity pause for item and physic object. This allow ent falling
       again if possible.

     * Fixed death animation was cut when the player was sent to the limbo

     * Fixed corpses were rotated by 90° when grounding

     * Added log shutdown reason

     * Fixed regression where on server disconnect ui wasn't reloaded

     * Added timestamp and game info in g_log file

     * Fixed possible client invalid when creating stats

     * Fixed objective indicator not reset when using multiple spawned items

     * Added EV_MISSILE_FALLING event. Used to played the missile falling

     * Changed skill rating rank levels to match a more realistic player base
       statistical distribution

     * Fixed some 3D models partially disappear when talking

     * Added ANIMFL_RELOADINGANIM flags for reloading animation detection

     * Removed protocol, qport, challenge pairs from userinfo string once
       connection is established

     * Added SR win probability in log and statsdump

     * Fixed prone player could rotate their head into solid

     * Fixed prone viewpoint horizontal axis

     * Fixed head/legs collision on steppable elements

     * Fixed killed players was stuck on ladder

     * Added prestige feature that tracks players skill levels reset

     * Fixed weapons sanitization from team command

     * Added holding grenade animation and extend throwing animation

     * Fixed cursor hint icon and distance for HINT_BAD_USER and ET_ALARMBOX

     * Added bp command for banner print and UI time slider

     * Fixed restricted weapons can be picked up

     * Replaced fireteam icons by a unique simpler icon

     * Adjusted item position and angle when grounding on inclined plane

     * Removed follow1/follow2 commands

     * Fixed an old issue in antilag to improve hit detection

     * Fixed non working hitSounds UI options

     * Fixed revive icon not displayed to following spectator

     * Merged all cg_bob* cvars into cg_bobbing

     * Readded syringe stats

     * Fixed small scoreboard toggle to avoid overflow with many spectators

     * Lowered adrenaline and shield powerup icon priority on HUD

     * Fixed version string cut off in /players commands

     * Fixed dumpstats file not always created on *nix

     * Fixed windowed mode set without border in UI

     * Added better ready icon

     * Fixed kicking wrong player by using robuster client num

     * Fixed shoutcaster can't differentiate spotted landmines

     * Fixed shuffle team string leftover

     * Added prestige popups filter

     * Allow reading custom huds from a local file (hud.dat)

     * Fixed item stutter while stuck in solid

     * Fixed falling sound event timing

     * Added persistent xp save for campaign

     * Fixed g_voiceChatAllowed spam check time period

     * Added cointoss callvote

     * Added arty command map target display visible to entire team

     * Fixed total servers count in browser

     * Fixed inconsistencies between regular and small scoreboard

     * Fixed "give health" cmd with negative amount wasn't using damage

     * Removed cg_wolfparticles cvar

     * Fixed axis uniform skin for first person view luger and m1 garand
       weapons models

     * Fixed undercover axis uniform for first person view weapons models

     * Added server version check for etlded

     * Removed vanilla pak1.pk3 and pak2.pk3 dependencies

     * Fixed uncoloured name not possible in spectator labels

     * Added fireteam icon always displayed

     * Fixed warmup vote ignored when countdown is too short by disabling
       voting during warmup

     * Fixed revive icon displayed when followed player is not medic

     * Fixed ammo count when dropping ticking grenade when killed then

     * Reworked explosion effects

     * Fixed SR and PR rewards gained without playing time

     * Fixed broken cover ops line of sight computation

     * Fixed prepare sound announcement played too late

     * Fixed debris on explosion effects too large

     * Added WITHBITS and WITHOUTBITS support in cvar restriction

     * Fixed missing defusing team in logged popup message

     * Added dynamite chaining when in blast radius

     * Fixed sorting of browser when servers use leading spaces

     * Added color to fireteam icon of selected members

     * Fixed fireteam member icons not colored on command map

     * Fixed enemy wounded can block team wounded for revive

     * Fixed no tick sound when scoreboard is open

     * Fixed minimap icons flickering when near compass edge

     * Added intermission time to ready button

     * Fixed Dynamite, Landmines and Satchel Bounding Box to match their
       models (keep hitbox as original BBox values)

     * Fixed distance triggers for pliers and activate action to match hint

     * Added display name of player to be followed on activate

     * Adjusted compass map icon tolerance

     * Added missing map icon shaders for some popular maps

     * Fixed phantom artillery marker at map start

     * Fixed fireteam icon of disguised enemy reveals him if he has same
       uniform as player

     * Improved reinforcement timer colors with a yellow-red gradient

     * Added hide map voting results while in progress until vote is send

     * Added gradient color to identify third most voted maps in progress

     * Improved vote timout result display

     * Used remaining countdown (warmup / timelimit) as vote time countdown

     * Fixed bounding box height for prone and dead position

     * Fixed player markers over head shines through Covert smoke

     * Fixed objectif marker over head reveals position of hiding player

     * Added map vote auto filtering by players count using

     * Fixed set mg crosshair discrepancy

     * Improved forcetapout of wounded players on /kill

     * Fixed permanently disabled buttons in vote menu

     * Fixed dead players can capture flags

     * Fixed newbie award computation for differential XPs only

     * Added visual vote indicator in main debriefing

     * Added map name and total map time on scoreboard

     * Added displaying player names over players in demo playback

     * Added separate cg_drawSpectatorNames cvar to display spectator labels

     * Added private slots display in server browser

     * Fixed missing players name in main intermission screen by scaling flag
       sizes with playercount

     * Improved hitsounds latency by moving them to the event messages

     * Added special trail for grenade, rifle grenade andd smoke grenade for
       shoutcasters (cg_shoutcastGrenadeTrail)

     * Added players names bind to demo menu player (EDV)

     * Added players health as floating text or health bar to shoutcaster

     * Changed limbo times instead of warmup in reinforcement time HUD

     * Improved spawn timer period by game

     * Added shoutcast overlay

     * Fixed dynamite armed on pause

     * Added option to set player position and pov

     * Hided vehicle healthbar when setdamagable 0

     * Lua

          * Updated to Lua lib 5.4.0
          * Updated to LuaSQL 2.5.0
          * Fixed/removed static classname of Lua entity create/fixed
            possible crash
          * Fixed Lua vm stack was uncontrollably growing after each hook
            callback call
          * Added constants for gamestates, teams and skills
          * Added WP_AIRSTRIKE constant
          * Added ps.pm_type, ps.velocity, ps.viewangles, ps.viewheight,
            ps.leanf entity fields available
          * Added G_LuaHook_WeaponFire callback
          * Added GetCurrentWeapon, trap_Trace, G_HistoricalTrace functions
          * Added PM and STATS constants
          * Added CONTENTS, SURF and MASK constants
          * Added G_LuaHook_FixedMGFire, G_LuaHook_MountedMGFire,
            G_LuaHook_AAGunFire callbacks
          * Renamed et_LuaSpawnEntitiesFromString callback to
            et_SpawnEntitiesFromString for consistency
   2021-12-08 17:07:18 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3063)
Log message:
revbump for icu and libffi
   2021-10-26 12:44:37 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (466)
Log message:
games: Replace RMD160 checksums with BLAKE2s checksums

All checksums have been double-checked against existing RMD160 and
SHA512 hashes