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textproc/bat Clone of cat with syntax highlighting
sysutils/pfetch Pretty system information tool written in POSIX sh
sysutils/exa Replacement for ls(1) written in Rust
audio/din Open source cross-platform sound synthesizer
sysutils/py-Glances Cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool
chat/coyim Safe and secure by default chat client
security/libdecaf Implementation of Ed448-Goldilocks elliptic curve for cryptography
audio/fasttracker2 Portable Fasttracker II clone in C using SDL 2
emulators/cannonball Enhanced OutRun Engine
wip/frp Reverse proxy to expose local server behind NAT/firewall to Internet
security/wolfssl Embedded SSL C-Library
wip/jira-cli-git Feature-rich Interactive Jira Command Line
www/jira-cli Feature-rich Interactive Jira Command Line
wip/htop-git Enhanced version of top utility
print/foliate Simple and modern GTK eBook viewer
print/dspdfviewer Dual-Screen PDF Viewer for latex-beamer